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Chapter Eighteen

-- Ryan --

I woke up Sunday morning with Will spooned against my back. I snuggled back into him and his arm slipped over me pulling me even tighter to him. With Dad and Tracer away, we were home alone for the first time ever.

"Morning," Will whispered.

"Morning to you!"

"You're bright and chipper this morning."

"Hmmm, good dinner, good sex, followed by a good night's sleep -- a winning combo for waking up happy," I replied.

"Ready to start the day?" Will asked.

"Yup." I walked over to the window and pushed back the curtains.

"Crap," I exclaimed.

"What's wrong?"

"I'd say we got a lot more than two inches of snow! Looks like at least six or seven," I responded.

"That will keep things quiet around here."

"Hand me my long johns," I requested.

We got dressed and went downstairs. The coffeepot had just finished brewing and I filled two big travel mugs. Will handed me my coat, hat and gloves. Dressed for the cold, we trudged out to the barn to start chores.

Will would lead a horse out of the stall and tie it to the nearest post. I grabbed a shovel and started to remove all the waste. Will followed in behind me and put down fresh hay where necessary. He refilled the water trough and I filled the feed trough. I then led the horse back into the stall while Will moved on to the next one.

We worked silently as we moved through the entire stable. We were about half way through the process when the phone started ringing. Will grabbed it and handed it to me.


"Morning, Ryan."

"Morning, Hank, how ya doing?"

"Good. I'm getting ready to head up to the farm," he replied.

"Don't worry about it. I doubt that anyone is coming by today. Will and I have already finished half the stalls."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I can call if something pops up."

"OK. Talk to you later, Ryan."

"Bye, Hank."

Will grinned at me.

"What?" I asked.

"We're going to have the place to ourselves until Erik and Tracer get home."

"Yeah!" I said with a huge grin on my face.

We finished all the chores and went into the house for breakfast. After cleaning up the kitchen, I looked out the window and noticed it was once again snowing outside.

"What next?" Will asked.

"Well, we could go into the den, build a fire and snuggle up and watch TV for a while," I replied.

"Or? I heard an `or' in that."

"We could go for a ride in the snow."

"That sounds cold," Will answered.

"Yeah, but it's awfully pretty out in the woods in the snow. Let's do it!" I pushed.

"OK." Will relented.

We pulled on our coats and stuff and walked out to the barn. I got my mare, Grand Empress Dowager, ready for the ride. Will saddled Cotton-Eyed Joe.

We rode to the start of the out trail and headed into the woods.

"This is the first time you've been here while there's this much snow on the ground isn't it?"

"Yup. Did you and your Dad ever spray that fake snow on your Christmas tree?"

"No. Why?" I asked.

"My Dad did that a lot when we were young. Frocking, no, flocking it's called. This makes me think about that."

"Cool. Dad always did the traditional style tree I guess. Lights, balls and a bit of garland."

We rode on quietly - the crunching of hooves in snow, the only sound.

"I really like this - no one around," Will broke the silence.

"Having the farm to ourselves is so rare. Between staff, rentals and boarders someone always seems to be around."

"Think any of the boarders will show up later?" Will asked.

"I doubt it. The roads won't be clear for a few hours. I bet we'll have a few messages when we get back -- folks checking in."

I slowed up as we got to the creek. The rocks were covered with snow and the creek itself had a thin layer of ice over it. You could see the water flowing under the ice.

"Tracks." Will pointed out.

"Yeah, deer I would guess."

"Looks about right. Just a lot easier to see in the snow."

After crossing the creek, we continued towards the back of the property. We weren't moving very quickly. We got to one of the larger clearings and Will moved his horse up beside mine.


"Hey, backatcha," I replied.

"I think this is the first time we've been truly alone."

"Yeah. Nice, isn't it?" I commented.

"Really nice. Want to head back?"

"Getting too cold?"

"Well, there's that. But I want to be alone with you!"

"Follow me." I told Will.

I led us from the clearing, down the hill and through the woods. I wasn't following one of the marked and cleared trails. I took us from the outer trail to the inner trail -- cutting the time needed to get back to the stables. We groomed the horses and put blankets over them.

As we walked into the kitchen through the backdoor, we started shucking off our layers of clothing.

"I feel like I'm frozen through," Will stated.

"Yeah, I need to defrost."

"Want a HOT bath?" Will asked.

"Would a hot shower do?" I countered.

