Jack Scribe


"So you think it was more than just an innocent touch?" Spike asked Cray. The two were seated in the den: Spike lounging until it was time to go to 'work' and Cray munching on an after-school snack. Cray had joined him ten minutes earlier and had shared his experiences with Michael at the gym. 'Jeez,' Spike thought, 'the perpetually horny state of this guy is one for the record books.' He knew, however, to be patient and help Cray sort out the latest dilemma, as benign as it seemed to be.

"The massage thing could have been an accident. I mean, I had a woodie that was growing out at a weird angle," Cray said with a shrug. "But later, in the Jacuzzi, Michael was definitely 'doing' something. After I pulled away, he just made some goofy joke and that was about it. Funny thing...when we were showering, he didn't look at me."

"And you know that by..."

"Checking him out on the sly - at least until I started getting hard again," Cray grinned and added, "He's put together pretty nicely."

"Sounds like my brother back home has some competition. But he did say you two were going to be just buddies." From separate discussions with Cray and his brother, Spike had put together a good picture of the weekend that the two teens had shared. A weekend when innocence had 'flown the coop' forever.

"Just buddies. We both needed, ya know, to figure out things. I'm sure we'll get together for another weekend, very soon, if Henry can get back to Vegas. That is, unless something happens between Michael and me."

"My only advice is to see how it plays out. This just happened a couple of days ago and you're going with Michael to the Tai Chi class tonight. If the opportunity presents itself, go for it." Spike sat back and took a sip of Coke. He looked at his watch and decided it was almost time to take a shower and get dressed. His 'date' was scheduled for 6:00 p.m.

"Go for it? Whaduya mean?"

"This guy probably doesn't have much experience on how to approach another know...and be aggressive. Sound familiar?"

"Yeah. Like the blind leading the blind," Cray replied.

"Exactly. Plus, you don't know much about his home life other than he lives with his dad. God knows that parents constantly pressure guys your age to fit into nicely wrapped hetero packages. Maybe that's the case with him but he wants to break loose."

"I dunno. Michael isn't too frantic about dating.  He usually gets fixed up for a group party or movie - but nothing more. And he seems to be on good terms with his dad."

"Maybe your friend is easing his way out of the closet and just needs a little nudge. My suggestion is to try the 'accidental touch' routine in the car when he brings you back tonight. He rests his arm on the center console and you do the same - innocent flesh against flesh - but you just don't move. If he presses into your arm, you've got a definite sign that he's interested in...whatever. The more I think about it, the incident in the Jacuzzi was probably intentional on Michael's part." Spike could remember very well the 'cat and mouse' games that teens play, whatever the orientation. 'Raging hormones and they're not quite sure how to handle it,' he thought.

"And I blew it, so to speak," Cray replied with a chuckle.

"Just sent some mixed signals. Listen, I've got to get ready for an appointment." Spike stood up and waited for Cray to join him. "I probably won't see you later so I'll wish you good luck now."

"Thanks. I'll follow your advice." Cray rose and gave Spike a hug. "I don't want it to seem like I'm putting my nose in your business, so don't get pissed. Do ya ever think that maybe you should, um, quit? I worry about you getting hurt or something."

"Buddy, I'm not pissed and actually flattered that you're concerned about me. Truthfully, I think about it." Spike took Cray by the shoulders and stepped back. "Part of me knows that I've had a good run and should get out while I'm ahead. However, the other part - the whore part, I guess - sees the money that can be made." He winked and added, "Maybe I'll hang it up by next spring. We'll see."

"I hardly think of you as a whore," Cray replied with a frown.

"Maybe that was a little strong and I am thinking about retiring from...escort work."

"Okay, I won't bug ya or anything. Just know I love you like a big brother."

"And I love ya right back, little bro. It's just something I need to work out in my own way." Spike paused for a moment of self-reflection before adding, "Gotta go." He squeezed Cray's arm and left the den. 'The kid is right...of course,' he thought as he walked into his bedroom. 'At least I'm not into drugs, not out on the street and don't have to do things unsafely.'

