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Author's Note:  Well well,  my baby has made it to chapter 14 already.  And today is the blessed event.  I am starting to write this one about 10 days before the actual wedding date so hopefully I can have it edited and posted before it comes.  I don't know how long this chapter Is going to be but I am hoping that it will be longer than the other chapters because there is more that has to happen in it that in the others.  I am aiming for around 25 pages but who knows maybe it will be longer.  I guess I could use the trick that I use when writing my papers for classes and change the font to something larger but that is cheating.  Ok I will stop rambling now and start writing.  Hope you enjoy.  
Chapter 14:  Just Breathe...
**Scott's POV**
Ok so it is less than a week until the wedding and everything is going quite nicely.  After my mini breakdown a few weeks ago I calmed down considerably.  Michelle has been a god send and I don't think that I would have been able to get all of this stuff done in time.  True to her word I had complete control over all aspects of the wedding and all she did was get it done.  It was like being on of these really famous people with their personal assistants. 
We had started two days after my mini breakdown and I had come to learn that she is an incredible individual. She also told me that if I ever decided to leave the medical field that she would have a position open for me.  I had thought at one point in my life that I would enjoy being a wedding planner but after the headache I have been through the past couple of months I can honestly say that I would rather work in retail or fast food than plan weddings.  Especially after we had talked about all the bitching brides you have to deal with.  When Josh had walked in on that part of the conversation he just had to make a smart remark. 
"I don't know why you are laughing baby you are probably at the top of that list," he said wrapping his arms around my waist. 
"Very funny," I said while looking over towards Michelle who was trying to stifle a laugh, "Ohh sure encourage him". 
"Well I'm laughing because it couldn't be farther from the truth." She said smiling. 
"Well I try," I said then turned to stick my tongue out at my laughing fiance.
"I'm serious," she said, "I have never met anyone like you two, I have managed to get a great many people married and I have never saw two people more in love than the two of you.  When you've planned as many weddings as I have you develop a sort of sixth sense about certain things.  Like in the movie The Wedding Planner, She says that she can predict down to the week when a couple is going to get divorced.  Well you can and I can honestly say that I cannot see the day when you two will not want to be together."
I didn't know what to say.  I had known from that first night that Josh spent in my bed snuggled up to me that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and that feeling was only intensified when he proposed on our trip to Jamaica.  But I had never thought that other people could tell that is how we felt about one another.
I have dated a few guys but I can say that I couldn't picture my life with them.  With Josh I can envision us as two old geezers sitting on our front porch watching grandkids playing in the yard.  It is an amazing feeling and if I could put it in a bottle I could put the liquor industry out business in a hot minute. 
At that exact moment my cell phone began to ring loudly and shattered my daydream. 
"Hello," I said.  
"Hey there little brother," my sister Kathleen said. 
"Hey sis, What's goin on?" I asked while trying to wrestle a cigarette out of the pack.  Josh was laughing. 
"Well I called to see how things are going with the wedding and to see what you guys needed I'm having trouble finding a suitable wedding gift." She said. 
"I have already told everyone else in the family that we don't need anything just get your ass on that plane and get down here." I said almost frustrated. 
"You know I'm not gonna do that now tell me something to get for you two.  Or should I just find something to get you." She said slyly. 
I knew that tone all to well. When she said something in that tone it always meant that she had something up her sleeve. 
"Just surprise me," I said smiling and winked at Josh and Michelle, "Just no sex toys, we've got too many already. 
I laughed when she dropped the phone.  I looked over at Josh and saw his eyes twinkling with laughter.  Michelle was red as a beet and trying not to look at both of us. 
"Damn, you nearly gave me a coronary," she said still laughing, "and you ruined my only idea for a gift."
"Well I'm sorry but I am sure you can come up with something," I said, "Just remember that I love little gorgeous things.
"Okay," then I suppose I'll see you in a couple of days?" she said. 
"Yep, I can't wait either." I said grinning. 
"Are you sure that you don't mind us staying with you?" she asked. 
"No we insist, besides you've never been to my house I have to show it off a little bit. " I said. 
"Okay, but I still don't feel right about it, or about you guys paying for the plane tickets."  She said.  
"And I already said that we took care of everyone's because we had that extra money from Josh's house." I said, "So stop bitchin about it and go pack your bags."
"Ok ok, I'll see ya Wednesday," she said, "Love you". 
"Love you too, bye Kat." I said. 
"Bye Scott." She said then hung up. 
I placed the phone in my pocket and then walked over to where Josh and Michelle were sitting and poured myself a glass of tea.  It was about 7:30 Monday morning and Josh was waiting on me to finish my phone call before he went to get ready for work.  I sat down in the chair next to him and wrapped my fingers around his hand that was lying on the table.  He pulled it up to his lips and kissed it lightly while continuing to listen to Michelle. 
"... so I think that the only thing that really has to be done is the food.  The flowers and everything will be here Monday morning along with the people that are going to set up the flowers.  The band is coming at about 2 so they can get set up.  The guests aren't set to arrive until about 3:30 so that should be everything.  While the ceremony is taking place the reception area will be set up around the pool and about 15 minutes into the ceremony they will bring out the food and the cake comes out last.  The DJ will be set up over there and the tent for the food will be over there by the fence." She said. 
I was just sitting there thinking that she would probably kept right on talking even if we weren't there.  It was more like she was thinking out loud.  My thought process was interrupted by Michelle again. 
"So now there are only a couple of things left to take care of.  We know how the main parts of the ceremony are going to work, but you are writing your own vows correct?" she said.
"Well I already have mine written I can't speak for my other half." I said then looked over at Josh. 
"What?? When did you have the time to write your vows babe?" he asked puzzled. 
"The night we had our huge fight and then made up.  I wrote them after you fell asleep which wasn't easy considering that you were like an octopus that night.  I hid them the next morning." I said. 
"Ohh I see how it is.  Being deceitful again." He said. 
"Avoiding the question are we??" I asked smugly. 
"What question," he asked feigning stupidity. 
"You know very well what question." I said enjoying this. 
"Alright if you must know then I haven't managed to write my vows.  I have tried about a thousand times but they never seem to be what I want to say." He finally admitted sadly.  
"It's ok baby you'll get it." I said rubbing his hand in mine. 
"I don't know Scott," he said softly, "How am I going to ever be able to say what you mean to me.  To tell everyone how important you are to me.  How your smile makes me feel like I am 16 again, how when I hear your laugh I want to run and scoop you up and play in the rain.  How when I see you cry my chest feels like it is empty and all I want to do is hold you and protect you for the rest of our lives." 
"I think you just did," I heard Michelle say. 
"Huh?" Josh asked. 
"I think you just did," she said dabbing at her eyes with a tissue, "I thought that was as close to perfect as you could get."
"I think she's right baby," I said smiling, "Just now you spoke from your heart.  And my guess is that all this time you been trying to write your vows you have been speaking from your head.  What you just told me makes me want to marry you even more.  I love you so much Joshua."
"Ohh baby," he said leaning in to kiss me. 
Once our lips touched nothing else mattered, everything else in the world seemed trivial.  That is until Michelle started clearing her throat loudly. 
I broke the kiss and then turned to look at her, "Something we can do for you Michelle?" I asked innocently. 
"Funny," she said, "and as much as I love seeing you two so in love, we have things to do. "
"Yeah she's right," Josh said looking at his watch, "Ohh shit if I don't hurry I am gonna be late." 
"Oops, sorry if I am holding up progress." I said with a Cheshire cat grin. 
"S'ok baby, feel free to delay me anytime." He said moving in for another kiss. 
"Hold it Romeo," Michelle said, "You go get your ass in the shower."
I laughed as he pecked me on the cheek and started in the house. 
"And I don't know what you are laughing at Juliet," Michelle said, "We got things to do today too."
I grumbled as I heard Josh laughing in the kitchen. 
"Shower NOW!!" Michelle yelled. 
Michelle was a nice person but she occasionally went into business mode.  This was obviously one of those times.  I didn't dare laugh as I heard Josh running up the stairs. 
