There's nothing true about the happenings in this story--all characters are factitious--any similarity is purely coincidental. If you are in a locality where reading this stuff is illegal--LEAVE NOW. If you are offended by actions between two or more guys--LEAVE NOW. If you're ok with it--READ ON. This story starts off slow, and remains that way through several chapters. It's a love story--hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it. It's my first story--be kind. This will be a very long story. Things will really start popping in chapter eleven. Hope you hang on--Have fun. I do enjoy receiving e-mails!


Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Five

We checked in at the five-star hotel I had asked Evan to reserve for us. I specified a one-bed suite. It was immaculately furnished. We unpacked and then went out to see the sights--there weren't many--the town was small, but it smelled of money--it's a town where many wealthy retirees flocked. Since there wasn't any action out-and-about, we decided to go back to the hotel and make our own--I grinned--he smiled--damn those killer dimples.

As we entered our suite, I latched onto Matt with a vigor that could only be described as ferocious. I was lusting after him, and he after me. We undressed each other with passion--it was exquisite. We hadn't gone three feet into our suite before we were both naked as blue jays. His tool was rock hard--mine was too. As he started to once again pick me up, I didn't let him--he looked, as if he felt hurt--he had a quizzical look about him. Instead I picked him up and carried his 6' 4" frame to our bedroom--I struggled, but succeeded. As gently as I could, I laid him on the bed, and climbed on top--I was laying on his manly chest. He couldn't believe I had carried him like that.

"CJ--no one has ever even tried to pick me up--much less carry me. My god you're strong for a medium framed guy," he said, as he grinned. We rolled over--he was then on top--he then massaged my chest with his. His pecs and nipples did a job well done. It was sensuous to say the least. I shot my load as he did it--he shot his as well--it was erotic. We rolled each other over and over as we kissed and felt each other up. I ended up on top, as we looked each other in the eyes. There was something there--love was staring me back.

He didn't need to ask--he knew. I reached for the package of medium sized condoms, as well as the extra slippery stuff. I handed him the lube and he stroked me with love as he massaged my tool. Grinning, he took the condom and rolled it onto my throbbing tool. He handed me the lube, then lifted his ass and put a pillow under the small of his back. We were still looking at each other with the same passion as when we had entered the bedroom. He lifted his legs onto my shoulders as he exposed his unblemished ass--he wanted to watch as I was about to do him. I squirted some lube on his sphincter and my fingers--I forged my index finger into his orifice. I kept pushing it in and pulling it out--around and around it went. I found his pleasure spot and massaged it gently--he went just about ape-shit. He was squirming and pounding his fists into the bed below--he still had his eyes locked on mine, as I had mine locked on his--his wreaked with passionate love--still not a word had passed our lips since he spoke about my carrying him.

I then forced another finger in, as I occasionally massaged his prostate. Soon, my third finger entered the hole of my pleasure. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat in heat. I began to stretch it to the hilt--I wanted him to enjoy this fuck--no pain. I then pulled my fingers out and pushed my throbbing tool to his entrance. His sphincter resisted the intrusion, but relaxed as he pushed, as if taking a dump--I entered my hunk of a man--I was in ecstasy--he was too. I slowly pushed in till by pubes were at his entrance. I did him with passion--gently, and with love. As I felt I was about to explode with my precious load, I stopped. His facial expression was priceless--he was lusting for me to cum with explosive force. He only had to wait about ten minutes--I came as I had never cum before. You're right--I had never been with a man before, but there had been women--there was no comparison--I had become a Matt only man.

I was completely satisfied--he was satisfied as well. My member remained hard for several hours as I remained in him. I fell asleep on top of him--he slept below. We woke up several times that night--we peated and repeated the procedure over and over again (yes, I know there is no such word as peated--I just like it).