The idea of quitting continued to play in his mind while he cleaned himself and got dressed in a Tommy Bahama shirt, slacks and slip-on tassel loafers. But by the time Spike was in his car, heading to The Strip, his mind was on the task at hand. He drove into the Mandalay Bay self-parking garage and walked around to the Four Seasons lobby. The luxury hotel actually occupied the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay but it would be a little too conspicuous to use valet parking at the private entrance. He had made 'blending in' an art form. As was the usual S.O.P., he confidently strolled into the lobby and nodded to the staff.

The only information Spike had been given was that "Mr. Smith" wanted him for the entire night. 'Is the guy some old cougar?' he wondered as the paneled and brass elevator whisked him up to the penthouse floor. 'Must have some bucks to afford these digs and 12 hours of my time. Just hope he isn't a ton of fun.' Spike shook his head and smiled as he remembered a client at the MGM Grand about six months earlier who must have weighed in at over 400 pounds. 'Nice guy, even if I did have a problem getting at his pecker.' The arrival buzz and doors sliding back brought him back to the present. He stepped into the quiet hallway, briefly read the directional sign and walked to the room door. The fact that there were only four doors on this floor, each with a recessed entry framed in black onyx and highlighted by glowing mini-chandeliers, suggested that the suite would be rather large.

'Here's to an uncomplicated date...and another few bucks in the bank,' he thought as he pushed the doorbell. It was quite unusual for an all-evening booking in the middle of the week and that made Spike doubly curious about the client. His warm smile turned to an inquisitive frown as the door opened and a uniformed butler faced him.

"Good evening, sir. Please come in," the middle-aged man in a tuxedo said with a soft, lilting Welsh accent. "I've just poured champagne and set out hors d'oeuvres in the sitting room. Unless you require anything else, I will excuse myself."

"Thanks. I'll take care of everything else." Spike nodded to the butler and watched as he left the suite. 'Phew. For a minute I thought I was going to be in for some sort of three-way, dress-up fantasy with this classy man. I'm sure, however, that he knows why I'm here.' He walked over to the coffee table and observed the beautiful food displayed on silver trays. In the wine cooler, he recognized the neck label of Dom Perignon. 'The guy's a big spender.' Since the Four Seasons didn't have a casino, he knew that these goodies weren't 'comp' freebies for a 'whale' gambler. Spike walked over to the window and scanned the fabulous view looking north up The Strip. 'Best not to touch anything until this guy comes in.'

"Spike, thanks for joining me. Long time, no returned calls," came a voice from the bedroom.

"Um, hello." Spike turned and visually confirmed the identity that matched the voice. 'Holy fuck,' he thought. 'Mr. Smith reveals himself.' He walked over, extended his hand and said, "Mr. Gallian. This is a surprise. Hi, Lou." Spike felt a turbulent flow of emotion surge through his body as he looked at the young stud from New York who he had been told to avoid.

"You're a hard man to get a hold of." Lou took the offered hand, shook it and pulled Spike into a hug. "Way too hard." He leaned in and planted a light kiss on Spike's lips.

"And you're a determined man." Spike savored the kiss for a moment and the alluring smell of natural muskiness. "The butler just poured champagne." He walked over to the coffee table and picked up the partially filled crystal flutes. 'This is a pleasant surprise,' he decided, 'and it doesn't violate Mario's rule about not seeing Lou. The guy's a client and I'll treat this as such.' He handed Lou a glass and said, "I'll let you do a toast."

"Then, here goes. our health and a good evening ahead. Maybe the first of many more." Lou clinked his glass on Spike's and nodded before taking a sip. "Sit down and let's get reacquainted."

"I suppose it wasn't that hard to find me?" Spike waited for Lou to sit and then joined him on the same couch. The more he thought about it, Spike was flattered that he had been sought out.

"Not hard but a little costly. I had your cell number and a name. An investigator I use did the rest. As you can appreciate, I didn't want to bother your young friend, Cray, with questions. Nor did I think it was a good idea to drag my cousin and the guys from the hotel into my quest."

"So, now you found me and also know how I support myself." Spike picked up a smoked salmon canapé and slowly chewed it while he digested what he had just been told. He watched as Lou did the same thing and tried to decipher his facial expressions. 'He's either a good poker player or my status isn't a big deal with him. Maybe he's just looking for a good evening of sex and likes my style?' He took a sip of champagne and asked, "Mind explaining 'quest'?"

