Well, I thought it was time for another installation of the stories by DrThroat. I know you have enjoyed the previous ones, since your sizzling responses were overwhelming.

Once again, this work is pure fiction, although it includes a whole bunch of hidden desires at various times in my life. Any resemblance to real people is by chance only.

Also, as a disclaimer, this story includes situations between consenting adult males. If this sort of stuff offends you, kindly go to the Disney site.

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Our story takes place in New York City. More specifically, in the financial world of Wall Street. Where everyone is straight as an arrow (or at least act it). Where money talks and bullshit walks.

I am Ted. I was 26 at the time of this story. Good-looking guy at 5'10", brown hair, pretty face, and an all-around nice guy. Work out on a regular basis. Keep fit.

I had known ever since high school that I was attracted to men. Didn't do anything about it until college. Then I quietly started exploring. I never felt like the vocal type though. I kept my sexuality to myself. Most of my straight friends must have known about it, but they decided not to bring it up unless I brought it up first. See, being straight acting, nobody suspected, and I preferred not to be labeled.

So when I finished college and landed a nice job in a prestigious Wall Street firm, I decided to adopt the same "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Nobody ever saw me with a girl, but as long as I acted like one of the guys, I was accepted by those uptight types as one of the guys.

This past year, Derek joined our team. At 22, fresh out of college, he was where I had been four years ago. Now, he was as wholesome a guy as you can get. Very good-looking, built, sky-blue eyes you can drown in, and nice bubble-butt you have to sink your teeth in. He was roughly my height. And he had as nice a personality as you can ask for.

Derek was definitely straight though. His girlfriend had also graduated college with him and worked somewhere uptown. They lived together, and she frequently came to happy hours with the rest of us. I later learned that they were pre-engaged.

Which actually brings me to my weakness. I definitely dig the straight wholesome type, not he sissy-faggy boys! From the moment I first saw Derek walk into the office I knew it was going to be trouble. My attraction to him grew even more once I got to be friendly and had to work on a couple of projects together. Many times I had to excuse myself, go to the bathroom, jack off, and come back. Many times when we were scooting over the same desk, I had to control myself and not attack him. Things were especially bad since I had not been going out with anyone for a while. I had given up on one-night stands, and nobody worth a second date had come along in a long while.

But, like most of my crushes, this one calmed down too in time. I had the occasional urges for him (who couldn't), but lets face it: it wasn't gonna happen, and it was only going to get me even more sexually frustrated.

So, about six months after he started in our office, one Tuesday night both of us happened to stay late to work on separate projects. One by one, everyone else left, and I saw only the light to his office still on across the cubicles in the center of the floor. I didn't make much of it, and kept working. Then I recalled a few other times when I had to stay late on Tuesdays, and he seemed like the routinely worked late on Tuesdays. Maybe that was the night that his girlfriend had something to do, so he felt might as well do some research in the office.

I did not visit him across the floor since I was pretty busy myself. When I was done with my analysis, I printed the document and went to the copy room to make the 20 copies needed for tomorrow's presentation. I got held up there for a while because the copy machine was acting up. Once I was done, I thought I'd stop by Derek's office to see how he's doing. Much to my disappointment, as I turned to walk to his office, I saw that the light was off, and that he was probably gone while I was in the copy room.

I was going to keep walking past his door, go around the cubicles, and return to my office. But as I passed his door, I smelt it!!!! I could detect that smell anywhere: the smell of fresh cum!!!!! I have had so many loads squirted on my face that I had grown addicted to that smell. I broke into a sweat. During the time that I was in the copy room, Derek must have thought that I had left, and had whipped out his boner to give it a good work out since his girlfriend was doing the girls night out. The object of my desires had just finished jacking off that cock of his, which had been the center of so many of my dreams.

Driven by testosterone excess and sexual frustration, I went into his office. I turned the light on, and started looking for the source of that sweet smell. Naturally, the garbage can was the first choice. And there it was. On top of a pile of paper garbage, lay a tissue soaked in fluids. I picked it up. It was still hot! I brought it up to my nose and confirmed the sweet smell of manly cum.

