Delay at the Airport

I was finally heading home after a long week with a problem client. I was just looking forward to laying my head down on my own pillow. The last leg of my flight was out of Chicago. Of course, the snow was coming down like mad. They announced that all of the flights were cancelled. I had been making small talk with this good looking guy for about an hour before they made the announcement about the cancelled flights. We were now standing in line at the counter to arrange for a flight out of O'Hare tomorrow morning. I got on my cell phone immediately and tried to arrange for a hotel room for the night, but everything was completely booked due to the storm. My new friend, whose name was Johnny, by the way, told me that he lived close by and I was welcome to crash on his couch for the night,. We were set for the same flight in the morning, so that seemed like a good idea to me.

We both decided to just keep our bags checked so we wouldn't have to deal with that in the morning. We got a cab back to his place, which thankfully was not too far from the airport. He had a nice house in what seemed to be a nice part of Chicago. It was a bit cold in his house as he had turned down the heat since he was going to be gone. He made us a drink and we sat on his couch and talked. Johnny apologized for not having a guest room, but said I was welcome to stay on the couch or he had a king size bed that we could share if that didn't bother me. I let him know that it didn't bother me if he had some shorts or something I could sleep in as I usually slept nude and didn't have a change of clothes with me. He said he could find me some, but I was welcome to sleep nude, since he does as well.

As the evening went on, it was clear that there was definitely some chemistry between us. He turned and looked me and told me that I had beautiful blue eyes. I blushed and thanked him. I have always been complimented on my blue eyes, so I was used to it.

Johnny stats are as follows: 5'10, 185, brown hair, mustache, and green eyes. I am about 6'1, 230, brown hair, blue eyes. Johnny continued to look at me and I finally asked him if he wanted to kiss me. He told me that he thought I would never ask. With that Johnny put his soft lips up to mine and slowly entered his tongue into my mouth. He was a great kisser. We kissed for quite awhile and then he led me by the hand into his bedroom. We stood at the foot of the bed and embraced in another kiss. As we were kissing, I unbuttoned the front of his shirt and revealed a very moderately hairy, sexy chest. He looked very hot with his shirt unbuttoned. He pulled my shirt up and over my shoulders. I am somewhat hairy, but more on my stomach than my chest. We both kicked off our shoes and socks and slipped off our pants. He was wearing a pair of silk boxers and I didn't have any on. He looked at my 6"cock and said now he knows why I asked for a pair of shorts since I wasn't wearing underwear. I laughed and told him that I hate underwear. He bent down on his knees and took my cock into his mouth. I pulled him up and told him he needed to get rid of his silk boxers before we went any further. He pulled them down and revealed his big 8.5" cock. I was looking forward to grabbing hold of that thing.

We lay down on the bed and embraced and began making out once again. We both let our hands roam all over each other's bodies. I began to lick my way down his body. I took his left nipple into my mouth and nibbled on it lightly as it became further erect. I followed suit with his right nipple. As I chewed on his nipples I moved my hand down to find his fully erect cock. I began to stroke it slowly and moved my mouth back up to greet his eager mouth. We made out for a bit and then I moved my mouth down to his cock and took the massive tool into my mouth. He tasted so good. He began to moan and tell me how good it felt. I took his cock deep down my throat and could feel the head hitting the very back of my throat. I sucked him for a good twenty minutes.

Johnny then pulled me off of his cock and rolled me over on my stomach. He put his tongue up to my ass and began rimming me deeply. Being rimmed is one of my favorite things to do. He stuck his tongue deep in my ass and also rubbed his stubbly chin in my ass. It felt so good. Johnny then said, "Jeff, can I fuck you?" I told him that I would love it. With that, he put his hard cock up to my ass and slowly inched his way into my ass. It was tight, but it felt so good. As he was working his way into my ass, he was licking my neck and telling me how good it felt to be inside of me. Finally, Johnny was deep inside of me and he just let it sit there so I could get used to it. He then began pumping in and out. It was extremely hot. He was pounding me hard and telling me that he couldn't believe his luck that we were on the same flight that happened to get cancelled. He started pounding faster and faster and started breathing faster. He told me that he was about to cum and I told him to shoot that load in my ass. I wanted to feel his jism inside of me. With that he screamed out that he was cumming, oh yeah, here it is, yes, Jeff, yes, take that load. I could feel my ass filling up with his cum. It was a great feeling. He shot every last drop of cum into my ass and kept his cock in my as for a bit and we rolled over on our sides. He was stroking my very hard cock and licking my ear. Johnny then pulled out of me and rolled me on my back. He took my cock into his mouth and began giving me a blow job. I was so worked up that I knew it wasn't going to take me long to shoot my load. He could tell I was getting close and sucked faster and deeper. Before I knew it, I was shooting my load in his mouth. He stayed on my cock and took in every last drop.

We cuddled in bed and just talked for several hours. We eventually fell asleep in each others arms. The next thing I knew I woke up to an alarm clock going off and Johnny was not in bed with me. Thankfully, he had remembered to set the alarm. I could hear the shower running, so I figured Johnny was in the shower. I stumbled into the bathroom to release my morning pee. Johnny wished me good morning and asked me to join him in the shower. I told him I would love to. I finished peeing and opened the shower door and walked in. He took me into his arms and greeted me with a big kiss. I told him "thank you for putting me up". He told me that it was his honor and he hoped that I would come see him again sometime. I told him that I thought that could be arranged.

We began kissing again and sudding up each other. We were both rock hard. Johnny turned me around and told me that he had to get inside me one more time before we left. I wasn't going to fight him as I bent over and felt his hard cock enter my ass. He pushed it in quickly and started fucking me hard. I was stroking my cock while he was fucking me. Before I knew it, he was shooting his load up my ass and I immediately shot my load all over the shower wall.

We finished rinsing off and called a cab. Johnny and I arranged to sit by each other on our flight to Houston. We held hands most of the trip. It was hard to say goodbye to Johnny at the airport, but I know it won't be long before we see each other again.

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