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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Four

It was about noon--we were still lying in bed. I then heard an ever-so-light knock at my bedroom door--It was my housekeeper. "Mr. McDaniel, you left a note for me to wake you if your weren't up by noon." "Thanks Evan--I appreciate it." "Would you like for me to fix you and Mr. Montgomery breakfast brunch while you get up and dress?" he questioned. "It will be ready in about twenty minutes," he said. "Sure, Evan--thanks--we'll be out in a few minutes," I said, as I looked over at my sleeping hunk. I decided to surprise him, so I quietly got up and went to the other side of the bed--I stood there for a few moments just looking at him--I then pounced on him with most of my weight--it seemed I got his attention rather quickly. At first he seemed rather irritated, but his facial expression quickly changed from a sour look to his oh-so-familiar smile as I grinned--damn those killer dimples.

"Up-and-Adam, Matt," I said, as I tweaked his left nipple--I just loved playing with them--his muscular pecs too. (I guess you've already figured that one out by reading the previous chapters and text.) "Yeah, I need to get going too," he said. "Why? Whatcha doing today?" I asked, after I had given him a quick peck on the cheek. "Nothing much--I need to check with my online ad company--some escort services, but the ads aren't up and running yet--it can wait."

"Good--wanna spend the day with me," I asked--I then began chuckling--"Maybe I should ask you for your daily, weekly, or even monthly rate." His face suddenly changed to one of extreme seriousness. "Look, CJ, if you want me to be with you today, I'd love to, but from here on out, there's no way I'm going to charge you--like I said, I like you, I like you a lot," he said smiling--damn those killer dimples.

"Me too, but Matt, this is your livelihood--I'm not going to deprive you of what you would earn if you were with another guy. I can well afford it." I said. "Yeah, I know--but I wouldn't feel right taking your money like that." I thought for a few moments then said: "Well, that's the way it's going to be--when we're together, your getting paid for your time, and that's that." I was determined. "Ok for now, but it's still up for discussion," he said, as he got up and stretched--he looked like a god, I thought to myself.

"Evan's fixing us brunch--let's get dressed and eat," I said. That's what we did--It was wonderful. Evan had out performed himself. Once we were through with brunch, Matt went to the pool area--I drank more coffee and read the morning paper. When he didn't come back within thirty minutes, I went a looking--I found him meandering in the garden area. He had taken his shirt off and was facing away from me.

I quietly snuck up behind him and thrust, or rather jabbed my fingers between his ribs at the side of his physique--he jumped a few inches--he was startled. He laughed, then picked me up and heaved me over his right shoulder--we were having fun. I tried to squirm free, but to no avail--he had me. I playfully swatted at his butt, as if to spank him, but as he had thick shorts on, my swats weren't getting him as I had wanted. He then walked to the side of the pool where he held me at arms length--god my man was strong. If you don't think he had muscles, you try holding a 185 pounds at arms length. He then through me into the middle of the pool. After he dove in, he surfaced just in front of me--he grabbed me and held my upper body tightly against his chest. As I started coughing and gasping for breath, he loosened his hold somewhat. Once my spell ceased, he again held me tightly against his auburn haired chest--we played with each other for a while longer, then I said, "Matt, I need to go to the office for a while, then we're free to do as we please."--I grinned as he once again did it--damn those killer dimples.

We got out of the pool, then took our wet clothes off and went butt naked into the house. As Matt didn't have a change of clothing, I put his into the dryer. Once dried, we got dressed and left for the corporate office. Matt accompanied me into my private area, as Sally, my secretary, briefed me regarding some new federal guidelines that had been recently issued. It regarded the installation of a new prototype air conditioning system that would make all others relatively obsolete. My company has been chosen as the installing agent for the southwestern test area.