I opened the tissue, and there it was: a huge load of mancum, still hot. I felt weak. I don't know what was coming over me, because the next thing I knew, I brought the tissue up to my mouth and sucked the cum right off of it. If I couldn't get his cock into my mouth without a fight, I was gonna settle for the stuff that came out of his cock, even if it meant I had to find it in a garbage can. I licked every last drop of it, until I was getting the paper in my mouth. Fuck, I drank it all, and I am still craving for more. At least a real cock you can have in your mouth for quite some time to satisfy your urges.

I sat on his chair and took out my cock. I started stroking it, thinking of the what I had just done. And then I glanced over his desk. The picture of his girlfriend, nicely framed, was sitting there and looking at me. Well, that was enough to kill my boner. But I was still craving for cock.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I told you I don't do one night stands. So the next best thing was this club in midtown. The name of the place is Manland. Compared to all the Times Square joints, this is the only upscale place which I could allow myself to be seen in. I usually go there about once or twice a year, when I was really frustrated sexually, and tonight was one of those nights.

The way the place is set up is as follows. They have a small theater and a stage. They feature only top quality dancers. Each one of them comes out already with a boner, and does a 10 minute thing on the stage. After that, they go to the back room, where they hang out and you can actually go up and talk to the dancers. Supposedly, there is also a prostitution thing going on there too. So that if you like a dancer, you can pay the house fee and take the dancer to some room in the back and have sex with them. The session is over when you come, or if you make the dancer come. All this extra info I got from this guy who was a patron of the place and was trying to pick me up a previous time I went there.

For me, personally, the voyeurism of seeing the naked men on stage was enough to get my dose of eye-candy and get over my occasional frustration. I would never even contemplate paying to have sex with the dancers. Besides the pride thing, there were too many diseases going on for me to take a chance like that.

Going back to our story, allow me to refresh your memories: Derek's fresh cum had got me crazy and had driven me to this male revue club.

I picked up myself from Derek's chair, and headed for Manland. I paid the admission fee, entered the main theater, and got myself a nice seat in the middle of the semi-crowded room. The show was already going on, with Vince finishing his number. Then a number of other studs came on, and pranced around in their naked glories, showing off their goodies. Some of the other guys in the audience had no problems whipping out their cocks and jacking off right there, but I was too shy to jerk off in public. But I liked to steal a glance at my fellow spectators and watch a periodic orgasm.

Tony, the Italian stud on the stage, finished his number and stepped off the stage. The MC announced: "Up next, we have for you: Derek."

Real funny, NOT! All I needed was a coincidence in names to get me even more frustrated. So I waited eagerly to see what this dancer, who shared a name with my colleague, looked like.

Lights go on, and Derek steps on the stage with a marvelous boner! When I say Derek, I mean DEREK, the guy I work with every day in Wall Street! At this point I was questioning my own sanity. Was I dreaming this whole thing, was I placing Derek's head on the body of some other dancer? Was I so frustrated that my mind would betray me in this way?

Then I got my answer. Derek, the one on the dance floor, was doing his routine as he slowly made his way toward the side of the stage where I was sitting. Flirting with the crowd, he was making eye contact to seduce everyone one at a time. And here he was, I was next. And, now he saw me. Yes, it was THE Derek, since he froze in his place, with the music still going on. He just stared into my eyes, as he turned twenty different shades of red and pink. He lost his marvelous boner instantaneously, and broke into a sweat. After about 10 seconds of staring each other in the eyes, he was smart enough to gather his composure and resume what he was there for. He finished his routine (at least part of it), and stepped off.

I still could not believe what had happened. Derek, the guy who seemed straight as an arrow, pre-engaged, was here flaunting his cock in the face of other guys! In my wildest dreams I did no imagine him to be a male dancer.

This was one occasion which called for going to the backroom, where supposedly all the dancers gathered after their act, mingling with the crowd. I picked up myself, and headed there. The room was a decent sized living room, with couches and a soda machine. There were the dancers from the previous acts, and a whole bunch of hungry men ready to pay good money to have their way with them. Initially, Derek was not there. Then he showed up from the other entrance. He was wearing a blue thong, which manifested his physique perfectly. He was not hard. He walked in with his head drooping down, in embarrassment, in despair. His whole world must have collapsed on him, now that I discovered him in this compromising position. He probably expected to find me in the back room, so I saved him the effort and walked over.

