Jack Scribe

This multipart story is primarily about romance and relationships between men. Any reference to actual persons, living or dead, is only to enhance the fictional nature of the story and does not suggest a particular sexual orientation. If you are offended by graphic descriptions of homosexual sex, what the hell are you doing here? Bye, bye.

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'What an extraordinary turn of events,' Dex thought, marveling at the way his life had changed in the past two weeks, especially the relationship that was developing with Kyle. He was sure that a path was being etched in the asphalt of P Street due to the two going back and forth to each other's apartments. Dex had invited Kyle for a special dinner on Friday night and was already rehearsing his speech about exploring their relationship. 'I don't think I'm ready for the L word...yet. But we're definitely on the right track.'

The other factor was acceleration in a career change. Dex's first choice in a company that would move him exclusively into the civilian world was actively pursuing him. The idea of joining a prestige international security corporation that was headquartered locally appealed to him, especially now that his personal life with Kyle seemed to be advancing beyond a solid friendship.

This was step three in the interview process that had begun with the initial meeting at the Four Seasons hotel in Georgetown. Two days later he was asked by the human resources director to take a battery of tests on a secure Internet site and was given a clearance code to enter the program. Dex nervously drummed his fingers on the wall of the cab as the elevator swiftly ascended to the top floor of the contemporary office building in Fairfax, Virginia. He subconsciously bit his lip when the doors quietly slid open, took a deep breath and stepped out to a generic foyer.

Today's appointment with the managing partner of AOI was arranged after he had visited the Internet site and spent five hours navigating through the very thorough testing process that evaluated intelligence, cognitive reasoning, personality and interaction. 'Apparently I must have passed to be meeting with the big guy,' Dex decided as he opened the door with AOI subtly engraved on a brass plaque. 'I really hope a job offer comes. This is an organization in which I could really excel.'

Dex had searched on Google and Yahoo to find out any helpful background concerning AOI. First, while reading an archived story in Business Week, Dex learned that the initials stood for Alpha One International. Second, he read that it was a privately held corporation with just the sketchiest details of the officers, partners and directors. Third, was a very formal website that listed its basic mission statement, services and pinpointed the network of offices throughout the world. The Fairfax headquarters, along with New York, Miami, Dallas, Chicago and Los Angeles offices covered the United States.

He walked in and briefly scanned the small reception space. Although he was visually drawn to the walk-up height desk of sculptured glass and the abstract painting of the world positioned on the back wall, Dex couldn't help but admire the armless Modigliani nude sculpture on a contemporary pedestal and a Jasper Johns oil painting to the left of his sight line. On the right he briefly saw a large watercolor painting that was a collage of images. 'Someone I need to research,' he thought, not recognizing the artist. He smiled at the placement of classic Courbusier furniture in two small groupings against the neutral, light taupe-painted walls.

"May I help you?" asked the attractive brunette woman from behind the desk.

"Yes, I have a 10:00 a.m. appointment with Mr. Sebastian. My name is Dexter Tate." He turned on a low-wattage smile to project an image of confidence. However, Dex could feel his stomach churn and almost growl with excitement as he stood there while being visually scanned by the receptionist.

"You are certainly expected, Mr. Tate. If you would be so kind as to continue past the reception area to the end of the hall and a door marked 'conference room.' I will let Mr. Sebastian know you are here." She electronically released the lock of the thick paneled door to her left and motioned for Dex to enter. "Please help yourself to coffee, water or soft drinks in the room. Mr. Sebastian will join you as soon as he finishes a telephone call."

"Thank you." Dex opened the door and proceeded to the conference room. After he walked through the open door, Dex paused to survey the masculine feeling of the interior: cherry wood paneling, a massive black granite table with eight black leather swivel chairs, beige berber carpeting, and a dramatic oil painting that he confirmed was a Georges Braque original upon closer inspection. On the opposite wall was a large plasma television screen.  The view from the window was typical Fairfax countryside intermingled with other office buildings tucked into the landscape. 'Not shabby,' he considered as he walked over to the credenza and poured a cup of coffee. Next to the beverages were several national and international newspapers. He was further impressed that Le Monde was only one day old.

