Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Ten

The next morning, we stayed in bed a little longer than we usually would--but what the hell--we were doing as we pleased. Matt phoned room service and had our second breakfast delivered. Matt was really getting the hang of it too--breakfast was great--so was he. Matt seemed to enjoy his first breakfast too--I had really given him a load, as he was grinning. Soon after breakfast, we dressed, undressed, and of course dressed once again. This was becoming standard operating procedure, as were his morning stretches and my ogling. We decided to go shopping some more--we didn't go together--he wanted to go alone. I acquiesced, and he took off. I thought about it for a while and decided he needed more space between us--we had been together practically everyday since we had met over a week and a-half ago. It would be better in the long run to have some time alone--but I still wouldn't like it.

I went and did some shopping as well. I bought him a diamond stud for his tux--it cost me ten grand, but what's that to a multi-millionaire--I also bought him a matching set of cufflinks and a gold rope neck chain. Since his neck was about 22 inches around--I got him a size 28. I went back to the suite, and phoned the store about the mattress set and sheets. They said they would take it to the hangar and have it put onboard the plane. I told them to make sure it was out of sight from the passenger area, as I didn't want Matt to see it. About an hour later, Matt came back to the suite, loaded to the hilt with shopping bags. He was grinning like crazy. It seems he wanted to go shopping alone, because he bought most of it for me. It must have cost him a small fortune too. These were expensive items of clothing and jewelry. I felt bad about only spending what I had on him--I decided to go ahead and give him my token gifts. He must have had an eye for jewelry, cause when he saw the diamond stud and matching cufflinks, he gasped for breath--"Wow--man oh man--this must have cost you a bundle," he said, as he was once again grinning. "Well, it did cost a little something," but I've got millions--what's the use of having it if you can't spend it when I want, and on someone I'm in love with?"

He then showed me what he had bought. First, he pulled out a gold ring--the top of which looked like a gold nugget--it had diamonds interspersed between the nuggets--it was beautifully crafted--a real gem. He said he didn't know my ring size and hoped it would fit--he guessed just right. It seems he had also bought me a gold rope neck chain--it was identical to the one I had purchased him, although since my neck wasn't as big around as his, he settled for a 24 incher. It fit just perfectly. I liked the way chains lay just below the Adams' apple in that little indention where the collarbones met. We looked at each other, as I put his on him, and he put mine on  me--he looked wonderfully delicious. He kept pouring out the items; they ranged from upscale and fashionable to scrunchy. (You do realize I makeup words from time to time--they just sound and read well--scrunchy is one of them--sorry, no definition is available.)

We ended up dressing in our tuxes once again and went out on the town. We ate again at another fantastic restaurant. The limo driver was not the same either--I liked this one. We drove and saw the lights of New York, and drove through Manhattan as well. We returned to our hotel about midnight--I wasn't feeling too well, so I went straight to bed. Matthew was concerned, but not overtly. He felt my forehead--he said I had a slight temperature, but it wasn't but a degree over the 98.6 norm. He phoned for room service and had them bring up a bottle of Bayer Aspirin. He said that aspirin would normally bring a fever under control--he would monitor my temperature throughout the night. He woke two hours later--I was sweating profusely. He covered me with three blankets, so as to sweat the fever out of my body. Morning came--he phoned medical services, as I had apparently passed out. The following is what he told me once I had recovered.

I was in a coma for three days and two nights. I had been hallucinating badly, and fought with anyone who tried to help me. I was admitted to Mercy Hospital--Matt had signed me in. Finally, I awoke--Matthew was by my side--he was holding my hand with one of his, and massaging my chest with the other--he was trying to bring me back to consciousness, as he was talking to me. He had been doing this for nearly two days--he had to have been exhausted himself. The hospital had brought in an extra bed for him to lie down on, but he had only used it for an hour or two during the whole ordeal. The doctor in charge said that they had found that I had received a bite from a small insect, which was only located in the desert of Arizona--it had infected my whole system with it's deadly venom. He had told Matt, that if I hadn't been taken to the hospital, I would have died. That shook Matthew to the core--it shook me too, once I learned of the situation and how critical it was. A few days later, I had recovered sufficiently--I was released. Matthew held me in the limousine, as it made its way back to our hotel suite. Matthew gave me no choice--we would remain there until he thought I was physically up to the return flight home.

