Jack Scribe

This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of homosexual sex, what the hell are you doing here? Bye, bye.

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Chapter 2, Conflict of Interest

It was 7:30 a.m. on a dreary, overcast, Friday morning at the Starbucks at 16th and K.  Dex had just ordered a double cappuccino and patiently waited for his briefing contact to arrive. He smiled and felt pleased that the meeting with Kyle the previous night had gone so well. He contemplated that they were both beckoned to early morning meetings but for different reasons.

Dex scanned the front page of the Washington Post and savored some of Seattle's finest while the baristas produced the broad variety of caffeine-laden beverage orders for the restless customers at the counter. The location commanded a view of the White House and was close to all of the prosperous K Street legal and lobbying firms; neither factor hindered business at this popular coffee house. After the lawyers and lobbyists left to be with their fellow barrister sharks and professional arm-twisters in the many nearby paneled offices, the coffee-sipping population shifted to a continual flow of tourists. Tees and sneakers replaced pin stripes and tassel loafers.

He slightly shifted his eyes and saw that 'Bingo' was in the express line for regular coffee. Because of the sensitivity and a thin legal line of propriety concerning his covert work, Dex was not privy to Bingo's real name. Bingo was an FBI agent from headquarters to whom Dex reported and they met weekly at the Starbucks to trade information. This early morning rendezvous had been part of his routine for almost a year.

Since joining the FBI three years earlier, Dex had moved from basic, junior agent paper-shuffling to his current plum assignment: an undercover plant in the lobbying offices of Biggs and Dasch. He was proud that he was part of the team that had corralled Sid Abraham's unethical and illegal papering of money around the capitol. The FBI was now reaching out for those who knowingly were recipients of those tainted dollars. Without missing a beat, Dex had accepted the marching orders to be part of the expanding investigation and undercover work. Bingo passed on that their superiors were very pleased with Dex's work but wanted to 'follow the money'.

Influence peddling had become a real growth industry in Washington, D.C. It was a challenge to separate the good guys from the bad, the ambitious from the greedy and the idealistic dreamers from the cynical power grabbers.

"Good morning," Bingo said while placing the coffee cup and the blueberry muffin on the table. A manila envelope joined the coffee and muffin before he sat down. To the casual observer, Bingo was another white-collar, lower-level executive in his late 40's. Everything about Bingo was a carefully choreographed exercise in genericism: the raincoat partially covered his dark suit, white shirt and maroon tie. People would wrongly assume that the younger, handsome, Nordstrom-dressed man was the boss.

"Hey, 'morning yourself." Dex laid down his paper and placed it over the manila envelope. It was S.O.P. that his instructions for the next week were inside the thick envelope. He smiled and extended his hand for a shake. 'Bingo must really like his mashed potatoes,' Dex thought, observing the man's fleshy jowls and double chin that expanded with the forced smile. 'Prolly the wife, 2.5 kids and the stress of making monthly mortgage payments don't help,' he mused.

"So you met up with the subject at that queer bar?" Bingo asked with unmasked distain.

"Yep, made contact and a date." Dex's grin was forced. "We're getting together for dinner next week." Dex was quite proud that he was able to make a date with Kyle Blakesfield without any complications. He was also aware that Bingo didn't approve of any agent frequenting a gay bar even if it was on official business. 'This asshole would really be upset if he knew I was enjoying going to the bars on government money,' he thought. Dex was uncomfortable being in the closet and was grappling with a way to come out of his armoire.

"The boss wanted to make sure that you're really okay doing this gay thing? He's aware that you're in virgin territory."

"Well, I'm not a virgin...although the territory is different for an agent," Dex replied with a sardonic chuckle. "Let the boss know that there's no problem. Um, the subject seems like a nice guy and doesn't appear to be the violent, dominant type. I won't let it get out of control and I'm prepared to take a relationship to a level that will seem genuine without getting physical." Dex's youthful good looks, charisma and in-shape physique had made him an ideal candidate for special training. He had been taught how to manipulate the 'gaydar' screen and send out accepting vibes to gay men who were under surveillance.  What the FBI didn't know was that Dex had privately acknowledged his homosexuality when he was in law school at Georgetown and was 'out' to his folks.

