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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Six

We got up--he did his morning stretches, and as he was doing his erotic show, I went up and grabbed his throbbing member. I guided him toward the bed, where I sat and took him to the hilt. We didn't have too much time to play around, so in less than ten minutes, I had accomplished my mission--It was a great--it tasted so unbelievably good. We had only about forty minutes before we were to meet the group at the stable.

We had stopped at the village grocery store the night before and purchased a few hunger-buster snacks for the day's excursion, and since we were running late this morning, we couldn't eat breakfast--he had a snack--I had another, though it wasn't as tasty, nor as much fun. Matt's tasted much better and was more wholesome.

We parked in the stable parking lot--I grabbed the backpack--I shouldered it--I was determined to be behind Matt during the day's excursion, and I didn't want my view to be distorted by a backpack. God he's gorgeous.

The only dress requirement was that all riders were to wear long jean type pants--boots were preferred--we wore tennis shoes, as I had failed to buy us boots. The scenery was breathtaking as we traveled the trail, especially with Matt being just ahead. A few hours into the ride, we stopped at a rest area--the mules were fed and watered. Matt stripped off his t-shirt--the sweat was glistening on his body--it was a sight to behold--God I wanted to mount him right then and there--but my not so better judgment prevailed--others noticed this magnificent specimen of a hunk too. After a twenty-minute rest, we continued our journey downward. We could see the valley below-it was luscious green. It didn't take long before we were at our journeys end--the river rapids were ferocious. We were only there for about an hour--Matt and I went on a short and private walk--oh yes, we had fun too. We returned to the group just before it was time to leave.

The view on the way back was just as thrilling. Though the scenery didn't look the same, with the exception of my hunk--he always looked so luscious. We were meandering along the trail, when all of a sudden a diamond back rattlesnake struck at the leg of a mule well ahead of us. The mule was kicking up a fit--the rider held on though--he was not thrown. The guide hurried back and calmed the mule--he didn't need to kill the snake as the mule had stomped it. Once calmed, the guide cut a slit where the venom had entered. He had a specialized kit, which sucked most of the venom out--he then applied a medicated salve, which also helped draw the poison from the injured leg. The FDA had not yet approved the medication for humans. We stayed there about 30 minutes--then resumed our journey out of the canyon. The trip back took a few hours longer than it had on the way down--the injured mule slowed us down--and rightly so. We also made more stops, as the mule team needed to rest more, than on the way down. Once we arrived, at the canyon's rim, the sun had begun to set. It was one of the most beautiful I had ever seen. I was glad I had brought my digital camera.

Matt and I were tired, but decided to eat before retiring to our cabin. I would have considered the establishment a four-star restaurant, as the food was superb--we were hungry--Matt had eaten more than I had ever seen him--I ate more than I normally would have too. Once back in our suite, I sat on the sofa and watched some TV--Matt went took a shower. He came out naked as a blue jay--he grinned as he struck some poses and flexed his muscles. I groaned with lust, got up, and went to him. I took hold of his throbbing member--he was smiling--damn those killer dimples.

He was gorgeous and oh so sexy. "Stay right here--don't move," I yelled at him, as I ran to the bedroom and retrieved the lube. When I returned, he was as I had left him--he hadn't moved an inch--he was grinning once again, like a Cheshire cat. When I reached him, he knew what I needed, as he saw the lube in my hand. I surprised him though when I knelt in front of him and began lubing him up with both hands. I was stroking his magnificent manhood--I grinned and went to work. I varied the strokes--long then shorter variations. I twisted my hands around his throbbing member and squeezed it ever so lightly to add stimulation.

As he began to tense up, I knew I wouldn't have to wait long--he erupted with spasmodic glory--it would've made an active volcano look tame. It was glorious. I had wanted him to erupt in my mouth, but had decided that I wanted to see his flow of juice. Long ropes of white splattered all over my face and chest--I was in hog heaven. He held onto me, as he weakened somewhat. I got up and held him closely to my naked chest. I picked him up and carried him to our rented den of iniquity--I didn't struggle as much as I had the previously.

