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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Fifteen

After playing for a while, we each treated each other to our ritualistic breakfast snack. I just stayed in bed as he did his stretches. God, he looked awesome--good enough to eat. Since we had just done that, I put away those thoughts for a while--I would invoke them at a later time.

We went to my office and found things in relative good order. The office manager was summoned and he told how the project was going--I was relieved--the feds said they would check on the test progress at the end of the month--3 weeks from then. Matthew roamed about the office for an hour or so--when he came back, he told me about the looks he had received. I told him that if anyone gave him a hard time, he was to come to me--I'd deal with it--he looked at me reassuringly, as he said that so far, no one had dealt him harshly.

I wrote an office memo and e-mailed it to the entire corporate staff. I reasserted that I was gay--no shock there, as I had come out years ago. I told them that Matt, was with me in every sense of the word, and that I would not tolerate any bigotry in the office. I reminded them of federal and state regulations that were enforce.

The following day, my secretary, told me of the response to my e-mail--I was gratified. Matt once again had come to the office with me, and as he roamed around, I watched the office personnel as they went about their duties. Matt, it seemed, was welcome by the corporate staff--he did, of course, turn a few heads as he strolled by--that was certainly to be expected. Once Matthew had returned to my office, he closed the door--he locked it. He pulled the blinds shut and pulled the drapes. I paged my secretary and told her we were not to be disturbed--we weren't. I enjoyed my second lunch as well as I had my first breakfast; Matthew said he enjoyed it as well. We had only been behind closed doors for about twenty minutes--we accomplished doing what we both had desired--each other.

We opened the drapes--raised the blinds--unlocked the door--we left for the day. We drove to the area, where I had first seen Matt. His friend was there. We stopped, talked, and I wrote out a check and gave it to him--it was for fifteen thousand dollars--a gift for helping us both out. He was shocked, but accepted it nonetheless. We took him out to dinner that evening too. Matt was glad to see his friend once again. I asked him if he had anyone that was special to him--he did. We handed him the phone and asked him if he would go out with us and some more friends--he said that would be great--he phoned his friend. I phoned Marcel--he said, he and Sean would love to meet us for dinner again. The six of us dressed really nice. We had a great dinner, and went to the same bar, where Matt had thrown out the fighters.

The bartender-owner seemed happy to see us, or rather Matt--it seemed he was having troubles with certain patrons. He asked Matt if he would like a job as a bouncer--Matt said he was temporarily out of work and that he'd talk to his soul mate--that he'd let the owner know that evening before we left. Matthew and I discussed it and agreed. Matt told the bartender--he seemed relieved. That evening, no major fight erupted--the bartender was relieved as well--he credited it to Matt being there. Who the hell would want to fight a 6' 4"--two hundred and fifty pound hunk. Marcel, Sean, John (Matt's gigolo friend), and Patrick all seemed to be enjoying the evening along with Matt and I.

The bar closed at 2 am--we left one happy bartender behind. The next morning, Matt and I lay in bed nestled against one another--it was to be a lazy day--we were just going to goof off. We got up to another fine brunch Evan had prepared--the three of us enjoyed it immensely. Matt and I went outside and roamed about the manicured estate. It was beautiful with all the different cacti--some were blooming that beautiful yellow-gold. We returned to the home and decided to invite John and Patrick over for a swim and a day of relaxation--Marcel and Sean were busy at work.

They arrived around 2 pm--we went swimming--in the nude of course. We played some water games. I was on top of Matthews' shoulders--my cock was hard against the back of his neck--I was so excited, that I started to leak pre-cum. Patrick was on Johns. We tried knocking each other off balance--the first top guy to end up in water was the looser. I lost once--they lost three times. I enjoyed being on top of Matthew so much--I asked him if he minded me staying on top for a while longer. He said he didn't mind. He would have said that regardless of how he really felt. He got out of the pool, with me still on his shoulders--it was very erotic. I eventually was let off. Matthew seemed to be a little tired, but he told me not to worry. Of course, I did anyway.

