Jack Scribe

This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of homosexual sex, what the hell are you doing here? Bye, bye.

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Chapter 12, Traces and Tracking

With the F.B.I. interrogation completed, Chip offered to take Kyle home. However his cell phone interrupted that plan. While waving goodbye to the two agents and AOI associate, Tom Spicer, he answered and listened intently to the caller. He nodded silently several times and ended the call with, "Yes, Sir. I'll see you ASAP."

"Guys, I've got to get to AOI. Looks like I'm going to join the team working on this kidnapping and I've got to get over to headquarters. Um, Kyle, I hate to impose...ah, is there any way that you could bunk Brad for the evening? I don't have time to take him home." Chip looked anxiously at Kyle and his brother.

"Th...that's not a problem," Kyle replied with mixed emotions. "In fact, I think I'd really appreciate the company. We could stay at Dex's place."

"You're sure it's not a problem?" Brad asked. "I mean I could take a cab or something."

"Naw, it's good. I'm going to call my boss and tell him what's happened. He won't have any problem with me taking the day off. Chip, let me give you my card so you can call as soon as you know anything. It has all my contact numbers including the cell. Okay?" Kyle reached to his rear pocket, fished out his wallet and found a card.

"Cool. Can I give you guys a lift? I've got to 'haul ass'," Chip replied.

"We're just a few blocks from the apartment. It's only a little after ten and I think the walk would do me good. That okay with you, Brad?"

"You lead the way and we'll let big brother do his thing," Brad said with a chuckle. "The fresh air and quiet would be great after what happened."

"I'll call whenever I get anything to pass on. My gut tells me that they're going to be found and in good health. Tate's reputation from his F.B.I. days is that he's considered one of the best in our business." Chip took Kyle in his arms and gave the taller man a tight, long hug. He next put his arm around Brad and kissed his brother on the cheek. "Later, guys." Chip nodded and waved as he briskly walked out the coffee shop/bookstore and got into his car.

As he headed over to the beltway and Fairfax, Chip reviewed what he knew from meeting with the guys and his conversations with the AOI ops chief. This was clearly a highly organized kidnapping and Geoff's high profile status meant that it would be difficult to keep it quiet...for long. He figured that he'd get to the operations center by 10:30 p.m. - 3:30 a.m. in London.

10:25 was stamped on sheet when he signed in with the AOI night security station. Chip didn't bother going to his workspace cubicle. Instead, he entered a vacant elevator and pressed his thumb on a security pad recessed into the wall of the elevator cab. Immediately, the elevator sealed shut and descended to the second sub-level of the AOI building. When the doors parted, he entered the spartan foyer that offered nothing more than a steel door and another security pad. This time, however, he pressed the thumb and forefinger to gain entry. Quietly, a green light flashed, the door slid back and Chip was allowed entry through the two-foot wide walls. He had been told that this sub-level had been designed to withstand a nearby nuclear attack. Before walking into the operations center, he paused a moment and clipped his I.D. to his shirt collar.

"Mr. Lewinthal, thanks for coming in so soon." The ops chief was at a long table, surrounded by eight other people: six men and two women. He nodded at Tom Spicer as he sat down. Behind an enclosed glass wall was a massive console with several TV monitors and a large GPS screen manned by two engineers.

"No problem, Chief. Tom Spicer has probably filled you in on the meeting we had with the witnesses and F.B.I."

"Yes, as a matter of fact. How are your brother and Kyle faring?"

"Toughing it out. Kyle took my brother over to Dex's apartment. They're going to stay the night and be available should we need them further."

"Good. Let's proceed with what we know." For the next few minutes the ops chief gave a detailed summation. Everyone took notes when the chief touched on a point or detail to be looked into after the meeting.

"So, we aren't exactly sure where the men are?" Tom Spicer asked.

"The kidnappers - at least six that we know about - were very devious in their escape. We knew that our Range Rover had been ditched when we started getting signals from a tracking device that Dex activated. That, as you are aware, led us out to a pasture and lake in the countryside in Prince George's County. The only thing we have to show for it is an empty van. About an hour ago we received a short 20-second blip on the GPS. Chip, I'd like you to work with the engineers to verify that it is a valid signal and not some aberration. We need to know for sure that this is Tate and Timmons' latest location. We've already passed on this tentative find to the bureau."

"Right, Chief. Where, may I ask, does this signal place them?"

"Back in D.C. on a street off Embassy Row."

"I'll get right on it." Chip excused himself, walked around the glass wall and introduced himself to the engineers at the console.

"We've gone over the tape of the signal several times. It appears genuine. For some reason, the signal abruptly ceased transmission." One man got up and offered his chair to Chip. "We are having difficulty pinpointing the exact location.

