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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Sixteen

Once Evan and Curt retired for the evening, Matthew and I went for a short walk around the lighted estate. The temperature was hovering in the low fifties--not cold compared to the northern states, but cold enough for us to wear light jackets. We talked about how well we were both doing in commodities. He had managed to accumulate over $35,000.00 dollars from the $5,000.00 he had invested in his account--this was real money, as we had stopped paper trading earlier. Since I was a little intimidated and conservative, I had accumulated a tad bit over $27,000.00. We were proud of our accomplishments. We talked about how things had gone in the five months of our relationship. I asked him if he would like to go to Texas--San Antonio, Austin, and the `Hill Country,' in particular. He was ecstatic, since he had never returned since he had left there many years ago.

Once inside our home, he stripped me with horny determination--I had stripped him as well--I was equally as horny. I picked him up and carried him to the pool area. I tried to hold him at arms length, but of course I knew what the result would be--he outweighed me by sixty-five pounds of pure muscle--he was 8" taller--we both toppled into the pool with a horrendous splash. It must have disturbed Evan and Curt, as they both came to the window to see what happened. They laughed uncontrollably, as did we.

I then grabbed Matthew by his neck and planted a big, sloppy, wet one on him, as I clung to him. He held me as close as he could to his tightly muscled chest--I could hardly breathe--he took us under and spun us around and around--he was kissing me as he did it--our tongues were acting as if they were in combat. We came up for breath and we then did it once again. We played around for a while longer, and once again I leeched onto his back, and as I had before, planted my hardened cock firmly in his ass, I took hold of those mounds of flesh that I loved so dear. He swam for a while, as I held on. It wasn't long before I pumped my load into him, as his muscles flexed in anticipation. After I was spent, I rested on his god-like back muscles.

Finally I let go--he went under and once again surfaced--I was on his muscled shoulders. I bent over and kissed him passionately as we strolled around the pool. Unless you've done it, you'll never know what it felt like. Here was this hunk--this god--this physiqual (yes, another new word) man strolling around with his naked lover on his shoulders. How much more erotic could it get--it got much more erotic. I leaned as forward as I could so we would fall forward and be totally immersed in the water--his abdominal muscles were so strong, as were his lower back muscles. My leaning forward fazed him not. He knew--he knew what I wanted, so a few moments later he complied. I disembarked his body, then leeched onto him--this time I nestled against his chest--his haired, his muscled--his perky chest, which housed those luscious nipples that I loved to suck and nibble on. He carried me to the edge of the pool where he picked me up and put me on the concrete edge of the pool. He jumped up, as well, and dried us both off.

He once again picked me up and carried me into our home--our bedroom--this time like a sack of potatoes; I was flung onto his right shoulder. He had carried me this way before--this time he didn't have shorts on, so I began to swat at his butt--I gave him some really good ones too. As I continued spanking him, he heaved me from his shoulder, and turned me around so I was not facing him--he held me at arms length and continued on toward the bedroom. . He did all this without me touching the floor. He chuckled, as he carried me--I laughed as well--I was in awe--I couldn't fathom even a guy as nicely muscled, and as tall as he was, carrying a man who weighed as much as I did, at arms length--he deposited me on our bed--he then climbed aboard.

I was worried that I had swatted his butt too hard, so I moved him off me and turned him over--there it was--in flaming glory. How could I be so out of control--I must have hurt him badly--I thought we were having fun--there were deep red hand marks on his ass--welts too. I apologized profusely--he just grinned and told me it hadn't hurt all that much--he knew I was just trying to play with him. I got up and went to the bathroom and retrieved some left over muscle salve--I lovingly spread it all over his reddened ass.

I could tell he was comforted by the salve. Since he couldn't turn over, because of the salve I had administered, I just continued and gave him an good body massage, as he moaned and groaned with delight--of course, I reached under and tweaked his nipples a few times--I twisted his chest hair and lightly tugged at it. His throbbing member also responded to my hands on treatment, as he began bucking like a wild animal. I remained on him, though it was hard to do. Once the salve had infiltrated his body, I rolled him over onto his back and continued the massage. His pecks were firm, and his nipples beckoned once again for me to do my thing--I resisted and continued to massage my physiqual man as I continued to go up and down his massive tool. As I continued, I tried to kiss him--I couldn't reach his lips, so he tightened his abdominal ten pac, and acted as if he were going to do an abdominal crunch--he leaned forward and our mouths--our tongues--met with all the love we could muster--we mustered plenty--I began feeling him out--those abs were as tight as they could ever hopefully be--the sensation was grand. Once I had released his tongue from my mouth, I slipped downward and licked his upper torso--as much as I could. He had that distinctive Matthew taste. After an hour of play, he inserted his throbber well within my ass, we fell asleep, as he spooned me--his cock remained implanted firmly within me as he remained hard for hours. His muscular arms played with my pecs, abs, and of course my tool below--I loved every minute of it--he did too--damn those killer dimples--they just had to be there.

The next morning, we woke up, although he was still within me, he had finally gone soft. As he pulled it out--my ass made a suction noise. We turned and faced one another, and I played with his muscled chest as he did with mine. You cannot conceive how much I loved his haired pecs and firm nipples. Finally, he got out of bed--he picked me up and took hold of my shoulder blades--my feet never touched the ground, as I wrapped my legs around him and grabbed hold of his neck and shoulders--be began his stretches--they continued for a good twenty minutes. As I looked at the movement of his muscles, I couldn't take it. I spewed a huge load on him and on me as well--he just grinned and continued muscleizing (yep, another new one). I quickly got off him and turned him around--I leeched onto his back once again and inserted my still hard cock--I enthralled him to the hilt once again. It wasn't long before I once again spilled my beans. I ogled over him. His hickeys were still there, although they had lost most of its color. I once again sucked on them as they came back in flaming glory--I told Matthew that they were going to remain on him as long as he and I were together--he grinned the largest grin I had ever seen on him--he smiled--damn those killer dimples.

