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Chapter Twenty Five

- Will -

"Thanks for getting the new accounting system up and running, Will," Erik said. "It's been a relief for me not to have to deal with it."

"You're going to have to sit down and learn it at some point."

"Oh, I know that. But I'll avoid it as long as I can. I just don't want to be cooped up in an office. Have you started showing Tracer how it works?"

"Yup. I have most of the accounts set up, but I did hold back a few to make sure he knew how," I replied.

"I'm sure he's just as thankful as I am that you're doing this. He doesn't like being in the office any more than I do."

"Well, I don't think any of us really likes it," I admitted. "I'd rather be out cleaning stalls than doing office work."

"I know. Speaking of which - how is the physical therapy going?"

"I've got permission to drive again. And the therapist said my range of motion is about ninety percent of what it should be. She seems really pleased. Given a few more weeks, I should be able to be out doing work on the farm."

"Don't push it," Erik cautioned.

"Actually, I'm supposed to do light work now to rebuild my strength."

"OK. Maybe some trail cleanup," Erik offered. "I know how much you like that."

"Oh, yeah! Shoveling shit! My favorite," I laughed. "Honestly, it will be good to be outdoors a bit more."

"I do have one idea," Erik said. "Why don't you drive the tractor on Sunday?"

"You mean from the parking lot up to the picnic area?"

"Yeah, get the guests from one side of the farm to the other."

"Deal," I replied. "What time are all the deliveries today?"

"The stage for the band is already up and the inflatable play areas should be in late today."

"What about the animals for the petting zoo?" I asked.

"The two farmers are delivering them Sunday morning. Easier on us and the animals that way."


"I'm going into town for supplies," Erik said. "Need me to pick up anything?"

"No, I'm set. Thanks for offering."

Erik left me to the office work. I was alone for maybe five minutes when Ezra walked in and gave the place a thorough once-over.

"Man, I don't think I've seen the office look this good since I started working here," he admitted.

"Well, since I'm pretty much stuck in here all day – I got bored and reorganized everything."

"Yeah, usually anyone working in the office does only what is needed and flees quickly," Ezra answered. "I did come in here with a purpose – when will the next feed delivery be?"

"Let me check," I replied. I pulled the file and checked the recent orders. "It should be here Monday. That OK?"

"Yeah. I was just noticing that things were low."

"Erik's on his way into town. Want me to call him and ask him to get a filler order?"

"Naw, we should be fine through the weekend," Ezra replied.


With that Ezra turned and left. I kept thinking that we could do better with ordering and other day-to-day office tasks. Unfortunately, I couldn't see how just yet.

For me, the day moved slowly. After I had all the day's office work under control, I logged onto the Internet and started searching for apartment complexes in Blacksburg.

After much discussion, Mom, Dad, and Erik were in agreement that Ryan and I should live in an apartment near the campus. Erik was, at first, upset that we would be missing out on some of the aspects of dorm life. On the other hand, the idea of us living in a dorm as lovers and, most importantly, the troubles that could bring did not sit well.

I did a few quick searches and found three complexes to check out. Erik had planned a Saturday trip for later in July when we could go, get a lease, check out Blacksburg and walk around the campus.

That night as Ryan and I got ready for bed, I must have been wearing my sour face.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Why?" I responded.

"You look droopy," Ryan replied.

"I feel kinda droopy. Sitting in the office all day is not my idea of fun."

"You don't have to sit there by yourself all day long."

"But I can't really do much else," I answered.

"I thought the therapist said you could drive."

"Well, yeah, I can drive. So?"

"Talk to Dad tomorrow morning. You should be doing all the errands into town. That at least will get you out and involved more."

"That would be nice," I said less than enthusiastically.

"Look, I'm trying here. Help me. What all did the therapist say you could, and couldn't do?"

"Well, she said light duty – no heavy lifting, no work that places a real strain on the joint."

"What about muck patrol?" Ryan offered.

