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Chapter Forty-Seven


Will pulled the Jeep into the parking space nearest the office and we all started climbing out. Dad and Tracer appeared before we could pull our bags out of the back.

"Good to have you home," Dad said. He pulled Will into a tight hug.

"Good to be home, even though we haven't been gone THAT long," Will replied.

"It has been a couple weeks," Tracer answered.

Dad let go of Will and hugged me.

"Dad and Tracer, meet Cory and Josh," I introduced.

"Nice to meet you," Tracer said.

"I'm `Dad' to Ryan, but I'm Erik to everyone else. Nice of you boys to come and help out!"

The four of them shook hands and made general introductions.

"Did you two enjoy spring break in Fort Lauderdale as much as these two did?" Dad asked.

"Possibly more," Cory answered.

"Four extra sets of hands will be welcome around here this weekend," Tracer stated.

"How far along is the cleanup?" I asked. "From what we saw driving here. there's a lot of work left to be done elsewhere."

"We're not as far along as I'd like," Tracer replied. "But we were luckier than most."

"How bad were things?" Cory asked.

"Much worse than our initial survey indicated. Plus, the creek keeps bringing debris down into the high end of the property, so as fast as we clean up we get more trash," Dad explained.

"The good news is that we didn't have any serious property damage. Oh, we lost both the little bridges over the creek, but the barns, the house, the horses, and most importantly, the people all came through without a scratch," Tracer added.

"Can't say that for a lot of other folk around here. Some of the hollows took a real beating homes destroyed, livestock killed. You get the idea," Dad continued.

"Did Erik tell ya'll that Mr. Mullins is keeping his cattle up by the picnic area?' Tracer asked.

"Yeah. The temporary fencing holding up?" Will asked.

"Yup, and Jack wants to move the cattle back to his pasture Sunday since things have dried out enough," Dad explained.

"How many cows?" Josh asked.

"Over fifty head," Tracer answered.

"That's a big truck or a lot of trips," Cory exclaimed.

"Neither, actually," Dad replied. "We did it the old-fashioned way."

"Huh?" Josh grunted.

Cory elbowed Josh because of the grunt.

"It was a cattle drive," I explained. "Dad, Tracer and some of the other guys on horseback, brought them from the Mullins farm to ours down a road. Their place is about a mile up that way."

"Did ya'll move them before, during, or after the flood?" Cory asked.

"After," Tracer replied. "Jack had moved his livestock twice during the storm closer and closer to his house. While it saved them, essentially the cows were in his front yard. Erik saw the situation when he was driving back from town one day and offered the land up by the picnic area. We are using snow fencing to keep them in place till things dry out and he get his fence repaired."

"Really nice of ya'll," Josh said.

"The whole community is doing it. Those who took the least damage are helping out those that were hit hardest." Dad explained.

"Let's get all your bags into the house," Tracer said. "We don't have to stand out here all evening talking."

We carried our junk into the house. Dad and Tracer showed Cory and Josh the guest room while Will and I dumped our stuff in our room. I ran into our bathroom for a moment and when I returned Cory and Josh were talking with Will.

"I was just telling Will how nice this place is," Cory said.

"I can't believe the size of your bedroom," Josh stated.

"Well, the house was remodeled last year and in the design, Erik and Tracer got one master suite while we got a second," Will explained.

"Very nice," Cory commented.

"We can give you a full tour of the house later," I said. "I was figuring the four of us could get a ride in before the sun goes fully down and y'all could see the farm."

"That sounds like fun," Josh replied. "I did warn you that I've never been on a horse."

"We've got mounts that are really good for beginners," Will explained. "We'll find just the right horse for you."

As we passed through the kitchen, Tracer was working on dinner.

"Gonna be gone long?" he asked.

"I figured we'd take them on a ride up the inner trail and come back on the outer," I said.

"The outer trail's still closed," Tracer reminded me. "We're all gonna see more of the outer trail than we want over the next two days."

"D'oh! I forgot that. OK. We'll go up and back on the inner trail."

"Dinner will be ready in about an hour."

"We'll be back by then," Will replied.

We led Josh and Cory out to the stables and mounted up quickly. I made sure Josh got one of our easiest mounts.

