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Damn Those Killer Dimples

Chapter Nine

At breakfast, I asked if he had anything special planned for this coming Thursday through Sunday--he didn't. I told him I needed to go to New York for a few days--he said he'd like to go with me. I didn't tell him about the special purchase I had made--I wanted to surprise him.

Finally Thursday arrived--once again we flew private. Since the plane had a section reserved only for passengers, we took advantage of it. We both joined the mile high club. It was marvelous. There was a sofa bed and some nice sectional pieces there. The bed, once it was laid out, was rather on the small size--but we did it anyway. I fucked him royally--he was writhing with pleasure as I reamed his hole with fierceness. He seemed to like it any way he could get it--lovingly with utmost care, or rough--he got it rough, as I just couldn't hold back--I gave him my all. While I was doing him in the ass, I gave him a reach around, stroking his throbbing member with everything I could muster. I went wild--up and around--around and down--I was not doing him lightly either. He was in ecstasy as I did him as I had never done him before, or anyone else. He came first--again like a raging volcano. He shot over his head, as well as on his face, neck, those massive shoulders, and those luscious pecs and abs. I kept him hard--I wouldn't let him go soft. Once I had fucked him to oblivion, I pulled out--I was still hard. I crawled all over him--licking every spot his precious cum had splattered--He was delectably delicious. The bitter sweet cum of before was no longer the same--this was pure nectar--nectar from a god--nectar from my god. I couldn't get enough of my precious Matt.

After an hour or so, his throbbing member was still hard from the earlier episodes--I massaged it nonetheless and took him to the hilt--still trying to suck every drop of nectar I could get. He laid me down and placed the pillow under the small of my back--he then raised my legs and placed them over his enormous shoulders. He rolled a condom onto his member and used saliva for lube--it worked just fine, though the extra slippery lube was much better. He was in me in a matter of minutes--I was a fast learner and pushed out as he went to enter-- entering me with no problem. He remained there for a few moments as my sphincter muscles got used to the intrusion. His eyes were looking at me as if in a trance. Unspoken love--unspoken concern--unspoken passion was looking me in the eyes. I felt it too. He then started to move and soon had me a moaning and a groaning as I had him doing earlier. I was fisting the bed as I writhed in ecstasy. I couldn't believe the sensations I was feeling. After an hour of pure heaven, we got up and cleaned ourselves--although there wasn't much to clean, as I had licked him clean--he had licked me clean as well. God I love this man--it was evident he loved me too. It just kept getting better and better--he said it would--I'm now a believer. I smiled--he grinned--he smiled--damn those killer dimples.

We arrived at the private hangar area, where we were met by the limo. Once our luggage was loaded we left for The Plaza. I had requested a suite, with an oversized bed --the best they could do, however, was a king size. The suite consisted of a Jacuzzi, and a huge double-headed shower. I filed that away as one of the things I wanted to change in our home. Our home--that sounds so good. We went shopping down Fifth-avenue, where we picked out some stunning shirts and trousers. His wardrobe back home needed beefing up, so I told him to go for it--he did without hesitation. I had asked the hotel concierge about the New York shows--he said he could get us tickets, but as they were practically sellouts--they'd be expensive. I told him to get us two, as price wasn't an object. I wanted to show Matt a good time, and a good time was what he was going to get. I also wanted to show my Matt off to the elite of New York.

Once back in our suite, we lathered each other up, but didn't do anything that I would call extremely erotic. We toweled each other as we held each others gaze, drifting into the deep windows of each other's soul. We dressed in our new tuxes for the second time since we had purchased them. I had called ahead and had made reservations at a 5-star restaurant--it was fabulous. We left in our limo and arrived at the show about twenty-minutes before curtain time. We met some other couples, and politely made conversation. Matt was certainly the main attraction of the crowd--he was eating it up too--he seemed rather amused--I was proud--he belonged to me--he was mine--my own--my precious. Curtain time came and we found our way to our balcony seats--it was just the two of us in the alcove. We played with each other as the show continued through the evening. Once we departed the theater, we had the limousine driver show us around the town. I requested that he drop us off at one of the upscale gay bars--he frowned, but did it anyway. I took the buzzer unit he gave me, as he said when we were ready to leave the bar, to just push the buzzer and he would respond.

We really enjoyed the bar--there were some really upscale people there--many of whom were couples, many just wanted to pick someone up for the night. My Matt, of course, was the main attraction--he was hot to trot. He enjoyed the attention, but got rather frustrated when someone would hit on him. As he had done at the previous bar--he restated that he and I were an item--he kissed me with luscious passion. I hoped more would try to hit on him, as I wanted those lips and the tongue action that would follow. I got my wish too, it seemed he got hit on about ten times at that one bar alone. I was so hot with all the attention he was giving me; I was practically drooling with lust. We decided that we had enough and Matt reached into my pants pocket to find the remote buzzer--he found it alright, but not before he found a larger object--an object of his desire. It wasn't in my pocket though. He squeezed me gently and I started shivering with excitement--"I'll take care of that later," he said, as he let go--he couldn't help but smile--damn those killer dimples. He found the remote and pushed the buzzer. Accordingly, the limo driver pulled up and in we went. He drove us to our hotel, where I tipped him somewhat generously--I was a little perturbed about the disgusted look he had given us earlier.

As we went through the lobby, the hotel concierge asked if we had enjoyed the show--We thanked him for all he had done. Once in our suite, he attacked me with a vengeance--he was horny as hell--I was too. We were both undressed and ready for action before we were five feet inside our suite. He picked me up, and as usual, he struggled not. God my man was strong-- I loved him so. Once in the bedroom, he laid me down--"Just lie back and enjoy--tonight it's all about you," he said, as he began rubbing my chest muscles. Then, with both hands, he began stroking me--up and around--around and down. He began twisting his hands as he massaged my throbbing member. I thought I was going to lose it, as he continued--he started toying with me and paid attention to those special spots that he knew really aroused me. Our eyes locked and when mine glazed a bit, he changed tactics--he didn't want to bring me over the edge just yet--I couldn't take much more--I nodded to him and when he saw my eyes, he just smiled. He knew I needed relief, but yet he was prolonging it. I couldn't help it--I lost all control as I tensed and shot load after load--I was writhing without control. Cum went everywhere--he was licking it up like a dog would spill pork and beans. Aftershocks wracked my body as I was still convulsing. It seemed we were both having longer and more intense orgasms.

I read somewhere, probably in nifty, a story in which a guy placed his hands between the biceps and forearm of really well built man. As this well built guy would flex his biceps, it would make the other guy the recipient of an immediate orgasm. I decided I would try that one in the morning, but for now, I had only one thing in mind for Matt. I couldn't resist the temptation as I began stroking his dick, or rather my dick. No, don't get me wrong--he had said everything about him belonged to me--that included his throbbing member--his dick was mine to do with as I pleased--believe me--I pleased and I teased. I brought him to the edge and then backed off. I must have done it ten or more times--always backing off just before he was ready to explode. Finally, I succumbed and let him go with it--talk about an orgasm--he had it--I grabbed for whatever I could get, and I got plenty. After about five minutes, he wound down. He couldn't believe the intensity of which he shot--I couldn't either for that matter.

We played with each other, and drifted off to sleep. I was of course perched where I loved to be. As I licked his pecs and nibbled his nipples, without seeing him smiling, I knew he was, and in my mind I saw them-- damn those killer dimples.


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