Jack Scribe


'I'm in the friggin' Class of 2009,' Cray thought as he lay in bed and slowly woke up Saturday morning. The previous day, as he went through the registration process at Green Valley High School, had been anti-climatic. Thanks to Mr. Ed's commanding presence, the complete package of required transfer documents, proof of residency and the sheer size of a 3,000-student body, Cray Gamble ran into no stumbling blocks. He was now officially a student. The few students he had seen appeared to be about the same as back in Provo. But the school staff seemed more professional and organized. 'This is not going to be a piece of cake,' he decided as he tossed back the sheet and eased out of bed.

As Cray stood up, his alert appendage slapped against his abdomen. Between Spike's off-hand comment one day about preferring to sleep without anything on and Cray wanting to conserve his new briefs, he was now an official 'in the nude' guy when he slept. He gently rubbed his stomach and was pleased at the feel of new, better-defined muscles starting to make themselves known. Next came a serious flexing of his biceps. 'The workouts are doin' their job,' he thought as he walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Another helpful hint from Spike had been the advice to take care of a morning whiz, while still handicapped by a predictable raging woodie, in the shower. 'Funny that Spike didn't say much about his date with Lou a couple of days ago,' he thought. 'Maybe they didn't hit it off?' Cray decided to let Spike bring up the topic...if he wanted to. When the water was adjusted, he stepped under the pelting water and let loose with a stream of 'yellow' while he shampooed.

This was going to be a double-whammy weekend. Not only did Labor Day mean that he would start school on Tuesday; but also Spike's brother Henry would be arriving later in the day. Cray figured the next 48 hours would either be an exciting time or another in a series of personal disappointments - no middle ground. 'Hope Henry's something like Spike,' he thought while he worked in the shampoo, 'both in the personality and body departments.' The thought of being with a younger version of his older friend started re-inflating his dick to its former hardness.

He started soaping the rest of his body and in no time was paying special attention to the regained erection...a fairly common routine. But this time it was enhanced by the fantasy of meeting Spike's younger brother later in the afternoon. 'Has he had much experience with other guys?' Cray wondered as he stroked more aggressively. 'Maybe I'm not his type...whatever that might be? Perhaps we won't like each other?' He mentally reviewed the whole finger routine that Spike patiently explained to him one evening when they discussed the method of pleasing a partner in the back end. 'Gotta make sure the lube and condoms are handy if the opportunity presents itself,' he thought as the first crescendo of pleasure swept over him. Once the physical excitement had passed, Cray finished his morning cleanup, dressed in a shorts/tee/flip-flops combo and went over to the main house.

Just before reaching for the cereal, he decided to treat himself to eggs. Cray went to the fridge and took out three eggs and grabbed the wrapped loaf of bread. After breaking the eggs into a bowl, he added a little milk and seasoning.

"Eggs today? That's a little different," Mario said as he shuffled into the kitchen. "Pop another slice of bread in the toaster and I'll join you."

"Figured I'd need a little extra energy today," Cray said with a mischievous smile.

"You got a few more eggs to scramble? I feel like a breakfast-breakfast, too"

"Sure, enough. And I just made coffee with Mr. Ed's special hazelnut blend." Cray turned and looked at Mario. He quickly scanned his older friend's black muscle tee and black jeans and added, "I'm not doing any bacon or sausage unless you want it."

"A couple eggs, scrambled, and dry toast are fine." Mario smiled as he retrieved a cup from the cabinet. "That hazelnut flavor is nice for a change," he said while pouring the coffee. "I'll get some silverware, pour juice and set up the breakfast table for us while you do the eggs."

"Coming right up." Cray got a few more eggs, broke them and whisked them in the bowl with his eggs. Within a few minutes, he had two presentable plates of scrambled eggs and toast to bring to the table.

"Tell me about the school registration. You'd gone to work yesterday before I returned." Mario set down the newspaper and took a bite of the eggs.

"I guess good planning and paperwork were what really did the trick. And of course, Mr. Ed charmed the panties off those ladies in the office. The registrar reviewed my transcripts, made a few comments and assigned me to a homeroom. I'll be in Room 212 next Tuesday morning at 8:15 a.m. ready to go."

"Good. That's one thing out of the way. Drew and Bob's foster parent certification is the next step. And you finished with your job last night, right?" Mario asked.

"Well, the fulltime shifts. Manny asked me to work over at the hotel on Friday and Saturday nights for a least until the hotel opens. I don't think it'll interfere with school and I can certainly use the money." Cray pushed some egg onto the toast and took a bite. "Even though Drew said they'd cover expenses, I really want to contribute."

