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Chapter Fifteen

- Will --

I'd been on the farm for more than two months and things hadn't settled down for me yet. Ryan and I had been a mess apart from each other. Now; however, I wondered if it was better to leave home to be with him and give up my now former life? Nine days out of ten, the answer was `yes', it was better to be with him. Today was day ten.

The change in schools hadn't been as easy as I expected. Differences in what was taught meant I was struggling to keep my grades at their usual levels. I wasn't failing, but I was no longer the `A' student who wrecked curves.

Ryan was always quick to help me, but I didn't want to become more dependent on him. I already felt dependent on him in so many ways. I didn't have any friends of my own -- everyone was my friend because they were Ryan's friend. My friends, through Ryan, were all great and treated me well, but...

That was just it; everything seemed to have a `but' after it. I was getting good grades, but not as good as I had previously. I had plenty of friends, but not my own.

OK, I admit it -- these things gnawed on me from time to time. The trigger this time was a `C' on a physics test. I had always gotten straight `A's in science classes back home, but I had a `B' in Physics so far. It could be that I wasn't as good in physics as the other sciences. I wasn't in class back in Tennessee long enough to know if it was the change in schools that was causing the problem or not.

The day I got the test back, I talked to my teacher. Mrs. Crandall thought I was making too much of it. My `B' was only two points shy of an `A'. I persisted and finally she suggested I get another student to help.

When I asked for a recommendation, she suggested her best student -- Ryan. Not really what I had wanted to hear. I asked her for a different suggestion and she recommended a student from my class, Dean.

So, I went searching for Dean and found him about to leave for home.

"Dean, got a minute?"

"Sure, Will. What's up?" he replied.

"I need help with physics. I'm getting OK grades, but I want an `A'. I'm just not catching on like I want."

"You should ask Ryan, I hear he's wrecking the curve for both classes."

"He's been helping me a lot, but I thought getting another perspective on it might do the trick," I lied.

"OK, when would you like to get together? I'd be glad to help you."

"How about tomorrow, we could meet after school? I can arrange for someone to pick me up or figure some other way to get home after we meet."

"That would be fine," Dean replied. "I'll meet you in the library after the final bell."


I headed out to the parking lot. Ryan was standing next to his truck talking to some of his, I mean our, friends. After a few minutes chatting, we climbed into the cab and drove off.

"You're late," Ryan stated. "I'm gonna have to speed to get home in time for my beginner's class." He sounded a bit annoyed.

"Sorry, I had to talk to Mrs. Crandall after class."

"You screw up?" his voiced teased.

"No, I was asking for some advice."

"What's wrong, Will?" Ryan's voice kept shifting in tone.

"I'm just not getting physics as well as I want. I asked Mrs. Crandall about getting some help."

"I'm your man, Dude. I've got a 99 average so far!"

"Actually, Dean from my class is going to help me with it," I replied.

"Why you going to that dork?" He sounded annoyed again.

"Ryan, he's not a `dork'. He's a really nice guy. I don't want to bog you down with helping me in every subject. I just thought it would be easier on you."

"OK, he's not a dork. But, Will, I can help you. I don't mind."

"Ryan, look; it will just be easier if Dean helps me with this," I said quietly.

"Easier? How easier? We live in the same house, I'm available all the time, Dude!" his tone was sharp and his voice loud.

"Ryan, chill. I just need to carve out a little space of my own. You can't expect me to do everything with you."

"Space of your own? Huh? So you're tired of me already." He was getting angry.

"Slow down, Ryan. Please. This is a bit long and involved and we're almost home; can we talk about it tonight after dinner?"

"Yeah. Sure." Ryan's voice was icy.

Fortunately, we really were nearly home and the rest of the drive took only a few minutes. After parking the truck, Ryan grabbed his backpack and got out of the car without saying a word. He walked straight to the stables, without changing out of his school clothes. I realized I'd pissed him off big time.

I went into the house to change. It was December and the work load on the farm was light; however, I was supposed to help Randy and Ezra up at the old Pittston place. The crew had slowly removed all the remains of the structure and then we'd rented a backhoe to fill in the basement. We hoped to finish all the cleanup this week.

I heard a noise at the bedroom door and turned, expecting to see Ryan. Instead it was Tracer.

"What's up?" I asked.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," he replied. "Ryan's about as hot as I've ever seen him."

"I guess I pissed him off."

"Want to talk about it?" Tracer asked.

"I'm supposed to help the guys up at the Pittston place," I told him.

"Hold on a second," Tracer replied. He turned and walked out of the room. He was gone a couple minutes and I used the time to finish dressing.

He returned, grinning. "OK. I radioed the guys. No issues. Randy said they are finishing up and don't really need more help. So, talk!"

