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Chapter Twenty-Eight

- Tracer -

Sitting in the office, doing paper work -- wishing Will was still here to help out. It had been three weeks since Ryan and Will left for school and I missed them both. The bad thing was that Erik was a total wreck. Even Janet, with her infrequent visits to the farm, had noticed his funk. Everyone on the farm was steering clear of him as much as possible due to his mood swings. I was mulling over how to deal with it.

In the meantime, it was two days to my twenty-first birthday. The second major milestone birthday at the farm in a month. I'd been surprised that Erik had kept Ryan's eighteenth celebration so low key. Yes, Will and Ryan had gone out with the gang that night to celebrate. Yes, the next day they were out of town for orientation. But the overall feel had been so subdued.

Will said something to me a few days after Ryan's birthday about the present I'd given him. I thought the cookware was a great idea -- especially after I stopped Erik from buying pots and pans at Dollar General to stock their apartment kitchen. I guess looking back, it wasn't a fun birthday gift -- but Ryan sure seemed to like it.

I'll never forget the look on Will's face when I asked him what he got Ryan for his eighteenth birthday. Will had blushed deep red. He finally managed to tell me that it was personal. I left it at that.

The door from outside opened and Hank stuck his head in.

"Have you seen Erik?" he asked.

"Not in hours."

"Damn, I tried to radio him and he didn't answer."

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"The pump on the well isn't running. Randy and I have been trying to get it started for the last thirty minutes with no luck."

"I'll call someone to come work on it."

"Oh, thanks!" Hank replied. I could see the relief spread across his face .

First call for repairs, then figure out how to deal with Erik. The guys shouldn't have to walk around on pins and needles.

I called around and found someone to come out immediately. I didn't want us to be without water for too long. If worse came to worse, we could fill tanks up at the picnic area and haul them back. That would be a lot of work, however.

I picked up a walkie-talkie. "Hank or Randy?"

A moment of static and then, "Yeah?" came Randy's voice.

"The repair guy will be out here in about forty-five minutes."

"Great! Thanks Tracer," Randy replied.

I got back to the paperwork. The faster I got it done, the sooner I could get outside and enjoy the beautiful day.

About an hour later, I heard a truck drive by the office. I figured it was the repairman. A while later, I was nearly finished with all the paperwork when the office door flew open and Erik stormed in.

"What the hell is a truck from Manning's Well doing here?" he was nearly yelling.

"They're fixing the pump on the well. It stopped working about three hours ago."

"Why the hell wasn't I told about this?"

"We tried to contact you on the walkie-talkies. You didn't answer."

"Well, damn it..." Erik started loudly.

"That's ENOUGH!" I shouted back.

My shout was laced with enough venom to shut Erik down .

"If you can't talk to me civilly about this, then you can walk back out that door until you can!" I continued.

"Who the hell..." Erik started back up.

"I'll tell you who the hell! I'm your lover of nearly three years! Your partner -- or so you say! I'm the guy who saw a problem and found a solution!"

Erik stopped. I waited for him to respond. However, I knew that somewhere in him, I'd struck a nerve. He stood there silently for a few more minutes. I noticed a few tears start down his face and then... the dam broke loose. I'd never seen Erik so emotional -- sobs wracked his body so hard he was shaking.

I stood up and quickly moved over to take him in my arms. No words - just the comfort of me holding him.

I saw Randy coming toward the office through the glass in the office door.

"Baby, go on into the house. I'll be in, as soon as I can." I gently pushed him towards the door to the kitchen. He moved as if on autopilot. Erik had just gone through one door when Randy walked through the other.

"Did I see Erik?" Randy asked.

"Yes, but he's not up for talking. What's up?"

Randy raised an eyebrow, but didn't ask. "Just wanted to say that the pump needs to be replaced. The guy can do it today, but it's gonna take time."

"Have him do it," I replied.

Again Randy looked at me funny. I guess he thought I was stepping beyond my boundaries. I just set my face firmly.

"Erik's probably not going to be available the rest of the day. Call me on the walkie-talkie if you need me."

"OK," was Randy's only reply.

As Randy walked out of the office, I went from the office into the living space. I found Erik sitting quietly in the den.

