Dreams and Satin Sheets Chapter 12

Author's Note:  Hey Hey,  it's me again.  I always say I have to write when the inspiration hits me, and it just so happens that it hit me this afternoon.  I really hope you liked chapter 11 and as I sit here writing I realize that I am just shooting from the hip on chapter 12 so lets hope that it turns out like I want it to.  Enjoy. 
Chapter Twelve 
**Scott's POV** 
I stood in the living room listening to Josh bitching upstairs.  We had spent the day by the pool, just relaxing and sipping our drinks.  Josh had decided to work on his tan and I did the same.  After 4 hours in the sun he had turned a deep red and I dark brown.  He has been bitching all evening about how he burned and I tanned.  I thought it was quite funny myself.  Now he was upstairs trying to soothe his burned skin in a cool bath. 
I sat there looking over the things in our living room.  We had a lot of shit.  Josh had brought over the things that he wanted from his house and we had placed them wherever they needed to be.  He didn't have too much stuff because the furniture he wasn't keeping because he said that he liked mine better. 
Then I looked over toward the object taking up so much space.  Josh had given it to me about a week after we had set the date for the wedding.  I was surprised as hell when it was delivered. 
"Josh baby what the hell is this," I asked him looking at the large crate taking up most of the living room. 
"It's a present for my boo," he said with a grin. 
"It must be one hell of a present," I said laughing. 
He came around behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.  One of the delivery men was still in the house and he was looking at us. 
"Would you mind opening it" he asked the mover. 
"Not if you'll answer me a question," he said. 
"Sure," I said. 
"You are a couple right?" he said with a little smile. 
I almost laughed and Josh had to answer. 
"Yeah, we're getting married in a few months," he said. 
"I thought so," he said then started prying the lid off. 
"The reason I asked is that I can't seem to find a decent man around here." He said a little sadly. 
"I had the same problem until I found my baby," I said laying my arms on Josh's. 
"You go well together," he said continuing to work on the large crate. 
"Thanks," we said simultaneously. 
I was beginning to get an idea and I looked over the mover thoughtfully.  Josh noticed my pensive mood and decided it was time to intervene. 
"Okay baby, what type of scheme are you working on now?" he asked. 
"Me? Scheme? Surely you jest," I said indignantly. 
"Right," he said, "Now tell me why you are eyeing the moving man."
"Jealous are we?" I said laughing. 
"Hell yeah," he said then kissed me, "Now spill." 
"Well I noticed how this mover cannot seem to find a man." I said slowly. 
"Yeah," he prodded me along. 
"And he is hot ya know," I said still thinking. 
"I hadn't noticed," he said. 
"You're a bad liar," I said kissing him, "And who else do we know who can't seem to find a good man?"
"Ahhhh, I see," he said beginning to realize. 
"I just thought it might be fun to finally repay my dear doctor friend who has set me up on so many memorable dates." I said. 
"Well I guess it couldn't hurt," he said. 
"Thanks for that rousing endorsement," I said turning around to kiss him. 
When I broke the kiss and turned back around I was stunned.  
"Oh My God Josh, It's beautiful," I said walking over to it. 
"Well I thought you deserved a little present for us setting the date.  Besides your mom thought it was a good idea." He said. 
"You mean mom was in on this?" I asked. 
"Yeah, I wanted to get you something but what do you get the man that has everything." He said. 
"Yeah right, I don't have everything," I said walking towards him. "But I have all that I need."
I wrapped my arms around his neck and placed a soft kiss on his lips.  
"Thank you so much baby," I said, "I love it." 
"I hoped you would," he said smiling. 
I looked over toward the moving man and decided that now was as good a time as any to put my plan into motion. 
"Excuse me," I said to him, "I don't think I caught your name." 
"I'm sorry," he said, "It's Jamie."
"It's nice to meet you Jamie, I'm Scott and this is my wonderful fiance Josh," I said extending my hand. 
"A pleasure," he said
"Jamie, Josh and I were wondering if you would like to come over for dinner tonight." I said. 
"Umm...well...I don't know what to say," he said. 
"You better say yes," Josh said, "Scott is a great cook and he can make Italian food like nobody's business."
"Let me be honest with you," I said, "there is someone I would like you to meet." 