Three days, we remained locked up in our hotel suite--Matthew looked after my every need. He wouldn't even let me take a crap without him being there. He carried me to and from the bathroom, as I still didn't have the strength to walk it myself. Finally, I insisted and persuaded him to let us return home. He agreed, but reluctantly. The return flight took even more energy out of my system. Once home, Matthew contacted our family physician--told him what had happened, and asked him to drop by and check me out thoroughly. He prescribed some other medications and told Matthew to get some Ensure Plus--it was a jewel of a pick-me-upper. As the days went by, I finally was gathering some strength, and was walking around our home, in Matthew's firm grasp. At night, Matthew would gather his strong arms around me, and hold me on top of his muscled pecs--he knew I loved to sleep there nestled between those pecs. His soft hair against my body, would put me right to sleep--it was like a sleeping sedative. A few times during the nights, I would slip off him due to my moving about, and our light sweating. Matthew would pull me up to his mounds of glory once again--he was trying his best to make my life comfortable for he knew me well.

Days later, I finally had gathered enough strength where I could walk by myself and do a few leisurely things about the estate. Matthew was always by my side. He drove me to the corporate office a few times and around the countryside on a few other occasions. He had purchased a wheel chair for my use when we went shopping or to the office. During the three weeks, I had lost considerable weight--19 pounds to be exact. The doctor told me that it was to be expected. I knew then, actually earlier, that Matthew would remain with me till we parted in death--his love showed through in everything he did--from wiping my ass to holding me snuggly as we slept. He had carried me around as if I were his personal puppy dog--I didn't mind it a bit either--hell, who would mind being carried around by a muscular hunk. My losing the 19 pounds, made it even easier for him to have his way. When at times, I would argue that he was doing too much for me, he would just pick me up and carry me anywhere he wanted to--he was in control--I didn't have much say, though I really didn't mind it too much--I loved playing with his chest, as he carried me.

Finally, I had gained enough strength, so Matt didn't need to be at my side every minute of every day. I slowly began a regiment of light exercises which would help bring me back to my normal strength. After a month of illness, the doctor said it would be a couple of months before I was back up to speed--it only took one. He wasn't aware of my full capabilities. I still had the weight loss, and as there wasn't any fat on my body before my illness, it was muscle that I had lost--19 pounds worth. I worked out strenuously every other day--soon I was able to workout daily. Matthew still would not allow me to do my daily routines unless he was present. Gee, I guess he really did have my best interest at heart.

Saturday came, and I felt like going out--Matthew thought about it for a few moments--he then acquiesced. I told him I would make reservations--I didn't tell him where or what I was doing. I phoned the limousine service and the private pilot service I always used. I phoned the Wilshire Beverley Regent Hotel, and made deluxe suite accommodations--Matthew knew nothing of the reservations. Later during the day, we got dressed in our tuxes--he looked luscious, as usual, but that diamond stud made him look even more so. Once the limousine arrived, we got in and were driven to the Scottsdale Airport once again. He didn't ask any questions--he just gave me one of his quizzical looks and smiled--damn those killer dimples. It wasn't long before we were airborne.

The flight took a little over an hour--once again, it wasn't turbulent. We arrived in the LA area, and our limousine driver once again took us to my special restaurant we had dined at before. The maitre' de recognized us and enthusiastically welcomed us back. We were led to our special dining area, which overlooked the Pacific Ocean. This time there was a light fog, which marred the view somewhat, but the view I was looking at wasn't marred at all--he looked scrumptiously delicious, glad that he was on my personal menu. We behaved as we did the last time--we kissed, held hands, groped each other and had lots of fun--oh, the food was marvelous too. The maitre' de had them turn the house lights down, so that only soft lighting illuminated us, as country mountain love songs played in the background --they and it were marvelous. After dinner, Matthew and I danced slowly, and held each other closely--we were having a ball (figuratively--not literally).