"You OK?" I asked.

"Yeah. I guess."

"Stop trying to hold it all back and covering it up," I nudged. I sat down next to him and pulled him to me.

A moment later I felt the wetness of his tears soaking my shirt. I wrapped my arm around him and reached over with my other hand to stroke his face .

We sat there quietly for several minutes. Finally, Erik sat upright.

"Want to talk about it?" I asked.

"I don't know where to start."

"Anywhere you want. I'm pretty sure I know what's wrong."

"You might be surprised," Erik replied.

"So surprise me."

"I," he started and stopped. "I don't..." again he stopped.

I just sat there looking at him intently.

"I don't want you to leave me," Erik finally blurted out.

"Huh?" I was stunned. "Why are you worried about me leaving you?"

"Well, you're turning twenty-one Sunday and..."

"Stop a moment. I'm not leaving you just because I'm turning twenty-one. I love you, and as I just reminded you in the office -- I'm your partner for as long as you'll have me."

"Forever," he whispered quietly.

"Deal," I whispered back.

"I guess after Ryan and Will left, I figured you'd be leaving soon too."

"Not happening. Plus, Ryan and Will are coming back."

"I know that's what they say..."

"Erik, I talked to Will on the phone yesterday. He mentioned that they are considering summer school so that they can graduate early and get back to the farm faster."

Erik's face perked up a bit when I said this.

"I didn't realize how much Ryan's leaving would hit me. I tried..."

"You tried to cover up all your emotions... buried them deep didn't you."

"Yeah. It's not the first time someone's left me," Erik said.

Then it all finally hit me.

"Ryan left and it reminded you of when your wife disappeared, and then you thought I'd leave you too?" I said.

"I hadn't really thought of it that way, but I guess you're right."

"I think Ryan's leaving hurt more because he was my reason for living for so long. She left, he left and I figured you'd be leaving soon too."

I pulled him to me and kissed him deeply. "I'm not leaving you. You'll have to throw me out!"

"Not going to happen."

We sat there and talked for a long time. I didn't realize how long until the walkie-talkie finally squawked .

"Yeah?" I answered.

"We're all leaving," Randy's voice came out.

"Oh, OK. I'll be right out," I replied. I looked at Erik and quietly said, "You sit here. I'll be right back."

I slipped outside and Randy and Hank were standing next to their trucks, talking.

"The pump fixed?" I asked as I walked up to them.

"Yup. I put the bill on the desk in the office," Randy explained.


"He OK?" Hank asked.

"Yeah, just dealing with Ryan's leaving. It was harder on him than he expected."

"Well, until you and Will arrived -- Ryan was his only family," Randy said.


"Well, tell him to take care of himself, Ezra's on with you two tomorrow and I'll be in on Sunday," Randy added.

"See ya then," I replied. "Night guys."

I went back into the house and found Erik in the kitchen.

"I was getting hungry," he admitted. "Burgers and fries OK?"


Erik worked on the burger patties, while I pulled out the deep fryer and got it ready for the French fries. While the oil heated up, I sliced up an onion and a tomato .

With the food ready, I fixed two plates while Erik poured two glasses of sweet tea .

"Eat outside?" I asked.

"Sure. We can just sit on the back steps."

As we ate and watched the sunset, I got brave.

"Erik, have you ever done anything to the house?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I assume you've painted and such. But did you ever change colors? Remodel? Make the house yours?"

"Not really. I painted Ryan's room when he was a kid," he chuckled. "He wanted a fire-engine red room. I got him to compromise and painted the room a light grey with red racing stripes. When he got older, the room went back to yellow."

"Have you thought about how things will change when Ryan and Will move back?" I asked.

"I assumed they'd get a place of their own," Erik answered.

I started laughing .

"What?" Erik asked.

"You going to build them a house somewhere on the farm?"


I could tell the light bulb hadn't gone off in Erik's head, yet.

"They aren't talking about coming back to the area. They're talking about coming back to the farm. Here!"

"Oh." Erik's reply was subdued and unexpected.

"You're surprised?"

"I'd never thought of it that way. I kept figuring Ryan would be gone once he left for college."