"Yeah, I guess." Will seemed doubtful.

"A hot shower together?"

"That'll work!"

We ran upstairs, discarding clothes everywhere as we ran for the bathroom. I cranked up the water and once I saw steam, I climbed in. Will joined me and closed the shower curtain.

I turned to face Will and leaned over to kiss him. I grabbed a bottle of shampoo and started washing Will's hair. I was really working my fingertips into his scalp giving him a deep massage.

"Purr, that feels good," Will cooed.

"You can return the favor in a minute."

"OK. You ever think about sex in the shower?" Will asked.

"Yeah, but I'm afraid I'd slip in this tub."

"Hehehehe, probably!"

Will grabbed the shampoo bottle and started working on my hair. He no longer needed to stretch to do it. In the last few months, Will had undergone a growth spurt which placed him about an inch below my six foot one inch height.

After he rinsed my hair out, I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up a wash cloth. I slowly worked it over Will's skin. His summer tan had faded a bit, but he still had a bit of color. It contrasted starkly with his blond hair. I took the time to work the cloth over his muscles - enjoying the feel.

Will rinsed himself off and then took time to wash me in much the same way.

After I shut off the shower, we dried off and went into our bedroom.

"That's a lot better. I don't feel so cold," Will stated.

"Me either."

Will started towards the closet. I grabbed his elbow and stopped him.

"No so fast."

Will grinned at me as I led him over to the bed.

"You think Dad and Trace used the jocks?"

"Don't know. I hope so," I replied.

"Wanna try it?" Will asked.

"Maybe another time. Right now, I just want you!"

We lay beside each other and Will wrapped one leg over mine. His arms pulled me to him and we kissed.

The phone rang. I separated from Will and rolled over to grab the handset by the bed.

"Hello," my voice showed a bit of irritation.

"What's got you upset," my dad asked.

"Oh, just busy. What's up?" I asked.

"Just checking in with you. We're going to try to leave here about three. The main roads are getting cleared slowly. We should be home in time for dinner."

"OK. No one's here, and Will and I took care of all the chores."

"Sounds good. Talk to you later." With that dad hung up.

"Where were we?" I asked, turning back to Will.

"Hmmm, I think I was about to turn around and suck your dick!"

"Oh, yeah! That will let me get at yours too."

Will flipped around on the bed, moving into a sixty-nine position. I took his hard dick in my hand and licked up the shaft like an ice cream cone. When I got to the tip, I stuck my tongue into his foreskin and worked around under it.

"I like your skin. I kinda wish I still had mine."

"It makes jacking-off easier. I don't need lube."


I put my mouth over the tip of his dick and slid down on it slowly. I let the shaft work its way in deep. I worked my tongue around the shaft for a bit. Will let out a moan around my dick, which was equally deep in his mouth.

I started moving up and down his cock as my right hand played with his nuts. The blond hair on his nuts was much softer than mine. Mine seemed more wiry.

Will started rubbing a finger over my ass lips as his mouth continued to work over my dick. I felt him pull off my dick for just a moment. His finger started slipping into my hole.

I continued to work up and down on his dick. I pulled off and noticed that his foreskin had pulled back, exposing the head of his dick. I worked my tongue into the piss slit and teased it. I followed Will's lead and popped a finger into my mouth to get it wet with spit.

Returning to sucking his cock, I started teasing his hole with my finger. It slipped in fairly easily and Will moaned.

As my efforts continued, I felt myself reaching a peak. My body stiffened automatically -- the combination of Will's mouth on my prick and his finger up my hole pushed me over the edge.

"Fuck," I moaned, around Will's dick.

Will kept sucking as my dick shot cum into his mouth.

As I relaxed after shooting, I continued to work on Will's cock. I slipped a second finger into his hole.

"Oh, Man. I'm close!" Will moaned.

I started moving my two fingers in and out faster.

"SHIT!" Will cried as his dick flooded my mouth with cum. "That was sweet!"

I swallowed his cum. "Yeah!"

Will flipped around and lay beside me.

"Wanna go enjoy a fire?" I asked.


Will started to grab some clothing.

"Forget it. It's just us for at least six more hours."

"I guess the fire will keep us warm."

"There is that," I replied with a grin.

In the den, I built a roaring fire and joined Will on the couch. He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. We snuggled up and watched a couple of reruns.

"Getting hungry?" I asked.