Over the next couple of hours Michelle and I managed to get everything else hammered down and it seemed as if the entire thing was set in stone.  I knew when everyone was arriving and Josh and I were going to meet them at the airport to try to ferry everyone to where they needed to be for their visit.  Which had taken some planning on our part.  We, meaning mostly I, had decided that the immediate family which meant my brothers and sisters and my mom were going to stay at my house, as well as my brother' and sister's mother Betty.  We had the spare room and everyone could have a room except for Betty, but we had decided that she could sleep in the office because when Josh had gone on his redecorating kick he had put in a queen sleeper sofa.  The more distant family was going to stay at a hotel where we had gotten a group rate and most of them on the same floor. 
Michelle and I had spent the better part of the last hour just chatting and I cringed when my cell phone rang. 
"Hello," I said almost knowing what was going to be asked. 
"Hey Scott," I heard Janine say, "What's up?"
"Nothing much just going over a few of the last minute details with Michelle." I said casually. 
"Well that's good," she said cautiously, "I have something to ..."
"I'll be right there," I said cutting her off. 
"Thanks Scott," she said gratefully, "I really appreciate it we are swamped." 
"I'll be there in half an hour," I said then hung up.
"Well I guess you've gotta get ready huh?" Michelle asked starting to get up. 
"Well I guess so," I said standing, "they are always needing something and I swear I think they are gonna fall apart when I am not there for 2-1/2 weeks." 
"I know how that is," she said as we walked through the kitchen. 
"Yeah," I said stopping to write a note on the dry erase board we had on the fridge. 
"I wish I had someone that did that," I heard Michelle say. 
"What?" I asked continuing. 
"Leave me little notes around the house," she said. 
"Well I can pretty much guarantee that there are two or three upstairs somewhere and another somewhere down here." I said laughing as I led her through the house.   
"Why are all the good men gay?" she asked throwing her hands up in the air. 
"I don't know I guess it's just luck for me." I said grinning. 
"Yeah and you gotta rub it in too don't ya?" she said laughing. 
"Every chance I get." I said opening the front door for her. 
"Well I guess I'll see ya later Scott," she said walking out the door. 
"Ok Michelle, be careful," I said, "and don't forget about coming over for dinner when my family gets here. 
"Ok I wont," she said over her shoulder, "Bye Scott."
"Bye Michelle," I said shutting the door. 
I went up to our bedroom and found a pair of scrubs and hastily put them on.  After checking my hair and brushing my teeth I grabbed my keys, wallet, cell phone, and lab coat and ran downstairs.  After checking all the doors and turning off the lights I cut through the garage and to my car. 
Twenty minutes later found me clocking in and heading towards the lab.  I decided that I wasn't ready to go in there yet so I took the long way around through the ER and past the nurse's station.  Fifteen minutes and about a thousand conversations later I was breezing towards my office. 
"Hey Janine," I yelled not being able to see her. 
"Yeah," I heard from the direction of her office. 
"How bad is it?" I asked throwing my cell down on my desk along with my car keys and cigarettes. 
"Two MVAs and two MIs along with all of the lunch chem. work and outpatient labs." She said rushing past me with a hand full of tubes and forms. 
"How much is chemistry backed up?" I asked slipping on my coat and finding a pair of gloves. 
"Over an hour!" she said exasperatedly. 
"What's the problem?" I asked washing my hands them slipping on the gloves. 
"There was a glitch in the power for a second and it reset all the machines.  Everything was fine until Alan went to recalibrate and he still hasn't got the levels in for everything." She said starting the centrifuge and hurrying off. 
"Now I see why you called me." I said. 
"Right," she said from somewhere in the outpatient lab. "Not to mention that a phlebotomist called in sick and so did two techs." 
"Ohh shit" I said louder than I meant to.
"Yeah," she said, "Now get to work in chemistry and when you get done thee then try to get some hematology done and there is a type and cross for whomever gets to it first." 
"Okay," I said then went off to help Alan. 
After seeing the disarray that the chem lab was in I knew this wasn't going to be easy. 
"Okay Alan, what's goin on?" I asked. 
"Well Mr. Williams, the machines won't calibrate and I am swamped."  He said sighing. 
"Well first off I want you to call me Scott I am just a tech like you and like I've told you before that day I went off on you was not a good one for me."  I said. 
"Okay sorry," he said a little shyly. 
"No I'm the one who should still be apologizing for that incident."  I said. 
"Nah it's cool I understand," he said lowering his head. 
"Something on your mind?" I asked looking over the machines to see any signs of mechanical damage.
"Well I was kind of wondering..." He started them trailed off. 
"Yeah," I prodded, "go on."
"Well I was kind of wondering if you would like to go out sometime."  He asked hurriedly. 
"I beg your pardon?" I said turning to face him.
"Well you are a nice guy when you aren't being a dick." He said sheepishly. 
"And cute too..." he said and the words hung in the air. 
Now over the many years my gaydar had never failed me.  Except for this time.
"You mean..." I asked. 
"Uh huh," he said. 
"Well I'll be damned," I said, "I never would have guessed." 
"Well it's true," he said avoiding my gaze, "so would you?"
"Would I what?" I asked still dumbfounded. 
"Like to go out with me." He said. 
"Well Alan I am flattered but..." I started. 
"You're not interested." He cut me off. 
"It's not that Alan," I said, "You're a really cute guy and all but ya see..."
I pulled off my glove and held out my left hand. 
"Ohh my god you're straight," he started freaking out, "I just hit on a straight guy." 
"Not hardly," I said then dissolved in laughter, "I am getting married to my fiance Josh in less than a week." 
"Oh thank god," he said with a relieved sigh, "I mean that you are gay not that..." 
"It's ok Alan," I said still laughing, "I understand."
We stood there in an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes.  Alan was the first to break it. 
"So what's it like?" he asked. 
"What's that?" I said moving to check on the machines. 
"Being engaged?" he said looking through the patient samples attempting to get organized.  
"The most amazing and the most terrifying thing that I have ever experienced." I said. 
"Sounds weird."  He said. 
"Well Alan, it is sometimes," I said, "but in a good way, like I can't believe this is happening to me." 
"Well I have never experienced anything close to that."  He said sadly. 
"What have you experienced?" I asked, "If you don't mind my asking?"
"Not much outside of sex," he said truthfully, "I've been with a couple of guys but there was no emotion just lust and gratification." 
"I know how that is," I said sadly, "But it will get better,"
"I hope so," he said. 
"Well I went through a really bad time in my life, a really really bad time that lasted for what seemed like a century. But now I am with the best man in the world and if I had to do it all over again to be with him, I'd do it in a heart beat." I said starting to think about Josh. 
"Well he must be something," he said. 
I pulled out my wallet and showed him that picture of Josh and I kissing on the swing at the family reunion.  My sister had given us both wallets but nothing else which I thought was shitty but I haven't really had time to think about it. 
"Damn, he's hot," he said. 
"Hands off boy he's all mine," I said snatching the picture back. 
"Okay, okay party pooper." He said going over to the printer check on the calibration. 
At that time the phone rang and I picked up the cordless and answered it. 
"Laboratory this is Scott," I said. 
"Hey sexy," I heard Josh say, "What's up?" 
"Tryin to work baby," I said melting at hearing his voice, "speaking of what are you doing home so early?"
"One of the perks of being a V.P.," he said, "I didn't feel like being there so I left to come home to spend time with you but you weren't here."
"Well I'm sorry baby you know I'd rather be home with you than here but duty calls," I said going over to look at the computer screen on the machine. 
"Well I know," he said,  "Just tell Janine that because you weren't here I was forced to take matters into my own hands."
"What's that supposed to mean hun," I said working on the machine. 
"I think you know sexy." He said with a hint of lust in his voice. 
"JOSHUA ALLEN you didn't," I said loudly. 
"Twice actually," he said laughing. 
"Oh my god," I said feeling the heat wash over my face. 
"See what you missed out on by being at work," he said. 