Will and I led the guys along the inner trail and up to the picnic area. Arriving at the picnic area, the impact of fifty head of cattle being penned up there surprised me. As we rode around the area, I realized that the favor was going to add a huge work load to restore the area. Then again, I knew Mr. Mullins would bend over backwards to help us out if we had problems.

As we got back to the barn and put the horses back in their stalls we continued our conversation about the farm.

"It's a shame we couldn't go down the outer trail," Josh said.

"You'll get to see it more than you might like," Will warned.

"How much bigger is the outer trail?" Cory asked.

"It's about twice as long," I explained. "It zigs and zags over the Sugar Run a few times and it meanders a lot more."

"It's a slower, more scenic route," Will added.

"Any idea how much work's going to be involved?" Josh asked.

"Not a clue," I answered. "I figure quite a bit."

"We should probably get back to the house," Will interjected. "It's about time for dinner."

Dad, Tracer, Josh and Cory monopolized the conversation throughout dinner as they got to know each other.

"I would have thought you two would be at home for the summer," Dad stated. "Or are you taking classes during the summer session as well?"

Josh and Cory looked at each other briefly before responding.

"I don't go home anymore," Josh explained. "My folks disowned me when I came out."

"We will go to my folks when we can, but we plan to stay in Blacksburg year round, trying to finish up college early like Ryan and Will," Cory added.

"How long ago did you come out?" Tracer asked.

"I told my folks a month after Cory and I decided to become a couple. I figured it would be easier to do with someone to support me," Josh continued.

"And they didn't take it well," Dad said.

"Not at all. In fact, a lot worse than I expected. They're supposedly open, liberal, accepting folks, but not when it comes to their family," Josh explained. "Anyway, Cory's my family now."

"Hopefully, one day your family will change their minds," Dad opinioned.

"Anyway," Cory took over the conversation. "We're doing one class during each of the summer sessions to get done sooner."

"What about paying for college," Tracer asked.

"I'm on a scholarship," Josh answered. "I work for the school computer labs to cover my day-to-day expenses."

"That's good to hear," Dad added. "And the two of you decided you wanted to spend a weekend helping us get the outer trail back together!"

"I can think of worse things," Josh said.

"Plus, we've heard so much about the farm from Ryan and Will that we really wanted to see it," Cory chimed in.

"I just wish the farm was showing at its best," Tracer replied.

"So, what's the plan for tomorrow?" Will asked.

"Hank, Ezra and I are going to drive Mr. Mullins' cattle back to his farm," Dad explained.

"The rest of us are going to work on the trail," Tracer interjected. "We've got the girders and beams in for both the bridges. We just need to put the planks down on each of them. The trails themselves need a lot of TLC debris removal, pruning damaged limbs off trees - that kinda stuff."

"What time do you start in the morning," Cory asked.

"We're usually up at five," I replied.

"Five?" Josh asked for confirmation.

"Yeah. Five a.m.," Will answered.

"I don't think I've ever gotten up that early. I might have gone to bed at five a few times," Josh replied.

"Well, you don't have to be up at five," Dad explained. "That's when we eat breakfast and then we feed the horses and do chores. That way about seven we can start the big tasks of the day."

"What time do you go to bed?" Cory inquired.

"Between nine and nine-thirty is the normal time," Will replied.

"Normal for you, maybe," Josh answered. "I rarely go to bed before one."

"Hey. Whatever works for you," Dad countered. "Y'all can get up whenever you want. We won't push volunteer labor."

"Ummm... Ryan...laundry?" Cory asked.

"Problem?" Tracer asked.

"Cory and Josh's apartment complex charges a buck-fifty to wash a load of laundry, so I told them to bring their dirty stuff along," I said.

"In fact, that's pretty much all we brought along," Josh added.

"No problems," Tracer replied. "The laundry is upstairs. I'll be glad to show you."

Tracer led Josh upstairs.

The rest of us cleaned up the kitchen and then headed upstairs.

"One load's in the wash; two more loads to go," Tracer reported.

"We're gonna get ready for bed," Will explained. "Then watch a little TV."