"Ohh so this is a fix up," he said grinning. 
"Precisely," I said, "So you'll be here?"
"I don't know," he said warily. 
"Ok I'll make a deal with ya," I said, "You come over and if you don't like Rick then just tell me, at lest you can get some new friends.  And maybe even an invitation to a wedding."
 "Now how can you refuse an offer like that?" Josh asked. 
 "Obviously I can't." He said with a smile.  
 "Great, what time do you get off work?" I asked. 
 "Actually this is the last job that I have today." He said. 
 "Okay it's 4:30 now how about you go get pretty and come back here at like 5:30 or 6:00?" I said. 
 "I don't know about the pretty part but that sounds good," he said laughing, "do I need to bring anything?" 
 "Nope, just you," I said. 
 "Okay I'll see you at about 6:00 then, and I look forward to meeting your friend," he said
 "Well he won't be here until a little after 7:00 but I figured you could just hang with us for a while before he gets here." I said. 
 "Sounds good," he said then started toward the door.
 "Ohh wait," I said running over to the table and grabbing a card and writing my name and number on it, "there ya go and bring some swim trunks too we might want an after dinner dip." 
"Okay, but can I ask ya something?" he said. 
"Sure," I said. 
"Why are you being so nice to me?" he asked. 
Josh laughed. 
"Well that's Scott's way, he loves to do things for people.  He says that you should live by the golden rule.  Not to mention that he has a heart as big as all outdoors." He said walking over to me and wrapping his arms around my waist. 
"Yeah, that's me, just call me Gandhi" I said laughing. 
"Okay, see ya in a bit," Jamie said laughing then walked out the door. 
As I shut the door behind him I wondered if this would actually work.  But then again it was worth a shot and Jamie was a really nice person. 
"Whatcha thinkin' about love?" Josh asked. 
"Whether or not I can actually pull this off," I said truthfully. 
"Well baby if anyone can it's you," he said. 
"Thanks boo," I said, "could you call Rick and get him over here about 7, I am gonna go start dinner."
"Sure thing baby," he said then went off to find the cordless while I went out to the kitchen to begin cooking. 
I laughed aloud as I heard Josh cussing upstairs about his sunburn.  I walked over and sat down at the white baby grand piano and smiled again as I remembered how well that evening had gone.  Not long after that night Jamie and Rick had gone out again and they seemed to be hitting it off pretty well.  I was glad that it was working out and hoped that they would start dating soon. 
Rick wasn't like me when it came to relationships.  I tended to fall hard and fast while he was more cautious.  He had told me earlier in the day that he really liked Jamie and hoped that he felt the same way.  I didn't tell him that Jamie had told me the same thing earlier in the day.  I may have set them up but it wasn't my place to tell them about their feelings for one another. 
I begin play a few notes on the piano and was surprised that I remembered how to play.  It had been years since I had played anything.  I had always played by ear and after a couple of years of that I took lessons and became fairly good.  I heard the doorbell and then Josh yelling that he would get it.  I figured it was Rick or Jamie or both because we had become pretty close with Jamie over the past couple of weeks. 
I couldn't hear who he was talking to so I began playing a song that I had heard earlier in the day.  As my fingers moved over the keys I closed my eyes and began to sing softly. 
Don't want to close the door
Don't want to give up on it
Don't want to fight no more
We'll find a way around it
Where's the love we had?
We can make it last
Tell me what I gotta be
Tell me what you wanna do?
Cause I can't live my life
The way you want me
You know we can't go on, living like we do
Do I have to cry for you
Do I have to cry for you?
So tell me what it's for
If there's no winner in it
Nobody's keeping score
Let's start from the beginning
Can we make it last?
With the love we have
Tell me what I gotta be?
Tell me what you wanna do?
Cause I can't live my life the way you want me to
You know I can't go on, living like we do?
Do I have to cry for you?
Do I have to cry for you?
Do I gotta stand in the cold dark night till the morning light, yeah
Do I have to say 'I won't let you ! get away'
What do I gotta be?
Tell me what wanna do?
I can't live my life, the way you want me to
You know I can't go on, living like we do?
Do I have to cry for you?
Yeahh, yeeaaahhhh
You know I can't go on, living like we do
Do I have to cry for you?
Do I have to cry for you?
