All Disclaimers: ADULT MATERIAL..Do not read if you are not 21 or are offended by M/M sex

The names have been changed, but the story is true.

Don't ASSume

I've told this story to a few friends. They said it was so hot that I should write a story for others to enjoy. Sooooo, before you start reading....get some paper towels. Either to wipe your steamed up glasses or...well you know..... LOL

I remember as if it were yesterday, in truth it happened about 10 years ago. I was in my hotel room surfing the Dallas m4m room. It was full, but as usual, no one was talking. My phone rang and took me from the computer for a few minutes. When I returned I had a lengthy Instant Message.

The message stated that the author's name was Jason. He said he liked my profile did I have time to chat? I immediately checked for a profile.....Rats...nothing there. I IMed back...."Sure, Let's Chat"

In the ensuing 20 minutes, I learned that Jason was 18 and a student at UT Austin. He said that he was leaving for Dallas soon to visit family, and asked if I'd like to meet. Although interested, I ASSumed that when I told him that I although I was good looking, and well built, that I was a 38 year old man... well you know... Most guys run like I have the Plague. Jason immediately IMed back.."Pic?" I said, "Sure, sending"

A couple minutes went by and I received another IM that simply said, "Wanna meet?" Sweat was beading on my upper lip. I was new to computer hook-ups and wondering, am I being set up? Is this kid really a cop? There was a terrible conflict between my BIG head and my Little head. Although my brain was screaming "Don't BE Stupid", my little head had swelled to it's full 7 thick inches. I simply IMed back, "Call me when you get to town" and gave him my hotel number and room. He said he'd see me in about 4 hours, and logged off.

The next 4 hours were AGONY. He had my hotel room number and pics of me. I stupidly didn't even ask his stats. I fixed a drink to calm my nerves and tried to watch some TV. That didn't help much either. I was a wreck, and still had an hour to wait.

I grabbed my shave kit and headed to the bathroom to sss. (shit, shower, and shave) I quickly took care of business and jumped into the shower. The hot water pouring from the showerhead felt fantastic. As I soaped my body I began to relax a bit, however my cock was on the rise. I thought of having a quick jerk, thinking that the prospect of Jason driving 4 hours to meet a man 20 years his senior was pretty slim. I slowing began to soap up my now hard cock....Man that feels good, I thought, as I quickly stroked my cock. My fast approaching orgasm made me almost oblivious to my surroundings. Just as I'm about to cum I hear a loud banging. Freezing in mid-stroke I jump from the shower, grab a towel and head for the door, rather pissed that I'd been interrupted.

I open the door a crack and say, "May I help you?" The response was immediate..."Hi, I'm Jason, are you Steve? I managed to stammer, "You are Early". Then, "Oh...sorry, please come in". As he entered I just stood there starring; mouth open, dick hard and face red. Again stammering, I said, "Damn, how tall are you?" Six foot seven was the reply.

Let me quickly give you his stats. Jason was long a lanky, 6'7, maybe 180 pounds, with dark brown hair, brown eyes with a pleasing smile. His voice seemed rather feminine. I on the other hand am only 5'9, br, br, and 165 pounds and muscular.

I came back to me senses when he said that he noticed the shower was still running and asked to join me. "Sure", I said, and with that off came his clothes. He was pretty smooth with a nice looking cock and dark busy pubic hair. He didn't say a word he just headed for the shower. As he passed I thought "DAMN, what an ASS, I'm gonna enjoy this".

We hopped into the shower and soaped and rubbed each other's bodies. He was playing with my cock and I was once again hard. I reached for his, but he pushed my hand away and went to his knees. In one quick move my entire cock was buried in his hot mouth. As he sucked my cock he played with my balls and ass. I was on cloud 9. This young, hunky, bottom boy was driving me crazy....!!!!! He sensed that I was close to cuming and abruptly stopped sucking my cock. "Let's get out and dry off", he said. We dried off and went back into the room.

I said, "let me get us a beer from the mini-bar and we can get acquainted". I got the beer and we both propped ourselves up in bed to talk. As we talked, Jason noticed that my cock was deflating. "Can't have that", he said and reached over and began to play with my cock again. I reached for his cock again, and again he pushed my hand away and moved between my legs and began to suck me. Again, he took me all the way down his throat. As he sucked and teased my balls I could feel the cum rising in my balls. He sensed my excitement and switched from sucking my dick to licking my balls.

Never had I had a man get me this horny by licking my balls. Lower and lower he licked. Then it happened..!! His tongue touched my hole and I went wild..!! I'd NEVER been rimmed before...(or rimmed) I was going wild. Reaching for my cock, I began to jerk it as his tongue did it's magic. Without missing a lick his hand came up and pulled my hand from my cock. "Jason", I said. "I can't stand it anymore, I gotta fuck your ass."

