Copyright 2004 by the author

The usual legal disclaimer applies.
This story is pure fantasy, a product of my imagination - all of the characters are fictitious. I hope you enjoy it

Daddy - I’m Home

Joe sat at the bar nursing a beer and surveying the crowd. Will his Daddy be here tonight? he wondered. He had spent every night of the first week of his summer vacation in various San Fancisco gay bars looking for the man who could be his Daddy. Joe had never known his father. He had died six months before Joe was born. Maybe that’s why he was attracted to older men. Maybe he was looking for a substitute for his father.

Joe’s upbringing was in a small mid-western town with a mother and twin sisters. His life there had been one long hell. His mother had embraced a fire and brimstone religious sect, and spent many hours preaching to him about the evils of sex, and how homosexuals were condemned to hell - the sooner the better. She would have had a coronary if she had known that her son was gay!

Joe smiled at the thought. He was glad he had escaped to California. He had received a sports scholarship to a West Coast university (although his academic qualifications would have got him a scholarship) and he was in his final year. Since coming to California he had not returned to his home town. His past was something he wanted to forget.

Suddenly he cought sight of a man across the room. leaning against the wall under a light which cast shadows across his face. The man looked about forty, had a full head of greying dark hair, broad shoulders, and what looked to be a muscular body. While he was not the most handsome man in the room, to Joe he looked like the perfect Daddy. Joe was hypnotised by him. Turning back to the bar, Joe could see the man in the mirrored back of the bar. He sat there staring at the reflection. Occasionally the man’s eye would connect with his, and Joe would look away. After about half an hour, Joe suddenly realised that the man was staring at his reflection. Every time he looked in the mirror, the man was looking at him.

Joe started to go cold. He felt like a little boy who had been caught doing somthing wrong. He didn’t know where to look. He felt the man could read his mind. After about another half an hour of this game, the man walked over to him.

“Youre staring at me, boy.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I need a beer.”

“Yes, sir”, Joe said and ordered two beers from the barman.

The man sipped his beer and stood staring at Joe. Joe started to feel uncomfortable under the scrutiny of the man, and sat there with his head bowed.

“Look at me, boy.”

Joe raised his head.

“You think you can handle it?” the man asked.

Joe knew what he meant. “I don’t know, sir.” He started to tremble.

“Well there’s only one way to find out”, the man said and turned to leave. Joe stood and followed. He had no option. It was as though the man had him on a collar and leash. In the back left pocket of the man’s Levis, Joe noticed a Hunter Green handkerchief.

Outside, the man put his hand on Joe’s shoulder, squeezed and said. “Not bad, good definition”, then led Joe to a four wheel drive parked in the lot.

Joe walked around to the passenger’s side and waited for the man to unlock the door. The man pointed to the back of the truck. Joe climbed in and the man drove off. After about fifteen minutes he pulled into a drive. The garage door opened and he drove in. Cutting the engine, he climbed out of the cabin, and motioned for Joe to get out.

“Get out of the gear,” the man said.

Joe stripped, and the man reached to the wall of the garage, took a collar from a hook and attached it and a leash around Joe’s neck. Joe relaxed. By ths simple deed, the man had taken possession of him, and he had given himself to the man. For once in his life he felt that he belonged, and was suddenly at peace. He couldn’t understand the feeling, so he just accepted it.

The man led him into the living room, and motioned for him to sit on the sofa. Joe sat and waited. The man went into the kitchen and brought back two beers.

“Boy, I’m a strict father. If tonight works out, I may take you for my son. We’ll have to see what happens. If I decide you are worth it I will train you to be a good son. I believe in discipline, but I’m not unfair. If you do wrong, you will be correced, If you are good you will ne rewarded. If you think this it what your want. get your ass into the bedroom. If it’s not what you want, get your ass out of my house.”

Joe rose slowly, and walked equally slowly towards the bedroom. He heard the man say quietly, “Good boy.”

Joe stood by the king size bed, and the man sat down. He look at Joe for a mimte, then tugged on the leash, Joe understood and knelt down to remove the man’s boots. He then sniffed the man’s socks, his mind revelling in the sweaty, manly smell. A quick jerk on the leash and Joe was brought back to the task in hand. He took off the man’s socks and placed them in the boots, sniffing each one again.


