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Chapter Seventeen

-- Erik --

One surgery down, one to go. Fortunately, the urologist didn't see a need to rush into the second procedure. In fact, he wanted to give my system plenty of time to recover from the basket catch removal. Having the stones removed didn't cause me any pain since I was out cold. Having the catheter removed, however - that caused pain! It was fifteen seconds that I hope never to repeat.

Tracer's and Ryan's moods improved during the first week of the year. Both guys - I need to avoid calling them boys - were worried and nervous. Tracer had acted like a mother-hen, clucking over me constantly while I had never seen Ryan so stressed out.

One worry that I had when Tracer joined our family was how Ryan would react. Ryan had, in many ways, attempted to fill the shoes his mother left with her departure. He took care of meals, took care of the house and took care of me. I was very happy, not to mention relieved, to watch Tracer slowly take over many of the roles of partner, without any real issues with Ryan. It seemed they had worked out a comfortable arrangement.

After a few days of desk work, I was finally able to return to physical labor. Tracer had filled in for me well -- fortunately, the farm was closed for part of the period and the first week of the new year wasn't a busy time for us. It had let him have a more gentle baptism in the management of the farm.

One afternoon, I decided to take the horse by the reins. Tracer was going through the office on his way to the barn. "Tracer, how about helping me with the ordering today?"

A puzzled look spread over his face. "Sure, what can I do?"

"Here's the order form; just fill it out with the supplies we need." He pulled up a desk chair and sat next to me.

"Um, I've never done this Erik. You always handle the ordering."

"But, you've gone and picked up the supplies over at Southern States numerous times," I nudged.

He looked disconcerted.

"Tracer, I'm trying to make you think a bit. If I weren't available, what would you order?" I asked.

"Feed, shampoo and conditioner, bedding," he replied.

I just smiled. A few moments later, his face looked as if a light bulb had gone off. He got out of the chair and walked over to one of the file cabinets. He rifled through the top draw and pulled out a folder. I beamed as he walked over to the desk and started looking at old order sheets.

"Bravo," I said. "You're doing exactly what I did when I took over the farm."

"Well, looking at your old orders I see things we don't need right now. But it is giving me the quantities, and some additional ideas. I hadn't thought about vitamins."

"Exactly, before you do the order start with what we typically order and check the levels on hand."

After that, I walked through how I did the basic ordering. We talked about how some items were ordered weekly, some monthly and some only as needed. Probably ninety percent of our orders came from a single store in a nearby town.

"Erik, why don't you have folks keep up with how much stuff is on hand so you don't have to walk the entire farm checking supplies?"

"I tried that for a while," I replied. "In addition to having folks write things on the supply board in the stable, I had a list of things on it, and folks were supposed to mark what was running low. Unfortunately, people didn't mark things every time -- they were over in the barn, busy or otherwise distracted."

"So, if you didn't check, we might run out of things?" Tracer finished.

"Correct," I agreed. "Plus, walking the farm to check supplies is a good way to check to see that work is being done, and done correctly, without doing an inspection of the farm."

Tracer and I walked the farm to verify what was needed. I pointed out things that I checked as we patrolled the farm to ensure work was being done.

"With the full-time staff, I don't feel the need to inspect things too closely. The guys are professionals and do things right the first time. It's the part-timers where I need to have a keen eye and make sure work is completed correctly."

When we returned to the office, Tracer finished up the order and I reviewed it. He then faxed it over to Southern States in Honaker.

"Tomorrow I'll show you how to deal with the invoice so that Janet doesn't fuss when she comes in to do the books. We can go over other suppliers as orders are due."

"Sounds good. Have you thought about using a computer program to manage things?" Tracer asked.

"Yeah. Janet keeps trying to push me into using accounting software -- she said I could save money and just transmit data to her as needed. Why?"

"I guess I was thinking the same thing as Janet."

"Tracer, I'm just not comfortable with computers," I replied.

"Why don't you have Ryan and Will work on it?"

"Actually, my plan is to have you work on it. I figure you'll be taking classes at school soon, and that will make you the perfect candidate for the job."

"I don't know about that."

"I do. You aced your first classes. You'll keep doing it. I'm sure the community college has a class you can take to make you more computer-savvy. Plus, Janet has offered to train us. So pick something good for the summer session."

Tracer didn't look so sure, but he smiled before heading out to the barn. I finished up some paperwork and headed outside to pitch in with the chores.

A week later, the first semester at Ryan's and Will's high school came to an end. As always, I had to sign the report cards. I thought this was stupid for seniors. If they weren't responsible for their own actions by now, they never would be. I guess the school system felt it was a way to make parents more accountable.

Ryan had five A's and a B. Will had straight A's. I looked at Will as I signed his report card.