He stopped licking and as he raised his body I noticed two things IMMEDIATELY. First, an evil grin on his very cute face and secondly, that cock I'd yet to touch was now hard and HUGE. He spoke first. "Honey, I'm ALL TOP". I responded in shock, "I've never bottomed before". The smile was quick and from ear to ear. "Tonight is your lucky night!!" With that said, he immediately began to suck my cock, differently this time, more slowly, and while teasing my hole.

I felt pressure as he began to push his finger into me. "Stop Jason", I said, I'm a top and you are too big!" I felt his body covering mine, one finger still in my ass. His tongue now teasing my left ear, as he continued the motion of his finger, He was now becoming more aggressive. He whispered in my ear as he chewed on my earlobe, "you will be begging for my cock before I'm through."

He raised up just long enough to grab the lube. I felt his finger leave me, only to re-appear in my freshly lubed ass. Again he sucked my cock as he continued the gentle motion in my ass. I laid there, eyes closed, dick throbbing and writhing on the bed from all of the sensations. My eyes flew open as I felt a second finger enter me. I moaned in unexpected pleasure as it entered. Jason, obviously excited by my moaning and writhing body, chuckled and said "two down and two to go". With that he went back down on my cock and began a more aggressive fingering of my ass. I was begging. "Jason, PLEASEEEEE suck me off, I can't stand any more of this teasing...!"

He looked up at me still fingering my as and said, "I don't suck guys off, as he shoved more roughly with his fingers, are you ready for my cock in that hole yet? I managed to pant a "NO". He went back down on my cock. As his lips slid down my shaft I felt another finger slide in my ass and I let out another big mmmmmmmmoooooaaaannnn.... I begged again for him to suck me off saying that I can't take any more fingers much less his dick. He pulled of my dick again and smiled a very evil grin. "Yes you can, I slid two fingers in last time, you already have 4 fingers in your ass!" "YOU ARE READY, get on all fours, NOW".

Shocked but EXTREMELY horny, I complied... Now, . I'm on all fours wondering what has just happened. One short hour ago I was dreaming of plugging his ass, now this 18-year-old hunk with a 9-inch cock, has me on all fours with four of his fingers in my ass. I feel his fingers leave me. Again I moan. I hear a package tear and the familiar sound of a condom being filled by a big cock. But this time, I'm not wearing the condom. My mind is racing.....I'm still on all fours but on the verge of panic as I feel the shifting weight on the bed as he moves behind me.

A slap on my right ass cheek brings my mind back. He says to relax as I again feel 4 fingers enter My mmoans betray my protests. Jason says" Anna cum"? "OH GOD YES", I reply. "You want my cock in your ass" came his response. "Yes, anything.... JUST LET ME CUM"! "You have to ask for it", he says as his fingers twist and poke in my hole... "Ok, OK, please fuck me, just let me cum"! He laughed and said, "I told you I'd have you begging for my big cock.."

The fingers were instantly gone..... replaced by the spongy head of his dick...I felt the increasing pressure....then it happened....the head entered my ass. I heard an enormous groan...and realized it was me. My breaths were coming rapidly, my heart was racing...."FUCK...I can't believe I took that big cock." "Go slow I said.... let me get used to......" I never finished the sentence. A hard slap landed on my ass cheek and as my brain registered the pain of the slap, Jason's dick entered me completely as his body simultaneously pushed me onto the bed. In two seconds I was pinned to the bed by his body with over 9 inches of cock firmly planted in my ass. The moan from my mouth was surely heard throughout the hotel. "Gotcha", he said as he gabbed his dick for emphasis.

My breath was returning to normal, and my body had relaxed a bit. "Back on all fours Jason said, as he pulled be back into position. "You are gonna LOVE this", he said. He began to slowly fuck my ass. As Jason began to speed, up the length of his stokes got longer. I reached for my dick...I had to have some relief. He said' "Don't touch your cock"! Please I begged...I HAVE TO GET OFF.... You WILL...and with that he started Jack Hammering my ass..... "CUM", he said...."I'm gonna fuck the cum out of your balls" My lungs were sucking air like an old style mind was in overload from the sensations.....AUGH......I cried as my cock exploded...My dick was spraying cum all over the sheets beneath me. With each of Jason's thrusts I shot another load...five, six, maybe more fired from my balls...

Exhausted, out of breath and still moaning I fell to the bed under the weight of Jason's body coming down on mine. I laid there panting, Jason on top of me.... still impaled on his cock. Shock registered in my now recovering brain.... JASON HAD NOT CUM YET... I ASSumed he would quit (To be continued)

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