Tracer gave Dad a look. I wasn't sure what it meant.

"I think we've had a long day," Dad said. "We're gonna crash."

"That's cool," I replied.

Will and I went into our room and changed while Cory and Josh did the same in the guest room. A few minutes later there was a quiet knock at our door.

"Ready for TV," I asked as the guys walked into the room.

"Sure," they answered in unison. "Where do we go?"

"No reason to go anywhere. We can watch TV right here," Will explained.

"You two take the couch. Will and I will sprawl out on the bed," I offered. "What do you want to watch?"

"Well, it's a little after eight and you two want to go to bed by nine-thirty so that rules out most movies," Cory said. "Why don't we just watch some program on TV."

I turned on the TV and then hit the guide button on the satellite remote.

"Say when," I offered.

We ended up watching a few reruns before yawns started to fill the room.

"I didn't realize how tired I was," Josh said after one yawn.

"It has been a long day," I said.

"I couldn't believe your Dad and Tracer went to sleep so early," Cory stated.

"Who said they went to sleep," Will laughed.

"Don't go there," I countered. "It brings up bad images."

We all cracked up a bit on that.

"We'll see you two in the morning," I stated. "No worries on what time you wake up."

"Naw. We're going to be good farm boys this weekend," Josh said. "Wake us up when you two get up."

That got Josh a dirty look from Cory, but then he smiled. "I guess I'll get up before the rooster crows for once in my life. Can't kill me!"

The guys went back to their room. I pulled back the covers on our bed while Will headed into the bath to get cleaned up and brush his teeth. I was ready for a good night's sleep.

Saturday morning, Will woke me around five-thirty.

"Wake up, sleepyhead," he said.

"Eh," I responded.

"For a farm raised boy, you don't wake up easily."

"I was raised on a farm," I groaned back. "That doesn't make me a morning person."

"I'll go wake the guys."


He left the room and I rolled over, tucking my head under the pillow. A minute or two later, I was attacked Will jumped on top of me in bed.

"Wake up!" he said loudly as he started tickling me.

"Stop that!"

"Not till you get up!" he teased.

"Well, get off, and I'll get up."

Will pulled the covers off me and I sat up.

"See!" I said.

"Yeah, I'll believe you're up when your feet hit the floor."

I sat up and put my feet on the floor. "Satisfied?" I asked.


"You're having too much fun."

"I'm just glad to be home."

We got dressed and met Josh and Cory at the top of the stairs as we headed down to the kitchen for breakfast.

"Tracer that coffee smells good," Josh said.

"I made two pots; the first one is there in the thermos. The second is still in the machine. Pour what you need," Tracer explained.

I grabbed some big mugs and started filling them from the thermos.

"Half-and-half?" Will asked.

"Please," Cory answered.

As the five of us started downing our first cups of java, Dad walked in through the back door.

"Morning all," Dad said.

"Morning," we all echoed.

"Ready for a long day?" Dad asked.

"As soon as we get some breakfast," I replied.

"I'm working on it," Tracer interjected.

Very shortly Tracer started plating a hearty breakfast for all.

After cleaning up the kitchen, the six of us walked out to the stable and started the morning chores. We had the chores out of the way when Trevor and Colleen showed up.

"Ready to get started with the bridges?" I asked.

"Yeah," Colleen responded. "We got a lot of the work done. Will be nice to finish this up and get back to normal!"

"You've figured out normal around here?" Will asked. "I didn't think it existed."

We all got a laugh out of that.

"Well, I thought I'd figured it out. Maybe I was wrong," she joked back.

"How are we going to do this?" I asked, looking at Tracer.

"We need to cut the planks. Drill holes for the bolts. Install the planks. Finally, we'll put the railings on," Tracer explained.

"Let's get to cutting," Will said.

"I have an idea," Trevor interjected. "Instead of everyone working on one part of it, why don't we do it assembly line style. Two of us cut wood. Two drill the holes. Somebody moves the wood to the bridges. The other two install the planks."

"And once the cutting is done," Will took over. "The two move down to help install."

"Exactly," Trevor agreed.

"Sounds like a great plan," Tracer agreed. "We hire him for his strong back and we get a man with brains!"

