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Chapter Twenty

- Will --

One month to go and school will be over! Senior projects, final exams and all the other things that make May the roughest month on a student. On top of everything else, the baseball team had won the district title -- regional competition awaited us.

The farm was getting busy -- three of the mares were expected to foal sometime in the next thirty to sixty days. Erik had selected three of his top mares to breed last summer, and all three took. Mr. Johannessen provided two of the studs and Erik had purchased the service of a third stud from another breeder. Mr. Johannessen waived stud fee for a reduced price on one of the offspring.

Erik had also worked a deal with another farm to hire out two of our studs to service their mares.

"Dad, how about letting Will and me deliver Marauder and Scout. It's only two hours up to Equina Paradiso," Ryan offered.

"Don't you think the two of you need to focus on school?" Erik responded. "And Will has baseball games -- assuming they do as well in regional play as they did in the district."

"Dad!" Ryan almost whined. "It's four or five hours tops to deliver them, we can't be studying all the time."

"OK, let me turn this around a bit. How's your senior project coming along?"

"It's fine," Ryan said defensively.

"And yours, Will?"

"I'm getting there," I responded.

"I'll make you two a deal. You two make the delivery, and then I lay you off for the rest of the school year."

"WHAT?" Ryan was loud!

"I'll let you and Will deliver the studs and then no more work on the farm until you graduate."

"But, Dad!"

"No buts. I want you two focused on finishing up school -- final projects and exams come first, sports second, farm third."

"Sounds fair," I said.

Ryan turned and looked at me funny. I knew his look meant he wasn't happy with my answer.

"Look, we've got a lot to do in the next few weeks. Taking a couple weeks off from farm work isn't a bad idea," I continued. "Aren't you coming to all the baseball games?"

"Well, yeah," Ryan answered reluctantly. He was trying to stick to his position.

"Then take the offer. It won't kill you to take a bit of time off and I'm sure Erik won't stop you from helping out from time to time." I looked at Erik with a grin as I said this.

"Sure, if time permits a helping hand is permitted," Erik said.

So Erik laid Ryan and me off for the rest of May and the first week of June. Once graduation had gone by, we'd work our butts off the rest of the summer.

In addition to the layoff, I think Ryan was starting to worry about leaving the farm for college. With both of us getting our acceptance letters from Tech, we were set on where we were going and our departure now seemed more real.

There had been a few tense days around the farm -- between the time I got my acceptance letter and when Ryan finally got his. We looked at the post marks on his and mine. They'd been mailed the same day. His just took three days longer to go the one hundred miles. Weird.

Tracer cornered me that evening.

"Got out of all the work, huh," he teased.

"It was Erik's idea."

"Yeah, but I hear you're the one that caved."

"Huh?" I was puzzled.

"I think Ryan's a bit upset that you didn't support him."

"Oh, yeah. Well, I've got too much going on right now to worry about it."

Tracer sat down in the chair next to me.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Tracer -- it's only that I've got to finish my senior project, study for exams, and do all that while we try to win regionals. When Erik offered us the chance to take the next few weeks off, I jumped on it."

"I can understand, you just need to smooth things over with Ryan."

"I'll talk to him, and I'll apologize for pouncing on the offer."

"No worries," Ryan said from the doorway.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yeah. I'll get over it."

"Thanks," I answered.

"Seal it with a kiss," Tracer suggested. With that he walked out of the room.

I stood and walked over to Ryan.

"Kiss?" Ryan asked.

I leaned forward and kissed him deeply. As the kiss broke, Ryan took my hand and pulled me to the stairwell.

Moments later, I was naked on the bed and Ryan was crawling on top of me.

"More kisses!" he said.

With that he leaned down and kissed me repeatedly.

This led to me getting tongue-tickled as Ryan ran his tongue all over my body. The feeling of his tongue made me squirm. Ryan has a lot of different ways of making me squirm, and I like them all. I never knew being ticklish would turn into such a good thing.

After running his tongue around my body for a while, he started working his fingertips lightly over me. The feeling was amazing. My skin felt like someone was running static electricity over it.

"You're making me feel so good," I moaned.

"That's the idea," he replied.

I reached up and ran my hand over Ryan's chest. Over the past few months I'd noticed a few more hairs popping up. He'd probably never be as hairy as Erik, but I liked what I felt.

Ryan stopped for a moment and let me explore. Then he pushed my hands away and pushed me back down flat on the bed. He bent his head funny and started running his hair over my stomach. The feel of his hair, cut really short just the day before, added to all the sensations he'd been giving me earlier.

"You keep squirming," he laughed.

"Well, it tickles -- like everything else."

My dick started to rise from the feelings my body was getting.