"Not really," Will replied. "Well, accept for more of you."

I lay spooned into his chest. He started nibbling on my neck. That got a quick response from my dick. I started rubbing my ass over his crotch -- which got a similar response from his.

I heard Will hawk up some spit and felt him shift a little. It was clear what was about to happen, and the head of his spit-slicked dick pushed into my hole.

"Slip it in deep, Baby," I whispered.

Will wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back into him. His strokes were short -- but his dick remained deep - as our position didn't allow much room to move.

"Aw, Man. That's what I need."

"You're ass is so good," Will moaned.

After a few minutes of him fucking me, I pulled off his dick.

"Sit up."

With Will sitting up on the couch, I moved to face him. I positioned my ass over his dick and slipped my ass back down on it.

"Sweet!" Will exclaimed.

I started bouncing up and down on his dick. Between my motion and the springs on the sofa my ass was getting a real work out! I leaned forward and started kissing Will as I bounced harder and harder.

Will started moaning and thrusting up to meet my downward bounces.

"I'm gonna shoot!"

"Do it, Baby," I replied. "Flood my ass!"

"Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck! OH! FUCK!" Will cried out.

I felt his cum shooting into my ass.

I reached down to start stroking my dick.

"No you don't!" Will stated. "I want you to fuck me."

His softening dick popped out of my ass.

"Ready?" I asked, lifting off Will so he could get into position.

Will stood up and kneeled on the coffee table. His ass was sticking up in the air. I spit-lubed my dick and pushed the head into his hole. I grabbed hold of his hips and started sawing in and out.

"I love you! And I love this ass!"

"I love having your dick in my ass," Will replied.

"Come on, Ryan, let me know you're fucking my ass!"

I took his challenge seriously and started pulling my dick nearly all the way out and then slamming it back in!

"That's it, Fucker! Ram my ass! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

The head of my dick popped out on one stroke and when I pushed back in, Will moaned loudly.

After a series of deep, long strokes, I buried my dick in his ass and started using his hips to pull him back onto it. I started trying to thrust into his hole in different angles.

"Damn! You're making my ass feel good!"

Will's ass started to spasm around my dick.

"I'm gonna cum again!" Will warned.

"Do it!"

Will started shooting, which caused his ass to grasp my dick.

"Oh, fuck!" I yelled as I started to shoot into Will's ass!

I collapsed onto Will's back with my dick still buried deeply.

"Damn, that was good!"

I started kissing his neck, and then licked my way to his ear.

"Tickles!" Will giggled. He started squirming under me.

"I'm exhausted!" I started to sit on the couch.

"Dude, stop. Let me get a towel." Will ran out of the room and returned shortly with a towel. "This way we won't make too much of a mess on the couch."

I lay down and he snuggled up against me. I turned the TV to a new channel. Between the sex and the warmth from the fire, we both conked out quickly. I woke up and glanced at the clock -- I'd slept about three hours. I could tell that Will was still sleeping.

I lay there and gently stroked his body. I must have drifted back off to sleep as the next time I awoke it was starting to get dark outside.

"Will, wake up." I nudged him.

"Huh?" he grunted.

"Wake up!" I nudged him harder

"I'm awake," he replied. "What's wrong?"

"It's late, Dad and Tracer should be home soon."

"Oh, OK. I need a shower."

"Me too," I agreed. "Let's grab our clothes and go get one."

We picked up the trail of clothing from the morning and threw them into the clothes shoot.

"Shower together?" Will asked.

"Mmm... sounds like a good idea."

Will got the water running and we climbed in together. He soaped up a wash cloth and started rubbing it over my body. It felt great to be pampered. As he soaped over my ass hole, I sprang a boner.

"Horny again?" he asked.

"Always around you," I replied. I twisted my head and kissed him. Will dropped the wash cloth and grabbed the bottle of conditioner. He squirted a glob on his hand and then wrapped his hand around my stiff dick.

"Oh, yeah!" I moaned.

He worked his hand back and forth until I shot my third load of the day.

"Thanks, Babe."

I turned around to kiss him and bumped into his stiff dick. "Looks like I need to take care of you!"

"Sounds good," he replied.

I bent down and started sucking his dick with the water beating down on my head. It was an odd sensation. I worked my magic on his dick till I was rewarded with a flood of cum.

"I guess shower sex isn't so dangerous!" Will laughed.


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