David's Initiation: The Partnership 17

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Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.  The story contains graphic descriptions of sex between men. Anyone who is forbidden by law to read such material must stop now.  This story is being posted to the Nifty Archive solely for the enjoyment of its readers.


The two men's business lives were quite opposite. Dave had a quiet office life punctuated by occasional meetings with clients. Tony was constantly interacting with numerous clients buying and selling properties. The differences in their work gave them an endless supply of topics to discuss and plenty to laugh about.

That fall the symphony season began and at Mrs. Hastings' suggestion, the men hosted a pre-symphony dinner. They had it catered but the catering was totally under Georgia's supervision. In addition to the Hastings, Dave and Tony invited six other couples: a successful auto dealer and wife; the publisher of the local newspaper and wife; the chief administrator of County General Hospital and husband; a professor of English from the local university and wife; the CEO of a major manufacturing firm and wife; and the Deputy Mayor of the city. All of them were major contributors to the symphony and knew each other socially. The dinner was a success and the concert that followed was magnificent.

Over the past three years Dave and Tony had played surrogate father, brothers and confidant to Jim Lewis. In his freshmen year Jim pledged a nationally known fraternity, a legacy from his father. Jim had been very up front about his being gay and that wasn't a problem. When it came time for the pledges to stage their traditional 'walkout', Jim took them to stay with Dave and Tony. So instead of roughing it, the young men enjoyed all the comforts of home, including a swimming pool, and basketball/tennis court. Jim had promised not to be a stranger at Dave and Tony's house and he wasn't. However, he carried a 4.0 GPA and was active in campus politics. His sophomore year he was elected to the student council, his junior year he was elected class president and his senior year he ran for and was chosen to be Student Body President. Jim had learned from Dave and Tony that he didn't need to allow his being gay to hold him back. And Jim learned that while not denying or making apologies for being gay, by not wearing his 'gayness' on his sleeve, he was able to achieve remarkable things.

Late September... Dave was in his office looking over a design for a new project. He was working with Brent, one of the other gay architects in the Hastings Firm. The two had become good friends and enjoyed working together. Both men were leaning over the drafting table discussing some possible changes when Brent caught movement out of the corner of his eye and turned his head toward the door. When Tony saw that Brent had seen him he began walking across the room. Dave wasn't yet aware of Tony's presence and when Brent straightened up, Dave looked up just in time to have Tony wrap him in an embrace, bend him back over the table and plant a very juicy, sexy kiss on him. With Dave backed against the table Tony added crotch grinding to his kiss. By now Dave was beginning to respond (with some reservation because this was happening in the office) to his lover and enjoyed the action. After a little more than a minute of raping Dave's mouth with his tongue and squeezing Dave's ass cheeks, Tony straightened Dave up again and looked deep into his eyes.

"I'm on my way home now and I'll be ready when you get there," Tony said in his deep, sexy voice. Then he kissed Dave once more for emphasis, turned, winked at Brent, and walked out of the office. The momentary silence was almost deafening then Brent adjusted his erection.

"Damn, Dave," Brent exclaimed in a quiet voice. "You're one hell of a lucky guy. If my Bruce ever did something like that to me I'd have a heart attack!" Bruce owned a successful florist business and he and Brent had been together for almost fourteen years.

"How do you know I didn't?" Dave gasped.

"Well, for one thing, heart attack victims don't have bulges in their britches like you have."

"Oh," Dave replied as he looked down with embarrassment and adjusted his cock.

"Man, why don't you get out of here? You got something hot waitin' for you at home and you shouldn't let it cool off."

"Yeah," Dave sighed then chuckled. "Lets just finish this and I'll be off."

"We're almost finished, now you get out of here. I'll wrap it up." Brent was pushing Dave toward the door.


