David's Initiation: The Partnership 13

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Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The story contains graphic descriptions of sex between men. Anyone who is forbidden by law to read such material must stop now. This story is being posted to the Nifty Archive solely for the enjoyment of its readers.


Life for the Platoon soon returned to normal or some semblance thereof, depending how you define normal. Dave began preparing for his trip to Dallas while Tony was getting more firmly established in the real estate business.

Todd was itching to get back to work but he needed to get a new car. The cast on his left leg put a crimp in his driving ability but it didn't stop him from using the Internet to research his options. Although he'd loved his Acura RSX, he decided that something a little more substantial was in order. And now that Mike had an SUV, Todd felt that his options were many. He decided he'd best wait until his cast was removed because he didn't think any auto dealer would look too favorably on him test driving one of their vehicles while wearing it.


Tony was the third Platoon member who needed new wheels. They were doing their part to help the automobile industry avoid a recession. After thinking things over, Tony took his discussion to his closest friend and confidant, Dave.

Dave explained how he bought his used Accord through a guy Art recommended and suggested Tony contact him.

"What kind of vehicle you want?" Dave asked.

"Well," Tony mused for a moment. "What I'd like and what I need aren't exactly the same. So I think I'd better go with what works best with my new job. I need something that I can comfortably chauffeur clients around in and still have enough room to carry "For Sale" signs and other junk in the back. That sounds like either a truck with an extended cab or an SUV."

"I'd think your clients would be more impressed with an SUV than a truck but that's your call," Dave replied.

"Yeah, but damned few trucks and SUVs get good gas mileage and that's important too. Oh well, guess I can't have everything. I'll have to approach this with an open mind so call the guy and see what he can come up with."

"You have a price range in mind?" Dave asked. He wanted desperately to put Tony in something brand new but knew that wouldn't float.

"Remember that $10,000 my parents gave me for my education?" Dave looked at Tony and nodded. "Well, with this job I can afford to pay for my education but without wheels I can't really do the job. So…" Tony hesitated for effect, "I'm making a trade, the education money for a job now and the job now for education money down the road." The way Tony expressed himself it was obvious that he'd given this a lot of thought and was proud of his decision. "Let's see what I can get for ten grand."

"Okay," Dave began, "I'll call today and give the guy your cell number. Is that okay?"

"Great!" Tony exclaimed with a smile and sounding excited.

Dave went into the library, searched through his files and copied the name and phone number from the sales documents for his Accord. The next day Dave was happy to learn that the man was still in business and had some vehicles that might interest Tony but a good SUV might cost a little more than ten grand. Dave asked the man if he could finance the deal and the man explained that he wasn't in that business - cash only. Dave thought for a moment and then made a proposal that the man could agree to. Dave gave him Tony's cell number and said goodbye.

"Hey Babe!" Tony exclaimed that evening when he got home. "That guy works fast! I think I may have made a deal today." He walked across the kitchen to where Dave was rinsing some fresh broccoli in a colander. Tony took Dave into his arms and gave him a loving kiss.

"So where is it?" Dave asked.

"Not yet, Love," Tony went back for another taste of his man. "He has to get it ready first."

"Yeah," Dave said impatiently, "what is it?"

"Oh, he's got a two-year-old Jeep Grand Cherokee, leather, all power, loaded, fewer than 25,000 miles, and I can have it for $12,000. When I told him I didn't have that much he offered to finance. When I told him I could pay seven grand and finance the rest he agreed. Now that's the way I like to do business!"

"You mean you haven't seen or driven it yet?"

"I'm gonna do that Thursday. You wanna come along?" It was obvious that Tony wanted Dave to be with him.

"Sure, Hon, when and where?"

"He's gonna bring it by the office at about 11:00. Maybe we could do lunch afterward."

"Great! I'll be there!" Dave was excited because Tony was excited. He loved to see his man happy and Tony was definitely happy.

"One thing, though," Dave raised his eyebrows. "I'm not gonna like the gas mileage." And then he chuckled to let Dave know it was okay. Dave returned his chuckle with a smile and another kiss.



"So what motivated you to become a nurse, your mother?" Dan asked.

It was Thursday and Berk and Dan were having lunch. When they agreed to meet, Dan suggested the Bennigan's situated in a strip mall just off the western loop of the Interstate. It was close to where Dan worked and Berk said it would be convenient for him. Dan's other motive for selecting Bennigan's was that he felt confident that none of his gay friends would show up creating an embarrassing situation for either him or Berk. While spending time with Todd in the hospital, Dan had learned that Berk worked 12-hour shifts, noon to midnight, Friday through Monday. This Thursday was the first time they'd been able to get together.

"Yeah," Berk chuckled, "you might say that." He smiled as they sat sipping their Cokes. "Actually it was an indirect thing. See, after high school I tried college for a while, San Diego State, but I didn't have a focus. Ha-ha," Berk laughed; Dan smiled and laughed with him. "That's a mild understatement. I was having so much fun I wasn't interested in schoolwork and I had the grades to prove it. At the end of the spring semester I knew I wasn't going to be invited back and rather than sit around the house living off my parents I decided to join the military."

"Here you are, Gentlemen," the server interrupted as he set their plates in front of them. They had both selected the grilled chicken salad and it looked delicious. After a few moments of getting situated they began eating and Berk continued his story.