I had forgotten about everything else and gotten lost in the song.  I hadn't put that much emotion into a song in a very long time and it felt good.  I listened as the last few notes drifted through the living room and finally drifted away.  It was dead quiet and I opened my eyes to see Josh, Jamie, and Rick staring at me.  Jamie looked a little misty-eyed and Josh was full out crying.  Rick looked a little stunned. 
"Sorry," I said, "I think I got a little carried away."
"Don't be sorry baby," Josh said wiping at his eyes, "That was beautiful."
"Yeah," Rick said, "I never knew you could sing so well."
"It's one of my many hidden talents," I said blushing furiously. 
"And what others are you hiding?" Jamie asked. 
"You'll have to ask Josh," I said grinning and winked at him, "I've showed him a couple."
It was Josh's turn to blush now.  We decided to move this little shin dig out on the patio and I was bringing out a pitcher of tea and I heard Jamie mention how hungry he was.  I walked over and sat the tray down on the table and picked up the cordless and dialed a familiar number. 
I stood there and placed my order and they told me that it would be about half an hour.  I thanked them and hung up. 
"Pizza is on it's way," I said grinning. 
"Yummy," Jamie said. 
I laughed out loud.  He reminded me of a little kid.  He was always happy and I had never seen him without a huge smile on his face.  I really hoped that he and Rick would start dating because it had been so long since I knew of anyone that Rick had dated.  Rick was great fun to be around but sometimes he forgot to enjoy the simpler things in life.  I did the same thing before I met Josh and now he reminded me how much I loved to do those types of things. 
I noticed that Josh was squirming a little and every now and then he would cringe when he moved.  I knew that his sunburn was worse than he let on so I walked over behind him and kissed his reddened cheek.  The sun had almost set and my entire back yard was bathed in gold. I must say it made Josh look even hotter.  I let my mind wander for a moment thinking of all the things I would like to do to him right now before I remembered that we had guests. 
I noticed that Josh's breathing was a little ragged and as I stood there I could feel the heat emanating from his skin. 
"Okay, stand up baby," I said. 
"What?" he asked confused. 
"I said stand up," I repeated. 
He looked a little confused but complied nonetheless. 
As he stood there I leaned over and kissed his lips quickly before reaching for the bottom of his shirt.  He started to protest. 
"Scott baby what are you doing," he asked. 
"I decided that I am going to ravish you right here on this table." I said. 
The look on his face was priceless.  He was absolutely horrified but then again I thought I detected a hint of lust in his eyes.  Could it be that my boo was an exhibitionist? I would have to find out later. 
"Relax baby," I said, "You have a lot of heat trapped in your body and this shirt isn't helping." 
I watched as his face relaxed and he allowed me to pull the shirt over his head.  He cringed as I pulled it over his head. 
"Sorry baby," I said, "I don't mean to hurt you." 
"I know," he said. 
"I am also sorry for this," I said. 
"What?" he asked. 
"This," I said and pushed him in the pool. 
He came up sputtering and cussing at me while I heard Rick roaring with laughter.  I glanced over at Josh who was still in the water and appeared to be somewhat more comfortable to be in the cool water of the pool.  I noticed that he was also looking at me with a look that I was unable to interpret.  It wasn't often that Josh was able to hide what he was feeling from me.  We had become accustomed to one another's moods and various emotions and many times we could tell what the other was thinking before he said a word or even gave a look.
He stood there in the shallow end of the pool and stared at me.  His eyes locked with mine and I was completely lost to the rest of the world.  I was so caught up in his intense eyes that I did not notice Jamie sneaking up behind me and picking me up.  He walked over to the edge of the pool and held me over the water as if contemplating what to do. 
"You'll regret it," I said simply. 
"I don't think I will," he said flatly and let go. 
When I hit the water it was colder than I expected but still felt kind of good.  I swam around under the water for a moment then had an idea.  I swam to the opposite end of the pool and then turned around to see them all watching me.  So I decided to at least make it worth their while.  I slowly climbed out of the water and stood next to the pool.  It was growing closer to dark and the hot summer day was slowly sinking into another balmy Savannah night. 