Joe started licking at the man’s feet. Starting on the right foot, he licked the upper foot clean of sweat, then started on the sole, instep and heel, until they too were clean. Then he started on the toes. Such beautiful toes. Joe could feel his cock rising as he made love to them. licking under, over, and between them over and over again. Then he followed the same routine on the other foot. The man’s right foot found his cock and balls and started slowly kicking them. Joe’s balls were swinging, as the man kicked harder and harder. Tiny shivers of pain were emanating from Joe’s balls, which made his cock rise higher and grow harder.

Ten minutes of this and the man tugged on the leash again. Joe looked up. The man stood and lifted his arms. Joe unbuckled the man’s Levis and pulled his T-shirt out. He then drew it over the man’s head, folded it neatly and placed it on the bed. Joe looked up at the man. What he saw made his heart stop. In all his fantasies of his father, he evolved a picture of him. and now right in front of him was the living emodiment of this picture. The man was about five feet eleven inches tall, a thick neck, powerful arms and a beautifully defined chest covered in a thin pelt of fine dark, greying hair, from which two brown, succulent nipples stood. To Joe this was the epitome of a Daddy. He stood transfixed, and suddenly tears started to well up in his eyes and run down his cheeks. He looked at the man’s face.
“Sir, Daddy, sir, I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong. I can’t help it.”

The man sat on the bed and reached out for Joe. He settled Joe on his lap and held him tightly. Joe’s head was at the man’s left tit, and he nuzzled his head closer and began to suck softly on the nipple, like a baby feeding. He could feel the man’s belt buckle pressing hard against his thigh, as the man held him tightly and slowly rocked back and forth.

“It’s OK, it’s alright. Just let go, just relax.”

They sat there for a while until Joe’s sobs quietened, and he lay there still, cradled in the arms of this wonderful man. Joe realised he needed to go to the bathroom.

“Sir, please sir. I have to piss.”

“Me too, boy. Stand up.”

Joe stood and the man rose and dropped his Levis. Between his legs hung the most beautiful cock Joe had ever seen. It was soft, but was so delicately shaped that Joe couldn’t resist bending down to kiss it. As he did, he felt the leash yank him back up.

“Not yet boy. First we piss.”

The man led Joe to the bathroom.

“Into the bath, boy.”

Joe looked at him uncertainly.

“Now.” The man yanked on the leash.

Joe climbed into the bath and stood there.

“On your back boy.”

Joe lay down in the tub on his back. staring up at this man. He realised what was going to happen. This was a first for him and he was apprehensive, but was powerless to resist the hypnotic influence of the man.

“Now piss,” the man ordered and started pissing over him. Joe relaxed and his piss started to flow like a fountain up into the air to fall splattering back on his chest and stomach. The feeling of the streams of hot liquid spraying on his body started his cock thickening and he knew that soon he would be hard again. Looking up, he noticed that the man’s cock was also hardening. By the time they had finished the man’s cock had grown to about seven inches. Joe was glad. He was not a size queen, and hit cock waving above him was just perfect. straight and thickish - a good mouthful.

“Boy, are you clean?”

“Clean sir? I showered before I came out, but now . . .”

“Clean, boy, your ass. You cleaned it out?”

“No sir. I never thought . . .”

“Well boy, start thinking. No boy of mine would dare to go out without being clean. I guess I’ll have to teach you your first lesson. Get out of the tub and over here.”

The man sat down on the toilet seat, and pulled Joe, piss dripping off his body, to him by the leash. He bent Joe over his lap and started to spank his ass.

Joe writhed as the first slap registered, The man’s huge hand felt like a leather paddle, It stung and Joe could imagine the hand mark left on his cheek. He didn’t have time to contemplate, as the hand came down again on the same spot. “That one hurt.” Joe thought. More and more slaps rained down on his butt, until he could no longer feel them, His ass was numb.

Eventually the man stopped. Joe’s face was red from his sobbing, and his ass was just as red from the spanking.

“Get back into the tub. We’re going to clean out that butt. On your knees boy, and spread those cheeks.”

Joe did as he was told, and bent forward, supporting himself by his shoulders on the bottom of the tub. He heard the water start to run, and looked back to see the man about to insert a shower shot up his ass. The feeling of the warm water filling his ass was soothing, and Joe started to relax. As he did the water began to leak out of his ass.
“Hold it in, boy.”