"Well, I visited the different recruiters to hear their pitch. I was never one who liked dirt under my fingernails so the Army was out and I rejected the Marines for the same reason. And I just couldn't see myself locked up on a boat with a bunch of guys for months at a time so that eliminated the Navy. That left the Air Force." Berk paused to take a drink of his Coke and Dan did the same.

"From what the Fly Boy recruiter said, I figured I'd probably be sleeping between clean sheets every night and in air conditioning too. So I signed up on the spot then went home and told my parents what I'd done."

"What'd they say?" Dan was like on the edge of his seat.

"Hah!" Berk exclaimed. "We'd just finished dinner and they both looked across the table at me and wished me luck. They told me they loved me and that they'd miss me but they thought it would be a good experience. I really think they were disappointed with my results at SDSU and figured a stint in the service might do me some good." Both men took another bite of their salads.

"But how does that get you into nursing?"

"Oh, that was almost serendipitous. As a part of Basic Training they marched us to this big building and we took a lot of tests. A few weeks later they marched us back to the same building. I sat down with some guy, a personnel type, who went over the results of my tests. As it turned out, I tested very high in areas that said I'd be good in the medical field or in Air Police. I sure as hell didn't want Air Police so I jumped at the bedpan brigade just to avoid becoming a cop. Later I realized just how much sense my decision made."

"Made sense? How so?"

"Well, think about it. My mother was a nurse. She was always coming home telling stories about things that happened at the hospital or later when she began working at a doctor's office. She'd talk about medications and vaccines and operations and lots of things. And sometimes she couldn't get a sitter and I'd have to go with her to the doctor's office. I got to see all that equipment and gadgets and found it intriguing. I guess I was getting a mini-medical education without realizing it. The really strange thing was that I'd always been interested in medicine but never considered it as something I should do." Berk took another sip of Coke and continued.

"I'd better shorten this story or we'll be here all day." They both chuckled. "So after Basic Training the Air Force sent me to tech school and I loved it. I graduated at the top of my class and had a lot of choices about where I wanted to go from there. I got assigned to an Air Base in Germany where I worked in the Flight Surgeon's office; that's where all the pilots get the absolute best treatment. I spent some time as a kind of paramedic on the Meat Wagon…"

"What's that?"

"That's what they call the ambulance that responds to airplane crashes. Our job was to gather any survivors, stabilize them and get them to the hospital. It was the most exciting part of my entire four years."

"So you used that training and experience after you got out and became a nurse?"

"Right. It's the thing I should be doing. It's so rewarding to help people get well. Oh, we don't win 'em all but I love trying." By now they had finished their salads, the server had delivered the check, they divided the cost down the middle and placed the fare plus tip on the table. "You said you lived in San Francisco. Where abouts?" Berk asked.

Dan felt his back stiffen. He was sure that if he answered that question honestly, Berk would probably know a lot more about him than he wanted. But Dan had long ago given up playing games and honesty was his chosen recourse.

"I lived in the Castro," he replied with directness.

"Oh, I know where that is, some of my buddies and I used to go over there to see what it was all about. Interesting place." Berk smiled but Dan wasn't able to read anything into the smile. He had to assume that, being a kid from Northern California, Berk knew exactly what the Castro was all about.

"That reminds me, did I hear Doc Gray…" Berk stopped his question in mid-sentence. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be asking that. Please, forgive me." Berk was obviously embarrassed that he'd brought up such personal matter.

"No," Dan jumped in, "it's okay, go ahead."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, sure?"

"It's none of my business, Dan…"

"What did you hear Doc Gray say?" Dan wasn't going to let Berk off the hook.

"Well… didn't he say you have 'special needs' or something like that?"

"Yes he did," Dan said with a certain strength and directness to his voice. He was about to tell Berk about his medical status and was fully prepared for the standard 'Oh I'm so sorry' reply. "Ya see, I'm HIV-Positive and Doc Gray's been looking after my treatment." Then Dan waited for the typical response.

Berk looked directly into Dan's eyes for a moment before he spoke. "Well, I have to congratulate you," Berk began. "I'd say you're doing a great job of taking care of yourself, you should be proud. So how's your T-cell count?"

Dan was so surprised, at first he wasn't sure how to respond. He wasn't used to talking with someone who understood about T-cells and such, but then he found his voice. "Yes, thank you, I am kinda proud of how well I've done. And my T-cells are up over 2000."

"That's great! And you look in really great shape too."

"Thanks, I've had a lot of support from the guys." Dan quickly realized that Berk's being a nurse placed him in a more knowledgeable situation. Also, Berk probably knew about the work Doc Gray did at Philos and had already guessed that Dan was at least HIV-Pos. That realization seemed to disarm Dan even more.


A very cute young lady showed Dave and Tony to a booth, handed them Bennigan's menus and told them their server would be along soon. Tony knew what he wanted, soup and salad, and placed his menu on the table.

"Hey, isn't that Dan over there?" Tony asked looking across the room. Dave followed Tony's eyes and sure enough, there sat Dan. "Who's he with? It looks like that nurse from the hospital, what's his name?"

"Berk," Dave replied quietly and continued scanning the menu.

"Hey, maybe I we can get his attention," Tony suggested excitedly.

"No don't," Dave replied, again quietly, and continued to look at his menu. Tony got the message, 'ignore them.'

At that moment their server arrived with glasses of water and took their orders. Tony ordered first, the soup and salad. Dave ordered the same just to make it simple. After the server (Dave thought it was silly to call them servers when for years they had been waiters) left, Tony ask a question that was bugging him.