Dave had a good idea of what to expect when he walked into the house. He proceeded directly to the bedroom where he found Tony lying face down in the middle of the bed; a towel was folded under his midsection. Tony's arms were folded under his head, which was turned so he could watch Dave. They exchanged smiles as Dave began a slow, seductive strip. After his last article of clothing, his boxer briefs, hit the floor Dave crossed the room slowly and crawled across the bed on his knees. When Dave was close enough, Tony lifted himself up and engulfed Dave's beautifully engorged manhood then withdrew leaving Dave's member dripping with saliva. Dave quickly moved into position between Tony's spread legs, aligned his lance and smoothly slid home. As expected, Tony had prepped himself with plenty of lube and their coupling was swift and pleasurable.

Tony moaned deeply. He felt Dave's dick pass over his prostate and he moaned again. He so enjoyed Dave's penetration and relished the way Dave filled him up. Tony long ago gave up trying to understand why he felt so good to have Dave inside him, he just did. He also loved feeling the weight of Dave's body pressing down on him and this position provided maximum body contact.

Tony spread his arms wide as Dave lowered his torso to his lover's back. Dave reached out and intertwined his fingers with Tony's as Tony raised his feet and placed them over Dave's ankles, locking them in position. They remained motionless like that for several minutes. Not until their bodies were fully synchronized and united did either move. Then slowly they began the long, slow, dance of love they had learned in de Vinci's Vitruvian Man position.

Later, as they lay cuddled in each other's arms with Dave's fingers playing in Tony's chest hair, Dave's curiosity got the best of him and he had to ask.

"So, what brought this on?" He chuckled.

"You're not gonna believe this but remember me telling you about Morgan Kramer?"

"The foxy lady you've been investing a lot of time with showing houses?" Dave replied into Tony's chest.

"Yeah, well, right after lunch I was showing her and her husband this house, the $2.3 million one. Morgan's a real knockout but her husband is something else. He has a trouser snake longer than any I've ever seen."

"And that turned you on and you had to have me, right?" Dave interrupted.

"Patience, Babe, I'll get there," Tony admonished lovingly. "Well it was obvious that Morgan loved the house but her husband had reservations - probably the price. Anyway, we were in the master bedroom. I stepped into the bathroom to make a point about one of its good features when I looked in the mirror and saw them talking. I'm sure they thought I couldn't see but she was standing partially in front of him and both were facing the large picture window. She looked up over her shoulder and kissed him. Her hand was playing with his anaconda through fabric of his pants. I didn't want to embarrass them so I made some announcement like I was coming back into the bedroom. When I stepped out of the bathroom Morgan was standing in front of her husband and he had his arm around her waist. Then she asked if I could leave them alone for a few minutes. Of course I said `Yes,' and closed the bedroom door as I left."

"And you put your ear to the door to hear what was going on," Dave prodded with a chuckle.

"Not really, but I could hear them talking for a couple of minutes and then it got real quiet so I walked down the hall so they wouldn't think I was listening. It must have been five minutes later that they opened the door and came out of the bedroom. Morgan was applying fresh lipstick and her husband had a big smile on his face. `We'll take it,' he says and that was that."

"Are you telling me that Morgan made an 'oral' argument and won?"

"That had to be it. They didn't have time to do anything else and their clothes were still neat. I could just imagine Morgan on her knees leaving red lipstick all over his cock. The whole thing made me so hot that I just had to have you, Babe."

"I can't believe they'd do something like that, essentially in front of your eyes," Dave exclaimed.

"Well I didn't exactly see them but I'm pretty sure it happened. Her husband's cock was definitely bigger when they came out of that bedroom."

That seemed to be the end of Tony's story and nothing was said for a few minutes, then Dave had a question.

"Why do you suppose it is that a woman can suck a man's cock and it's okay? But let a man suck a man's cock and society calls it a sin."

"Maybe for the same reason that a guy can sodomize a woman and it's okay but it's not okay if a man does it to another man."

Dave took a deep breath and let out a long, loud sigh.

"What's that for?" Tony asked.

"I was just thinkin', sex with you is always exciting, never dull." Dave had a smile in his voice.

"Well," Tony responded as he kissed Dave's forehead, "LIVING with you is always exciting, never dull."

"What say we try to keep it that way," Dave said as he lifted his face toward his lover. They sealed the comment with a kiss.


