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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Seventeen

We woke with a vengeance the next morning--he was still as horny as hell. We had said our goodbyes to Evan and Curt the evening before, as they had to be at the port at 7 am. We didn't get up, as we remained in bed till mid-afternoon. I did, however, phone Evan and Curt to make sure they had gotten up. Matthew and I sucked one another in the classic 69 position--we both wanted our breakfast snack, but since it was after noon, we called it our brunch. Matthew's climax lasted longer than usual--he tasted really good too. We dressed without our usual fanfare--Matthew even did without his stretches--damn I missed my erotic show.

We hit some more sights of the LA area, and ended up at the Queen Mary Ocean Liner in Long Beach. We hadn't realized that it had been converted during WW-II to transport troops. I even learned that my father had been one of the troops, which had been transported to Europe for the fight. The tour was really a good one. It was now permanently docked at Long Beach. We quickly returned to our hotel suite, and dressed in our tuxes--we returned to the Queen Mary and had one of the better meals I had ever had. The decor was of course, in WW-II fashion. Even though we had our room at the Wilshire Beverly Regent, we decided to stay on board in one of their luxury suites. It was very nicely decorated, and had a great view through the port windows.

The next day, we returned to our hotel suite, and packed for our return to Scottsdale. Along the way, we stopped in Palm Springs once again and ate at that fabulous Mexican food restaurant we had eaten at on the previous trip. The motor home, once again drove like a dream, with Matthew at the helm. He seemed to enjoy being in control. We stopped, at my request several times along the way--I screwed him royally, and he did me as well. I just couldn't get enough of this hunk. Still, I couldn't imagine or fathom his remaining at my side, and at my beckoned call. God I loved this man. It wasn't just his gorgeous physique--it was his internal soul as well. He was a very compassionate man--one who looked inwardly in a person's soul. He would bend over backward to help someone who was in need. I guess that's why he stayed with me--I needed him--I loved him.

We returned to an empty Scottsdale home. No, it wasn't burglarized--there was just no Evan. I hadn't realized how much fun he had been. Both Matthew and myself sorely missed him. I made a satellite telephone call to Evan and Curt that night, and told him how much I was missing him. He said, that although Curt was with him, he missed being around us too. That made both Matthew and I feel really good. I told Evan of my plans to be away for a few weeks, and told him I would remain in contact from time to time. He was thrilled at the direction I told him I was going with Matthew--he felt Matthew would love it. I certainly hoped so. The next few days would be another turning point in our relationship--I hoped he would want to pursue it to the next degree.

We went to bed, that evening, as I carried him to our iniquitous (I think it's a new one--not sure though) bedroom. I had sprayed a light cologne into the air and the heating system applied it equally throughout the room. I also lit several votive candles--twenty-eight to be exact. That was Matthews's age--it had meaning to me, but I didn't think he would catch its significance. Once I had deposited him on our bed, I slowly, but sensuously stripped him. He tried to undress me, but I wouldn't let him. Instead, I gave him an erotic show, as I stripped myself. The sight of me undressing, with the candlelight lightly glowing, was more than he could take--he erupted as I was doing my thing. I mean I was really getting into it, but him shooting at the sight of me, was more than I could take. I stopped and went to his side. I then had my late night snack--it was delicious.

As I slowly made love to my man, I was in awe of his masculine beauty. Here before me lay a god--a physiqual god at that. He wasn't the most muscled man I had ever seen, but he was proportionately perfect, and without those grotesque veins. I mean here he is, a 6'4" hunk--massive shoulders, great chest muscles and abs to boot. He had a 32" waist, but a 54" chest when fully posed. He strived for that perfect body, but I've told him over and over again that he already had it. He usually just grins, and then a silly, but responsive smile appears--damn those killer dimples.

I pushed all his buttons that night--yeah, I had him a moaning and a groaning like never before. I thought I'd have to buy another mattress set he was writhing around and fisting the bed so hard. It was a good thing we didn't have close neighbors, for I'm sure they would have heard it for blocks around. I was also glad we weren't in a hotel suite. The people in the adjoining rooms would have had a conniption-hissy fit. I had nibbled and chewed on his nipples, till they were ripe and red--actually lusciously so. I could have done anything I wanted to with him, I just couldn't think of anything else to do. I had done it all. After a few hours of my pleasuring him, we finally drifted off to sleep. Yep, I was on top of his auburn haired mounds--my mounds of his glory, as I like to call them. I still hadn't come up with a nickname for him--I wanted it to have a special meaning, which just the two of us would know the depths of, but I was still working on it.

The next morning, we awoke at the same time. I rolled off of him and lay on my side facing him--he had rolled over too, and as we looked at each other, we marveled at each other's radiance. We just looked at each other, while playing with one another's chest. I loved playing and twirling his moderate chest hair. I would tug and twist around my fingers, pulling on them ever so slightly--just enough to let him know I loved him to the depths of my soul.

After, what seemed to be hours, we started talking about our trip to Texas--I had him excited about it so soon that he wanted to leave that day, so we got up after we had our ritualistic breakfast snack. God, he was delicious. He did his stretches with me glued to him--I never wanted to let go, and after about thirty minutes, we showered. I loved lathering him up. I played with his chest hair as I did him. He did me as well, but since my body was almost hairless, he massaged me into oblivion.

Once finished, I dried him--he dried me as well. As we were nude, we went to the kitchen where I fixed us some omelets. I fed him the omelet in my plate--he fed me his. We weren't crazy; we just liked doing things for each other. After we finished cleaning up, we went back to our bedroom and began packing. We packed our tuxes too. If things went the way I hoped, prayed, and planned, we would be using them. Once packed up, we locked the estate up and turned on the alarm system. We put everything away in the motor home, and pulled out.

I used my cell phone, and phoned the house's security office and told them we would be gone for at least two weeks and asked them to patrol it a bit more often. They agreed. I told Matthew to stop at my bank, where I had planned on having Matthew put on as a signer of my account. He was floored, to say the least. I had practically given him freedom to do as he pleased. I guess he could have emptied my account if he had wanted to--I had given him unlimited access to the funds. The branch manager pulled me aside, and asked if I realized what I was doing. I told him I did, and not to worry about it. He looked at me as if I were out of my mind. I thanked him for his concern, but told him whatever happens--happens.

He then drove me to my corporate office, where we sat in on another boring, but flattering testimony of my quarterly report--we had yet another record quarter. Matthew just sat there shaking his head as all the figures were being thrown out. In a private conversation, I told the director of the attorney department to make up a will which would, in essence, leave most of my estate to Matthew if anything were to happen to me--Evan, of course, would be quite wealthy too. My attorney thought I had lost my mind, but finally persuaded him to see the light--I had no living relatives, so why not?

I was satisfied--yeppers, if anything happened to me, Matthew would be one rich dude. He didn't know of this, and I didn't bother to tell him. He would find out if and when the occasion warranted it. Hopefully it wouldn't be soon, as I planned on living to a ripe old age with Matthew at my side.

Matthew and I entered my private office--he locked the door--closed the blinds, and then ravaged and pillaged my body. I was in ecstasy--he was loving it too. After about ten minutes, we pulled ourselves from one another and began dressing/undressing/dressing once again--by now, you know the scenario. He grinned once again like that Cheshire cat--I smiled--he dimpled me, and smiled once again--damn those killer dimples. I was putty in his hands.


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