"Ya know, you and Dan seem have this way of communicating that I don't understand."

Whatta ya mean?" Dave asked innocently.

"Well, on the way home from the hospital the other night you and he kinda had this discussion… but it wasn't really a discussion. And I had the distinct impression that you both knew what was going on and I didn't. And now we're sitting here in the same restaurant and not making any attempt to acknowledge each other." Tony gave Dave a questioning look.

Dave smiled softly and looked into his partner's eyes. "Dan's going after Berk even though he knows Berk is straight. And, he knows I think it's a mistake. We just happened to come for lunch at the same place they chose to have a private meeting. I don't want to interfere with that."

"Damn, how'd you put all that together from that brief exchange in the car?" Tony sounded very inquisitive.

"Oh…" Dave paused for reflection. "I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with our long history, that we can read each other. You jealous?" Dave smiled playfully and affectionately at his lover trying to convey a silent message of love.

Tony lowered his gaze to the table. "No…" he smiled, "it just seems kinda weird, that's all. So we're just gonna ignore the fact that they're here?"

"Yep." Dave smiled at Tony.


"I've had a lot of help from my friends…" Dan continued.

"The Platoon?" Berk asked.

"Yeah, where'd you hear about that?"

"Todd mentioned it one time when we were talking and no one else was around. Is it just the five of you guys?"

"Yeah, Dave, me, Mike, Todd, and Tony. Dave's the leader, without him we'd have never gotten together." Dan happened to notice Berk's wrist watch. "Hey, I think I'd better be getting back to work," he said as he placed his napkin on the table.

"Yeah, I need to be moving along, too."

Both men slid out of the booth and began walking toward the door. Dan casually glanced around the area and spotted Dave and Tony sitting in a booth on the other side of the room. They were smiling and obviously engaged in an animated discussion. Dan hoped they hadn't seen him… and Berk.

Dan had arrived at Bennigan's almost the same time as Berk and they parked right next to each other. As they walked to their cars, Berk asked, "You like foreign films?"

"Gee, I don't know. I don't think I've ever seen one." Berk's question sure sounded to Dan like a prelude to a date.

"They normally have subtitles but I find them much more intellectually stimulating than a lot of the stuff that comes out of Hollywood these days. There's a neighborhood theater near where I live, would you be interested in going to see one some time, say next Wednesday?" Berk hadn't actually asked Dan to 'go with' him like a date, or anything, but Dan found it interesting.

"Yeah, I'll give it a try, why not!"

"Okay, I'll call you later, work out the details. Maybe do dinner somewhere."

"Yeah," Dan accepted, trying to cool his enthusiasm. They got in their cars and drove off.


Wednesday evening, Dave was checking his E-mail. "Hey Tony," he called.

"Yeah," Tony replied as he walked into the library from the kitchen carrying two glasses of iced tea.

"Remember I told you about Captain Lewis?"

Tony didn't answer immediately, carefully setting the glasses down as he thought about Dave's question. "No, I don't think I remember any Captain Lewis."

"Hmm, maybe I forgot but I thought I mentioned him when I was telling you about Paul. Oh well, I just got an E-mail from him and he and his son will be in town next week to check out the University. He wants to know if they can get together with the Platoon."

"Now that you mention it, is he the guy you and Mike worked for in the Motor Pool? I vaguely remember something about him."

"That's him but he's a colonel now, maybe general. You think you're up to something like that?"

"Sure. I wonder if the guys will be available. Do we need to do anything special? How about I cook a large batch of lasagna and we ask everyone over?"

"I'll E-mail him back and see what happens. The worst he can do is say, No." In his reply, Dave insisted Col. Lewis and his son spend next Friday night with him and Tony.

Dave and Tony began planning the affair and Dave went into more detail about where Col. Lewis fit into the Platoon's activities. Dave told about the time he ran into Lewis on the way back from Dallas and he spent an evening engaged with the guys in a gay-issues seminar. Again, Tony was astonished at hearing yet another story about Dave's life, he thought he knew everything. What else didn't he know?"

The coming weekend was the AANCF meeting in Dallas and Dave and Tony had both expected to go. However, Thursday afternoon Tony learned that he needed to cover a couple of 'Open Houses' for the firm on both Saturday and Sunday. They talked it over and Dave totally understood. He said he'd change his plans so that he'd fly to Dallas Saturday, spend the night with Alex and Steve, and fly home Sunday.

To hear Dave explain it, it was no big deal. Now that Marcus was in town and was managing the trust close by, Dave no longer felt the need to trouble Art with any issues. Although he'd miss not having time to visit with Art and Beth he knew they'd understand. Dave knew his life was changing now that Tony was in it and there was never any question about where his loyalty needed to be.

Late Sunday morning, Dave drove to the airport, caught his flight to DFW, and used the in-flight time to review the materiel for the AANCF meeting. Arriving at DFW just after 2:00 PM, Dave called Connie to see how she was doing and was instructed to stop in for a visit. Alexis was there and Dave could give her a ride home.

Dave couldn't prevent the grin that spread over his face when he saw Connie. She was quite large and looked like she could pop the baby out at any time. And seeing Connie like that brought back fond memories of Kate's pregnancies. Following a brief visit, with explanations as to why Tony couldn't come, Dave and Alex left for the ranch.