“Sir, I can’t, sir.”

“You can and you will, until I say you can let it out.”

“Yes. sir.” Joe said, straining to keep his ass tight around the nozzle. Suddenly the man pulled the nozzle out of Joe’s ass, and reached under him to caress his distended stomach. The cramping pain lessened, and Joe felt calm, but very full. After about five minutes of this, the man said. “OK, stand up.”

Joe rose slowly and unsteadily, and the man helped him to the toilet.

“Right, let it out.”

Joe relaxed and the warm water was expelled from his ass, along with some shit.

“Back to the tub, boy, for another flush.”

Joe obediently returned to the tub and resumed the position. Once again the water started and the nozzle was inserted, This time Joe found it easier to hold the nozzle in, and no water escaped.

“Well done, boy. Now back to the toilet and let it out.”

Joe returned to the toilet and released the load. This time the water was clean.

“Good boy. Now remember, from now on you don’t go out without cleaning out. Very few guys are into scat, and most men demand that their boys be clean. Now let’s shower and get back to bed.”

They showered together, by the end of which their cocks were at full mast again. Joe dried the man, then himself, and they returned to the bed, The man lay down on his back and tugged on the leash. Immediately, Joe crawled onto the bed between the man’s legs and went to go down on the beutiful cock.

“What are you doing. boy?”

“Sucking your cock, sir.”

“Did I give you permission?”

“No, sir. Sorry, sir.”

“That’s better. Now listen to what I say, and follow my instructions. I like what you did with my feet before, so we’ll start there. Get to work, boy.”

Joe worked on the man’s legs, up one shin and calf, behind the knee and on up the thigh, then onto the other leg, repeating his ministrations. During this the man was emitting sighs of contentment. “Obviously, I’m doing the right thing,” Joe thought. His whole being was centred round pleasing this man. He had no thought about his own wellbeing, knowing that his needs would be fulfilled by the man’s pleasure.

Joe reached the tops of the man’s legs and spent some time licking and sucking the sensitive area between the man’s thighs and his balls. The man start writhing, and murmuring “good boy . . . oh yeah . . . yes, boy . . . that’s right . . . you’re doing real good.” Joe felt the man’s hand on his head and he stopped. The man took Joe’s head betwen his hands and drew him upwards until his head was level with the man’s navel. Joe could feel the man’s cock pressing under his chin, his tongue snaked out to lick the man’s navel and he continued to wash the man’s stomach, occasionally nipping at the soft hairs.

Finally he reached the man’s chest. He licked his way to the left nipple, once again tasting the hard nub of flesh. He sucked, licked and chewed that tiny button, then moved lazily across the expanse of furry chest to the other nipple, and continued his adoration of the man’s body.

The man’s hand came down from behind Joe’s head and reached for his ass, slowly rubbing his cheeks and soothing them. The spanking was almost forgotten. All he could feel was warmth. The man then placed his hands on Joe’s waist and lifted him up,

“Now the cock.”

“Yes, sir.” Joe slid down the man’s body until his mouth was aligned with his cock. Now that he had permission, Joe just lay there for a minute studying the cock in all its glory. He reached out tentatively and touched the cock: he felt it kick. His tongue started to run its way up and down the thick tube. It tasted beautiful. Joe was afraid to go too far too quickly, because he didn’t want the dream to end. He felt the man’s hands on his head,, and knew that pleasuring the man was more important than his wants.

His lips engulfed the soft/hard head of the man’s cock and slowly he slid down the shaft. The man’s legs wrapped around him, squeezing his head and holding him prisoner between those thighs. The pressure was strong, but Joe didn’t mind - he wanted to be trapped between those thighs forever. He lay there gently sucking on the man’s dick, savoring the feeling as much as the flavour. Leaving the cock for a moment, Joe moved lower to lick the man’s balls. The man let out a moan and raised his knees to allow easier addess to his nuts. which were rolling uncontrollably within the confines of his furry bag.

Joe opened his mouth to it’s fullest extent, and captured those orbs. He then started humming quietly, sending exquisite vibrations through the man’s scrotum and extending through the rest of his body. The man arched his back, lifting his ass off the bed and Joe moved down even further, tonguing the man’s ass crack, and reaching to his tight hole.