"Just that I thought we had an excellent time together last month and was puzzled when you didn't return my phone calls. You're what, 21? I'm 22 and very single. We're both bright and you have a great sense of humor. Plus, I don't think either one of us lacks in the 'looks' department, and we both enjoy physical contact. I thought that we had something going and then, like Cinderella, you disappeared."

"And now you've discovered what Cinderella does on the side. That doesn't turn you off?" Spike wasn't sure where this conversation was heading but decided to play his cards carefully.

"First, let's agree on a few things. Even in the 21st century, being a man in New York society and international business who also happens to be gay makes you a target for opportunists and prejudice. So I just deal with it by keeping very low key...for the present. Not complaining. Just the way it is. Back east or in Europe, I mostly prefer male companionship that is contracted and comes with no emotional attachments. And I've actually become good friends with a few of the escorts. The cool thing is that Mom and Dad are okay with that."

"Sounds like a very liberal family."

"Liberal, practical and rich," Lou replied with a chuckle. "They trust me to be discrete and I've got a brother who will do his breeding job at the proper time."

"My parents seem to be okay with my orientation. By the way, as far as they know, I have a part-time job to help out with finances to help pay expenses at UNLV."

"The student part is true, though?"

"Just started my senior year and have a 3.2 GPA."

"Beauty and brains. Validates my good taste in men." Lou paused and sipped the champagne. "Now for the big question: why did you run away and not return my calls? I must say that being ignored is not good for my ego," he said with a laugh. "I'm going to be in Vegas for a year and thought we'd become least."

"Truth time?"

"Please. We've got all night and this is just openers. By the way, I made dinner reservations for us downstairs at Charlie Palmer's."

"That sounds great." Spike almost said 'the client calls the shots' but decided that was not appropriate. "You deserve an explanation concerning me not returning your calls, but you gotta promise me that whatever I say goes no further."

"Cross my heart." Lou winked, crossed his heart and picked up another canapé. "This is between you and me."

"Okay, here goes. I didn't know about you or even your family name until after we met. Honest. Politics and the inside business dealings in this town are topics I don't follow that closely. I'd only heard the Bromley name mentioned on occasion."

"That's my uncle. He's the CEO of the company. And his son - my cousin - is out here to oversee the hotel opening for our family. I'll be working with him as I go through training in the various departments, learning the resort and casino business. Dad thinks I need some practical working knowledge before I go on to graduate school."

"But, Lou, I'm sure you're aware that...your family's company is involved with many more activities that don't show up in the annual report." Spike paused and hoped he wasn't making a mistake by bringing up this 'unspoken' subject. "Let's just say that the people I work for weren't thrilled about me dating a Gallian. I was told to back off and not have anything to do with you."

"Ah, there it is. The dirty little secret about some of our financial interests that aren't exactly kosher. Please trust me when I tell you that I'm not involved with these businesses. Dad wants it that way and I actually know very little about the 'darker side'. We're in the process of getting out of those operations. Anyway, I'm going to focus my career on Gallian, Inc., only. In fact, I didn't find out about our involvement of this service that you're a part of until my investigator looked a little further. It became clear when he crosschecked the owner of record of the house where you live."

"Mario?" Spike was amazed at the way they were able to communicate in verbal shorthand.

"Yes, Mario Cirillo. The man who runs that little business...and a few other things in Vegas.  My guy was able to put two and two together, very carefully. Fast-forward...and I made a date." Lou smiled and emptied his champagne glass in one gulp. "I hope I didn't overstep my bounds or that you're pissed?"

"Lou, we had a great time when young Cray fixed us up and I think you're a neat guy. I just don't want to get my ass in a sling with my boss. He was very definite about me not seeing you." Spike reached over and took the bottle out of the cooler and poured each of them more champagne. "But, I guess if you're officially a'll be okay. Off the record, I wish we could just have fun together as friends."

"Friends, we'll be - with a unique variation. At this point, your service only knows that I'm Mr. Smith who has an American Express black card. The card, by the way, is issued to a Cayman corporation and it's paid by some faceless CPA down there. My signature scrawl is completely illegible...on purpose."