Dex sat down at the table and drank the hazelnut-flavored coffee as he perused the front page of the popular, left-leaning Paris newspaper. He scanned the printed European perspective of United States events with detachment. 'It's embarrassing that we've allowed such a misleading view of our country to happen,' he thought, folding the page over. 'Although Dubbya certainly gives these lefties a lot of ammo.'

"Well, Mr. Tate, welcome to our headquarters. I'm Jerry Sebastian."

Dex turned, rolled back his chair as he rose and said, "Sir, it is my pleasure." He extended his hand to Jerry Sebastian's hand when the short, older man approached. 'Must be somewhere in his 50's?' Dex wondered as they shook hands. 'Jeez, this guy has a strong grip.'

"First of all, my name is Jerry and, if you don't mind, I'll call you Dex. Deal?" Jerry gestured for Dex to take a seat at the head of the table.

"Um, sure, ah, Jerry. Deal." Dex smiled and, as trained, thoroughly observed the well-groomed, pleasant man in front of him.

"Ah, Le Monde. I assume that you're comfortable with the French language?" He joined Dex, sitting at the corner chair.

"A little rusty but I studied the language in high school and college. At one point I thought I'd go into international law. Well, until I got this wild hair about joining the F.B.I."

"Wild hair? Hardly what I'd call your exemplary record. Before we begin, let's play a little game. Would you mind swiveling your chair 180 degrees so that your back is to me?"

"Err, sure." Dex's mind was going into overdrive as he did as he was told.

"Good. Now, Dex, I'd like you to take a deep breath and describe me from memory."

He decided to go for it. Recalling visual detail had always been one of his strong points. Dex took a good 30 seconds to gather his composure before he said, "Did you want me to include the small mole on your right earlobe and the stain on your left suit coat sleeve, or just the basics?"

"Point and match. Very good, Dex. I guess we can dispense with this little test."

"I'm only curious about your suit, Jerry. It's obviously Saville Row. Is it Henry Poole's or Anderson and Sheppard?" Dex smiled as he rotated his chair back so that he was in eye contact. 'Jerry seems to appreciate a little tongue-in-cheek joking,' he decided.

"Good guesses. Actually it's Kilgour's. I'm very fond of the cutter," Jerry replied with a chuckle. "Mr. Dexter Tate, I think this is going to be a very pleasant morning. Your resume and the results from our testing are impressive. Your quick observation skills are outstanding. What I don't know is the real you. In an unvarnished way, please tell me about yourself from wherever you'd like to start."

Dex paused, took a sip from the cooling coffee and proceeded to lay out his still young life before Jerry. Bringing the story up to the present took approximately 30 minutes. He obviously didn't mention any cases he was working on in the F.B.I.

"Very interesting, Dex. I would say that, except for one obvious detail, you have provided me with a most comprehensive story of your life."

"Ah, what detail did you have in mind?" Dex asked as he racked his mind to determine what he had left out.

"You're not married and don't seem to be involved with any woman. In fact, you didn't once remark about intimate friendships in your school years or, more recently, in your adult life with any female." Jerry stood up and went to the credenza for a bottle of water. "May I refresh your coffee, or perhaps water?"

"Water will be fine." Dex knew that it was time to establish his new beachhead. 'No more bull shit,' he decided. 'I may lose this job offer but I need to be honest with myself.'

Jerry sat down two bottles of Pellegrino on the table and reached for two bucket glasses from the center of the table. He poured the water into the glasses and smiled with detachment.

"What I have to add may end this interview rather abruptly. The point is I haven't been involved with any women in my life. I have had intimate friendships, Jerry, but they were with guys. I've recently met someone...a man...and I'm trying to figure out where it's going. I'm gay and I'm tired of hiding because someone might not like it."