After brunch, Matthew drove Evan and I to Curt's house--we picked him up and continued on to my favorite clothing store--that upscale and fashionable store I had taken Matt to months earlier. We bought several thousand dollars worth of clothing, which I felt was suitable for our trip. We had taken Curt along, cause I wanted him to be well dressed for the trip. His wardrobe was going to be brand spanking new, as we found out he didn't have a single item, which I would have classified as upscale or fashionable.

Matthew and I drove Evan and Curt to Los Angeles for their departure on the cruise ship. It was fun being with Evan and Curt--they were as lovey-dovey as Matthew and I were. We went to a gay bar located in West Hollywood--this one also had an audience participant strip show. Matthew looked at me and practically begged me not to ask him--I asked anyway--I wanted the audience to see a real man--he acquiesced and approached the lighted runway--it took him almost a half an hour as he slowly teased the audience. Once his shirt had been literally thrown off, his t-shirt had become sweaty as it showed his muscled pecs quite nicely. Slowly he raised his tee and as he did, the audience screamed with excitement. Matthew was enjoying it as well--even more so than he had in Vegas--I was proud of my muscled physiqual.

I looked into his baby blues as he motioned me to come on-stage with him--we did our erotic show as we had done in Vegas. Once again the audience went wild as I literally fucked him into oblivion--I slowly entered him then pounded away. I slowed to a deliberate pace--then changed my technique I would jab then fuck him with passion. Slowly and firmly I did him--he actually fainted on stage before I had finished him off. We cooled him down and gave him some smelling sauce--he quickly came around. He awoke with a startle--his expression quickly changed to a grin as he remembered--I smiled--he smiled--I grinned--he kept smiling--damn those killer dimples. He couldn't believed he had passed out--I couldn't believe it either. He said it was the best fuck he had ever had--my pecs just about burst through my tight tee--I was proud as a peacock.

We stayed at the bar for a few more hours. There were a few fights, but the local bouncer took care of 'em--LA style. We left the bar about 2 am and went back to our suites at The Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. They had put champagne and a huge bowl of fresh fruit in our suite--the fruit had been flown in from the South American tropics. We invited Evan and Curt in--we fellow-shipped for a few minutes, as we all had champagne and fruit as well. Once they left, Matthew picked me up and carried me into our rented den of iniquity. We fell into bed--he spooned me. My head was lying on top of his right bicep, as he played with my muscled chest--with his left hand, he firmly gripped my hardened cock--we fell asleep as his feet dangled.

The next morning, I awoke to find myself fully imbedded in his ass--I didn't remember having done it--Matthew didn't remember it entering him. My head was perched between his pecs--I nibbled on them as he awoke--Matthew hadn't remembered me entering him--he looked a little quizzical--he grinned nonetheless as I slowly moved within him. "Just how the hell did you do that without my noticing it," he asked--he had a sincere look about him. I answered him back: "Hell, I didn't remember entering you--I slept like one tired baby." He then had a silly grin about him. He rolled us over--I was then on my backside--I continued playing with him as he leaned on his elbows to my side. He kissed me on my forehead and then pulled himself off my cock. The suction was obvious--his ass wanted me to remain in him. I thought he didn't want to play, but then he lubed himself as he got hard and thick. He pulled my legs up to his thick shoulders and we both pushed. He didn't have any trouble with the entrance--he entered me as smooth as silk. He began to pump back and forth--it took him a while before he shot his load into me, but it was well worth the erotic wait.

Just as he finished pumping his final shot, the phone rang--it was Evan--I told him we'd meet downstairs for breakfast after about twenty minutes--I thought that would be enough time for a little more play. He began playing with my throbber--I gave him a really good breakfast snack too. He told me he enjoyed it and loved the way I tasted. We got out of bed, but he neglected doing his stretches. I was a little perturbed, that I didn't get my breakfast snack and that he didn't do his erotic stretches. I told him I would extract revenge as I grinned like a fool in love.

We met Curt and Evan downstairs and ate at the all you could eat morning buffet. We decided to have some fun--it had been a while since any of the four of us had seen Disneyland. We stayed the entire day. As it was in the mid 80's, I decided to walk around without a shirt--I pulled my tee off in hopes of getting Matthew to do the same. I sometimes can be a very sneaky person. As usual, Matthew turned many a head. As in Yosemite National Park, Matt struck a few poses when asked. Several families asked Matt to flex his biceps as they put their youngsters on them--they then took pictures.

We returned that evening to the bar where Matthew and I had done that erotic strip--the bartender asked us to do a repeat performance. I talked Matthew into it, although he didn't really want to. Since he had passed out the previous night, I took it easy on him--I fucked him only with love and passion--he did me as well. We took our bows, once we had finished our erotica--we received a standing ovation. Curt and Evan just sat there in awe as we returned to our table. I asked Matthew not to put his shirt back on. His upper body was a sight to behold with the sweat pouring off his body hair and rolled off his pecs and nipples. The air conditioning kicked in--it cooled my hunk of a man. He continued to receive stares throughout the evening and on through the night. I was somewhat disappointed that no one hit on him, because he didn't kiss me and hug me with the passion he would have if they had. Don't get me wrong, we hugged and kissed, and with passion, but it wasn't as intense.

Once back in our suite, we undressed one another and walked hand in hand to our bedroom. We didn't have sex that night--we just talked and played with each other. I spooned him and played with the auburn hair on his muscled pecs--I tweaked him a few times--we fell asleep--I held onto his throbbing cock throughout the night. I just knew he was smiling--damn those killer dimples.









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