"That comes in handy." Spike knew that a black card had unlimited credit for the few who were approved and he was impressed. "Guess you don't sweat out the rates of a suite here at the Four Seasons?"

"Actually, it's a comp arranged as a professional courtesy to our family. I'm registered under my real name and will be here until an apartment I've rented is ready next week. Just because I'm rich doesn't mean I throw cash around...except for arranging to have a hot guy sit next to me," Lou replied with a casual shrug. "You know I'm going to be here at least a year and I'd like to get to know you better. Deal?"

"Deal. For the present, if you use our services enough, you can qualify for some frequent flyer miles." Spike chuckled and scooted over to Lou. He leaned in and physically reconnected with a full-blown, tongue-in-attack kiss. 'Oh, yeah,' he thought as his tongue danced with Lou's equally-eager tongue, 'this isn't going to be a hard job.'

"Mmmm." Lou pulled away and looked into Spike's eyes. "Let's finish up the bubbles and go into the bedroom. I have a spectacular view and we don't have dinner reservations 'til eight." He reached down and slowly rubbed Spike's obvious erection that was straining against the crotch of his pants.

"Much more of that, Mister Smith, and I'll need the hotel's dry cleaning services."

"At the risk of being too bold, let me suggest we carefully disrobe and hang up our clothes. The thought of seeing you buck-naked again is going to cause me to make a mess." Lou laughed loudly, got to his feet and pulled Spike up to his side.

"Not bold...just being practical." Spike put his hand around Lou's waist and they walked to the bedroom. "Saves money on the valet bill."

"And I'll spend the savings on condoms and lube." Lou smiled and unbuttoned Spike's shirt. He carefully draped it over a chair and proceeded to take off his black Armani tee. "Your turn," he said as he toed off his shoes.

Spike loosened Lou's belt, opened a clasp and unzipped the fly. He smiled as he pushed down the pants. "Hmmm, commando, I see," he remarked as Lou's uncovered package came into view.

"I figured it would save time. Same with no socks." Lou stepped out of his puddled pants and folded them neatly before placing them on the chair. "Your turn, hot stuff. Let me watch you unwrap my present."

", what are we celebrating?" Spike took off his shoes and quickly removed his pants. He playfully reached in his briefs and licked his lips.

"I'm not Jewish so Rosh Hashanah doesn't count and I don't have a shofar to blow."

"Chauffeur?" Spike asked with a frown. 'What the fuck is that all about?'

"An old, not-too-funny joke I'll explain another time. How about celebrating the fall equinox?"

"Works for me." Spike pulled off his briefs, kicked them over by the chair and thought, 'Another time? Wonder how many more times we're talking about?' He pulled down the covers and sat down on the bed. "Mr. Smith, would you help me off with my socks?" Spike asked in a playful 'little boy' voice.

"Your wish, lad." Lou kneeled and took off one sock at a time. He leaned in and tenderly sucked on Spike's big toe. "Might as well start on something small and work my way up."

"Wherever you wanna go." Spike snickered as Lou's tongue tickled the spaces between his toes. 'Between right now, after dinner and tomorrow morning,' he considered, 'I think Lou and I are going to get to know each other very well.' Spike sorted out this thought and added, "You know, I feel a little funny providing services for a fee to someone I'd rather have as a friend. Friends don't take money."

"I didn't make the rules." Lou said before he kissed Spike's ankle. "All this is very complicated. Maybe you could put the commissions from us getting together into some sort of fund that you could give to a charity?" His tongue tenderly licked Spike's calf while his free hand ventured north to the warm thigh.

"Maybe that'll work. It's more than a win-win situation," Spike replied with a giggle as Lou's manicured fingers stroked his scrotum. "I'd really like to work on us being friends."


The Tai Chi martial arts class was advanced enough for Cray to be challenged. The master divided the 12 male students - ranging in ages from mid-teen to a few in their early-30s - into pairs. After the class stretched, practiced stances and went through a series of forms, the master re-matched Cray to someone with similar skill levels. For the next hour, the pairs of students went through a series of Kung fu sparring exercises. Finally, the master instructed the students in Wing Chun combat kicking.

