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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Eighteen

Once on the highway, Matthew began questioning me as to why I put him as a signer on my bank account. I told him that if something were to happen to me, he would be able to get any amount of money he needed. I also told him that it was a gesture of my sincere love, and if we were going to make it in our relationship, then we needed to get past the money issue--this was the easiest way around it. He then said: "CJ, have I ever brought up the issue of money, other than when we first met?" I answered him back: "No, you haven't, but every now and then I've seen you when I've bought things for you, and you looked like you were uncomfortable with it. I don't want money to come between us. I love you so much, that I would probably be willing to divest it into a trust fund, with only the interest being available to me--to us. Is that what you want me to do?" He thought for a few moments--shook his head back and forth, and said: "No--it's your--I mean our money--I see what you're trying to say--what you're trying to do. It's ok--I don't want the money issue to come between us either. Look, are you going to be upset if I choose to buy something really expensive without asking you first?" I looked at him, as he was truly concerned. I then said: "Matthew, what's mine is yours too. I won't be upset--I truly want you to spend the money, if you choose to do so, but I will be upset if you don't spend it on what you want." With that, we closed the money chapter. Hopefully, it wouldn't be brought up again.

We drove that day and through the evening about a couple of hundred miles. I wanted him to see Tombstone, Arizona, so we took off from IH-10 and stayed there that night, in our motor home. This was only the sixth or seventh time we spent the night in it. We set up the satellite television antenna and received excellent transmission. We watched a few movies, as we played around with each other. The discussion of the money issue had taken its toll on both of us, but we managed to settle it once and for all. Both he and I were tired. We didn't have sex that night, but I did give him one hell of a body massage--he reciprocated. We snuggled close that night with me being behind him--I just wanted to play with his chest hair, pecs, and nipples. I ended up holding his throbbing member through most of the night--I kept him hard too.

The next morning, we woke up and played with each other for a while, then decided to take a short jog. I wasn't feeling too well, and had a ache in my chest, but I didn't tell him. We both dressed for the occasion and headed out. After an hour or so, we returned. Matthew was sweating profusely. He started to undress himself, but I stopped him--I wanted to. I pulled his tee off and soon had his shorts down too. He was about to step into the shower, but once again I intervened. I wanted him the way he was. His male scent sent shivers through my body as I licked every inch of his body. He enjoyed the hell out of it, as did I. I thought he was going to croak when I lightly chewed and nibbled the area between his balls and his ass crack. He was speaking incoherently, writhing uncontrollably, and fisting the bed frenziedly. That was one thing I would keep filed in my head under very important information. Normally, I would not lick ones armpits, but I couldn't control myself--I couldn't help but lick him everywhere--he was mine--he was mine to do with as I pleased. And believe me, I pleased! Finally, I acquiesced, and we showered and lathered each other. His grin soon turned into his infamous smile--he was dimpled too--damn I loved this guy--I feel as if he loved me too. If we were to continue our relationship, it had to move to the next level.

We spent the day walking Tombstone. We saw the OK Corral, where the infamous shootout occurred between Doc Holliday & the Earp's and the Clanton gang. We saw the re-enactment of the shootout--it was fascinating. We were walking down the main street, when a staged gunfight erupted.  The actors were excellent. I couldn't believe the guy fell from a two-story building--he fell hard too. Once the show was over, both Matthew and I went over and congratulated the actors for a job well done. They were elated with the praise they received from both others and us as well. We continued on down the street and bought a few things to remind us of our time in Tombstone.

We left around noon, and made it to El Paso that night. UTEP, The University of Texas-El Paso was located on the western edge of the city. They were playing a football game that night, so Matthew and I bought tickets to see it. They walloped their opponent badly. The game was good though, and I saw a different side of Matthew, that I didn't know existed. He was really into the sport scene. I chalked that up to under the category of very important information--I would use his enthusiasm for sport later on. After our sexual encounter that evening, we just lounged around, holding each other in our arms. My chest pains hadn't subsided, even though I took several extra strength Tylenol. We talked about what we wanted to do the next day, and decided to visit Juarez, the border town across from El Paso. It wasn't a town, but rather a major Mexican City. We hailed a cab, which drove us over to the Mexican side of the border, where we did some shopping, and walked around a bit. Little boys and girls would come and beg tourists for money--Matthews big heart went out to them, as did mine, but we couldn't give them what they asked for. If you gave anything to one, you would get mauled by other children wanting hand outs too. It was a no win situation.

We continued shopping and I bought myself a leather sports coat. They didn't have one, which would fit Matthew, but promised to send it to our Scottsdale home when it arrived. We agreed, and paid them the $300.00, which included the purchase price of both jackets, as well as the shipping fee for Matt's. We once again hailed another taxi, which took us back across the border and into El Paso. That evening, we spent in our motor home as we cuddled and fondled one another. I played with his muscled chest--he played with mine too. We had watched another movie from our satellite television. It was a good movie, but we both enjoyed playing with each other more. I sucked and chewed on his pecs and nipples, while he just sucked my throbbing member. In no time, I was spent--I spewed all over both Matthew and myself. He was giggling up a storm as I did it. I didn't think it was funny, but then again, I wasn't looking at it from Matthew's perspective. We cleaned each other up, and took a shower--then we laid down and went to sleep. I tried to sleep, but the pain in my chest was so severe, I couldn't. Matthew held me in place throughout the night and through most of the next morning when he woke up. He was grinning as I was playing with his chest hair--it soon turned to a smile, and his dimples were there once again, in all their glory--damn those killer dimples.