"Let me get onto the keyboard and review your analysis." Chip sat down and started rapidly typing commands. His eyes were on constant scan with the GPS and TV monitors as he keyed in the links to analyze the data. Occasionally, Chip would look up at the two engineers and smile. He was pleased that they were receptive to his methods. 'They probably haven't seen anyone work at this speed,' he thought without arrogance. Screens flashed forward and backwards as Chip reviewed his findings.

"For Christ's sake, you're going to blow the circuits if you don't slow down," one of the engineers said with a laugh.

"Just about finished." Chip hit 'save' and 'print'. "Just verified the excellent work you did. I was able to identify the address. It's two streets over from the original estimations. I think we know exactly where our guys are. Thanks for allowing me to work with you."

"Our pleasure, Sir."

"Please, the name is Chip and I have one suggestion. I noticed that we have an infrared drone over the area. Whose is it?"

"The F.B.I. launched it just before you arrived."

"Good," Chip replied. "Please give them the exact coordinates and address so we can determine the number of humans in the house."

"Right away."

Chip grabbed the printout, shook their hands and returned to the table.

"Chip, have you been able to verify our initial estimation of the location?"

"Yes, Sir. I was able to zero in on the exact location." Chip handed the printout to the chief. "They are in a residence at 2705 Sycamore Drive, N.W. Just off the Rock Creek Park near Georgetown. The men at the console are contacting F.B.I. ops with the information so that we can zero in with the infrared imaging. We need to evaluate the residence and see where the kidnappers and victims are holed up in the building."

"Alright. Tom, contact the bureau agents who are investigating and give them an update. We're going to be working closely with them throughout this ordeal."

"Right away. I'll be right back." Tom took the printout and made a quick exit.

"Any thoughts about the short transmission and abrupt cutoff?"

"There are a few possibilities. Least likely is that the device malfunctioned. My best guess is that it was destroyed." Chip paused to allow the effect of his statement to sink in. "If it was found by the kidnappers, we've got a serious situation on our hands. They would immediately flee and set up shop elsewhere. I'm anxious to see what the infrared drone comes up with."

"Right. Let me review what's happening in London. The managing director of AOI's U.K. operations contacted Sir Geoffrey about an hour ago and briefed him in person at the Timmons estate in Buckinghamshire. We didn't want to risk Timmons' telephone lines being monitored by whoever has perpetrated this crime. There is a security detail with Timmons as we speak and technicians to monitor any calls. If he is contacted, we will know immediately."


"What a helluva thing to experience while you're vacationing," Kyle said as Brad and he entered Dex's apartment. He breathed in the clean 'Dex-smell' once the door was closed.

"Hey, it's your buddy, um...partner, that was taken. You've got a big emotional investment in this - don't be concerned about me." Brad looked at Kyle and smiled softly. "I can take care of myself and maybe be available for you...if ya need me. I'm pretty good at doing the 'brother thing'."

"Thanks, I appreciate that. Tonight I can really use a brotherly buddy. If you want a drink, there's beer or Coke in the fridge. Help yourself while I call my boss. I'll take a Coke." Kyle watched as Brad went to the kitchen before he took the phone and dialed Phil's home phone with his cell. He knew that Phil would pick up when caller I.D. identified him.

~~~ "This better be important, Mr. Blakesfield," a sleepy Phil answered.

"Pretty serious."  For the next few minutes, Kyle gave Phil a complete rundown of the evening's assault and abduction. He included that he was with the younger brother of one of Dex's associates and wanted to be excused from work.

~~~ "I understand completely. Getting Dex and the banker back safely is the most important thing to consider. If you don't mind, I want to give Mac the rundown. A few inquiries from the White House wouldn't hurt."

"That's a great idea. Let Mac know that I would appreciate any help. From the looks of it, however, the F.B.I. and AOI seem to be working closely."

~~~ "Consider it done. You take care of Brad and we'll touch base in the morning. Bye."

"Bye, bye." Kyle set down his cell and took the cold can of Coke that Brad had placed on the coffee table. "Problem number one solved. I don't have to go to work in the morning. Number two is sleeping arrangements. I'll take the couch and you can sleep in the bedroom. I think it wise that we stay together in case something happens, rather than me going across the street to my place."

"Ah, I don't see any problem with us sharing a bed. I mean, um, you're in a relationship and I respect that. I guess I'm being a baby but I'd rather not be alone tonight," Brad said with a soft, pleading expression.

"Me neither. And after the shit we went through, you're hardly being a baby. I'd really enjoy the company."

"Then company it is."

"It's almost eleven. You wanna use the facilities? I think I'll watch the local news."

"Actually, a hot shower sounds good."

"Let me break out some towels for you. Maybe I'll do the same thing after the news." Kyle got up and walked into the hallway. He opened the linen closet and gave Brad some towels and a washcloth. "You can hang your clothes in the bedroom closet."

"Thanks. Will do," Brad smiled, leaned in and gave Kyle a gentle kiss on the forehead. "I may be younger but I've got broad shoulders to lean on. The idea of having another big brother is pretty neat."

"That's the best offer I've had today. I'll try hard to hold up my end of the brother deal." Kyle squeezed Brad's firm, muscular arm and winked before returning to the living room. He was not only impressed by the younger man's emotional maturity but decided that Brad was definitely all man. 'This guy is going to be a keeper for some lucky guy,' Kyle decided as he clicked on the TV and absentmindedly selected NBC4. He eased onto the couch and turned up the volume. Half way through the lead story, his cell rang.

"Blakesfield, here."

