There's nothing true about the happening in this story--all characters are factitious--any similarity is purely coincidental. If you are in a locality where reading this stuff is illegal--LEAVE NOW. If you are offended by actions between two or more guys--LEAVE NOW. If you're ok with it--read on. This story starts off slow. It's a love story--hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it.  It's my first story, and if I receive favorable responses it will continue for a very long time.

Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter One

There he was--standing outside a strip area in Glendale, Arizona. It was a hot August night--about 10:30pm--the temperature was still hovering around ninety-eight degrees, as it was being released from the concrete and asphalt city. I had been cruising the area for a few months--I was trying to gather courage to approach him, and as always, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It seems I had been having these thoughts about him ever since I mistakenly drove into the "wrong area" of the Phoenix metroplex several months earlier.

He was leaning against a street sign--he had one foot propped up against it as he stood on his other. He seemed to be about 6' 4" and looked to be about twenty-eight years old--he probably weighed around 250--he was all muscle. As he had no shirt on, one could gaze upon his rippled torso. It was a sight to behold. Those pecs--those luscious pecs--just looking at them made my mouth water with lust. They were firm, well rounded, and had that chiseled look as if he had been carved by the gods--what a creation!

He didn't have a set of eight-pac abs, not even a six-pac--instead he was blessed with a ten-pac--he was awesome! He had a light dusting of dark body hair--not too much--just right. He was well tanned, and was sweating profusely from the heat that exuberated from the concrete and asphalt. The sweat glistened on his body. My cock was hard and throbbing from the sight. I slowly drove up to the traffic light and as it turned red, I stopped. He was standing just three feet away from my SUV. I was in hog-heaven. He looked at me through the window and smiled--he had killer dimples. My heart melted. Finally, after months of lusting, his smile broke through my guarded exterior and penetrated deeply within. I smiled back and told him that I would like to talk.

Luckily, there were a few open parking spaces--I pulled into the nearest one and was about to open the door, but I found it wasn't necessary--he leaned down to the already open passenger side window and smiled--damn those killer dimples. There happened to be a restaurant nearby and I invited him to come in with me. He pulled his t-shirt out and put it on as we walked to the corner. We placed a small order, and started talking. Talk about sexy--his voice resonated deep baritone--not obtrusively low.

"I'm Matthew Montgomery," he said. "You can call me Matt if you'd like." He then smiled--damn those killer dimples. I thought about it for a few seconds--I didn't know if I should use my real name or not. I had never talked to a gigolo, a male hooker. Ah what the hell--why not, I thought. I want to be honest and up-front from the beginning. "Hi--I'm Charlie--Charlie McDaniel--my friends call me CJ or you can call me Charlie if you like." I thought his name wasn't really Matthew Montgomery, but I could understand him using an alias, being in the business he was.

"So what are you doing roaming around this shady part of the neighborhood?" he asked, as he grinned. "To be perfectly honest, a few months back I actually got lost and ended up here--I saw you then and I haven't been able to get you out of my mind. I've driven by several times, but never had the courage to say or do anything till now," I said, as I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes. "So what's next? I asked. "I've never been with a guy before."

"Well, there's a motel nearby, but it's kinda sleazy if you know what I mean; however, my place is only about ten minutes from here--it's in a much nicer neighborhood. You want to go there?" he asked.  "Sure--lets eat--then we'll go. I live in Scottsdale and it's about forty-five minutes to my mine," I said, as I was gaining confidence about the adventure I was embarking upon. "Oh by-the-way how much cash you require?" I asked, as the waitress was just about to bring us our order.

We ate slowly--I was enjoying the gorgeous view across from me--his sweat had soaked his t-shirt as it was hugging him tightly across his chest--damn what a view! I ate my dinner as I looked at him with amorous intentions. Soon we had finished and as we were about to leave I again asked what the going rate was--he quoted the amount and told me that it was for his time only--that what we did in private would be between consenting adults.

"Let me check, but I think we may need to stop at an ATM machine--is there one near your place--I'd rather wait till we're out of this neighborhood," I said. He again smiled--damn those killer dimples. "There's several near my apartment. We can stop at one on the way," he said.

"Great--lets go in my SUV--we can go together if you don't have transportation." I said. "Yeah, that'll work fine. I usually use a cab when I work in the evenings--some of my clients want to go back to their place and not return--it's just better that way." He grinned.

"Ok--let's get going!" I said, as I sounded a bit too excited. Hell--I was more than excited at the prospect of having this hunk of a man with me. We drove about eight minutes when he had me pull into a parking lot where an ATM machine was located. "Matt, what's your rate for say three hours of your time--oh hell, for the entire night?" I asked--I couldn't believe I asked him that.  He told me, but with what cash I had on me, the cash I could get from the ATM, plus what I had at home I could see that I would be short. I told him--he said it would be ok--that I could make it up on the return engagement--he smiled--damn those killer dimples!

"So there'll be another encounter? You sound so confident!" I asked. Sure--most clients comeback for more--I'm good at what I do," he said, as he once again smiled--damn those killer dimples!

I got the money and we left. His place was only another three or so minutes from the bank. He lived in a newer looking apartment complex--one with a security guard at its entrance. "Hello Matt," he said, as he pushed the button to open the gates." "Hi Rogg--thanks for letting us through so quickly." "You're quite welcome Mr. Montgomery," the guard said, as he smiled.

"You use your real name when you do this kind of work?" I inquired. "Not often, he said. But I can tell you're different than most of my clients." he said, as a look of desire had engulfed his face.

"My apartment is in building 'A'--just over there," he said. We pulled into one of his reserved parking spaces, and I turned off the engine--we then looked at each other for a few moments and got out." I looked at the car beside mine, wondering if it was his--it wasn't what I would want to be driving, as it was rather old.

By this time, my heart was really pounding with excitement. "Calm down CJ" I thought to myself. We walked over and climbed the stairs to his third story apartment. "Here it is, apartment 313," he said, as he opened the door. It was stunning--almost as nice as my home in Scottsdale--this guy had class--hell he was a class act--with the proper attire (clothing), and his charm--he could really go places.

We sat on the sofa for a few moments and talked. Finally, our eyes met for what seemed an eternity. We looked deep into each others eyes--we both reached out at the same time and kissed one another. It wasn't just a quick peck like someone gives you as if to say hi, but rather it was very sensuous. We broke apart as we both got up. He began to unbutton my shirt--I let him. He seemed as if he liked what he saw--he was grinning from ear to ear, like a little kid with new toy--I figured I was the toy.

I stopped him, as he was about to pull his tee off--I was in hog-heaven as I unveiled those deliciously looking pecs. His taught nipples were beckoning to be sucked and caressed, and I'm just the guy for the job--of course his ten-pac was alluring as hell too. I could tell--I had it bad--really bad! I wanted him--hell, I was lusting after him--he was the object of my carnal desire. I began to unbutton his shorts and as I pulled it down I noticed he didn't have any underwear on. Oh well--just that much quicker I thought. I didn't have to wait long either. There it was, it wasn't overly thick nor was it too long, but then again it wasn't hard--not `yee-ett' anyway--it was perfection personified--it was uncut too (just an added bonus-I thought).

He reached over and unbuttoned my dockers. As he pulled them down, my underwear went with them unveiling my nakedness. He then picked me up and carried me newly wed style down the hall and into the bedroom. He acted as if it wasn't even a chore--as if I weighed nothing--this guy was strong. The bedroom was also very neat--very masculine. He laid me down on the King size waterbed--I was floating in heaven. Without going into detail, lets suffice it to say, I never before experienced what happened that night. He's definitely a keeper--damn those killer dimples!!!


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