First Date

Well let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Kerry and I'm 5' 7" 159 pounds, fit, white male, 39, good build, nice round, smooth ass, a good 8" cut dick I keep myself nice and trimmed. I'm a Cajun man with a nice tan line and a good sense of humor. I can be very sexual with the right influence. I do take care of myself physically.

Recently, I met this guy named Devin online. He and I have been talking quite a bit and he's really got me wrapped up in such a way that I constantly think about him throughout the day and night. He's a very cute. He's younger than me at 25. He's smooth, almost completely smooth, top to bottom...beautiful black guy, great personality, bald, gorgeous smile, nice dick and round ass too and such a tease conversationally. What I like about him most is that we can talk about so many different topics and not just sex. The sex talk is a bonus because he's got his shit together.

At first I always thought it was me getting him to talk dirty and talk about our fantasies and our likes sexually, but lately, he's really been teasing me via text message, telling me what he wants to do to me and what he likes to do. I have to admit, we connect on all levels...spiritually, mentally, physically and sexually, which is a huge plus. He's about 5' 9" 165, nice golden brown, sensual lips, terrific smile and very well kept.

So let me tell you about the first time we met...

Devin and I had spoken on the phone for probably the 20th time. We decided we wanted to move further and meet each other and see how well we click in person. So we made arrangements to hang out one evening. While on the phone, I set up a date and time to meet and when the night finally came, I was anxious, restless and ready to see, touch, feel, smell and taste that sexy man. We both agreed that 7:00 pm was a great time to hang out, talk, eat and visit and if we wanted to take it a step further, we'd still have time to have sex and not be up too late.

It was 6:00 pm and I was pacing the house, my dick was hard with anticipation and he was coming soon. I thought I would take matters a bit further and help ease my sexual frustration and fuck myself before he got there, just in case we didn't get to have sex, I wouldn't be a horny bottom aching for him and we could see where things lead. So I jumped in the shower, washed up, layed out my clothes and just sat around listening to some music while waiting for him. I was getting hornier by the minute and I looked over at my fat 8" black dildo and my cock started to throb...I thought to myself, "What will it hurt right?" So I dropped my white cut off sweat shorts, greased up my hole and the dildo and started to slide that fat dildo in my pussy...Damn it hurt so cock was hard as a rock and just bouncing in front of me dripping pre-cum as I fantasized that it was Devin fucking my with his hot black dick talking dirty to me...

Where I was fucking myself in the bedroom, I was standing so that I could see out the window when Devin drove up. This way I could run to the bathroom, clean up real quick and get back into the living room and act like I was waiting for him there. Evidentally, I was really getting into the act of fucking myself with my toy...I was watching my man pussy swallow that big rubber dick in the mirror on my dresser and I must not have noticed when he drove up.

I was so close to busting my load when I heard a tap on my window. Slowly I turned around to see Devin standing there outside my window with his big dick out of his jeans stroking his dick. He was watching me in the window and it turned me on. He's got that intense look on his face and I know then that he's enjoying what he sees. He calls my cell from outside my window and I hear his sexy voice on the phone,

"So does that fat black rubber dick feel in that white pussy of yours?" I moan softly back into the phone, "Devin it feels fucking great man...You wanna come inside and fuck me with it?"

Before I was able to hang up, I heard the front door open and close...and Devin appeared in my bedroom, his big dick still hanging out of his pants through his zipper, and he answers my question by bending me over and grabbing the dildo and holding it in my ass. He starts to slide that dildo in and out of my white hole. He pulls my face to his dick...

I hear him say, "Kerry suck my dick while I fuck your pussy with this dildo. I love a hot white pussy in heat for some black dick."

I start sucking his cock so hard. He's got on some great cologne and he's well dressed. It's so hot seeing him hold my head on his hard dick pushing my mouth face up and down on it cock. His cock is oozing precum and I taste his sweet juice. I look up into his eyes and he's smiling down at me telling me how good my mouth feels wrapped around his dick. I pull off his dick, my eyes watering and I pull down his jeans. Once his jeans, and shoes are off, he pulls my face back to his dick and asks me to suck it some more. I feel his big dick throbbing in my mouth and swelling up some. He is concentrating on watching my hot hole open and close around that fat dildo and loving the site of it.

He pulls his dick out of my wet mouth and asks, "Are you ready for some real dick Kerry? Let me put my dick in that wet, velvet pussy of yours."

I arch my back and look over my shoulder watching him undress completely and I tell him, "Fuck yeah Devin, fuck my pussy like you own it baby. I've been waiting for this for a while now."

He slaps the palms of his hands down on each cheek of my white creamy ass and shakes my `cakes' as his calls them. He spreads my ass open and slaps his wet, dripping cock head right on my hole...He smears his precum from his dick right on my hole and then dives in face first right into my pussy...fuckin me deeply with his tongue, he moans between my ass cheeks...I moan softly and push back on his tongue, enjoying the cooling sensation of that tongue of his as he starts to work over my fucked hole.