"So, what was going on with you and physics?" I asked. "I thought you were having trouble?"

"I really was," Will responded. "It's just that Dean really makes things clearer for me."

"Are you planning to stick to him tutoring you?"

"Well, we call it `study buddies' - he's helping me get over the tough stuff in physics. I'm helping him with calculus."

"I guess we can order the graduation supplies now. I was concerned neither of you was going to make it this year," I teased.

"Dad!" Ryan exclaimed.

"Just kidding. Seriously, when do we need to order your cap and gown, things like that?"

"They said the order forms were coming soon," Ryan replied.

"Are you thinking about going to the prom?" I asked innocently.

"That's not even an option," Ryan quickly replied.

"You two could go stag," I replied.

"And then what? Dance with girls all night? I think not."

"OK. It's up to you."

That evening, Tracer cornered me.

"Why did you ask Ryan and Will about going to the prom?"

"It was something I enjoyed. I don't want the boys -- the guys - to miss out on part of their high school experience."

"I don't think either of them has any interest in playing straight for the night."

"Well, that's up to them. I just want them to enjoy school as best they can."

"Shame they can't go as a couple."

"I don't think Tazewell County is quite that progressive. Maybe in a future year some other students will be able to."

"Changing the subject, have you thought of when you'll schedule your second surgery?" Tracer asked.

"I'm thinking early- to mid-February would be best. That would give us a little more time to get you comfortable in running things and let me heal up a bit more."

"Sounds like a good plan. What about the attorney issues?"

"I don't think we'll have everything done by then, but I think we can get things started. I want to stick with Mitch for revising my will, setting up a medical power-of-attorney and the rest," I explained.

"I thought you were going to find an attorney up in DC or somewhere else?"

"Mitch knows me, and he's handled all the legal work for the farm for years. If he can't deal with what I want, then I'll find someone else."

"What if he spreads rumors around?" Tracer sounded concerned.

"Attorney's aren't supposed to do that. They have rules."

"True. I was just worried."

"We'll take it one day at a time." I replied.

As the weekend approached, I finally felt fully recovered. I decided I wanted to do something special for Tracer. He had been patient and understanding as I recuperated. After knocking a few things around in my head, I figured out a plan.

"Ryan, can you and Will handle things Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning? Ezra's working Saturday and Hank's on for Sunday."

"Sure, what's up?" Ryan asked.

"Well, now that I'm feeling better -- I want a little bit of time alone with Tracer. I figure this will also be one of the few chances left for us to vacation. Once you and Will start college in the fall, opportunities will be few and far between."

"What are your plans? Romantic dinner?"

"I got a room for us at the McKeever Lodge at Pipestem Park."

"Neat, going to do some cross country skiing while you're there?" Ryan asked.


"Oh, I get it," Ryan blushed.

"Get what?"

"Um. You're not planning on leaving the room, are you?"

It was my turn to blush. As I felt my face warm, Ryan burst into laughter. We discussed what the guys would need to handle while Tracer and I were gone. I explained that to keep it a surprise, I'd pack a bag for Tracer with the basics and just get him into the truck after lunchtime.

Saturday morning we all worked to finish off the typical chores. With the weather forecast calling for snow and the temperature in the mid-twenties, no rentals were scheduled. A few of the boarders were around to care for their horses -- otherwise things were quiet.

I helped out in the stables and barn for a while then told everyone I was going to finish some paperwork. Instead of finishing paperwork, I slipped through the office and into the house. I packed a duffle bag with a change of clothing and basic toiletries for both of us. We'd only be gone overnight so I wasn't too worried.

I returned to the office and did actually complete a little paperwork. Ryan went through the office and into the house and then a short while later came back through; otherwise I was left alone.

At lunchtime, I loaded the duffle bag into the back of my truck and then walked out to the stables. I winked at Ryan and turned to Tracer.

"Want to go get some lunch?"

"Sure. While we're in town, I want to run by the store and pick up a few things. Ryan and I made a grocery shopping list this morning while we made breakfast."

"Certainly," I replied.

We climbed into the truck and I headed into town.

"Um, we just passed the diner," Tracer pointed out.

"Yup," came my simple reply.

As I drove out of town, heading north, Tracer looked confused.

"What's going on?" he finally asked.

"A surprise. I wanted us to have some time alone."

"That's nice, an afternoon together will be great!"


"Are we going someplace specific?" Tracer asked.


"OK, I get it. You're going to surprise me. I'll change the topic then."

We talked quietly about a variety of subjects.

"It's starting to flurry," Tracer pointed out.

"I guess the weatherman got it right this time, but it sure is very fine."

"They are calling for totals to range from a dusting to two inches, depending on the area."

"That will be good; any addition to the water table will be good come spring," I replied.

As we reached the Virginia-West Virginia border, Tracer turned in his seat a bit.

