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Chapter Nine


Summer finally arrived after a busy spring season. Now that I had money in my wallet, I could really play big brother. I sent Patrick a computer as his high school graduation present. He would need it when he left for college in the fall. I was proud that my younger brother would be the first of our family to go to college. Patrick and Will were both honor students.

Erik and I were sitting in the office, when Erik picked up the phone and invited Patrick and Will to come back for the summer and work. Will accepted; Patrick declined. Patrick was trying to find a local job. I wished him luck because the job market in rural central Tennessee didn't hold a lot of options for someone his age. Patrick said he knew that the money he would make on the farm would be far better, but he wanted to stay at home to be with his girlfriend. I figured he knew that things would probably end when he left for college and he wanted to delay that as much as possible.

Erik mumbled something about Patrick being careful. I looked at him funny. I knew what had happened to Erik and how Ryan had come about.

"Look, I wouldn't trade Ryan for the world," Erik began. "Other than you, there isn't anyone I love more in my life. It doesn't mean that having Ryan show up when I was trying to go to college didn't change things massively. Patrick needs to make sure that doesn't happen to him." Erik was showing deep concern in his voice as he spoke.

"I'll tell him," I replied. I knew Erik had only had the best in mind for Patrick. I decided that I'd communicate his concern in my own way when Ryan and I went to Tennessee to pick up Will for the summer.

A few weeks later, Ryan and I went to pick up Will. As we pulled up, my Dad was standing on the front stoop. Ryan looked at me as I tensed up.

"Tracer, I'll go up and see what's up. Let me talk to your Dad first. You stay in the car," Ryan ordered. In fact, I had never heard him more forceful. He climbed out of the truck and walked up to the house.

I was just stunned; I couldn't move a muscle. What the fuck was Dad doing here? I saw Ryan hold out his hand. To my surprise, Dad responded with a handshake and a barely noticeable smile. They talked for a moment and then Ryan waved for me to join them. I'm not sure how it happened, but I did manage to get to the front stoop.

"Tracer, it's good to see you," Dad said.

"It's good to see you," I replied.

"I doubt you really believe that, Tracer, but thanks for saying it. I know apologies can't make up for almost four years. I just hope you can forgive me as I try to make it up to you." Dad started crying.

"Dad, I love you. You hurt me and it will take time for the hurt to heal. I do forgive you – what you walked in on must have been a shock. I wish it had happened differently."


We didn't say much more as at that moment Will piled out of the door with his bags for the summer.

"Got enough stuff there, Will?" Dad asked.

"Nope, there is another bag in my room," he laughed in reply.

Dad and I took the stuff and loaded it in the truck as Will and Ryan went into the house to get the last bag.

"Stay for lunch? You're Mom's fixing all your favorites!" Dad invited.


We finished loading the stuff in the truck and all went into the house for a feast. Mom truly had been cooking all morning, making all my favorite foods. After lunch, Dad and Will took Ryan out back to show him something. Mom looked at me and smiled.

"So, how'd you convert him, Mom?"

"Slow perseverance. I just kept reminding him that you were his Son and you deserved love and support. You surely didn't deserve scorn and ridicule."

"Thanks, Mom, you know I love you!"

"I know."

"I may have started slowly, but I got there. From what I can tell, just in time too," she added.

"Huh?" I grunted.

"Don't grunt and don't tell me you haven't figured out that Will is just like you," she replied. "I may have missed it in you. In Will, I see everything that I missed the first time around."

I grimaced.

"See, I knew you knew. Why didn't you tell me?" she seemed distraught.

"For the same reason I didn't tell Erik about Ryan. Will should have been the one to tell you."

"Ryan? Oh, now the light bulb really goes off. Did they? I mean is that who? How?"

"Mom, I fucked up by telling you about Ryan. Yes, they discovered it together. One didn't `convert' or `corrupt' the other."

"That's not what I was asking, but you did answer my question. I know it's how you're born not a `corruption'. I was just asking if they found out together or one showed the other. Not that it's really any of my business."

"They found out together, from what I heard, when y'all were there at Christmas."

"We'll have to keep this one from your Dad for a while. I don't want to lose any ground on that issue."

"Agreed, Mom. Agreed."

Dad, Ryan and Will walked back in the house.

"What's agreed?" Dad asked.

"That you and I will be coming up to the farm to pick up Will at the end of the summer," Mom smoothly lied.

Patrick arrived just in time for lunch; evidently his girlfriend's father had pulled some strings at his company and gotten Patrick a part-time job at a local distribution center. Patrick had come home on his lunch break to see me and to see Will off for the summer.

