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Chapter Forty-Six

- Tracer -

"Rain, rain, go away," I said out loud to myself.

"Wouldn't that be nice," Hank said from behind me.

"I didn't hear you come in."

"Considering the noise from the storm, I'm not surprised. Any word on when this mess is gonna end?"

"They escalated the flash flood warnings to standard flood warnings for everything from Dickenson County down to the North Carolina state line and the Kentucky line east to I-81."

"Ouch. Any word from Erik and Ezra?"

"They're fine. They left Mr. Johannessen's early this morning and stopped in Ahoskie for a late breakfast about three hours ago. That would put them home about five tonight if they aren't slowed up too much by the weather."

"Any word on the New River or the Holston?" Hank asked.

"Holston and Clinch, plus all their tributaries are on the flood watch. New River isn't."

"I rode down the outer trail about 10 a.m., Sugar Run's over the edge of its banks. One of the trailed closed signs fell over, so I took it off the post and nailed it to a tree."

"It fell?" I was puzzled.

"The ground is so saturated after three straight days of heavy rain, the post fell over. I put the sign on the tree and tied ropes to two trees to keep folks out."

"You really think anyone is going to try to ride in this mess?"

"There are a lot of stupid people out there," Hank laughed.

"Well, we're closed. The stables are closed, and an e-mail went out to all the boarders."

"That's good. Well, the stalls are done. The horses are fed. Did you want the kids to stay around any longer?"

"Nah, we did everything we could think of yesterday to keep busy. There's just nothing else to add to the list. You can head home too if you want. I'll finish up some paperwork and then close the office."

"OK. I'll see you tomorrow."

I finished up the paperwork and ran across the yard to the house. By the time I got inside I was drenched. I showered and changed into dry clothes. A couple hours later, the phone rang.


"Hey," Erik's voice came through the handset.

"Where are you?"

"We're just coming off I-77 onto I-81. I'd say we're about an hour and a half away."

"How's the weather?"

"Rainy, but not too bad. How bad is it there?"

"Miserable. I've had the radio on since I came back into the house. Most of the smaller runs and creeks have left their banks. The rivers are reaching flood stage. Hank said Sugar Run is over its banks."

"Sounds bad. The good thing is that the house and the stables are high enough not to have to worry about them."

"Yeah," I replied. "Tell Ezra I said `hi'."

"I will. We'll see you soon."

"Love you!"

"Love you, too!"

I put the phone down and starting pulling things out of the fridge. My man was coming home and I was going to feed him well.

Three hours later I was starting to get a little worried. Oh, I could call Erik's cell phone, but if he was driving he wouldn't answer, and I hoped he'd dropped Ezra off by this point. So I just waited.

Finally, I saw the lights of the truck turn into the driveway. I grabbed my slicker and muck boots and headed out the back door. Erik had the truck parked next to the office by the time I got out there.

"You had me a bit worried," I admitted.

"I had myself worried there for a while. The farm's almost completely cut off."


"Road closures. All those flooded runs and creeks have a lot of the smaller back roads shut down. Everywhere I turned I hit traffic barricades shutting down a road. After I dropped Ezra off, I had to go all the way back out to US460 to make it home."

"That's not good."

"Well, they were talking about getting the Governor to declare a disaster area for this entire corner of the state."

"What all do you want to do?" I asked looking at the truck and trailer.

"We can deal with the trailer tomorrow. Let's just get my bags and get into the house."

We got his duffel bags into the house and set them near the top of the basement stairs.

"I'll take them down and start laundry in a bit," Erik said. "I just want to relax for a while."

"Laundry can wait till tomorrow. We're not going to be that busy around here till the rain stops and everything goes back into its banks."

"Dinner smells good."

"Thanks, I've had it simmering for a while. Ready to eat?"

"Famished! I'll pour the tea if you start dishing things up."

We got dinner on the table and sat and talked about the trip, the weather and the next few days. After cleaning up the dishes, Erik went into the den and built a roaring fire in the fireplace.

"I wouldn't have thought we'd have a fire in late May, but it has gotten awfully cold with all this rain."

"I just want to feel dry for a while," he responded.

We snuggled up on the couch and watched a bit of television. I flipped the channel at one point to WCYB out of Bristol. They had the emergency information running across the bottom of the screen. After reading it for a while, I turned off the television.

"Let's go upstairs," I suggested.

"Sounds good."

Once in the room, I stripped down and pulled the covers back on the bed. Erik crawled in beside me.

"I've missed you a lot, Mister," I said.