The man let out a groan and rolled over onto his stomach, lifting his ass in the air. Joe dived between the man’s cheeks and started to eat out his ass. The funky smell and taste were like an aphrodisiac to him. He started to feel heady and practically swooned.

Finally the man lowered his butt, rolled over and pulled Joe up on top of him. Clamping his arms around Joe, he sought out his mouth and kissed him long and hard, before whispering in his ear:

“Boy, you sure know how to please a Daddy. You are doing real good. Keep it up,”

Joe was practically exhausted from the exertion and the emotion he had just experienced. He lay quietly for a while, sucking on the man’s left nipple.

“You seem to have a great fondness for the tit of mine, Get ready, boy, while I give you something else to occupy your mind.”

The man spat in his hand and rubbed it on Joe’s asshole. Joe slid down the man’s body, still holding the nipple in his mouth, and felt the tip of the man’s cock nudging the entrance to his ass,

“Take it, boy. . . Take Daddy’s cock . . . That’s right, slide it up your hole. Yeah, suck it in . . . Oh, you feel so hot and juicy up there . . . Yeah, baby, ride Daddy’s cock. Make it feel good. Fuck daddy’s cock wth your boy ass . . .Oh, yeah.”

Joe worked his ass around the man’s cock. The sensation was terrific. In the position he was in the man’s cock was rubbing his prostate, sending him into paroxysms of joy. He hadn’t been fucked often, and never with such feeling as this. Joe felt himself about to come.

“Sir, please sir. I’m going to come.”

“Not yet you don’t. I haven’t finished with you. You come when I let you.”

“But, sir . . .”

“No buts, boy, hold it.”

“I can’t, sir,” said Joe as he shot his load over the man’s face and chest.

The man pulled his cock out of Joe’s ass, and rolled him over, pinning him under his massive arms.

“I told you not to come. Don’t you listen to your Daddy. Maybe you need a lesson in obedience. Clean me up, boy and then get yourself ass up on the bed!”

Joe was shaken, and scared. What was the man going to do? He started licking the man’s chest, sucking up his own cum and cleaning the man. When he had finished he lay on the bed on his stomach.

“Spread ‘em, boy.”

Joe spread his legs.

“Arms too,”

Joe stretched his arms out and lay still. The man went to his wardrobe and pulled out a wooden trunk. Opening it where Joe could see it, he pulled out a pair of leather cuffs. Fastening them to Joe’s wrists, he reached into the box again and drew out some lengths of rope, with which he proceeded to tie Joe’s arms to the bed head. He then took another pair of cuffs, fastened them around Joe’s ankles, and tied them to the legs at the end of the bed. Joe was completely immobile.

“Now, boy, I’ll let you choose. Which disciplinary tool do you want?”

Joe looked as the man brought out various implements - a whip, riding crop, paddle, cat, quirt and belt, Joe shuddered. He knew all of them would hurt, but he had no idea about the degree of suffering each one would impart.

“Please sir, I don’t know. I think I would like the paddle, sir.”

“Fair choice, boy, but remember the lighter the implement, the more the strokes. We must mete out punishment according to the misdemeanour. The paddle demands fifty strokes, Get ready, boy, and count ’em.”

Joe clenched his hands and gritted his teeth, Even so he was unprepared for the pain that he felt as the paddle hit the soft flesh of his ass.


“One what, boy?”

“One Daddy, sir.”


“Two Daddy, sir.”


“Three Daddy, sir.”

Smack! . . .

By the time he had received ten blows, his ass was stinging like hell, and he doubted that he would last for fifty strokes. His ass felt as if he had sat on a hot plate, He was scared he would lose count and was afraid that if he did, the man would start over again. He tried to keep concentrating on the number but the pain kept intruding. After about thirty strokes, his ass was so numb that he no longer felt the blows. He felt as though he were in a trance, floating in the room, watching himself being paddled. He felt almost euphoric. He didn’t know if he was continuing to count or not.

Suddenly he realised the the blows had stopped. He also realised that he had been crying his eyes out for some time, and that there was a gag in his mouth. When all that had happened he did not know. He felt the ropes being undone, and the cuffs removed. He started to reach around to feel his ass, but the man’s hands stopped him.

“Don’t move.”