"Sounds like a good plan. Speaking of money, I figured it was time for you to open a checking account. How about you and I going over to my bank this morning and getting you set up?" Mario took a manila envelope and pulled out some forms. "I had these filled out - you'll notice that the address is Drew and Bob's place - and all you need is to sign them."

"Gallant National Bank. I've seen a branch not far from here," Cray said. He studied the forms while he chewed more of the breakfast. "Um, that's great but don't I have to have a parent sign with me?"

"Don't worry - it's all taken care of. I have a special arrangement with this bank. By the way, Drew also banks there and the company that's involved with Barcelona owns it."

"Do I get a credit or debit card? I've never had something like that." Cray was proud that he was about to take on an adult responsibility.

"I don't think you legally can get a credit card yet, but you should talk to your future dads first. You okay with that?"

"Yeah. It's really the right thing to do," Cray said with a nod. He finished the last few bites of his breakfast and saw that Mario was still eating. He sat back and took a sip of coffee. "You know, it's a good thing that I'm getting a bank account. I've got at least a couple of hundred dollars in the room that need to be deposited. I really haven't felt good about the bucks just lying around...not that I need to worry with this place." He hoped he hadn't insulted Mario by remotely suggesting that the residence wasn't safe. 'In fact, its probably safer here than anyplace else,' Cray considered. 'Only a fool would screw around with Mario.'

"You're right. It's foolish to keep too much cash in your room. Since you cooked breakfast, I'll clean up. Get the cash, put it in the envelope and we'll go to the bank. I'll meet you in the garage in five minutes. We need to scramble cuz the bank closes at noon."

"And I've got to get ready for Spike's brother arriving." Cray smiled, took his dishes to the sink and left the kitchen.

From the drawer of the nightstand, next to his stash of lube and a box of condoms - unused, except for the ones he had tried on - Cray retrieved his extra money. He counted out $300.00 and kept the remaining $80.00 for the holiday weekend. 'Pretty good amount to open an account with,' he thought. Cray decided to leave on the flip-flops since they were just doing errands. He put on his sunglasses and left the room to rejoin Mario in front of the garage.

"Don't get in yet," Mario said as he got out of his SUV. "I want to show you something in the garage, first."

This was the first time Cray had been in the garage. Two of the three car spaces were empty. The only remaining vehicle was a Mercedes sedan. 'I wonder if that's Mario's, too?' He looked into a corner and saw a black Novara bike. 'Whoa, that's neat.'

"See anything in here you could use?" Mario asked with a smile. "Like a bike to get around on?"

"Oh, criminy. I could really use one." Cray smiled and broke into a fast walk towards the bicycle. "You think I could borrow it?" he asked as he grabbed the handle grips. "Who owns it?"

"Must be some guy who has the initials, 'C.G.' that are on the frame. You know anyone who fits that description?" Mario said with a wink. "It's yours, buddy. A little gift so you can travel to school. I assume it isn't considered too square to ride a bike to school?"

"Square? Heck no. This is sweet." Cray swung his leg over the bike and sat on the seat. "That is, until I save enough money to get a car."

"That's another thing you can take up with Drew and Bob." Mario walked over and put his arms around Cray. "The salesman at REI said this urban bike is really popular. That's why you always need to keep this puppy secure. The titanium lock on the frame should do the trick. This should be good until you bug your dads for a car?"

"That'll be a while. Oh, Mario. Thanks." He balanced himself and leaned over for a kiss.

"You always know how to tug at your Uncle Mario's heart...don't you, kid?" Mario replied as he returned the peck. "Let's get to the bank before it closes. You've got all weekend to get used to the bike."

"Uncle...I like that." Cray dismounted the bike and followed Mario back to the SUV.

At the Gallant National Bank, the manager was on hand to set up the account for Cray. Mario was always referred to as Mr. Cirillo but Cray felt a little uncomfortable being addressed as Mr. Gamble. He signed the forms and gave the bank manager the $300.00 for the initial deposit.

"Better add a few more to that." Mario reached into his pocket and produced a couple of one hundred dollar bills. He turned to Cray and quietly winked. "By the way, I notice that the bank interiors were just painted. Looks pretty sharp."

"Oh, I'm glad you noticed. It was something I wanted to do last year but the budget was diverted to higher priorities. However, I got word last week that the son of one of our major stockholders would be in town for a visit. So, I bit the bullet and had this done over the weekend. It was costly overtime but worth it. The young man did visit the bank earlier this week and was very complimentary. The last thing I need is my boss back in New York ragging on me."

