There's nothing true about the happenings in this story--all characters are fictitious--any similarity is purely coincidental. If you are in a locality where reading this stuff is illegal--LEAVE NOW. If you are offended by actions between two or more guys--LEAVE NOW. If you're ok with it--READ ON. This story starts off slow, and remains that way through several chapters. It's a love story--hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it.

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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Fourteen

I phoned the office on my cell as Matt drove down the highway. The motor home was moving like a dream. We were enjoying it immensely. We could pull off the road and have at it practically any time we wanted to. Matt had continued to once again do his morning stretches. Since he was well on his way to full recovery, I couldn't help but jump him as I used to do. He now would lean against a wall to help steady himself--I played with him and as always I checked to see if he was responding down below--he was. This morning; however, he had other things in mind--he laid me down on our over sized bed--I had paid extra for it so his feet wouldn't dangle.

He ravaged my body, as he licked, sucked, and nibbled--God, I couldn't believe he had this much stamina in bed. Hours later, we pulled into a local restaurant--the food was adequately prepared, but nothing special, and by mid afternoon, were heading north on the Pacific Coast Highway--the scenery was beautiful--my Matt was too--I couldn't believe he was at my side--I didn't think my looks even remotely compared to those of his, although I was nicely muscled--he was the ultimate. We drove slowly up the coast and several days later decided to drive south along IH-5. We pulled off the highway, and visited several National Parks. I thought the Grand Canyon was one of the most beautiful, but these were beautiful as well. We stayed overnight at Yosemite National Park. Matt wanted to cook dinner that night--he prepared an absolutely marvelous dinner. We had steaks, which were mesquite flamed over an outside grill. He also fixed baked Pork and Beans with strips of bacon on top--this was cooked inside the motor home. I had prepared a green-tossed salad with tomato and cheese toppings--we had country ranch dressing--we feasted.

We stayed several days in the park and visited all the sights. We liked this park and the views as well. Matt's naked chest was probably the best sight of all. I don't think a single person in the park had missed the most glorious sight of all--the sight of him--Park visitors even came up and asked if they could take his picture--he was elated, as he struck a few poses--I was elated too. There were of course some with video cameras--they just continued filming my Matthew. We both had our shirts off, but he was the one who received attention. It didn't bother me in the least. My body was nice enough, and if Matt had not been there--I probably would have received some attention as well. I was just basking in his glory--just proud that he belonged to me--my personal sex object--my lover--my Matthew Montgomery.

We both had gotten some good tans--he was golden brown--I was too. I loved looking at him, as the sweat glistened from his body--it was a glorious sight to behold. We bought some posters from this park as well. After the third day, we pulled out and drove through Nevada and Death Valley. The maps showed there were towns along the way, so we weren't too concerned about fuel. We both became concerned, as we passed what was marked on the map to be small towns--they weren't--they were hole-in-the-wall spots consisting of one or two homes. We stopped in hopes they would have fuel storage tanks--they didn't. We finally limped into a real town and fueled to the hilt--we even bought a couple of five-gallon fuel containers and filled them as well. We were assured that the towns ahead were really there--we felt better.

We continued on and spent the night in Las Vegas once again--we just parked the motor home and got the deluxe suite in Caesars Palace as we had done on the previous trip. We stayed there an additional three days as well, although we only went out in the evenings. The rest of the time, we just spent together--doing what we did best--we made precious love. Room service had been busy attending to our needs--they reaped their reward with generous tips. We attended several shows, but none like the ones Matt had performed while in our rented den of iniquity--I was basking in hog-heaven--I still couldn't believe he was mine--my lover--my friend--my all.

The last full day we were to be in Las Vegas, we walked the sights, as we went from casino to casino. I liked the older casinos such as Circus-Circus; Matt liked the newer ones such as the Mirage. That night we went to a strip gay bar. It was one where audience types would come on stage and do an erotic strip to the music. Matt and I watched with amusement as several attempted to do an erotic strip. Finally, I could stand it no more and talked Matt into going on stage. He finally succumbed and did a show no one would soon forget--the sweat from his body was showing through his tight t-shirt--it was a sight to behold, as he teased the audience.

Some were bold enough as to put fifty-dollar bills into his pants as he teased them more. I wish I had a video of his erotic show--it was marvelous. Once he had stripped himself of his t-shirt--he beckoned me to come on stage--I did, as he bid, and went on stage. He then began to do a strip tease of me--the audience became wild as we played erotically in front of them. After about thirty minutes, I literally fucked him there in front of everyone. The audience gasped as we did it. I did him quickly--he likewise returned the favor. We then dressed each other in one another's clothing. I looked ridiculous in the larger t-shirt--he looked even better in my smaller one--his pecs and nipples showed right through--if you had missed the show, you could tell his upper torso was also haired, as the darker hairs showed through the cotton t-shirt. We left almost immediately after we had showed our wares. I turned beet red--he turned another shade of red.

We returned to our suite, I ordered the most expensive wine the hotel had. We unclothed one another and snuggled together as we drank ourselves into oblivion--We loving danced the night away, and ended up with me caring him to our bedroom suite. I sucked and nibbled--I went up and around--around and down--he was succulently juicy. He fucked me--I did him. I once again slept on his haired pecs--my mounds of his glory. I played with him, as I loved to do--his hair twisted aimlessly between my fingers--they were so soft--God, I couldn't believe he was mine--to do with as I pleased.

The next morning, we had breakfast in our suite. It was a buffet on wheels--it was excellent--of course it was our second, of the morning, or was it our third? I smiled, he grinned--we were in love. After we playfully dressed, and undressed, we finally dressed for our return home. We packed and left for our last leg of our inaugural trip. We arrived home around 8pm to a very surprised, but elated Evan--he wanted to know every detail--we told him. He was shocked and surprised at some of our doings. He, of course, asked how Matt had held up during the trip--we told him he was a little tired at times, but not overtly so--Evan was glad we were home. We all three stayed up until 11:30 that evening--we just talked and reminisced about things since Matthew had come into our lives. Finally, tiredness made its way into our beings and we retired to our humongous bed. Matt stretched out his body--his feet never dangled. We went to sleep in each other's arms--the next morning I found myself perched between his haired and muscled pecs. He awoke to my sucks and nibbles--he loved waking up this way--I did too. I grinned--he grinned--I smiled--he smiled--damn those killer dimples.



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