"Hmm, I assume that the real reason you want to leave the F.B.I. is because of their lack of understanding in these matters?"

"Since you haven't thrown me out of the office, I'll answer that question. The current case of mine involves reporting to a complete, homophobic asshole. I just can't continue working in an environment that tolerates bigotry. So now you know my story. I guess I should thank you for your time and be on my way." Dex took a sip of water and started to stand.

"Whoa, young man. Sit down and listen up," Jerry replied with a commanding tone in his voice. "Your sexual orientation is absolutely a concern at AOI. But in our organization, being gay is an advantage."

"Advantage, but..."

"We're all either homosexual or extremely gay-friendly." Jerry sat back and closely observed Dex.

Dex's emotion moved from dejection to puzzlement to relief and to questioning. "You mean you..."

"Yep, I fall into one of those categories. And, well...let's not go any further than that," Jerry said with a laugh. "Rather, I would like to offer you a job if you're interested. Your personal honesty was the last test."

"Jeez, um, I mean, yeah, er...Jerry, this comes as a big surprise." Dex maintained his composure while he digested this new information. "If you don't mind answering, how did this all come about? It almost sounds like the 'gay mafia' and I'm more than a little floored."

"Ha, hardly the mafia. First, let's agree that what I'm about to tell you is in complete confidence. You will be legally bound not to reveal what I am going to tell you about our history and aspects of a special relationship AOI has with a very private, unknown organization."

"I, um, agree. I assume that nothing subversive is involved? " Dex pondered this last statement and decided to go with the flow.

"Nothing to be concerned about. Absolutely everything we do is legal...just that our past is a little unorthodox. It's a long story that begins around the turn of the last century. Stop me if you have any questions." Jerry began to spin the tale of Alpha and how the networking helped closeted, gay members of government in the infancy of the 20th century to live and professionally function within an oppressive atmosphere.

"So Alpha helped out in all the major crises that affected our nation?"

"Helped out is hardly the term I would use, Dex. From the Spanish-American war just before the turn of the century, through the First World War, depression...well, we've been there. Originally, it was just a matter of survival. Now, Alpha has a solid agenda that we follow through with strategies and action plans that affect national and international affairs."

"But this is new century. I mean, look at the congressmen from Massachusetts, Minnesota and Arizona. They're openly gay. It seems to me that survival is not part of the picture for those men."

"They are part of a tiny minority that have successfully come out to their constituency. And from what we know, there's a few more lurking around in the closet. The Reeds, Dobsons and Robertsons of the world are trying very hard to change even these small advances. AOI is used to cover Alpha's butt on several fronts."

"So how did AOI start and what does it have to do with Alpha?" Dex was starting to see a bigger picture but several pieces were missing.

"The early members of Alpha couldn't rely on government agencies or investigation companies to handle security problems. Therefore, the genesis of what is now AOI came about. Today, we are a large, very successful, international firm and Alpha is more of a client than an owner. Our board is comprised of Alpha members...completely. Does that ease your concerns about us?" Jerry asked.

"One hundred percent. To work in an environment where everyone is cool with a person's sexual orientation - whatever it might be - is the ideal situation. I really want to be judged by my performance and myself as a person...nothing more, nothing less.

"Does that mean that you're interested in joining AOI?"

"I'm, ah, so jazzed about this opportunity. The answer is, yes...absolutely, yes." Dex considered what had just happened and turned on a huge smile. "I guess I'm not that good of a negotiator. I suppose I should ask what the pay is, benefits, and all the rest. Honestly, though, you got me."

"I guess the rest should be easy, then. To answer your first question, we will offer you a salary that is double what you're currently making at the bureau. I believe that your bi-weekly gross is $1538.46?"

"How'd you know...?"

"Dex, there isn't much AOI can't find out with our crack investigative division. And when it comes to recruiting a key junior associate, we want to know everything."