As I stood their next to the water I started running my fingers through my wet hair and then down my chest to the hem of my shirt.  In a painfully slow motion I pulled the wet cotton over my head and let it plop loudly on the cement.  I then turned around facing away from my voyeurs.  I undid the button on my shorts and slid them down my legs which proved to be a little difficult being that wet denim does not slide very well.  After I had removed all of my clothing I turned around to see everyone staring wide eyed as I dove smoothly into the water. 
I slid through the water almost effortlessly and really enjoyed the feeling of the cool water on my hot skin.  I swam underwater for the entire length of the pool.  When I surfaced I saw everyone was still standing there where they had been when I had decided to perform my little strip show.  I finally got tired of the look that Josh was giving me and decided it was time to say something. 
"What?? I asked flatly. 
"You're naked," Josh said
"Yeah, that's right," I said slyly, "it's nothing that they haven't saw before and for that matter it is nothing that they do not have themselves."
"Yeah, but, but," he started.  
"Is that a problem for you baby?" I asked. 
"Well not normally but considering that we have guests I would prefer that you have something covering your beautiful ass." He finally managed to say. 
"I guess," I said starting to move away from him but then he grabbed my arm and leaned close to my ear. 
"Besides, you're making me horny," he said taking my hand and placing it on his crotch where I could feel how horny he actually was through the wet fabric. 
I leaned in and kissed him quickly. 
"Down boy," I whispered and then swam away. 
When I got out of the pool I started walking towards the door of the house and made sure to shake my ass the whole way there.  I didn't look back to see the expressions on their faces but I could picture what Josh's looked like. 
I continued on my way through the house and I started thinking of things that I needed to do in the next couple of weeks.  I decided that I was just going to leave them be for the night and enjoy my time with my friends.  I walked upstairs and changed into a pair of swim trunks then decided that I was going to opt for the speedo instead.  I walked into our bathroom and grabbed four big fluffy white towels and then made my way back towards the kitchen. 
As I walked through the living room I decided to switch on the stereo so we could listen to some music while we swam.  I set the volume at an appropriate level then walked through the kitchen and got a glass of iced tea.  When I returned to the patio I saw that Rick and Jamie had already changed into their swim suits while I was upstairs.  They were splashing and looked to be having a great time.  Josh didn't notice that I had returned to the pool so I sat my tea down on the table along with the towels and walked over to the edge of the pool. 
I waited until Jamie and Rick provided enough noise to divert Josh's attention and then dove smoothly into the pool.  I swam underwater until I was right up behind him then surfaced.  I slowly snaked my hands around his waist and then down the front of his shorts.  He gasped then leaned his head back on my shoulder. 
"Is this better?" I asked him. 
"Umm, yeah, sure, whatever," he managed to stumble out as I let my hands roam. 
"Something on your mind baby?" I said innocently. 
"Umm I guess you could say that." He said breathily. 
"Care to share?" I asked. 
"Not at this time," he said. 
"Then shall we make a date to discuss this later." I said with my hands still wandering. 
"I suppose we could." He nearly gasped while I wrapped my hand around his hardened flesh. 
"Tonight, after Rick and Jamie leave, the bedroom, don't be late." I said then placed a kiss on his earlobe causing him to shudder. 
After that I removed my hands and moved around in front of him.  His eyes looked glazed and his expression told you that he was in a playful mood. Well it told you that if you could read him as well as I could.  I noticed that Jamie and Rick were on the other side of the pool splashing one another and I grabbed Josh's hand and we went to join them. 
Rick noticed us coming towards them and decided to comment on my earlier activities. 
"Well, if it ain't the little exhibitionist." He said grinning widely. 
"Little my ass," I said laughing and splashing water toward him. 
"Well just so you know you gave my man here a hard on." He said and Jamie blushed furiously. 
"Glad you enjoyed it Jamie," I said grinning, "Josh enjoyed it immensely as well. 
Josh blushed and tried to swim away but I stopped him and pulled him close to my chest.  We were both facing towards Rick and Jamie and it didn't even occur to me until...
"Scott, what were you doing before you came over here?" he asked. 
"Ohh nothing much," I said not liking where this was going. 
"Well to have been doing nothing much your man is awfully excited." He said then burst out laughing. 
I would have liked to have seen the look on Josh's and my faces because I know it was priceless. He managed to squirm out of my hold and swam away. Rick moved over closer to me and Jamie went to the other end of the pool to talk to Josh. 
