Chapter 13:
New Years Day. It's been a week since the huge change in our life. Javier got to stay until about three in the afternoon the day after Christmas. His mother called and told him he needed to come home to do his chores. After our fun in the bathroom we'd spent the rest of the day at the mall, taking a couple things back and just cruising the mall. I'll never be as comfortable in a crowded mall as those two but I'll admit it was a lot of fun being with them. We did get a 3-way in before Javier had to go home, so I guess we'd kept him satisfied. I don't know if A.J.'s seen him, but I haven't seen him since he went home. He does call me five or six times a day but we haven't been able to hang out. I told him to call and not text; that the texts would be viewable on his phone if he forgot to delete them. Yeah, I was a little paranoid about all of this.
A.J. and Javier have both been out of school for the holidays but I had to work Monday through Wednesday, but I'll have another 4-day weekend before going back. I'm hoping Javier gets to spend some of the weekend with us but I'm not holding my breath. Any change in our behavior, like requests to have Javier spend the night or weekends with us would set off alarms in Regina's head. Well and I figured she wouldn't be too crazy about the idea anyway. She didn't have A.J. there to control anymore and Javier and Angelina were getting all the attention now.
It's a little after eight in the morning. I woke up my sexy boyfriend with a good-morning-blowjob and we were cuddling in bed. We'd spent the forty minutes before the ball dropped last night making ours pull up tight. Yeah, we'd fucked each other's brains out for New Years Eve. Anyway, I was mulling something over in my head and being kind of quiet. I guess I had A.J.'s curiosity piqued. He turns to me, rubs his hand all around my chest and then kisses my arm.
"Are you okay, baby?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. I have your taste in my mouth; what could be better?"
He grins. "Yours in mine. You're just being kinda quiet and I thought something might be wrong."
"No, Mijo, nothing's wrong. Just thinking..."
"About what?"
I turn to him and pull him in my arms, smiling. "Something I should've thought about several days ago if it's gonna happen. Does your family do anything for New Years; like dinners or anything special?"
He shakes his head. "Not really. I mean, yeah, we eat but it's not a holiday meal or anything like that. Why?"
"I was thinking of having something here. Do you think there's a chance in hell your mother would accept an invitation to dinner here?"
He smirks. "Figured out a way to poison her, huh?"
I laugh. "No, baby, I'm not looking to poison her. Believe it or not, I actually do like your mom, and I respect her a lot. She's a hard-ass, sure, but she's just looking out for you and I understand that better than anyone else. I'd do anything to protect you too."
He smiles. "Awww, you're being adorable again. I'd do anything to protect you too, baby. So why do you want her to come to dinner? If you're trying to impress her with your cooking it won't ever happen. You're an amazing cook, baby, but other than abuela she's never said a nice thing about anyone else's food."
I smirk. "Somehow that doesn't surprise me. But no, I wasn't trying to impress her. I guess it's more like an `owe' thing. She's had me for dinner a few times and I've never returned the invitation. Well, and okay, it's a chance to see Javier too."
He smiles. "You miss him, huh? You know you won't be able to play with him with everyone here though."
I grin. "Yeah, I do miss him. And yes, I know there won't be any playing. Still doesn't mean I don't wanna see him. It's not just that though."
"Well you know we can just go over there pretty much anytime we want, right? It's not a prison, even though it feels like one sometimes."
"Like I said, it's also that I feel like I owe them a dinner or something. It's just what people do."
He grins. "So I've heard. I've also heard it turns into a game of one-upmanship; always trying to outdo the other. You don't wanna go there, Papi. She sees family and holiday meals as something that take place at her or abuela's house only. And only abuela's house because she has no choice. Papa would come over here and eat in a heartbeat but you'll never get Mama here; to eat or otherwise. I'm sorry, baby."
I lean over and kiss his nose. "Don't be sorry. I guess I knew she wouldn't anyway. It was just something that popped in my head. So what would you like to do today?"
He smiles. "More of last night. Javier's not the only horny boy in the family, Daddy."
I smirk and grin. "I already knew that, baby. I kinda meant after that."
"Who said I was gonna let you get out of bed?"
I grin. "Who said you'd be able to walk anyway?"
He laughs. "Your power bottom's not here. I get mine too."
