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Damn Those Killer Dimples Chapter Thirteen

We awoke the next morning with him spooning me. He turned me onto my back. With one hand began playing with my chest muscles--with the other he was playing with my throbber. He had me aroused rather quickly. It had been two months since we had this much fun together, and I shot quickly--with ferocious fervor. He quickly covered my cock with his mouth--he wanted as much as he could get--he got plenty too. As he was lifting his cum filled mouth, he smiled--damn those killer dimples.

He then began licking my entire body, and lightly chewed and nibbled on my muscles. It was an extreme sexual experience. He was enjoying it immensely, as was I. I then took control, as I lay on top of him--I began licking his face--his shadowed beard felt good as I licked him. I ran my fingers through his curly hair, as I licked his face. He was beginning to look like my Matthew of old. His chest hair was once again at its height of glory--not too long--not too short. I continued down his face and on to his neck, as I sucked and pillaged him. He was groaning and moaning as I continued my assault. On down I went as I licked the sweat from his once again haired and muscled pecs. He was back--in all his glory--maybe even more so. His abs once again had that definition that only my Matthew had. Who else has a firm set of ten-pac abs? Matt was the only man I had ever seen with a ten pac--they were lusciously delicious.

After I had finished sucking on his pecs and doing my thing to his nipples (oh how I love those nipples and pecs--so firm, so ripe for the pickin). After about thirty minutes, I then started my journey on down and sucked and licked his precious abs. I massaged them as well, and by this time I had him thrashing vigorously as he fisted the mattress. Finally, I followed his treasure trail of pleasure and reached his throbbing member--he nodded for me to do him--I wanted to, but couldn't--I couldn't bring myself to do what he wanted--what I wanted. What if--what if he couldn't. He looked at me with eyes that were practically begging me--I shook my head back and forth--I wouldn't do him.

He looked satisfied though, as I reached for the extra slippery. We had long since refrained from using protection--he was mine--I was his. He rolled it onto my throbbing member with mouth and tongue action--he was begging for action. He lifted his legs and put them over my shoulders, as his eyes were glued to mine--I continued--I pushed my well-lubed index finger into his glory hole, and went for his prostate--as I massaged it, he once again went wild--he was shaking and fisting the bed as I continued to pleasure him. Soon, I had two fingers inserted--it had been a while since he had anything up him. After a few minutes, I added a third finger and began stretching his sphincter. I wanted him so badly, but it would be only moments away. I didn't want to hurt him, but I so desperately wanted to once again be one with my human god. I pulled my fingers out, and replaced them with the head of my cock--I pushed--he pushed, as we looked at each other--entry was no problem. His luscious blue eyes told all--the love--the passion--the desire--the lust--my Matthew was back.

I fucked him with deliberated strokes. I varied them from long to short--slow to fast. I had never seen him react to my love, as he did that night. I had questioned his ability to shoot, but I soon found that my doubts had not been warranted--he shot load after load--it went everywhere. Once I had pulled out, I licked him all over once again. I lay on his muscled chest--exactly where I liked to--exactly where he liked me--between his mounded pecs. After about thirty minutes, I rolled off--I picked him up gently and carried him to the bathtub--he played with my chest, as we went. Once there, I leaned his firm body against the edge of the wall and began once again to molest his ever so ripe body--I was horny as hell--I couldn't get enough of my Matthew. He reciprocated too.

We stayed in bed nearly all day. We were in love. We talked as we fondled and played with each another. We decided to have some remodeling done. We were going to have a state-of-art fitness center built--it would have full-length mirrors wall to wall--it would include a Jacuzzi, a shower room with six heads, as well as a sauna. We also decided to have the pool enclosed.

We continued playing with one another throughout the day. That evening we had invited Marcel and Sean to go with us--we dressed up and met them for dinner--we had a really good time. We found out that Marcel was a young entrepreneur, who owned three large bookstores in Scottsdale--he was about to open his fourth--this one in Peoria, in a rather sizeable mall--it would be his first business venture outside Scottsdale--he was antsy about it. It turned out that Sean was the manager of his largest store--that's how they met.