"No wonder you are marrying him." Rick said softly. 
"Come again?" I said. 
"He is hung like hell," Rick said.
"We both know that isn't the reason." I said laughing.
"Yeah, I know" he said, "but it's part of it right?"
I grinned and said, "Jealous?"
We laughed and splashed around for another few minutes then I had to climb out of the water and turn on the lights.  I didn't turn on any of the lights surrounding the pool just the ones in it.  It bathed the black water in a nice soft glow and I decided to light the few Tiki torches that I had placed sporadically around the patio. 
It was times like these that I loved my house. I had spent a great deal of money and many hours getting it the way that I wanted it but now in my eyes it was perfect.  Rick had once asked me why I had bought that big of a house and I replied that I liked a lot of room.  I guess the reasoning behind that was that I had a lot of shit. 
Josh had moved his things around the house but he didn't change anything major except for my office.  It wasn't really an office just a spare bedroom where I kept my computer and stuff like that but he said that we needed to make one.  So he spent one entire day shopping for new office furniture and then he kept seeing things that he wanted when we were shopping for him a new monitor until I finally dragged him out of the store. 
I must admit that before Josh had invaded the office that it didn't seem to fit with the rest of the house.  It was like I had been on a decorating spree and then lost steam when I got to that room.  Now it seemed to fit quite well thanks to my fiance.  My fiance, I just couldn't say that enough.  It seemed that I seized every opportunity to call him that.  Maybe I was trying to convince myself that it was actually going to happen.  Rick said that it was because I was gloating. Maybe it was...just a little. 
I climbed back into the pool and we played around until after 11 o'clock.  Josh kept looking at me out of the corner of his eyes and I knew what he was thinking.  He was standing there wandering when our guests were going to leave.  I have to say that the thought had crossed my mind once or twice as well. I was hesitant to let them leave because at some point in the evening Rick had gone in search of the tequila bottle. 
I had told Josh that he could have a couple of shots when he looked at me like a little puppy.  It wasn't that I tried to dictate his actions it's just that he respected my wishes and if I had told him not to drink then he wouldn't have.  At one point we were sitting at the table and I noticed that Jamie and Rick had a pretty nice buzz goin. Josh had only done one shot and with the pizza that we had eaten earlier it wasn't enough to get him drunk. But I did noticed a gleam in his eye. 
"Hey baby," he said looking at me. 
"Yeah," I answered. 
"Would you mind getting rid of your towel." He asked. 
"Why?" I asked standing up. 
"Please," he whined. 
"Okay, fine" I said then tossed the towel over to the chaise lounge. 
I didn't figure out what he was doing until it was almost too late. 
He had poured two shots and had a lemon and a salt shaker.  I then realized exactly what he had been thinking. 
"Baby, what are you doing?" I asked. 
"You'll see." He said flatly. 
He leaned towards me and licked a trail up the center of my stomach and chest.  Then he sprinkled the salt over it and held the lemon wedge out to me.  I grinned like an idiot and put it between my lips.  He leaned over and licked off the salt all the way up my chest then threw back his shot and slammed it on the table.  He leaned towards my lips and kissed me while sucking on the lemon. 
After a few minutes he broke the kiss and spit out the lemon and then looked over to me. 
"You're turn," he said grinning. 
Josh had found out the hard way what an effect tequila has on me. 
"Baby, you know what that does to me." I said slowly. 
"Yeah I do," he said smiling wickedly, "your turn."
I was a little stunned but I leaned over and began to repeat the process on him.  Josh had found out back when we first started dating that tequila makes me extremely horny.  It has a similar effect on him but to a slightly lesser degree. 
After we had each done two body shots I told Josh no more for me or him because I needed him awake later.  Jamie and Rick had managed to become fairly intoxicated so I told them that they were not leaving and could have the bedroom on the opposite side of the house from ours. 
Josh and I were nicely buzzed but we could function normally. Except our hormone levels seemed to be steadily rising.  After we helped the dynamic duo to their room I told them that if they needed me that I was right down the hall, and to listen before knocking. That sent them both into fits of giggles and I laughed while walking out the door and giving a warning not to puke in the bed or on the carpet. 