"Who does what?" Cory asked.

"Tracer and I can install the planks," Colleen offered.

"Why don't Josh and I cut the planks," Will said.

"Cory and I can drill the holes," I offered.

"That leaves me to shuttle the wood to the bridges," Trevor said.

"Let's get started," I suggested. "How about everyone help out with the wood till we get the first batch ready."

With that, the seven of us got started on cutting the first few planks and getting the bolt holes drilled. Once we had the first batch started, we split up into the teams and kept things moving. When we stopped for lunch, the first bridge had all its planks, and Colleen and Tracer had started on the second. After lunch we finished up planking the second bridge.

Over dinner, Dad told us about moving the cattle back to the Mr. Mullins' farm. We in return, filled him in on the bridges.

"So tomorrow, we get the railings on and we're done," Tracer explained.

"What time are the four of you heading back to school?" Dad asked.

I looked first at Will, then Josh, then Cory.

"Umm... We hadn't talked about that. It's two and a half hours back to school. What if we leave at five?" I asked.

"Fine with me," Cory answered. "I don't have much homework. I just need to do some reading tonight."

"That's fine with me, too," Josh agreed. "I've got to do some stuff, but I can get it done when we get back. Otherwise a bit of reading this weekend is all I really need to do."

Will just nodded.

"Great. We should be able to get everything done with the bridges and give y'all some time for a ride if you want," Tracer said.

Since we students all had homework to deal with, we went upstairs and got busy. It was about nine-fifteen when Josh wrapped on the door frame.

"I just wanted to say goodnight, guys."

"Night!" Will responded.

"Cory's already snoring. I'm gonna curl up next to him and catch some zzz's..."

"We won't be up much longer," I said. "I've got two pages left to read."

"Well, sleep well..." Josh said as he turned and left.

"I'm done," Will said. "I'm gonna get ready for bed."

I finished up the last two pages of the chapter and joined Will in the bathroom. He was washing his face as I came in. I brushed my teeth, cleaned up, and followed him back into the bedroom.

"Snuggle?" I asked.

"I think I want more than a snuggle!" Will answered.

Will pushed me onto the bed and grabbed my legs. He kept pushing until my ass was fully exposed. He plunged his face into my crack and within seconds his tongue was pushing deeply into my hole.

"Aw, fuck," I moaned. "That feels good."

Will just grunted in response. His tongue continued to work wonders on teasing my ass.

"Damn, dude, you're turning me on good!"

Again, no response as his hands pushed my ass cheeks further apart and his tongue toyed with my ass more.

Finally, he pulled his tongue out of my ass. My dick was already hard as he licked his way back up to the base. He worked up my cock and took it in his mouth. I growled as he started sucking me with gusto.

"If you turn a bit, I can make you feel as good as you're making me feel," I offered.

Will didn't respond he just continued licking and sucking my dick.

"Come on, Will, let me get into this. too!"

"You're in this," he finally responded. "You're the object of my attention!"

"Aw. Come on, let me..."

"Let you nothing, hot stuff. I'm gonna have my way with you!"

Will hawked some spit into his hand. He reached down out of my sight; I assumed lubing up his dick. A few seconds later my thoughts were confirmed as the head of his cock started working into my spit-lubed hole. He slipped in slowly, working his full seven inches into me.

"I like being the center of your attention!" I grunted. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me deep!"

He grabbed my hips and started working his dick in and out of my ass slightly. He wasn't pulling out very far - more like a quick rabbit fuck.

I tried to push up on his dick to meet his thrusts

"Let me do the work, baby," he whispered.

I stopped moving and let Will fuck at his own pace.

I started squeezing my ass, milking his shaft for all it was worth.

"Oh, fuck," Will moaned. "That feels damn good. Tight fucking hole!"

All of a sudden, Will buried his dick in my ass fully. I waited for it to start twitching, or him to indicate somehow that he was coming. Instead he just held there for a moment.

"Put your arms around my neck," he directed.

I followed his orders with a puzzled look on my face.

He leaned back enough to lift me off the bed, until I was sitting on his lap with his dick deep up my hole.

"Now what?"

