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Chapter Twenty Seven

- Ryan -

"Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University", I read aloud from the seal on the sign as we drove by the campus. It was the first time I had used the long name of the school.

"That's a mouthful," Will said. "No wonder folks just call it Virginia Tech or Tech."

"I remember when they called it VPI," Dad admitted.

It was our first trip to Blacksburg this month. Will and I would be back the next weekend for new student orientation, and then we'd all be coming back the following weekend to move us here for the semester. Fortunately, it was only a two hour drive to school.

Will had spent a good bit of time on the net and narrowed our apartment search down to three places.

I pulled the truck up in front of the first complex. "Let's go find the office," I said.

We followed the sidewalk up to the office.

"Good morning," the woman in the office said. "How may I help you?"

"I'm looking to rent an apartment for my two boys to live in while they go to Tech," Dad said.

"We have a lot of Tech students that live here," she replied. "Two bedroom?"

"They've shared a room at home, no reason it can;t be a one bedroom," Dad replied.

"Certainly, I've got units available. Would you care to see one?"

"Yes, that would be great," he replied.

We followed her out of the office and to another building in the complex. She opened the door of a unit and let us walk in ahead of her. She started listing the features of the unit to Dad as Will, Tracer and I walked around and looked.

I glanced at Will and saw a big frown on his face.

"What?" I asked quietly.

"I'll tell you when we get to the truck," he responded in hushed tones.

"Got a good idea, Guys?" Dad asked.

"Yes," Will replied.

I just shook my head `Yes'.

"Thank you, Ma'am," Dad said, addressing the manager. "We have two more places to see; then we will make our decision. What time do you close today?"

"Saturdays, the office closes at noon. Thanks for stopping by."

We all traipsed back out to the truck. As soon as the doors were closed, I turned to Will. "Spill it!"

"Roaches in the kitchen," Will said. "Gross!"

"That's a part of apartment living," Dad said. "But not a good sign for a unit that's being shown."

"Did anyone notice the condition of the walls in the bathroom?" Tracer asked.

"Yeah, falling apart," I replied.

"OK. We strike that one from the list. Where to next?" Dad asked.

Will gave me instructions and we pulled up to the second complex. We ran through the same process and all agreed that it was an acceptable place.

The third place turned out to be an older house that had been split into two apartments. The unit on the first floor included the original kitchen, dining room and living room. The dining room now served as the bedroom. There was a second unit upstairs with the smallest bedroom converted into a kitchen and the other two available as living room and bedroom.

Will had arranged to meet the owner at the house at eleven and he was waiting as we drove up. The house looked OK, but I was concerned about not being in a complex.

"One advantage." Will was saying to Dad. "The downstairs unit is furnished."

"Very nice," Dad replied.

As we walked through the downstairs unit my opinion changed rapidly. It was small, but would be comfortable for two. I glanced at Will's face at one point he was absolutely beaming.

"So, what do you think?" Dad asked us quietly.

"I love it," Will answered.

"Me too. It feels more like home than the other places."

Dad walked off and started chatting with the owner. I saw him pull out his checkbook, write a check and hand it over.

"OK Guys. Time to explore the campus," Dad said walking back over to us. "Oh, here are the keys. You two can bring some of your stuff next weekend when you come for your orientation."

"Thanks!" I said giving Dad a big hug.

"Yeah, thanks!" Will echoed.

"I paid the rent from August to December," Dad said. "When you come back after Christmas break, I'll send a check for the next six months."

"That's a lot of money," Will said.

"Yes, but since I paid in advance, it reduces his risk and administrative costs. So he gave me the unit at a slightly better monthly rate."

"Cool," I said.

We drove over to the campus and looked around quite a bit. Finally, we drove through the town locating grocery stores, drug stores, and other places for future reference.

I think everyone was tired when we got home that evening. I curled up with Will in bed and immediately drifted off to sleep.

The following Friday morning, I woke up alone in bed. I sat up and thought for a minute eighteen years old finally. But what did that really mean to me. Not a lot really changed with that number except that I could vote. Oh, there were other things, but nothing earth-shattering.

I was still sitting there pondering the whatness of the world when the door opened. Will walked in carrying a tray.

"Breakfast in bed for the Birthday Boy," he said. "Make that breakfast in bed for the Birthday Man."

"Wow, thanks," I replied as Will deposited the tray next to me. "What's for breakfast?"

"Fresh strawberries with chocolate ganache for dipping, French toast with walnut-maple syrup, crispy bacon and orange juice."

As I picked up the first strawberry and dipped it into the chocolate, I asked, "You did this all by yourself?"

"Yup. I have learned a good bit about cooking over the past year. Hanging around with you and Tracer has rubbed off a bit."

"Now if it would only rub off on Dad," I laughed.