"With incentive like that I am thinking about quitting." I said jokingly. 
"Well just remember what is waiting at home for ya baby," he said. 
"It's what keeps me going love." I said. 
"I love you boo," he said, "I'll be waiting upstairs when you get home."
"I love you too baby," I said, "see ya tonight."
"Ok boo," he said, "Bye."
"Bye angel," I said then hung up. 
I looked over to see Alan looking at me funny. 
"Problems?" I asked looking at him. 
"Nope, but that was an interesting conversation." He said. 
"You have no idea," I said going red again. 
"Must've been something," he said shaking his head. 
"Yeah," I said. "Now we got work to do."
"Well the calibration was pretty much useless because almost half of them are out of range."  He said. 
"Well how is the reagent stock?" I asked not remembering the inventory report. 
"We had a shipment yesterday so we are fully stocked."  He said. 
"Okay then," I said, "we are going to replace all of the reagents on all machines, perform monthly maintenance, calibrate, and run controls."
"Won't that take a while?" he asked. 
"Well only about two hours if we really hurry." I said. 
"Can we wait that long?" he asked. 
"Well Alan I guess we will have to won't we?" I heard Janine say from the door. 
"Ma'am?" he questioned. 
"Well it's like this," she began, "Scott is the chemistry guru and knows all these machines like the back of his hand.  What he says over here is pretty much gospel.  And he has never led us wrong before. 
"Thanks Janine," I said, "now will you do me a favor and call the ER and tell them what's up.  Alan why don't you start getting the reagents replaced and logged in while I try to go clear out the hematology work.  Did you ever get to that type and cross Janine?"
"That is done and ready to give but hematology is backed up out the ass."  She said sighing. 
"Well I'll take care of that if you can make those calls for me and tell them to hold off on all non critical labs till we get back on our feet."  I said. 
"Sure thing boss," she joked. 
"Alright people let's move." I said going over to the hematology side.
Janine wasn't lying when she said that it was backed up.  It took me almost twenty minutes to get everything programmed into the system.  Once I had everything set to run I went to check on Alan.  He seemed to be doing well although he was trying to do too many things at one time. 
"Alan," I said. 
"Yeah," he answered. 
"Calm down," I said, "If you do one thing at a time you'll get done quicker."
"Sorry, I'm just in a hurry." He said. 
"Well let me help where are you at?" I said moving over in front of the computer screen. 
"Well everything is logged in and ready to put on." He said,  "'Where do you want to start."
"Well let's get all these reagents on first.  Get the controls and calibrators out of the fridge so we can get them going asap.  When you get that done than I'll start putting them on the lx cause that is our main machine the back up can wait till we get this one calibrating." I said getting everything lined up to put on the machine. 
"Right." He said moving off to get the things from the fridge. 
I was standing there throwing the old reagents away and putting the new ones on.. logging them in and confirming lot numbers and all that jazz.  It was fun trying to get all that done quickly.  Thank god for barcode scanners. 
"Damn you are good," Alan said from beside me, "I've never seen you work in the lab before." 
"Well it pays to be quick," I said laughing then went back to the task at hand. 
Within twenty minutes I had everything on the machines and the calibrators and controls running.  The patients were programmed to run right after that.  Alan and I had moved over to hematology and were busy confirming the reports that had printed in that time.  Everything checked out thank god and after I called in a couple of critical values all we had to do was wait. 
"Well I don't know about you Alan but I could sure as hell use a smoke," I said. 
"Does sound nice," he said. 
"Well let me tell Janine and we'll be off." I said. 
About five minutes later we were standing outside lighting cigarettes.  I noticed that the sky was looking a little dark so I pulled out my cell phone and dialed my home number. 
"Hey baby," Josh answered. 
"Hey love," I said. 
"How's it going?" he asked. 
"Well not too badly but it could be a lot better." I said tiredly. 
"K," he said, "you know when you'll be home yet?"
"Not yet baby," I said, "I hope soon, but the reason I called is to tell you that the windows in the guest rooms are open and it looks like rain so you might want to close them."
"K," he said, "Why were they open anyway?"
"Well we have company coming and I wanted to air them out, ohh and there is a load of sheets in the washer and one in the dryer.  Could you put them in the rooms and start another load.  I'll make the beds tomorrow morning." I said. 
"Sure thing love," he said. 
"You sound sleepy," I said.
"Well I just woke up from a nap." He said yawning.  
"Well I'll let you go do what you gotta do and I'll see ya tonight." I said. 
"Okay baby," he said stifling another yawn, "Love ya."
"Love you too babe," I said, "Bye."
"Bye," he said then hung up. 
"Damn," Alan said. 
"What?" I asked putting out the cigarette and lighting another one. 
"I'm jealous," he said. 
"Of what?" I asked. 
"You and Josh," he said, "you seem like you've been together forever." 
"Well not forever but almost a year." I said. 
"Well I am still jealous." He said. 
"I know," I said grinning. 
"Ass," he said. 
I knew after that we were going to become closer friends even though we may have gotten off to a rough start. 
After we finished our cigarettes we went back into the lab and found that there had been another MVA and it was a big one. 
I went over to the chem side and saw that the machines were about 75% finished so I knew that by the time the patients arrived that everything would be nearly caught up.  I could always stop the machines and run the critical patients as stat.  With that thought I left the chem lab to Alan and went to my office to catch up on paperwork. 
It was dark in the house when I finally made it home.  I could faintly hear the TV upstairs but I figured that Josh had fallen asleep with it on again.  I went through the kitchen and saw a plate of food in the fridge with a note that said "Eat Me Now." I laughed and popped it in the microwave. 
I had finished the food that Josh had made and after checking all the doors and setting the air conditioning to a slightly higher temperature I went upstairs. 
I looked at my angel asleep on the bed with his glasses falling down his face.  It was so cute.  I kicked off my shoes and crawled up the bed and removed his glasses from his face and placed them on the nightstand.  Then I moved in closer and kissed his soft lips.  He started stirring eventually awoke enough to return the kiss. 
"mmmmm" I heard him moaning. 
"Hey love," I said. 
"Hey baby," he mumbled, "shower."
I kissed him again then went to take a shower like he suggested.  He always told me that I smelled like a hospital when I came home.  I was immune to the smell so I never noticed. 
After taking a nice cool shower I went to curl up with my angel and sleep.  He immediately wrapped his arms around me and before I drifted off to sleep I glanced at the clock which read 2:58. 
Well here we stood at the airport watching the countless people milling around trying to make it to their flights on time and others trying to get outside to get their cigarettes and cabs.  I was nervous about seeing my family but also extremely excited. 
I knew that this was going to be an event to remember for a long time because to my knowledge it has been a while since thee has been a wedding in the family.  Not to mention the fact that it was MY WEDDING. 
I was jarred out of my daydream by that annoying announcer. 
"Ladies and gentlemen flight 5576 direct from Atlanta is now arriving on gate 5."
"That's them baby," Josh said grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the gate. 
"I know," I said as I was basically dragged along behind him. 
"Well look at the pretty little queer," I heard a voice in front of me and felt Josh go rigid beside me. 
I looked up then replied. 
"Bitch," I said. 
"Whore," they said. 
I ran up to the woman and wrapped my arms around her. 
"It's so good to see ya Kat," I said to my sister. 
"Ohh you too Scott," she said, "I've missed you."
"You too," I said. 
Kat hadn't been able to make it to the reunion nor had my sister Anna so after I made the appropriate introductions I had to gather up everyone.
"Okay people listen up" I said speaking to the large crowd of my family, "Here's how it is going to work, the immediate family is going to my house to unpack and rest and all that stuff.  The rest of you are going to the Marriot where you can get checked in under the William's party.  Most of you are on the same floor and they'll handle the room assignments that I worked out earlier in the week.  If there is a problem with anything then call me and we'll fix it.  So the ones of you who aren't going to the marriot are going to my house in mine and Josh's cars if you'll fit if not then you can catch a cab there.  The others can take the shuttle to the hotel and you should all fit in one trip if not then there are two shuttles that run 10 minutes apart so you can wait for the next one. Tonight we are all having pool party at my house so if you don't have anything to swim in then get something in the hotel gift shop.  We are gonna be eating about six so if you get hungry before then just call room service and it'll be put on the room bill.  You all have ine and Josh's number at the house as well as our cells so are there any questions?"  