"Everything? I mean, even my new boyfriend doesn't know the exact dimensions of, ah, you know...." Dex decided to mask his nervousness with a joke.

"Well, almost everything," Jerry said, joining Dex in genuine laughter. "Not that we couldn't find out if we wanted to." He let this comment marinate through the levity. "Seriously, I take it that you want to be a part of AOI? Even without mentioning the benefits, bonus potential, company car, etcetera?"

"Yes, Sir. Jerry, I'm ready to sign up. You got me by the...well, let's just say that I'm really excited about the opportunity. It seems like everything that I'm looking for."

"Okay, then. First things first. I need you to sign a confidentiality statement that binds you to secrecy concerning Alpha from this moment on." Jerry took his cell out of his jacket pocket and pressed two buttons. His only word was, "Yes," before he turned it off. Moments later a young man came into the room, carrying a leather portfolio. The man pulled out two documents and set them before Dex.

"This is it? Do I need to offer my first born as collateral?" Dex asked with a wicked, raised eyebrow.

"Nothing that dramatic, nor probable," Jerry said with a laugh. "By the way, meet Mark, my personal assistant and C.P.A. He's also a notary public and will witness your signature. In addition to the confidentiality statement we took the liberty of preparing an employment agreement."

Dex nodded at the twenty-something blond and said, "Hi Mark. I guess we'll be working together."

"Mr. Tate...Dex...I know Jerry is excited that you've accepted our offer. Welcome to AOI." Mark smiled and offered a pen to Dex.

"I'm going to assume that all this legal stuff is proper." Dex scanned the documents, signed and watched as Mark notarized the papers with his official stamp.

"Excellent. The employment agreement just needs to be signed. There is an extra copy for you to take with you and study. Just keep it in a secure place."

"I've got a deposit box over at the Adams National Bank for papers just like this."

"Good thinking." Jerry reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold ring with a stone of brown and fibrous golden brown lines. "This is a ring that you will wear at all times when you're not on assignment. The tiger's eye stone is a strong talisman in many cultures, especially against the 'evil eye.' These stones are also associated with clairvoyance and with personal insight. But more practically, it will identify you as a friend to others familiar with the group." He took Dex's right hand and slipped the ring on the second finger.

"I'm honored." Dex looked at the ring as he moved his hand at different angles to the light. He confirmed that both Jerry and Mark were wearing identical rings. 'I wonder who is considered the evil eye? Rick Santorum? Pat Buchanan?'

"Mark, would you make reservations for lunch at The Lamplighter for the three of us. Dex and I are going to watch the orientation video. I suspect that we'll be ready for lunch around 1 p.m. Is that alright with you, Dex?"

"Except for writing a resignation letter, I'm in your hands." Dex was ready for this adventure. Something far beyond what he had imagined two hours earlier.

"Great. Why don't you give the bureau a month's time so you can tidy up anything you're working on?"

"That's very generous, Jerry."

"Not at all. I'd like to think that this will be a very long, professional relationship and it's important that you leave the F.B.I. with no bridges burned...if you get my drift. Your contacts there may come in handy. Why don't we settle on you starting June 1st? You'll be going to our special training facility in Quantico for a month of indoctrination."

"Something tells me that the AOI facility will make the F.B.I. training seem like a "Y" camp?" Dex said with a chuckle.

"You'll survive and it'll expand your professional boundaries. I guarantee you'll have a defined six-pack when you're finished."


The remainder of Dex's week went reasonably well. His Thursday morning briefing with Bingo was without any surprises. Dex was told the emails of the purloined files that were the catalyst for the F.B.I. raid on the Biggs and Dasch offices had been quietly destroyed and the actual hard drives of the company's computers would be used in the indictments. As they departed he gave Bingo a sealed envelope and asked that it be given to their supervisor.