"It's important to find out what the subject's big boss really knows about these funds. Just keep your preppy butt more ways than one," Bingo said with a snide, sneering laugh. "I don't want to see any Vaseline purchases on your expense report."

"Don't worry. I'll make sure that his big, bad, gay dick doesn't find its way into my backside." Dex continued to smile as he considered his immediate boss's homophobic, Neanderthal thinking. 'Christ,' he thought, 'Bingo doesn't even know how yesterday Vaseline is. I can imagine how dull his sex life must be at home. Prolly the only thing he knows about oral is brushing teeth.' He also considered the idea of becoming intimate with Kyle...if the subject wasn't involved in any illegalities...down the road.

"Let's talk about the project. This whole homo business doesn't sit well with me but the big boss decided that this was the route to go and you were the man to pull it off."

"Pull it off is hardly what I have in mind," Dex replied as he subtly moved a clinched fist up and down in short strokes. "And, as I recall, wasn't our esteemed founder a drag queen?" Dex grinned broadly and shrugged. He loved making his homophobic supervisor uncomfortable.

"Okay, enough of the funny stuff." Bingo leaned back, rolled his eyes and continued, "You and the subject are going out to dinner next Wednesday?"

"Yep. I figure that some good food and generous portions of wine should loosen up his mind to talk about his office and related stuff with the Abraham money. I'll review the homework over the weekend and bring a recording device to dinner. You'll have the tape and my analysis for next week's meeting."

"Good. We can exchange everything then. In the packet you'll also note that there's a list of some additional files we need from your office. It will help us determine how to word another search and seizure warrant from a federal judge. We're sure that some of the other partners are spreading bad money around town and need to confirm what's happening. Abraham isn't the only one going down at your shop."

"No problem. I'll spend a little extra time after working hours tonight, review the files and email them to my Yahoo account." The routine established was for Dex to run everything through a fictitious Yahoo account and then forward the material to another Yahoo account monitored by Bingo.

"I still can't believe that they've never installed any security software to monitor employee emails," Bingo said after taking a large bite of his muffin.

"Yep, pretty stupid. You'll have the files tomorrow night." Dex smiled at the sight of muffin crumbs stuck to Bingo's chin.

"Fair enough. I'm going to grab my coffee and get out of here. Tate, I'm serious when I tell you that you're getting results where it counts. In this case, I don't think I want to know how you're going to get them," Bingo said with a lewd chuckle. "Adios, amigo." Bingo got up, nodded and left the table with his coffee.

"Adios." He purposely didn't add 'amigo' to the farewell. As Dex watched his clandestine contact depart to head over to the J. Edgar Hoover building on Pennsylvania Avenue, he decided, 'Time to update my resume. I'm tired of living a lie.' When he had applied for a training position with the FBI after law school, Dex was successfully burrowed deep in a self-imposed closet. As far as the bureau was concerned, he was just an average, 'A-type' hetero bachelor.


Dex was relieved that it had been so easy to get into the targeted files early Friday evening. No one in the office gave his extra hours at the start of a weekend a second thought. The partners of Biggs and Dasch considered Dexter Tate a bright, aggressive achiever who got results. 'After this Abraham mess,' he considered, 'these arrogant assholes are really stupid to keep the incriminating files in the office.'

His awareness perked up when he scanned one document that mentioned a large sum of cash being delivered to a Louisiana Congressman - Emmanuel Lincoln from Shreveport - in the next week. The cash, wrapped in plastic, would be inserted into the cavity of a large salmon chilled in an ice chest as part of a FedEx shipment. 'Fuck,' he thought, 'that fish must be pretty big to handle a hundred grand in its stomach. Maybe the congressman could consult with Emil Lagasse to come up with a new recipe for stuffed salmon?'