"Hi, Derek."


"That's all? HEY???"

"Look, what do you want me to say? You caught me, Okay?" He yelled.

"Slow down. I am equally embarrassed about this situation. The one time I come, I get to bump into someone I know."

"Yeah, but you weren't naked on the stage."

"True," I said.

"Look, I don't know what to tell you. I can't even think right now."

"Me neither. But I guess we were bound to find out about each other sooner or later."

"I knew about you for some time though."

"How so?" I said.

"It's not too hard to put 2 and 2 together. Especially working at this place, your 'gaydar' works even better."

"Guess so. I always had wanted to keep it discrete."

"That's what I figured, so I did not bring it up."

"Thanks," I said.

"No sweat. I just never thought I might actually bump into you or anyone else I knew here."

Now I got all defensive about being there. "No, I don't come here on a regular basis at all. I just, I just come here, just like, when……"

"Look, no need to get all worked up. I'm the one who works here!"


"That's OK." He said.

"But I would have never thought of you as being gay. You are happy with your girlfriend, and I never thought you may be interested in men on the side."

"That's because I'm not."


"I'm not gay. I just sort of landed in this job because of circumstances."

Now I was intrigued. "I guess you might as well tell me since we are opening up here, I think."

"Back in college I got into a drunk driving accident. I couldn't go to my parents for money, since I would never hear the end of it. I max'd all my credit cards to pay for the legal fees and the fines. I needed a well-paying job to pay for all those bills. A friend of mine told me to get into the porn industry, since it paid well and I was good-looking. At first I thought he was joking, so I just dismissed his comments. It turned out that he really meant it. The bills piled up, and I was getting desperate. Before I knew it, I found myself at this agency. I knew I couldn’t perform in front of a camera, so I thought of dancing. But I was too nervous to even do a seductive routine. So the guy said that since my dancing sucked, the only place where I may have a chance is a gay dance club, because they may like me just for my body, which is all I had going for me. Needless to say, I walked right out of that office. With the next cycle of bills I was back in that office asking for that job. I first worked at this other club 10 blocks down. There, all you had to do is to dance. But the single dollar bills they stuffed in your shorts were not enough to cover my bills. Then, as I grew a little more comfortable dancing for men, my 'talent' was discovered by the owner of this club. He told me that the pay is going to be significantly better here, and that in one night I could bring in what took more than two weeks at the other place. Once again, I declined, but the bills got to me again. I found the owner, and he told me what I have to do. And here I am, seducing gay men every Tuesday night from 9PM to sunrise."



"So, you're still paying off your bills?"

"No, those are long gone. Since the pay is so good, now I work here once a week to pay off student loans."

"And your girlfriend knows about it?"

"I had to tell her. I just ran out of excuses for disappearing every Tuesday night."

"And she's cool with you having sex with gay men?"

"Well, you see, I don't really have sex with them."

"As in?"

"Well, I act strictly as a top. If a customer pays for me, I will let them touch me, and suck me. For another hundred I will fuck them. But I will not fondle them or suck them. No offense, but I usually close my eyes and think I am with some hot girl, or my girlfriend"

"You know, ironically, you are the one who made me come here tonight!"


"Well, after I got done with the copy room, I headed to your office. You were gone by then, but the smell of your cum in that tissue grabbed my attention. I found it in the garbage can." I chose not to tell him about me drinking his cum after that.

Shyly, he replied: "I usually jack off before coming here, so I stay hard longer."

"I had always found myself attracted to you. So the whole thing drove me crazy, and my hormones brought me here, only to meet you!!!!"

"I find you a good-looking guy too, but that's where that ends, no offense."

"None taken."

By now we have been talking at the corner of the room for 20 minutes. A guy, who must have been the manager of the place came up to us, faced me, and said: "Hey buddy, Derek's time is worth good money. If you don't plan to dish out the cash, then he is not here to chit-chat."

Derek interrupted at this point, trying to convey the sincerity of the conversation to his boss: "That's OK, Ted is my friend. We were just…."

As he was talking to his boss, the most brilliant idea came to my mind. Derek had been the object of my desires for six months. Many times I had imagined him and me together, embracing, having sex. Here was my golden opportunity to make my dream come true.