I can feel him breathing and blowing on my asshole as he tongue fucks me. I'm moaning and before I knew it, I was literally begging for his dick.

I exhale loudly, "Come on Devin, fuck my pussy with that black dick. Pound me good like you promised and show me what you've got baby boy."

He pulls his face out of my ass and tells me he's ready. He slaps that fat cock head on my wet hole again and smears some more of his precum on the entrance of my hole...Fuck his cock drips soooooo much precum. The next thing I know, I can feel the head of his smooth dick head pushing against my asshole...aching to get in...His dick is so hard and a good 8" of chocolate thunder. I'm so ready for him to just pound the fuck out of me.

I relax some and before I knew it, the head popped in, my body tensed then relaxed again and I slammed my ass back on his cock balls deep and I moaned deeply...I let him sit there for a second and let my ass get adjusted to his thickness. He slaps my white ass and makes it shake and giggle.


He grips my hips good and starts thrusting in and out of my ass. Each time he slams it into me, I hear and feel his pelvis and balls hit against my round ass.

PAP, PAP, PAP, PAP was all you heard in my bedroom. The wet juicy sounds of us fucking for the first time. My knuckles were white gripping the sheets, my back was arched and taking everything Devin wanted to give me. He fucked me like a bitch in heat. You could hear my headboard slamming against the sheetrock to the rhythm of his fuckin.

He pushed me down flat on my stomach and closed my legs. He straddled my ass good, and leaned over my entire back. While he was holding me tight and on top of me completely, he was whispering in my ear,

"How you like my dick in that pussy Kerry? You want me to fuck you harder baby?"

I would grunt and moan and even squeal a little at the depth and pace he was fucking me. That was my way of telling him..."Yes FUCK ME HARDER."

I could tell he was enjoying the noises I was making...I took it like a fuckin man and let him beat the fuck out of my hole with that hot young dick as much as I could. I asked him to stop and let me get on my back so that I could jack off and watch his face as he was cumming...He pulled out of my wet pussy and smiled the most gorgeous smile I've seen online so many times.

Once I got on my back, I lifted and spread my legs while watching him grip his hard 8" cock. When I was in position, he kneeled down closer and slammed his fuckin dick back inside me all the way. He started fuckin me slowly again and we kissed passionately. I was rubbing up and down his back softly but firmly. After doing that for a few minutes, I reached down as for as I could and I just grabbed a hold of his round muscular ass and begged him to fuck me. He grinned that sly grin and started to pick up the pace.

Faster and faster, he hammered into me. The action was harder and the sound of my ass taking his dick got wetter with each stroke. He was putting so much precum into my ass I didn't even need any more lube. He just kept fuckin me like a man on a mission. I gripped on to his ass and pulled that hot fuckin man deep into me each time he drove home. Each time he buried his dick all the way into me, I'd grunt and moan. I wanted him...all of him and he knew it. I could tell he felt the same about me.

I looked up into his eyes intensely and with passion and lust and he returned the look. He leaned over and started to tongue fuck my throat. I was stealing his breath with the kisses of my mouth. I was sucking on his tongue. The look in my eyes was telling him and reassuring him that what I needed he was giving it to me and vice versa.

I let go of his ass but he kept fuckin me so hard and so good. I could feel his smoothly shaved balls slapping in my ass. I leaned up to gently suck on his nipples and roll his nipple ring softly in my mouth while he rocked me on his big dick.




Then he really pounded me...this boy was a fuckin machine, pounding me so hard and I was loving the way each time he drove into me, my breath would escape my chest...UGH UGH UGH.

I could feel his fat dick swelling up even thicker inside me, and I reached around and held onto him tightly.


I could feel his black dick unloading rope after rope of hot cum...I could feel it oozing out of my ass...He exhaled and moaned loudly. I could see the goose bumps appear on his body...

I let him go, he's hovering above me on the palms of his hands and his hips still fuckin me like a well-oiled piston...I reach down and grab my dick and furiously beat it and while he continued to fuck me, I shot a huge load on my chest between us.

His fuckin gradually slowed down and then he collapsed on me. Both of our breathing was heavy and labored. Our bodies were a little wet from all that intense passionate fucking. He left his dick deep inside my fucked hole. He leaned back and looked me in the eyes and said while breathing so heavy...

"FUCK I'm glad I came to meet you Kerry."

I said, "I'm glad you came over too're fucking amazing baby...everything about you is simply amazing."

He smiled, I smiled and he layed his head down on my chest listening to my heart beating so hard and I also felt his heart beating in his chest like drums...and...after a few minutes of rest...

...I felt his cock getting hard in my ass again...He lifted his head, with that twinkle in his eye and said...



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