Dave did just fine visiting with Alex and Steve and enjoyed dinner and the conversation very much. Later however, alone in bed, Dave couldn't seem to get to sleep. He tossed and turned but couldn't find any position that felt the least bit comfortable. He thought about stroking himself off but, and this felt weird, he couldn't seem to get over the idea that it would be unfaithful to Tony. 'That's stupid,' he told himself. But as he thought of Tony, he came to the conclusion that 'What kind of man am I if I can't wait even one night.' Then Dave began thinking about all the reasons he loved his lover and those happy thoughts helped him slip into pleasant sleep with a smile on his face.


Tony tossed and turned. He couldn't seem to find a comfortable position. He began thinking about his first… and second visit to this very bedroom. The first was fraught with embarrassment and the second, well… He took his semi-erect cock in his hand and began to slowly stroke. Thinking about Dave always seemed to have that effect on him. Then he stopped. 'No,' he told himself, 'this belongs to Dave now. Good grief! I can surely go one night without my man.' With that thought, Tony released himself, rolled to his right and his head wound up on to Dave's pillow. His head began to spin as his nostrils filled with Dave's scent. Soon he was dreaming of his loving partner.


Monday evening, Dave got out of his car and, as the garage door closed, walked up the steps and into the house. Tony was leaning with his ass against the counter top, his arms folded and his legs crossed at the ankles. The position tended to cause his package to protrude forward more invitingly and caught Dave's eyes immediately. Tony was wearing his favorite faded Levi's that had wear spots in the most interesting places and a maroon Polo that seemed to cling to his torso, emphasizing his sculpted pectorals and tight abs. Dave's pulse quickened and there was movement in his boxer briefs.

Tony, with a serious smile on his face, watched Dave walk into the kitchen. Dave was wearing his blue blazer with Tan slacks and a blue shirt that was already half unbuttoned. The maroon striped tie hung loosely around Dave's neck. Tony's pulse quickened but he didn't move until his lover drew closer. Dave dropped his bag just inside the door and moved forward. When Dave approached, Tony used his butt to push away from the counter. He wrapped his arms around his man and felt Dave melt into him.

They kissed like they hadn't seen each other for a week, maybe a month. Tony's hands finished unbuttoning Dave's shirt and pulled the tail out of his pants. Dave's hands found their way around Tony's waist, under the Polo and up Tony's back to feel the hard muscles that he so loved to touch.

No words had yet been spoken - none were needed. Tony turned them around, placed Dave's butt against the counter, and began grinding his crotch against Dave's. Damn it all felt good! Next, Tony's hands slipped inside Dave's open shirt and encircled his waist. Slowly, Tony began sliding his hands up toward Dave's smooth chest.

Dave was already highly aroused with great anticipation. He knew was about to happen and it was almost driving him crazy. When Tony's callused thumbs scraped across Dave's super-sensitive, erect nipples Dave moaned uncontrollably. The jolt of electricity that surged from Dave's nipples directly to his groin caused him to lift his legs and wrap them around Tony's waist.

"I have an itch deep inside me and you've got the only tool that'll reach it," Tony said softly into Dave's ear.

"You wanna do it here on the kitchen floor or can we make it to the bedroom?" Dave gasped eagerly.

"Just hang onto me, Babe, I'll get us to the bed." Tony turned with Dave clinging to his powerful body and walked them the length of the hallway to the bedroom.


What promised to be a fast, frantic fuck quickly turned into a long, slow, expression of mutual, passionate love. Their bodies glistened with a thin coating of perspiration as the two lovers lay panting, arm-in-arm in the afterglow of great sex.

"Hey," Dave whispered in Tony's ear. "I missed you."

"I missed you too," Tony replied softly as he nuzzled under Dave's chin and kissed his neck. "Now we got a dilemma."

"Oh?" Dave couldn't imagine what Tony was talking about.

"Yeah," Tony continued. "If the lovin' is this great after being away from each other for only one night, we have to decide if it's worth being separated."

"Ha-ha," Dave laughed. "I'd rather not be apart, for even one night. But," Dave propped himself up on his elbow, "we both know it's gonna happen from time to time and so I can live with it if you can. I think this first time is probably worse than the next will be. But see what we have to look forward to when we do back together?"

"Yeah, you're right. Anticipation's gonna drive me nuts. But this first time was a real bitch, though. We'll plan better next time."

"And Tony…" Dave began.

"Yeah, Babe?"

"That was pretty corny."

"What?" Tony slipped his arm around Dave's waist and pulled him tighter.

"That 'I've got an itch and you've got the only tool to scratch it' comment."

"But," Tony chuckled, "you were ready to do it on the kitchen floor. How corny was that?"

"I love you," Dave said and pressed his lips to Tony's.


There were two things still on their agenda resulting from Todd's experience: establish wills and Power of Attorney and go see the doctor that Doc Gray recommended. Monday evening during dinner, Dave and Tony got around to both subjects.

"Whatta ya think about that POA and Will stuff that Walt was talkin' about? Is it something we need to look into?" In Tony's mind, he was convinced that Dave was the man for him for the rest of his life. He couldn't imagine being with anyone else. But he wanted to leave Dave some wiggle room and not press the issue if there was a possibility of any lingering doubt.

Dave stopped eating and looked into Tony's eyes. "Hon, being separated from you this past weekend served as an exclamation point for those three little words, 'I love you'. I have no doubt that you're the man I'm meant to share the rest of my life with. I trust you completely and I'm prepared to draw up a Will and a Power of Attorney for you just like Mike and Todd did." Dave stopped there, giving Tony time to absorb the gravity of his statement.

