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Chapter Fourteen

- ERIK -

In early October, the boys' school had a long weekend off – a teachers' in-service day on Friday and Columbus Day on Monday. Tracer's classes were on Tuesday and Thursday so a weekend trip wouldn't cause him to miss school. The four day weekend was a tempting time to try to take the family on a short vacation. As any farmer can tell you, vacations are few and far between. I worked with the staff to make sure I had full coverage and then let the boys know we were going away.

Since I really didn't want to waste the entire time trying to get somewhere, I decided on a trip to Richmond and then on to Colonial Williamsburg. I wanted the boys to explore colleges while we were on the trip so I checked on tour times at a variety of schools along our travel path.

We piled into Ryan's truck on Friday morning and drove east. Ryan and Will took turns on the five-hour drive to Richmond. Both boys were comfortable with the curving, mountainous, rural roads in our community; this trip would give them Interstate practice.

We pulled into Richmond just after lunchtime and parked not far from the Capitol. We took a tour of the State House and then walked around the neighborhood a bit. For a bit of culture, we went over to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and walked around. I'd heard a lot about their collection of Faberg้ eggs and really wanted the boys to see them.

After the museum we checked into the Jefferson Hotel. Tracer had stayed with me at the Opryland Hotel which is very nice, but not in the same league as this beauty. The elegance of the Jefferson seemed to overwhelm all three. I hadn't told anyone that I had booked two rooms; each couple would have their privacy. Ryan and Will both kissed me on the cheek before they took their suitcases to their room to unpack.

We found a nice little restaurant in the Fan District for dinner. Afterwards we took a stroll down Monument Avenue commenting on each of the Confederate War hero statues as we walked. Ryan chuckled over Will's comment that a monument to Arthur Ashe had been added to the lineup. Both boys found the addition an ironic twist.

We got back to the hotel late in the evening and we all hugged good night. I led Tracer into our room.

As soon as the door closed, I put my hand on Tracer's arm and pulled him to the bed. I pushed him down on the bed and started unbuttoning his shirt. As flesh was exposed, I licked and bit at different points. After teasing his neck and chest for a while, I worked his pants off and started to work on his cock and balls.

As I used my mouth and tongue to cover his balls in spit, I worked on removing my clothing. It was awkward, but I just kept my attention on his groin and eventually I was stripped down too. I finally moved down to his ass crack and started rimming his trench good. Both Tracer and I loved rimming and we both did it heartily.

I spread his legs and pushed his ass up as I worked my tongue up and down the crack, tasting more and more of his musk. I finally moved my tongue to his hole and started teasing it. After a few minutes of work, his hole opened and I slid on in.

Tracer tapped me on the shoulder and I looked up from my mission.

"Erik, I hate to spoil the mood but I need to piss badly. All that water from diner went right through me."

I put his legs down and let him roll off the bed. I followed him to the bathroom. Before he could get to the toilet, I pulled him over to the bathtub.

"Erik, I'm about to burst. Let me pee then we can play more," Tracer stated forcefully.

"Tracer, we both love rimming – have you ever thought about piss play?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I thought that might be pushing it," he responded.

"How about we push things a bit and try it out." With that I climbed into the bathtub and got down on my knees. "Since you need to go so bad, give me a shower."

"Oh fuck, that's hot Erik." Tracer climbed into the tub with me and almost immediately started to piss on me. His hot piss started on my chest and ran down my belly to my dick. I couldn't believe how hot and how erotic it was for him to run his piss all over my body.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck; it's hot watching you shower in my piss."

As the force of his stream finally started to ebb, I moved forward and took it into my mouth.

"Oh shit, you're drinking my piss. Fuck, how's it taste?"

Instead of answering him, I just took his dick into my mouth and used my tongue to lick the last few drops from his piss slit.

"Wow, that was hot," I said as I stood up in the tub. Piss was all through the hair on my chest and pubes. Tracer bent over a little and started licking his piss off the hairs.

"Yum," he moaned as he licked.

"Wanna try a shower of your own?" I asked.

