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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Three

We ended up staying in the shower about forty-five minutes longer than I normally would when by myself--we enjoyed every minute of--at least I did, and by the grin on his face, I felt Matt did too. We had fun while we dressed and played around. Apparently, he had never worn a tux--he looked awesome--almost as hot as when he was butt naked, and believe me, he's HOT!!!!

"Where are we going?" he asked, as we went out the front door. "I made reservations for dinner, but it'll take us a while to get there." He then asked: "How long?" "About an hour-and-a-half, as the crow flies," I answered back, as I gave him a really wicked grin. "Really--what's the name?" he then asked. I told him, but it didn't register--he didn't even have a clue, and rightly so--the restaurant was located in the Los Angeles area.

He gave me a quizzical look when we ended up at Scottsdale's Airport. "What's going on?" he asked, as our limousine pulled into the private hangar area. You see, I always take a limousine when I take a short excursion such as this. I hadn't done anything like this in over three years'--I didn't want to do it alone anymore. Now with Matt at my side, I felt like doing it up right. "Oh nothing--come on we have reservations that won't keep if we're late," I said, as I grinned. He smiled and said: "Ok--I'm game--lets go." Damn those killer dimples.

We boarded the private jet and we were on our way.  About a little over an hour passed and we started our descent. The flight was very comfortable--it wasn't as turbulent as one might expect. We landed at one of the smaller airports in the LA area--our limo was waiting for us. After we got on the interstate, it didn't take us long before we were at the restaurant. We were right on time--the maitre de showed us to our private dining area. The alcove overlooked the Pacific Ocean. It was a beautiful night with the stars shining brightly. I asked Matt if he minded me ordering dinner for both of us--he said it would be fine since he couldn't read the menu anyway--it was in French. I ordered the Chateau Brian dinner for two along with a most excellent wine. We just smiled at each other, ate, grinned, talked, held hands, and groped each other--oh we kissed some too!

I found that he was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas--I couldn't believe it--I was born and raised there too. I often think of moving back to that area, or to the area just north of it--ah--the "Texas Hill Country"--no place on earth quite like it.

He told me that he had lived there most of his life until his parents were killed in an automobile accident by a drunk driver. His parents were not wealthy, nor did they have life insurance. What money they had barely paid the funeral expenses. The other driver had been a wetback from Mexico--he had no drivers' license, and of course no insurance--Matt had been thrust into adulthood rather vicariously--he had no close relatives; therefore, he ended up on the streets doing what he could--he had to survive. That's the shorter version of how he became a male prostitute, or rather a gigolo.

He told me about some of the wild encounters he had--some of which made my blood want to boil--he had survived them though. As I sat there listening, I felt as if I were with him when some of those grotesque things had been done. Sometimes, I have a rather virile imagination.

The rest of the dinner and conversation went along as I had expected--absolutely wonderful. We held hands, looked at each other, and occasionally kissed. He would smile--I'd grin. I felt as though I had known him my entire life, but in fact it had only been about 24 hours--wow how time fly's when you're in love. Yes, that's how I felt--I felt as if I had fallen hook-line-and-sinker in love. I wasn't about to tell him though, as I didn't want him to freak out--he had been with literally hundreds of men--how could he understand? I was just another guy--at least that's what I was thinking.

Finally, it was time for us to leave. I paid the bill and left a rather substantial tip--the service and food had been excellent. Earlier, I had asked the limousine driver to take us to the bar strip area of West Hollywood. Once there, Matt and I bar hopped for several hours. You wouldn't believe the number of people who were staring at my Matt--he noticed it too but seemed comfortable with it. I was so proud--he was with me. I felt as if the gods had blessed me once again. At one bar, several guys tried to hit on him--Matt would have none of it--he set them straight as he told them he and I were an item--as if to clarify his position, he hugged me tightly as he gave me the most erotic and passionate kiss--I was in hog-heaven. It was as if he were marking "me" as his territory.

He and I an item, I thought. Maybe he did think of me that way--oh how I wish it were true. Even after those other guys' left, he pulled me into an almost bear hug and gave me more of those luscious kisses--as only my Matt could. When not kissing, he would look at me with those piercing blue eyes, and of course smile--damn those killer dimples.

We stayed a few hours longer, then headed back to the airport for our return flight. I had enjoyed the evening very much--it had been better than I ever hoped for. Matt seemed as if he had enjoyed it as well. Once airborne, he grinned, as he gave me another of his now infamous smiles (yes, they were there). As on our flight to LA, we were in a private area on the plane--there were no attendants.

He hesitated for a few seconds, as he if consolidating his thoughts--he then began to speak: "Look, I have really strong feelings for you--I've never felt like this about another guy."

As I looked him in the eyes, I grinned, as I said, "Matt, you're special too. I've been thinking it for a while, but was afraid to say anything--you've been with so many others--I've only been with you--I felt you might freak out if I said anything."

"No, nothing you could say or do would freak me out--I think maybe you're the one I've been longing for." He said, as he blushed a deep red.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing--talk about floating on a cloud--I definitely was experiencing the high of my life--we kissed and fondled each other as we made out. I reached through his shirt and played with his nipples--again as I had previously done, I tweaked them, this time we were flying several thousand feet above the earth. As he moaned and groaned with delight, I noticed the bulge in his crotch jump with excitement--he seemed to be enjoying this as much as I. The flight ended without any other warranted excitement--I grinned--he smiled--damn those killer dimples.

Once home, it was all we could do to get into the house before we were each stark naked--we were having the time-of-our-lives, as the saying goes.

He gingerly picked me up and carried me, as if I weighed nothing--damn this guy is strong. I just couldn't resist the temptation as I once again played with his nipples and those gorgeous pecs--they had just the right amount of hair on them--and as before, he reacted to my touch as his body quivered and shook. I reached down to check if he had reacted there too--sure enough--it was hard--it was thick. I then leaned my head against the juncture of his neck and shoulder as I caressed his hairy chest--I was in love--I was hard too! I grinned--he smiled--damn those killer dimples.

Once in the pool, we cooled down somewhat--we played--we were acting as if we were teenagers--It was erotic. I wrapped my legs around the lower back of his god-like physique as I was facing him. He held me with his hands behind my shoulder blades as I played with his chest hair--gently tugging and twisting them around my fingers--his chest hair wasn't long, only about an inch or so, and when clothed with a t-shirt, it didn't protrude out the top--to me it is grotesque for hair to stick out. He took us under the water and did some twirls as he kissed me--it was sensuous.  God, I wanted him so bad--hell, I wanted to be one with him. We stayed there for about thirty minutes--then decided we would continue in the bedroom. He grinned, as he once again carried me to my bedroom--my den of iniquity as I sometimes refer to it.

We again cuddled as we made out--it was heaven on earth. I fell asleep with my head on his chest perched between his fine pecs--I enjoyed sleeping that way. The next morning I awoke to the sight of a big grin on his face. "Good morning," he said. "How did you sleep," I asked, as if I didn't already know. "Just great, and you?" "Fine," I said, as I rubbed his body. Once again, the same reaction--he became instantly aroused and began a moaning and a groaning with pleasure. I played with him for a while then relieved him of his tension below. Yeah, he had shown me the trick of his trade--I downed him with ease.

Damn, I thought--I'm falling hard for this guy. I then began thinking about some of the obstacles that lay ahead if we did indeed end up in a relationship. He grinned that silly grin of his, as he looked over, and yeppers, he smiled once again--damn those killer dimples. We stayed in bed a while longer.


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