As I walked toward our bedroom I thought about how happy Rick had seemed tonight.  It is the happiest I have saw him in quite a while.  I smiled while walking into the room then my smile fell when I looked toward the bed.  I had noticed that the alcohol had worn off Josh for the most part and as I stood there I noticed why. 
"Ohhh," Josh moaned from the bed. 
Hearing my angel in pain was like being hit in the face with cold water and in an instant I was cold sober.  I walked over to his side and sat on the edge of the bed.  It was then I realized why he was in pain.  I could feel the heat radiating off of his seared skin.  I sighed and walked out of the room and back downstairs to retrieve what I needed from the kitchen.  I walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed the bottle of aloe vera gel and then on my way back up stairs I went into our bathroom to get two Tylenol and a cup of water.
I handed him the two pills and the water and as he swallowed them I noticed that he had tears running down his reddened cheeks. 
"Ohh baby," I said running my fingers through his hair, which was the only place I could touch safely.  "I'm sorry we stayed out in the sun so long."
"It's ok boo," he said softly, "I should have known better." 
"You've got a lot of heat trapped in that flawless skin of yours babe," I said taking the aloe in my hand, "and this is probably gonna hurt ya but it will help I promise."
"Okay, I'm ready" he said laying his head back on the cool sheets. 
"This is gonna be very cold baby," I said squirting some of the cold green gel on my hands then placing them on his shoulders. 
He moaned out softly and I could tell by the expression on his face that he was experiencing a mixture of exquisite relief and excruciating pain.  I could tell by looking at his skin that if he had stayed any longer in the sun he would have been blistered.  I concentrated on working the gel gently into his skin and when I had finished his back I told him to flip over. 
I know this experience was not a pleasant one for him but the same could not be said for me.  I was rather enjoying running my hands over his body which was slick with the gel.  If it had not been for this causing my angel so much pain I am sure that it would lead to other more exciting events. 
When I had made sure that every inch of his burned skin had been thoroughly coated I went to the bathroom and washed the green gel off of my hands then went to turn the air conditioning down a couple of notches.  I would probably be frozen by morning but I would do anything to keep my angel comfy. 
The dawn found me sitting on the patio with a cup of hot coffee.  It was still before 7 am but the thermometer sat on seventy five and according to the weather channel was going to top out at around ninety eight which meant probably over one hundred.  I was buried up to my nose in books and envelopes.  I had taken on the task of planning our wedding and everything was going quite well until it came time for the invitations to be ordered. 
I couldn't decide on an invitation.  I liked a couple but nothing seemed to fit our situation as well as I would like.  I had turned on the radio and it was playing softly and I was continuing to plow through flower arrangements and place settings purposefully avoiding the invitations.  I had even planned the ceremony itself right down to what the minister would say but I just couldn't get the invitations written. 
Finally I picked up a pen and began to doodle on a blank piece of paper.  I started off just drawing a tree, then a stick man.  I had scribbled a few words down the page and I looked up and saw Josh standing on the balcony.  My heart swelled at the sight of him.  I watched as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and I fell in love with him all over again. 
I sat there watching mesmerized and when he noticed me sitting there staring his face lit up and he grinned from ear to ear.  He blew me a kiss then turned to go inside and suddenly I had what I needed and I began to write. 
Today I Will Marry My Best Friend, My Lover,
My Missing Half And My Soul Mate
On August Twenty Fifth
In The Year Of Our Lord
Two Thousand And Three
Scott Matthew Williams
Joshua Allen Parker
Will Be United As One In The Presence
Of Their Family And Friends
At Four Fifteen In The Evening
At Their Savannah Home
I looked down at what I had written and smiled.  I looked at the words I had carefully written in calligraphy.  When I looked at our names carefully written out on the paper I fully realized for the first time that it was actually going to happen.  I noticed that the paper was getting wet and feared rain until I felt the tears trickling down my cheeks.  I smiled and thought that no other being in this world had made me happy enough to cry.  At that moment August 25th seemed an eternity away.  But to marry my angel I could wait.   
To Be Continued...
There it is another chapter is done.  I used Nick Carter's "Do I Have To Cry For You", in this chapter but I have no copyright info on it so if someone important is reading, please don't sue.  Anyway, comments are always welcome as a suggestion you should listen to the aforementioned song because it is great.