He dropped down to his knees, looked up at me and stated, "Do it Erik. Piss all over me."

My stream started with a lot of force and I aimed it for the top of his head. He bent his head forward slightly so that the stream would run down his neck and back. Then he pushed his head back and opened his mouth. Pissing into his mouth made my dick thicken a bit. He kept his mouth open but didn't swallow. The pool in his mouth overflowed and the piss ran down his chest.

He swallowed what was left as I moved my stream down his chest and onto his hard dick. Tracer wrapped his fingers around his dick and started stroking as I continued to piss.

"Fuck that's hot," I almost yelled.

My stream slowed to a stop. I reached down and pulled Tracer to his feet. We crushed our piss-covered bodies together. We licked each other's faces and chest, tasting the cooling piss.

We stepped out of the tub and I turned on the water. After I got the water to a good temperature, we stepped back in and rinsed off a bit, Finally, we toweled each other dry. Our dicks never went down.

I followed Tracer back into the room and watched as he got down on all fours on the bed. I grabbed a condom and the lube out of my toiletries bag and got ready. I started working lube into Tracer's hole and then slid in.

We were both so turned on from the piss scene that it didn't take long till I filled the condom with cum. As I shot my load, Tracer's body bucked a bit and he shot onto the sheets.

I rolled Tracer over onto his back and bent over to lick the cum off the sheets. I then collapsed beside him.

"We should have tried that before; it was wonderful," Tracer stated.

"I'll agree with that. I think things come at their own pace."

"Very true. Glad it came up tonight."

We snuggled up on the bed and quickly fell asleep.

Saturday morning, we had breakfast at the hotel. Tracer took the wheel and drove us to the campus of the University of Richmond. We took a tour of the school, the boys asking several questions of the student guide. The campus, on the west side of the city, sprawled over 290 acres. The guide pointed out a number of original buildings and explained how the University maintained the `collegiate gothic' style with new buildings. Nestled around Westhampton Lake, the University seemed very nice to me.

After the tour, we drove over to Virginia Commonwealth; the comments from Will and Ryan quickly showed that neither boy was interested in such an urban setting. I replied that there was more to a school than its setting. We compromised and Tracer drove around the campus as the boys commented on various buildings and features. VCU abutted several historic neighborhoods in the city.

Finally, I pulled out a map and gave Tracer directions to get us onto I-64. We ended up in Williamsburg about an hour later. We parked in the visitors parking for Colonial Williamsburg and took their shuttle to the Governor's Mansion. We toured the beautiful house and then walked through the Palace Gardens. We all had fun going through the hedgerow maze. After that, we walked down the Spotswood Street to Duke of Gloucester Street. We passed a number of historic homes, peeking in windows to catch a look. We walked over to the Magazine, where the colonial settlers stored their arms and ammunition. Finally, we checked out a few of the other houses and businesses.

We checked into the Williamsburg Inn just before dinner and all settled into our rooms. The Inn was as stunning as the Jefferson. I was glad I had made everyone bring a jacket and tie as we had dinner in the Regency Room at the Inn. The experience was amazing with a wonderful menu and spectacular service.

After dinner, we continued our tour of the historic part of town as the sun set. Part of the Colonial Williamsburg park, the Inn proved a very convenient site.

After we got back to our room, I looked at Tracer with my most devilish grin and asked him what his pleasure was.

"Let's go to the bathroom, I want to piss and be pissed on."

We stripped down and climbed into the tub. Tracer sat down in the tub and then motioned for me to do the same, facing him.

"Like this?" I asked.

"Yeah. Make sure you plug the drain," he replied.

I plugged the drain and looked at Tracer. "Well?" I asked.

With that he started to piss. "Go ahead and piss, Erik." He let his stream first cover his chest and then moved his dick so it was shooting straight up in the air. I started to piss and followed his motions, first coating my chest in piss and then moving the stream straight up. Finally, Tracer moved his stream towards my body and started covering my crotch. I followed suit. We used our streams to coat each other.