Tony grinned. His entire face radiated happiness. "I'm glad," he practically whispered through the lump in his throat. "I want to be connected to you for the rest of my life and although I don't bring as much to our relationship as you do, everything I have is yours."

Dave could see the moisture collecting in Tony's eyes. He got out of his chair, moved around the corner of the table, knelt on the floor in front of his partner, slipped between Tony's spread knees and wrapped his arms around Tony's waist in a loving hug. Tony leaned over and kissed Dave's hair while caressing Dave's back. After a few tender moments, Tony placed his hands on either side of Dave's head and turned him so they faced each other.

"I love you," Tony said softly and they he brought their lips together in a very tender, loving kiss. Then they hugged again. Dave was the first to speak.

"Does this mean I should call Walt and set up an appointment?" Tony began to laugh and Dave raised his head and looked at his lover with a big smile.

"Yeah, Babe, let's do it. If that'll make us like married, I'm for it." He kissed Dave again, this time with tongue. "But I thought Larry Lawrence was handling that stuff."

"He did it for Mike and Todd but my life is a little more complicated and Marcus is the best choice. Can I show you?" Dave asked as he got to his feet. He knew that some day he would need to share the details of his financial world with Tony and this seemed to be the appropriate time.

"Let's clean of the table first, okay?"

"Sure, Hon," Dave replied as he pulled Tony up from his chair, hugged and kissed him. Then they cleared the table, placed the dishes in the dishwasher, and went to the library.

Dave explained everything: his income, his investments and assets, his net worth, and his business relationship with Sam. Until now, Tony had only seen the surface of Dave's business activities. He was impressed with Dave's accomplishments. But he was totally blown away when Dave opened the latest financial statement for Paul's trust. Dave explained how Paul had made a deathbed request that he be made the first trustee and how Steve and Alex had been so supportive of his continuing in that capacity. They were the second and third trustees as an expression of intent that the Trust remain in the Roehl family. Dave answered every question that Tony asked. Tony also made it clear that he had no interest in being involved in the trust but he'd support Dave however he could.

Tuesday, Dave called Walt's office. Walt was busy with a client and Dave didn't want to interrupt so he asked the secretary to schedule an appointment for Friday morning. He made sure she knew what needed to done so that she could draft the documents. Walt maintained a working knowledge of Dave's estate and trust issues so preparing wills and Powers of Attorney would not be that demanding.

Friday, Dave and Tony sat down with Walt and reviewed the documents. First Walt explained each point of their wills and added new information that Dave and Tony brought with them, information the secretary didn't have when she drafted the documents. Then Walt returned the wills to his secretary for correction and final printing. While that was happening, Walt explained the features of the General and Durable Power of Attorney and how to revoke them if that became necessary. He also explained how the Health Power of Attorney worked and gave examples of how they might be called to exercise it. The secretary returned with the revised wills, Dave and Tony reviewed and approved them and Walt asked his secretary, Larry Lawrence and another staff person into the conference room to witness the signing. Walt's secretary applied her notary stamp and the documents were complete.

"Well men," Walt said as he stood and offered his hand. All other parties had left the conference room and he was again alone with Dave and Tony. "It's a real pleasure to be able to do this for you two. Why do I feel like I just married two men?" He chuckled. Dave and Tony grinned at each other and laughed. "I'm glad I could do this, Guys, and I wish you the very best. But remember, even though you're leaving everything to each other, it's still not the same as being married."

"Uh, how so?" Tony asked.

"Taxes." Walt replied. "When one member of a married couple dies the other inherits everything tax free. Not so where you guys are concerned, or Mike and Todd either. Something to keep in mind for the future, when you both have larger estates, is a trust, something similar to what Dave got from Paul. Now, before we go are there any more questions?" That was a subtle way for Walt to bring the meeting to a close.

"How much does all this cost, Walt? I don't expect you're doing this free," Tony asked.

"Tony, this is all part of the service that comes with being on retainer to the Paul A. Roehl Trust. It doesn't cost you or Dave one red cent."

"Now that's my kind of lawyer!" Tony exclaimed to chuckles from Dave and Walt.


Friday afternoon Tony came home early to begin fixing dinner. He'd actually put the lasagna together Wednesday evening so it was a simple matter of moving the pan from the fridge to the oven. Dave arrived a short time later to help. The dining room table was set and Dave and Tony were relaxing for a few minutes in the kitchen, Tony leaning back against the counter top with Dave wrapped in his arms playing kissy-face when the doorbell rang. If they'd been more alert they would've seen the car pull into the driveway.

"Hi Colonel, great to see you again!" Dave exclaimed when he opened the door. Dave had to catch himself when he saw standing beside the Colonel the most drop-dead handsome young man he thought he'd ever seen. Both men were smiling. Dave gathered himself and stepped aside, "Please come in, won't you?"

"Thanks, Dave, it's great to see you again, too." They shook hands vigorously. Lewis released Dave's hand, stepped back and motioned for his son to step forward.

"Dave, I'd like you to meet my son Jim, Jim, this is Dave Baker, Corporal David Baker," Lewis corrected with a chuckle. Jim extended his hand confidently and Dave took it and they shook.

Dave found himself staring up into a pair of brown eyes framed by dark brown eyebrows and long lashes. Jim had a rectangular face with a strong jaw line that seemed to exude power and confidence. Jim's chin had a very sexy hint of a cleft, what Dave's mother would call a dimple. He stood about six feet three inches tall, much taller than his father, with broad shoulders and narrow hips. In spite of imposing frame, Dave would have to say Jim was lanky. His muscles lacked the development to go with the frame, a sign of his youth. It also occurred to Dave that Jim didn't look a thing like the colonel. Then Dave remembered - Jim was Colonel Lewis' adopted son. He thought that might be an interesting story to hear some day.