"OK. We've been on the road for an hour. Can you at least give me a hint?"

"Yup," I played with him. "We're going to a place in West Virginia."

"Funny, very funny. Won't tell me more?"


As we drove on, the conversation moved from one random thing to another. Finally, I hit my turn indicator as we arrived at Pipestem Park.

"We're here," I indicated.

"I've never heard of Pipestem Park," Tracer replied.

"No reason you should. It's a nice little park. I took Ryan camping here once when he was young. Tonight we have reservations at McKeever Lodge. I wish the Mountain Creek Lodge in the gorge was open as it has the better views, but it is closed for the season."

"Erik, I don't have any clothing or anything else," Tracer sounded a bit worried.

"All taken care of, there's a duffle bag with clothing and toiletries for both of us behind your seat."

"You Stinker. How long have you had this planned?"

"Actually, just a few days. I figured we needed a little quiet time after the last few weeks, and before the next few. Plus, with the guys leaving for college we won't get as many opportunities in the future."

We checked in and got settled in the room. Tracer was staring out the window at the park.

"Want to explore the grounds a little before it gets dark?" Tracer asked.

"I'd rather explore you a little!"

I walked over to the window and up behind Tracer. I wrapped my arms around him. After a moment, he pivoted around so that we were face-to-face. His hazel eyes sparkled as he pushed up a bit to kiss me.

"I love you," he whispered.

"And I you," I replied.

We kissed again and I pulled him tighter to me.

"Hmmmm. What have we here?" I asked. I reached my hand down to his crotch to feel the lump that had pressed against me.

"We have a horny guy that's in the arms of the man that makes him that way!"

"Well, we'll have to take care of that."

I took hold of his sweatshirt and started pulling it over his head. With that out of the way, I started working on the buttons on his shirt.

"I can do it faster."

"I enjoy doing it. It's part of the exploration, remember?"

With his shirt off, I worked my fingers through the blonde fur on his chest and down the treasure trail to his jeans.

"Time for you to shed these too," I said.

I pulled off Tracer's cowboy boots and socks. Tracer giggled as I removed his pants and then pushed his jockeys off. Down on my knees in front of him from removing his pants, I let my hands run up and down his legs a bit.

"Now, I get to explore you." Tracer pulled on my arms so that I was standing in front of him.

He unbuttoned my flannel shirt and then tugged my t-shirt over my head. He ran his hands through my chest hair, as I had done. When he unbuttoned my jeans, I became fully aroused. Tracer squatted and tugged off my boots and socks. Then he lowered my jeans and pulled my feet out of them. Down on his haunches, he ran his hands up and down my legs and licked at my rock-hard dick.

I pulled Tracer back to his feet and led him over to the bed. Tracer pulled the covers back on the bed and lay down on it. I stopped and grabbed the duffle bag to get the lube and condoms.

I opened the bag and found a surprise on top.

"Where did this come from?" I asked.

"What is it?"

"Something wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon. I guess it's something from Ryan and/or Will."

I pulled back the first layer of tissue paper and found a small note card.

"Enjoy your time together! Here's a little something to help spice things up. Love, Ryan and Will."

"So, what's inside?" Tracer asked.

I finished opening the package. "Jockstraps. I guess the boys thought it would help us spice things up."

"Well, hand me mine and put yours on, Big Boy."

We each tugged on the jockstraps provided.

"Looks mighty sexy," I said. "Frames your ass like your chaps do."

"Well, turn around and let me see how well yours looks," Tracer stated.

I spun around and let Tracer take a good look at my ass. "So, what do you think?"

"Tasty," he replied. "Back up and let me get a real taste."

I backed up to the bed and felt Tracer's hands grab the straps of the jock. The next thing I felt was his goatee pushing between my ass cheeks. The sensation tickled at first, till I felt his hands pushing my cheeks apart a bit and his tongue touched my hole.

"Oh, fuck yeah," I moaned.

"I hope it feels as good as it tastes," Tracer replied. His tongue didn't leave my hole for very long. He kept plunging in and out of my hole, then working his tongue up and down my crack. The feeling was amazing. My dick strained in my jock, the head pushing up through the waistband.

"Damn, that feels fucking awesome."

"Glad you're enjoying it," Tracer said as he pulled his hands away from my ass. "Now, if you'll climb up on the bed and get on all fours. I'll continue my work."

I did as I was told, grabbing two pillows to put under my head and chest. Tracer resumed the assault on my ass with his tongue. Periodically, he would slip a finger into my hole. Unlike other times, my ass seemed more accepting of this.



"Fuck me."

"What?" You could hear the confusion in Tracer's voice.

"I want you to fuck me," I replied quietly.

"Um, Baby, you've never been fucked before."