"I don't really know where to start," I stalled.

"The beginning is usually best, but tell me what happened today."

"I asked this guy from my physics class to tutor me and that pissed Ryan off."

"OK, let's take one piece at a time. Why do you need a tutor? You're an `A' student," Tracer replied.

"Well, here I'm not. I just haven't got the hang of physics. I'm not failing, I've got a high `B', but you know me -- I want an `A'.

"Got it, so you asked the best student to help you."

"That's the problem, Ryan's the best student. Dean is second best," I answered.

"So, why not get Ryan to help you?" Tracer sounded puzzled.

"That's how I pissed him off. I told Ryan I wanted to carve out a little space of my own."

"OUCH. I bet he didn't take that well."

"Not at all," I sighed. "He's really pissed. I don't know how to explain it all to him."

"Explain it to me, we'll figure it out from there," Tracer said quietly.

I went on to explain how I felt. Tracer listened, quietly. He let me drone on and on.

"That's about it," I finished.

"I've been there, Will. I had the same feelings; remember this is Erik's farm, Erik's home, Erik's business. Erik's worked very hard to change that to our farm, our home, and our business for me. You and Ryan can work this out. Just remember he loves you and is trying to do what he thinks is going to help you."

"I know. I know. It was just a bad day. So how do I handle this?"

"Be honest. Sit him down and tell him everything you just told me. For a seventeen year old, Ryan's got a fairly level head on his shoulders. He'll understand if you explain it."

"Thanks, Tracer."

"You're welcome, Baby Brother. I'll warn Erik about Ryan's mood. That should head off any dinnertime discussions."

After dinner that evening, I got Ryan to go into our room to talk. I explained it all, honestly. I told him every detail of how I felt and what was going on.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier, Will? I wasn't trying to force things on you; I just wanted to help." Ryan sounded panicked.

"Ryan, I know you weren't trying to push me around. I thought I could handle this myself. Are you OK with Dean helping me with physics now? If not, I'll tell him tomorrow that you are going to help me."

"No. I mean yes. I mean, have Dean help you. Get Tracer to let you drive his truck to school tomorrow. Once you get a schedule going with Dean, we'll work out how to make it work."

"Thanks, Baby," I replied. "Can I mention one other thing without upsetting you too much?"

"I can't promise I won't get upset, but I'll do my best!" He had a stupid grin on his face.

"Did you think about what you called Dean?"

"Um. I called him a `dork'. So?" His reply sounded defensive.

"Well, beyond the fact that he's a nice guy, how would you feel if someone called you a name?"

"Nobody calls me names. Plus everyone at school thinks he's a dork." Ryan was getting more defensive by the minute.

"So, if Dean calls me `faggot' then it's fine? Just because `everyone' calls me faggot?"


"Whoa, what? We're faggots, queers, and dozens of other terms. Terms, that can be used negatively. I'm sure a lot of kids at school would use them if they found out about us."

"I never thought about it, Will. I'll be careful from now on. I don't want to be called names, I'll try not to call others names. Can't promise I'll change over night!"

"I don't ask you to, Ryan. Just try hard."

"Will do!" he said. Then he got a strange look on his face. "Will do. Do Will!"

"What?" I asked.

"I will, do Will, as much as I can! How's that!" With that he sprung up off the bed and came at me. He pushed me till my back was against the wall and started to kiss me. His hands roamed up and down my body!

When his lips left mine, I was slow to recover. "Wow! That was some kiss!"

"I'm planning to cause more `Wows' tonight!" Ryan stated confidently.

"WOOF! Sounds good to me!"

He reached over and started pulling my rugby shirt over my head. As soon as it was off, he leaned forward and started nipping at my tits with his teeth. His hands resumed their movement over my body, focused mostly on my chest and abs. Periodically, they would stray down to my crotch.

With Ryan's attention, it didn't take long till I was rock hard in my pants. I put my hands against his chest and pushed him back. I kept pushing till he flopped down on the bed.

"My turn," I said, starting to unbutton his shirt. After I got his shirt off, Ryan pushed up and flipped me face me down on the bed.

"I said I'm gonna cause the wows tonight!" Ryan explained.

With that Ryan reached under me and started unbuttoning my 501's. He pulled them down and then started yanking my boxers down.

I figured I was about to get fucked as I felt his hands spread my cheeks; however, instead of lube or spit soaked fingers I felt something different.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm gonna rim your ass," he replied.

"Dude, let me go wash up a bit before you do. I'm not all that fresh."

I heard Ryan take a big sniff. "It does stink, but it's your stink. Nothing dirty."

"OK, if you want!"

