Chapter Six

- ERIK -

Christmas vacation went by and the slow months of January and February flew by unusually quickly.   Tracer completed the preparation course for the GED and then passed his test with flying colors.  Life for our little family was good.

Owning a farm, I am always looking for ways to improve income.  The breeding and sale of horses was the backbone of our revenue and boarding maintained a strong hold on second place; however, the rental program and riding classes were gaining quickly.  I figured diversification of revenue as a good thing.

After the historic call on Christmas Day, Tracer's Mother and Brothers called on a fairly regular basis.  It really made a big difference in Tracer's personality.  No longer did he seem to be the down-and-out person full of self-doubt.  His self-confidence was boosted and his general mood brightened.

I did get to talk with his Mother and while I won't say that she was ecstatic about me, she did admit that it sounded like I treated her son well.  In early February, I called her one afternoon while Tracer was at the feed store.  I worked out a surprise with her and then waited to spring it on Tracer.  How she was going to work out her end of the deal, I did not ask.  I just crossed my fingers that all would happen as planned.

Saturday, March 22, 1997 awoke a crisp, cool spring day.  We had two rental groups scheduled, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Ryan and Tracer were out in the barn helping prep the horses for the day.  I ran out to the stables and let the boys know that I was going to run an errand and would be back later.  I drove down to Tri-Cities Airport and picked up the surprise.  When I got back to the farm, it was about lunchtime and the first rental group was just dismounting.  Ryan and Tracer were taking the horses in pairs back to the stables for grooming and a brief rest before the next ride.  I slowed down as we approached the stables until I saw Tracer head into the barn.  I led the boys beyond the stables to hide our approach.  As Tracer walked out of the barn Patrick and Will tackled him from behind.

The joy on Tracer's face was clearly evident.  He hugged, cried, and hugged and cried some more.  As the three boys settled down from their reunion, Tracer turned and looked at me.  The look on his face was all the welcome I needed, but he came over to me and thanked me.

"Erik, I can't believe you did this.  Thank you, thank you, thank you," he gushed.

"It was nothing, I don't know how your Mom got them on the plane but they are here."

"Well, thanks.  I'll thank you a lot more tonight!" He had a sly grin on his face.

"Why don't you help the boys with their luggage?  Put them in the guest room.  I'll help Ryan finish up with the horses and get things ready for the next group.  Don't worry about working this week.  The guys already know you'll be off till next Sunday."

"Huh, you mean everyone on the farm knew about this but me?" He was truly amazed.

"It was a well orchestrated surprise for you."

He rounded up Patrick and Will from Ryan and got their luggage.  They walked up to the house.  Ryan walked over to me with a huge grin on his face. "Well that was a huge success.  Did you see the look on his face when he realized it was Patrick and Will that had tackled him?"

"Sure did, I also got a private look from him when he turned to say, `Thank you,'" I answered.

Ryan and I worked quietly finishing up the work from the first group and getting things ready for the second; then ran into the house to grab a bite to eat.  As we walked into the kitchen, we could hear the guys upstairs catching up.  Ryan and I pulled together all the sandwich fixings and chips.

"Guys, lunch is ready!" I hollered.  It sounded like a herd of horses running down the stairs.  "Hmmm... looks like you're going to have eating competition," I teased Ryan.  I was right.  Patrick and Will could pack away food as well as Ryan.

After lunch, I pulled Tracer aside and told him that I wasn't teasing regarding him being off.  "Go enjoy time with your brothers."

"But I'm supposed to be helping Ryan with the group this afternoon." Tracer was concerned.

"Tracer, all of this is well planned.  Randy pulled in about 15 minutes ago.  He's going to mind the stalls while Ryan and I ride with the group.  After things wrap up the five of us are going out for dinner.  Just go spend time with your brothers.  You haven't seen them in a long time.  I'm looking forward to getting to know them later."

I went out back and Ryan and I pulled the horses for the second ride.  The second reservation, a church group, arrived and left on the long trail.  Ryan and I followed them out at a discrete distance.  This group had visited the farm a number of times so we felt two people could monitor the group.

The ride was uneventful and Randy helped Ryan and me take care of the horses after the guests had left.  After all the horses were in their stalls for the night, I thanked Randy for his help and Ryan and I went into the house to clean up.

I heard the guys in the den and stuck my head in.  "Ryan and I are going to get a quick shower and then we can go out for dinner.  Decide whether you want steak or pizza."

I went up to the shower and quickly cleaned up.  I met Ryan in the hallway and we headed downstairs.  "Well, Guys, is it pizza or steak?" I asked.

"Either would be good, Sir," Will replied.

"OK, let's start with Sir.  I'm Erik as I told you both in the truck.  Sir doesn't live here.  Neither of you has a preference?"

Tracer spoke up, "The problem is that Patrick's a steak fan and Will likes pizza."

Before I could respond Ryan stuck in, "How about chicken?"