"I'm glad you signed up," Michael said as they drove back to Henderson. "It'll be fun to do this class with a friend."

"The master is really good and if we practice together, we should both be able to achieve a higher level by next spring." Cray smiled at Michael. "As long as we don't do too much damage to ourselves. That one guy I was paired with tonight is tough."

"That's your fault, buddy. The master could see you'd had some good training and mixed you with someone who could handle you." Michael took an exaggerated whiff and added, "I really worked up a sweat and I think we're both a little ripe." There was no locker room at the storefront classroom so both guys had worn their lightweight Kung fu uniforms to the training session.

"Speak for yourself." Cray laughed, sniffed in his armpit area and added, "I don't know if 'ripe' is the proper term. Maybe well-done?" He rested his arm on the center console and, as pre-planned, pressed into Michael's forearm. 'This should let me know what's in his head,' he thought as he continued to touch his friend's bare skin.

"Um, I guess I can stand it if you can." Michael didn't move his arm at first. Then he pressed back.

"It's not too late and if you'd like to, we could use the pool where I'm staying." Cray emphasized the suggestion by slightly sliding his arm, heightening the pleasant sensations. 'Oh, yeah,' he considered, 'this is getting...interesting.'

"That would be fun but I don't have a suit with me."

"Don't need one. The pool's pretty secluded and my Mom's not there." Cray decided to maintain his cover story without actually lying. 'No reason to let him know what the real deal is, yet.' He decided to up the ante and put his hand on top of Michael's hand. It was only a few moments later when Michael turned his hand over and gripped Cray's hand firmly. "Is it okay to tell you I'm very happy that we've become friends?" Cray asked as he moved his other hand and placed it on top of both hands.

"Very okay." With his free hand, Michael turned onto Cray's street and drove down to the house. "Special friends."

"You turn at the gatepost with the light."

"I remember." Michael extricated his right hand and smiled as he turned into the driveway.

"Follow the drive around behind the garage to the parking area." Cray moved his hand down and squeezed Michael's thigh. 'There is a God,' he thought. 'Thanks.' He noted that it was 9:30 p.m. and the lot was empty. 'All the guys must be out doing their thing.' He removed his hand and pointed to a space that was in the corner. "There's a good place to park."

"Okay." Michael glided the truck into the space, turned off the engine and flipped off the lights. He looked at Cray and said, "I gotta be home before 11:00."

"Then let's get ourselves over to the pool. The water's great." Cray slid over to the door, opened it and got out. He waited for Michael to join him. "We can get out of the uniforms over by the Jacuzzi. And there are plenty of towels to use."

"Whoa, this is a cool place." Michael grabbed Cray's hand as they walked over to the pool. "You sure it'll be alright to skinny dip?" The underwater lighting and perimeter deck lights cast a peaceful glow. The shadows of the trees and scrubs dramatically outlined the area.

"Nobody here but us boys." Cray stopped by a table and sat down in a chair. "This is as good a place as any." He watched Michael sit down and then they both took off their shoes and socks. In unison, they stood and removed the Kung fu jackets. He smiled as they both slipped out of the pants. 'Looks like Michael is a little excited down there,' Cray judged from the bulge he saw beneath his friend's briefs. 'But then I'm on my way to getting wood too.' He winked and slipped out of his boxers. Neither guy masked their curiosity about what the other was packing. "Let's do it." Cray slapped Michael's bare butt, ran to the pool and jumped into the cool water. He opened his eyes under water and swam to the edge before coming up.

"Here I come," Michael yelled as he dove in. He swam over and his hand rubbed against Cray's erection as he surfaced. "Thought I'd get that out of the way...just to make sure our minds are thinking 'bout the same thing." He looked into Cray's eyes with a look of hopeful curiosity.

"No question." Cray reached over and gently grabbed Michael's balls. "I'm no slut but I've been thinking about doing this since the first day we met." He observed Michael's expression change from a slight frown to a broad grin. "I've just recently figured things out about myself and don't have a lot of experience." His fingers boldly moved up to Michael's plump shaft and grabbed around it. 'Shee,' he thought, 'this guy really grows both ways.'