I laugh. "Face it, you're every bit the power bottom he is at times. Who was fucking who last night...?
He grins. "Fine, my ass was hungry. Now my dick's hungry."
"You just came ten minutes ago. Mine's getting very hard though."
He reaches down and grabs my dick. "Mmmmmmm, nice. So I guess I get to be bottom boy until I recover. Awwwwwww." He grins.
My phone starts ringing. I kiss his nose and roll over to grab it off the night table, looking to see who it is. I answer it, still chuckling.
"Hey Alejandro, Happy New Year!"
"Happy New Year, my friend. You being tickled?"
I smirk. "You don't wanna know. What's up?"
He laughs loudly. "I can think of a couple of things right now."
A.J. laughs when he sees me turn bright red. "Can we start this call over? Now your son's laughing at me because of my skin tone."
He laughs again. "Damn gringos... Well tell my wayward son to keep his hands to himself for a few. Do you have plans for lunch?"
"Funny you should ask; we were just talking about that."
He smirks. "No you weren't; you were playing."
I blush again. "Before that, wise guy. I was asking him about having you guys over for lunch or dinner today."
"Thanks, but that's likely never gonna happen, Brody."
"Pretty much what he said. Well he said you'd be brave enough."
"Hell, I eat from a roach coach; how much worse can your cooking be?"
I laugh. "Thanks a lot. So what'd you have in mind?"
"Well actually this is just a guy's only invite; and I mean just you and me."
"Leave the wife and kids at home, huh?"
He laughs. "Something like that. So clear it with the horn-dog in bed with ya and let me know."
"Just a second." I turn to A.J. "Your dad's asking me out on a date. Okay if I go, baby?"
He laughs. "A lunch or dinner date? There's a big difference."
"Lunch. No partying afterwards."
He smirks. "Yeah, go have an old guy's lunch with him. I'll go over and smack the boy around while you're gone."
"Thanks, sexy boy." I turn back to the phone. "Wife says it's okay." A.J. smacks me in the chest. "Owwwww! Brat!"
Alejandro laughs loudly again. "I knew that was trouble as soon as it fell out of your mouth. You'll learn one of these days. Cool. Meet you at Santiagos at noon?"
"A nooner it is."
He smirks. "God, you're as bad as he is. I'll see ya at noon. And learn to choose your words better before he puts you in a cast. Adios." He laughs and hangs up.
"Adios." I turn to A.J. "Brat."
"The wife says it's okay? You're lucky you can feel your balls." He grins.
"I feel your hand on `em. Sorry about the wife thing; that was a bad choice of words."
He laughs. "Ya think? So are you just working your way through the men in my family?"
I laugh. "It didn't start out that way. What can I say? You all find me irresistible."
"Well you were checking out his ass the second day we knew each other."
I grin. "Like I said, it runs in the family; you all have great asses."
He rolls his eyes and smiles. "Well try to control yourself. We have to have one straight guy in the family."
"Well if he hugs me I'll just give it a little pat; nothing serious."
He laughs. "Perv. I never thought I'd say these words. Leave my father's ass alone!"
We both laugh hysterically. I pull him into me and kiss him, rubbing my dick against his. I grin at him. "If he lets me grope it I'm not turning him down; that's just rude."
"You're so bad. Well I don't wanna know the details if you two hook up; that's just way past weird."
"More than fucking your own brother?"
He smirks. "Shut up. It's not the same as thinking about my father having sex of any kind, much less with my boyfriend." He grins. "Besides, I've compared; Javier's ass is nicer."
I smirk. "Well yeah... He's sixteen; not forty. Things drop over time, baby."
"Can we not talk about my father's ass anymore?"
I grin again. "Gotcha thinking about his ass now, huh? Just think, it's as tight as Javier's; still virgin."
He laughs. "Fucker... Shut up."
I smile. "Okay, baby, I'll be good. Besides, out of the Vasquez men's asses, yours is still my favorite."
"Liar. Sweet though."
"I'm not lying. Yes, Javier has a nice, young beautiful ass, but it's not yours. I'd spend all day, every day with my face buried in yours if you'd let me."
"Just your face? I want your dick in there too."
I smile. "You got it, sexy. I love you."
He smiles. "I love you too, perv. Now fuck me. And if you call me potty mouth I'm getting out of this bed."