The week between Christmas and New Year Dave is working half days like a lot of office people. On Wednesday afternoon Tony arrives home from his office with some interesting news. He shares a kiss with Dave and then rummages in the fridge for two beers.

"You're never gonna believe what happened this afternoon," Tony began.

"The way your business goes I can believe almost anything," Dave chuckled and took a swig of his beer.

"Remember Morgan Kramer?"

"God, how could I forget her?! She practically caused me to get raped in my own office."

"I don't recall hearing any complaints at the time, Babe." They smiled at each other. "Anyway, she's back. I mean, she wants me to sell her house."

"But she just bought it!" Dave exclaimed incredulously.

"Yeah, well, she caught the `anaconda' slitherin' where it shouldn't have been slitherin' and she's gonna take him for everything he's worth. She even has exceptionally graphic photos - the work of a private eye – and he's not even gonna contest it. Ya know, her hubby is loaded – or he was. He's some high-powered corporate executive with huge investments, 401K, and mega stock options. She's gonna be set for life."

"I see another hefty commission comin' down the road," Dave smiled. He was so proud of Tony's success.

"And guess what else!" Tony exclaimed.

"Don't tell me; she came on to you," Dave said in jest.

"How did you know?" Tony began to laugh.

"You're not serious!" Dave was now laughing also.

"Yeah," Tony replied with some measure of embarrassment in his voice. "I showed her my ring and said I was spoken for but that didn't stop her. Then I had to tell her I was gay. She was surprised but it didn't seem to bother her. At least that made her back off."

"Well I'm glad for that," Dave sighed as he took Tony into his arms and gave him a loving kiss. "I don't want to have to worry."

"Oh, you don't, Babe..." Tony kissed Dave back. "You don't."


This next year is going to be much different than any of the previous ones. It began as usual with the men going to Vail in January. Dave and Tony's plans to be united in a civil ceremony overshadowed everything else. There was great anticipation.

Tony worked most of January trying very hard to sell Morgan Kramer's house, which resulted in him spending a great deal of time with her. Dave finally suggested that Tony invite her to the house for dinner some evening so that he could get to know her. The way Tony described her made her sound like a very interesting lady and she was. Dave thought she was exceptionally charming for someone from New England.

It was the first of February, about 1:45 in the afternoon when Dave answered his phone.


"Hi Babe,"

"Hi Hon, `sup?"

I thought I should call and alert you to a surprise when you get home."

"Surprise? What – kind – of – surprise?" Dave asked suggestively like some intimacy might be involved.

"A dog surprise."

"A what?!" Dave clearly didn't understand.

"Morgan has to go to New York and asked me to look after her dog for a few days. Look, Babe, it's complicated so I'll explain when you get home, okay?"

"Okay, I'm sure you have a good story to tell. See you later."

"Bye Babe."

Dave walked up the steps toward the back door as the garage door closed. His curiosity level was at its peak as he opened the door and walked toward the kitchen. He stopped suddenly when he saw it. `Dog?' he thought, `looks more like a horse.'

"Hey Babe..."

"Stay Rex!" he commanded. The dog looked up at Tony and sat back down.

"Com'ere I wanna introduce you." Dave approached cautiously.

"Dave, this is Rex - Rex, this is Dave. Now shake." Rex lifted his right paw and extended it toward Dave who took it in his hand and went through the motions of shaking hand and paw. Just when Dave was beginning to relax, Rex moved forward and shoved his nose into Dave's crotch.

"Whoa! Whoa!" Dave exclaimed as he tried to push Rex's head away.

"That's okay, Babe. Let him get a good whiff, he won't bite. That's how he gets to know you. Now whenever he sees and smells you he'll know you're his friend." By now Rex was licking Dave's hands to get a taste as well. "Didn't you have a dog when you were a kid?"

"N-no, I didn't," Dave replied hesitantly.

Tony stepped between Dave and Rex and wrapped his arms around his partner. "I'm sorry, Dave, I didn't think this would be a problem. I'll make other arrangements tomorrow."

