A day of compassion: A tale of two men

It was another beautiful day in the city by the bay. Gentle cool breezes lifting the scent of the ocean through the streets. Randy walked alone up the street, hands tucked tight into his jacket pockets, shoulders tight. His body firm, ass cheeks round, perfect in his tight jeans, calling attention from some of the men he passed. He couldn't look up, couldn't meet their eyes, they couldn't know his secret.

As he glanced up to check for traffic before crossing the street, he noticed another man next to him. Their eyes met for a moment and Randy felt the man's eyes pierce clear through him. Such warm, clear, wise blue eyes. Quickly Randy looked away, checking the traffic again before rushing across the street. He paid no attention to the other footfalls around him, it was mid-day in a busy area. He saw the place he was headed, just ahead.

He looked up and around to see if anyone he knew was around before pulling open the door to the clinic. The only one he saw was the man who had attracted his attention. He drew his back up straight and moved through the door, defiantly telling him what Randy could never say. He was HIV positive, and he was going to the clinic for treatment.

Glancing around the room he saw a few people he had seen there before. One looked much worse then the last time he had seen him. Paler, thinner, leaning weakly against his partner, drawing support from him. A flash of fear gripped Randy, but he moved past them to the man at the counter and signed in. All the while worries treaded through his mind...would he become like that? Or worse? Who would care for him then? Certainly not his family, they don't even acknowledge him anymore.

He turned to move into the waiting area and almost ran another man over. Quickly he apologized, looking up into his face. Randy's heart clenched within him, it was the man with the blue eyes. Forcing himself back to reality, he felt the man's hands steady him by gripping his shoulders. A flush of warmth made him glad he was wearing a long shirt.

"Forgive me, I'm so sorry," he managed to get out. His own eyes were betraying him, roaming over this man's face, trying to memorize it. From his perfect long straight nose to the sweet curves of his smile, then the firm line of his jaw, his softly waving deep brown hair...Something inside of him just wanted to stay in this moment of time. Time, something he thought he would have very little of now. But of course, time moved on.

"No, excuse me, I was standing too close," the man dropped his hands back to his sides, smiled, then moved around Randy to the counter and signed in.

Randy gathered his wits and made his way to an empty seat just as the couple was called. His eyes followed them, sadly, as they entered the inner offices of the clinic. He knew the look the ill man had, he'd seen it all too often before. The look that said that his time was almost up.

He then turned his gaze back to the man at the counter, traveling from the tips of his light brown cowboy boots and up over his snug jeans, admiring the long trim legs, the small rounded ass. It was almost like eating with his eyes, filling himself with what he saw. His eyes moved past the belt and over the robin-egg colored polo shirt tucked into the pants, the broad shoulders and muscular arms that only moments before had held him upright. Self-consciously, he adjusted his own shirt, covering his lap with the soft material. Then his gaze moved to the profile of that face, studying it. Just then the man moved and his eyes caught Randy looking him over. Randy noticed a smile as he quickly looked away.

His heart thudded hard in his chest as he noticed the man walking toward him. He shifted uneasily as the man sat down next to him on the small vinyl couch, their thighs brushing, making his thudding heart beat harder. He tried not to look at the man, catching himself as his eyes traveled over long thighs. Why did he sit here, there were plenty of other seats? Then that voice jerked his attention back.

"He didn't look very good," the man stated.

"Huh? Oh, the guy who just went in? No, not good at all," Randy stated, trying not to sound as nervous as he felt.

"My name is John," the man offered, holding out a firm, large hand.

Randy quickly ran his right hand down over his thigh, then clasped it with John's, "Nice to meet you. My name is Randy. I don't think I've seen you here before."

It felt good, having his hand in John's, talking, not afraid that he would have to say what they both knew. He felt as if he already knew so much about this guy, yet he wanted to know so much more. He realized suddenly that he'd held John's hand just a little too long and dropped it suddenly as if it were on fire. He could feel those blue eyes looking him over, reading him too well, of that he was sure. He listened to John's response, then started talking with him...and just kept on talking until a voice interrupted, calling Randy into the clinic.

"Um, that's me. I'll see you around," Randy said as he jumped up.

He crossed the room and entered the clinic. This time his visit seemed to take forever, the doctor droning on and on, though Randy barely heard a word. His thoughts were still with John. It had been a long time since he let himself feel this way about anyone. He wasn't entirely happy that he felt this way now, after all, he really didn't have time for this. He didn't really have time at all... Finally it was over and he got to leave. Just as he got out of the clinic door, he heard his name called.