"I missed you too. Ezra's not as cuddly!"

I howled with laughter. "I'm not surprised he's not!"

I rolled over and started kissing Erik.

"I'm sure I'm a bit funky, Baby. Eleven hours in the truck will do that to a man."

"You smell great! It's all you and nothing else."

I kissed him one last time and then let my tongue work down his neck and to his pecs. I swirled my tongue around one of his tits getting it to stand up nice and perky. I moved my tongue over to the other nipple and flicked it a few times. I moved my fingertips over each of his erect nipples as I let me tongue drag down his abs and onto the base of his hardening dick.

"Mmm...," Erik moaned. As my tongue reached the top of his shaft, my lips opened to envelop the head. With all the practice I'd had on his dick, it only took a few seconds for me to work my mouth all the way to the base. The moans got louder as my throat muscles massaged his cock.

Without taking his dick out of my mouth, I repositioned myself so that I was lying on top of his legs. I crushed my hard dick against him and started humping as I worked my tongue around his shaft. Erik's hands wrapped around the back of my head and I half expected him to take control of the action, but instead they simply rubbed and caressed as I kept working.

I took my fingers off his nipples and started working them through the dense, dark fur on his chest. For a blonde, I was extremely hairy, but Erik was closely related to some fur-covered creature. My fingers kept playing with the long, thick hair while rubbing his chest.

I pulled back off his dick and teased the head with my tongue. Then I slipped one hand around the shaft, holding it in place while I licked Erik's pre-cum out of his piss slit. The gasps and moans coming from his mouth let me know he was enjoying it a lot.

"Spin around," he finally said.

I repositioned myself once again, working around one hundred eighty degrees until my crotch was poised by his face. Erik pushed my legs a bit and soon his goatee was working between my ass cheeks.

"Mmrmrmm..." I moaned, around his dick. His tongue had hit my crack and was working its way up and down.

Erik pushed back a little. "You must have showered earlier," he said. "I taste soap."

"Mmmmhmmm..." I responded, not taking my mouth off his cock.

His tongue plunged back into my ass crack and pushed on in. My hole started opening up as he kept up his assault. I knew it wasn't going to be long till I'd be fully ready to get fucked.

At one point, Erik put his hands on my ass cheeks and spread them apart more. His goatee tickled as it slipped in deeper and his tongue worked in farther. As he pushed up into my hole, I pushed down with my ass giving him full access.

I lifted my head off his cock. "Erik, I wanna get fucked. NOW!"

He didn't respond verbally, but his tongue just continued its work on my hole.

"Fuck me," I said.

Erik's grip on my thighs was firm as he continued to eat out my ass.

"Erik, FUCK ME!" I begged.

I started slobbering all over his dick to get it nice and wet for my hole.

"Come on, Erik. I need to get fucked! It's been too long!"

That finally got a response. Erik pulled his face out of my crack.

"I've only been gone three days!"

"And that's way to fuckin' long," I replied.

With his grip on my body loosened, I quickly pivoted around. I lined up my spit-lubed ass with his spit-covered dick and started lowering myself down on him.

"Fuck yeah!" I groaned as I felt his pubic hairs hit my balls. "That's what I needed!"

"I'll admit it. I've been missing this too! Now, ride'em, Cowboy."

I started riding up and down his cock. Lifting up and pushing down without pulling completely off.

"Your cock's where it belongs. Deep up my ass."

"It likes it there."

While I kept bouncing, Erik let his hands run across my legs. Periodically, he'd thrust up as I was pushing down. But for the most part, he let me control the pace of the fuck. I was really enjoying this.

"How about letting me really fuck you!"

In answer, I pulled off his shaft and positioned myself on all fours. I hung my legs slightly off the edge of the bed so my ass was in the perfect spot. While I was getting in place, Erik had climbed off the bed and stood behind me. His dick slid right back into my hole and he was buried fully within seconds.

Erik grabbed my hips and started really fucking my ass. While I liked any position he wanted to fuck me in, this was my absolute favorite. The hard, driving, nearly animalistic fuck is what I like the most!

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I grunted as his cock reamed out my hole.

I was kinda glad Will and Ryan weren't home - I'm sure they would have been able to hear the slap of skin, as Erik's body collided with mine on the in-strokes, anywhere in the house.

Erik moved his hands from my hips to my shoulders and really started slamming his cock deeper into my ass.

"That's it, Baby. Fuck me!" I moaned. "Push that dick in my hole deep!"