"Small world. Cray was at a dinner party last Saturday to honor his visit." Mario smiled and nodded to Cray.

"Um, yes. Lou and I had a chance to get to know each other. Nice guy," Cray replied. He looked at Mario and then at the manager. 'Guess that's what Mario wanted me to do,' he thought. It appeared that the manager was looking at him with a much higher level of respect.

"Any friend of Mr. Gallian is more than welcome here. I'm going to make a note on your account, sir. In the mail, you'll be receiving a special 'valued client' bankcard. When you decide to get a credit card, I'll add the notations in the computer's database."

Cray was a little amused that a grown man would be groveling before a teenager...but kept the feelings inside. Mario and Cray thanked the manager for his time and they left to drive home.

"I hope you didn't mind the dramatics back there - you picked up on the cue really fast. A little 'VIP' status goes a long way in this town - believe me. If you need a loan in a few years, as an example, the bank will offer you the lowest rate," Mario said as he navigated through the Saturday traffic.

"This is all very new to me. And I didn't realize that Lou's family was into banking." Cray was starting to understand that the Gallian family must have some major bucks.

"Cray, let me fill you in on a few details that you shouldn't mention to anyone else. Okay?" Mario went ahead without waiting for a response. "I told you that Lou and Al are cousins because Mr. Gallian and Mrs. Bromley are brother and sister. The company that they control - along with Al's dad - is the financial force behind Barcelona, the bank...and much more. As a matter of fact, you're an employee of theirs."

"How so? I don't work for the resort."

"Your employer is Galaxy Services. And Galaxy is a division of Galaxy Waste Management - GWM. And guess who owns GWM?"


"Correct. So the cousins are part of a prominent family. And with that, there are risks. You probably didn't realize it, but Lou had a detail of security with him all weekend. That's how I found out that Spike had dinner with our VIP visitor. Spike wasn't too pleased when I spoke to him the day after his date. Lou Gallian, Jr., can't afford to get mixed up with one of my escorts in Vegas."

"Please don't be mad...but I'm the reason the two of them got together. Lou mentioned to me that he didn't know anyone in Vegas. I just thought..."

"Mr. Fix-me-up, eh? You didn't know the deal with Lou so I can't blame you," Mario replied with a smile.

"Crap, Spike probably thought I told you. He's barely spoken to me this week."

"No, Cray. He knows that the security detail gave me the rundown on his evening with Lou. For a couple of reasons, Spike is also aware that he's not to have anything to do with Lou as long as he's an escort working for me," Mario replied as they pulled into the driveway. "If he wants to get involved any further with Lou, he's got to retire. End of story - that's just the way it has to be. Call it a conflict of business interests."

"Do you mind if I talk to Spike so I know he's not pissed at me?" Cray didn't understand the comment about 'business interests' but decided to let it slide. 'Gee, I wish Spike would get out of that business,' he thought.

"That's fine if you play it this way." Mario stopped the SUV and turned off the ignition. "Tell him that I told you about getting feedback from the security detail concerning Spike. Just say I did that because I told you more about Lou and his need for protection." Mario reached out his hand to shake.

"I'll do that. Spike's been a good friend and I don't want to lose him." Cray released the grip and opened the passenger door.

"I'm just trying to look out for all our interests." Mario got out of the SUV, closed the door and added, "Including yours. Ready for Henry's arrival?"

"In about three hours." Cray looked at his watch and verified that it was just before noon. "I think I'll try out the bike."

"Might want to get out of those flip-flops and change into shoes. Those things could be dangerous. Oh, and here's a key to the garage side door so you can stow the bike at night."

"Thanks again for everything." Cray walked up and hugged his mentor. "Is it okay if I call you Uncle Mario in private?"

"Hell, yes. I'd be honored. Have a good time."


The thought of sharing a bed with hot, hunky Henry was sending Cray's emotions into overdrive as soon as he met the younger brother. Spike picked up Henry at McCarran International Airport and immediately returned to the house. After introductions and some brief small talk, Cray said he wanted to show Henry his room, help unpack and give the guy a chance to change into a swimsuit. However, Cray asked Spike to wait for him to return. Cray said he needed to have a brief word while they were alone.  

"I must say your brother is really a nice guy. And, you're right: he does look like you...a lot. I think we'll have a good weekend. Tonight, the plan is to go over to Sunset Station for the buffet and check out a movie. Neither of us have seen 'Hairspray' and it sounds like a lot of fun...although maybe a little gay," Cray said when he joined Spike out by the pool.