"Ok then go get your luggage and get back here so we can get out of here," I said after no one said anything. 
*           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *
It was five thirty and I had just moved the large amount of food outside for Josh to place on the grill.  I heard the doorbell echoing through the house and leaned in for a kiss while picking Josh's wallet out of his pocket to pay the family's cab fare. 
When I opened the door I was surprised to see Michelle standing there. 
"Hey Michelle," I said. 
"Hi Scott," she replied, "Am I too early?"
"Nope, right on time," I said moving to allow her to enter, "I had actually forgotten you were coming. It's been a hectic couple of days." 
"I understand. Where should I put this?" She said gesturing to the large bowl she held in her arms. 
"Depends on what it is," I said. 
"Potato Salad," she said, "my momma told me to never show up to a party empty handed."
"Ahh a true southerner," I said peaking into the bowl, "with some real home cooked food too." 
"Cooked fresh this morning by my mom," she laughed, "you don't want to let me in the kitchen." 
We laughed and moved out to the back yard and she set the potato salad down on the table. 
"Well if it isn't the wedding planner and my little thief." Josh said noticing us. 
"Sorry love I thought it was the family and I needed to pay their fare." I said kissing him quickly. 
"What about using your wallet?" he asked playfully. 
"I have no cash only a debit card," I said defensively, "and the drivers have no place to swipe it." 
"I better not catch you swiping nothing with the cab drivers." Josh laughed. 
"I'm savin that all for you baby," I said as the doorbell rang again. 
I turned to go and as I did Josh pinched my ass and I yelped and ran through the kitchen. 
A while later we were all sitting around my back yard enjoying Josh's cooking.  I have to admit that he isn't much in the kitchen but he can grill like hell.  Everyone was talking and just generally enjoying themselves.  Some were swimming and others decided to get in the hot tub.  It felt good to have everyone there but weird at the same time.  I can't explain it but it was just ... well...weird.
It was late that night when everyone left and Josh and I finally got to curl up in bed.  I was tired as hell and almost started crying when my cell phone rang a little past midnight.  I looked at the display and sighed.
"I'm on my way," I answered the phone.  
"Thanks Scott," I heard Alicia say before I hung up. 
I slipped out of bed and went to my closet and pulled out a pair of scrubs and went to the bathroom to get ready.  Fifteen minutes and a shower later I was walking through the house trying not to wake anyone.  I detoured through the kitchen and left a note on the fridge then went out the door to the garage then off to the hospital. 
**Josh's POV**
When I awoke at around seven Scott wasn't in bed with me.  I wondered if he had woken up early and gone downstairs to try to make breakfast for the large crowd of people that were currently sharing our house.  I managed to stumble over to the closet and pulled on a pair of Scott's scrub pants and a wife beater and headed downstairs to find him. 
As I walked through the house I could smell coffee and that led me to believe that he was in fact preparing to make breakfast.  As I rounded the corner to the kitchen I was surprised to find it mostly dark save for the light filtering in through the windows and the red light on the automatic coffee maker. 
I walked over and poured myself a cup and went to the fridge for the milk when I saw the note. 
Hey Angel, 
Sorry I'm not here but Alicia called and they needed me to work tonight.  I don't know what time I'll be home but try to look after the family till I get back.  I know you don't have to work today so just take it easy and relax.  I promise that this is the last time I am working for a long time.  I might swing by the hotel to check on everyone if it isn't too early. 
Love you,
P.S. Don't try to cook.   Leave that to the family. 
I smiled as I opened the door and pulled out the milk.
"Holy shit," I said when I shut the door and Scott's brother Wade was standing there behind it. 
"What?" he asked scratching his head looking as if he had just rolled out of bed. 
"You scared the shit outta me," I said adding the milk to my coffee. 
"Sorry," he said sitting down at the bar, "didn't mean to." 
"S'ok," I said, "Coffee?"
"Sure," he said. 
I pulled another cup out of the cabinet and poured coffee in it.  When he started drinking it immediately I took it that he didn't want any cream so I put the milk back in the fridge. 
"Mmm," he said, "good coffee." 
"Well Scott made it but I'll tell him," I said taking a small drink from my cup. 
"That brat always could make a mean cup of coffee." He said laughing. 
"That's not all he can do," I said under my breath thinking that he couldn't hear me. 
"Damn," he said nearly getting strangled on his coffee. 
"Sorry," I said blushing furiously.  
"I guess we're even now." He said smiling. 
"Yeah," I said idly. 
"Where is Scott anyway?" he asked taking another drink. 
"He is at work," I said switching on the radio by the stove. 
"Damn this early?" he asked. 
"Well he must have gotten called out last night after we went to bed," I replied, "He didn't wake me before he left." 
"Damn, must suck when that happens," he said. 
"Yeah, but it doesn't happen that often at night, just far too often on his days off." I said. 
"That's rough," he said. 
"Yeah," I said, "I tell him that he works too hard but he never listens." 
"He has always worked hard at everything, I doubt that has changed any." He said. 
"Nope," I said taking a long drink from my coffee. 
"Must suck for you," he said. 
"Not really," I said truthfully, "No matter how much he works he always manages to make time for us.  I don't know how though." 
"If there's a way he'll find it, believe me," he said laughing. 
"Ohh so you know about his stubborn streak?" I said grinning. 
"It's a family trait," he said smiling innocently. 
"Ohh great, and now I have all of you here in this house, what fun." I said sarcastically. 
"You don't know the half of it," he said. 
It was at that time that the rest of the family was waking up and one by one they all drifted towards the kitchen.  Pretty soon we were all sitting around the bar and table talking.  We were laughing and talking about nothing in particular.  No one had mentioned Scott's whereabouts until Kat brought it up. 
"So Josh, what have you done with my brother?" she asked. 
"He got called out to work last night sometime and left me here to deal with you guys." I said. 
"Awww how nice of him," she said laughing, "What time did he leave?"
"I don't know he didn't wake me up," I said, "He just left that note on the fridge." 
She walked over to examine it and then laughed out loud. 
"So my little bro doesn't allow you to cook in his kitchen?" she asked which got the rest of the family laughing as well. 
"No, I've been banished from here."  I said, "he does all the cooking." 
"But you cooked last night," Scott's other brother Thomas said. 
"I'm allowed to cook outside on the grill." I said sheepishly. 
"Ohh," Kat said, "Why?"
"Cause I'm pretty good at it," I said
"And..." she prodded. 
"And the last time I tried to cook in here there was a small incident with a grease fire." I said finally. 
That made everyone laugh and I felt about two feet tall. 
"Well what the hell is so funny this early in the morning," I heard from behind me. 
"We're just making fun of Josh's professional cooking skills." Kat said. 
"Well leave my baby alone," Scott said wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my neck.  "It's not his fault we have to keep 911 on stand by when he is in the kitchen." 
"Hey!" I said slapping his shoulder, "you're supposed to defend me."
"Baby it doesn't matter to me if you can't boil water," he said turning me around, "I love you just the way you are." 
I stuck my tongue out at everyone else then leaned in for a kiss.  He laughed when I scrunched up my nose. 
"What?" he asked. 
"You smell like hospital," I said laughing, "go bathe" 
"Well fine be that way," but made no effort to move so I turned around with my back to him and we continued talking with his family. 
"Soo Josh," Betty was asking, "When is your family getting here?"
"Ummm umm umm," I managed to stammer out before Scott held me tighter and took over. 
"They aren't." he said simply. 
"Why not?" Kat asked. 
"Well," he said, "It's complicated." 