We spent the next thirty minutes with my dick in either his mouth or ass, cumming deep in his ass when it was over. I guess we'd decided since we'd both cum in Javier there wasn't much point in wearing condoms anymore. He blew another really nice load down my throat while we were taking a shower together. Once we were done playing and dressed we had a light breakfast and took down the Christmas tree. While I was boxing everything up, he went out front and took down the lights and other decorations. The holidays were officially over in our house. I was actually kind of glad; I was really tired of having a tree in the middle of the living room.
I dropped A.J. off at his parent's house. I was going to just head over to the restaurant but since Alejandro hadn't left yet we just went together in his pickup. I left the keys to the car with A.J. in case he needed to go somewhere or wanted to go home.  Once Alejandro and I are sitting at a corner booth and drinks are on the way he looks at me and grins.
"I've wanted to have lunch with you a few times before but there's a reason for today. I wanted to talk to you in private."
"Sure. And anytime you wanna get together for lunch just give me a call. We can meet somewhere."
"Cool. Uh, I guess I'll jump right in. I think my son's in love with you."
I smirk. "I hope so. He tells me every day that he is."
He laughs. "Not that one, butthead. Javier too."
My stomach drops to my shoes but I grin. "I doubt that. Word has it he has a serious thing for cheerleaders."
He grins. "Schoolboy fantasies aside, I think he has a serious crush on you. He talks about you all the time. I was also watching him Christmas night; he was on you like a tic on a dog. You didn't notice?"
"I did notice he was hugging me a lot. I just figured he was happy because it was Christmas."
"I thought that too, until I noticed how much he talks about you. I know you made a huge impact on him that night you told him you weren't disrespecting his mother but just not being walked on. I figured just a little hero worship at first, but it's moved past that. I see the look in his eyes when he talks about you. It's the same look A.J. gets."
"I thought he was straight though."
He shrugs his shoulders. "The jury's not in yet. I've noticed a few things over the years; the same kinds of things I noticed in A.J. I also heard about the conversation they had the day you and A.J. were on the phone in the bathroom and Javier went and jerked off afterwards. The boy jerks off ten times a day so I didn't think much about it then."
"Wow. So, ah... what do you think I should do about it if he really does have a crush on me?"
He exhales. "I don't know... I think the first thing that needs to happen is he needs to level with all of us about if he's gay or straight. That would give us something to go on and figure out if he really does have a crush on you." He grins. "What is it with you, anyway? You just have guys fall for you everywhere you go?"
I laugh. "Hardly. I was single for eight months before I met A.J., and not a single guy was knocking on my door. Uh... Cornering someone about being gay probably isn't the best idea. If he thinks he's being ganged up on he'll deny it until the end of the world. He also has to know that it'll be okay with you and Regina; that he won't be freaking you out by having two gay sons. Last of the line and all that stuff."
He sighs. "Yeah, I know... Well that's reason number two for our lunch. I want you and A.J. to talk to him; find out if he's gay. If he is you need to assure him that his mother and I are completely alright with it. We have one gay son and we love him with all our hearts; that won't change with two. I don't care about the last of the line crap; I only care about the three I have."
I nod. "Okay, we'll talk to him. Maybe he'll be more comfortable coming out to his gay brother if he really is gay. What if he is and what if he does have a crush on me? What the hell do I do about that?"
"I wish I knew. I really don't know how to handle that, and I'm actually gonna be mean and leave that up to you. I remember what it's like to be sixteen; everything seems like it's the end of the world if it doesn't work out the way you want. I guess let him down as gently as possible and try not to make him feel unwanted or unloved."
"Gee thanks. I do love him though; I love all three of them. Well in different ways, of course. I would never intentionally hurt him; I couldn't any more than I could A.J."
"I know; that's why you're talking to him."
I sigh. "I'll talk to him. You really believe he has a crush on me?"
He grins. "No, I think he's in love with you. You seem to have a way with the Vasquez boys for some reason."
"Who knew I had such power?" I laugh. "Fuuuuuck. I'll do what I can."
He grins. "I have a bar of soap in the truck."
I smirk. "Yeah? You and whose army is gonna use it on me?"
He laughs. "Won't need an army, gringo."
I grin. "I got your gringo hangin'."
He laughs loudly. "Regina's not around so you feel safe saying that, huh?"