The remainder of the weekend progressed routinely: Saturday workout and Step class at The Sports Club/LA on 22nd and M Street, errands, emails and a date to go to the movies that evening. On Sunday, Dex never missed the 10:30 a.m. service at Grace Church, the Episcopal edifice in Georgetown. He was always impressed with the young, attractive men in the congregation and Fellowship hour usually produced a few names for a social follow up.

Later that evening, he reviewed and tweaked his resume to highlight his goals in seeking security work. Dex found the two business cards he had collected over the past six months and emailed the contacts his resume. The cover letter expressed interest to discuss career opportunities at the earliest convenient time. 'This time,' he decided, 'I'm going to let them know up front my sexual orientation.'


Around 11:00 a.m., Monday, after getting his morning 'to do's' cleaned up for the senior lobbyists, Dex called Kyle's office number. A vision of Kyle's blond hair, blue eyes and radiant smile floated in his head while the phone rang.

~~~ "Blakesfield. How may I help you?"

"Well, um, aside from sitting on my face, I was wondering if you're still up for dinner," Dex said with a low chuckle.

~~~ "Good morning to you too, Mr. Tate. I've hardly had a moment go by without thinking about our brief meeting or dinner this Wednesday."

"Great. Did I hear hardly or hard?" Without missing a beat, he continued, "Sorry for the silly joke. Promise I'll grow up. I was thinking about your suggestion of going to the Indian brasserie. I've been there. The chow's good and they have a decent wine list."

~~~ "Yeah, Heritage India on Connecticut Avenue. You still want to meet at JR's for drinks first?"

"How about JR's at 6:30 p.m. and I'll make reservations at the restaurant for 7:30 p.m.?"

~~~ "Got it in the Blackberry as a definite. Dex, I really do look forward to knowing you better. You seem like a good guy and that's a rare commodity in this town."

"Ditto. I figure that the good guys should stick together. Listen, I'm getting a little backed up at my desk. As the junior guy, I'm in the middle of a lot of paper shuffling. If I don't hear from you, see ya Wednesday at JR's?"

~~~ "Casual dress? I love to shed the grown up clothes after work."

"Absolutely. I'll probably wear khakis and a shirt."

~~~ "Got it. 'Til then, bye."

"Bye, Kyle." Dex hung up the phone and paused with a feeling of satisfaction.

'Time to attack the stack of stuff in the in-box,' he decided. 'Wonder whose arm we're twisting, today?' He was also curious about how the salmon was swimming - up stream via a 757 - to the Congressman's spawning bed.


Wednesday drinks and dinner went like clockwork. Between cocktails, wine and a tasting of Northern Indian cooking, each man found out the 'Cliffs Notes' version of the other's life. Without noticeable pressure, Dex extracted information about Kyle's job, his immediate boss, and the famous Chicago Congresswoman.

Dex was more than satisfied that Kyle was clueless of any malfeasance on the part of Mandy Burns. He would report to Bingo that all roads led to the Chicago treasurer's blindly and innocently accepting PAC funds. Nothing more. Dex was anxious to be rid of Kyle as a subject so he could explore a personal relationship.

They were finishing the second bottle of a light-bodied Cote du Rhone that seemed to match the flavors of the lamb korma. The lamb was extremely tender and the sauce had a great combination of cashews and spices. Dex was particularly pleased with the hummus made with roasted garlic and black beans. 'The tandoori-smoked mozzarella married well with the other flavors,' he judged.

"Buddy, between the Indian tapas with names I can't pronounce, the curry and the 'fab' wine, I need to take a pause. I need to excuse myself and take a break." Kyle smiled and stood up.

"The men's room is back by the kitchen." Dex watched Kyle walk away. He judged that his dinner guest was an athlete based on his graceful movements and trim form.