Patrick and I were always the fastest eaters in the family. We finished up lunch at roughly the same time and I motioned for him to head to the bedrooms. I had the heart-to-heart talk Erik had suggested.

"Patrick, I know this is none of my business; however, that's never stopped me in the past," I got started. "I'll be blunt. Please make sure you use a condom if you are fucking your girlfriend."

Patrick looked pissed off as that came out. I put my hand up to stop his response.

"Hold on a second. I said it was none of my business. If you are having sex, that's fine with me. If you aren't having sex, that's fine with me. I'm not judging here. I'm just trying to be a good big brother. Play it safe."

His look calmed down.

"I am," He responded. "And I will continue to play safe."

"Look, I'm not trying to be pushy – actually I am. Erik has a personal level of experience he asked me to forward on to you. You know Erik's awfully young to have a son Ryan's age. Erik had just completed his freshman year of college when Ryan was born. Ryan was very unplanned. He doesn't want you ending up in the same position. OK?"

"Got it. Thanks for caring, Tracer."

We got on the road shortly after that. I was driving Ryan's truck with the boys in the back seat. I let them enjoy a few smooches before I started.

"I'm not the only one that's going to be trying to recover from the shock of today, I think," I started off.

"What do you mean?" Ryan asked.

"Will, Mom knows you're gay." I stated.

"What!?" he slumped into Ryan.

"No worries. She knows. She said she saw things in you that she had missed in me all those years ago. She's not a dumb woman. She also said that we shouldn't let Dad find out. We made a lot of gains with how he greeted me. No reason to set them back now."

"What do I do?" Will remained panicked.

"Absolutely nothing. Mom knows. It obviously doesn't bother her any more than my being gay does. Dad doesn't know and that's best for now. Later you can tell him at your own time and pace. Until then, enjoy the summer and don't worry about things."

"OK, I'll trust you on that one."

"One other topic of conversation," I continued. "Safety. I know each of you indicated that you were each other's first. Am I correct?"

"Yes," they both answered.

"Has either of you done anything with anyone else?"

"No!" They both sounded offended.

"Hey, I'm not trying to be rude. I just need answers here. OK, so you were both virgins till you played with each other and both of you have done nothing since. Good."

"What's up, Tracer?" Ryan asked.

"I just wanted to make sure you two were both clean – HIV is not a laughing matter. Erik and I use condoms at this point as we have both had prior partners. Soon, we will get tested and then the condoms may come off. If either of you plays with another person, you both need to use condoms. Understood?"

I looked in the rear view mirror. Both boys were looking at me with a stunned and somewhat scared look. "Yes, Tracer," they both replied.


The boys sat snuggled up in the back seat for a while. Fortunately, Ryan's 4x4 pickup was tall enough that only the tractor trailer drivers could see them. I'm sure their cuddling and kissing would have shocked quite a few Tennessee drivers that afternoon.

We got back to the farm late that evening. I had debated with myself half the way from Nashville which surprising detail of the trip to spring on Erik first. I told Erik about Mom's revelation concerning Will first and he took it all in stride.

"Your Mom has proven to be one smart lady time and time again. Obviously she thought about any signs you might have given and figured out some sort of pattern. Hell, your Mom may have developed `gaydar'," Erik laughed at the end.

I started laughing. "Well, she has four gay men as examples so I'm sure she will hone her skill quickly."

Then I told him about my Dad.

"Tracer, I'm truly happy your Dad is starting to change his point of view. The fact that he's been able to change his way of thinking shows that he loves you very much. As people get older they get set in their ways and it is difficult to change their mindset," Erik said.

"Dad's not that old! Hell, he's only five or six years older than you are."

"I know, but as many folks get older they find it harder to change their views on life."

Erik and I continued to discuss my Dad, Will's eventual coming out of the closet and the impact that would have on Dad and Will's relationship.

 "One good thing is that Will knows the potential consequences of letting your Dad know now. A plus is that your Dad is changing his point of view so things could be different; however, from your Mom's reaction I would think it is best that nobody tells your Dad. Finally, if things fall apart Will's always welcome to stay here."

I stared at Erik a moment. "That's an awfully generous offer."

"One more mouth to feed isn't going to make a big difference in this household. Wait, on second thought the way Will eats it is, but not enough to rescind the offer," Erik replied with a chuckle.

That night, Erik climbed on top of me in bed and gave me a deep, sloppy kiss.