"I think that's a lost cause."

"Things may change after we take off for school. I can't see Tracer doing all the cooking."

"That's true," Will admitted.

"He cooked a long time ago," I explained. "Nothing fancy... but he's a good basic cook."

Will sat cross-legged on the bed next to me as we enjoyed the breakfast.

"You excited about starting school," Will asked.

"Yes and no," I admitted.

"Excited about going, not excited about leaving here?"

"Yeah, I don't even remember moving here, so this has been my only home."

"We'd lived in Hollow Rock for eight years, before that we'd lived in a house over in Sawyer's Mill."

"I remember driving through Sawyer's Mill."

"Yup, it's just five miles east of Hollow Rock."

I continued eating and thinking about the upcoming changes to our lives. I must have been silent for a while as Will finally interrupted my thoughts.

"What's got your mind to wandering?"

"Just thinking about the changes to come."

"It's only going to be four years," Will said.

"Yeah, I know. I'm not depressed or anything - just a big change."

"I do have one idea, but you might not like it."

"What?" I asked.

"Summer school."

"But..." I stuttered.

"Look, I've already checked. Tech has two summer sessions. If we both take two courses a session and make it a priority, then each summer we pick up twelve credits. Three summers total thirty six credits."

"That's an entire year's worth of credits," I said excitedly.

"Yes. Actually, it's six more credits than we would need. But remember, that means no summer time at home and a lot of hard work over the summer."

"Yeah," I replied, my excitement toned back a lot. "But we could do one summer session each year and finish a semester early."

"We could also take four years to finish and have all the summers here. Just think of it this way, we're only going to be two hours from home. If you get homesick, it's an easy weekend trip."

"I'm not sure how homesick I'm going to get. You'll be there with me!"

"Now you're thinking positively!" Will said. He then bent over and kissed me on the cheek.

After finishing up the last of breakfast, we both cleaned up and headed out to the barn. With us both being gone for orientation on Saturday, we were working today. After work, Will and I drove into town to meet some friends. We were going to have one last wild night on the town before heading for college. OK not so wild in the middle of rural America.

When we got home, the house was dark. I assumed Dad and Tracer were in bed asleep as it was past their bedtime. As we walked by the den, I was startled when I heard "Surprise."

The lights flipped on and there were Dad and Tracer with a small cake and some presents.

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Mr. Ryan! Happy Birthday to you!" Dad and Tracer sang together.

I was about to respond when they started on a second verse to the same melody.

"Hope you're going to get some, tonight. Hope you're going to get some, tonight, Hope you're going to get some... cake and ice cream. Hope you're going to get some tonight."

Will started laughing so hard I thought he'd bust a gut. All I could do was sputter in response.

"Y'all didn't have to stay up late," I said.

"Well, I did want the Birthday Man to get his presents on his birthday this time," Dad said.

"And his birthday cake," Tracer chimed in.

"What about his birthday spankings?" Will asked.

"You can handle that for all of us," Dad replied.

That set Will to laughing again. I guess I was turning three shades of red.

"Aw, the Birthday Man is blushing!" Tracer teased.

"So what did ya get me?" I wanted to change the subject.

"Here," Tracer said pushing a large box toward me.

I ripped the paper off the box, "Kitchen Essentials by Calphalon," I read. "Wow, pots and pans."

"Well, you're going to need something to cook with in that apartment," Tracer pointed out.

"Very true and these look great!" I opened the box and looked at a very nice set of stainless steel cookware.

"I hope you like them," Tracer said. "I picked them out."

"They're going to be super. Thanks!"

"I'm going to be expecting gourmet meals every night!" Will exclaimed.

I shot him a dirty look in response.

"Here's one from your dear old Dad." Dad handed a box to me. "That one was from Tracer; this one is from me," Dad said seeing the confusion on my face.

"Oh, cool!"

I ripped the packaging off the box to find a Gateway box. My eyes must have bugged out as all three guys started laughing.

"Shit, a laptop! COOL!" I was ecstatic! "This is going to make school work so much easier."

"I expect straight A's because of it," Dad said with a wicked smile.

"Um..." I started.

"You know I'm teasing, Son; just do your best like you always have."

I set up the laptop and booted it up for the first time. I explored the system running Windows 98 and found it preloaded with Microsoft Office.

"Janet helped me order it, so you know it's a decent machine," Dad admitted.

I just laughed.

"OK. I know it's late but I did go to all the trouble of baking a cake. Who wants a huge slice?"

"Me! Me! Me!" Will said, acting like a little kid.

Tracer set about cutting slices of the cake. Dad slipped into the kitchen and returned with a container of ice cream.

"Y'all are going to make me fat!" I whined with mock sincerity.

"I know how you can exercise this off," Will said with a wicked grin.

"Too much information!" Dad said.