Dex reached over and grabbed his windbreaker jacket. In a voice directed to the jacket he said, "End of meeting with subject." He put his hand in the pocket and switched off the recorder. After placing the jacket back on the chair, he raised his arm to flag down the server. When Dex established eye contact with the server, he touched his finger and thumb together a couple of times and mouthed, "check". The server nodded and brought over the check in a folder.

'Shit,' he thought, reviewing the bill, 'the wine was more than the food. Well, to hell with it." Dex pulled out his company American Express card, placed it in the check folder and pushed the folder to a corner of the table. 'Bingo can deal with the reimbursement.'

"What's my half of the damages?" asked Kyle as he returned to the table and sat down.

"Consider this a treat on me. We discussed five minutes of business so it's an official expense. Part of the game in this town is to figure out how many dinners you can write off." Dex smiled as the server retrieved the check.

"You sure? I mean, I won't turn down a free dinner...especially when it's with a cute guy...if you can really write it off."

"Yep, no strings attached."

"What if I want to attach some strings?" Kyle asked, his focus locking onto Dex.

"Um, strings? What have you got in mind?" Dex felt as though he was being sucked into an ethereal level through Kyle's engaging, pale blue eyes.

"Two healthy, young, like-minded adult males could certainly find some common ground. Unfortunately, a roommate occupies my 'common ground'. But, ah, I wouldn't turn down an invitation to continue our conversation somewhere else." Kyle smiled slightly and raised his eyebrows.

"You mean that if I offered you an invitation to join me at my apartment, you wouldn't turn it down?" Dex asked in a low voice.

"If you doubt my sincerity, you could reach down to my crotch, very discretely, and find out how interested I am." Without being too obvious, Kyle reached down to adjust himself while licking his lips.

"Well, there it is. I'm being seduced by this hot journalist who won't take 'no' for an answer. Looks like I have no choice but to invite you home." Dex rubbed the palms of his hands together before taking one of Kyle's hands in his. To the surrounding diners, it would appear nothing more than two men reaching agreement on a topic. Dex felt the warmth and energy radiate from Kyle's hand as he held it. He squeezed the hand and nodded simultaneously. "Let me sign the tab and we'll boogie." The server returned with the credit card and the receipts. Dex added a generous tip, signed the ticket, retrieved his card and took a copy of the receipt.

"I walked over here tonight. Have we got far to go?" Kyle stood up and waited for Dex to join him.

"Walked, too. I live over on P near 21st Street. The brick apartment building."

"Well, buddy, sounds like we're neighbors," Kyle said. "I live at 2105 P Street and you must be in the big building across the street from me. Right?"

"2108. Yep, we're neighbors. Let's go and I'll let you borrow some sugar." Dex laughed and motioned Kyle to leave first. He grabbed the windbreaker jacket and held it in his hand. 'Christ,' he thought, 'this is too convenient.'

"Where do you keep your sugar?" Kyle asked with a grin.

"In the closet." Dex knew that Kyle didn't have the foggiest idea what he was talking about when Kyle turned and gave him a quizzical look.


"It's a long story. I'm kind of in the closet at work. I'll tell you tomorrow." 'Shit,' Dex thought, 'he doesn't know the half of it.' He imagined what the reaction at the Bureau would be if they knew he loved everything associated with the male anatomy, and Kyle's especially.

"Tomorrow? Do I need anything?"

"I've got everything covered...including an unused toothbrush." Knowing where their mouths would probably travel soon, he doubted a new toothbrush was needed.

"Always great to know we've got oral hygiene covered."

"Touché." Dex opened the front door and invited Kyle to walk on into the cool night air. 'This is something I won't report to Bingo,' Dex thought as the two men walked towards Dupont Circle.

Within ten minutes they were in the foyer of the modest, 60's-vintage apartment building. Dex unlocked the security front door to the building and allowed Kyle to enter. They continued past the mailroom and stopped at the elevators.

"I'm up on 10," Dex said as he punched the elevator button. Doors parted and they entered the cab. After hitting the '10' button, he turned to Kyle and continued, "I'm going to enjoy having you as a guest." He gently pulled Kyle towards him and softly touched Kyle's lips with his. There was no resistance and Dex decided to allow his tongue to explore the new territory.