Once I laid him on the bed, I went to the bathroom and retrieved a wet washrag and cleaned him up. I went back and cleaned myself, as well. He motioned for me to come--I did--Matt took hold of me, as I gently lay on his muscled chest. "How could things get any better?" I thought. After a few moments, he picked me up and put me to his side. We both turned toward each other and talked for a while as I massaged his haired pecs and played with his nipples--he played with my pecs and nipples as well.

A short time elapsed, then he said: "You know, I see several clients on a regular basis, but since you came into my life, I've been neglectful--I need to attend to their needs once we get back." "Yeah, I figured as much, but I want you to know how much I want, how much I need you with me--I want this relationship to work," I said, as I patted his muscled pecs. He looked me straight in the eyes, as he then said: "I want it to work too--I've fallen in love with you," he said, as he smiled--damn those killer dimples.

We kissed each other passionately, and after we broke apart, we began playing with each other. After a while, we began to discuss our future together. "Matt, I don't have a problem with you seeing your clients just as long as it's me you come home to," I said, as I grinned from ear to ear. "You mean you want me to move in with you," he asked, as he had a really huge grin on his face. "Yeppers, I sure do," I said. He grabbed me and planted the biggest, fattest, and the sloppiest wet one on my cheek.

"My lease expires this next month--I guess I won't be renewing it," he said, as those killer dimples appeared once again. "Good, but how are you going to continue your work if you don't have a place for your clients to go--you can't very well bring `em back to our home," I said. "I guess I'll just have to rent a smaller one somewhere, and closer to Scottsdale," he said. "Yeah, that'll work--Look Matt, are you going to still be working on the street where I found you?" He thought for a few moments then said: "For a while anyway--until my online advertising takes off."

"You be damn careful--that neighborhood isn't exactly the nicest you know--there's a lot of weirdoes out there too." My facial expression was one with concern--I wanted Matt to know I was serious. "Yeah, I know--I've had my share of `em--but I'm more careful now," he said, as he also looked concerned. "Good--I don't want anything to happen to you." I'll be careful," he said, as he reached over and tugged at my nipples. He grinned, and then smiled--damn those killer dimples.

"Lets try to get some sleep," I said, as we played some more--"Yeah, I'm tired too," he said, as he yawned. I rolled over and as usual, I once again nestled my head between his haired pecs. That night, we woke up several times--we sucked and played with each other all night.

I was still asleep, as he got up the following morning. Unbeknownst to me, he walked over to my side of the bed. As I had done him--he pounced. I was startled, as he had been, but I soon got over it--I grinned. He once again massaged my chest with his. We stayed in bed most of the day. We talked some more regarding our now budding relationship--we both spilled our beans, as we told each other of our feelings. The talks went better than I could have ever imagined. Around 3:15 we went driving through the park, as we admired it's majestic beauty.

Just outside the parks' entrance, there was a small village, which contained an IMAX Theater, several motels and restaurants. We decided to go to the theater--the film showed how the canyon was developed over millions of years. It was spectacular. Once we left the theater, we drove back to the park area and ate at that fabulous restaurant we had eaten at the previous night. Once again, the food was excellent.

We then drove to the main lodging area and bought some neat souvenirs. Afterwards, we went to the lobby area where we met a nice couple. They were from the Scottsdale area also. Marcel was about 5' 11", and Sean was around my height--5' 8". They both looked as if they were in good physical shape. Marcel's pecs showed through his tight t-shirt, and there was a good view of his abs too. Sean, on the other hand, wasn't as defined, but you could tell he was in good shape as well.

They had been together for about a year--they looked good together--a matched set. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses. After some light conversation, we excused ourselves, and went back to our cabin for some fun and relaxation. I think Matt could tell something was bothering me, but I didn't let him know what it was--I lied, as I told him I was just really tired and wanted to get some rest. Of course, we snuggled--I made love to him--I penetrated him once again--I remained hard for a while, and slept on him throughout the night. He woke up as I was playing with his haired pecs. I then gave him a massage, with my body--my muscled pecs rubbing his manly chest. He grinned--he smiled--damn those killer dimples.



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