"Time to change your thinking," I replied.

"I guess it is." Erik took my hand and squeezed hard. "I guess I was so focused on the leaving part that I forgot to focus on the real future. Our future."

"Plenty of time to correct that mistake."

We finished up our dinner, cleaned up and went to bed. I snuggled up close to Erik as I drifted off.

Work on Saturday and Sunday was uneventful -- the basic chores, a few small groups of rentals. I knew Erik had something planned for my birthday, but he hadn't let on what his plans were. The day was coming to a close when I started getting hints.

"Why don't you go in and get cleaned up," Erik suggested.

"Do I need to put on anything special?"

"Jeans and a nice shirt should do."

"No clues?" I asked.

"None. Go get cleaned up!"

I went into the house and took a shower. I was ironing a dress shirt when Erik walked in. "Would you iron one for me too?"

"Sure. Go get your shower and I'll have it ready."

We finished up our preparations and got into the truck .

"So, where are we going?"

"To dinner," was his short response.

"No clues?"


We drove out to highway 460 and headed east. A clue, finally -- well sorta. We were pointed towards Blacksburg, but that would be a long trip just for dinner. Two hours there, two hours back, plus time to eat. Doable, but... I continued to mull it over .

After passing Bluefield, we stayed on 460 instead of getting onto Interstate 77. Soon we were stopping in front of a nice little restaurant in downtown Princeton.

"Some place special?" I asked.

"It's a nice restaurant," Erik admitted.

"You're just going to continue to keep me in the dark, aren't you?"

"Yup!" he laughed in response.

As we walked in, Erik spoke with the hostess. I looked around the restaurant, but with low, mood lighting you couldn't see very far towards the back.

"This way," the hostess indicated.

We followed her to the back of the restaurant. As we got near the back, I heard "Surprise" ring out. This was followed by the start of "Happy Birthday."

I looked in the direction of the singing.

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed

Mom, Dad, Will, and Ryan all stood up while continuing to sing.

"You stinker," I said to Erik.

"Hey, you're twenty-one now. But never too old for a surprise."

We all sat down at the table.

"The bigger surprise is that I convinced your folks to visit for a week," Erik informed me.

"That's fantastic!"

The conversation drifted from topic to topic. Evidently, Will and Ryan had been filling in my folks about school. Of course, they had to repeat almost everything for Erik and me. The food at the restaurant was good, but the location was chosen simply to make it a shorter trip on Will and Ryan -- meeting in the middle.

I got nice, practical gifts from my folks. I guess that's where I'd learned it -- give folks what they need, or have specifically asked for.

As the dinner wound down, I noticed Erik whispering to the waitress. I decided not to bother trying to figure out what he was planning next.

A few moments later, the waitress brought out eight champagne flutes and two bottles. She poured champagne for the four `legal' adults and sparkling cider for Ryan and Will.

"A toast," Erik started as he stood up. "To Tracer, the love of my life. The young man who has captured and healed my heart. May the worst day of your future be better than the best day of your past! Cheers!"

"Cheers," rang out from everyone.

"My turn," Ryan said as he stood. "To Tracer, the finest brother and step-Dad all rolled up into one that I could ask for. You've been a great friend these last three years. Chee..., Oh! And thanks for introducing me to your Brother! Cheers!"

"Cheers," again rang out.

Dad stood up across the table from me, tears were running down his cheeks. "To my Son, thanks for forgiving an old man for being ignorant. May the love I give you now help heal the hurt I've caused. Cheers!"

With that I started crying .

"Frank, you can't be an old man," Erik interjected.

"Why not?"

"Cause that means I'll be an old man in five years!"

The entire table cracked up laughing.

I knew that during the week ahead, I had to take my Dad aside and let him know that truly I had forgiven him.

We finished up the bottles of bubbly and Will and Ryan said their goodnights. School the next day meant they needed to get on the road back to Blacksburg. After they left, we stacked up all the presents and took them out to the truck.

"Erik," I said quietly to him. "Would you mind if I rode with my Dad, and Mom rides with you?"

"Not at all. After that toast, I can understand."