I jumped up from my chair, faced the manager, reached for my wallet, and said: "I was actually just about ready for some action." Then I turned to Derek, and said: "Ready, Derek?"

A dumbfounded look, worse than the one when Derek first saw me in the audience, took over his face. He did not expect that I may actually become a customer and pay. You could feel that he wanted to resist, but with his boss there, he couldn't say a thing.

The manager said: "Follow me, gentlemen."

With that I reached and grabbed Derek's hand, and dragged him with me to where the manager was going to take us. He led us into another room, where the issue of payment was taken care of, and then showed us to one of the doors on the side. I followed my directions, and pulled Derek by the hand with me into the other room.

Once the door was closed behind us, I took a look. A simple room, with a lamp and a bed, no window. Perfect for getting it on with a prostitute.

Derek was angry. "I can't believe you did that."

"It was that chance of a lifetime. Couldn't give it up."

"What are you talking about. We didn't have to continue our talk right now, and you wouldn't have to pay so much money just to keep the momentum of the conversation."

"Who said anything about conversation?!"


"I plan to get what I paid for."

"You must be joking. You really think I'm gonna have sex with you?"

"The way I look at it you have no choice."

The situation was worse than he thought. After that he was just quiet. I picked up on my cue and grabbed his nipples. He was just frozen in his place. I decided to take the next challenge and kiss him. I landed my lips on his neck, and started covering it with my kisses. I made my way up to his right ear and nibbled on it. He leaned his head the other way, further exposing his ear to me, but did not say a thing. I took the next step, which was inching my way to his thong. I cupped his tool from the outside: nothing. The guy was not hard at all. Either he was too angry, or still too nervous about letting his colleague have sex with him for money.

I decided that if I was going to enjoy this, I would have to put him in the mood. I took off his thong. I have a natural talent for sucking nipples. I can't disclose what I do with them, but many a time I have brought a man to an orgasm just by sucking on his nipples. So I attacked Derek's nipples the best way I knew how. I went from one to the other, and then back. As I worked him, his cock grew stiff, and he started moaning. I knew that I was successful at arousing him.

My next target, and the whole reason for being in that room, was his cock. Ever so slowly I left his pecs and made my way to his abs with my tongue. I could sniff his pubes. I was inches from the cock I yearned for all this time. Still hard, I grabbed his cock and pointed it straight out. I strapped my lips at the base, and worked up the never-ending shaft. On the backstroke, I engulfed the whole thing in my mouth, and started giving him one hell of a BJ. I alternated between his cock and balls. Even though he may not have enjoyed being there to begin with, he was digging it now. He was moaning loudly, his knees were weak, and he had to lay on the bed to keep pumping my face.

And me, I was like a kid lost in a candy store. For the first time ever, one of my infatuations had materialized into reality. I sucked and sucked, until I got what I wanted: another fresh load in my mouth. I did not let any of that cum drip out.

Damn, the rule is, whenever someone cums, the session is over. I leaned back, still on the floor, taking in my spent stud as he lay still on the bed. After a minute, he raised his head and looked at me ever so suspiciously. Should I be scared now? Is he gonna beat the crap out of me?

He sat up, leaned over, and grabbed my head by the back of my neck. He brought my head near him, and suddenly kissed me on the lips. His tongue protruded my lips. He must have tasted his own cum, because for a second he drew back. He then kissed me again.

He grabbed me, and pulled me up and he made both of us stand up.

He whispered in my ears: "Ted, all this time that men have sucked my cock, I had wondered what it would be like to suck a cock. So guess what, today is your lucky day! I want you to be my first."

With that he threw me onto the bed. He quickly stripped me, and like an amateur went straight for my cock. I had been hard the whole time anyway, so that that was no problem. After much biting, scratching, and other first-time-sucker plagues, I came. I decided to announce it loud, giving him the chance to withdraw his mouth. Instead, he clenched down until every last drop was out and down his throat.

Well, since then, Derek and I had become closer. He still lives with his girlfriend and plans to marry her. But he has discovered the joys of gay sex and we have quickies in the office and elsewhere on a regular basis. I blow him every Tuesday night before he goes to work.

Hope you enjoyed this story as well. I look forward to your comments at DrThroat@aol.com.