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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Two

I sure know how to pick 'em!  Of course I've had sex before, but nothing like last night. Until now, my life had been rather ordinary--you know--straight and narrow. Notice: I said until now--Matt seemed to have changed all of that--damn those killer dimples! Granted I'd never been with a man before, but the events of last night sure changed that too--I'm hooked on male-to-male sex! Well, maybe not male-to-male, but rather Matt/CJ--CJ/Matt sex. The events of last night are now ingrained deeply in my mind and soul.

I guess maybe I should regress just a tad bit. After an all-night marathon of touching, massaging, cuddling, and sucking I just couldn't see how it could get any better--Matt said it would--but for me, only time would tell. I awoke the next morning feeling fulfilled and content for the first time in years--well to put it bluntly--I guess for the first time in my life, I felt completely satisfied. I awoke with a raging hard-on--I knew Matt would take care of it.

He loved with passion--he loved to suck--I loved to be sucked--he loved to kiss--I loved to be kissed. Don't think it was just he servicing me--he also loved me servicing him as well. And oh how he had that magical touch as his fingers and hands massaged my entire body with utmost care--it was as if he were making love to me through them--I just can't adequately describe the feeling it had given me. We didn't do anything anal, as he said he cared too much for me--he wanted my first experience with a man to be nothing but pure pleasure--I was looking forward, with pleasure, to the future.

Believe me, when I say, I soon found out that when his tool got hard, it got big and thick--I mean really big--really thick! I couldn't down it to his pubes, but I did get about half way. Matt told me that it being my first time, I had succeeded where most first-timers failed, and that he would show me a few tricks of the trade next time--that I would be able to go down on him easily--I smiled once again.

I was just admiring the man of my dreams as he was sleeping in the early morn. He was breathing soundly--it wasn't what I would call a snore though. His morning facial hair was quite evident--I was looking forward to us nuzzling with his facial hair lightly scratching my neck, face, and other body parts as he would lick and kiss me with a passion which could only be described as Matt. "Good Morning," he said, as he began to stir. "Sleep well?" he asked. "God yes!" I answered back. "Good--when do you need to be at work?" he inquired. "I really don't need to go in at all today--I own the company--I do as I please," I said, as I smiled. He gave me a really big grin. "Well what do you want to do then? I really don't have anything pressing either except..." He stopped talking as I reached over and tweaked his left nipple--god I love his haired chest. It must have sent shock waves through his body--his dick instantly was hard and his body was quivering.

"I've never been touched the way you touch me," he said, as he lay there. "Oh don't get me wrong, many have touched, but there's just something about you that's well, so different," he said, as he gave me a quizzical look. "Good, I want you to feel as though I'm different," I said, as I smiled. "Oh you're most definitely that," he said with another of his infamous smiles (I'll refrain from writing it again, but oh it's a temptation!).

He lifted me, as if I weighed nothing--damn he was strong. He then pulled me on top of him--crotch to crotch, and feet to feet. My face was then lying on his haired chest, perched between his moundly pecs--nestled in his auburn colored hair that was distinctively his--it was soft--it was cuddly--I loved the feeling it gave me. As I stated earlier, the amount of body hair he had was just right--he wasn't a grotesque fur-ball. I moved my face around, gently scratching his chest with my facial hair as he moaned with delight. We kissed and groped one another for a while longer. "Are you sure you haven't been with another guy before?" he asked, as his face formed those oh-so-familiar dimples. "You're really good at what you do--you seem to have that special technique that so many lack--even the experienced ones don't do it with the passion you do," he said, as he smiled--damn those killer dimples.

"Well thanks, but to answer your question--you're my first, and probably the only man I will know in this way," I said, as I started to blush a deep red. "Well you're good--I'll give you that," he said, as he kissed my forehead. "We'd better relieve ourselves," I said, as I turned to the classic sixty-nine position. That we did--this time I almost succeeded whereas before I thought I had failed--I almost reached his pubes, but I couldn't quite make it. We both went up and around--around and down as we licked and sucked each other for everything we could get--it was well worth it. After about ten minutes--we both erupted--there was such passion, we couldn't hold out any longer. It had been that way through the night too--the feelings were spectacular--it felt as if 4th-of-July fireworks had gone off. I was in ecstasy--but these words seem so inadequate.

We then went to extricate the piss that had built up in our bladders overnight--I had always wanted to hold another man as he pissed, I then reached and took hold of his and slowly moved it around in circles until he had finished--he looked at me quizzically, as he reached out and took hold of mine. We shook the dribbles from each other's tool after we had finished. He then did it again--damn those killer dimples.

"Lets shower," he said as he led me a most unique shower/tub. It was very large and had four showerheads--I had never seen one quite like this before. It seems he received permission from the owner of the complex to have it built. He reached in and adjusted the temperature of the water--it was just right as he then guided me underneath its flow--it felt so good, but not as good as what was to come. He lathered his hands and gave me what I would consider one of the most erotic and thorough showers I had ever had. His hands were caressing my every body part. He did me--I did him. I was again enthralled in hog-heaven.