"You seem to be enjoying it," Ryan noted. My dick was poking him.

I giggled a bit in response.

Ryan dragged his hair down my body and started running the buzz cut up and down my dick. My dick started twitching in response.

"Oh, shit, Man that feels great!"


He lifted up a bit and started running his tongue around the head of my dick. After teasing it for a short while, he started bobbing his head up and down. It was a very wet blow job as his saliva started coating my cock.

"Wanna get fucked, huh?" I asked.

"Damn right!"

"Turn around and let me eat your ass a bit."

Ryan flipped around and pushed his hole towards my mouth. I sniffed quickly and a bit of musk was all I smelled. I pushed my tongue along his hole and started working to get the tip of my tongue into his hole.

Ryan started making noises as he continued to suck on my dick. As my tongue worked in deeper, his hole started to yield more and more.

"Ready?" I was eager to fuck Ryan's ass.


Ryan pivoted around and took my spit-lubed dick in his hand. He started working the head into his hole and then slowly slid down my dick.

"Love that, Man!" he moaned.

I started pushing up a little as he finished sinking his ass on my dick. Ryan started working up and down on my dick.

"Aw yeah, fuck yourself on my dick, Baby!"

"Gonna make you shoot up my ass," Ryan panted.

I started thrusting up as he pushed his ass down. He was really squeezing my dick as he bounced.

"Damn, feels fuckin good!" I nearly yelled.

"You're gonna wake the dead," Ryan laughed.

"You're gonna make me cum!"

"Do it, Man. Shoot! Fuckin shoot up my ass!" Ryan begged.

"Fuck yeah!" I did yell this time as I shot my load up his ass.

"Fill me up, Man! Shoot!"

Ryan grabbed his hard dick and started stroking hard. It only took a few moments till he was shooting across my chest and onto my face! I raised my head up a bit and opened my mouth!

"That's it, Stud. Eat my cum!"

I licked my lips to get it all. As the last of the cum dribbled out of Ryan's cock he leaned forward. My slowly deflating dick was still deep in his hole. He moved his lips to mine and kissed me, tasting his own cum.


"Agreed!" I replied.

Finally, he collapsed on top of me. His cum glued us together. We lay like that for a long while, slowly regaining our breaths. My dick popped out of his ass as it shrunk.

"Clean up?" I finally asked.

"Yeah. Let's get a shower," Ryan suggested. The shower was relaxing after the frantic pace of the sex.

Saturday morning, very early, Ryan and I were awakened from a sound sleep by Tracer banging at the door.

I called out loudly, "What?"

"Madam Esmeralda is foaling."

"We'll be right there," Ryan yelled.

We both jumped out of bed and got dressed quickly. We ran out to the stable at full speed. The stable is a large building shaped like a `T' and we went to the back and hung a right. At the far end of the `T' is an isolated stall. Ezra and Hank had prepared the stall for the foaling process -- scrubbed it down, disinfected it, let it dry and put fresh bedding down. It had actually taken them several days to get everything ready.

Madam Esmeralda had been showing signs she was ready for the past week; it was just luck that she'd chosen Saturday morning. I'd finally get to see my first birthing.

Erik had turned on the foaling monitor -- a closed-circuit television unit with sound, when Madam was moved to the foaling stall about a week earlier. I'd noticed the setup in their bedroom once a while back. Erik had explained it let him avoid having someone sit in the stables all the time.

As we got to the stall we found Erik, Hank and Tracer.

"How goes?" Ryan asked.

"She moved through stage one pretty quickly, only about three hours," Erik answered from inside the stall. "The foal is in position and she's moving into stage two."

I looked at Ryan with a question on my face.

"Oh, sorry," Ryan said. "The foaling process has three stages. In the first, the foal turns into position for birth. In the second, the mare has contractions which causes the foal to come out. The third is the afterbirth."

Another puzzled look crossed my face. Erik must have noticed.

"The afterbirth is the placenta," Erik explained.

"Stage one can take up to twenty-four hours," Hank added. "Stage two can be real quick, or last maybe thirty or forty minutes. The third stage can be almost immediately, or up to three or four hours."

"Got it. So she's starting contractions?" I asked.

"Yup," Tracer answered.

I stayed out of the way and watched from the stall door as Erik, Hank and Tracer worked with Madam as she lay on her side in the stall. I watched as the foal's front feet appeared. Then the nose, head and neck appeared. Over time, the foal's shoulders popped out. Madam stopped her efforts.

"Something wrong?" I asked quietly.

"Not at all; she's just resting a bit," Ryan whispered back.

It took about thirty minutes for the small colt to fully appear. I watched as Erik and Hank wiped the colt's nose.