"Basically, they don't approve." I began, "When I first came out to them they practically disowned me.  We talk infrequently but not like you guys do.  When we sent them an invitation it came back with a note that said they didn't approve and wouldn't be here.  I don't think I'll be talking to them again." 
It was tense in the room and I could tell that Betty regretted asking the question.  Kat's expression wasn't readable but I soon enough found out what she was thinking. 
"Bastards," she said flatly and drained her coffee cup. 
"How anyone could do that I'll never know," Anna said. 
"Well no matter Josh," Kat said coming over to me, "You've got us now, you're a part of our family. 
After saying that she pulled me away from Scott and into her arms and soon enough I was enveloped in a William's family hug.
After complaining that I couldn't breathe I turned to find Scott beaming at me from a stool.  I went over and sat down on his lap while the conversation resumed. 
"Well I don't know about you guys but I'm damn hungry," Kat said bluntly.  
After everyone chorused their agreement they set about pulling out pots and pans and food from the fridge. 
"Scott where do you keep your potaos?" Anna asked. 
"The bottom cabinet on the right of the stove." He replied from behind me. 
I felt Scott moving behind me and then seconds later I was aggravating him as usual. 
"One of these days you are gonna set me on fire doing that," I said as I heard his lighter striking dangerously close to my ear. 
"Well maybe you'd be cute bald baby," he retorted. 
"Well let's not find out that way." I said. 
"Party pooper," he said then stuck his tongue out at me. 
"Yeah yeah yeah, go bathe please," I said grinning. 
"You sayin I stink?" he asked.
"Basically, yeah," I said dodging his attempt at swatting my ass. 
"Fine I'll go bathe," he said standing to go upstairs, "but you're feeding me when I get back."
"Deal," I said, "Kiss?"
He leaned in for a quick kiss the trotted out of the kitchen. 
"Don't let him cook Kat," I heard him yell on his way through the living room. 
She laughed when she heard that and I took off upstairs after him. 
*           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *
**Scott's POV**
Time had flown by and here we are approximately twenty four hours before the wedding.  It was about 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon and we were all getting set for the rehearsal.  Everything was set up save for the flowers and the reception area.  The food was in my refrigerator and the one I kept in the garage.  Our tuxes were hanging in our closet and everything was right on schedule. 
I stood over to one side talking with Michelle about the vows and the minister joined us to discuss some changes to the ceremony she thought would make it work better.  After about hour and a half we were ready for the rehearsal. 
We were standing down on the beach that was behind the house and the rows of chairs were set up on the sand which had taken some work to get level.  There were three groups of chairs that were set up for the guests.  Setting them up this way allowed for the two aisles that Josh and I would walk down during the ceremony. 
The chairs were set up in a fence like enclosure.  The chairs were somewhat roped off with stakes that were strung with a silk like fabric that Michelle called toile and Josh called cheesecloth.  It was draped in swags along the stakes along the perimeter of the chairs.  The altar area was basically an archway draped with more toile and it was stretched to meet the stakes on each corner. 
In the morning the finishing touched would be put on which included bouquets orchids being placed on each stake and attached to the archway along with vines of flowers draped along the archway and along the toile.  In the center of the archway is where we will be standing along with the minister.  I would be walking down the right aisle with Josh walking down the left.  On the right side I would meet Rick whom I had asked to be my best man and Josh would meet Jamie whom he had asked not long after he and Rick had started dating.  Their major function was to look good in a tux and give us our rings. 
My family would take up the first three rows of chairs in all three sections and the rest would be filled with friends and other guests.  The minister would be in the center of the arch and my mom and sister Sue would be in the front row center, with my other siblings on either side followed by nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, cousins and so on.  And on and on and on...
Josh had joked when he saw the diagram for the ceremony area that it was too white like a damn hospital but I just laughed.  Later on he told me how beautiful it looked.  But that was in private.  Rick, Jamie, Josh, and I would all be wearing black tuxes with baby blue cumber bunds. 
My wedding band was the same ring Josh had given me when he proposed.  He had been adamant that he wanted to buy a different one but in the end my stubbornness won so I had simply went out and bought an exact replica for him.  I would be taking my ring off before the ceremony and give it to Jamie for Josh to put back on during the ceremony.  Josh's ring would be held by Rick until the appropriate time.  I had vowed to Josh when we planned this part of the ceremony that this day before he put it back on my finger would be the only time that ring would be missing from my finger.  So far it had never been off since that night in Jamaica when he placed it there. 
Being there on the beach that evening gave everyone present a sneak preview of what the atmosphere would be like tomorrow.  The sun had lost nearly all of its strength and just remained powerful enough to illuminate the entire area with it's remaining rays  I had saw this view many times but with all of the decorations for the wedding it made my breath catch in my throat when I looked up from talking with the minister. 
"Beautiful isn't it?" Michelle asked from beside me. 
"I've never saw it look like this," I said. 
"And you probably never will again after tomorrow." She said thoughtfully. 
"I can't believe I'm actually here, and it's actually going to happen.  I said. 
"Well believe it because it is.  By this time tomorrow you will be a married man," she said leaving me with that thought while she gathered everyone up. 
By 6 p.m. we were all sitting on my patio laughing and talking about anything and everything.  I was sitting there watching Josh in the pool.  He looked so beautiful.  His body gliding effortlessly through the water.  I watched the water cascading off his tanned skin with every stroke he made.  I was utterly mesmerized by this heavenly sight.  Until Kat broke my concentration. 
"Hey lil bro," she said loudly, "You mind joining us for some conversation rather than staring at Josh?" 
I looked at her and pretended to look her up and down then said, "No thanks, I'll pass."  Then I went back to watching my angel. 
It was about fifteen after ten and I was sleepy and I had noticed that Josh had started yawning beside me some time ago so we decided to call it a night.  After saying our good nights to everyone we excused ourselves upstairs and left them to their own devices.  After we both showered we crawled into bed and were asleep within minutes. 
*           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *          
**Scott's POV**
I have heard people describe a feeling of peace and tranquility on their wedding day.  When I awoke at 6:30 I felt that same feeling.  I looked at the angel sleeping in my arms and everything seemed right. 
I brushed some stray hairs from his face and he just snuggled closer to me.  I could have spent the entire day right there.  I laid back on the pillows and was beginning to drift back to sleep when the realization of what was going to happen today finally hit me. 
"Shit!!" I said aloud to myself. 
I kissed Josh's forehead and quickly got out of bed and grabbed his robe on the back of our bedroom door.  I was trying to slide my arms through it while nearly running down the stairs. 
As I walked into the kitchen I was greeted with the sight of my family all sitting around the table sipping coffee and talking quietly.  I ignored their good mornings as I walked to the coffee maker and poured myself a cup.  As I walked over to the fridge to retrieve the cream I grabbed the cordless phone and dialed a now familiar number. 
"Hello?" a chipper voice greeted me. 
"Hey Michelle," I said into the phone while trying to add the cream to my coffee. 
"Hey Scott," she said stifling a yawn, "How's the groom this morning?"
"A nervous wreck is how," I said crossing back to the fridge, "how is everything with you?"
"Fine Scott," she said, "And don't be nervous everything is going to be perfect." 
"Tell that to my nerves," I replied, "Is there anything I should know?"
"Nope all taken care of," she said sound far too happy, "I'm coming over in a few minutes is everyone up and ready to go?"
"Everyone but Josh," I said, "I decided to let him sleep a little longer before waking him up."
"Okay," she said, "I'll round up the crew and be over before 7:30."
"Okay Michelle," I said, "See ya then,"
"Bye Scott," she replied and hung up. 
As soon as she disconnected I took a long drink from my coffee and then turned to my family. 
"Morning guys," I said. 
"Well he can speak," Kat replied sarcastically. 
"Yeah yeah yeah," I said waving my hand at her, "Anyone have a smoke?"
After I had bummed a cigarette off my brother I lit it and inhaled deeply.  Feeling the relaxation wash over me I felt a little more ready to face this day. 
"Feel better?" Kat asked. 
"Much." I responded. 
