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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter 20

"Oh God, No!"

Matthew's Perspective:

Evan was holding my hand as I awoke, and saw worry in his eyes. "Where is CJ, is he alright?" I was scared of the forthcoming answer, but I was as ready as one could possibly be in a situation like this.

"He's fine now, but the doctors had to jump-start him three times during surgery. They thought he was a goner," Evan said, as he held me firmly against him. The doctor then said, "He's in extreme critical condition. If he has the will to live, then there's a chance, but it doesn't look too well. You should prepare yourself for the worst."

He was alive--at least there was hope, but the doctor didn't think he would make it. "Can I see him, if only for a few seconds? He has no one, except Evan and I, and I think I can help bring him out of it." The doctor thought about it for a few moments and looked at Evan. Evan nodded his approval, then the doctor said it would only be for a very few minutes.

As I was dressed in hospital attire, I was masked and was made to thoroughly wash my hands, as if I were going into surgery. I made my way to intensive care, and was taken to his room. There were monitors everywhere. IV's were in place, and they were dripping medications and nourishment into his body. I looked at him, and he looked as if he were sleeping peacefully. That alone made me feel better. I asked all the attendants to leave us for a few minutes, and the doctor told everyone to leave. He put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it, he then left CJ and I together. I reached out and took both of his hands in mine and squeezed them firmly, but gently.

I bent down and moved some hair from his forehead and kissed him. He didn't react, but then again, I didn't think he would. I figured it would at least be 8 hours before he came to, and he would be groggy at that. "CJ, I don't know if you can hear me, but I know you had a rough time in surgery, but you came out of it. You really need to fight this thing. Fight it for me--for Evan. We both love you so much." I kissed him once again, and continued on. "I know it's hard, but you've got to do it for me--for us. I don't want to live without you at my side. I need you too much. I know, I'm being selfish, but I need you so much. I'm not leaving you; I'll be in the waiting room. They won't let me stay with you, so I'll be just outside. Keep fighting it. I know you will. I love you so much--see ya later love."

I left his room and broke down again with Evan at my side. CJ looked so helpless lying there. I was mentally a broken down mess. It was good CJ had called for Evan's help. I asked the doctor if I could go in and see him every now and then. He thought about it and took me to the nurse's station. He gave the nurses written permission for me to be allowed in CJ's room every thirty minutes for a five-minute stay period. I thanked him profusely, and was a happy camper thinking that I would be allowed to see him and help bring him back to me. Thirty minutes later, a nurse came to me and took me in to see my man. The doctor had instructed the nurse that I was to be allowed in without supervision. This was highly irregular, as was my being there to visit him in the first place. I just held his hand firmly and gently rubbed his forearm in a reassuring manner. I was careful to stay clear of all the electrical wiring and his intravenous drippings. They were all on the left side of his body, so I stayed on his right. I kissed him several times and offered words of encouragement. I didn't know if it was for him, me, or both. I settled for both. I kissed him once again as I returned to my waiting station.

Every thirty minutes, I repeated the scene, and after what was 4 hours, there was still no sign of movement on his part. When I left, I went to the nurses station, and the head nurse told me it was not unusual, that it would probably be soon though. I asked if they would notify me immediately if CJ started to respond. She assured me that I would be notified. Evan went down to the cafeteria, and returned with some snacks and coffee. It was going to be a long night ahead for us all.

During my next visit, I was doing my usual--just holding his hand and stroking his forearm. I bent down and kissed him and he stirred somewhat. I felt a light squeeze on my hand. He wasn't conscious yet, but he was beginning to stir. I was thrilled and notified the nurse of his movements. She smiled and went in to check on him. She returned and told me it would probably be another hour before he would recognize anyone. I patiently waited. Evan was thrilled at the news, and we were both praying feverishly as we had throughout the ordeal. An hour later, I returned to his room. He was still asleep, but as I bent down to kiss him, he opened his eyes and lightly squeezed my hand. I was on cloud nine. I spoke to him and told him he'd be ok, and for him to rest. He nodded his ascent, and went to sleep clutching my hand. I gently removed it and kissed him. As I left, I gently let my hand roam down his chested muscles. Him laying there, still sedated, was something to behold. He looked so vulnerable--I guess he was.