He started working his tongue up and down my hole. It reminded me of the last time he'd fucked my hole with his tongue -- while listening to the Monica CD. He worked his tongue deeply into my ass and was really getting it ready for a hard fuck.

Finally, he pulled out of my ass. "Hmmmm. What to try next?" he said.

"Is this practice night?"

"I was just trying to get a response out of you!"

"Ryan, I can tell you the easiest way to `wow' me," I replied.


"Kiss me and tell me you love me, while you fuck me senseless!"

"That I can do!"

I started to flip over onto my back.

"No, just get up on your knees -- doggy style!"


I heard Ryan work up a good amount of spit and then felt the head of his dick against my hole. After as many times as he'd fucked me, it still hurt a bit when he pushed in.

"Fucking nice ass, Dude!"

"Fucking nice dick, Dude!" came my retort.

He grabbed my hips and started working his dick in and out of my ass slightly. He wasn't pulling out very far -- more like a quick rabbit fuck.

I tried to push back on his dick to meet his thrusts. He leaned up till his stomach was resting on my back. I felt his breath on my ear.

"Let me do the work, Baby," he whispered. "And I do love you very much!"

I stopped moving and let Ryan find his own pace. He started humping me, which made me laugh when I pictured some of the farm's animals doing similar things.

"My fucking makes you laugh?" he sounded a bit hurt. His movements slowed and his dick pulled further out before plunging back in on the strokes.

"No, it makes me feel good. Just made me think of the horses, you laying on my back humping me like a stallion!"

"Oh! I get it!" with that Ryan started to laugh as well.

I worked on squeezing my ass, something I'd been practicing a bit.

"Damn, you're ass just got a lot tighter!"

"Trying to milk you dry!" I replied.

"Not gonna take long now," he moaned. Within seconds, Ryan started panting. "Fuck!" he yelled as I felt his dick explode in my ass.

He collapsed down onto my back, panting. I felt his tongue licking my neck. Then suddenly, he bit my neck.

"Damn that was good, Will."

"Felt good to me!" I agreed.

He rolled off me and I rolled over onto my back. My dick, still stiff, pointed towards the ceiling. Ryan looked at me and grinned.

"Horn dog!" he laughed.

"Takes one to know one," I laughed back. "Plus, you just got your rocks off!"

He reached over and grabbed the lube out of the nightstand. He slicked up my dick really well, then reached under and pushed two lubed fingers into his hole.

Ryan positioned his ass over my dick and slide down on it. I started to push up.

"I told you, let me do all the work."

With that he started working his ass up and down my dick. His hole would clench and release periodically. He looked down at me as he bounced on my cock.

"Fuck, that feels great!" I gasped. "It's not going to take long for me to cum."

"Do it, Will! Shoot for me, Baby," Ryan pleaded.

He kept working his ass around my dick. The sensations were pushing me to the edge, especially after the job his dick had done on my ass!

"Fucking cumming," I moaned. Cum shot deep into Ryan's ass!

Ryan let his ass sink all the way down on my dick. He leaned forward and kissed me.

"I love you," he said quietly.

"I love you, too."

He started licking around my face and then over into my ear. The feel of his tongue made me squirm.

"You're so ticklish!"

"Yup!" I agreed. "Nothing I can do about it either!"

My dick had softened a bit and popped out of his ass. He continued to lie on top of me.

"There is one more thing I want to try sometime," Ryan said, with a somewhat guarded tone of voice.

"What's that?"

"Eating my cum out of your ass," he replied. "It's called felching."

"Umm. OK, but I want your ass squeaky clean before I fuck it if you want me to try it."


We lay there for a while and talked about different things we had read on the Internet, regarding gay sex. We'd both been doing independent exploration to find new things to try.

I met Dean after school the next day. I found his slow, methodical explanations easy to follow. I also really enjoyed his company. While Ryan might consider him a `dork', I found him funny and easy to be around.

I had driven Tracer's truck to school that day, so I offered Dean a lift home. He lived within walking distance, well a long walk. He accepted. After dropping him off, I drove home.

I went to the study room and started working on my other homework. I didn't have much and wanted to get it out of the way. I had finished my calculus and was nearly done with my English assignment when Ryan entered the room.

"So, how was the tutoring session?"

"Good. Dean made things make more sense than Mrs. Crandall does."

"I think she does a good job explaining stuff," he replied.

"Well, maybe for you it works. For me, I get the basics -- it's the finer points that I miss."

"Well, remember I can help you too if you need it. I don't want a lover who flunks out!" he teased.

"I'm not going to flunk out!"

"Yeah, yeah. Going to have to enroll you in remedial physics!" he laughed.

I jumped out of my chair and tackled him against the wall. He let out an "oomph" that let me know I'd gotten him good. I tried to tickle him.