Will started scooting back on the bed a bit more and then pivoted, taking me with him. I was impressed with his acrobatics. With his legs now hanging off the bed, Will stood up with me wrapped around him.

"Oh, no!"

"No, what?" he asked.

"I'm not sure about this position."

Will started bouncing me a bit as he turned around and laid me down on the bed.

"That better?" he asked.

"Hehhehheh... you coulda pulled out and just gotten us this way."

"But wasn't that more fun?"

"Well, yeah. Now get back to fuckin me!"

He pushed my legs up and started to really fuck me. He pulled and pushed me around just a little till my ass was off the edge of the bed just a bit. His long, methodical strokes made my ass feel really good!

I reached down to start stroking my dick.

"No you don't!" he warned. "You have to save that!"

"I don't get to cum, too?"

"Sure you do! Up my ass, after I shoot my load in you!"

Will picked up his pace slightly as he continued to long-dick my ass.

"Fuck man. This is nice; you can bang me like this all night long."

"I don't think I'll last much longer," he panted.

I started clamping down on his dick as he pulled out and relaxing some when he pushed in.

"Milk me, Fucker!" Will ordered.

"Come on and cum, Baby! Fill me up!"

Will picked up his pace.

"Come on! Fill me up!" I ordered.

With that, Will thrust in deep and leaned over kissing me. As the kiss continued, I felt his dick throbbing as it shot a load in me.

Will collapsed on the bed next to me. He looked over at me. "Time to fuck my ass!"

"Horn dog!" I laughed at him.

He reached over and grabbed the lube out of the nightstand. He slicked up my dick really well, then reached under and pushed two lubed fingers into his hole. He lay back down on his stomach and pushed a pillow under himself so his ass was pointed up nicely.

I slide into his hole like a warm knife into butter. As my cock hit bottom, I let my body lay down on top of Will and started nibbling on his neck.

"Tickles," he giggled.

"Yeah, well you controlled act one. I'm controlling act two."

I continued to nibble on his neck, on his ears, on his shoulders as my dick slid in and out of his ass. I'd been fucking his ass for about three years, and I couldn't think of a thing I'd rather do. Well... have him fuck me, too! I pushed all the thoughts out of my head and started pumping his ass.

I lifted myself up off Will and started really working my dick hard, and then harder out of his upturned ass.

"Umph," Will grunted. "Fuck me!"

"I am!"

"Fuck me harder!"

"Uh huh!"

"Fuck me more!"

My crotch started making slapping noises as I sped up my fucking. I kept fucking as I repositioned myself slightly and then pulled Will into a doggie-position. I grabbed his hips and fucked him hard and deep.

"Now that's what I needed! Show me you own that hole!"

"I do, Baby," I panted. "Just like you own mine."

"Prove it, Fucker. Prove it."

"Oh fuck... YEAH!" I yelled as I shot deep into Will's hole.

"FUCK!" I heard Will groan.

I slipped one of my hands down to Will's dick to find it convulsing, cum spurting out of it all over the bed.

"Damn! You came again fast!"

"You fucked the load out of me," he complimented.


I collapsed on top of Will and he slumped onto the bed. What a nice way to end the day.

Sunday morning, Will and I were in the kitchen making breakfast. Josh and Cory appeared as we were putting the finishing touches on it.

"Dude, that smells great," Josh said.

"Good. A hearty breakfast will give you energy for the day," Will replied.

"And restock your reserves after a good night of sex," Cory snickered. "You two are loud!"

"HUH!" I was surprised.

"Well, maybe not that loud. I had fallen asleep before Josh. When I woke up a little later, I wanted something to drink so I came down to the kitchen. I heard y'all having a bit of fun as I went by your door," Cory explained.

"Oh," was all I could think to say.

Cory just laughed a little. "No worries. Sounded like you two were having fun!"

"Voyeur," Josh teased.

"Hey, it's not like I stood outside the door and eavesdropped. I just walked passed and heard."

We all laughed a good bit. But I did make a note to myself in the future, when we had guests, we'd have to be a bit more careful with our noise levels. Wouldn't want Mom or Dad to hear us.

What a way to start the day.

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