"Mmmm, that feels so good." Michael leaned his head back to the ledge of the pool and closed his eyes for a moment. "I've known that I really like guys for the last couple of years. But, except for some circle jerks with my buddies, I haven't done anything." He brought his hand to Cray's stomach and slowly moved his hand down to Cray's full-blown hardon. "Looks like we both have a similar problem," he said with a snicker.

"I don't think a hard dick is a problem." Cray leaned in and kissed Michael on the cheek. "Are you okay with that?"

"I've never kissed a boy before...not that I haven't wanted to." Michael moved closer and offered his lips. At the same time, he started stroking Cray.

"No time like the present," Cray mumbled as he pressed his lips against Michael's lips. Both guys opened their mouths and began a clumsy dance of their tongues. Cray sucked Michael's tongue like a little phallus and allowed Michael to follow in similar fashion. Both sped up masturbating each other, as their kissing got more intense. Cray could feel that he was getting a little too excited and pulled away for a moment. "Um, I think that maybe we should continue this on the grass. I don't want us to mess up the pool. The people who own this place might be pissed." He didn't add that it wouldn't be the first time cum had spurted in the pool. 'Don't want to leave any trail to explain.'

"Good point."

"Let's swim over to the ladder and get out. There are plenty of large towels nearby we can use." Cray pecked Michael quickly on the lips, swam over to the ladder and climbed out. He knew of a secluded corner, behind a tree, that would screen them if someone looked back to the pool area. 'Michael is cooler than cool,' he judged as his friend took the last step from the ladder to deck. 'And that dick is a friggin' monster.' They were both about the same length but Michael had a thickness that was impressive.

"I feel odd and great at the same time." Michael wrapped his arm around Cray's shoulder and added, "It's almost like we've known each other a long time." He walked with Cray over to a small table and watched as Cray grabbed a couple of towels.

"Friends who share an important secret. Well, secret for right now. You grab a few towels and we'll park over there," Cray said as he pointed. They stopped in a shadowy, grassy area and Cray arranged his towels so they could stretch out. 'Don't know where this is going to go, but we've got lots of room. We can use the drying towels Michael has if we get too messy.' Cray kneeled down and took Michael's hand. "This okay for you?"

"Absolutely." Michael tossed one towel to Cray and started drying himself off.

"Let's get to know each other...down here," Cray replied as he wiped away the water. "There's so much I want to explore with you." He watched as Michael lowered himself to the ground. Neither had lost his erection and Cray was determined to initiate some face-to-face, crotch-pushing, snuggling. They tossed the drying towels aside and Cray pulled Michael down to a horizontal position. As was his plan, Cray pressed his body into Michael's as they lay on their sides and moved in for another kiss.

"Oh, fuck...this is wild." Michael got into the spirit of the moment and ground his hard cock against Cray's raging woodie. "Ahhh..."

"That feels sooo..."

"Hey, who's back there?" came a voice from the house.

Michael froze and whispered, "Who's that?" He rolled away from Cray and sat up.

"Hi, Mario. It's just me and a friend. We decided to skinny-dip after Kung fu class. You okay with that?" Cray sat up, turned to Michael and whispered, "That's my friend, Mario. He's also the landlord."

"No problem. Just remember that the timer turns off the lights at 11:00," Mario replied.

"We're not going to be much longer. My friend has to get home since it's a school night."

"Okay, boys...have fun. Try not to groan so much when you're swimming," Mario said with a laugh.

"What was that all about?" Michael asked.

"He must have heard us. Mario's a neat guy and has no hang-ups about guys doing stuff with each other." Cray put his hand on Michael's shoulder and scooted closer. 'Where did that gigantic cock go to?' he thought when he looked down at his friend's flaccid, average-sized penis. 'Poor thing is like a turtle on defense.'

"He's gay?"

"Let's just say Mario's streetwise and very gay friendly. I'm out to him and have asked him for advice a couple of times. You okay?" Cray moved his hand around to Michael's chest and softly rubbed his friend's pecs and nipples.

Michael let out a sigh and replied, "Yeah. It's just strange to be doing this my first time and to be walked in to speak." He leaned into Cray and let Cray's hands move lower.