"Mmmm," Kyle growled. He wrapped his hands around Dex's waist and pressed his crotch closer. While they kissed, Kyle rotated his tenting pants into Dex's same condition.

A bell rang and Dex extracted himself. "We're here. No reason to give the neighbors a show." The doors parted and Dex grabbed Kyle's hand. He felt confident that no one would be in the hallway. Dex winked at Kyle and they walked down to the end. "Welcome to my home." Dex took out his key, unlocked the door and opened it. "Marche, monsieur."

"Oui," Kyle replied with a snicker. "That's basically most of the French I know." He walked in and turned as the door closed. Kyle opened his arms and said, "I kinda liked what we were doing on the elevator."

"I did, too." Dex moved forward, reassumed his former position and molded into Kyle's standing form. He gave Kyle a warm, wet kiss before he said, "But I got some business to attend to before I pee in my pants." He took Kyle's hand and they walked through the small living room to a short hallway. Dex casually tossed his jacket on a living room chair as he passed by. "Here's my bedroom. Why don't you go in and get comfortable while I take a whiz."

"Comfortable? As in..."

"Butt naked. I've been fantasizing about your hunky, hot body since we met." Dex winked and entered the next doorway. He turned on the bathroom light, walked over to the commode and unzipped his pants as he closed the door.

Kyle looked around the bedroom and noticed that Dex was either a neat freak or had planned for company this evening. The queen-size bed was made and the bedding taut. Kyle unbuttoned his shirt and looked around the room that was illuminated only by a low-wattage desk lamp. He decided that they both shared the same decorator: Ikea. 'Probably during the big summer markdown sales,' he decided Kyle smiled when he saw a couple of framed posters from London's Tate Modern.

He took off his shirt and laid it on the desk chair. It was hard not to observe that all the books were lined up by size, the papers were neatly organized in a stack and there was no visible dust. Next to come off was the tee and it hastily joined the shirt. Kyle was toeing off his shoes when he heard Dex enter the room.

"Welcome to my little apartment. It is what it is and just fine for the time being." Dex started to unbutton his shirt. "Don't let me interrupt your progress. If the bottom-half is as impressive as what I see, buddy, I'm going to be a happy camper."

"You gotta catch up with me, Dex. I'm a born exhibitionist an' us Chicagoans 'drop trou' at the slightest provocation." Kyle unbuckled the belt and unclasped the pants. With one fast move the zipper moved down and the pants slid down into a puddle around Kyle's feet, leaving him with nothing on but a pair of gray, low-cut CK briefs. He stepped out of the khakis and reached down to pick them up.

"Well, I guess that answers the question about whether it's boxers or briefs," Dex said with a laugh. He tossed his shirt aside and got out of his pants in fast fashion.

"I'm versatile," Kyle said. "Tonight it's briefs...tomorrow, well, maybe I'll let junior swing free a little." Kyle purposely massaged his cotton-covered crotch while he watched Dex's briefs go south. "Well, when In Rome..." Kyle duplicated his host's movements and suddenly mirrored Dex's image: completely nude except for socks. Kyle was very pleased with the male form before him. They were both the same height and seemed to be about the same size in the dick department. Kyle's blond hair contrasted with Dex's dark brown shadings. Both men were lean and naturally developed physically. Neither had a defined six-pack but it was obvious that both took care of themselves.

"Versatility is the password in this place. But, unless you have some foot fetish, let's lose the socks."

"You take them off me, and I'll do the same 'cause I kinda get into feet."

"Sounds like it's time to turn down the bed." Dex neatly folded down the cover and top sheet to the bottom of the bed. Carelessly, he tossed four of the decorative pillows aside and eased onto the sheet-covered bed. "Join me?"

"Absolument," Kyle said as he eased onto the wrinkle-free sheet. He flipped around so his feet were near Dex's head.

