There's nothing true about the happenings in this story--all characters are factitious--any similarity is purely coincidental. If you are in a locality where reading this stuff is illegal--LEAVE NOW. If you are offended by actions between two or more guys--LEAVE NOW. If you're ok with it--READ ON. This story starts off slow, and remains that way through several chapters. It's a love story--hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have writing it. This will be a very long story. Hope you hang on--Have fun. I do enjoy receiving e-mails!


Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Eight

We woke up the next morning--it was hazy, but not so bad that we couldn't enjoy the scenery. Once we played around a little, we went for breakfast, after having dessert in the room, he was so tasty, he said the same about mine. I had eggs ranchero--not near as good as the Tex-Mex food in San Antonio, but tasty nonetheless. The hot sauce we used was the standard crap you find at most restaurants--"Tabasco"--I liked "Texas Soda Pop." I can only get it online at westernclassics. I always typed "rainbow" in the comments area and I would get ten percent off all purchases.

I borrowed Matt's cell and phoned Evan--Matt and I had discussed cutting our trip short--Evan cancelled the remainder of the reservations, but made one for Las Vegas. I wanted Matt to see the strip and one of the many shows it had to offer. We checked in at Caesars Palace--there were several god-like statues all around--not a one looked as good as my Matt. We went to the gambling area, where I purchased a thousand dollars worth of chips for each of us--we had fun and ended up five thousand ahead--Matt had a really good knack at blackjack. He was ahead by over seven thousand. I ended up losing two--I paid the cashier, and I insisted on Matt keeping what he had won--he was thrilled, to say the least--I just grinned--he was smiling once again like that Cheshire cat--damn those killer dimples. We ended up seeing an erotic show--both the guys and the gals were in great shape. I was interested in the guys though--neither of which could hold a candle to the physique of my lover.

Matt said he enjoyed it too, but wanted to return to our suite immediately after the show. I could tell something was up, but decided not to question him. We spent several hours molesting each other--he was hot to trot. He apparently had become more aggressive in our relationship--that of course was fine with me, but I was aggressive too. What do you do when two guys are aggressive? --Go For It--and that we did.

We sucked, petted each other, and fucked--it was more fun than the show had been. He played with my pecs--he played and sucked on my nipples. After he had sucked on my pecs, he took my erect nipples and began to nibble at them with his teeth--he bit just hard enough for me to let him know through my moans and groans that I was enjoying the hell out of it. Of course, I reciprocated, and pleasured him too. I slipped a condom on myself after lubing my throbbing member. I wanted him--I wanted him then and there. Guess what--I had him too--what a pleasure his glory hole had become. Once I had spasmed over, and over, and over again I remained hard and rested on his muscled chest. I massaged his muscled shoulders too--what a man--I didn't go soft throughout the night--neither did Matt--we wouldn't let each other. We didn't sleep either--we were so enthralled. God, I just wanted to get under his skin--be one with him. I had it bad--he knew it too. He had it bad too--I could tell. We both got out of bed smiling--he did his stretches--I went and jumped on him as I usually would--he held me by my shoulder blades as I wrapped my legs around his waste--I just loved playing with his haired pecs, and those oh-so-ripe nipples--he smiled, damn those killer dimples.

We went down stairs, showered and playfully dressed, then undressed, and dressed one another. The breakfast buffet had an awesome display of fine food. It was excellent too. Once finished we started the drive home. It was evening time before we reached our Scottsdale home; yes, I said our home. I insisted on Matt staying with me from then on. It took us a few days for his move to be fully accomplished, but we did it. We had decided to bring some of his furnishing into our home--I wanted him to feel comfortable about the surroundings, and I liked his taste of furniture. It fit well with the furniture I had. We ended up selling some of mine so it wouldn't look too crowded in the rooms. Overall, everything looked superb.

He followed up on his plans to see his clients--It took him a few evenings, but succeeded. I followed up on my plans as well--unbeknownst to him--I went to a spyware place, where I purchased several items. I bought a digital tracking unit and several extra tracking components that I could have inserted in his shoes--they would track him, but only within a five-mile radius. I was scared shitless that something would happen--I just had a really uneasy feeling. I also had purchased a panic button, which would screech-out with a loud scream sensation. I planned on telling him about the panic unit when he returned that night.

He thought about it and agreed that it was best to be on the safe side. He thanked me for my concern--I told him it wasn't necessary, that I loved him and needed him to be safe, out of harms way--that I needed him to have the extra security, as bad as he did. I didn't tell him of the tracking units--he didn't need to think I was paranoid--I just didn't think I could stand to lose the man of my dreams.

We spent that night at home -- basking in the love that permeated us. Evan didn't seem to mind having Matt living in our home either--he said he was glad that I had finally found someone to love and to cherish. Evan questioned him regarding his likes and dislikes of certain food types. It ended up that we both liked the same foods--there wouldn't be any needed changes.