Everyone laughed.  "OK guys, how about pizza tonight and steak tomorrow night?"

"That works," both Patrick and Will responded.

Dinner was a raucous event.  Two fifteen-year-olds, a sixteen-year-old, an eighteen-year-old, and me at a pizza joint -- video games, pinball and loud conversation prevailed.  Ryan and I got to know a bit about Patrick and Will.  In turn, they got to know a bit more about us.  After dinner, we climbed into the truck and I pulled up to the Ice Cream Bar.  I bought five large soft-serve cones and we sat at the picnic table trying to avoid brain freeze.

When we got home, we all piled into the den.  Will noticed Ryan's PlayStation.  "Cool, you have a PlayStation too," he commented.

"Yeah, Tracer got it for me for Christmas," Ryan replied.

"Wow, Trace you must be making a fortune!" Patrick added.

"Well, I don't have a lot of expenses and working on the farm does pay well," Tracer responded.

"We love ours.  Have you played Descent?" Will asked. "It's a cool game."

"Yeah, that's one of the games Tracer got me."

"Cool, we'll have to play," Patrick replied.

We sat around and talked a bit and I started noticing yawns.  "OK guys, bedtime. I know it may seem early, but this place wakes up early so you probably want to get a good night's sleep."

No one complained as we all went upstairs.  Ryan said, "Good night," and closed his door.  Tracer made sure that Patrick and Will knew where everything was and said, "Good night."  He and I went into our bedroom and closed the door.

Tracer turned and threw his arms around my neck.  At six-foot two-inches Tracer was a tall guy; he was, however, shorter than my six-foot four-inches.  He looked up into my eyes and kissed me passionately.  "That's part of my thank you for doing this for me.  Getting to see Patrick and Will means so much to me."

"Well, I hope you still think that way after them visiting for nine days," I laughed.

"I'm sure I will.  I haven't seen them in so long; I doubt we will get on each other's nerves that fast."

He kissed me again and pulled me to the bed.  Tracer started undoing the buttons on my shirt, nibbling, licking and kissing my chest as it was exposed. He then unbuttoned my 501's and started pushing my jeans and underwear off.  He continued his attentions down to my crotch.

It didn't take long for me to get very aroused.  My dick was pointing straight up as I lay there and Tracer didn't ignore it for a moment.  He wrapped his tongue around it and treated my dick like an ice cream cone -- licking around, up, down and then sucking the tip from time to time.  It was exquisite torture. 

"Baby, that feels incredible," I moaned. "Turn so I can pay attention to you, too!"

Tracer shook his head `no' and nuzzled lower sucking on my balls.  The feeling of his mouth wrapped around both nuts was incredible.  He worked his tongue around my balls making each one twitch.

He continued his downward movement and started working his tongue down my ass crack.  He pushed my legs up so he could get in deeper and moaned as he licked up and down my hole.  His tongue continued to tease my ass for a long time. 

Tracer's tongue and mouth felt so good, I was squirming. 

"Damn, Tracer, that feels fucking good." 

Tracer simply moaned a reply into my ass which sent a chill up my spine.

After he'd made my ass tingle deeply, he moved up and started sucking on my dick again.  The way he was making me feel meant it wasn't long till I was on the edge.  "I'm gonna cum, Tracer," I warned.  With that he redoubled his efforts and I quickly shot down his throat.  I panted as I came down from the high of my orgasm.

Tracer moved up and started nibbling on my tits and alternated that with licking my pits.  I rubbed his body as he worked to shuck off his clothes.  He moved his naked body over mine as he continued to work my chest with his tongue and mouth.

I might be almost thirty-five, but his attentions were recharging my battery quickly.  He moved back down and started licking my hardening dick.  It wasn't long till I was back at full mast.

This time I wasn't to be denied.  I swung around and moved into a sixty-nine position.  I took hold of his dick at the base and worked my mouth down his shaft.  My cock-sucking talent is no match to Tracer's -- not as much experience I guess; however, I did my best to make him feel good.

Both of us were edging close to an orgasm.  Tracer lifted off my dick. "Time for you to fuck me, Erik," he insisted.

He grabbed a condom from the nightstand and rolled it down my shaft; a little lube and I was eager to fuck. 

"On your back, Big Boy." Tracer was taking control.  I lay out on my back, my dick sticking upwards.

Tracer positioned his ass over my dick and squatted down on it; impaled himself is more like it, as he plunged to the base in one swift motion.

"Aw fuck", we both moaned as his tight hole wrapped itself around my stiff dick. 

I started bucking up into his ass as he pushed down hard on each thrust.  My dick was going deeper than I think I'd ever gone.

"Damn, you're hitting places I didn't know I had," Tracer moaned.

I reached up and pulled him to me, kissing him as I thrust into his hole.  His ass milked my cock, but since I had cum once already he was in for a long ride. 

After ten minutes or so, I started pushing him back till I'd maneuvered us so that he was on his back with me thrusting between his legs.