The next morning, I found myself once again nestled on his haired chest--in the crevice I loved. He was grinning--I could see the love in his eyes--we were destined to be together. I smiled at him, as he picked me up and laid me next to him. We turned toward each other--we kissed--we fondled--we were in love. We eventually crawled out of bed--he did his godly stretch--he must have had 16 inch biceps--his perky pecs were stretched to the limit--I could see the muscle striations as he flexed. It was an erotic show of strength. I went over, as he continued, and jumped on him. I wrapped my legs around his body, locking them against the small of his back. I played with his chest muscles and the hair about them. I was in hog-heaven. He slowly walked toward the bathroom--me clinging to him as ever. He had a hold of my shoulder blades holding me in place, as he moved.

I disembarked and held his dick, as he once again let go of his golden flow. It felt strange with fluid flowing through his manly member. He held mine as I did it too. It was sensuous. Once in the shower, we lathered each other and massaged every inch of each other. I told him of my plans for the day--he seemed rather pleased. Once dressed, we left for breakfast. I was somewhat disappointed in it, but he seemed to have enjoyed it. I spoke to the management and told them of my disappointment. They didn't charge me for the breakfast--they seemed pleased when I told them that we'd return. Once back in our suite, we packed, and of course played with each other for a while. We then left and we were off to Oak Creek Canyon and on to Flagstaff.

Oak Creek Canyon is just that--a canyon lined with majestic oaks. The creek meandered its way through the cliffs of majestic color. Sedona is nestled just outside a mountainous cliff area, which ran a gamete of color. Beautiful reddish-golden rock formations lined the walls on each side. It was a sight to behold. The creek meandered its way through the path of least resistence. After we drove through this wondrous sight, we then started our ascent--winding along the majestic path. If you've never been to Sedona, it should be high on your list of sights to see. Matt, though he was driving, was in awe. He told me he had never seen this area, and yet it was only 2 hours north, northeast of Phoenix.

Once we reached Flagstaff, we went on to Snowbowl, Flagstaff's ski area. I had skied there on several occasions. I had a freak accident several years earlier and I no longer skied. The lift operator had distracted me as I was trying to get off. I was left dangling as the distance between the ground and the ski chair was getting greater. I finally let go and fell. When I landed, my right leg hit the snow pack about a foot higher than my left. I was twisting at the same time. The ski patrol came and administered what aid they could and took me to the area's medical room.

They had determined that nothing was broke, but that I had severely strained my lower back and groin area. It took me about an hour to go one-hundred feet. It was excruciatingly difficult. I phoned my cousin in Phoenix for him to come pick me up. I was driving a dodge van at the time, so I crawled into it and awaited his arrival. I was getting really worried, when after three hours they had not arrived--finally they did. They took me to their house, where I got relief from a heating pad and some therapeutic muscle salve. Well to make an even longer story short, I went to a chiropractor and received both adjustments and electrical acupuncture as well. It felt wonderful as the light shocks sent my pain away. I bought an electrical simulator (TENS machine) and wore it constantly for a year. Now, it seems I use it only once or twice a year when pain returns. My physical workouts help too.

After looking around Snowbowl for an hour or so, we left and drove north-northwest to the grandest view on earth--the Grand Canyon. Evan had made reservations for three nights in a cute little log cabin--it had a great view as well. We drove the park roads and pulled into each alcove that entertained a view--it was majestically beautiful. Matt had never ventured north of the Phoenix area, so this was all new to him. He loved it--it was a real treat for him. I had made reservations for a mule trip down to the Colorado River which flowed through the canyon below--it was for the next day. It would be an all-day excursion, so that night, we decided to just rest and play with each other--no sex--but we did cuddle, kiss, and our hands roamed the mounds and crevices of each others bodies. I slept like a baby and once again awoke perched on his muscled pecs--Matt was still asleep, but I had to awaken him because of our mule trip. I got him up alright--in more ways than one too. It didn't take long before he ejaculated his load in my mouth--it was a full load as well. Hum, an early morning breakfast snack--what a way to start the day. This time it was me who was grinning from ear to ear, as I massaged his haired chest, pecs, those adorable 10 pac abs, and of course nibbled on his ripe nipples--what do you expect--I'm gay--he's my man--he smiled--damn those killer dimples.



Thanks to my brother Gary for the edits, TG for trying to keep me straight in the storyline, and heaps of thanks to Craigger--you're all the greatest of the great.