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Chapter Thirteen

- RYAN -

When the Sheriff showed up at our front door to notify us about the fire, Will and I had been in mid-fuck. In fact, Will had his dick buried deep in my ass at that point. The situation -- a Sheriff standing at the door -- had scared me enough. But the four of us standing half naked in front of him smelling of sex had ratcheted up my emotions even more. When he announced that the other house was on fire, I sagged in relief. I had feared the worst. Don't ask me what the worst was, but that old house being on fire wasn't it.

We had hurried up to the other house and watched the last of the fire be put out. Dad spoke with the fire chief and the fire investigator and then, with the flames mostly out, we'd gone home for some sleep.

Well, OK, I admit it -- Will and I didn't go right to sleep. The adrenaline from the excitement had us both worked up. We both stripped off our shorts and sweatshirts and climbed into bed.

Will ran his hands over my ass, one of his fingers slipping into my already lubed hole. I moaned in pleasure as a second finger joined the first.

"Come on, Will, fuck me," I begged. "Finish what you started earlier!"

"Get up on all fours! I want to be able to drive in hard!"

I moved up onto my hands and knees, pushing my ass up into the air. I felt the head of Will's dick rub up against my hole. The head popped in. Fuck, that felt good.

"All the way in, Baby. I want you buried in my ass!" I moaned.

"You're gonna get it all the way," Will replied. "I don't know why, but I'm hornier than ever!"

"All those men in uniform turn you on?" I asked.

Will had started a fuck tempo that was harder and faster than he'd ever done.

"Fuck yeah! I guess that's it," he replied. "Fuck, your ass is really milking my dick."

"Fuck my hole, Will. Really pound it man! Your dick feels so fucking good up my ass!"

"This ass is mine!" Will was getting louder as he fucked my ass harder and harder. "Oh, fuck I'm gonna blow man! I'm gonna cum up your ass!"

I felt Will's dick blast cum into my ass. I was in heaven. Will's dick throbbed in my hole a few more times as the cum continued to ooze into me.

He finally pulled out of my well used hole and lay down beside me. I looked at him.

"What's causing that evil grin?" he asked.

"You're about to get fucked!"

He didn't even comment. He used his hands to pull his knees up to his chest. I grabbed the lube from the night stand and slicked up my dick. I was still hard as a rock from his fucking me.

"Keep your promise! Fuck me!" he begged.

I slid the head of my dick into his hole and just kept pushing. His hole took me with little resistance -- my pubes were quickly rubbing his balls. I started to pull back and Will used his legs to keep me in place.

"Stay in me, Ryan. I love the feel of your dick in my ass -- almost as much as I like having my dick in yours. Hell, I like both so much!"

I started to pull back again and this time he let me. I put my hands on his ankles and pushed his legs up. His ass lifted away from the bed. I started fucking downward, feeling his prostate rub against my dickhead.

"Oh, FUCK, Ryan! That feels amazing!"

I looked down and his dick had started to harden. I kept up the assault on his prostate. Will spit onto his hand and started to jack off. His ass started squeezing my dick.

"Will, I'm gonna cum!" I nearly yelled.

"Do it, Ryan! Flood my ass! I'm gonna shoot with you!"

Will's dick started shooting cum straight up at me. The first shot hit my nose and the second my mouth. As he shot, his ass clenched on my dick. With that, I started shooting deep in his hole.

I licked the cum off my lips. I pulled out of his ass and lay on top of Will. He lifted his head slightly and licked the cum off my nose. I rolled over to one side and took him in my arms. Then we went to sleep!

We woke a few hours later and Will and I dressed before heading down to breakfast. As we entered the kitchen, Tracer looked up at us and smiled.

"Morning, Guys. Sleep well?" he asked.

"Yup," Will responded.

"Very well," I added.

"That's good to hear. Grab a plate and I'll dish out breakfast."

He piled a couple sausage links on my plate and then added a big pile of scrambled eggs. He did the same for Will and then started to clean up the pans.

"Erik and I already ate," Tracer pointed out. "He's out in the barn dragging out the snow fence."

"Snow fence?" Will asked.

"Yeah, he's getting the old snow fence out of the back of the barn. He wants to put it up around the fire area to keep customers away."

"Smart idea, but he could have waited for us to help pull it out," I added.