Whenever we were in bed, I noticed his feet were always dangling--he being 6' 4", I guessed he had never slept with his feet on the mattress--I was going to change that. I phoned the largest furniture dealership in the area--they told me they could special order me a mattress set--it would take three to four weeks for it to be delivered. I asked where it would be shipped from--they told me. I placed the order along with four sets of fitted and flat sheets, as the standard king size would be too short. I told them I would pick it up in New York on Friday. They said it would be fine and they would phone me once the order was placed and that they knew the items were in stock. Because of the time difference between New York and Scottsdale, the order couldn't be placed until the next day. That night, we didn't have what I considered sex, we just cuddled, talked, and played with each other. It was enjoyable. I ended up stripping him--then carried my hunk to our bedroom--I didn't even struggle with his weight. Once in bed, I spooned him--we fell asleep with me playing with his haired chest. God I loved this guy.

I don't remember how I ended waking up with my head between the two mounds of muscle I loved so much--but I did. He was still asleep, as I gently began licking and sucking on his firm pecs. I loved tugging on his haired pecs with my teeth--his nipples were immediately attentive and perked right up as if begging for more attention--how could I refuse such a beckoning? He awoke with a grin which soon turned to a smile--damn those killer dimples. "Good morning," he said, as he lifted me off of him. "Morning," I said, as I grinned. He got out of bed and did his usual stretches-I just stayed in bed watching him flex those godly muscles. His shoulders, massive as they were, were beckoning for me to attack him--I managed to resist. Those muscled biceps--my god they were huge--I resisted. Those moundly pecs and nipples--I resisted. That ten pack set of abs--I resisted. Finally that throbbing member--being right at eye level--I couldn't resist any longer --I went for it with all the vim and vigor he had worked up in me, with his tantalizing stretches. This guy was mine--to do with as I pleased--believe me I was pleased too. Once I had sucked him dry, I  asked: "Whatcha up to today?" He told me he had some errands to run and that he'd be gone most of the day. I told him that would be fine, that I had some running around to do as well and that I needed to show up at the office for a while.

After an excellent breakfast, I set out to do my bidding. Once he had gone, I went to the bedroom and pulled the right shoe, of each of the pairs that remained--I bagged them and set out with the digital homing devices I had purchased earlier. I phoned ahead to make sure the mission could be accomplished in less than 3 hours--I was assured they would be ready in time. I dropped them off and went on to the office. Things were not normally as erratic as I found the corporate office to be--it was a state of confusion. Once my secretary saw me, she practically ran and immediately started babbling. I calmed her and told her to come to my office and coherently tell me what was going on. We went to my office and she closed the door behind us.

She told me that federal officials had been to the office earlier and were inquiring about the tests that were going on with the prototype air conditioning units--they were not happy with the results and said they were about to pull the project. I went ballistic--I had her call the heads of each department to my office immediately--I didn't care what they were doing--they were to be in my office within three-minutes. I chewed ass--I couldn't believe that we were in jeopardy of losing the multi-million dollar project. I told them that if things weren't corrected, and soon, I would be replacing key personnel. That got their attention immediately. I told them to go to the conference room and to remain there until a plan of action had been decided upon--the office manager would then come to me and let me know what they had decided. The more people involved in discussing this urgent matter, the better I would feel with the course of action, especially now that we were in jeopardy of losing the contract. I contacted the legal department and told them to bring me the contract along with one of our top-notch attorneys. We went over the contract, and sure enough there was the clause that could end the project--damn it to hell--how could we have overlooked it. We apparently hadn't--the attorney said we had tried to have it removed before signing it, but the feds wouldn't budge.

I phoned Matt and told him I would be tied up for several more hours--he said his errands were taking longer than he had expected--he would be held up another three hours himself. I phoned Evan--he said he'd pick-up the shoes at the repair shop. I had already paid for the job. After an hour had come and passed, I went to the conference room and listened as the department heads cussed and discussed the predicament we had found ourselves in. I left the room after fifteen minutes--they were doing well.

Another hour passed, and apparently they had reached a consensus. The office manager came in and announced the decision they had reached. I thought it was excellent, and I told him such, as well. He was to have it implemented immediately. I told him I would check in tomorrow morning to see how things were going. I then left the building--I was still pissed as hell--I finally calmed down before reaching our home.

Once home, I retrieved the bags Evan had received from the repair shop--I put them back where I had gotten them, so Matt wouldn't notice. When he came home, we had another excellent meal from Evan's handiwork--he was a chef par-excellent. We decided to retire early. We had sex--I mean sexy sex. He carried me to the bedroom--it was the most pleasurable experience we have had to date. This time he did me--it went better than it had previously. He was enjoying it immensely, as was I. We went to sleep with his head lying on my muscled chest--I enjoyed it as well. When we woke up--I was lying in my usual place on top of him--he smiled as, he picked me up--damn those killer dimples.



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