"Same thing Erik said this morning," I answered. "I'm going to start that Monday. But that's about it."

"No, it's not. If you can drive and do light lifting, you can ride again."

"Well, yeah."

"Then ride with the rental groups. That will free up one of the summer hires to do more backbreaking work. Plus, you could help out with the horseback riding classes."

"I probably need the classes more than the students."

"You ride fine. Besides, you're not going to be the teacher, just keep the kids in line during class and point out things you see."

"OK," I said, my mood improving a bit.

"We can talk to Dad tomorrow morning. I don't want you depressed. We need to go back to everyone doing a turn in the office so you can get out more."

"Well, I can do the office work in the mornings, but it will be nice to be outside during the afternoons."

"Might put your tan back in order!" Ryan kidded.


"Feeling any better?" Ryan asked?


"Don't let it get so far next time before you talk to me. Your mood, I mean."

"You've been so busy lately," I answered honestly.

"Sorry. I know I've been a bit focused with the rodeo stuff. But I'm never too busy to help you."

"Thanks. You have been kinda rodeo obsessed."

"Um, yeah."

"Wanna talk about it?" I asked.

"Talk about it? Are you mad?" Ryan looked a bit worried.

"Well, you didn't sound so certain about your rodeo stuff."

"Things aren't going as I hoped. I'm not going to be ready to compete in September."

"Well, there's always next year. I know you had your heart set on it, but you and Lady need to get used to each other. Plus, have you forgotten? We'll be at school," I replied.

"Well, yeah, but..." Ryan started and then stopped.

"But what?" I asked. "You really want to do this?"

"Yeah, I do."

"OK. Up to you. I'll do my best to support you."

"You don't sound too enthusiastic," Ryan complained.

"Look. I will support you in your plans. I will make allowances for the time it takes you to practice and not complain when you can't do things because of it. I will go to the competition and root you on. But there is little I can do to make you and Lady a better team. There isn't much I can do to help you when you miss several days of school only a few weeks into the semester. And most importantly, I can't soften any disappointment you might suffer if you don't succeed."

"Whew, OK. I get your point," Ryan replied. He seemed to be mulling it all over in his head, so I let it drop.

By this point we'd both stripped down and climbed into bed. Ryan was lying on his right side facing me. I was lying on my back. Ryan reached over and gently stroked my cheek and whispered, "I love you, and I don't want to do anything to hurt you. Or let anything hurt you. I will think about what you said."

I rolled towards Ryan and kissed him lightly on his lips.

"Thanks," I said softly.

"You're welcome."

With that Ryan pulled me into his arms and started kissing me gently. First on my lips, then across my cheek and downward. Reaching my neck, he started nibbling and licking. Unlike previous times where it had tickled me into fits, this was soft and sensual.

I ran my hands over his body as he continued to use his tongue to stimulate my skin. Periodically, he would hit a spot that sent shivers up and down my spine.

His tongue moved down from my neck to my left tit. He circled it and then lightly touched the point with his tongue. A strong quiver shook my body. He continued this gentle teasing – causing my body to quake in response.

After working my tit to a hard peak and sending numerous tremors throughout my body, he started moving his tongue down my belly. He lingered only momentarily at my belly button before moving down to my crotch.

Instead of focusing on my already hard dick, Ryan worked his way down to my balls. Each ball was given a bath that both teased and stimulated. He took each ball individually into his mouth and sucked lightly. His touch was so light, so tender.

After several minutes of attention on my balls, Ryan finally moved his face – running his tongue slowly up the underside of my cock. That added a new level of tremors to my body.

"Oh fuck!" I moaned. I was quiet, but after nearly ten minutes of silence it seemed loud!

Ryan lifted his head up a bit. "Feel good?" he asked.

"So fucking good," I groaned in reply.

Ryan returned to licking my dick like a lollipop, working his way up the shaft and then over the head of my dick. I felt over stimulated. My cock was rock-hard when he finally put his lips around the head and started working slowly down the shaft.