"I offered too. I think he wants to get things moving so he and I can head up to Bluefield to pick up the sofa after dealing with the fire investigator."

"That's stupid," I put in. "I'll talk to him. Will and I can run over to Bluefield and get the sofa. He needs to stay here. Between the fire investigator, the insurance agent, the customers and everything else, the last thing he needs to do is leave here."

"I told him the same thing, Ryan. He's being stubborn and a bit pig-headed," Tracer replied.

"Well, two can play at that game. The store opens at noon, so there is no sense leaving before eleven-fifteen. Will and I will just leave at the appropriate time."

"Ryan, talk to him first. I don't want to upset him anymore than he already is."

Will and I finished eating and put our dishes in the dishwasher. The three of us walked out to the barn and found Dad pulling things out of the way so he could get to the snow fence. We all pitched in and soon had the fencing loaded in the back of the truck.

Tracer and Will grabbed a few tools and we all rode up together to the old house. I guess charred remains of the old house would be more like it. As we pulled into the driveway two people in fire department uniforms looked up at us.

Lt. Saxon must have recognized the truck as she waved Dad over to park near their truck.

"Mr. Chamberlain," she started. "We're not quite done with the investigation. If you could come back in about an hour I can let you look around."

"Lieutenant Saxon, it's Erik. No need for the Mister. I'm not really here to look at the house. We have all this snow fencing we were going to put up around the perimeter to keep our customers away," Dad said.

"Customers?" she sounded puzzled.

"I guess you haven't heard about us. The Circle P Horse Farm is our business. We do a good amount of horse rental for rides along our trails and two of the trails open into this yard. We hadn't really completed all the plans, but this was to have been expansion space for us."

"Sorry, I'm not familiar with the farm, Erik. I'm new to the area. I moved here about three months ago from South Carolina. A good advancement as a fire investigator, even if this is a rural area."

"Congratulations, Ma'am. So is it okay to put the fence up? I was thinking about twenty feet from the house. That will help us keep folks out of the mess till I can work something out."

"That will be fine," she replied.

Will and I pulled the first roll of snow fence out of the truck while Dad and Tracer grabbed a stack of the metal posts. Tracer grabbed the mallet and Dad positioned the first stake. Five or six swings of the mallet later and the post was about a foot deep into the ground. Dad and Tracer moved about five feet away and repeated the process for the next stake.

Once the first stake was planted, I showed Will how to attach the twisted wire, holding the wood fence slats together, to the hooks on the posts. We unrolled the fence towards the next stake and repeated the attaching process.

It took five rolls of fence to put a complete barrier around the site. We were just finishing the last of it when Lt. Saxon and her co-worker walked over.

"Smart idea, actually, Erik," she stated. "I wish we had this type of system at more fire sites. It would make our lives a lot easier. We get a lot of people who think a fire is a good time to scavenge."

"This won't stop the ones dedicated to getting in, but it will deter the curious," Dad replied. "How's the investigation going?"

"Completed. I'll file my report; however, we found the ignition point. It appears that faulty wiring at the breaker box caused the fire. I noticed that most of the circuits were off in the house, but it appears this one was not."

"The only breaker that was on was for the heat. I didn't want pipes bursting in the winter time. Guess I should have shut it completely off during the summer. The heating system was off though. Didn't figure I needed to throw the breaker as well."

"I'll drop a copy of my report off to you tomorrow. You'll need it for the insurance process," she replied.

"I'd greatly appreciate it."

After some general conversation, Lt. Saxon and her partner left.

"Dad, Will and I are going to go pick up the sofa. You and Tracer stay and deal with the farm today. OK?"

"No. Tracer and I will go pick it up. Insurance isn't going to be dealt with till tomorrow regardless of what I do. Other than telling Randy and Ezra a few things, I'm off today."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Positive. Look, that old place wasn't our home. It wasn't our barn or our stables. It was a building we bought in June. I doubt we'll bother to replace it. The insurance money can pay for tearing down the remains and then we'll use the money for other things. My goal this morning was to prevent this from wrecking our plans to get you two set up."

"OK," I relented.

We loaded the tools and excess fencing into the truck. The drive back to the house was quick and Tracer, Will and I unloaded everything from the truck. We put the unused fencing back in the barn and the tools in their storage space and went into the house.