"John Travolta in drag? What would make you think that?" Spike replied with a tight smile. "That really sounds like fun. If I didn't have to work, I'd join you. I gave Henry the keys to the car. I've got an 'overnighter' at the MGM. By the way, I did mention the sleeping arrangements and your sexual orientation. He actually grinned."

"Whew, that's good. I mean, that he doesn't feel awkward about staying with me. Um, can I ask you something else?" Cray sat down with Spike and looked at him.

"Sure...what gives?"

"Mario told me today about a conversation he had with you concerning your dinner date with Lou. Believe me when I tell you I had never talked to Mario about that. And, for what it's worth, I didn't know exactly who Lou is until a few hours ago."

"Buddy, I know that you're not involved with this. I didn't put names together, either. Out West, the Bromley clan really makes things click. It's not your fault you didn't know how connected Lou is to the whole operation. The points of separation are just too close."

"Whole operation? What do you mean?" Cray asked with a puzzled expression.

"I mean...all the businesses that the two families are involved with. My professional life as an escort is just a complication to the bigger picture...and I don't fit in that picture." Spike shrugged and flipped his hands and arms into a 'whatever' expression.

"Yeah, I hear you. Today we went to a bank and I found out that they own that, too. I guess the family feels that security and all that goes along with that is necessary. I just want to make sure that we're okay with each other. I like you too much as a friend." Cray pondered Spike's statement and thought, 'What's this business about points of separation?'

"We're definitely fine with each other. Guess I need to lighten up a little."

"And maybe you could figure out how to get another job...something that's not a problem for ya." The more he thought about it, Cray really wished Spike would walk away from the escort job.

"Jeez, it was just a dinner date and my prince charming turned out to be a frog...nice frog, though. That's all it can be at this point."

"I just don't want our friendship to suffer. That's all." Cray looked at his friend, honorary older brother and mentor with a tight smile.

"Don't worry. We're tight and I think you're going to be a good pal for my brother. He and I are going to talk this weekend about a plan for him to come out to the parents. I should warn you, though, that Henry really hasn't had a lot of experience. Also, please remember that he doesn't know what I do for my livelihood. He thinks I primarily go to school."

"Maybe I can pass on some instructions that I learned from this studly guy I know," Cray said with a snicker. "Don't worry; your other life is safe with me. How about the other guys in the house?"

"They're clued in."

"What a super pool," Henry said loudly from the lawn by the garage. "I'm glad we have a chance to 'veg out' for a while."

"There are towels under the umbrella over there." Cray watched the younger, more compact, less-hairy version of Spike approach them. Cray knew that he'd best keep seated until his initial wave of arousal passed. 'Perhaps at some point I can just run and jump into the pool if I get outta control,' he considered.

"I'm going to have to get going. You have the car keys and I filled the tank," Spike said as he stood up. Henry walked up to him and they put their arms around each other's waist.

"From what Cray said, we don't have that far to travel. And I understand we're going to eat at the same place as the movie theater?" Henry released Spike and sat down at the table. He made a fist and the two younger guys tapped knuckles.

"The movie is at 7:30 p.m. I figure we can get over to the buffet by 5:30 and have a good 'pig-out' before the show. It's a weekend night but 'Hairspray' has been out for a while," Cray replied. "We'll probably be back by ten, unless you want to drive down to The Strip."

"Perhaps we can do that tomorrow. I want to see everything but that can wait." Henry smiled shyly, looked at Spike and added, "I guess we'll see you in the morning?"

"More like noontime. You guys have fun." Spike waved and returned to the house.

"Spike is really cool and we've become good friends. I hope you don't mind if I share him a little as an older brother." Cray loved the way Henry had a dusting of light freckles around his nose. 'The guy obviously likes the outdoors,' he judged, looking at the tan and bleached, streaked hair.

"I don't long as we can be buddies. Now that I've figured things out, you know, about guys, it's neat that I can have a friend who, um..."

"Thinks alike in certain areas?" Cray asked with a shrug.

"Yeah," Henry replied with a slightly husky tone.

"We're going to have a good time this weekend." Cray suddenly sprang up from the table and leaped into the pool. He came back to the surface, wiped the water from his face and said, "Come on in." Cray smiled as Henry ran to the pool. There was no mistaking the tenting in his crotch as he jumped in.