Through the day, we had gotten to know John and his friend Patrick fairly well--they were both from Pennsylvania--born and raised. Patrick worked at a car dealership as a salesman--he wasn't one of those pushy types. John also worked part time as an accountant for a mom and pop grocery store. They had been together for about three years. We talked about Matthews episode with the hoodlums--they couldn't believe what they heard, but acknowledged its truth. We asked John, if he had ever had any troubles himself--he said that he hadn't--both Matthew and I warned him--he said he'd be more alert and safer.

The following morning both Matt and I were being lazy once again, when all of a sudden a thunderous noise had developed outside--we jumped out of bed and found that construction had begun on the garage site for our motor home. We both went back to bed--but not to sleep. I lay on his massive auburn haired chest--I did what I loved to do--he loved it too. I then scooted downward and sucked and massaged his abdominal muscles as well. I didn't play down below--I just stroked it while I continued nibbling on his pecs and nipples. I brought my finger to his ass crack and massaged his prostate, once I had entered. He was writhing back and forth, but I managed to hold on. Once I pulled out of his ass, I scooted back up his manly chest. I sat on his upper chest and massaged his pecs with my ass. I then moved further up his body and inserted my throbber inside his awaiting mouth--he sucked on it and moved his tongue up and around--around and down my throbbing member. I played with him as he was doing me. We succumbed to the each other and finally I laid my head on his chest. I sucked until his nipples were red with intensity.

I gave my Matthew a full body massage--both with my hands, and my tongue--his muscled forearms--his muscled biceps--his massive shoulders--his perky pecs--his taught nipples--his ever so developed ten pac--his thick third leg--even his thighs--his calves--his--feet--his toes. I licked and sucked for his favorable scent. That was just half his body--I did the same to his neck muscles--his massive back muscles, and his chewable ass. I rimmed him too--I had never done that before, but I couldn't get enough of my Matthew. When I finished, he grinned as he picked me up and put me to his side. He reciprocated every move I had made and he was grinning and smiling as he did me. God--how I loved this man--my man of my dreams was a reality--he was my Matthew.

I guess you've noticed by now that I was calling him Matthew more and more instead of Matt. It felt more sensual calling him by his full first name. I was trying to figure out a nickname for him, but as yet I hadn't found one that suited his demeanor--he was Matthew for now.

Later during the day, we began reviewing the commodity courses I had ordered. I don't know why I had them air freighted--we didn't even think of looking at it while we voyaged ourselves through Arizona, California, and Nevada--we were too infatuated with one another. Now that we were home, and things had settled down somewhat to a homely routine, we had time to view the videos and read the manual. Ken had written the manual so a novice could understand the principles easily. He showed an example of how a market such as sugar fluctuated daily. There were certain formations that when they appeared on a commodity chart, would signal a buy or a sell. It was extremely interesting. One could actually paper-trade--act as if using real money, and follow the daily happenings of the fictitious trade. Over the next week, we thought we were at a point where we should open a brokerage account. Ken told his readers to not open an account over five thousand dollars--he said that if you couldn't make a go of it with five thousand, then you couldn't with more.

We opened two accounts--one for Matt, and one for me--each with what Ken had recommended. We continued to paper trade and purchased a years subscription for on-line charting so we could follow the daily market results.

Later that evening--after Matt had returned from work at the bar, Matthew and I were snuggling up on our sofa. Since Evan had gone out that night--it was just the two of us. He sensuously undressed me in the living area--it wasn't our formal room. He turned our Bose stereo system on--the music surrounded us--it was a quadraphonic system. He did his erotic but sensuous strip tease as he had performed in Vegas--he motioned for me to come to him--I did. He went down on his knees and lowered his head. He came up with me on his shoulders--just as we had done in the pool. I bent down and kissed him on the cheek as he paraded and lightly bounced me through the house.