We spent the next half an hour talking in the kitchen and laughing it up about old times.  I knew what their plan was; they were trying to take my mind off of the ceremony later on in the day.  I had to thank them for the effort and it was working until the doorbell rang. 
I walked quickly through the house and greeted Michelle and her crew and we all went back out to the kitchen.  She showed all of her assistants where to start out in the back yard and then we sat there and talked some more about nothing in particular.  I was telling a story about Josh and I when Kat interrupted. 
"Morning sleepyhead," she directed over my shoulder. 
I looked back and saw Josh standing there with my robe on.  He looked as if he had basically rolled all the way downstairs and wasn't awake until he hit the kitchen.  I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist.  He nuzzled my neck and closed his eyes.  We stood there for a few moments not saying anything.  I was giving Josh the time he usually required to wake up enough to form a coherent sentence. 
"Josh baby?" I asked. 
"Mmmm," he replied sleepily. 
"You know what today is right?" I asked playfully. 
"Mmmm," was his response once again.    
"Today is the day we get married baby," I said to him. 
"The next thing I knew he had tightened his grip on me and was spinning me around the kitchen. 
"Now how could I forget that boo," he said leaning in for a kiss. 
"I love you," I said after breaking the kiss. 
"And I love you," he said leaning his head against mine. 
I was impressed that my family had remained silent as long as they had.  I was beginning to wonder if they were still in the room.  I turned to look at them and nearly laughed.  They were all sitting around staring at their coffee cups and pictures on the wall.  
"What, no smart remarks?" I asked jokingly. 
"Not on your wedding day," Kat said. 
"Well that is sweet," I said turning to Josh. 
I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed my lips to his.  I began pushing him backward until I felt him come into contact with the refrigerator.  I ran my hands up his sides and eventually came up to his neck.  I continued to kiss him and allowed my tongue to snake its way into his mouth.  I could have remained that way for much longer than I did but when I felt "little Josh" start to wake up I decided enough is enough. 
I broke the kiss and then looked at him and grinned.  I glanced over at my family and saw several of them blushing and the rest had their mouths hanging open. 
"What??" I asked. 
"That was some kiss," Kat finally managed to say. 
"Well I figured since I was free from smart remarks today I would take full advantage of it." I said. 
"Well you certainly did that," Kat said going back to her forgotten conversation with Michelle. 
We sat and talked until roughly 8:30 and then I told Josh that I was going for a swim before Michelle's assistants began decorating the pool. 
I went upstairs and discovered that my swim trunks were in the laundry so I opted for the black speedo that was tucked in the back of my underwear drawer.  After I slipped on the form fitting fabric I put Josh's black silk robe back on and grabbed a towel from our bathroom. 
As I walked back downstairs I noticed that there was less noise coming from the kitchen and as I entered it I saw why.  They had decided to move their little BS session out onto the patio.  I walked by Josh and he winked at me while trying to talk about something with Wade. 
I made my way to one of the few chaise lounge chairs remaining on the patio and placed my towel on it.  I turned toward the pool and slipped the silk robe from around me.  I walked over to the edge of the water and after a brief pause I dove smoothly into the water. 
I swam up to the edge of the pool as I was finishing my 5th and final lap.  After the water had drained from my ears I noticed that all conversation around the patio had stopped.  There wasn't a peep from anyone including Michelle's crew. 
I glanced around and it was as if god had stopped time for everyone but me.  I shrugged and climbed out of the water and began drying off.  Still no one said anything so after I had tied the robe I decided to find out what their problem was. 
"WHAT?" I said loudly. 
I didn't get an answer but I did get a slight gurgling noise from Josh's direction.  It was quite cute so I let it go and went over and stole a cigarette from my brother's pack and after lighting it Kat finally managed to speak. 
"That's a nice bathing suit Scott." She said
"Thanks," I said nonchalantly. 
"Yeah..." Josh agreed. 
"Makes my ass look good don't it baby," I said causing Josh to go red and my mother to nearly choke on coffee. 
"Yeah," he responded lowly. 
"Well I sure hope you enjoyed the view," I said speaking to everyone currently on the patio. 
"You couldn't have picked something a little less revealing?" Kat asked. 
"It was the only thing clean," I replied. 
"Ohh," she said, "The reason I asked was that when you took off the robe conversation with Josh became impossible and half of Michelle's crew stopped working." 
"Really?" I asked, "You enjoy the view baby?"
"Immensely," he said finally getting over the embarrassment. 
"Well you know I aim to please," I said to him. 
"Ohh yes I know," he said grinning like a fool. 
"Okay too much information," Anna chimed in. 
"Sorry," Josh mumbled. 
"Well I'm going to take a shower now," I said laughing. 
"You stay put mister, we don't have time." I said to Josh as he started to rise from his seat. 
I know he blushed furiously because I heard everyone laughing loudly as I turned to go.  I decided to get them back because Josh had been blushing enough this morning. 
"Well, maybe if we're quick," I said turning my head to look over my shoulder. 
The next thing I saw was a white blur going past me as Josh ran in the house and I looked back to see my family with their vacant expressions for like the third time this morning.  Mission Accomplished. 
Josh and I finished our shower without major incident.  It had turned out to be a more relaxing experience than a sexual one, which was fine by me.  We had managed to waste the better part of the morning and the clock was quickly headed toward noon. 
After we had dressed casually we went back downstairs to see if there was anything to be done.  I was greeted with the sight of my family milling around the kitchen making last minute preparations to the food that we had cooked for the reception.  Michelle insisted that everything was under control so Josh and I went back out to the patio to attempt to not freak out before the ceremony. 
We hadn't been outside for more than 10 minutes before my brother's Wade and Tom came out. 
"Ok Josh, one more kiss then you are coming with us."  Wade said. 
"What the hell for?" I asked. 
"Tradition," he said simply. 
"You're not supposed to see one another before your wedding," Tom finished, "So kissey kissey and bye bye." 
"Damn," I said aloud, "I was hoping you'd forget,"
"Well we were going to come steal one of you out of bed but we figured that'd be a bit much so at least we let you have up until now." Wade said grinning. 
I leaned over and kissed Josh briefly. 
"I love you baby," I said slowly. 
"I love you Scott," he said. 
"I'll see you later," I said. 
"Count on it," he said then leaned in for another kiss before being dragged off by Wade and Tom. 
I didn't know where they were going to take him to keep him away from me but I didn't care because I knew that in less than 4 hours I would see him again and we would be married in front my family and everyone that I held dear to me. 
*           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *
"Why do they make these things so damn hard to tie?" I asked while trying to tie the bowtie.  
"To make life difficult for people like you," Rick said coming over to help me. 
"Things are hard enough," I said laughing. 
"So tell me Scott," Rick said working on the tie, "on a scale of 1 to 10 how nervous are you?"
"About 27," I said truthfully. 
"Why?" he asked. 
"I don't know," I said flatly, "I guess I am worried that something is going to go wrong at the last minute."  
"Or you are afraid he still might back out." Rick said.  He always had a knack for cutting to the chase. 
"Maybe," I said sadly. 
"Scott, look at me," he said. 
"What?" I asked looking him in the eyes. 
"Josh isn't going anywhere," he said, "he is going to be here for a long time.  He loves you so much Scott.  I don't think either of you realize how palpable that is to everyone around you.  I can feel the love between the two of you when I am around you guys.  I can see that this is what the both of you have been waiting for your entire lives.  And don't you worry about him leaving you because I truly believe that if god himself tried to keep you two apart, Josh would find a way to get to you." 
By the time he was finished I was crying and so was he.  He was right of course.  I knew in my very bones that if by some miracle god tried to separate us that I would fight till the death just to get my angel for one more second.  After that realization my nerves settled and for the first time in hours I felt like myself.  I was feeling a little lightheaded but I felt that was because in less than 20 minutes I would be walking down the aisle to meet Josh at the other end and there we would be forever joined as one.  
Rick and I finished getting ready and then after we stopped in the kitchen for me to have a cigarette we went down to the beach where Michelle was waiting for us. 
"Ready?" she asked. 