It was almost 11:30 p.m. before the guys finally got back to the room to retire for the night. Cray felt the entire evening had been a success as they continuously amused each other with quips and jokes about the evening. The Sunset Station buffet had been ample and 'Hairspray' was marvelously silly. They both agreed that Zac Efron was absolutely hot and James Marsden wasn't too bad, either...for an older guy. However, this was about as close as their conversation got to sex.

"You can use the closet to hang up anything. Go ahead and toss your dirty things in a corner and we can do some wash tomorrow if you need anything cleaned," Cray said, wanting to be the good host. He sat down on the bed and slowly pulled off his sneakers. "If it's okay, I usually sleep on this side." He looked up, smiled and shrugged as he took off his socks.

"The other side is fine." Henry duplicated Cray's moves with the shoes and socks.

Almost in unison, they stood and slipped off their shirts. Each teen a little nervously checked out the other's progress. Cray took the lead and unzipped the fly of his shorts after unbuttoning the top. The only noise, other than the air conditioner, was Henry unzipping his pants.

Cray was thankful that he was still able to keep his body under control as he looked over at Henry. His roomie for the weekend kept his head down as he lowered his pants, which enabled Cray to blatantly watch Henry in his 'almost' glory. The hairless body, except for a tempting treasure trail that disappeared beneath the waistband of the white briefs, was intoxicating - the bulge in the crotch, literally spellbinding. "Why don't you use the bathroom, first," Cray said as he diverted his eyes and stepped out of his shorts. "I'll go after you're finished."

"I won't be long. I laid out everything earlier." Henry walked into the bathroom.

'Man...nice buns,' Cray judged after the door was closed. He draped his cargo shorts over the desk chair and turned on the TV and selected Channel 3. 'I'll see what's up with Saturday Night Live. Hope it's better than usual.'

"All set," Henry said when he returned to the bedroom. "I used the blue towel."

"Thanks for telling me. I don't want to catch cooties." Cray winked, lightly patted his new friend on the shoulder and added, "I'm really not watching the TV. Go ahead and turn it off if ya want."

"See you in a few," Henry replied as he stretched his arms and yawned.

Cray admired the defined flex of Henry's biceps and wisps of underarm hair as he went into the bathroom. He stared at the blue towel and felt the damp spots that had just touched his guest's body, moments earlier. After brushing his teeth, Cray forced one final pee and shook vigorously so there wouldn't be any final drops soiling his briefs. He wasn't quite sure where the night would go. 'Do I wait for him to start something or am I supposed to be first?' he wondered. 'And first at what? Except for being horny all the time, it's not like I really know what to do.' Cray checked his teeth one more time and simultaneously opened the door and turned off the bathroom light.

Complete darkness. Cray stood for a moment to adjust his eyesight. He could make out Henry's body under the sheet on the far side of the bed. He walked to his side, pulled down the sheet and sat on the edge. Nothing. No noise other than light breathing. 'Henry's probably tuckered out from the trip and today's activities,' he decided as he rotated his body around, lay down and pulled up the sheet. It was almost like going to bed each night...except for another male's musky body odor. Cray started breathing in a pattern that matched his bunkmate's. He decided that maybe sleep was for the best and started to replay the day. He smiled when he thought of his new bike and considered where his first trip would take him when he felt Henry shift slightly.

A shot of electricity rushed through his body when he felt Henry's leg come to rest next to his. Cray paused for a moment and considered the again-still body lightly touching him. He gently moved his leg against Henry and hoped that there would be a response. Cray didn't have to wait long. Like a secret ritual of tribal communication, each young man took turns rubbing against each other - more aggressively with each turn. Finally, Cray decided to raise the stakes. He slightly moved over to his side and placed his free hand on Henry's smooth pecs. When there was no resistance, he rotated the palm of his hand around the firm chest and hard nipples. He stopped and waited for some reaction...any reaction.

"Don't stop. That...feels...good," Henry replied with a breathless groan. He put his fingers on Cray's thigh and moved them up and down. "Is that okay?"

"Uh, huh." Cray playfully tweaked Henry's nipples and moved his hand down over the flat stomach. He could feel the small ripples of muscles while his hand traveled further south. When he reached the navel, he stuck a finger in the 'innie' and playfully probed.

"Oh...shit," Henry exhaled. He was now moving his hand up and down Cray's thigh and lightly touched Cray's brief-encased balls at each pass.

Cray giggled and played with the start of the hair that grew just below the navel. He followed the trail and was surprised that there was no elastic band of underwear to stop the natural progression of hair. 'Hmmm. The guy is definitely not wearing anything.' Cray stopped when he landed in Henry's silky bush and said with a laugh, "You cheated."