He twisted and looked, surprised that John had gotten out first. But there he was, leaning casually against the wall, the sole of one boot pressed against the wall, as was his back. Randy felt his heart jump again, then he walked over to John.

"I really liked talking with you in there, would you like to go to lunch with me? I know a great place at the wharf," John asked with a sweet smile, pulling himself off of the wall and stepping closer to Randy.

He couldn't say no, no way! Great food with a fine looking man who made him feel 16 again? How could he refuse? "Sure, that sounds great," Randy answered.

They turned and walked side by side, chatting like old friends. They caught the trolley when it finally caught up, then jumped off when they were near the wharf. The day was perfect, and getting better all the time.

The great place turned out to be even better. Quiet, dark, romantic. They sat across from one another, a small candle lighting their meal, adding to the feel. John ordered wine with their meal, a California white from the Napa Valley, just across the Golden Gate Bridge. Randy had gone on a tour of that particular winery before. It made it feel as though everything was tying in together. Like his whole life was coming together. It was frightening, but at the same time exciting. Every second felt like an hour, felt better and more real than any other time in his life.

John reached across the table and gently ran his fingers over Randy's cheek. Randy felt a lump in his throat, to go along with the one in his pants he thought wryly. He turned his face into the caress and kissed those stroking fingers one by one. The smile on John's face faded, his mouth opened slightly, his eyes blazing with passion. The heat between them was scorching. The waiter interrupted with the dessert tray, but neither chose one from it. John quietly took the check from the waiter then handed over a credit card. They sat and finished their wine with few words, their eyes speaking for them. The waiter returned with the receipt and Randy excused himself to the men's room while John finished up.

Randy was just tossing out the paper towel when John came in and walked over to him. Big hands grasped his shoulders, pulling him hard against John's chest. Their lips met hungrily this first time, their tongues entwining, searching, caressing the insides of each other's mouths. Searing heat passed between them as their hands moved over one another. Randy gasped out loud as John's hands pressed over his ass, forcing John's hips against his own. Throbbing hard cocks straining against jeans, rubbing against one another.

John pulled his mouth from Randy's and murmured in his ear, "Come home with me."

Randy managed to nod yes into John's eyes before diving hungrily for his mouth again. They were interrupted by an older man coming in to make use of the facilities. Randy and John exchanged glances, then laughed together and headed out into the sun.

John explained that he left his car in the parking garage near where he worked and told Randy that they would have to cross town on the trolley again to get to it. Randy always enjoyed riding the trolley anyway, after all this time it was still fun going up and down the steep hills. It felt like they didn't need words anymore. Maybe it was because all they wanted now was to be wrapped around one another, become part of one another.

They finally reached the garage and opted to climb the stairs up to the level John's car was on. John opened the passenger door for Randy, then closed him in. Randy looked around the car, it was fresh and clean, and looked expensive. He settled into the comfortable seat and waited while John walked around and got in. No sooner did he look over at John then he found himself in a firm hold with a hot mouth over his own. Their heat fogged up the car windows, and Randy's head. He felt like he was in a dream, one from which he never wanted to awaken. Hands traveled over clothing, searching, massaging, exploring.

John pulled back after what seemed like hours and raked his hand through his hair, sighing softly, "We'd better get going, before things get out of hand," he laughed.

Randy nodded and chuckled while he straightened his clothes. John pulled on his sunglasses and headed out to the Golden Gate Bridge. As they turned onto the road leading over the bay, Randy turned and asked suddenly, "Where exactly do you live?"

John glanced over then replied, "Oh, out along the shore near Petaluma. I don't have to come in to San Francisco very often. Is that a problem?"

Randy replied uneasily, "Well, no, it's just that my medication is at home."

"What do you take?" John asked.

Randy outlined his drugs and was relived when John said he had the same drugs and could let Randy use his, no problem. They discussed the drugs, how long they had been on them, when they found out they were HIV positive, who they thought they had gotten it from, etc... Before they knew it they were taking the turn-off at Petaluma and heading down a lush tree lined road. They passed through a few small towns that looked interesting, then down past the Russian river. The forest crowded in around them, lovely and serene. Randy could feel the tension drain from him just from looking around. Soft strains of classic music added to the effect. He felt like he was heading into heaven itself.