Joe lay still. The man left the room and retuned with a jar. He opened the jar and scooped out a glob of white cream. He started to rub it gently over Joe’s fiery ass. The cream soothed the sting and the feeling of the man’s hand was likd a balm. Subconsciously, Joe started rotating his ass, enjoying the feeling of that cool cream.

The man reached between Joe’s legs and found a hard cock grinding into the bed.

“Yes, boy. Fuck that bed. Rub your dick into the mattress. Come on boy, do it, do it.”

Joe worked his cock faster and faster until he could feel the explosion of cum from his cock. With a scream he pumped shot after shot into the mattress.

“Good boy. That feels better doesn’t it. Now relax; sleep. Daddy’s here, everything’s alright.”

Gingerly Joe rolled over onto his side. The man lay down beside him and Joe automatically latched his mouth onto the man’s left nipple.

“Sleep, baby, sleep,” Joe thought he heard the man say as he drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

. . . . .

Joe opened his eyes, The sun was streaming into the room. It took a few seconds to realise where he was, a few more to realise that his ass was sore, and another few to realise that he was alone. Slowly he rolled over to the edge of the bed, wincing as he tried to sit up, and then shakily stood. Stiffly, he made his way out of the bedroom and found his way to the kitchen, where the man was sitting with a cup of coffee.

“’Morning, boy. How are you this morning? How’s the butt? Turn around and let me see. Ook, yes, Lovely, A beautiful shade of red. How does it feel?”

“Sore, sir.”

“Yes, I can imagine. Slip into the bathroom and have a hot shower, That will soothe it, then I’ll put some more cream on it.”

“Yes. sir.”

Joe stumbled into the bathroom, adjusted the shower to as hot as he could stand it, and stepped in. then screamed. His ass stung like crazy. He heard a lough from the kitchen.

“You OK?”

“Yes, sir.”

After the shower, his butt did seem a little better and he found he could walk more easily. He returned to the kitchen.

“Sit down, boy. Or maybe you’d rather stand. Coffee?”

“Yes please, sir.” Joe said as he slowly sat down, He managed to remain seated even though his butt was sore. The man stared at Joe for a few minutes, as if weighing him up.

“Boy, I enjoyed last night. I hope you did. You’re a good boy, I like you, and I’d like you to be my boy, Think about it. Last night I asked if you could handle it. You said you didn’t know, Do you know now, and do you want what I can offer you?”

“Sir, last night you gave me something I have been looking for for the past three years, ever since I arrived in California. I never knew my father; he died before I was born. Since I left Birmington I have been searching for a Daddy. I think that last night I found him. I don’t need to think any more about it. If you will have me, I would be proud to be your boy.”

“Did you say Birmington. I know Birmington, I mean I’ve been there.”
“Then you will know what a relief it is to escape. My mother is an absolute harridan. She ranted and raved continually about sins of the flesh, especially homosexuality. I couldn’t handle it any more. Fortunately I won the scholarship to University out here.”

The man sat quietly for a minute, staring off into the distance, then took a deep breath and let out a long sigh.

“Boy, what’s your name again?”

“Joe, sir, Joe Illingford.”

“And what are you doing at University?”

“I’m majoring in English Literature, sir.”

The man let out a laugh. Joe looked at him quizzically, The man looked back and shook his head.

“Never mind. Come here.”

Joe lifted himself slowly out of the chair and rounded the table before the man.

“Joe, sit on my knee.”

Joe sat.

“Joe, what I’m about to say may be confusing, but hear me out. I’m a Professor in English Literature, not at the university you are attending. Now for the scary part. Allow me to read your mind. Your mother’s name is Martha Frances Illingford, and your were named after your Grandfather.”

Joe sat with his mouth open.

“How did you do that?”

“It wasn’t hard. My name is David Illingford. I was married to Martha. We had twin daughters, She divorced me twenty-two years ago. She found me one day fucking the ass of the postman. I left town and I guess she spread the word that I had died. It must have taken her a lot to convince the whole town, but I guess if anyone could do it, Martha could, Joe, I‘m your father. I didn’t know you existed. Martha never told me she was pregnant.”

The man put his arms around Joe, and burst into tears. Joe looked at this man who had been his lover for the night. A million thoughts were whirling round in his mind. but the overriding one was thet he loved this man. and wanted to spend the rest of his life with him. and that at last he had found his Daddy. Kissing the tear-stained face of the man, he whispered. “Daddy, I’m home.”