"I thought you didn't know much French?"

"I lied. But I mostly only know the basic stuff to navigate in a simple conversation. Don't want the guys from Le Figaro or Le Monde to think I'm a complete idiot." Kyle wiggled his feet.

"How do you say, 'let's fuck'?" Dex removed one of Kyle's socks, then the other.

"Je préférer, let's fuck. It's a universal language." Kyle pulled off the socks in front of his face and proceeded to suck on Dex's big toe. He teased as his teeth snagged the hair behind the first joint of the big toe.

"I'd say this is one step at a time...but it's more like one toe," Dex said with a laugh before he started sucking on Kyle's small toe.

"Oh, fuck." Kyle scooted a little so that he could start tonguing and nibbling the rest of Dex's foot before he started on the leg. Slowly he moved up until he was behind Dex's knee. Kyle was lasciviously looking at a well-filled shaved scrotum. From this position, the orbs looked enormous. He could hardly wait until he reached the 'promised land.'

"Man, you are a horny devil." Dex moved a little to his side and duplicated Kyle's actions. When he reached the knees, Dex continued up the inner-thighs. Within moments, he was at Kyle's crotch.

"Hold it, right there," Kyle said. He moved closer to the target and started picking up the musky, male scent that drove him over the wall. At this point, Dex was sporting an erection of steel. Small, dewy droplets of emissions hovered just outside his urethra opening. It took all of Kyle's self-discipline not to lean up and orally digest Dex's hard cock. However, he wanted this to be a total experience for his new friend...and for him. 'Jeez,' he thought, 'tell me that this is form and substance.' Kyle tentatively swiped his tongue over the shaved membrane surface of Dex's ball sac. The orbs inside rolled appreciatively around in response. One at a time, he took a testicle in his mouth and tightly sucked.

"Ah, shit, babe,"'s great, Dex moaned.  He grabbed on to Kyle's hardon and plunged his face into the nether world. He nibbled on the perineum before darting his tongue around Kyle's pucker. He started a slow jerking motion on the tip of Kyle's cock while he became more deliberate in penetrating a willing rosebud surrounded by wet, matted-down, dark-blond hair.

Kyle could finally hold back no longer. He guided his tongue past Dex's balls, onto the base of the veined shaft and up to a red, flared, spongy corona. By this point in the encounter, Dex's dick was seriously leaking pre-cum. In one motion, Kyle engulfed the head. He swirled his tongue around and caught the salty taste of Dex's DNA. 'Oh, yeah,' he thought, 'I'm definitely into this.' Kyle started bobbing up and down on Dex's erection. Gradually, Dex got caught up in the action and started matching movements. Before long, he was aggressively fucking Kyle's mouth.

"Ahhh, oh, yeah, you beautiful, uhhh, cocksucker, oh..." Dex unevenly screamed with heavy breathing. His balls tightened and started regressing as he prepared to slam a homerun.

Kyle was keeping pace and had shoved a finger up Dex's asshole to heighten the pleasure of the moment. He was aware that Dex was rounding third base. Kyle felt Dex's cock expand further before the expected eruption. He was furiously finger-fucking Dex as the sphincter tightened. Within seconds, a lava-flow of semen burst forth in Kyle's mouth. Dex jerked forth as his climax heralded the ejaculations. Kyle was ready to ingest Dex's deposits and proudly didn't spill a drop.

"Man, oh man," Dex uttered appreciatively. His emotions returned to earth and his body slowed down to a facsimile of normalcy. He rotated around and pulled Kyle's face up to his. He held onto Kyle's face with his hands and moved in for a passionate, sloppy, cum-sharing kiss.   "Babe, that was unexpected but fabulous. There's only one thing I could ask in return."

"Désirer, Monsieur," Kyle said.

"Fuck me, bâtard."

"Les accouterments?" Kyle asked as he rose to his knees.

"In the drawer." Dex smiled dreamily and nodded to the bed stand.