~~~ "Kyle, this is Tom Spicer. I've got some good news to share."

"Wow, whazzup?"

~~~ "Through our equipment and Chip's amazing talents, we've identified the address where Dex and Timmons are being held."

"Fantastic. So, when do I get to see Dex?"

~~~ "Uh, it's not so simple. We've found them. The problem is how to get them out without the guys being hurt."

"You mean..."

~~~ "This is going to be a precision operation that requires patience. Please bear with me and be assured that I'll give you updates as soon as there is something to report."

"Ah, I guess I'll really say my prayers tonight...for all of you."

~~~ "Do that and throw in a few 'Hail Marys'. Try to get some rest, buddy. I gotta run."

"Thanks, Tom. Bye." Kyle shuddered a little at the broken connection as he leaned back and stared at the screen. The weather guy was finishing the seven-day forecast when Brad entered the living room. Kyle looked up at his new friend ...wearing only a pair of white CK briefs that left little to the imagination. The image verified his earlier assumptions: this hot, young stud was, indeed, all man.

"The shower was just what I needed. I found a new toothbrush and figured it was okay to use it?"

"Part of bachelor pad furnishings, 101. I'll do my thing if you're finished." Kyle got up and reached for the remote.

"Okay if I watch Leno or Letterman for a while?"

"Dex's casa; su casa. You want a robe? There's one in the closet," Kyle said from the hallway.

"Naw, I'll just lounge in my briefs if ya don't mind."

"Cool. Give me a chance to clean up and I'll join you." Kyle silently chuckled to himself as he took off his clothes in the bedroom. 'Mind?' he thought. 'With eye candy like that?' He grabbed a clean pair of Dex's boxer briefs and headed for the bathroom. The water adjusted within seconds and he got in the tub and stood under the water. He reasoned that the shower was more calming and therapeutic than just getting clean.

As he soaped up, Kyle thought about Dex, their meeting and the emotional courtship. His memories focused on the happiness - once the initial problem of Dex's identity had been resolved - that the two men offered each other. He closed his eyes and started rubbing the glans of his very alert cock with his thumb. He felt an additional slipperiness as his natural lubricant slowly oozed out. With his back to the shower, he spread the pre-cum around his hardon and started to work his hand back and forth.

Dex's smiling face and twinkling eyes looked at him as the stroking became more determined. With his free hand and a little soap, Kyle started fingering his anus. He tentatively probed the entrance and cautiously moved his index finger inside.

"Oh, yes, Hon. Do it," Dex's warm voice commanded. "I love you."

"I love you too." Kyle sped up his masturbatory movements and matched with synchronized precision his invading finger.

"Think of me in you."

"The two of us as one," Kyle eagerly dug into his prostate as his retreating balls signaled the start of a messy conclusion.

"I'm with you. Shoot it all over me." Dex was grinning at Kyle with a lustful expression.

"Uh, ohhh...I, fuuuck," Kyle yelled. His body stiffened and his sphincter muscle clamped around the greedy finger as the first volley of cum erupted from his urethra. He shivered and reacted to several smaller orgasmic ejaculations. 'Oh, Christ, what the hell...' Kyle thought as he slowly opened his eyes, backed into the shower and eased his finger out of his stretched anus. The brightness of the room and seeing the recently spent cum splattered on the bath tiles brought him back to reality.

"Kyle, are you okay in there?" Brad asked urgently from the other side of the bathroom door.

"It's, um, okay. I just was having a little, ah, fantasy moment," Kyle replied with a chuckle.

"Sounded like a pretty good fantasy. We'll, um, have to compare notes sometime cuz I'm a master at solo moments." Brad snickered and continued, "See you in the bedroom. I'm ready to call it a night."

"Gottcha. Be there in a few minutes." Kyle continued with a conventional shower and smiled at his imaginary moments with Dex. 'It'll have to do until he gets back,' he decided. He also thought that his recent actions would defuse any randy thoughts that might 'pop up' when he shared the bed with Brad.