"Aw, that feels so good," I sighed. "So damn good!"

Ryan hit bottom, my cock buried in his mouth. He slowly worked his tongue around the shaft. He moved one of his hands from the side of my body to my balls, lightly stroking them as he continued to tease my dick.

He moved his mouth up my shaft, taking his time and teasing it with his tongue as he did. With only the tip left between his lips, he played with my piss slit a bit before sliding back down the shaft.

His cocksucking was slow and methodical – it fucking turned me on. I tried to thrust up into his mouth, but he put one hand on my stomach pressing me back down to the bed. He continued this erotic torture for what seemed like hours, but I know it wasn't more than five or so minutes.

Ryan edged me close to cumming a half-dozen times. Each time he stopped just short of my exploding in his mouth. He would change pace, or change his focus, and let me cool back down a bit before resuming his efforts.

I'd been drooling pre-cum for nearly five minutes. My mouth was uttering a continual stream of nonsensical groans and moans. Ryan pulled off my dick and climbed quickly on top of me. He straddled my body and lowered his ass down slowly onto my spit-lubed dick.

"God damn, that feels good," he moaned.

"Oh, shit!" I replied. "I'm not going to last long."

I started to thrust up into his hot, tight hole.

"Not so fast," he groaned. Once again he put his hand on my stomach in an effort to stop my thrusts.

Ryan started moving – raising his ass up and down on my dick. He started milking my dick with his ass as he continued to fuck himself.

"Damn, Baby. It feels so good, but I'm going crazy."

"That's the idea," Ryan replied. "Slow and steady."

"Yeah, but not too slow if you're gonna win the race," I teased back, finishing the old saying.

"Oh, I'm gonna win it - when you cum up my ass!"

"There'll not be any cum if you don't pick up the pace. You're just going to have a frustrated me!"

"I'm working you up, to build up the biggest load ever. I'll make sure you cum!" he grinned.

With that Ryan started picking up the pace on his bouncing.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum!" I yelled.

Ryan slammed his ass down on my dick as I started shooting into his ass!

"Fill me up, Baby," he groaned.

I kept thrusting up into his ass as the cum drained out of me. Finally spent, I lay there panting with Ryan sitting on top of me. With my dick still buried in him, Ryan spit on his hand and started jacking off.

I reached up and played with his tits.

"That's it; twist'em!" Ryan ordered.

I flicked and twisted his tits while he jacked.

"Fuck!" Ryan moaned. His cum shot across my chest and onto my face.

Completely spent, Ryan leaned down and started licking his cum off my face.

I snagged Ryan's head and kissed his lips lightly.

"That was fantastic," I whispered.

"Glad you enjoyed it!"

He rolled off me and it didn't take long for me to conk out. I awoke in the middle of the night – a mess of dried-on goo. I crawled out of bed and quickly cleaned up in the bathroom. Once cleaned, I wasn't really sleepy so I went into the study room to play on the Internet. It must have been about five a.m. when Tracer appeared at the doorway.

"Morning. You're up early," he said.

"Yeah, I woke up about three and couldn't get back to sleep."

"I'm surprised," he admitted. "From the sounds you and Ryan were making last night, I figured you'd be worn out!"

"I didn't think we were that loud. Sorry," I apologized.

"You weren't `that' loud, but I was up later than normal doing homework. When I came upstairs, I could hear you in the hallway."

"OK. So we didn't wake anyone at least."

"No. Erik slept right through it." Tracer paused a moment, then continued, "Erik said you're starting muck patrol on the trails Monday. Are you sure you're up for it?"

"God, there are enough mother-hens in this bunch! I think I'm gonna explode."

"Hey, sorry. Didn't mean to set you off. You know I've left you alone about your recovery."

"I know," I replied with a less defensive tone. "But everyone keeps asking. Actually, Ryan and I talked about other tasks I can do as my shoulder continues to heal."