He carried me to the pool, where he once again held me at arms length--Matthew had regained his full strength--my God he was strong. He chuckled as he threw me into the warm pool. He then dove in and came up underneath me--I was once again on his broad shoulders. We paraded around the pool, I then crawled off his shoulders and went behind him--I pushed my hard cock into his ass crack--I then took him to the hilt--he turned his head and looked at me quizzically--I just grinned as I reached under his arms. With my right hand I grabbed hold, at the far side, of his left pectoral muscle--I had a firm hold. With my left hand, I grabbed hold of his right pectoral muscle, also at the far side--he swam around with me attached to him like a leech--what a sensation--never in our time together had we had such an erotic experience--his butt muscles were flexing as he swam back and forth the length of the pool.  As he swam, I couldn't help but pump my load into him--I was stimulated to the max.

Although I didn't suck him as such--I did suck on his shoulders and neck--I left two really nice hickeys on him--they wouldn't show when he had clothes on--and they would be there for several days--they were brightly colored. Reluctantly, I disembarked--we swam some laps together. I stayed with him and ended up reaching the pools edge at the same time. It was late when he once again picked me up and held me tightly against his muscled and haired chest. I wrapped my legs firmly around him and locked myself into that position. He held me in place with his muscled arms and hands--I bent forward and kissed him with passion as I tweaked his reddened nipples--I tugged on his chest hair--he just grinned as took me to our bed, where he perched himself on top of me--his head between my pecs--he licked--he sucked--we fell asleep that way.

As we woke up the following morning--his head was still where it had been when we fell asleep--perched between my pecs. It had been years since I had done what I next did--I wasn't sure I could still do it-as it would then take immense concentration--I flexed one pectoral muscle at a time--then the other. I had them dancing in rhythm--he looked at me in awe--"How the hell did you do that," he asked, as he had a quizzing look about him. "I'll show you some time--it takes too much concentration, and now that you're awake I want to do anything but concentrate--I want to play." We stayed in bed for a while longer.

We talked a while longer--he then got up and did stretches--I did my thing--I jumped him--I sucked him. God he tasted good--I wanted to be one with him--inside his god-like physique--he was pure unadulterated muscle--he was perfection personified. I got off him, as he continued to do his erotic show--I went around back and forced myself in him--not to fuck him, but rather to be united. He thought it a little bazaar--afterwards, I thought it was too. Oh well, one can do strange things when their horny and in love. I just hoped I could constrain myself somewhat, although I didn't really want to.

After brunch had been served, I asked Evan if he had a passport--he didn't, so Evan, Matthew, and I went to the ID store where we processed the paperwork. Matthew and I planned on giving Evan and his boyfriend, Curt, an all expense paid cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was going to be his Christmas present--I liked giving surprises, as did Matthew. He deserved it since it was Matthew and I now living on the estate. He had helped me with Matt when we were in desperate need--I wouldn't soon forget it--never would I forget his help. Of course, I didn't forget the help he had given me when I was ill too.

Thanksgiving finally arrived--I had invited Marcel, Sean, Evan, and Curt to join the festivities along with Matthew and myself. We enjoyed a great dinner--it was catered, as I wanted Evan to enjoy the festivities as well. After Marcel and Sean had left, I gave Evan and Curt their respective envelopes. Evans' contained both cruise tickets to the Mexican Rivera (PV). They were to be gone the full month of December. They were flabbergasted, especially Evan, since I had bought him the extra ticket so Curt could go as well. They had been going steady for months, and Curt was unemployed at the time, so in his envelope I gave him $3,000.00 cash for his personal expenses while in PV. The envelope also contained an employment notice--he was to start work at my corporate office in the accounting department on the 15th of January. The look of astonishment on his face was priceless--he was overwhelmed, as he kissed and hugged Evan. He just kept saying `thank you' over and over again to Matthew and myself.

Evan was so thrilled, that he ran up and kissed me on the cheek--he had never done anything like that over the years he had been by housekeeper, my friend. I was totally shocked at his outward expression--we both went beet red--Matthew was laughing so much that he fell onto the floor--he remained that way for a good five minutes. After he finally got in control, I went over and sat on him as I gently played his instrument. Evan and Curt had gone to Evan's bedroom. I grinned--Matthew smiled. He really knew how to crank me up--just show me those dimples, and I was a goner--damn those killer dimples.