Later that day, he received an urgent call from Bingo asking that Dex meet with the supervisor on Friday morning to discuss the contents of the envelope. He was a little surprised when he was told to go directly to headquarters. 'Guess my job with the investigation is pretty much finished,' he decided. Dex also thought it best to take a sick day from Biggs and Dasch on Friday to handle the meeting and prepare for the evening dinner with Kyle.

Friday's meeting was a tag-team approach by various F.B.I. division directors designed to convince Dex not to leave. He had clearly impressed the senior managers with his performance and record. However, following Jerry's suggestion, Dex was politely firm in his decision to accept an offer in the public sector that he couldn't refuse. When he disclosed that he would be joining AOI as an associate, there were a few knowing raised eyebrows and positive nods.

With a friendly departure date set for the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, Dex shook hands and went directly to the Whole Foods store on P Street for two New York sirloin strip steaks and the rest of the dinner fixings. He grabbed a chardonnay and a cabernet sauvignon from their wine cellar and checked out. Dex grimaced at the total charges when he swiped his Visa card. 'This is a special occasion if there was ever one,' he decided as he signed the charge.

Across town in Congresswoman Burns' office, Phil was giving Kyle a summary of what would be handled the following week. While the press focused on international events, Phil and Kyle were working closely with the chief of staff to finalize a strategy for Mandy's move to become minority leader in mid-May. With the date only two weeks away, the office would be very busy.

"Buddy, this is a good time to have a little fun cuz the next two or three weeks are going to be pretty intensive." Phil leaned back in his desk chair and continued, "Are you and Dex still figuring out your friendship?"

"After a few rocky moments the friendship is solid. He's invited me tonight for a special dinner and I do believe that he wants to move into boyfriend status." Kyle could feel his temples warm up with a blush at the idea of committing himself to a closer relationship.


"And I, um, couldn't be happier if that's the direction we're heading. I know he's getting a new job that he wants to tell me about. He figured out its time to move on." Kyle could never reveal Dex's association with the bureau. 'Just as well that everyone thinks he's bolting from Biggs and Dasch,' he considered.

"He's right. That whole lobbyist group is too tainted. Sounds like you need to call your big brother Phil tomorrow with all the details. If this works out, I couldn't be happier for you."

"Thanks, I'll do that. And you need to do the same. What's happening between Mac and you? I suppose that his new job at the White House is keeping him occupied?"

"Not 24/7. Mac and I have gotten together a couple of times a week since we met. We're still in the friendship phase but definitely coming on strong to something else. Listen, in a couple of weeks, why don't the four of us go out for drinks and dinner? Maybe a Saturday night?"

"Let's confirm that when I call ya tomorrow morning. Boss, if you're okay with it, I'm going to shove. I want to go to the gym and get in a short workout before dinner." Kyle figured that Phil wouldn't have a problem if he left a little early in that it was just before 4:00 p.m.

"Go for it. And give me a call around ten in the morning."

Kyle closed down his PC and was at the gym by 4:15 p.m. He went through a condensed machine and weights program, steamed, shaved and showered. By six, after stopping off at the neighborhood florist for a dozen long-stem roses, he was back home. 'What should I wear to this dinner that Dex said was special?' he wondered, looking through his closet. 'A jacket definitely, but no shirt and tie.' He settled on his brown Mani sports jacket, black tee and tan slacks. 'Yep, this is just right.' Kyle checked himself out in the hall mirror one more time before he grabbed the flowers and went across the street. 'Lookin' good to see my buddy,' Kyle thought as he dodged the traffic.

When Kyle arrived on the 10th floor, he stepped out of the elevator and into the arms of Dex.

"What a helluva welcoming committee." Seeing no one near, Kyle stole a light kiss and smiled at his good friend. He silently approved of Dex's choice of a blazer and polo shirt combination with gray slacks.

"I trust there's more where that came from?" Dex asked while he eyed the flowers. "Pour moi?"

"Yes, for you. But enough of the frog-talk. Tonight it's just two American guys having dinner...and maybe more." Kyle smiled and handed the flowers to Dex.