"This isn't going to be the most comfortable, but I want you to climb on top of me," Tracer instructed.

I moved over and we tried to lie together, covered in piss. Tracer was right; it wasn't too comfortable at all. But the important thing was that we were together.

After a few minutes, we both started to cramp up. I suggested a quick rinse off and we headed back to the bed. I lay on my back and Tracer lay beside me in a sixty-nine position. I took his dick in my mouth and started working my tongue around it. Tracer took my dick in his mouth and started a very sensual blow job.

After a while sucking his dick, I moved down to his ass crack and licked for a while. The shower had removed much of the flavor I like. I quickly returned to his dick and we soon had each other on edge. I felt the first shot of cum hit and that spurred me on to shoot down Tracer's throat.

After breakfast the next morning, we all walked through the Colonial Williamsburg grounds and over to the campus of the College of William and Mary.

The boys had to admit that this historic campus was much more to their liking. William and Mary might be in the middle of Williamsburg; however, the campus was more secluded and green.

While quiet on a Sunday morning, the setting was idyllic – even a lake on the grounds. We ran into a few different groups of students and stopped each group to let the boys ask questions.

After taking ourselves on a thorough tour of the campus, we had a quick lunch and then finished our tour of Colonial Williamsburg. Late in the afternoon, we drove west and pulled into Charlottesville in time for a late dinner. We checked into our hotel and crashed.

Monday morning, we took a guided tour of the University of Virginia. After the official tour, we walked around the campus and I had the boys talk to a few groups of students. I really wanted the boys to get a feel for what the general student body was like.

We got home late Monday evening and found all well on the farm. Tuesday morning it was difficult to get the boys motivated to go to school. After they were off, I turned to the chore I always dreaded – office work.

October continued on with the temperatures steadily dropping. The leaves fell from the trees and the vines died back. The farm staff turned its attentions to trail maintenance and improvements.

As the end of the month approached, Tracer and I were again invited to Jake and Gavin's Halloween Party. After much discussion, we decided to decline. Our lives were just too busy to take another vacation.

Ryan and Will organized the staff Thanksgiving dinner. Ryan had been taking `Culinary Arts II' and wanted to add a bit of flair to the meal. I was amazed at how much he had learned to create. Tracer helped the boys when he could and as always Janet came over to help in the kitchen on Saturday.

The meal was incredible. While Ryan had maintained many of the traditional foods – turkey, mashed potatoes and sweet potato pie - he had replaced others with new ideas. For this year's feast, he replaced baked ham with a whole beef tenderloin that seared on a hot grill and then roasted in the oven to finish. He served the beef with a horseradish dipping sauce. Grilled asparagus replaced the typical carrots. A chocolate torte replaced the apple pies.

The staff all commented on the changes and most of the comments were actually quite favorable!

Shirley and Frank arrived for a Thanksgiving visit on Wednesday. They picked Patrick up from Tri-Cities airport and arrived just before dinner. Will had invited Patrick to come and Tracer had bought his ticket. Frank and Shirley took the guest room, now study room, while Patrick bunked on a fold out bed in Will and Ryan's bedroom.

Shirley commented on the changes to the two rooms. "Erik, I'm amazed at how much you changed the house. Will's only going to be here a year."

"I thought it best to make the rooms work for studying and comfort. Plus, I'll use the desks down in the office later. The ones we use are about to fall apart. I made sure that what the boys picked would work in both places."

Frank came out of the guest room, "I'm glad Will hasn't been too much trouble for you."

"Not at all, he's both a welcome addition to the household and a good student. He seems to have made a lot of friends at school."

Tracer, who had been down in the kitchen helping Ryan put the finishing touches on dinner, yelled up the stairs that everything was ready.

After dinner we all went into the den to catch up and talk. Shirley and Frank ended up on the sofa, Patrick claimed the recliner, and Tracer and I sat on the love seat. Ryan and Will plopped down on the floor. Ryan leaned against the arm of the love seat and Will sat between his legs with his back to Ryan's chest. Ryan put his arms around Will's stomach.