Over the course of the evening, both Matt and I felt really comfortable with them. I went to the restroom, and Matthew followed my lead. I asked him if he felt well enough to do some traveling--he grinned in approval. I asked if he would be ok if I invited Marcel and Sean along--he said it would be fine, but I could tell he wanted me to himself--he wanted me alone. "We can always ask them next time," I said. He smiled--damn those killer dimples.

We went to a bar, not a gay one, although couples were mixed. We were enjoying it a lot, when a fight broke out. Matthew hesitated not, and broke it up before it had spread. He asked the bartender if it was ok to throw them out--he was happy--Matt seemed to enjoy it too, as he did just that. Matt returned to my side and kissed me passionately. Marcel and Sean had left the bar moments before the fight had erupted.

Matthew drove me home, and I had him stripped of all clothing, before we had gone four blocks--he was stark naked, and I had sucked him dry before we arrived home. I couldn't keep my hands off of him. Once home, he returned the favor and had me stripped of all clothing too. It was late enough, so Evan would have already retired for the evening. Matthew carried me into the house, and into the bedroom--though he began to tire out--he had pushed himself too much, as his stamina wasn't quite up to par.

Before we finally retired to bed, I asked him how he felt. He said he was still a little weakened, but overall felt fine. I told him we could postpone the travel for a few weeks, but he insisted on us doing it right away.

The next day, I reminded Matt to phone his clients--the night before, we had discussed his trade of business--I insisted that he quit, and he understood I was looking after his best interest--it was to be either me or them--not both. I explained to him that I couldn't handle him doing it any more--always being in harms way. He didn't blink an eye--he readily agreed--he would stop seeing his clients.

We discussed several business options. As I had plenty of money, I could well afford setting him up in a business of his own. I had received what I thought was a "get rich quick" scheme, it had filtered into my private mailbox--it seems once you start getting them, they never stop coming. I actually read one--it seemed quite interesting. It was from the Ken Roberts Company--it concerned the buying and selling of commodities. As I had always been fascinated with the subject, I phoned his office and bought the course, along with his course in Commodity Options--they were air freighted so they would arrive the next day.

Later on, we went shopping for a motor home--I ended up purchasing one that cost just under a quarter-of-a-million. It was the top of the line--none other even came close in quality or workmanship--it was fully warranted for ten years. Matt drove it home--I followed in my SUV. I phoned my contractor friend who had built my home--I added a full size garage to the list of changes--it was to be the motor homes home.

We were to leave the following day and would head for California. The first evening, we stayed in Palm Springs where we initiated our motor home into the fine arts of gaydom (yes, another new word). It was wonderful--Matthew did me--I did him--I really did him--it was as if a demon had taken possession of me. I did him really rough--he was tough, and withstood my assaults--one after another. He was wondering what had gotten into me, but smiled nonetheless--damn those killer dimples. I later apologized for doing him so uncontrollably rough. He grinned, as he said he had enjoyed it, and as long as it was not done routinely--I could act out my fantasies whenever I felt demonized. I promised, I would try to control myself--I grinned--I smiled--damn I don't have dimples.

We unhooked my SUV from behind the motor home and went out to eat that evening--we sat outdoors on a covered patio. It so happened that the owner had recently moved there from San Antonio--the Tex-Mex was out of this world--Matt said he hadn't had such good Mexican food since he left Texas--and rightly so--they even had my favorite hot sauce "Texas Soda Pop." After supper, we left--Matt was driving--we drove the town--everything was nice and neat--extremely so. We went back to the motor home and had fun. I had him a moaning and a groaning as I did him with such love--such passion. I grinned--he grinned--I smiled--he smiled--damn those killer dimples.


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