"Oh, I like 'more'. Follow me, you delicious hunk of a man." Dex squeezed Kyle's bicep gently and led him to the apartment. He bowed slightly and motioned with a sweeping arm for Kyle to enter. "Please have a seat while I put the flowers in water and get the wine. By the way, I love the roses."

"Kinda romantic, Mr. Tate." Kyle recognized Josh Groban singing in the background on the stereo:

'...I look up to everything you are
In my eyes you do no wrong
And I believe in you
Although you never asked me to
I will remember you
And what life put you through

And in this cruel and lonely world
I found one love
You're still you
After all, you're still you.'

Kyle sat down on the couch and watched Dex arrange the roses in a vase and place them on the pass-through counter between the kitchen and dining area. The table was arranged in a tasteful, Spartan fashion with classic, bachelor Crate and Barrel cutlery, crockery, napery and glassware. Two white, flickering candles were inserted into modern pewter candleholders.

"Babe, I thought we'd have some cold shrimp here with chardonnay and then move over to the table for salad, steak and veggies. Medium-rare for the meat?" Dex sat down a small platter with a generous pile of cold shrimp and cocktail sauce.

"Depends on what meat we're talking about," Kyle said with a chuckle. "Sorry, Dex, I just couldn't resist. I can almost hear a drum and cymbal rim shot in my head with that bad joke."

"I'm talking about dinner, wise guy. And I won't go near 'rim shot'." He smiled as he poured the white wine into the glasses on the coffee table.

"Well, now that you put it that way, medium-rare is fine." Kyle took a large shrimp by the tail, dipped it in the sauce and bit into the dressed crustacean. "Mmm, yum," he added.

"I hope you enjoy the informality of dinner. I'm not much for Ms. Manners etiquette rules." Dex joined Kyle in picking up a shrimp with his fingers.

"I'm not complaining...especially when the host is you." Kyle took his wine glass and held it towards Dex. "Here's the first of hopefully several toasts. "To you and your new job. And I want to hear all about" They touched glasses, nodded and took a sip.

"Well, I start at AOI as a security associate/consultant the first of June. I had a very good exit interview with the F.B.I. today and got a bonus point when I returned home this afternoon." Dex looked reflectively into the glass before taking a sip.

"Bonus point?"

"Biggs and Dasch has decided to downsize in light of recent developments. I had a message on my answering machine that effectively said that I was no longer employed and that details of  a severance package would be sent in an email. I found out that my final check and a month's salary had been direct-deposited into my bank account. End of story...and end of my relationship with those crooks."

"So, you're..."

"Basically wrapping up things before I move forward. I can do the final reports for the F.B.I. from my PC at home. With the indictments coming out, my invisibility is essential to the case. If push comes to shove legally, they don't want my tracks traced."

"That's a relief. And the new job?"

"After going through their training program at a facility in Quantico, Virginia, I'll work out of the Fairfax office. But may be traveling to Europe on occasion - guess my 'frog-talk' will come in handy - dealing with security issues for clients. AOI's a solid organization and I have a good feeling that we'll be in D.C. for a long time." Dex smiled and ate another shrimp.

"We. As in..."

"You and I, Hon. Hopefully as a couple. I'm, ah, not coming on too strong, am I? This is what I've been thinking about ever since we got things straightened out. I hope you feel the same way?" Dex looked into Kyle's eyes with determination and questioning. "That's what I wanted to discuss tonight."

"Like I brought over a dozen roses because we were going to the metroplex for some chick flick. Babe, this is exactly what I've been thinking about." Kyle felt a tear exiting his eyeduct and slowly roll down his cheek. He wiped away the wetness and moved closer to Dex. "We got off to a rocky start but that's all behind us. I know we could be a terrific team." He sidled up next to Dex and moved in for a more-than-friendly kiss.