Thirty minutes later I was greeted with the sight of him looking at me as I entered his room. "Hi there," he said. Those words made my heart flutter, I was so happy. I ran up to him and we kissed passionately on the lips, but for not too long." "Hi there yourself," I managed to say. Tears were now flowing rampantly down my cheeks. He reached up and wiped them away with his right arm. He had tears too, and I wiped his away with my fingers. "Welcome back to the land of the living," I jokingly said. He smiled, and closed his eyes once again, but clinched my hand firmly. I started to leave, but he wouldn't let go. "No, don't leave. I want you here." Well, let me call the nurse in to see if it's all right. They've been really good letting me see you every thirty minutes for five at a time. I don't want to get on their bad side." He smiled and let loose of my hand. As I approached the nurse's station I saw CJ's doctor was still there. I told him what CJ had asked, and he said he'd talk to CJ before making his decision. I went back to the waiting room and waited for the doctor.

I was only there for a little while, when the doctor returned with a big grin. "We're moving CJ to a private room, and once there you'll be allowed to stay for as long as both he and you want, but if he gets too tired, I'm afraid I'll have to put limits on you again." I had a huge grin on my face. "I won't let him tire out. I'll be good, and he'll be good too. I promise."

And with that the doctor walked back to CJ's room. An hour passed and soon CJ and I were together in a private room. The doctor had instructed the nurse's station that I was allowed to stay for as long as I wanted. He even had a roll-a-way bed brought in for my use. This doctor was gaining a friend or two really fast. I didn't use the roll-a-way that night, but instead stood and sat by CJ's side holding his hand while he slept. Every now and then he clinched my had and startled me out of the fog that was forcing it's way into my brain. When he did that, I would bend over and gently press my lips to his. He would respond by forcing his tongue into my then opened lips. I had my CJ back, and everything would now be fine.

The following day, Evan stayed with CJ, while I ran some necessary errands. CJ had instructed me to buy a car, which could be pulled behind our motor home, so I did as I was told. I visited several dealerships, and decided on a Jeep Cherokee. It was nice enough, and had plenty of legroom to boot. I wrote a check and after they processed it, it was soon attached to the rear of our traveling home. I returned to a huge smile on CJ's face. I moved in and kissed him passionately, and this time, he wouldn't let me go. It seemed as if his strength was returning.

Now back to CJ's perspective:

I was now feeling better and getting stronger as my hospital days lengthened. The doctors soon had me walking around. I had the choice of using a stroller, or using Bubba's help. What a choice!? Matthew was holding on to my arm and would push the IV stand around as we went down the hallways. Soon, I was on my own, but Bubba had given me strict orders not to do my walks without him. Since he wasn't there 24/7, I cheated and Evan attended my side. Matthew returned while I was walking around with Evan, and he looked really mad at me. It was as if he were saying `How dare you disobey me." I looked like a sick puppy and put on my most pouting face and gazed downward. He quickly recanted, and soon we were lovey-dovey again. Of course, we had both been putting on an act. I was lying on my bed, holding hands with my muscled guy, when the doctor came in and announced that he was kicking me out of the hospital. I was so overjoyed, that I nearly pooped and peed in my pants (hospital gown really), I didn't though.

I had told Evan that he was to return to Curt, and that they could go and do anything they wanted for another month. I was putting the bill. He was elated, and said he would call Curt that evening to let him know he was returning. Evan kissed me for the third time in our lives, and left the hospital for good. Later that afternoon, the doctor came in and told us to leave. He gave strict orders as to the limitations he placed on my activities, and told me to phone his office and make an appointment for a week later. I was overjoyed as I stepped out of the hospital's wheel chair. I know why they make patients use them, but it's so stupid. Matthew pulled up in the motor home with our new car in tow. He helped me up and into the motor home telling me of a surprise he had in store him. He wouldn't tell me what it was, but soon we were in the Texas hill country.

I had ached for this for so long, and I didn't know why it took me so long to return. We parked at a trailer park. He set it all up, and we lounged around. He made sure I wasn't overdoing it, and soon we went on a walk. I overdid it, and he ended up carrying me back over a half a mile. I was in the arms of my super hunk, and I loved every minute of it, even though I was tired.

