There's nothing true about the happenings in this story--all characters are factitious--any similarity is purely coincidental. If you are in a locality where reading this stuff is illegal--LEAVE NOW. If you are offended by actions between two or more guys--LEAVE NOW. If you're ok with it--READ ON. This story starts off slow, and remains that way through several chapters. It's a love story--hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it. This will be a very long story. Hope you hang on--Have fun. I do enjoy receiving e-mails!


Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Seven

The next morning, we woke up at the same time--he was grinning--I was smiling. "Morning," we both said in unison. We hopped out of the bed--he did his ritualistic stretches--I just watched the erotic show. I then phoned the lodge to inform them we had decided to not stay another night--I was told I would receive a refund. We took a rather erotic shower as we lathered each other--I enjoyed twisting his auburn chest hair in between my fingers and gently tugging at them--of course I played with his member below. I enjoyed it--he did too. We finished, and dried each other--then dressed--well sort of--he'd put on an article of clothing--I'd pull it off. I'd put on something--he'd pull it off. Our fun lasted for only a little while. We finally accomplished getting dressed.

Matt drove us to the lodge where I retrieved my refunded receipt--I also phoned Evan and told him of the change--he said he'd take care of the necessary changes in reservations--I gave him Matt's cell number in case he needed to contact me. Matt drove eastward--it was the only other exit from the park. After about forty-five minutes, we turned left onto highway 89--we headed north toward the several National Parks in Utah. The scenery was high desert--we drove near Lake Powell, but decided not to go there, as our reservations were on the other side of Zion National Park--we had a ways to go.

It wasn't long before Matt asked if I would drive--I hoped he had planned on having some erotic fun with me--I wasn't disappointed. He had me completely stripped before we were less than a mile down the road--he wasted no time in relieving me. He seemed as if he was enjoying it immensely--I sure was. He played with me the entire time I drove--he couldn't keep his hands to himself--not even his mouth. I had never had such an experience--it was one I would not soon forget--not that I wanted to! So far in our relationship, he had been the passive one--me the aggressor--perhaps he was just waiting for the right opportunity to really go for it.

We entered Zion National Park--it lived up to my every expectation. Neither of us had been there before. I pulled off the main road and went to one of many scenic sights, where we stopped. We got out, after I had once again clothed myself, and did some exploring through the rugged rocks--we had more fun too. Once we got into the hummer, we actually kept our hands off one another. Matt was driving--he enjoyed the sensation of driving the hummer--he looked so good behind the wheel. There was a long tunnel through the mountain--it even had pullout areas for vehicles, but they had been blocked by the rangers. Windows had also been carved out of the rock.

After we had wound our way through most of the park, we stopped at the headquarters--we explored it thoroughly and purchased some posters--they were beautiful. There was a slide show, which depicted how the formations were formed over the millions of years--I purchased a copy of it as well. As it was 5:00, the park headquarters was closed. We left and went to our motel. It wasn't a four-star, but it was nice nonetheless. There was only one restaurant, but it too was nice, and the food was tasty as well. We went directly to our room after dinner. Earlier, I had told Matt that I had a surprise for him--he had kept questioning me about it, but I wouldn't budge--I was determined.

Once in our room, he picked me up and deposited me on the queen size bed. He began tickling me unmercifully--he dominated me in both size and weight--there was no question he was total control. He kept it up for about twenty minutes--I was both crying and laughing the entire time--he was laughing at my predicament, as well. Finally, he stopped--I had not given in. He then lay on top of me--this time he held nothing back--all his weight was on me. I struggled to breath. I picked or rather pushed him up and turned us over--I was on top of him--his breathing was just as easy, as if I weren't even there. He smiled--damn those killer dimples.

We played for a while, as we were still pressed against each other. I started moving, enjoying the wonderful sensations. We kissed--we rubbed our hands all over each other--I rubbed his ass--he rubbed mine--our dicks enjoyed the sensations from whatever body part happened to be rubbing against them. Without a doubt, it was the most sensual experience we had to date. Neither one of us had orgasm as our immediate objective.

I unveiled my surprise, as I went for the lube and extra-large condoms--it must have shocked the hell out of him. He looked, as if he were stunned with unbelief. "CJ, are you serious--are you really sure you want this," he asked with great concern. "Matt, I need you in me--I want you now," I said, as I was grinning. "OK, but I'm going to do you slowly--I don't want you hurt," he said, as he looked concerned. "I don't care how long it takes--I want you in me," I said, as I smiled. He grinned--he then did it again--damn those killer dimples. I was on top of him, grinding my groin against his--he was thrusting his pelvis against me. "Are you going to cum like this," he asked.

"Nope, I don't want to--this feels too good," I answered back. "Well, you're going to, and at least two more times before I'm through with you," he said, as he was grinning. He moved his legs behind me, and we went after one another with a vengeance. I came--I spewed my load all over him. It must have set him off too, as he began spasming beneath me. I had to hang on if I were to remain on top--it was slippery. As we were both panting, Matt then began playing with my sphincter muscles. I rolled off, as he rolled on top. I never went soft--I was too excited--I wanted more than just his finger in my ass--I told him as much too, as I once again went for the lube and the extra-large condom. His reaction was mixed--he wanted to take me too, but I could tell he was concerned.

I lubed him up and rolled the condom over his throbbing member. He then prepared me for what was to come. After he had inserted three fingers, he began stretching my sphincter. It hurt, but not as much as I had thought it would. He pulled them out and grinned, as he asked if I were ready--he knew I was, as I was smiling at him. "CJ--if it hurts too much let me know, I'll stop or pull out," he said. I just nodded as I lifted my ass and inserted a pillow under the small of my back--I was a fast learner. He lifted my legs and placed them over his shoulders--they were huge, and of course very muscular.

He brought his dick to the entrance of my glory hole, and pressed onward--I couldn't relax enough for him to enter. He then told me to push, as if I were going to take a dump--I did--he entered effortlessly. It didn't hurt too much--he held his position, as he was watching my facial expression. I saw so much love--so much concern--I nodded approval and he slowly pushed further and further until his pubes were against my ass. He stopped and we looked at each other for a few passionate moments. He then started his in and out movements. As he rubbed against my prostrate, I began thrusting in and out of him too.

Soon we were in rhythm--it was glorious. He didn't last too long before he literally exploded. I wanted everything he had--he didn't disappoint me either. I came too, as he exploded with vigor. It was powerful--it was pleasurable--it was erotic. I sprayed over both our chests and on my face. It was the biggest load of my life. Matt really knew how to push my buttons. He laid on top of me as his weakened body regained strength. Once he went soft, he pulled out. He carried me to the bathroom where we deposited the spent condom--it was full to the hilt. He smiled--damn those killer dimples.

We continued to play with each other as we lathered up and cleaned one another. "Matt, how often do you get tested," I asked. At least once a week--so far, so good," he said. "Good--I guess I should have asked earlier, but I didn't. "When were you last tested," he then asked me. "Never been--I haven't been with anyone in over two years, and never with another guy--I just wish we didn't have to use condoms, but we really need to with you being in the business your in."

"Yeah, you're right, I guess we'll just have to continue as is." With that, we dried each other off--we went back to bed. We laid on our right side--I was in front--he spooned me tightly, as he draped his left arm over mine and played with my pecs and nipples--I got hard immediately--no doubt he did too, as I could feel it throbbing behind me. No doubt about it--he was smiling--I couldn't even see him--damn those killer dimples.



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