"That's cool," Tracer replied. "I'm going to slip downstairs and start the coffee."

"OK. I'll go grab a shower before Ryan gets up."

"Ya, I'm going to get one as soon as the coffee is going."

"See you in a bit."

I used the door from the study room to access the bathroom. It was convenient that the Jack-and-Jill bathroom provided access from one room to the other.

I was drying off from my shower when Ryan walked in.

"Morning, Lover," I said.

"Morning," he grumped.

"You're not too chipper this morning."

"I'm not awake yet," he replied. "I got to sleep late last night. I couldn't get to sleep right away."

"I was out like a light afterwards."

"I know!"

"Grab a shower," I suggested. "It will wake you up!"

"OK, Mr. Perky. Go get dressed." He shooed me out of the bathroom.

Saturdays are usually quieter days for office work and busier days for outdoor activities. Saturday the third of July was simply insane anywhere you turned. We had deliveries throughout the day – everything from food, to porta-johns, to the last of the decorations.

I made two complete passes on the trails for muck patrol. I wasn't planning to start those till Monday, but Erik put me on them since I claimed to be ready and it enabled him to reassign one of the summer-hires to more back-breaking work.

I checked out the picnic shelter area. All the inflatable play areas were in place, but not yet inflated. The tables all had bright red and white check vinyl cloths over them. Even the old refrigerator from the basement was out there. For now it was chained shut, but it was running. Erik had the picnic shelter wired for basic electric service. It didn't cost much since the service had already been run for the old house.

The four of us were wiped out when we sat down for dinner that night. For me, the higher level of physical activity after weeks of office work had worn me down quickly. For the others, I guessed all the set up work had taken its toll.

We were nearly finished eating when I asked, "What's left?"

"Food prep," Tracer said.

"I thought we had everything made," I answered.

"Let me grab the list," Ryan said. "OK. Hamburgers - all the patties are made. Hot dogs we have. We have the buns for both, plus all the condiments. Potato salad and slaw are ready. Did anyone do the baked beans?"

His question got a lot of blank stares.

"That's one thing to be done then," he continued. "Cupcakes are baked, but need to be iced. Sodas are on ice in coolers. Iced tea needs to be brewed."

"I'll make the tea," Erik offered. "I know my limitations in the kitchen!"

"I'll do the baked beans. Do you want one with and one without meat?" Tracer asked.

"Yeah, that way anyone that doesn't eat meat can have beans, slaw and potato salad," Ryan replied. "That leaves icing the cupcakes. You mix the icing while I spread it on?"

He was looking at me as he asked the last question.

"Sure. Or we can trade as needed."

Once the dinner dishes were all clean, we all got to work on our areas. Tracer opened quite a few of the number ten cans of beans – dumping them into large aluminum foil roasting pans. He doctored up each pan differently – for one he added extra spices, more molasses and some mustard, the other got the same plus hunks of bacon. He wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them into a cooler.

While he did this, I whipped up a double batch of white icing and Ryan started frosting the cupcakes. While Ryan was applying the white icing, I mixed up a double batch of chocolate butter cream frosting. As soon as I finished, I joined Ryan icing the remaining cupcakes. We made quick work of it all.

We loaded all the dishes into the dishwasher and started the machine. The kitchen clean, we all traipsed up to bed. I lay back after taking off my boots. The next thing I knew, the alarm clock was beeping. As I wiped the sleep from my eyes I realized I'd slept in my clothes on top of the covers. I turned to see Ryan slipping from under the covers – naked.

"You could have woken me up so I could've finished undressing," I chided him.

"I tried. You were out cold."

"Oh," was all I could say.

"You want first crack at the shower?" he asked.

"Naw. Go ahead; I'm going to strip and such first."

Ryan walked into the bathroom for his shower while I stripped down. I picked up his dirty clothes from the night before and added them to mine, and then I pushed them all into the laundry chute.

It was going to be another long day!

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