"You got a name for that dick of yours?" Cray asked with a laugh. "I like the larger version much better." He moved his hand past Michael's stomach, over the sparse patch of pubic hair, and landed on a penis that was waking up. 'Yes,' he thought, 'there is more life down there.'

"I dunno. 'Junior', 'Little Guy'...that's about it," Michael said with a chuckle.

"Little Guy? That thing of yours is huge...not that I'm complaining." Cray rolled his eyes and grinned.

"Then maybe 'Junior'?"

"Junior works for me. Let's try this again. Um, would you feel strange if I tried something with my mouth on 'Junior'?" Cray gently directed Michael to lie down again. Once Michael was on his back, Cray lowered his body and adjusted himself so that he was 'eye to eye' with the returned erection.

"No, not strange - just different. That is something I've only seen on the Internet and wanted to try. Let me see what you do and maybe I'll learn how to give a good..."

"Blow job?" Cray asked. "Ya don't have to take notes and I'm by no means an expert." He decided to take care of the low hanging balls, which fascinated him. 'But first the wrinkly skin below his nads,' he decided. He extended his tongue and eagerly lapped around the perineum while he ran his fingers through Michael's silky pubes.

"Ah, shit. Man, that feels good," Michael moaned. He started playing with his nipples as Cray took one ball in his mouth.

Cray started humming the way he had been instructed by Spike. He grabbed the shaft of the ample, steel-hard dick and slowly 'jacked' as he took the second ball in his mouth. The aroma of the chlorinated muskiness was a complete turn-on. He was ready to insert one finger into Michael's anus but decided it was probably too much, too soon. 'Might as well focus on the project at hand,' he thought as he brought his hand up to the spongy, mushroom head.

"Ca...can I do that to you? I'd like to try some of those moves."

"Buddy, ever hear of a '69'?" Cray asked after he let Michael's fat orbs fall from his mouth.

"I've seen pictures on the Internet. You wanna do it?" Michael asked with eagerness in his voice.

"I'll never pass up a chance to have my dick sucked by a cool dude like you." Cray snickered and added, "It's not like it's happened very often." For a moment, he thought back to experiences with his stepdad, and shoved them away.

"Never happened with me. But I do want to, you know..."

"Stay where you are and I'll move around." He rearranged himself so that his crotch was next to Michael's face. "Just do what seems natural and follow my lead. Oh, make sure the teeth are hidden. Biting Junior isn't cool. And if I pull myself away from you, it only means that I'm ready to cum."

"You, um, don't want to cum?" Michael asked with a puzzled tone.

"Chances are that we are both pretty sensitive and have a 'hair-trigger' when we're excited. I'd like to make it last a little longer. Okay? One more thing...don't try and take the whole thing or you'll gag. Just take what you can handle." Cray looked at the fat cock in front of him and decided he would definitely take his own advice.

"Understand." Michael leaned forward and started licking Cray's hard member like it was a popsicle.

Cray did the same thing and then concentrated on Michael's glans with his mouth. For variety, he played again with his partner's hairless scrotum and firm eggs. Cray was delighted that Michael picked up on mirroring the technique and kicked Cray's sexual tension into overdrive. Sensing Michael's balls starting to withdraw, he pulled back and took his mouth off Michael's cock.

"That was close for both of us," Cray said.

"I was about ready to shoot. Um, I've never tasted cum other than my own. Do know..."

"Swallow? I like it but I'll pull off when I'm ready to cum...if you want." Cray laughed to himself and gave Michael a couple of points for admitting he had eaten his own ejaculate.

The guys repeated the start and stop routine a few more times before each was ready to blast away. Mentally, the earth shook as both young men unleashed their semen. Cray decided to push the envelope with his newbie pal by moving around and offering him a cum-laced kiss. Michael was excited to share their flavored saliva and held Cray for a long time. Finally, the guys decided to wipe off a bit of residue and jump in for one final swim. It was an evening of adventure and maturation for both. By the time they had re-dressed and walked back to the truck, each guy was able to comfortably embrace the other, and tenderly kissed. Cray was sure this was not a one-time thing.



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