It was early still, so Will and I moved boxes of clothing up to our bedroom. I helped him unpack and organize the stuff in his dresser. I was disappointed that we were different sizes; there were a lot of things that I wouldn't mind wearing.

We had most of his clothes in the dresser when Tracer and Dad showed up at the door of our bedroom.

"Boys, we're going to leave now. We should be back from Bluefield in about two hours. We're going to pick up lunch on the way there," Dad said.

"That's fine. We'll scrounge up something for lunch when we get hungry. Now that we have all the clothes unpacked, we'll work on setting other things up. One thing I forgot about, Dad. There's really no place for us to put books on those desks."

"True," Dad agreed. "Will, do you still have the floor plans?"

"Sure." Will pulled the sheets of paper out of the dresser and handed them to Dad.

"What if we put a bookcase here, and reposition the desks a bit?" Dad inquired.

"Looks like it might work, but we should probably measure it all carefully," Will warned.

We walked over to the study room and positioned the desks as Dad had suggested. It did permit a small bookcase to fit along the wall. Dad and Tracer said they would look for a bookcase at the furniture store.

After they left, Will and I started rearranging a few things to make room for the bookshelves. Will mentioned the issues of Internet access and printing.

"It doesn't make a lot of sense to get a second printer," I commented. "You can always just use my PC for printing.

"An A-B switchbox might make a better long-term solution," Will suggested.

"That would work," I agreed. "Until the new phone line is installed, we will have to share the one I've been using."

"No problem there," Will agreed. "We can just switch the phone line between the two modems."

We set up Will's stereo in the study room since my stereo was in our bedroom. After positioning the speakers in the back two corners of the room and wiring them to the receiver, I hit play on the CD deck. Street Symphony from Monica's new album came on. I had only gotten to hear the album a few times when Will had been here for the summer as it hadn't released on the radio yet. I cranked the volume to enjoy the music.

I looked at the clock on my computer. "We have about an hour till Dad and Tracer get back. What would you like to work on next?" I asked.

Will got up from his desk and walked over to me. He pulled me out of the chair. As he led me to our room, the song The Boy Is Mine started to play.

Will and I quickly stripped down and climbed onto the bed. He positioned himself next to me and then rolled me over on top of him. I leaned down and started kissing him as we ground our bodies together.

I worked my tongue down his body, licking and nibbling as I went. I could feel his dick throb against my chest as I moved. As I hit a particularly sensitive spot, Will would wiggle and buck a bit under me.

I got down to his dick and started licking the head a bit. I loved the taste of his pre-cum and he was a leaker. I took my time teasing the head of his dick and then slipped my lips around his shaft and started working my way down it.

Will started to shift under me. Quickly, without removing his dick from my mouth, he worked around till he could get at my dick. He took me in his throat, his mouth massaging my cock.

After sucking him for a good while, I pulled his dick out of my mouth for a moment and sucked on my finger getting it nice and wet. I started back on his dick as I worked my finger into his ass.

Will moaned around my dick as I fingered his hole. I kept slipping it in and out of Will's tight hole. In the background, Misty Blue ended and Angel of Mine started to play.

I pulled my finger out of his hole and my mouth off his dick. I reach down and spread his ass a bit and ran my tongue up his hole. Will jumped at the touch of my tongue. I'd never rimmed him before. It was one of those things I had read about online, but never tried.

Will released my dick from his mouth. "Oh, FUCK, Ryan, that feels wild! Doesn't it taste bad down there?"

I pulled my tongue from his ass crack. "Not really. It's kinda like licking your pits. There's a strong fragrance, but it's not nasty."

With that said, I put my tongue at his hole again and started licking up and down. Will lay back and gave me much better access to his hole. He reached down and pulled his cheeks apart as I pushed my tongue into his hole for the first time.

As my tongue pushed through, his ass ring spasmed around my tongue. I pushed my tongue in and out of his hole in a fucking motion.

"DAMN, that's incredible, Ryan. That feel's so fucking good!" Will yelled.

I was glad no one was home for this session! Dad and Tracer would have heard Will no matter where they were in the house. I kept working my tongue in and out as I heard the tracks change from Gonna Be Fine to Inside. The new track seemed appropriately named.

Will's hole was opened and well lubed with my spit. I pulled up and positioned my dick against his hole. As the head slipped in, Will let out a deep moan. I kept sliding in slowly till my pubes were scratching against his balls.