"For this day?" I said, "Born ready." 
"Good, about 10 minutes till show time." She said then walked over to where I assumed Josh was standing. 
The finishing touches of the structure had been put on this morning and were Josh and I were to stand was enclosed by layers of toile which prevented us from seeing one another.  As I had been walking toward my little tent I noticed that everyone was seated, and the band was playing soft background music.  Well it wasn't technically a band just a string quartet which would provide the music for the ceremony.  
I was beginning to get antsy when I heard Michelle telling her assistant to ready the band.  This was it.  I could feel my heart pounding all the way down to my toes and that lightheaded feeling intensified.  As I stood there waiting for Michelle to give Rick and Jamie the signal I flashed back over all the times Josh and I had together.  It comforted me and allowed my heart rate to return to normal until I heard the opening strings of Bach's "Air on the G String", then I knew it was time. 
When her assistant got the signal they pulled back the toile and allowed Rick to exit.  I walked up to the opening and waited.  I knew that the next time it was opened it was my turn.  I took a deep breath and thought "Just breathe.." 
The tent opened and I stepped out.  I looked out over the crowd and the atmosphere which the time of day had created.  Although I had saw it the day before I never imagined it would look like this. It had to be the most serene scene I had ever saw.  I looked out over the crowd as I walked slowly down the aisle and thought that this was the one memory I would never forget.  It was as if time had rested while I made my way slowly towards the front.  The ocean's waves were near silent and even the birds had gone quiet as I walked. 
I reached the front of the aisle and turned to walk toward the center.  When I did my eyes locked with Josh's and we both smiled.  We closed the distance between us as the quartet held the final note before going silent.  Then the minister spoke. 
"We are gathered here today in the presence of god to unite these two souls as one.  Marriage is a sacred bond and should only be undertaken with the purest of intentions, and absolute trust.  Do both of you join us here today of your own free will?" she said. 
"We Do," we answered in unison. 
"Who gives these two to be joined?" she asked the crowd. 
"We Do," my entire family answered in unison.  I turned to see them all smiling and my mom was crying already. 
"Marriage is the joining of two souls as one.  From this point forward you promise to love one another, care for one another, in both happiness and sorrow, sickness and health, the good times and the bad, and keep only unto one another until parted in death.  Do you make this promise to one another?" she continued. 
"I promise," I said. 
"I promise," Josh said, "With all that I am." 
"May I have the rings please." She said speaking to Rick and Jamie. 
"These rings are a symbol of your for one another.  A continuous circle; which like your love is never ending.  These rings are a symbol to the world of the promise you are making here today.  Scott will you take Josh's ring and place it on his finger and repeat after me.  With this ring, I thee wed."  she said handing me Josh's ring. 
"With this ring, I thee wed," I repeated as I slid the ring onto his finger. 
"Josh will you take Scott's ring and place it on his finger and repeat after me.  With this ring, I thee wed." she said giving Josh my ring. 
"With this ring, I thee wed," he said slipping the ring on my finger while looking deep into my eyes. 
"Josh you may now recite your vows," she said. 
When I met you I never thought in a million years that you would love someone like me.  You are the most special person I have ever met and since I have been with you my life has been filled with happiness.  I cannot imagine a single day without you in my life.  Your smile, the sound of your voice, the touch of your hand.  Those are the things I need to survive.  When you first loved me, I knew life for the first time.  I knew what life should truly be.  I promise to love you Scott, in this life and whatever comes after.  As your husband, your lover, your friend, and your soul mate. All that I am, is yours. " he said slowly. 
"Scott, you may now recite your vows," she said with emotion thick in her voice. 
In my entire life I never imagined feeling the way I feel when I'm with you.  To feel complete, whole, and no longer alone.  Since that first night I saw you and got to know you, I knew if I was ever going to marry someone, it had to be you.  You are the most amazing man I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and someone I an honored to call my husband, and best friend.  When I was young I used to dream of being married to someone who makes me feel complete.  I realized on that same night, that it's you.  You complete me Joshua, make me feel so completely loved and safe.  As I stand here before the people that I care for most I see all of my hopes and dreams fulfilled just by looking into your eyes.  And I promise to honor you, love you, hold you, and be there for you forever.  I was born to love you Josh, and I always will." I stated with tears streaming down my face. 
The minister continued on, her voice wavering slightly with emotion.
"Scott and Josh if you would please join hands," she said taking a white silk ribbon in her hands, "Here in the presence of god and these witness you have sworn your vows to one another, With this ribbon I bind you to those vows." 
While saying that she took the ribbon and wrapped it around our joined hands and tied it in a loose bow. 
The minister continued this time speaking to the guests, "Ladies and gentlemen these two men have pledged their love to one another, I will ask at this time if anyone has just cause why these two should not be joined to speak now or remain forever silent." 
I held my breath while she waited for someone to speak. 
"Very well, Josh and Scott, By the power invested in me by god and the state of Georgia I now pronounce you eternally bound as one.  You may kiss one another."
Josh and I stood facing one another. 
"Heart to thee
Body to thee
Always and forever
So let it be,"
we recited in perfect unison and then leaned toward one another.  At the precise moment our lips met the sun had dipped below the horizon bathing the entire sky in liquid gold. The ocean was calm and not a sound could be heard except the gentle lapping of the waves against the sand.  After our brief kiss ended the minister spoke one last time. 
"Ladies and Gentlemen it is my great pleasure to present to you Joshua Allen and Scott Matthew Williams, What god has joined together this day, let no man tear a sunder."
That being said we turned to face the guests and they stood and applauded.  I couldn't stop smiling at that instant even if I tried.  We stood there briefly until the quartet began playing again at which point we began our recessional down the aisle followed by Jamie and Rick. 
Once we were out side of the perimeter of the chairs we stopped and faced one another. 
"We did it baby," Josh said to me. 
"I know angel," I said, "I love you."
"I love you too baby," Josh said. 
We kissed briefly then continued on our way back up to the back patio where the reception would be held. 
When I reached the back patio I was once again astounded.  It didn't even resemble my back yard.  There were yards of toile draped across everything that would hold it and the pool had candles and magnolia blossoms floating in it.  The DJ had begun playing something soft as background music and everyone that Michelle had brought with her that morning was now dressed in a black tux with baby blue vests. 
"The silver punch fountain gleamed in the dim light and the three tiered wedding cake set on a long table at the end of the pool where Josh and I would be seated.  An ice sculpture sat in the place my patio table was previously and two long banquet tables ran along each side of the pool which is where the guests would be sitting. 
The pool had been virtually roped off with toile that had been delicately draped from the white poles running along the perimeter of the pool.  I glanced over towards the other side of Josh's and my table and saw a tower of champagne glasses that was illuminated by tea lights that were sitting around the edge of the glasses.  I watched as one of the assistants walked over to them and popped the top on a bottle of champagne. 
He glanced over towards us and grinned as he started pouring it in the top glass which over flowed all the way down to the bottom glass.  He repeated the process until every glass was filled. 
I noticed that when the sun completely set there were large globe lights strung above the fence and discretely hidden behind bushes and lights I could see citronella candles burning to keep the bugs away.  Michelle had thought of everything. 
The food was lined up on one large table near the kitchen door and it appeared that everything was set.  At that moment Michelle came up behind us and began speaking. 
"Let me be the first to congratulate you two," she said dabbing at her eyes with a lace handkerchief.  "Those were the best vows I have ever heard."
"Thank you Michelle," Josh said leaning in for a quick hug. 
"Yes Michelle I couldn't have done it without you," I said kissing her cheek, "And this place looks great." 
"Well thank you," she said, "but it was all your idea." 
"I never thought it would look this good," I said. 
"Congratulations Sirs," I heard an assistant say, "Care for some champagne?"
We both took a glass and thanked him them; then began milling about as the guests started filtering in.  I noticed that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so far and most of them had opted for either champagne or punch.  There were other beverages there but I had decided against having any type of bar so it was either: iced tea, punch, champagne, or soft drinks. 