After our two-hour dinner/dance marathon, we left the restaurant, and the driver drove us once again to West Hollywood. This time we went to another gay bar, and guess what, it was audience participant night. Matthew wanted me to go up and give them the show of their lives--I was hesitant of course, for the hunk of all hunks was with me--not me. Finally, I gave in and did my thing. The audience seemed to eat it up too. I was up there on the runway for thirty-five minutes--slowly seducing the audience--they were going wild. Then I beckoned my hunk to join me. I wouldn't let him do his strip show; instead, I slowly unveiled my man. I started with his feet, as I slowly undressed him--his cock was reacting favorably to this treatment. Once I had his shoes and socks off, I then sucked on his toes, and massaged them with my tongue. The hair on them tickled me as I did it.

I then went to his tux coat--I slowly took it off him and tweaked his nipples as I did--the audience went berserk as I tweaked him. As his coat hit the floor, I planted my hands just under his pecks--some of the guys in the audience almost passed out when they saw how well developed they were. I took off his bow tie, his diamond stud, and matching cufflinks. I made sure the jewels were well placed so as not to lose them. I kept the bow tie near, for I was going to use it later in the show. During all of this, Matthew was grinning and a smiling those delicious looking dimples--damn 'em anyway (fooled ya didn't I).

I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, but didn't take it off. Matthew had a t-shirt on, so his chest wasn't yet exposed--that would have to wait for a while. I then went to his trousers and unzipped him in front of everyone-I reached I and began groping his manhood parts. I had asked Matthew to wear underwear that evening, since he didn't have any; I had taken mine off and let him wear those. His boner was shooting out the top of his (my) underwear. The audience gasped as they saw it. I lightly chewed on them and his cock, which bulged through. I guess they had never seen that in a strip show before. Once I had sufficiently had his crotch area full wet with my saliva, I pulled his shirt out of the cummerbund, which had held it in place. I slowly removed his shirt--his pecs showed nicely through his tight t-shirt. I tweaked his nipples once again and the audience reacted accordingly. I then started sucking on them through the tee. As I did this, several guys tried to come on stage, but were immediately halted by the bouncers that were located throughout the establishment. I succeeded in wetting his tee sufficiently enough so when the spotlights shined on his pecs, the audience could see the fine hairs beneath his well-defined mounds.

I then proceeded to slowly turn him away from the audience, and took his tee off--I reached down and ripped my underwear off of him. I took the bow and untied it fully and tied it around his balls and cock at the base. I then turned him around, as I led him around, lightly tugging at his groin. I motioned for him to kneel and asked him to bow his head--he did--I mounted him, as I straddled his shoulders. He got up with no effort at all, and paraded me around as I sat on top of his massive shoulders. I got so hard, and horny, that I actually shot a load onto the back of his neck. He turned around and smiled--damn those killer dimples.

He kneeled once again, and bowed his head slightly so I could disembark. I then turned to him and he slowly engulfed my still hard cock and sucked on it like a lollipop. Up and around--around and down he went--I was a moaning and a groaning (for you TG). The audience just about lost it. Once he had sufficiently done his bidding, he stood up and hugged me tightly as we kissed passionately--the show was over--the curtain closed. Once dressed, we returned to the bar area, and were welcomed with enthusiastic applause. We stayed--had a few drinks, then buzzed our limousine driver to pick us up. We exited, and waved to those we left behind. We arrived at our hotel, and went directly to our suite. We continued where we had left off at the bar, only this time we were in our rented den of iniquity. That night, I slept where I loved to sleep--Matthew held me atop him. His heartbeat sent me over the edge, and I slept soundly throughout the night, firmly lodged in the crevice of Matthew's love.

Sunday morning found us exactly as we had been when we had fallen asleep. Matthew had not yet awoke, so I began sucking on his nipples, and licking his pecs. "Good morning," he said, as I looked him in his blue eyes--I grinned, as I continued--he smiled--damn those killer dimples. We leisurely stayed in bed that morning, as checkout wasn't until noon. Our limo driver met us downstairs, and then whisked us off toward the airport--we stopped along the way and the three of us had a good breakfast at Denny's. I loved their Grand Slam. Once through, we continued on to the airport, and left for Scottsdale. We arrived--Evan met us--I was somewhat surprised, but he wanted to get out for a while.

The rest of the day, found us lying by the pool side. Every now and then, one of us would end up being dropped in the pool, or pushed into it. Guess who was dropped--guess whom I had to push. It was hard getting him in the water, but I did it nonetheless. We played around, and that evening, we didn't have sex--Matthew spooned me as I drifted off to sleep. I could tell--he was smiling--damn those killer dimples.