"Fuck, you're hole feels so damn good.  I could fuck you all night long!"

"I don't think I've ever been fucked this good, Erik!"

He was stroking his leaking shaft, as I approached a second orgasm.  He shot a load that plastered his chest, face and beyond, then his ass clamped around my dick and milked a second load out of me.  I collapsed on top of him licking bits of cum out of his soft blond goatee.

"Fuck, what a `thank you'," I muttered.

"Well, I hope my `thank you' didn't scare Patrick and Will out of the house," Tracer laughed.

"I doubt it, Ryan has never complained about the noise and they are farther away."

"I never really thought much about Ryan hearing us.  I don't know how I'd react if he complained."

"Neither do I," I answered.  "We'll, cross that bridge when, and if, it ever happens."

Sunday morning, with no reservations on the books, I told Ryan and Tracer to take the boys horseback riding.  Ryan, having spent most of his young life on a horse, showed Patrick and Will the basics.  Ryan selected two horses that were fairly docile and good for novice riders and the four of them took off on the short trail.

I got busy with work and didn't see the boys till after lunch.  I found the four of them in the den, deep in some PlayStation competition.

As promised, we had steak that night for dinner.  I had pulled out five rib-eyes that morning and had noticed that someone had put them in a container to marinate when I came in for some lunch.  Ryan ran the grill, while Will and Tracer put together a salad and other sides.

Having had plenty of time to catch up with Tracer and a good bit of time to get to know Ryan, the boys focused their questions on me.

"This is a great farm, Erik," Patrick commented.  "Ryan mentioned that you inherited it.  You must have meant something special for someone to give you this."

"My Uncle Phil left the farm to me.  He and my Mom were the only kids.  I'm an only child, so I guess he thought I'd be the one survivor around when he died.  Unfortunately, he died at an early age."

Will and Patrick continued the questions regarding the farm and farm life.  Finally, the question I had most expected arrived.

"So how is it to be gay?" Will asked. 

Tracer got a shocked look on his face. 

"It's the way I am, Will.  As you well know, I was married and all that comes with that.  Figuring out I was gay didn't come to me like someone flipping a light switch.  It was a slow, gradual path.  I didn't have a lot of experience when I met Tracer, rural life doesn't give you a lot of opportunities."

I went on to provide a sketchy background of my life and meeting Tracer. Will seemed truly interested.

For Tracer, I'm sure the week went by way too fast.  Patrick and Will were good boys and helped out around the farm a little.  Ryan, being on spring break as well, taught the boys how to ride and the four of them spent a lot of time out on the trails.  Being teenagers they also spent a lot of time playing video games on the PlayStation.  The following Sunday morning, the five us drove back to the airport and made our goodbyes.  I invited the boys to the farm for any part of the summer they could manage.

Monday started quietly; after having five in the house it was almost eerie.  I was sitting in the office going over neglected paperwork when the phone rang.  Caller ID showed a number with which I was now familiar.  I answered, expecting to hear Tracer's Mom's cheery voice.  Instead a deep voice came through the handset. "Hello?" the voice challenged.

"Good morning, this is Erik.  May I help you?" I pretended this was a business call.

"This is Frank.  I'm Trace, Patrick and Will's Dad."

"Good morning, Frank.  How can I help you?" I was a bit more than nervous.

"I want to speak to Trace," he responded.

"If you give me a moment, I'll get him.  He's out in the stables.  Please hold."  I put the phone on hold and decided against using the intercom system.  I walked out to the stables and found Tracer.

"Your Dad's on the phone for you."  The look on his face could only be described as horror.

He came back into the office with me, walked over to the phone, picked up the line and timidly spoke, "Hello?"

The conversation was obviously one-sided.  Every now and again, Tracer would respond with "Yes, Sir!" or, "No, Sir!" or some other short answer.  I tried to read his face which was neither smiling nor frowning.  Finally after maybe ten or so minutes, he hung up the phone.

I gave him a moment to collect his thoughts.  "Well, to say he's pissed at Mom is an understatement.  But he's not pissed at me or the boys.  He's not happy, but he's not pissed."

"That's a start," I responded.

"He admitted that he can't keep Patrick and Will from seeing me, but continued to declare that I better not corrupt them.  He also told me not to try to come to the house."

"OK, a bit of an improvement.  Not so much as I would hope, but he has changed a bit in two years.  You do have to give him that."

"Yeah, I guess there is a bit of improvement."  Tracer's emphasis on `bit' showed he was somewhat impressed.

I put my arm around his shoulder and hugged him.  He nuzzled his head into my chest.  I noticed Ezra and Randy walking up.  I just gave them a look that sent them the other direction.

Later I gave them the latest update on Tracer's situation.  Over the last few months, I had talked to each of the guys on permanent staff.  After Randy's revelation to Tracer, I figured either they all knew I was gay or should know I was gay.  They had all known and were just waiting for me to be comfortable telling them.


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