We dressed one another and went out to breakfast. Once through, we talked a bit longer and petted each other--the other patrons didn't seem to mind--apparently we were in a gay oriented cafe. We finally finished, exchanged phone numbers, and since I already knew where he lived, I gave him my address in Scottsdale--"See ya soon," he said, as I drove off. I had asked him if he wanted to do anything, but he had a few chores he had to take care of.

I ended up just driving for a while--not going any place in particular--I was thinking of the experience I had just had. I felt so alive--so invigorated. I knew I wanted him again, and soon. I couldn't believe it--I ended up in Payson--a small town about seventy-five miles to the east of Phoenix--I didn't even remember the drive, and it is a beautiful one too. Wow--I must have really had it bad--but in a good sort of way.

Upon my return, I phoned Matt on his cell--he answered almost immediately. We chatted for a while and I asked him if he would like to go out to dinner and a night on a town--of course, I wanted to have another all-nighter--he promptly agreed. Since he didn't have a tux, I told him I would pick him up around 4pm and I'd rent him one for the evening. I got dressed in upscale casual attire about 2:30, and phoned him: "I'm on my way," I said--I could almost hear his smile--damn those killer dimples, and I hadn't even see 'em--I really do have it bad!

When I arrived at the security gate, a gentleman by the name of Bill was manning the gate. Matt must of phoned as he immediately opened the gate when he saw my vehicle. I slowly drove passed him and politely nodded at him--he smiled (he didn't have dimples). Matt must have been looking out one of his windows--he immediately came out of his apartment and ran down the stairs before I could even turn the engine off. Once inside my SUV, we just looked at each other for a few moments--then hugged as he kissed me on my right cheek--I was in hog-heaven. Once we parted, he smiled--damn those killer dimples!

Well, I guess it's about time I tell you about myself. I'm thirty-two and 5' 8" in height--I'm not as bulky as Matt, as I weigh about 185. I have light brown hair--my eyes are deep blue. I'm muscled, and have a set of six-pac abs--I have very little fat if any. As you know, I'm what you'd call a `pec, nipple, & tool man'--I love pecs--I love nipples--I love dicks, and I look whenever given the opportunity, but that's about all I've ever done up until now. My dick is average size--five inches soft and cut, but rather on the slim side of the scale--even when hard. My pecs are really tight--not as bulky as Matt's. I like the bulky ones too, just as long as their not repulsive, as I don't care for those obtrusive veins popping out everywhere imaginable. Matt had a matched set--they were perfect too--not a single vein showed.

We talked quite extensively during the drive to Scottsdale. He asked about the company I owned and I told him that I owned the largest heating and air-conditioning company in the area. His eyes opened widely once I told him the name. "Wow," he said, "I figured you were well off, but I didn't think you owned a company that large." "Well I do," I said, as I smiled--damn, I wish I had killer dimples.

We just looked at each other for the remainder of the drive--of course I groped his package as I drove to the rental store--I had often fantasized about doing that while driving. Once at the store, instead of renting him a tux, I opted for just buying it--hell, they were on sale and I got a really good price. Renting a tux three times would have cost me more than the purchase price--I knew he would be using it a hell of a lot more than three times. I even bought myself another one--I needed two anyway. On the way home, we stopped at a very fashionable and upscale shoe/clothing store--we bought the remainder of the items he would need. We headed toward my home--an exclusive area of Scottsdale. His eyes widened with amazement as we drove by the stately homes.

Once we arrived, I thought his eyes were going to just about pop out of his sockets. "Were here!" I said, as I was smiling. "Man I don't believe this," he said. I not only lived in an exclusive area of Scottsdale, but my estate was over 15 acres of immaculately manicured real estate. The value of which was well over five million dollars, not including my home--it was valued at another three or four. To put it bluntly, I was very well off--my estate showed it. From my home, one could not see any neighbors, or even the road--the view of the desert-mountains was fabulous! We got out, and Evan met us at the door. "Hello Mr. McDaniel," he said. "Evan, I want you to meet Matthew Montgomery," I said, as I walked into the foyer--he will be staying tonight, but we'll be out late--don't wait up." Matt just walked in bearing a really silly grin.

"CJ, I just can't believe this--you actually own this place?" he asked. "Yeppers, I sure do," I said, as I smiled. "Come on, I'll give you the nickel tour." I was very proud of my accomplishment. I wasn't born into a wealthy family--I earned what I had. It had taken several years of stretching every dollar I had, but in the end, and with very good investments, I had made what I would consider a sizeable fortune. My company netted over fifteen million a year. I don't need to tell you what my net worth was, as it's really none of your business--suffice it to say, I'm extremely well off.

"Want to go for a swim," I asked, as I started to undress before him. "Sure, but what about a swim suit?" he asked. "Don't use one myself," I said as I smiled. He then grinned and undressed too--we ended up jumping in the pool while embracing one another. It was just too damn hot outside--the water temperature made it bearable. We played in the pool for a while--we then swam. Now, I'm a good swimmer--I do it practically every day, but he was faster. His body seemed as if it were made for water (well other things too!). He seemed to slither effortlessly through it--I was jealous as hell.

"Well, I guess we'd better go shower," I said, as I pulled myself up and out of the pool. Matt just as easily got out--what a view--his muscles were tight as he flexed them. I went to him, grabbed him firmly around the waist and planted a big sloppy wet one on his cheek. He then smiled--damn those killer dimples.


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