"Oh, fuck, Kyle, this is exactly what I had hoped you'd say." Dex aggressively pulled Kyle into his arms and welcomed his guest's warm lips and tongue. "This is just the beginning," he growled before Kyle attacked with a tongue on a mission. He yielded to Kyle's forcefulness and they shifted positions to determine the ebb and flow of the event.

Finally Kyle pulled back, looked into his boyfriend's face and said, "At the risk of each of us blowing a big dry cleaning bill, could I suggest something?"

"And that would be?" Dex asked with a gleam in his eyes.

"That we get out of these clothes, neatly hang them up and go back to your bedroom where we can talk more."

"Talk? Yeah, sure. And what about dinner?" Dex asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Priorities, lad. I propose that we adjourn and talk our brains out. That, Mr. Tate, should work up a good appetite and we could have dinner later...if that's alright with you?"

"I like your thinking, Mr. Blakesfield. Do I hear a second to the motion that Blakesfield and Tate adjourn and put a hold on the steaks?" Dex said with a grin and wink.

"Definitely a second and motion passed." Kyle stood up and pulled Dex with him. Simultaneously, they removed their jackets and walked towards the bedroom.

Dex took both jackets and hung them in the closet. As he turned, he noticed that Kyle was already out of his shoes and slacks. Dex followed the lead and removed his pants and loafers. Again, in the new ritual, he hung up the trousers. Before he could rejoin Kyle, he felt the pelting of clothing being thrown at him. He spun around in time for Kyle's boxer briefs to hit his face. Dex grabbed the underwear and brought them to his nose. After seeking out the semi-moist crotch, he smiled and deeply breathed in the musky aromas.

Kyle, now standing ten feet away without a stitch on, started laughing. "Hey, turn about is fair play, don't you think?"

"Oh, yeah, turn about, buddy." Dex quickly pulled off his polo and threw it at Kyle. In rapid fashion, he removed and tossed his socks. "Okay, here's the main course." He whipped off his briefs and aimed for a bullseye on Kyle's face.

"Yum, 'eau du dick'," Kyle said with a chortle as he sniffed the warm fabric.

"Eau, my ass. No French, remember."

"I remember." Kyle was captivated by the compact, trim man walking to him.

There wasn't the need for any imagination to see how aroused Dex was. His hard cock matched a 45 degree launch of his partner's dick. Each man, in the prime of their young adult years, exposed taut muscles that rippled from the shoulders to the calves. Kyle's blond hair complimented Dex's darker covering. They were young, virile males ready to conquer each other. In this coupling there would be no losers.

"Baby, take me tonight. I wanna see stars," Dex whispered when he pulled Kyle into an embrace.

"Only if you will do the same thing. I want to feel you inside." Kyle nibbled on Dex's earlobe while kneading his partner's glutes. They gently ground their aroused crotches into each other.

"That's fair. Come over to my playpen." Dex winked and pulled back the covers, revealing a large terry beach towel spread out over the sheet. "Yeah, yeah...I know...I'm anal retentive." Dex climbed onto the bed and lay on his back.

"No complaints, Sir. And I know where you keep the lube and condoms." Kyle, on his knees, reached over to the bed stand and opened the drawer. He systematically retrieved a loose condom and a bottle of Wet.

"You've been here before," Dex said with a grin. "I thought I recognized you."

"Raise your legs to your shoulders. That's the only way I will recognize you," Kyle replied with a snicker.

"Are you implying that I'm some sort of a person with loose morals?" Dex said, feigning shock.

"Honey, that's not the only thing that's loose." Kyle grinned and poured some lube into Dex's willing anus. As they had done to each other frequently over the past couple of weeks, Kyle warmed and stretched Dex's pucker and muscle ring.

"Babe, you know how to sweet-talk me" Dex said with a purr.

"Tonight, it's all about getting to know you better and vice versa. Are you  ready?"

"Absolutely, Kyle. Let's make this  the best night of our lives, so far."