"It's good to finally meet you, Sir, Dad's spoken some pretty awesome things of you."

Dave was immediately impressed with the young man's self-confidence at meeting strangers. He didn't seem the least bit uncomfortable, probably the result of growing up as an Army brat, moving often, changing schools, living abroad, and much more.

"Oh, we've met once before but I doubt you remember, at a college football game."

"Oh, Dad?" Jim smiled at his father then turning back to Dave he continued: "I remember that game. I couldn't believe I got to go to something like that. If it's not too late, I'd like to thank you."

"You're more than welcome," Dave replied. Then Dave remembered his manners as he closed the door and saw Tony standing in the foyer looking like a potted palm. "Well, Colonel, there's been one very important change since you were last here, I'd like to introduce my partner, Tony Mancuso."

If the Colonel had any embarrassment about being introduced to Dave's 'partner' it didn't show. He stepped forward, took Tony's offered hand and shook it vigorously.

"Hello, Tony, I'm happy to meet you. Dave mentioned you a couple of times in his," 'ah-hum,' Lewis cleared his throat and looked at Dave, "infrequent E-mails. And this is my son, Jim." Lewis released Tony's hand and stepped back so Jim could and Tony could shake hands.

"Okay, now that that's over with let me have your jackets and we'll have something to drink," Dave announced. "Oh," Dave said remembering that Harvey and Jim were spending the night. "Do you want to get your things from the car and take them to your rooms?"

"Yes, I think that would be a good idea," the colonel replied.

"I'll get it, Dad," Jim said as he turned and opened the door.

"Here, let me help," Tony said, trying to be the perfect host.

While Dave and Colonel Lewis walked into the great room, Tony helped Jim with the luggage and escorted him upstairs. Colonel Lewis would be in the upstairs Master and Jim would be in the third guest room, the second guest room was the one with the three twin beds in it that Kate's boys used.

Jim sat his bag down, looked around and said, "This is really nice." Then he chuckled. "And I don't have to spend the night in the same room with Dad." Tony looked at Jim and smiled, he suspected he knew exactly what Jim was saying. Privacy is everything when you're seventeen.

"I did hear Mr. Baker correctly, you two are partners?" Jim asked.

"Yes," Tony replied as matter-of-factly as he could. "It's about ten months now."

"That's great." Jim paused for a moment wondering if he should continue. "Some day maybe you can tell me how you two met." They walked toward the door to go back downstairs. "I'm looking forward to having a partner some time in the future."

"I wish you luck, I think it takes a lot of that," Tony replied with a grin. Jim had just arrived and he was already opening up. He didn't know how much Jim knew but that was encouraging. And Tony had purposely not acknowledged Jim's suggestion to learn how he and Dave met.

"Here, Jim, I've talked your dad into letting you have a glass of wine with us." Dave handed a glass of Chardonnay to Jim and another to Tony.

"Thank you, Sir," Jim replied as he accepted the glass.

"Now Jim, if you expect to be spending the night here you'll have to stop all this 'Sir' stuff. That's what we all call your father but he's old and has earned it. We're too young for that." Dave smiled and waited for Harvey's reaction.

"Too old my ass, Corporal, I hereby order you youngsters to call me Harvey."

"Can't do, Sir," Tony chimed in. "It's been drilled into us."

"You're a Marine, aren't you, Tony."

"Yes Sir," Tony chuckled. "How'd you figure that out so quickly?"

"I've known too many and you carry yourself like you've been through that training that produces great men."

Tony blushed a little. "Shouldn't feed his ego like that, Sir, he gets the big head easily," Dave said with a chuckle.

"Speaking of feeding, what's that wonderful smell coming from the kitchen?" Lewis asked.

"That's lasagna, Sir, hope you like it," Tony replied.

"Mancuso, huh, I'll bet you're the cook."

"Yes Sir, but Dave does his share too."

"YO, Dave," came a voice from the kitchen. "We're here." Moments later, Mike escorted Todd on crutches into the hallway.

Not long after that, Dan arrived and the evening got underway. The real visiting didn't get started until after desert and the men sat around the table drinking coffee.

"So, what did you think of the University, Jim?" Dave asked.

"Oh, it's great. I've been accepted by four schools and this is the second one we've visited. I fell in love right off."

"What are you going to study?" Todd asked.

"Civil Engineering," and then Jim chuckled. "Ever since I got my first set of Lego's I've liked to build bridges and stuff."

"Yeah, I was always tripping over some structure he put up in the middle of the living room," Harvey laughed.

"How about we move into the great room and get more comfortable," Dave suggested as he pushed his chair back and stood up. Everyone else followed. The colonel remembered the protocol and, just like the rest of the Platoon he gathered up his desert plate, coffee cup and flatware and carried them to the kitchen. Jim was a quick learner and copied his father.

A few minutes later, everyone had a fresh cup of coffee and was seated around the fireplace in a hastily arranged grouping of club chairs and loveseats. Dave said a silent 'Thank you' to Beth for her genius in selecting and arranging his great room with such versatility.

Everyone sat down except Jim. As could be expected, everyone looked up at him wondering why he was still standing. Once he was sure he had their attention he began.