"Yeah. But I'm much more comfortable. Ya want to do the same?" Henry asked.

"Friggin' A." Cray moved around on his back, raised his butt and pulled off his briefs. "Whoa...that's much better. Nothing worse than getting a boner trapped in your drawers," he said as he tossed the underwear onto the floor. He could make out the trim naked form next to him. 'Might as well see where this is heading.' Cray scooted over, faced Henry and straddled his bedmate's thighs. He reached down, past his firm erection and carefully ran his fingers around Henry's balls.

A faster breathing, whimpering sound was the initial response from Henry. Then, he reached up and duplicated Cray's movements. Without prompting, both young men tentatively started a slow finger ascent of each other's equally hard dicks - starting at the base of their shafts.  After they explored each other's glans and the physical geography, a mutual jacking action began.

"You really got me turned on," Cray muttered. "I don't think I'm going to be able to last much longer this way. Whaduya say we slow down a little bit?" Before Henry could answer, Cray released his grip and stretched out on top of the taut body below him. He tenderly licked Henry's face and started a small series of kisses.

"Man, I could do this for the next 48 hours," Henry said with a sigh. He returned the kisses and immediately opened his mouth so tongues could meet.

A combination of heavy breathing, grunting, slurping, gurgling and lip smacking carried on for several minutes. Cray added to the fray by rocking and rubbing his body back and forth on top of Henry. It was then that the two guys discovered the erotic pleasure that occurred when they synchronized their movements and concentrated on pressing their hard erections together. Each traded slurred words and expletives in the passion of the night as the action became more pronounced.

"Oh, I'm..." Henry yelled.

"Me, too," Cray huskily growled back. And with that short statement, each pumped out what men do when driven to the brink of an orgasm and beyond. 'Oh, fuck,' Cray thought as the high voltage climax shot through his body...and again...and again...and again. He felt Henry shutter below him at the same time and they both rode the waves until it seemed natural to slow down. "Man, that was something else," Cray said as he collapsed on top of Henry's wet, sticky body.

"Totally awesome...I've never felt like this. But then, I really haven't done much with someone else."

"Same here." Cray was certainly not going to admit to the experiences with his stepdad. "We certainly got kinda messy. Um, why don't you lie still and I'll get a towel to clean us up." He got up on his knees and couldn't resist swiping his fingers through the puddled fluid. He brought the finger to his mouth and let his tongue lap up the still warm evidence. Cray wasn't sure whose jizz it was...but it really didn't matter at this point.

"Hurry up or I'll have to be hosed down at a car wash," Henry said with a chuckle.

"Be right back." He carefully got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He turned on the light and shook his head at the abundance of goo still on his chest. 'Henry must have it worse,' Cray thought as he quickly washed himself off. He next dampened part of a towel and returned to the bedroom. The light from the bathroom exposed the tasty form of his friend - lying still on his back. He tenderly wiped up the rest of the ejaculate and was satisfied that the sheets hadn't gotten dirty.

"Thanks, Cray. I feel great and even better that I'm clean. Maybe we can get some sleep, now."

"I'll hang up the towel and be right back." As he returned to the bathroom, Cray was very happy with this big step in learning more about himself. He wiped down the washbasin and hung up the towel. He turned off the light and returned to bed. Without saying anything, he got in on his side and pulled up the sheet. He then reached for Henry's hand and squeezed it. He smiled when the squeeze was returned.

Cray was in the middle of a very pleasant dream with a kaleidoscope of floating colors when he became aware that there was something wet and warm wrapped around his early morning woodie.  He opened one eye and was able to focus on Henry's crotch almost in front of his face. Once the other eye opened, he looked down and watched what he had been feeling. His bedmate was tenderly sucking his dick and it felt really good.

"This is a helluva nice way to wake up," Cray purred. "Whazzup?"

Henry stopped his action, looked up and replied, "Something I was told about that I wanted to try. It's called a '69' and meant to be enjoyed by two the same time." He eased his crotch a little closer to Cray's face. "You don't think it's gross, do ya?"

"Gross? More like a treat." Cray smiled and moved in to practice his next lesson. 'This time I'm going to enjoy it,' he thought as he briefly recalled the unpleasant past experiences with his step-dad.


A special acknowledgement to Drew for encouraging me to tell a better story through his edits and suggestions. And a big thanks to Brad for his patient proofreading and editing. Finally, a shout-out to Trab for the final tweaks to get the story 'just right.'

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