"Why aren't they cutting the cord?" I asked.

"Give it about twenty minutes and they will. Times are different between horses and humans," Tracer answered as he moved passed me and out of the stall.

"Thought about a name?" Hank asked.

"Not yet," Erik replied. "Ryan, why don't you and Will head back to the house and back to bed. You two can work up a name in the morning."

I looked at the clock; it was only three a.m. Ryan and I walked back to the house, stripped and climbed into bed. Ryan snuggled up beside me and within moments he was gently snoring. I lay there wide awake. The excitement of seeing my first foal kept me awake nearly an hour.

I woke up earlier than I expected after the early morning outing and slipped quietly out of bed. I grabbed my clothes and dressed in the study room. I walked out to the stables to check on the colt.

"Morning guys," I said as I came around the corner in the stable. Tracer, Erik and Hank were just ahead of me outside the stall.

"You didn't sleep very long," Tracer answered.

"Looks like the three of you need to get some sleep!" I responded.

"We were just talking about that," Erik replied.

"I'll see y'all later," Hank said.

"Have a great rest of your weekend, Hank. See you Monday," Erik said.

I peeked into the stall and was surprised to see the foal standing and moving around a little.

"Wow, that's fast," I remarked.

"He'll be trotting in another couple hours. We're going to put him out in the small fenced area with Madam later," Tracer mentioned.

"He'll be running sometime tomorrow, I'm sure," Erik explained.


"How about some breakfast?" Tracer asked.

"Sounds good," Erik answered.

The three of us walked back to the house. I helped Tracer fry some ham and eggs. Ryan walked into the kitchen as the toast popped out and the fried egg and ham sandwiches were ready.

"Anyone thought about a name?" Erik asked.

"Well, his mom is Esmeralda. The only Esmeralda I remember is from Bewitched," Ryan said.

"How about Uncle Arthur?" Tracer suggested.

"Naw, that's kinda lame," I replied. "How about Sir Arthur?"

"That's cute. Madam Esmeralda and Sir Arthur, I'm going to have a formal farm soon!" Erik laughed.

Tracer and Erik went back out to work. I was amazed they didn't crash -- as little sleep as they'd gotten.

"We should go help them out," Ryan said.

"You can if you want. I need to focus on my project. I want it finished by Monday so I can focus on the regional games and exams."

"OK. I'll catch ya later," Ryan said. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I heard him walk downstairs.

I spent the rest of the morning researching for the last section of my paper. By late Saturday afternoon I was done and printed out a final draft. I ran into Tracer in the upstairs hallway as I left the study room.

"Hey, can you do me a big favor?" I asked.

"I'll do my best."

"Review this for me and give me some feedback. It's my senior paper for Government and English."

"Sure, what's the topic?" he asked.

"The title of the paper is `Should Government Regulate Personal Safety: Seat Belts and Smoking Bans'," I replied.

"Whoa, intense. What gave you that idea?"

"I got the idea when we were reviewing the California smoking ban that got enacted last year."

"This may be too deep for me, but I'll take a look," Tracer answered.

"Dude, stop knocking yourself. You've been doing good in college."

"OK. OK. When do you need it back?"

"It's due Friday, but I've got two games this week so I wanted it out of the way as soon as possible. That way if you find anything, I've got time to edit it."

"I'll sit and read it tomorrow then."


With that I ran downstairs looking for Ryan. I figured I could help out with dinner or something. The week ahead was gonna be busy.

Tuesday at lunch my nerves started to build as game time approached. As the winners of the Southwest District, our team had to beat the winners from two other districts to advance to the state tournament.

I was eating my sandwich in the cafeteria when Ryan walked up.

"You look stressed, Dude," he said.

"I am - nervous about the game today."

"Chill out. Y'all didn't lose a single game this year. Heck, the closest score I remember was nine to four."

"No, we had one game that was six to four," I corrected.

"OK. One close game. Don't let it stress you out. You've had a great year; relax and play your best."

"Thanks, `Coach'," I said with a laugh to Ryan.

"I think they wanted to surprise you, but Dad and Tracer are going to be there to watch this afternoon. You won't get to see them before the game, so I figured you should know now."

"Great. More pressure!" I laughed. "Just kidding. It will be good to have a bigger rooting section at an away game."

"What time are y'all leaving?" Ryan asked.

"The bus leaves at the beginning of last period so we can get over there and warm up."

"Cool. I'll be in the stands screaming my lungs out for ya!" Ryan leaned in really close. "Love you, Stud," he whispered very quietly in my ear.

Tears started to well up in my eyes. It was the first time he'd ever said something like that to me at school.