"It's okay, really, it's okay. How did all this happen?" Dave was beginning to pat Rex's head.

"Sit Rex," Tony instructed. Rex sat down on his haunches and with quite intelligent eyes looked first at Tony than at Dave. "Ya see, Rex here was Morgan's husband's dog but as part of her punishment she demanded the dog too."

"Man, she's one tough lady. Remind me never to get in her crosshairs." Tony laughed.

"Morgan had to leave for the city on short notice but she didn't know where to board him so she ask me if we could take care of him until she gets back."

"When will that be?"

"Bout five or six days; she's trying to see if she can get her old job back and find a place to live. Look Babe, if this is a bad move I'll start looking for a kennel right now."

Dave placed his hand behind Tony's neck and drew him into the welcoming kiss that had so far been neglected.

"It's fine, Hon, really! What kind of dog is he?"

"He's called a yellow lab; he's really smart; and he's well trained. He's almost two years old but at times still seems like a pup. He's housebroken and, so far, he obeys what I tell him."

"Does he know how to cook?" Dave asked with a chuckle.

"No but we can work on that," Tony laughed. "Oh yeah, and he's fixed."


"Like in neutered, he can't father pups."

"How cruel," Dave said with a grimace.

"That's what I thought. It was one of Morgan's conditions before she'd agree to her husband bringing him home."

That night, Rex slept at the foot of the bed. He didn't seem bothered when Dave and Tony made love. The next morning Rex joined the two men during their run and had a terrific time checking out all of the new smells he found along the route. Dave left for work while Tony stayed behind to introduce Rex to Georgia, who was totally un-phased.

Morgan called Sunday afternoon to say she was making great progress and planned to return by next Friday. By Wednesday, Tony called Morgan to tell her she had an offer on the house. When she learned the buyers were offering $80,000 more than she was asking, she told Tony she needed to stay a few more days in New York but to FedEx her the papers as soon as they were ready.

Morgan never did come back. She relied on Tony to take care of all the details and paid him a healthy bonus for all of his hard work.

What happened to Rex, you may ask. Well, Dave quickly warmed to him and he became a permanent member of the household, a real family member.

Dave turned 31 on June 5th, and the Platoon kept the observation very low-key.

A couple of days later Kate and John skipped off to Vail for a few days. The wedding plans were all set and Kate would appreciate the rest. The boys stayed with their uncles as usual. That's when Dave and Tony discovered that Rex loved to swim. He proved to be very entertaining. The boys would throw a Frisbee or a tennis ball out over the pool and Rex would launch himself into the air, catch it in his mouth and splash into the water. Tony finally had to caution the boys to be careful and not overdo the entertainment because there were three of them and only one Rex. Tony didn't want Rex to become exhausted.

Sunday afternoon, July 1st, is the day of the wedding. Dave and Tony stand in a small room off to the side of the main hall; it is a room where a groom might wait until it was time for his bride to walk down the aisle. They had decided against the traditional `aisle walk', it just wasn't them. Instead, they will follow Fr. Tim into the hall and stop in front of the altar where they will say their vows. Dave and Tony even figured out a way to include the other members of the Platoon in the ceremony. Of course, both sets of parents are there along with Kate, John and the boys, and Sophia, Sean and their children. The McGregor girls are excited to be attending a `gay' wedding because none of their friends had ever done that.

Feeling just a little nervous, the two men look at Fr. Tim who asks, "Ready?" They grin. "Well, let's go." Tim turns and leads the couple through the door. The music begins. Dave stops abruptly causing Tony to bump into him. With his hands, Tony grabs Dave's waist to prevent them both from falling down as he hears Dave exclaim, "What the..." At that moment Tony sees that the church is PACKED!