"Don't you want too?"

"It's not that," Tracer's voice was quiet. "It's just that it hurts the first time. I don't want to hurt you."

"I'm a big boy. It just feels right, Tracer."

"I'm not trying to spoil the mood, Baby; I just want to make sure it's alright."

"I want to try. I've never been fucked before. Your rimming my ass is making it feel so good, and when you started working your fingers in - it felt better. If I don't like it, you can stop and we'll do something else."

"OK. Why don't I lie on my back and you can sit on my dick."

"I'd rather you rim me a bit more, then lube me up and slide in with me like this."

"You sure?" Tracer questioned.


Tracer worked his tongue back into my ass. He seemed a bit more tentative at first, but I pushed back letting him know I was serious. After about five minutes, he removed his tongue and grabbed the lube from the nightstand. His finger played with my hole as he worked lube into it.

"How's that feel?" he asked.

"Fine. Keep working on it."

He pushed a lot of lube into my hole over the next minute or two. Finally, I felt the condom-covered head of his dick at my hole.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Do it. I'm fine."

"Push down on your ass as I slide in," he warned.

I started pushing down as he pushed in.


"I'll stop."

"Just go slow, that dick of yours is a lot bigger than your finger."

"I'm trying," he replied.

"A little more."

"Push down as I push in," he suggested again.

I pushed down and the head of his dick slipped in fully.

"Hold it there a minute."

"You OK?" The concern in his voice was thick.

"Yeah, just adjusting." I waited a moment or two. "Try pushing a little more in."

"FUCK. That hurts. Stop, Baby."

"You want me to pull out?"

"Yeah, I don't think this is going to work out today."

Tracer pulled out of my ass slowly. My dick was soft in my jockstrap. I flipped over onto my back on the bed.

As Tracer started to lie beside me, I pulled him over on top of me. "Come here, Stud." I kissed him deeply, my tongue working deep into his mouth. "Thanks for trying."

Tracer looked into my eyes. "Sorry it didn't work out."

"Not your fault. Now on to better things."

"My turn to get fucked!" Tracer exclaimed. He started humping me with his body. The effect was to immediately reinflate my dick.

"How do you want it?" I asked.


He lifted off me and moved over so that he was now resting facedown on the two pillows. I crawled up behind him and reached over for a condom and lube. I squirted a good amount of lube directly into his hole and then more onto my hand. I worked both his ass and my dick quickly to spread the lube and then pushed the head into his hole.

"Now that's more like it!" I roared.

"Damn right! Fuck my ass off, Stud. Let me know who owns this ass!"

"All mine! Your ass is all mine!"

As I put steam into my pounding of his ass, the lodge's bed started to move back and forth. The headboard started slamming against the wall.

"I sure hope no one is in the room next door," Tracer laughed.

"Doubt it at this time of the year!"

I grabbed the waistband of his jock and used it to pull him back further on my dick.

"Damn. You haven't fucked me like this in a while! HARDER!" Tracer moaned.

I started sawing deeper and harder into his ass. His hole was doing a number on my dick too.

"That ass of yours is spasming around my dick!"

"It's that dick of yours; it's making my ass twitch! I want all seven inches buried in my hole, Baby."

I let go of the jock and put my hands on his shoulders, using them to pull him back harder onto my dick.

"I'm going to show you what hard really means, Stud!"

"Do it!"

I started pulling my dick nearly out and then, using his shoulders, pulling him back on my dick as I thrust in. The deep, long, power strokes were making me sweat. I took one hand off his shoulder and reached under to feel his dick. It made quite the package in his jock!

"Don't, Baby. I'm gonna cum soon if you don't move your hand!"

With that I started rubbing his pouch more as I fucked into his hole.

"Oh, damn. Fuck! Fuck! Shit, I'm cumming!" Tracer bellowed.

As he came, Tracer's ass clamped down on my dick.

"SHIT! Here it comes!" I yelled as my cock fired load after load into the condom.

"Damn," Tracer panted. "That felt good!"

Tracer collapsed face down onto the bed. I landed on top of him, nibbling on his neck.

"That tickles," he said while squirming.

"Good! You know, I've heard a lot of guys never wash their jocks. I don't want to wash these, ever."

"Their gonna get funky," Tracer warned.

"Let'em. Tracer funk, I like!"

I rolled off Tracer and lay next to him. "Love you, Babe."

"I love you, too, Erik."

"Were you OK with trying to fuck me?"

"I'm OK, but it's not something I'd want to do every day. I admit that I'm a bottom. I love getting fucked. But, I'll be willing to try again when you think you're ready."


"How about some dinner? After that workout, I'm famished.

"Sounds good, then we can try to get a swim in the indoor pool and sit in the sauna. Shower first, I think."

"OK," Tracer replied.

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