I turned around and called over to my folks, "Mom, come ride home with Erik. I'm going to ride with Dad! That way he won't have to worry about following us home."

"OK," Mom replied.

The drive home was a healing time for both Dad and me. I took the opportunity that his toast had provided, and we both let the other know that the past was just that.

Arriving at the farm, I helped Dad unload their luggage and get it upstairs into Ryan and Will's room. By the time we got back downstairs, Erik and Mom had all the presents in the kitchen.

"I don't know about y'all but I'm bushed," Mom said. "It's been a long day of driving."

"And partying," Erik interjected. "I think it is a good time to say `good night'."

Erik and I stripped down after getting to our room.

"Up for a little birthday sex?" he asked.

"I would say a rain check is in order, but maybe a "little" would be good!"

I lay down on the bed and Erik cuddled up next to me. He ran his hand across my chest, stroking it a bit.

"What can I do to give you the best birthday present ever?" he asked.

"All about me tonight, huh?"

"Damn right!"

"How about you lube up that dick of yours and fuck a load of cum into me!"

"One cum-filled hole, coming right up!"

Without any other foreplay, Erik reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lube. He slicked up his dick and started sliding just the head into my ass. He would push the head in and then slip it back out. Each time he pulled it out, he'd add a bit more lube, using his dick to lube up my hole.

"Tease!" I nearly whined.

"I am not! I'm just making sure that fucking tight hole of yours is well lubed for my dick!"

"My hole loves your dick. Just push it on in -- other than your underpants that's the second home for your cock!"

With that, Erik started sliding his dick deeper and deeper into my ass. After just a moment, I felt his pubic hair scratch against my balls.

"Better?" he asked a bit sarcastically.

"Much. Now show me how you fuck!"

He pulled his dick nearly all the way out and then slowly slid it back in. He kept up this very slow pace, making sure that the head of his dick rubbed my prostate.

Moans, groans and a few whimpers escaped my lips as he continued the torturous pleasure of teasing my ass with his dick.

"Enjoying it, huh?" he asked with a wicked grin.

"Damn right I am! It's my birthday and I'm gonna get fucked all night long!"

"I don't know if I can fuck you all night long," he laughed back in reply.

"You said it was all about me tonight!"

"Ummmm... OK. One all-night fuck!"

Erik picked up the pace a bit. His hands roaming over my body. When they got to my chest, his hands lingered -- playing with my blonde fur. It felt great.

After a few minutes, Erik started greatly increasing his pace.

"Oh, FUCK," he moaned.

"Come on. Give me my present; fuck a load into me!" I panted. His thrusts were getting harder, deeper.

"Aw, YEAH!" Erik groaned. I felt his cum shooting deep into my ass as Erik pushed his dick in all the way.

A few moments later, fully spent, Erik collapsed down on top of me. His dick was still buried all the way up my ass.

"Hmm," I whispered in his ear. "A bit short of all night."

"Now who's the tease," he replied.

He rested a few moments and then lifted up. I could tell he was going to pull his dick out of me, so I clamped my ass muscles down.

"Oh, no you don't!"


"It stays in me, at least till I cum."

With that, I grabbed the lube bottle and put a glob in my hand. Erik was still semi-hard in my ass and I kept working my ass muscles on his dick while I started stroking. Even not fully erect, Erik was able to fuck my hole with his cock.

My ass twitched around his cock as I brought myself to the edge. Erik started really fucking me as his dick returned to full mast.

"I'm gonna... I'm gonna CUM!" I moaned as cum shot across my abs and chest .

With the last drops of cum dripping out of my deflating dick, I lay limp on the bed. Erik started to pull his dick out of my ass.

"I told, you -- I'm not letting go," I said as I clamped down on his hard dick in my hole.

"I don't recharge as fast as you young whipper-snappers," Erik replied.

"And that's a problem... why?"

"Could take me a long time to come again."

"And that's a problem... why?"

"OK. OK. One all night fuck coming up. But we're going to be to dragging cowboys at work tomorrow."

"I can deal with that if you can!"

Erik bent over and kissed me as he started running his dick back and forth in slow, short strokes. It was going to be a great birthday night!

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