I caught a look from Frank before he shut it down. I also noticed Shirley take hold of his hand and squeeze it tightly. Obviously, Frank wasn't one-hundred percent comfortable with everything going on in our household.

Instead of snuggling up with Tracer on the loveseat I kept a comfortable distance. I couldn't decide whether Ryan and Will noticed Frank's discomfort or not. Regardless, they didn't change positions.

Shirley, Frank and Patrick peppered Will and Ryan with questions regarding school and other activities.

"Why didn't you play football this year, Will?" asked Patrick.

"I got to school too late for most of the training. I tried to do a walk-on; however, the coach decided it was just too late."

"Too late! You got here during the second week of school," Frank put in.

"They started practice in mid-July. By the time I got there they were a cohesive team. Having watched them play, I can say that at best I would have been a lucky guy if I saw any playing time," Will responded.

"Are you going out for baseball in the spring?" Patrick said, moving the conversation on.

"I'm thinking about it. Ryan keeps getting pressured to play each year and he declines. I'm trying to decide what I want to do this spring. The biggest question is how I would get home from practice each night."

"That's no issue, Will," I interrupted. "There are plenty of vehicles around here. You can drive to school on your own if you have practice."

"Wow, thanks. I've been trying to get Ryan to play. It would be nice to do it together."

"Baby, I've told you I don't want to play. It would take too much time from riding," Ryan responded.

When Ryan said "Baby", I noticed that Shirley squeezed Frank's hand hard. I wondered if that was some type of signal to get him to keep his mouth shut.

The conversation turned to other topics. Periodically, Ryan or Will would make a comment that obviously caused Frank discomfort. I debated in my head whether I should say something to them or not. Finally, I decided to talk it over with Tracer before saying anything.

As it got later, Ryan started to yawn. "I think it's time for me to head to bed," he stated.

"I'm with you," Will chimed in.

"If you two are going up, I'll head up too. That way I won't disturb y'all," Patrick added.

The rest of us said our "goodnights" to the boys.

Mindless chatter ensued until I heard the bedroom door close upstairs. Shirley took that opportunity to change the conversation. "Erik, I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of two of our boys."

Frank allowed a slight grimace to come across his face.

"You're most welcome. It really isn't a hardship at all," I replied.

"Dad, what's wrong?" Tracer asked.

"Trace I have made a lot of adjustments to my thinking over the last few years. Since I walked in on you and Tucker, I have had to change my whole outlook on gays. Your mother has been a big help in getting me to change my ways, but it's not always easy." Frank wasn't smiling.

"Honey, you're doing well and I plan on continuing to nudge you and remind you as needed. We're still going to get grandchildren, thanks to Patrick," Shirley stated jovially.

Shirley's attempt to lighten the mood caught Tracer unaware. "Mom, please tell me Patrick didn't get his girlfriend pregnant."

"Heavens no. I'm just saying that he's currently moving in the direction to have kids one day."

"Whew, OK," Tracer responded.

"Frank, would you be more comfortable if Ryan and Will were less affectionate with each other while you're around?" I asked.

"Yes, actually, I would. I don't want them to do it though. I love all three of my boys and this time it requires me to grow up. It might make the trip easier, but then Will might think I don't love him as much."

"OK. I won't say anything to them."

Thanksgiving dinner was a joyous event for our family. Frank made great strides while they visited. The looks, the winces, the stiff, obviously uncomfortable responses lessened as the weekend progressed.

The house seemed eerily quiet after their departure. Any house with Shirley in it is a lively house!

As the cold of December set in, both Will and Ryan took their SATs. The house would wait anxiously for the scores. Tracer finished his two classes, acing them both. He seemed surprised; I wasn't. I had learned that Tracer was much smarter than he gave himself credit for.

With four weeks to Christmas, I asked Tracer and Will if they wanted to go home for the holiday. They responded the same – they were home. So, I invited Shirley and Frank to join us once again. They declined, their plans were to join Patrick, his girlfriend and her parents for the holiday.

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