"Doesn't work on me!" he snickered. "But it does on you."

His free hands attacked my sides and I collapsed in laughter. Ryan quickly moved on top of me, continuing his attack. I curled up into a fetal ball as best I could, trying to limit his opportunity for attack.

He finally relented and I tried to catch my breath. That effort was thwarted when Ryan started to kiss me deeply. He started to hump me a bit as the kiss progressed.

"Sorry to interrupt boys, but dinner's about ready," Erik's voice boomed from above.

I looked over Ryan's shoulder and saw Erik standing in the doorway. "Thanks, we'll be down in a minute," I replied.

Erik turned and left. Ryan looked down at me, his face a bit red. We both broke into hysterics!

"First Tracer catches us fucking; now Dad gets to see us making out!" Ryan giggled.

"We're putting on quite a show for them, that's for sure."

Ryan bent over and gave me a quick peck. He then climbed off me and offered me a hand getting up.

Tracer had made a great dinner. Since I had finished most of my homework I helped him clean up.

"I guess you two worked out the issue of the tutor? Everything else OK?" Tracer was in big brother mode.

"I took your advice and told him everything. He was upset that I hadn't talked to him earlier, but we did work it all out."

"Glad to hear it. You two need to think about closing doors a bit more," Tracer continued.

"Tracer, we weren't doing anything. Well, OK, Ryan was kissing me. He started teasing me, I tackled him, he tickled me into submission, then he kissed me," I explained.

"Erik thought he interrupted more. I guess it's a different perspective when you're the Dad."

"Yeah, we talked about you catching us and now Erik seeing us making out."

"Just keep the peep shows upstairs!" Tracer teased.

"We will. I definitely don't want any of the crew walking in on us."

"So, have you thought about Christmas presents?" Tracer changed the subject. "Erik wants to take everyone over to Roanoke this Saturday to do some Christmas shopping. There's a nice mall and more shops than around Richlands."

"Yeah. I'm getting you a bag of coal!" I teased back. "A trip to a bigger mall would be good, I haven't had much luck locally."

"Funny! That will go with the bundle of twigs that Erik and I are giving you."

"Seriously, I'm stumped as to what to get Ryan. You, Mom, Dad, even Erik, I'm sure I can figure out. Working on the farm, I've got money at Christmas for the first time. Having money doesn't make figuring out Christmas presents any easier."

"Let's start with the easy folks and work to the hardest. What were you thinking about getting Mom?"

"I thought something for the kitchen would be good," I replied.

"Sounds good," Tracer answered. "She loves to cook. How much were you thinking about spending?"

"Don't know. Maybe a hundred each on Mom and Dad?"

"Want to do a joint present for Mom?" Tracer asked. "We could get her a nice set of pots and pans. She was still using the stuff she got as a wedding present, last time I was home."

"That's cool. What about Dad?" I asked.

"Well, tools are always a safe bet. He's always tinkering with something. We could hit Sears and see what they have."

"How about one of those big tool carts? Mom's always after Dad to clean up the back of the garage."

"That would be good, but expensive to ship. We could have them hold it for him at the local store or I'll call Mom for some suggestions."

"OK. That leaves you, Erik and Ryan."

"What about Patrick?" Tracer reminded me. "I do have an idea for you."


"Well, you could send him the PlayStation, since you can use Ryan's. Then send him a gift certificate for Sears so he can go get a small television for his dorm room. Hell, if we double up on him -- the money would get a nice television for his room."

"Cool! I could throw in a new game or two as well!"

"OK. Erik?" I asked.

"He's always a difficult person to buy for! I'm not sure. We can corner Ryan for some suggestions."

"You don't know what you're getting him?" I was stunned.

"No. I know exactly what I'm getting him. I'm getting him a pair of custom boots."

"Wow. That must be expensive."

"Yup. But for once in my life, I can spend a bit of money."

"That leaves you and Ryan. I have some ideas for you, Big Brother."

"So, what have you thought about getting Ryan?"

"I'm stumped," I admitted. "I honestly don't know what to get him. He doesn't need toys, clothing or such."

"Want a `Big Brother' suggestion?"


"Get him something personal."

"What do you mean?" I was confused.

"Clothing, toys, games, stuff; all of that says `friend' or `family'. You want a gift that says `Lover'," Tracer explained.

"OK. Like what?"

"How about a ring? Some piece of jewelry he could wear."

"He doesn't really wear jewelry," I replied.

"Well, neck chain with a medal - it would normally be covered with his shirt, but would be something more personal to him."

"I'll think about it. Thanks for the help, both with Christmas gifts and especially with dealing with Ryan."

"That's what Big Brothers are for," Tracer said.

"And you do it well," I replied.

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