I pulled my dick back, leaving only the head in his hole and then pushed back in all the way. I started fucking him with deep, long thrusts. His ass was tightening and loosening around my dick. It felt like he was trying to milk me.

As Cross the Room started to play from the next room, I pulled out and got Will up on all fours. I hawked some spit and relubed my dick. I pushed right back into his ass and started to fuck him hard. Moans of pleasure escaped from Will.

I was really working in and out, harder and harder. I could tell it wasn't going to be long till I shot up Will's tight hole. In the next room, the track changed to I Keep It To Myself.

I grabbed Will's hips and started fucking as hard as I could. I was getting really close to shooting when I heard "Oh, Fuck!" from behind me. I looked over my shoulders in time to see Tracer grabbing the door knob and pulling the door shut. His face was beet red in stark contrast to his blond hair and moustache.

"What the fuck?" Will asked.

"We didn't close the door," I replied. "Tracer caught us fucking." I was still fucking into his ass.

"Oh, SHIT!" Will replied.

I started pumping a load into his ass. "Fuck. I'm cumming!" I blew deep up his hole and collapsed on his back. I slipped my dick out of Will and lay on the bed beside him.

"I can't believe we did that," Will said, visibly upset.

"Don't worry about it," I reassured him.

I looked down at his cock, but the embarrassment had deflated his dick. We cleaned up quickly and went looking for Dad and Tracer. They weren't in the study room, so we ran down to the back door. They were lifting the sofa bed out of the truck. We went over to help them.

I looked at both Tracer and Dad. Tracer winked at me, but Dad didn't seem to show any displeasure.

The four of us worked the sofa bed into the study room. Dad asked Will to help him bring up the bookcase while Tracer and I finished positioning things.

"Sorry about that, Tracer," I said.

"No worries. I'm sure at some point you or Will might just catch your Dad and me going at it."

I blushed. "You didn't say anything to Dad?"

"No reason to," Tracer answered. "Just think about closing the door next time!"

Dad and Will arrived with the bookcase and we finished setting everything in place. By bed time, all of Will's stuff was unpacked.

As Will and I took off for school the next morning, Dad was on the phone with the insurance agent. I wanted to stick around and listen to the details, but we couldn't be late for school.

School blew by fairly quickly. Will was almost late for AP English, so I didn't get a chance to talk to him before class. His next class, Equine Management/Shop was on the far side of the school, so he didn't linger after class. My Culinary Arts class was much closer.

Will met me in the parking lot after school. We got home quickly, changed out of our school clothes and into work clothes. I wasn't working with one of the riding classes that afternoon. I checked the assignments board and it was empty -- the guys must have finished the chores early today.

"Let's go for a ride and when we get back we can fix dinner," I suggested.

"Sounds good, I don't have much homework tonight," Will replied.

I saddled up my horse, Grand Empress Dowager, while Will got Cotton-Eyed Joe ready. He'd mostly ridden Joe over the last two summers and seemed to prefer him to the other horses. We mounted and headed out on the outer trail.

The afternoon was crisp and clear since the temperature was cooler than a typical mid-September day. The first hints of color tinted the trees. We rode at a fast clip through the forest and after a good ride came into the clearing at the old Pittston place. As we rode past the barn, the smell of smoke filled the air.

We cleared the barn and saw Dad, Tracer and another man standing by the remains of the house. Dad waved as he recognized us. We rode over to them.

"Ryan and Will, this is Addison Smith. Addison is my insurance agent. Addison, this is my son Ryan and Tracer's brother, Will," Dad explained.

"Nice to meet you both," Mr. Smith said.

"Nice to meet you, Sir," I responded. "This looks worse now than it did yesterday." After I said it, I realized that might not be the right thing to say.

"Yes, your Dad and I were just looking at things. It appears that more of the structure collapsed over the last twenty-four hours."

"Addison was just telling Tracer and me that things should process quickly. This old house is a total loss," Dad added.

"We're going to finish our ride. When we get done, we'll start on dinner. Nice to meet you Mr. Smith," I said.

"Nice to meet you both," he replied.

Will and I turned and entered the inner trail. It didn't take long to get home. We groomed the horses and then went into the house to clean up and start dinner.

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