They reached the coast road and Randy gasped each time they rounded a curve. The road hung on the cliffs out over the ocean and he didn't see how on earth John could keep the car from going over. The road curved and doubled back on itself, it was narrow with hairpin turns. Randy held tight to his seat and the dashboard, crying out on a particularly tight turn with a truck coming the other direction. John just chuckled at him. They reached a tiny town clinging to the cliff, then John turned up a narrow road heading up the mountain. The forest canopy closed overhead around them, making it dark enough to have to turn on the headlights. The road narrowed down to one lane, curving even more tightly than the one hanging over the cliffs, so much so that you couldn't see what was around the corner. John turned onto a long drive that headed back toward the ocean, following it until they reached a house tucked away in the woods. Randy sighed a huge sigh of relief that the drive was over.

John laughed and placed his hand over Randy's hand, "You're home, you can relax now."

Randy smiled back at him and nodded, feeling that he really was home now. They both got out and stretched, the fresh air stinging their noses, filling their senses. Randy thought that he had never been in such a beautiful place in his life. It was so quiet, so peaceful. He could hear an occasional car pass on the coast road, but after all the time in the city it seemed like the earth had gone mute. In the distance came the distinct sound of the waves crashing at the bottom of the cliff, over and over. There were quiet sounds of birds and forest creatures. Tension just fell away as Randy fell in love with the place.

John came around the car and put his arm around Randy, then drew him into the house. It looked like a big single story house, the wood finished to look natural. A big lopping Irish Setter met them at the door, sniffing friendily at the stranger, wagging his tail, then jumping away as his master called him out to the backyard. John closed both doors, then offered Randy a drink. Randy just shook his head no then stepped closer to John. They moved together more tentatively this time, perhaps because now it was serious. They were here alone, and they both knew what they wanted. Their bodies moved closer then touched, arms moving around one another, lips brushing, then melding.

Their heat built up again, but slowly this time. Mouths drifted down over clean shaven necks, finding the soft areas, leaving marks behind. Their shirts found their way into a pile on the floor, hands and mouths found nipples, slid over chests with their mats of fur. Hands fumbled with belts, buttons and zippers until there was nothing but John's clean white briefs between them. Randy kissed his way down until he knelt in front of John, his face pressed into the crotch of John's briefs. He inhaled the warm, moist, masculine scent through the material. Then he wrapped his mouth around the head of John's straining cock, sucking and licking through the material, sliding down to the balls and sucking them in, fabric and all.

John moaned and threaded his fingers through Randy's hair, pressing his face harder into his crotch. Randy's hands traveled up the furry thighs, up to the well rounded ass he'd wanted to touch since he first saw this man. He pulled down on the material, drawing the briefs down over the twin mounds, sliding along the elastic to the front and moving out of the way as his thick, hard cock popped out. He pulled the briefs down, letting them fall around John's ankles, then John stepped out of them. Randy started to lick and suck at the throbbing cock before him. John moaned and flexed his ass muscles under Randy's hands. It had been so long, so terribly long since Randy had been with a man. He could hardly control himself, wanting so badly to have this man, to take his cum. Each time John cried out Randy could feel his own cock jump and throb.

"Oh yes, ummmmm, yes...Ahhhh...oooohhhh...mmmmm...Oh yes...," murmured John, "Get it good and slick...Oh yeah..."

Randy felt strong arms lifting him, pulling him to his feet. Then his belly was pressed over the thickly padded arm of the couch. A warm wet tongue lapped at his pink tight asshole, then a big hand grasped his hip. He could feel the hard cock pressed at his opening, pressing until it opened and admitted the throbbing cock into his body. He grunted and heard John grunt in response. John rocked in and out of Randy, slowly at first, then moving faster and faster, fucking his ass hard and deep. Their voices rose in a mingled harmony, crying out, moaning, yelling...

"Oh, fuck me hard! Harder!", Randy yelled, "Yes, oh holy shit, yes! Oh God! Fuck me! Ooooohhhh...ooooo..."

"Yes, oh yes! I'm gonna cum! Uuuuuuhhhhmmmm...Yes... I'm...Oooooohhhh...AAaaaaahhhh...," moaned John.