Josh and I had our hands intertwined as we moved about talking with the guests and neither of noticed that the ribbon that was placed on our hands during the ceremony was still there till Kat brought it up.  I had no desire to leave his side, nor he mine. 
We were laughing and talking and the guests were helping themselves to the food and everything so Josh and I excused ourselves to get something to eat. 
We had just finished feeding one another when Rick began speaking into the microphone. 
"Hello everyone," he stated to get everyone's attention. 
"Well this has been some day hasn't it?" he continued once they were quiet.  "I got to be the best man at my best friend's wedding.  It was something I never thought I'd get to do since I am an only child but luckily Scott didn't want to start a fight between Tom and Wade so I guess I won by default." He said getting a chuckle out of the crowd
"But seriously folks it has been an honor to stand beside my best friend as he married the man that has made him happier than I have ever seen him.  I consider it a privilege to call them my friends and wish that everyone here tonight can be as happy as the two of you make each other. Salud." He said raising his glass to us. 
After the crowd joined him in the toast he continued, "and since I have the microphone I get to give you my wedding gift first."
That got a laugh from everyone. 
"I've been trying to think of something to get you two for weeks, and came up blank. But on Saturday it occurred to me that you two had not mentioned a honeymoon and when I asked Josh about it he said that you were spending it here just relaxing.  I decided that you couldn't spend your honeymoon at home so in the morning you leave for two weeks in Paris.   All of the arrangements have been made and I took the liberty of packing your bags, so you have no choice now." He said laughing, "but seriously you guys I wish you all the best and couldn't be happier for you.  Congratulations."
I was floored by Rick's gift.  I knew he would get us something but I never thought he would pay for our honeymoon.  But I had to admit he had damn good taste. 
After we had made everyone had made their toasts and we had cut the cake we were greeted by Michelle taking the mic, who had missed out on the toasts earlier. 
"Hello everyone," she said softly into the mic, "I'm Michelle, the wedding planner." 
"I just wanted to seize this opportunity to wish the happy couple all the best and tell everyone here how meeting them has truly touched me.  In the years that I have been doing this I have never met anyone wanting to plan their own wedding as much as Scott.  Most people just want to say yes or no to an idea of mine which can be frustrating sometimes.  But when I met Scott he wasn't having a good day and to be quite honest Scott, That day I thought you were the biggest ass I had ever met." She stated drawing laughter from everyone including me. 
"But when I met you the second time I couldn't believe it was the same person.  And you wanted to get down to business right away because your wedding had to be perfect.  Well we didn't waste any time and you knew exactly what you wanted and all I had to do was make it happen which wasn't that hard considering how specific you were.  So folks everything you've seen today in regards to the wedding and the reception, was entirely Scott's creation." 
I noticed a couple of impressed glances from the crowd which made me blush slightly. 
"I have never had a wedding experience quite like this before and doubt I will again but I must say it has been my privilege to work with someone as creative as you Scott.  Not to mention stubborn." She said which caused my mom to laugh loudly. 
"As I've told you two before I've never saw two people so in love before.  That tells me that this marriage is not a temporary thing.  It's timeless.  Seeing you two has restored my faith in love and I thank you for that.  You are two amazing people whom I am honored to call my friends."  She said raising her glass to us.  Everyone joined in and then she spoke again. 
"With that being said, it's time for your first dance." She said replacing the mic on the stand.  
I stood with Josh at my side and we walked over to the area of the patio being used as the dance floor for the evening.  The lights around the patio dimmed and a soft spot light came down on us from the direction of our bedroom balcony.  Then the music started.  I smiled as I heard the song and I put my head on Josh's shoulder as we danced. 
When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever
Yeah, that's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you
I'm sure you've heard these words before
And I know it's hard for you to trust them once more
You're afraid it all might end
And a broken heart is scared of breaking again
But you've gotta believe me
I'll never leave you
You'll never cry long as I am there
And I will always be there
You will never be without love

When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever
When lies become the truth
Oh you know then baby,
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you yeah

As long as sunlight lights the sky
Light of love will be found in these eyes of mine (these eyes of mine)
And I will shine that light for you
You're the only one, I'll ever give this heart to
What I'm trying to say is, nothing will change this (ahh..)
There'll be no time you won't find me there (find me there)
Cause I will always be there
You will always have all my love

When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever (yeah)
When lies become the truth (ohhhh)
Well you know then baby,
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop loving you

And when this world doesn't turn anymore
When the stars all decide to stop shining
Til then I'm gonna to be by your side
Gonna be loving you forever
Every day of my life


Well you know then baby
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop lovin'

That's when I'll stop loving you

When winter comes in summer
When there's no more forever
When lies become the truth (truth... yeah)
Well you know then baby,
That's when I'll stop lovin'
That's when I'll stop loving you (ohh..)

When winter comes in summer (yeah)
When there's no more forever
When lies become the truth
That's when I'll stop loving (well you know then baby)
That's when I'll stop loving you

That's when I'll stop babe
I'll stop babe
Loving you
After the last beats of the song faded into the night Josh and I kissed and everyone applauded.  Then the dance floor was opened to everyone and the DJ started playing more up tempo songs. 
Josh and I danced for a couple of them and for a couple of the slow songs he played then decided to sit the rest of them out.  As the party started winding down Michelle came over to us. 
"Hi guys," she said sounding a little tired, "How's it going?"
"Perfect," I replied contentedly. 
"Couldn't be better," Josh said. 
"Well I just wanted to say that anytime you guys wanna go to bed you can,  it seems to be winding down and we can handle everything from here." She said. 
"Thanks Michelle," I said, "We appreciate everything you've done." 
"It has been my pleasure."  She said sincerely. 
"Well I guess we should get some sleep then baby," Josh said tiredly, "We've got an early flight."
"Yeah I guess you're right," I said. 
"Well I'll let you guys go and we can meet after you get back to talk about pictures and videos and all that stuff." Michelle said. 
"Ok," I said, "Ohh and Michelle don't worry with the food, if you or your crew want any feel free to take some but otherwise just toss it, unless some of my family wants some, the only thing I want is the cake top."
"It's sealed and in your freezer," she said. 
"Okay, well thanks again." I said moving in to hug her and Josh joined me. 
"My pleasure," she said, "Congratulations again, now you two go and rest, you've had a big day." 
"Okay, goodnight Michelle," Josh answered for the both of us.   
We walked through the house saying our goodnights to whomever we ran into then walked up the stairs to our bedroom.  We walked in and saw rose petals scattered all over the bed and around the room and vanilla candles were burning in the breeze that was coming from the open doors.  The noise from the remaining guest was barely audible so I opted to leave the door open.   
Josh and I proceeded to take off out tuxes and hung them carefully back on the hangers so they could be returned to the rental shop tomorrow.  After putting on our silk pajama shorts we brushed our teeth and slid between the cool satin sheets.   
I glanced over at the dresser and saw the ribbon that had been used during the ceremony tied in a neat bow resting next to one of the invitations we had saved.   
"So did have a good day today babe?" Josh asked.   
"This has been the most perfect day of my life baby," I said as we lay cuddling in the flickering candlelight.   
"I'm glad babe," he said, "I wanted today to be perfect for you."   
"I married you today angel, how could it have been less than perfect." I said softly. 
"I love you so much boo," he said. 
"And I love you more than I can tell you Mr. Williams," I said. 
"I love hearing that," he said happily. 
"Me too," I said kissing the top of his head. 
"Goodnight boo," he said.   
"Goodnight my angel." I said.   
After that we drifted off into a peaceful sleep snuggled deep in the satin sheets. 
To Be Continued...
Well Halleluiah I did it.  I hope it lived up to your expectations, I certainly enjoyed writing it.  I appreciate all feedback and try to overlook any typos you noticed cause I was in a hurry to get it on the website and didn't proofread as well as I normally do.   
Songs Used:   
Johann Sebastian Bach; "Air on a G String"
N'Sync; "That's When I'll Stop Lovin You"