We all sat down in the den and ate the cake and ice cream.

"This is really good!" Will admitted.

"It's my skill at icing the cake that made it so good," Dad said.

"Yeah, he licked the bowl after I finished. That was his skill." Tracer replied.

After all the cake was gone, Tracer took the plates into the kitchen. With that, Tracer and Dad said their goodnights and went upstairs.

Will and I played with the laptop a bit and then went to bed ourselves. We had to drive over to Blacksburg early for orientation the next day.

Orientation was informative, but a bit boring. Will and I registered for classes and figured out where they would be. We'd already walked around the campus the previous weekend, so the tour reinforced our mental map.

The following weekend, Will and I were in my truck with Dad and Tracer following in another. They didn't have much in their truck, but I don't think Dad was willing to let me go without coming along for the `big move'.

The four of us made short work of moving all the boxes of clothing, books and computer equipment into the apartment.

"Need help unpacking?" Dad asked.

"Naw. We need to figure out how we want to set things up before we do that," Will answered.

"One suggestion. Don't put anything related to studying in your bedroom. One of you needing to have a late night, and the other an early morning, could create a problem," Dad put in.

"Sounds smart," I replied.

"You'll need groceries," Tracer said.

"Yeah, there's a Krogers a few blocks away," I answered.

"OK. Let's go," Dad said.

"Huh?" I grunted.

"Let's go. We'll get you stocked up with all the basics. You can unpack the dishes, pots and pans early on and start cooking for yourselves," Dad said. "Hey, I'm paying, so don't look a gift-horse in the mouth."

"Deal," Will said.

We all walked out to my truck and took off for the store.

"Grab a cart," Dad indicated to Tracer, as we went through the sliding doors.

Will and I led the way picking out veggies and fruits as we slowly moved through the produce section. As we turned down the first isle baking supplies I grabbed small bags of flour and sugar.

"Not planning to bake much?" Dad asked.

"I don't know," I admitted.

"Get what you think you'll need," Dad nudged.

"OK. I get it, you want to spend a lot of money setting up our kitchen. But I don't want to waste food. I don't know how much free time we will have to do baking, or even cooking for that matter. That's why I'm buying small bags."

"OK. OK. I get it," Dad relented.

Even with my conservative shopping, the bill was over two hundred dollars.

"Whoa!" Will exclaimed as the total rang up. "That's a lot of money for two."

"It's all the staples that we had to buy," I reminded him. "Stocking a kitchen the first time sure is expensive."

We packed the truck and went back to the apartment. Will and Tracer loaded all the cold foods in the fridge and freezer, while Dad and I brought all the rest of the bags in from the truck.

"What else can we do to help?" Dad asked.

I looked at Will. He smiled and said, "Nothing, really. Ryan and I need to figure out where we want to put things before we start unpacking. School doesn't start for three days, so we have plenty of time to set up the place. No worries."

"OK. We're willing to help," Dad replied.

"Erik, you're missing the point. The guys want to be alone and set up their first home together on their own," Tracer said. "Look, you two take care of yourselves and we will talk to you later this week."

With that Tracer came over and hugged Will and me.

I looked at Dad as he came over to hug me. I could see he was about to cry.

"I love you," he whispered in my ear as he hugged me hard.

"I love you too," I replied.

He finally let go and moved over to Will. I could hear him faintly say, "I love you."

"You two take care of each other," Dad said. With that he and Tracer turned and walked out.

I looked at Will, "Finally! I thought they'd never leave!" I said.

"Your Dad's gonna be a mess all the way home. His `baby' has grown up and left!"

"Yeah," I laughed. "Tracer's gonna have his hands full the next few days."

"Amen to that. Where do you want to start?" Will asked.

"To be honest, I want to go explore. How about we go grab a cup of coffee," I suggested. "I saw a little place over on Main Street."

"Sounds good."

Even though it was August, the temperature wasn't oppressive, so we decided to walk to the downtown area. Strolling down Main Street, we found the coffee shop. After getting our drinks, we found a table in their sidewalk seating and watched the world walk by.

"I doubt we'll get many chances to enjoy the town like this," Will said.

"Yes, we will," I said in disagreement. "We'll just have to budget our time."

"I guess, I'm just concerned that all the classwork will swamp me."

"Never! You're too good of a student to let that happen."

"Thanks. Jitters and nerves, I guess," Will replied.

"You'll do fine," I reassured him.

The conversation drifted off to other topics.

"Ready to go?" I asked. Our drinks had long since been drained.

"Yeah. We should get back to the apartment and unpack the sheets for the bed at least."


By early evening we had more than the sheets unpacked. We had the bedroom set up and all our clothing in the closet and dresser. We had moved the two twin beds together and used a king-sized fitted sheet to make them a single bed.