"I love you, Baby," he whispered.

"Love you, too."

He worked his way down my body kissing, nibbling and otherwise teasing as he went.

"That tickles," I commented. His tongue had hit one of my many sensitive spots!

"Stop squirming and take it like a man!" was his retort.

"You're just fucking lucky you're not ticklish."

After teasing my body for a few more moments, he moved past my dick and down under my balls. He put a hand under each thigh and pushed my legs up. With that, my ass was exposed for a deep tongue attack. Erik seemed to relish eating my ass out as much as I enjoyed eating his. He pushed my cheeks apart and paid close attention to my hole with a strong tongue that probed in deeply. He kept up the attack long enough to really loosen my hole good. While I was lying there, legs in the air, I reached over and grabbed the lube and a condom.

"OK, Stud, you've opened me up good. Now, fuck me!" I ordered.

"You got it," was Erik's reply.

I pushed a good bit of lube into my hole while Erik slipped on the condom and lubed up. He plunged the full length of his dick into my ass in one easy motion. My hole was used to his dick and took it well. He started long strokes in and out of my ass, leaving just the head in and then plunging back in.

"That's the way I like it," I moaned. "Nice, deep strokes!"

I worked my ass muscles contracting as much as I could as he worked his dick into me. Then I would release them as he pulled out.

"Damn, Tracer, you're really milking my dick with that ass."

"Just trying to make it feel good," I replied.

"You're doing a damn good job!"

I'd been on my back since he started fucking. I used my legs to clamp around his ass and keep him buried in me for a moment. I started the milking motions with my ass, his dick buried all the way in me.

"Aw, fuck, that's too fucking sweet. You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that," Erik panted.

I released my legs and looked up at Erik. "Pull out for a second."

"OK." He pulled out of my ass and I squirmed from under him. I got down on all fours on the edge of the bed. "Mount me!" I ordered.

"With fucking pleasure, Stud," Erik barked. With that he climbed off the bed and stood right behind me. I felt the tip of his dick at my hole. He pushed his dick into me in one sweet, long, fluid motion.

He started fucking in and out of my hole with real power. He put his hands on my hips and started a pace that had my balls swinging hard.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" he moaned. "I'm gonna cum!"

Even through the condom, I felt his dick throb as it showered blast after blast of cum. He stayed buried in my ass for a short while. Finally, he pulled out of my ass and lay on the bed next to me.

I started stroking my dick. Erik swatted my hand away from it and bent down taking just the tip into his mouth. His tongue teased my piss slit and licked the head as if it was an ice cream cone. He tried to wrap his tongue around the shaft a few times and then moved back up to the head.

This time, his mouth slide down over my dick until his goatee was scratching my pubes. His tongue worked around my shaft with his mouth firmly planted. As he lifted off my dick, he applied hard suction; it felt like he'd pull my dick off my body.

As the suction continued, I raised my ass off the bed a bit. I moaned deeply as two of his fingers slid into my hole.

"Damn, Erik, that's feels so good."

"Ummmm," he replied with my dick still in his mouth.

His sucking soon brought me to the edge.

"I'm gonna cum, Erik," I warned. "Fuck, that feels so good."

"Aw, fuck!" I moaned as my cum shot down Erik's throat.

Erik licked the last drops from my shaft. He moved back up and lay next to me on the bed.

"That was wonderful as always," Erik enthused.

I nuzzled up against him, rubbing my hand over his chest. "I wonder if Ryan and Will are getting reacquainted?"

"Don't remind me," Erik replied. "I'm not fully comfortable knowing my Son is having sex in his bedroom."

I sat up a bit. "Erik, are you uncomfortable with all this?" I asked.

"Yes and no. I know that's not a real answer. Yes – my gay Son is having sex down the hall from me. He's only sixteen! That would make most parents uncomfortable. No – my gay Son is doing roughly the things I'm doing right here in my bedroom. I'm not a hypocrite, but I am a parent!"

"You're a good parent, with no reason to be ashamed. I had the `safe sex' discussion with them on the way home," I remarked.

"I'd thought about that, but wasn't sure how to broach it with Ryan. They've already played together," Erik replied.

"Erik, they understand the rules of safe sex and they were both virgins when they started. Neither of them has had any other opportunities. Relax and know that all is well down the hall."

Erik lifted his head a bit and kissed me. "Night, Baby."

"Night," I replied. I reached over and turned out the light on the nightstand and rolled onto my side. Erik spooned up behind me and was lightly snoring within a few minutes.

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