John buried his tool deep into Randy, pumping out bursting spurts of hot cum, filling his ass. Randy lay sweating and moaning over the arm of the couch, his ass offered up to John as the cum filled him. The hands on his hips moved up over his chest, pulling him back against John's chest, cradling him. He felt John's cock slide out of him and turned his mouth back to John, offering it up for a kiss which John accepted. They straightened up, then John pulled Randy around to him, kissing him deeply, his hand traveling down to Randy's still hard cock.

John's hand moved up and down over Randy's cock, the skin moving easily down then back up over the head. John pulled away from Randy and just watched as he kept moving his hand up and down Randy's hard shaft. A small drop of pre-cum formed at the tip and John rubbed his thumb through it, smearing it over the head. He put his thumb over Randy's frenulum and rubbed, watching as Randy's cock rubbed against his thumb in response.

"I've never had a cock with a turtleneck to play with before," Randy teased, "it's kind of cool."

"Oooohhh...," Randy let out a moan, "play with it all you want. Mmmm..."

John dropped to one knee in front of Randy, holding his cock, sliding the skin up and down, watching. Then he leaned in and sucked Randy's tight nuts into his mouth, rolling them around, holding them lightly between his teeth and grinding. Randy moaned and cried out to him, panting. John moved from his balls to his cock, running his tongue around and around the head then prying at the pee hole with the tip. His tongue moved to the frenulum, rubbing up and down until Randy grabbed the back of his head and forced his cock down John's throat.

As his cock hit the back of John's throat, he swallowed, trying to take it all in, relaxing his gag reflex. He held tight to the rounded ass cheeks as Randy pumped his cock in and out of his mouth. The air was filled with slurping and sucking noises and Randy's moans and groans. He pumped his hard cock in and out, faster and faster until John could barely keep his suction up.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck, you are so good! Oh, man, I'm so fucking close! I want your ass! I want to fuck your ass!" Randy cried out to John.

Randy pulled out of John's mouth with a slurping pop and moved behind him, dropping to his knees. He licked wetly at John's dark pink asshole, then moved up closer, probing the hole with his cock until it spread open and allowed him to slide in. John gasped out, pulling forward a little, then ramming back onto the hard rod. Randy gripped John's hips and started stroking hard, ramming his cock in deeper with each thrust. The room echoed with their grunting and wet fucking sounds. Randy plunged his rock hard cock in and out of John's tight ass as John cried out.

"Oh God, yes! Oh baby, slam it home! Yeah, oh yeah, fuck me with that hard cock! Ohhh...mmmmmm...yes...yes...," John moaned.

Their bodies dripped with sweat as they fucked, making even more wet sounds. The air around them smelled of sex, strong and erotic. Randy's balls smacked against John's ass over and over. Randy started moving faster, his balls pulling up tight.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in your ass! Do you want my cum? Tell me, tell me!" Randy yelled out.

"Yes, fuck yes! Cum! Come in me! Oh fuck! Yes!" yelled out John in response.

Hot cum built up deep in Randy burst out in long streams. It seemed like it would never stop...he felt stream after stream bursting out. Sweat coated his body slickly, just as John was coated in sweat. They panted together in the silence, catching their breath. Randy leaned down and rested his head on John's back, his wet hair sticking to the skin. He wrapped his arms around John, turning his face to leave a wet kiss on his back. Finally they collapsed on their sides together, dropping off to sleep cuddled up like spoons.

They awoke in the dark, still wrapped around one another. The dog was barking and scratching at the backdoor, tired of waiting outside. John got up and walked to the door, letting the dog come in.

"Come on in Cody, be good," warned John.

The over-sized puppy ran into the room, wagging his tail so hard that his hips swayed from side to side. He stopped to lick his master's hand, then ran over to Randy who was still spread out on the floor. Hot, wet dog kisses coated Randy's face as he tried to fend the dog off. John chuckled and called Cody away, leading him into the kitchen and distracting him with food.

Randy got up and stretched, his body stiff from both the workout and sleeping on the floor. John returned, carrying two beers and wearing a robe. He had a robe draped over his arm that he handed to Randy. It was plush and soft, Randy was glad to wrap it around him. They both walked out into the night, John handing Randy a beer and leading him to a large swing hanging from a beam. They sat together, talking and swinging, sipping at the beer. The air was cool, gentle ocean breezes making the trees sway.

When the beers were gone they decided to head back into the house and go to sleep. Neither of them knew what the morning would bring, neither of them knew how much longer they had left. All they knew was that they had found something special, something they wanted to give a try, no matter how long it might last.

Life has no certainty for any of us, if we are lucky we have today.