He was mad that I had overdone my therapy, but said he was glad to have the opportunity to carry me. It seemed he like me playing  and sucking on his nipples, as he walked back to our traveling home. By the time we returned, his nipples were inflamed, as I had played with them unmercifully. I had a really good time doing it too, and was smiling crazily by the time we returned. He put me to bed with strict orders for me to remain there while he prepared dinner. I had to pee, so I got up and deposited my load in the bathroom. He was at the door as I turned around, and I met a very stern looking and upset Matthew. "I had to pee--get over it!" I said with a smile, as I brushed aside him and went back to bed where I was supposed to have stayed. "CJ, do as I say, or I'll hog-tie you and bind you to this bed. I'm serious. If you had tripped or something it could have ripped your stitches open. We need to be careful." I smiled, and finally, he broke into a grin. "Ok, I'll be good," I said as I pulled him to me. We kissed, while I played once again with his nipps. He felt so wonderful, with my hands groping every inch of him I could.

Dinner was really good. Apparently Matthew had taken lessons from Evan on how to prepare some of my favorite foods. Matthew did good too. After dinner we strolled around the park area. Matthew made sure I didn't overdo it again. If I had, he would have probably bound me, as he said he would. Even though I thought I'd like to bound and only released from my bonds by my hunk, I knew better and behaved. We returned early and closed up our RV. All the shades were pulled, and Matthew turned on the CD player and soft country love songs played over our Bose system. It was magnificent, especially when Willie was singing my favorite song: "Always On My Mind." It was true--Matthew from the day I sighted him standing against that street sign, had always been on my mind. It was our theme song, if ever there was one.

We played with each other, he stroked my chest where the stitches were still in place, and he salivated them with his spittle, as he licked my body. He told me that spit did indeed have healing powers, and that was why animals would always lick their wounds. He caressed me, as I caressed him. There wasn't an inch of his body that I didn't lick that night as we made love, and there wasn't an inch on my body that he didn't lick as well. The tongue bath felt awesomely good to the touch. I then sat on his muscled and haired abs, as his cock throbbed beneath me. I massaged his body to a lump of massive flesh. He fell asleep at my touch, so I gently stretched out on top of him and I too fell asleep with my head once again where it belonged. Several times during the night, I licked and nibbled on his nipples. They were so delicious.

The next morning, I awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. Somehow, he had rolled me over and had gotten up. I just lay there as I watched my nude physiqual (new word, but then again I think it was used in an earlier chapter--awesome isn't it) man do our thing. He had fixed us breakfast and brought it to me in bed. He climbed in, and I fed him my breakfast, while he fed me, his. He was so cute as he did his morning antics. God I loved this man. Soon, we were on the road again, and I had him pull off the road in Bandera, the cowboy's capital of the world. We slowly walked the streets that used to be so familiar to me. We stopped at a realty office, where I told the guy what Matthew and I wanted. He said he had several places he could show us, so we made an appointment for the following day.

When we approached the first property, it was love at first sight. 640 acres of Oak and Mesquite trees. The house was two-story, and built out of Texas limestone. It even had a wrap-around porch. Something I dreamed about having for years. It looked like a picture out of a magazine. It was stylish country and masculine. It was on the market for 2.5 million. I looked at Matthew, and he smiled. What absolutely floored me was what Matthew said. "We'll take it sir, and with an immediate close date." He even wrote out the check for four hundred thousand as an earnest deposit. Back in the realtor's office, we signed the necessary paperwork and he phoned the owners to tell them of the sale. They were elated, and said they would move out within two days.

Three days later, we took possession of the property. We went shopping for furniture, and bought suitable furniture for our masculine home. I phoned Evan and asked if he were ready for being a cowboy. He didn't understand at first so I explained to him that we were moving to Texas. He screamed so loud over the phone that Bubba heard him in the next room. He then become concerned, and told me that he and Curt had decided to become life partners, and that with Curt being employed at my firm, it would present problems. "Don't worry about it. You and Curt talk it over, and if he wants to move to Texas with you, he'll still have a job. It may not be with my company in Scottsdale, but he'll have one here." Again, Matthew heard the scream. He chuckled at the sounds coming from the phone. "Evan, I'll let you go now and be sure to talk it over with Curt-love ya--bye." As I started hanging up the phone, Bubba and I could hear Evan in the background yelling "Yes, yes, yes..."

Matthew came back into the room where I was, and grinned, of course it turned into his infamous smile, and the cutest dimples once again appeared on his face. It was time that I put my plan I had thought of for so long in action. It would be a turning point in our relationship. Damn those killer dimples of his anyway.


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