"Before this evening gets any older, I want to thank all of you guys for what you did for me and my father a couple of years ago." It was like Jim had rehearsed this speech in his mind many times. "I haven't a clue what you guys said or did but when he came home he was a different Dad. It seemed like he understood me better and was more open to listening to what I had to say. As a result, I began to see his side too, and we opened a new father-son relationship that has been just great."

Jim was smiling as he looked around at each platoon member and a tear trickled down his cheek. Then his father stood up, took Jim into his arms, gave him a tight hug and whispered something in his ear. Dave, Tony, Dan, Mike, and Todd stood up and got in line to give Jim a hug. And while they were at it, they hugged the colonel too.

Once seated again, the topic of conversation focused on what had happened on that eventful evening when the Platoon conducted their seminar for the colonel. Then they resumed their discussion about the university. Todd proudly stated that he and Dave were alumni and could probably provide answers that the university administration might not approve of. That drew a hardy laugh.

"Have you decided where you want to stay?" Todd asked.

"I'm not too excited about living in the barracks," Jim replied with a chuckle. They all knew he was applying an Army term to the residence halls and they laughed again.

"We spent some time gathering information on private housing," Colonel Lewis added.

"Say, Dave, he ought to check out where we used to live," Mike volunteered. "That was a great place."

"Where was that, Dave?" Jim asked with obvious interest.

"I had a nice apartment just a block off campus. I was actually the manager, something I fell into when a friend asked me if I'd be interested. I can call him and see if he has any openings, if you'd like."

"A block off campus?" Jim asked with increased interest.

"Yeah, it was close to everything," Mike added. "I stayed there with him for a few months until I met Todd." Mike couldn't help blushing just a little bit as he thought back to those days and the wonderful time he and Todd had getting to know each other.

"Look, I know you need to leave town tomorrow so why don't I call now," Dave suggested. "That way you'll have some information that might help you choose where you want to go to school."

"Oh," Jim exclaimed confidently, "I think I've already made my choice…" he glanced at his father, "as long as it's okay with you, Dad."

Colonel Lewis smiled. "Sure, Dave, if you don't think it's too late."

Dave got his cell phone and called Joe Krug. Joe was excited to hear from Dave so unexpectedly and after a quick explanation, Joe said he would have a couple of rooms open in the fall. By the time all was said and done, they had a tentative agreement. Jim and his dad said they'd have time in the morning to have a look at the room before going to the airport. If they were satisfied, they would consider their search finished and could cancel the rest of their trip.

Mike and Todd left soon after Dave talked to Joe. Tony sat in the great room talking to Jim and Colonel Lewis while Dave and Dan were in the kitchen putting the dishes into the dishwasher.

"I saw you and Tony at Bennigan's last week," Dan began rather casually. He'd thought about what happened at the restaurant and figured that on the chance Dave had seen him - and Berk - it would be best to get it out into the open.

"I know, we saw you." Dave could have continued but stopped to see what Dan's reaction was going to be. Dan felt rewarded for his correct decision.

"And?" Dan asked, anticipating more of a reaction from his friend.

"And… it's none of my business."

"So you think my being friends with Berk is a mistake." Dan was trying not to get emotional about this.

"Like I said, Dan, it's none of my business."

"Okay, you're my best friend. If you won't tell me what you think, who will?"

"Look, Dan," Dave paused momentarily, choosing his words carefully. "I just think it's a mistake to hitch your wagon to a horse that can't take you where you want to go."

Dan stared at his best friend without speaking for several seconds. "Okay, fine." Dan said with some finality. "I know he's straight but we just seem to hit it off so well. He's so easy to talk to and I enjoy being around him. And I think he feels the same." Dan paused for a moment before continuing. "Besides, can't I have straight friends too?" Dan asked defensively.

"Of course you can." Dave replied as he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Dan as if to comfort and reassure him. "Of course you can. I'm sorry I couldn't see that. It's… it's just that you've been hurt so many times I'm probably being over protective. When you hurt, I hurt."

Dan held onto his friend, enjoying the feeling for as long as he could. If he'd only made better choices, maybe Dave could've been his.

"Yeah, I know, I'm sorry."

"Hey, what's goin' on in here?" Tony had come into the kitchen carrying the empty coffee cups while Lewis and his son went to the head. Dan turned slightly toward Tony and extended his arm as if inviting him to join the hug. Taking the hint, Tony set the cups on the counter and joined the silent hug.

"I hope you know you've made a great catch here, Tony," Dan said softly then kissed Tony's cheek.

Although Tony didn't know what had gone down between Dan and Dave, he knew this was a special moment. Furthermore, Dave would tell him everything the first chance he got.

"Yes I do, Dan, I certainly do." Tony returned Dan's kiss on the cheek. At that moment Tony felt for the first time that Dan was accepting him and welcoming him into the relationship that existed between his lover and Dan. His emotions surged throughout his body. Tony knew he was now equal to Dave in Dan's eyes and he felt proud, of himself and of Dave.

The moment was brief but deeply meaningful. They released each other and, with smiles on their faces, refilled their coffee cups and rejoined their guests in the great room. Dan said goodnight soon after and left for his apartment. Colonel Lewis pleaded exhaustion and to a chorus of 'old man' comments went upstairs to bed.

Alone with Dave and Tony, Jim opened up a little more and began asking question about the local gay community and about campus activities. Dave talked about the Philos Foundation and several other things that might interest Jim. Dave and Tony assured Jim that he was welcome to call them anytime he needed to and hoped that once he got to school he wouldn't forget where they lived. That seemed to be a good place to say goodnight and they all went to bed.