"Thanks." I was finally able to whisper back before Ryan walked off.

A few hours later the team was on the field warming up. One of the assistant coaches helped me get my gear on, and then I walked over to start warming up our starting pitcher. With minutes to the start of the game, a blast of noise came out of one of the bleachers. I stood, took off my mask and looked over to see Ryan leading a group of kids from school in a cheer.

The game started with a whimper for us. Their pitcher smoked our first three batters. For them, it started with a bang -- the leadoff batter slammed the first pitch out of the park. It was the first time all year we had trailed in a game. Our star hitter led off the second inning with a double and advanced to third on a pop fly. I lined a rope over second base, getting a single and my first RBI of the game.

Going into the bottom of the ninth inning, we led two to one. Mitchell, our starting pitcher, had been hot after that first pitch. Unfortunately, an unforced error on our short stop's part let a runner get on first, and then Mitchell walked the next batter. Coach pulled Mitchell and put in our best reliever. Two straight strike outs and we were one game away from the state tourney.

After shaking hands with the guys from the other team, I took off my gear and put them into the equipment bins. As I came out of the dugout, Ryan, Erik and Tracer were standing talking to Coach.

"Great game there, Will," Erik said.

"There aren't many southpaw catchers in the world, but I wouldn't trade Will for anything," Coach added.

"Thanks!" I replied.

"I won't expect you on the bus, since your family is here to take you home," Coach said. "Nice chatting with y'all. See you at practice tomorrow, Will." With that he walked off.

We rode home and everyone let me ramble on about the game. It helped me wind down more quickly than if I'd been on the bus.

Wednesday at school, everyone was congratulating the team for our victory and giving us words of encouragement.

I turned in my senior paper early. Tracer had made a few grammatical edits and had questioned my flow in a few places, but nothing I hadn't been able to fix quickly.

Thursday, the school held a big pep rally for the game during the last period. If we won, we'd head to the state tournament. If we lost, it would depend on the final game between the two other district champions.

Erik and Tracer showed up as the team trooped out of the gym. Both of them gave me a hug and wished me good luck.

Ryan walked up beside me.

"Remember our deal!" he said quietly.

I laughed. "You bet! But I'm not sure whether I want to win or lose!"

He fell out laughing. He'd made me a deal the night before, after we'd had sex. For every homer I hit, I got to top for a solid week. If I didn't hit any, he got to top. To me it was a no-lose situation.

As I walked onto the field I was stunned. Turnout for the game was more than I'd ever imagined. The bleachers were packed; folks were even sitting out in the old outfield stands that never had people during regular games. The crowd was even starting to fill in the visitors' seating.

First inning, bases loaded and two outs. My stomach was a wreck as I walked up to the plate. Their pitcher wasn't steady and had walked one already. His first pitch was a bit wild and the catcher stood up and trotted out to the mound. I'd done the same thing during a few games -- calm the pitcher and steady his nerves. The second pitch was high and inside -- ball two. I heard a yell behind me, "Homer!" The third pitch was into the dirt and I cleared out of the way for runners. The catcher was good and he kept it from getting away from him. The count was three balls and no strikes, so I could watch the next pitch go by if I wanted and hope for a walk that would move a runner in. The fast ball came in straight and true, and the feel of the ball hitting my bat was wonderful. I started running for first. I heard a roar go up and looked up in time to see the ball go out of the park near the centerfield wall.

By the end of the eighth inning, we were up fourteen to ten. It had been a wild game, but we'd kept our lead throughout. Three outs to go. Coach let Drew start the inning -- he'd pitched two innings so far and seemed steady. He walked the first batter and I was quickly out to the pitching mound to settle him down. He followed with two strike outs and we were in a groove.

I signaled for a curve ball, but Drew shook his head no. I changed to a fastball and he nodded. The batter swung and sent the ball flying out of the park. Our lead was two with one out to go.

Coach needed no more, and pulled Drew. Mitchell came out onto the field to close out the game. Mitchell had to be my favorite to catch for -- smooth, in control. He was great. The next batter got a line drive to right field and they had a runner on second. The crowd started chanting, "One out, one out!"

I signaled for a fastball and Mitchell delivered, strike one. I signaled for a curve and he shook his head -- a fastball signal and a nod - the sound of the bat connecting. The ball streaked into right field as the runner took off from second. The relay throw from our first baseman was coming in fast. I wasn't in my best position -- the ball made a great noise as it hit my mitt and I swung my arm to tag the runner. He slammed into me, and my extended arm. I never knew things could hurt that bad! In the middle of the pain, I heard the umpire yell, `out' and then crowd noise erupted with wild cheering.

I just crumpled onto the ground.

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