The office manager then briefed me regarding our financial statement--it seemed we had just completed our most successful quarter yet--several million over the previous quarter. I was extremely pleased with the reports--Matt looked astonished. I didn't mind him knowing what the company made, as I wanted to reinforce my ability to pay him for his time. I then showed Matt the rest of the office area, and introduced him to several of my employees--he was impressed with the setup. He was receiving looks and even some stares--by both men and women, as they were impressed with his looks too. I felt really proud. Everyone at work knew my sexual preference--I wasn't hiding.

We left around 3:00 and drove him to that fashionable shoe/clothing store we had gone to the previous day. I bought him several items of clothing he could keep at my home. He could use them whenever he needed. He seemed to be enjoying it as well--we picked up about two thousand dollars worth of clothing and shoes. I picked him out a really fine suit--it was charcoal gray with a tinge of blue striations--I wanted him to look the class act he was--as impeccable in clothing, as he was without. The balance of clothing ranged from classy casual to upscale and fashionable. As he didn't wear underwear, we didn't bother looking in that area of the store. I asked if he wanted anything new for his wardrobe at his apartment--I bought some additional items for his place as well. He hadn't put up too much of an argument about it--maybe I was finally getting through to him about my money situation.

Just before leaving, I asked him if he had anything pressing--anything that needed his attention for a week. He thought about it for a while--then said that he only needed to contact the on-line advertising company he had mentioned before. "What's up?" he asked--I just grinned and mumbled something. We went back to my home, and I had him contact the advertising agents--they worked out whatever the problem had been--Matt seemed satisfied. While he had been on the phone, I talked to Evan about my plans--he said he would make the necessary reservations we had talked about. Matt had no idea what I was up to--I wanted to surprise him--I figured he would be more than satisfied with the results. We went back to my bedroom and filled a couple of suitcases with appropriate attire and sundries--we'd have to pick up some additional items, and clothing during the excursion.

I started to then put my plan in action as we went to my four-car garage. I asked him if he would like to drive my Hummer II--it had dark tinted windows--he didn't know I had one. He gave me the biggest grin I had ever seen--he also had one huge smile and, of course--those killer dimples--damn, I thought. I knew the dark windows would give me the opportunity to grope and fondle him for a few uninterrupted hours--another of my manly fantasies would be coming to fruition. I intentionally had him dress in some really loose shorts, as I felt he would be driving. The thought of him behind the wheel was exhilarating--I was electrically charged.

Once in the garage, I stopped and turned him toward me. I slapped a big, fat, and sloppy wet one his cheek--he in return gave me one of the most intense kisses he had given me--man I love this guy! I stripped him of his t-shirt, exposing his haired chest, those perky pecs, those lickable nipples, and his luscious abs. He gave me one of his famous quizzical looks as I put my hand just under those firmly rounded mounds of pure muscle and gently pushed him against the side of the hummer--I love his haired pecs, his insatious nipples, and those magnificent abs. Even in his relaxed state, his abs were marvelously tight. Attention to his tool would come later as we would drive to our first nights destination--Sedona. Evan had made the necessary reservations for all our destinations.    

We left around 5:30 and once on IH-17 (Black Canyon Highway), we headed north, and I then put my plan of assault into action--I had him a moaning and a groaning as I played him with erotic pleasure. "You really know how to push my buttons--you really have the knack." He grinned. I knew I was pleasuring him, but his saying it made me feel so really good. His reaction down below was significant as well, as it was protruding out his skimpy shorts. I bent over and sucked him for all it was worth--he shot his load into my mouth--as we both were a moaning and a groaning--he tasted so bitter-sweet. You will never know how luscious he looked with his deep Texas based Arizona tan. Only seeing him in person or perhaps a photo could do his looks justice.

Once in Sedona, I had him pull into a drug store. He stayed in the car, while I went in. They came in medium, large, and extra-large--I decided to purchase a package of each--I wanted to be sure I was fully prepared. A bottle of extra slippery lube was also acquired. I had wanted to surprise him in the motel with my purchases, but he seemed to already know what I had purchased--he was a grinning, and of course he smiled--damn those killer dimples.


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