"Courage, Grunt," Tony encourages. Dave chuckles, both at Tony's comment and at the realization that they've been HAD by their sisters. Dave quickly collects himself and steps out smartly to catch up with Fr. Tim. As they walk toward the altar the people in the first few pews are clearly identifiable. Their parents of course are there. So are the Close and the McGregor families and Georgia. Dave spots GENERAL Lewis and his son Jim. Tony sees his brothers and sisters-in-law. The faces of Alex and Steve Roehl, Walt and Tonya Richardson, and Art and Beth Radford can also be seen in the crowd. But before they can look around any more, Tim coaxes them to face him and join hands. At that moment, Mike, Todd, Dan and Berk stand up from the front pew. Mike and Todd stand to Dave's right and Dan and Berk stand on Tony's left. They all look so impressive in their tuxedos.

Tim smiles at Dave and Tony then lifts his gaze and focuses on the crowd filling the church.

"I want to thank you all for coming," Father Tim begins. "It gives me great pleasure to welcome Dave and Tony's family and friends for this very happy occasion. For several years I've been hoping that I'd have the opportunity to preside over this ceremony - the union between Dave Baker and Tony Mancuso. This is the first of what I hope will be many civil unions to occur in this church. Dave, Tony," Tim looks into their eyes. "It warms my heart that you have come to this church to seek God's blessing on your union." Tim looks out across those gathered in the hall. "These two men wish to make a few personal statements before they actually take their vows. So without further adieu, Dave, Tony, you it's all yours."

The two men turn and faced each other, join hands and peer into each other's eyes. That simple act causes everyone else to fade into oblivion and makes it easier for each to speak. Dave clears his throat and begins.

"My dearest Tony," Dave clears his throat again and starts over. "My dearest Tony, I want tell you just how happy I am that you came into my life. I had been lonely for too long and then on that fateful day I saw you. You were handsome beyond imagination. Your smile was warm and friendly. When we shook hands I found it electrifying. I had a sense that I was way ahead of you and needed to give you time and space. Man, am I glad I did!" Tony and Dave chuckled through their smiles. "Your smile, your sense of humor, your laugh, your caring nature for all of our friends and family are irresistible qualities that bind me to you. I could go on forever but we agreed to a short ceremony. (Everyone in the church laughed.) You have brought so much love, happiness and joy to my life that I find it impossible to imagine not being with you for the rest of my life. With all my heart... I love you." Dave looks up at his partner through the moisture in his eyes. And with equally moist eyes Tony quietly says, "I know." Then he clears his throat.

"My dearest David, when you came into my life I was at, perhaps the lowest point I've ever been. The first time I saw you I couldn't believe how good I felt just to look at you. I remember the electricity of that first handshake. And I remember so many other things that we won't mention," the two men chuckled, "but the important thing was how warm and friendly and understanding you were. I felt drawn to you in a spiritual way that I'd never known with anyone else before. I was captivated by how easy you were to talk to and by how good it made me feel. With your encouragement and support I have been able to achieve success that I never dreamed possible. And it's all been done with love. And now, David Baker, I want to tell you that I plan on spending the rest of my life with you because you are my soul mate, because... I - love - you."

Dave squeezes Tony's hands and with a broad smile quietly replys, "I know."

"And now," Tim begins, Dave and Tony turn their heads toward their minister, "are you both prepared and willing, from this day forward to put each other first, be true to each other, and forsake all others for as long as you both shall live?"

"I am," Dave and Tony replied in unison. At this point Tim would have asked the couple to join hands but since they were already joined, he continued.

"Do you, David Baker, take Anthony Mancuso to be your lawful husband (The legal term on the civil document was 'spouse' but the two men decided that regardless of what was printed, they wanted to say 'husbands') to have and to hold from this day forward; for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; until death do you part?"

"I DO," Dave said loud enough to make sure everyone in the church could hear.

"Do you, Anthony Mancuso, take David Baker to be your lawful husband to have and to hold from this day forward; for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; until death do you part?"

"I DO." Tony wanted everyone to hear his answer as well as they heard Dave's.

"May we have the rings, please?" Tim asked. The men had removed the rings they bought in Ft. Lauderdale years before and given them to their friends. Fr. Tim held out a modest wooden tray covered by a small linen cloth and Mike placed Tony's on it while Dan placed Dave's ring along side it. The rings still looked as beautiful as the day they were bought. "These rings represent the love and fidelity you two have expressed to each other. We bless them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen." The congregation responded with "Amen."