Dave and Tony made the rounds to make sure the house was secure and the lights were turned out. Dave was the first to reach the bedroom where he quickly brushed his teeth and climbed into bed. Tony wasn't far behind.

Tony turned off the bathroom light and as he walked toward the bed in nothing but the all-together he looked at his partner lying on his back. The sheet was pulled and just covering Dave's waist and his hands were folded across his chest just below his nipples. There was that perceptible bulge just below the top of the sheet and Tony could easily draw a conclusion from its appearance.

Tony sat on the edge of the bed, reached out and turned off the light, and stretched out on his back as he slid under the sheet. 'He's been mighty playful all evening. When we were sitting together on the loveseat his fingers kept stroking the inside of my thigh and keeping me excited. Then when we were in that hug with Dan, my little man's hand was squeezing my butt. He's up to something,' Tony speculated. He decided to lie still, his hands at his sides and wait to see what Dave would do.

He didn't have to wait long. As his eyes finally adjusted to the faint illumination provided by the ambient light through the large picture window, Tony could just make out the shapes of the furniture in the room when the mattress moved and he felt Dave's hot body roll up against his right side. Dave made certain that he positioned his body so as to deposit his semi-erect penis and balls into Tony's upturned palm. They had been together long enough to develop a pattern to their affection.

Tony smiled in the darkness as Dave's right hand played in his chest hair momentarily then quickly began gently stroking his left nipple. Tony gasped softly when Dave's lips soon encircled Tony's right nipple and caressed it with his tongue.

"So, whatta ya think of Jim?" Dave asked quietly as he released Tony's nipple. Was he attempting to mix in a little diversion?

"He's hot… for his age." Tony thought he needed to clarify his analysis. "He's probably gonna have dozens of guys wantin' to swing on his rope when he gets on campus." He leaned his head down and kissed Dave on his forehead. "But ya know," Tony squeezed Dave's genitals lovingly, "earlier, when I was showing Jim his room, he asked me how long we’ve been together."

Dave slid his right leg up and over Tony waist, making sure to stimulate his lover's hardening meat. "About ten months, right?" Dave said softly.

"Yeah, that's what I said." Tony was quiet for a few moments, what did Dave have in mind? "But I was thinking."

"Oh no, not again," and Dave chuckled as he swung himself up on top of his lover as though he were mounting his horse. Then he lay flat on Tony's chest and engaged him in a long and passionate kiss. Dave's hands seemed to be all over Tony's body at once and Tony was eager to reciprocate.

Tony chuckled. "Yeah, well, I been thinkin'," he continued, his and Dave's erections were trapped side by side between them. "We've been together ten months and neither one of us is pregnant."

"OH?" Dave questioned as he placed his hands in the middle of Tony's chest and pushed himself into a sitting position. He quickly lifted his hips, reached behind him, grasped Tony's lance and aimed it at a familiar, willing target.

"Maybe we should try harder," Dave suggested as he lowered his hips.

Tony sighed as he felt himself being engulfed by Dave's hot, silky, inner flesh. 'The little fox, he lubed himself already.'



Upstairs Jim was enjoying his privacy. He lay caressing his rigid best friend and thought about the really terrific men he'd met this evening. He'd never been with so many adult gay men all in one place and was impressed with just how different they all seemed. He particularly liked watching how Dave sat on the loveseat, half resting his back against Tony's chest. While Tony lovingly draped his arm around Dave's shoulders, Dave's hand rested comfortably on top of Tony's leg, his fingers extending intimately to the inside of Tony's thigh.

Jim smiled to himself as he thought about how attentive Mike was toward Todd, always conscious of his lover's comfort. What would it be like to have a relationship like that? Or one like Dave and Tony's, for that matter. Dan was an interesting study also. It was obvious that Dan was alone and from the way he watched the two couples it was also obvious that he wished he were so fortunate. Jim began to wonder if Tony and Dave were making love at that moment. Which one was on top? Which one was dominant? He imagined Tony, obviously the stronger of the two, positioned between Dave's thighs and pistoning his tool into his lover. Jim had a lot to learn. Then his body stiffened and shuddered. He'd allowed his imagination to bring him to a very satisfying climax. After depositing his semen into the tissues in his left hand, Jim dropped the tissues over the side of the bed and went to sleep. He'd remember to flush the evidence down the toilet in the morning.


With their breathing returning to normal, Tony took hold of Dave's hand and pressed it against his chest. "I just want you to know," Tony kissed Dave's forehead, "I'd be honored to have your kids."

Dave lifted his head and look into Tony's eyes. A completely new emotion filled Dave's brain and he was moved almost beyond words. After taking a few moments to ponder Tony's confession, he replied. "Yes, my big Jarhead and I'd be honored to have yours."

"Well… I thought… maybe I ought to share my most intimate feelings with you. I love you enough to have your kids… if you'd want any." Tony moved his lips to Dave's and they lingered for several moments. "And if you're ever interested in having kids, like fostering or adopting, I'm with you."

Dave lay his head back on Tony's chest. Neither man spoke for about a minute, then Dave spoke into Tony's chest. "And maybe someday… who knows… The way things are going at Philos we just might be interested in helping a kid or two… Mike and Todd are definitely serious about it…"

Sleep closed in on the two lovers and found them with smiles on their faces.


(To be continued.)