"We've been notified that the London cell of the kidnappers have just contacted Sir Geoffrey," came a voice over the intercom speaker on the conference table at AOI's operations center. At this point, only the ops chief, his assistant and Chip were seated.

"What have you got? It's just after 4:30 a.m. in London."

"Just a brief telephone call to the residence. The voice was distorted and told Sir Geoffrey that his son had been abducted in America. He was instructed to stand by the telephone for further instructions at 5:00 a.m. We have all of our equipment up at the estate and the signal is now being forwarded to ops via satellite."

"How's the transmission quality from the satellite?" the ops chief asked.

"Excellent. We're linked with one of Uncle Sam's latest."

"Good." The ops chief turned to Chip and continued, "I suggest that you rejoin the guys at the console. As soon as we get the signal, see if you can determine the location of the London conspirators with our team over there. Also, find out how the F.B.I. is coming along positioning the infrared thermography drone."

"Yes, Sir." Chip excused himself and walked around the glass wall to the console.

"Well, the terror of the keyboard has returned," one of the engineers said in a joking manner. "Seriously, I'll work with you, anytime."

"Same goes with me." The other engineer stood and said, "Take my seat. When this goes down in 25 minutes, as they say da man."

"Thanks, guys." Chip logged in again and checked the satellite links. Just as he was satisfied that the London feed was active, he noticed activity on the TV screen that was reserved for the infrared drone relay. He punched a few buttons and the picture was transferred to the large center screen. He studied the images from the thermography and was satisfied that the F.B.I. had focused the drone on the Sycamore Drive residence. He pushed a red button.

"What do you have?" came the ops chief's voice over a speaker.

"Sir, we have the imaging coming in from the targeted D.C. house. I can make out several human forms. Several are clustered in one part of the building and two more are lying in a horizontal position in the back. I suspect that the two horizontal forms are Dex and Timmons."


"They must be lying on the floor or a bed. The good news is that they're still in one location. My guess is that they aren't aware of the damaged tracking device.

"Excellent. I'll be right in."

Chip turned slightly and saw the chief stand with the phone receiver in his hand. Movement from the screen caught his eye. One of the clustered humans separated from the group and moved towards the two horizontal forms.


Dex figured that they had been in darkness for less than an hour when he heard the lock of the door disengage and the door swing open. He looked over at Geoff and saw that his eyes were wide-awake when light from the hallway washed the bedroom with a shadowy glow. Dex looked straight ahead and could only make out a dark silhouette of one short man.

"Well, Mr. Timmons and Mr. Fletcher, I see you've made yourself comfortable. I'm just checking in to make sure you haven't done anything foolish."

"You said you were going to let us know what's going to become of us. I demand that you..."

"Demands don't count, Timmons. You will be told all when the right time approaches," the standing man replied.

"You won't tell us anything?" Dex asked. He recognized the voice of the man as the leader.

"I will say that someone will be contacting Timmons' father in a half-hour. If he does what he is told, you two will be released. If he hesitates, well..."

"You'll kill us?" Dex decided to push the envelope as far as he could to gain information.

"Let's say that it would be very wise for Sir Geoffrey to heed to our instructions."

"But..." Geoff started to say.

"But, nothing. No more information will be given. Try to get some rest. Ha." The captor slammed the door and turned the lock.

Dex could hear the laughter fade as the leader walked away. His mind was working rapidly in several directions. 'Did they get the transmission from my second tracking device?' he wondered.

"Dex, what are your thoughts?" Geoff whispered.

"Um, Mr. Timmons, I suspect that we will find out what this is all about very shortly. I'm sure that these people will give your father a proper amount of time to react to their demands. Other than that, I can't say anything else." Dex hoped that Geoff understood why he was being vague and abrupt.

"I understand, Dex." Geoff took Dex's hand and squeezed it. "When we get out of this mess, we must sit down for a glass of champagne and a McDonald's quarter-pounder."

"Agreed. But hold the cheese," Dex replied with a low chuckle.

"Speaking of cheese. I'm really looking forward to the shower."

"Ewww...who said Englishmen don't have a wicked sense of humor."

"You're the one who's circumcised, Mate."

"Only because the religious whackos in America years ago thought it would eliminate a boy's urge to masturbate under the guise of hygiene. Little did they know how wrong they were." Dex let out a long sigh and snorted a laugh.

"So I understand. Thanks, Mr., um, Fletcher for adding a little levity to the situation. Good night."

"We're going to be just fine, Sir." Dex squeezed Geoff's hand and left it in place. 'Need all the energy and teamwork we can muster before this evening is over,' he decided. Dex closed his eyes and thought about Kyle and their new relationship. He was very determined to make sure this partnership had a long life. 'Those fuckers will rue the day they screwed around with me.'