Tim held the tray toward Dave who picked up Tony's ring. Tony held out his left hand and as Dave smilingly slipped the ring on Tony's finger he said, "Tony, with this ring I thee wed."

Tim held the tray toward Tony and the two men repeated the process, culminating with Tony smiling and saying, "David, with this ring I thee wed." You might expect their hands to be trembling with nerves but this was nothing compared to that first time when they declared their love for each other.

Then, holding hands, the two men then turn and face Fr. Tim who extends his hands above their heads. "May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace all the days of your lives. Amen." Again the congregation responded with "Amen."

"And now, it is with great joy that I pronounce you husband and husband. Now I suppose a kiss is in order," Tim said grinning from ear to ear so hard that he had trouble getting the words out of his mouth.

Dave and Tony faced each other and engaged in a rather chaste kiss.

"C'mon Corporal, you can do better than that," shouted General Lewis from the second pew. "Now let's see a REAL kiss." Everyone laughed, including Dave and Tony. They then they wrapped their arms around each other and produced a kiss that truly reflected the love they felt for each other. It wasn't a tongue-dueling kiss of lust because they knew that wasn't appropriate for the location or the occasion but it was clearly a kiss of love.

Someone began to clap and instantly the church erupted in applause and cheers. Dave and Tony released each other because it's difficult to kiss and laugh at the same time. They then turned toward the gathering of family and friends and walked to the first pew. In a matter of minutes they were swamped with well-wishers.  After about twenty minutes, Kate and Sophia managed to get the crowd moving toward the church basement and the reception.

After the reception, family and close friends gathered at the McGregor's where everyone could visit more informally. The newlyweds left on their honeymoon the next morning and flew to Key West for five days. Berk and Dan told Dave and Tony how much they had enjoyed a few days there last month and suggested they consider it for their honeymoon, Dave and Tony jumped on it.

Wednesday morning, Dave and Tony sat across the table from each other, smiling like Cheshire cats.

"What're you smiling about?" Tony chuckled as he raised his coffee cup to his lips.

"Us," Dave chuckled in return. "We're both thinking the same thing but we're too chicken to say it."

"What?" Tony set his cup on the table. "That we're both ready to go home?" They smiled at each other.

"Hon, this has been great. But I love being with you in OUR place. Whatta ya say?"

"You took the words right out of my mouth. There's a flight leaving at 10:00 am, think we can make it?"


When they walked into the house that evening Rex was so excited to see them that Tony was afraid he might have an accident on the kitchen floor. Georgia had been looking after him but it just wasn't the same.

They called their families to let them know they were back and had to explain that nothing was wrong, that they just wanted to be at home.

Sunday morning the newly married couple attended church and were warmly greeted by Fr. Tim and a now very familiar congregation. They went to lunch with the rest of the Platoon and life seemed like it couldn't get any better.

Tony sat at the piano practicing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Dave reclined on a loveseat reading the Sunday paper. With Dave's encouragement Tony had resumed his piano lessons and was enjoying practicing again. Both men were still dressed in nice slacks and polo shirts they had worn to church and lunch.

A rainstorm had moved in, part of an approaching cool front, and the atmosphere felt electric. Dave got up from the loveseat and sat down beside his husband, placing his hand between Tony's shoulder blades. Tony continued playing, trying to concentrate as he felt Dave's hand sliding down his back toward his hips. A bulge was beginning to appear at the front of Tony's slacks when the doorbell rang. Dave reached between Tony's thighs and squeezed the bulge while giving him a kiss.

"Hold that thought," Dave said in a soft, seductive voice then he got up to answer the doorbell. Tony continued playing – as best as he could.

Dave stood, adjusted his woodie and walked slowly toward the door, hoping that it would subside enough so as to not be obvious to whoever was ringing the bell. It rang again.

Dave reached for the handle, turned it and opened the door. Life as they knew is was about to experience a dramatic change.


(To be continued.)