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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Twenty One

The furniture arrived the next day as I had requested. What a mess it was, with all the large crates and cardboard boxes lying around. After what seemed like 8 hours, our home was nicely decorated. Of course, Bubba and I went out and got wall and furniture decorations. I even bought some furnishings from my favorite web store: www.westernclassics.com. Yes, the website does exist. They had chili pepper decor, kokopelli decor, and western decor and a large selection of hot sauces and gourmet type foods. Bubba and went crazy online. We ended up buying over $2,000.00 worth, along with my 10% discount for putting "rainbow" in the comments section of the order.

The following day, I wanted to take a drive, so I managed to talk Bubba into it. I wanted to drive, but he insisted on making me the passenger. I had him drive to the south side of San Antonio, to where one of the San Fernando Cemeteries was located. My parents were devout Baptist, and would have rolled over in their grave if they knew it was now Catholic owned. It had been years since I had visited the graves. I stood there with tears in my eyes, as I remembered the terrible suffering my mother had been inflicted with. She died when I wasn't even yet a teenager. She had stomach cancer. When she passed on, she weighed less than 50 pounds, nothing but skin and bones. My father had not let me see her during her last year of life, cause he didn't want me to remember her like that. I remembered being mad at him over it, but he said that one day I would understand.

Bubba, came up to me, and held me firmly to his chest, as I let my tears flow. He stood there, holding me securely. I didn't want him to stop, but after about ten minutes, I quit crying and turned around to hold him close to my chest. Of course, my tears messed up his shirt, but it soon dried off with the light cool breeze blowing. We left, and I showed him where I had once lived on the north side of San Antonio, near where Loop 410 and Nacogdoches Road intersected. When our house was built, it had been on the outskirts of suburbia San Antonio. It was in the country, but soon grew to where we were in the suburbs.

It was a large house, and was nicely lawned. I asked Bubba to take me to his parent's graveside. They were buried on the north side near where my old house was located. The cemetery was beautiful. He couldn't remember where their lots were, so a caretaker took us to it. Once there, he teared up too, and I held him firmly as he let out his moans and tears. He fell to his knees, and I went down with him. He was hurting as he apparently thought of the car accident that had taken them from him. Fifteen minutes later, we left, and went back to what was now our home. It looked so nice, and it was quite too. As we approached the front door, he stripped me butt naked. I stripped him too, and then he picked me up newlywed style and carried me over the threshold. Once through it, I asked him to put me down. He did, but with a curious look. I turned toward him and took his hands in mine, as I knelt before him.

"Matthew Tyler Montgomery, you're my all in all. You're, kind, sweet, daring, thoughtful, compassionate, loving, and all the wonderful words that are at a loss to me right now. We've been through a lot together, with your kidnapping, my being sickly, and with the heart attack and all, but through it all, we've managed. I love you so. I never want to loose you, nor you loose me. We've started a new life here in Texas, and I want you to forever remain at my side, and me at your side." By this time we were both in tears, not from hurting, but from the love we shared. He bent down and kissed me passionately, but I needed to continue on.

I motioned for him to rise, so he did. I continued holding his firm hands, looked up at my Bubba, and continued. By the time I had finished, he was a mess emotionally I was too. It was my last sentence that really sent both of us over the edge. "Will you consent to being mine forever, will you commit your life, your soul, your body, your being to me, as I commit myself to you, as I consent to be yours forever? I promise to love, cherish, and caress you for ever. I'll never be ashamed of you. I love you so much."

And with that, we melted into each other's arms, and to this day, I'll always have to say "Damn Those Killer dimples."

The End

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