"You got that right! This ass is mine and I'm burying my flag pole in it as far as I can!"

I started working my ass muscles to really tease Erik's dick.

"Oh fuck," he groaned. "FUCK!"

Erik's chest landed on my back as I felt his cock spasm in my hole.

"FUCK!" he yelled.

"Come on, fucker. Cream my ass!"

Erik's cock continued to twitch and squirt up my hole for a while. He wrapped his arms around my chest as he continued to lie on top of me.

Finally, his dick slipped out of me. I flipped over onto my back and looked up at him. His dick was still fairly hard.

"Push back into my hole!" I ordered.

Erik slid his slowly deflating dick back in and I grabbed hold of my cock. He started gentle fucking motions, his cum relubing my ass while I pounded my cock.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck, yeah. Cumming!!!!" I yelled.

Cum splattered up my chest, even hitting me in the chin. As the last of the cum dribbled out of my cock, Erik slipped his shaft out of my hole. He lay down on top of me, my cum gluing our chests together.

"What a nice welcome home," he cooed in my ear.

"Absence makes the dick grow harder," I replied.

Erik chuckled at that.

"Shower?" he asked.

"That would be great."

We cleaned up, crawled back into bed and snuggled together. I was out like a light.

The next morning, we were up at our usual five a.m. and I looked out the window.

"Rain, rain, go away," I said. Repeating the wish I'd been making over the last few days.

"I think we should go into town and get supplies this morning," Erik said. "I'm concerned about access and the ability of stores to get fresh stock over the next few days."

"We've got plenty of food in the house," I replied.

"Yeah. But I'm more concerned about feed."


We ate a quick breakfast and then headed out to the office. We saw Hank's and Randy's trucks in the parking spaces as we walked over. There were messages from Colleen and Marty indicating that they were having trouble getting to the farm due to flooding. I called them both back and told them not to worry about coming in.

Ezra showed up as Erik and I were talking to Hank and Randy about the day's plans. We were just heading out of the barn when Trevor pulled up in his car.

"How bad are things?" I asked him.

"If it's not a major road, it's probably closed. Heck, even several of the major roads are closed. It's just really bad out there."

"Randy's got a list of chores," Erik indicated. "He'll give you assignments. Tracer and I are going into town for supplies."

"Sounds good," Trevor replied. He headed into the barn.

Erik pulled the big Ram dualie around to the barn and we hitched a trailer to it. With that, the two of us headed into town. Our first stop was at the feed store, Southern States. As Erik had feared, the bad weather had started a run on supplies and their stock was low. We took whatever they had to give us another week's supplies.

Though I was sure we had enough food at the house, Erik stopped by the grocery store and we picked up a few things.

Back at the farm, the guys helped us unload the supplies and get things put away. By lunchtime, all the work that could be done was completed and everyone headed home.

"I want to walk back down the trail and see how bad things are."

"You sure about that?" I asked.

"It's not raining too hard at the moment, and I want to see how far over the banks Sugar Run really is."

We walked back the outer loop trail. At one point the trail rises over a small hill. As we reached the top of the hill we could see Sugar Run. It was spread out about three times its normal size.

"I hope this damn storm unsticks and moves on soon. If not, a lot of folks are going to be in real trouble."

When we got back to the house, we both changed out of our soaked clothing and started chores.

Late Friday, the first cracks in the clouds showed up. By early evening, it had finally stopped raining. Saturday morning, word came that Governor Warner had asked the President to authorize a major disaster declaration. Disaster aid would be flowing into the eight impacted counties.

We kept the farm closed until Monday - holding riding classes that afternoon. By Thursday we were able to open the inner trail to riders, though the only riders we were getting were the boarders.

Sugar Run was back inside its banks on Saturday and Erik and I rode the ATV along the trial. It was going to take a lot of work to restore the trail removing downed trees, trash and other debris.

Monday morning, I greeted Trevor and Colleen and let them know the fun new job we had.

"The three of us are going to be cleaning up the outer trail," I announced.

"OK," Colleen responded.

The look on Trevor's face told me that he knew what was in store.

We drove two of the ATV's back on the trail, each pulling a cart. As we crested the top of the hill, I pulled off the trail and Colleen pulled up alongside me.

"I don't want to go any further and get stuck."

"OK. What tools do we need to start?" Trevor asked.

"Grab the two chain saws and a shovel," I suggested. "Don't forget your protective gear."

The three of us headed down the hill and started cutting the fallen trees, clearing the path very slowly. It was gonna be a long day.

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