We'd had a pizza delivered and I made a note to find out where the best place to order from was. This would be one place that we wouldn't order from again.

"Want to set up the kitchen?" Will asked.

"Naw. I'm tired, and we have gotten a lot done."

We curled up with each other on the sofa in the living room and started watching television. About two a.m. I woke up and realized we'd fallen asleep at some point.

"Wake up," I said softly nudging Will. "We should go to bed."

"Hrmph," Will replied.

He woke up enough to follow me into the bedroom and crash in bed. It took me a few minutes longer to fall back to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up first and slipped into the kitchen to start the coffee.

"Shit," I muttered to myself.

"What's wrong," I heard from behind me.

I turned to find Will standing nude in the kitchen doorway. "We didn't unpack the coffee maker."

"We can go get some coffee in town," Will suggested.

"OK. But I think I'd rather go back to bed and help you deal with your stiffness."

"Hehehehe, well the morning woody comes from sleeping with you."

We both ran back to the bedroom and climbed into bed.

"Guess what?" Will asked.


"I happened to talk to the landlord and the students moving in upstairs won't move in till later today."

"So?" I asked.

"So we don't have to worry about noise!"

"Fuck YEAH!" I nearly yelled.

I grabbed hold of Will and pulled him to me. I figured with no one around, the animalistic side of me could come out. We kissed deeply and I ran my hands up and down his body.

"Flip," Will demanded.

We flipped so that we were in a sixty-nine and I started licking the head of Will's dick. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft repeatedly. Finally, I slipped the entire thing into my mouth and plunged down on it. That elicited a deep groan from Will.

Will had been licking and nibbling at my cock. After I took him in my mouth fully, he followed suit. I let out a groan that was muffled by his dick deep in my throat.

I slipped his shaft out of my throat for a moment and let a bit of spit coat my finger. I slurped all the way down on his dick again and worked my spit lubed finger into his asshole.

Will pulled his mouth off my dick. "Fuck that feels good."

As I kept sucking and fingering his ass, he went back to sucking on me as well. I spent a bit of time working him from both ends before moving my mouth down to his asshole. I worked my tongue into his hole and started rimming him out.

"Flip onto your back," I told Will.

Will pulled off my dick and rolled onto his back. I reached over and pushed his legs up. I spit into his ass crack and used my fingers to push the spit in. I repeated the process a few more times till I felt his hole was ready.

"Ready for my dick?"

"Fuck yeah!"

I pushed the head of my dick into his ass. I stared down at Will as my dick slipped further and further into his hole.

"FUCK, that feels good," he moaned.

With my dick buried in his ass, I bent down and started kissing him. I commenced thrusting back and forth while the kiss continued.

I sat back up pushing my dick deeper into Will's hole. I pulled my dick till the head was barely in his hole. Taking hold of his hips I started slam fucking his hole.

"Oh, FUCK!"

"That's it, I'm gonna pound your hole!"

"Damn, Dude, fuck me! FUCK ME!" Will was letting loose.

I used his hips to let me push him off my dick and then pull him back onto it; matching my thrusts. We both started spewing gutter talk at the other as I continued to work his hole over like I'd never done before.

I pulled out of his ass. "On your hands and knees!" I barked.

Will complied quickly and I remounted his ass. This time I grabbed him by his shoulders and pushed my dick deep into his hole.

"Aww, Man, that feels good," I moaned. "Your hole's going to milk my dick."

"Unload in me, Man. I want it!"

I started thrusting in and out - bouncing my balls off Will's ass. It was a great fuck!

"I'm gonna cum," I finally moaned.

"Do it! Fuck it in me deep!"

I collapsed onto Will's back as I shot deep into his hole. As the last of my cum drained into his ass, I flipped over onto my back. Pulling my legs up, I showed Will my hole.

"Your turn," I said as I grinned at him.

Will spit on his dick and then on my ass. He lined his dick up with my hole and pushed in.

"I'm not gonna last long after that fuck you just threw into me."

He started sawing in and out of my ass. It felt really good. I started jacking my dick as he fucked me. I clamped my ass down on his dick!

"Oh fuck!" Will yelled. I felt Will unload in my ass.

It was his turn to collapse on top of me.

"What a way to christen the house," he whispered after catching his breath.

"Amen to that."

After lying on me a while, he rolled off and beside me. I jumped up and ran out of the bedroom. I returned quickly and handed Will a box.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Housewarming present," I replied.

He opened the box and looked stunned. "It's your laptop?" his voice sounded puzzled.

"No, it's your laptop. You'll need one for class too. Last weekend I called Janet to get the details on the one she'd ordered for me. I ordered this one for you."

"Oh Man, that's so nice. You didn't have to do that."

"I love you... so I'll do what I want for you!"

He kissed me deeply.

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