I smirk. "I have selective Asperger's. I told your son the second day I knew him that you had a nice ass and it must run in the family."
He actually blushes. "Fucker... I'm sure that shocked him."
"He hit me and then chased me and hit me some more."
He laughs. "I told ya, you gotta learn to choose your words better. He's a lot like his mother that way; they're feisty."
"You ain't lyin'. I've never laid a finger on him but he beats on me all the time."
He laughs. "Tell me about it; I get whaled on at least three times a week."
The waitress sets our food down, asks if we need anything and goes away. Alejandro takes a bite and looks at me.
"And don't be checkin' out my ass when we walk out of here, gringo." He laughs.
I smirk. "It's a free country; I can look where I want. I told A.J. I was gonna give it a pat if you hugged me today."
He laughs. "You got hit again, huh?"
"Yup. He said he never thought he'd have to say the words, but to leave his father's ass alone."
He laughs and spits out some food. "Goddamn... No wonder you get beat on all the time; you can't keep your mouth shut."
I smirk and grin. "I could say the first thing that popped in my head, but I'll be nice. Eat your wanna-be Taco Bell burrito."
"This is way better than Taco Bell. What were you gonna say?"
I smirk. "That if I kept my mouth shut I wouldn't be able to get A.J. in there."
He starts choking and laughing. "Way more than I wanted to know, pinche gringo."
I laugh. "You asked. Hey, if I can talk to your son about your ass then I can talk to you about his dick. All's fair."
He laughs. "He's not the only one who'll beat you down though."
"Yeah, yeah, bust a grape. Eat your burrito, old dude."
"I got your old dude hangin', gringo."
"Hey, that's my line; get your own. So what does Regina have to say about all of this?"
"She likes my hangin' old dude." He smirks.
"Not that, cheap messican; the other thing."
He laughs loudly. "Cheap messican? I buy you lunch and you call me names?"
"You call me gringo all the time. And yeah, you ask me out on a date and take me to some joint with four dollar burritos."
He laughs. "Fuck you then, buy your own. And this isn't a date, pinche gringo."
"Fine, then lunch with my friend, the cheap messican. So what's Regina have to say about Javier?"
"Eh, not a whole lot. She hasn't really clued in on the him being in love with you part. As far as being gay, she's fine with it; she just wants him to come to her with it, of course."
"She's okay with me and A.J. talking to him first though?"
"It was actually her idea. She wants him to go home with you guys this afternoon so you can talk to him. I guess just invite him over for video games again; he'll go for sure. Well he'd probably go just from you asking him."
I blush a little and try to cover it. "Yeah, he probably would. When we got home last week he was standing next to my door before I could get the lights off and offered to carry my food in for me. Then he came back and carried the bags I was holding while waiting for A.J. to get the rest out of the car."
He grins. "And you still didn't think that was a little strange?"
"No, I just thought he was being a sweet kid. I mean I knew he likes me a lot, and I thought he was just being sweet."
"He's not that sweet. He puts on a good show for his mother but he's not everything he appears to be. The boy's got a mouth like a sailor and would just prefer everyone do everything for him. It's the same reason we won't let him get his license. He won't do the work required to get better grades so he doesn't get to drive. The only thing he cares about in school is wrestling team and science class."
"He's on the wrestling team? A.J. was giving him shit last week about being able to pin him down when they wrestle."
"He can. He was on the wrestling team from seventh grade to graduation. He won two state championships. He can pin Javier down in less than ten seconds. It drives Javier crazy that he can still do it. It's why he took wrestling; to show A.J. that he could pin him down some day. I don't see it happening anytime soon but he has the drive."
"So he has all this un-focused energy looking for an outlet."
"Yeah, and he appears to have chosen you as the outlet."
"Maybe we should find him something else to focus on. A new sport. A brighter light at the end of the tunnel to his license. Enter him in a science fair or something."
"We've tried all of that. We told him that even a C average would get him his permit and we'd seriously think about the license if he could bump that up to even a low B. He's holding a low C now. He has missed assignments, incomplete homework and half-assed attempts at the stuff he does turn in. He tried out for football. The coach said he needed to bulk up a little and try again next year. I suggested the science fair or something like it and he shot me down without even listening."
I sigh. "That sucks. Does he have any hobbies other than video games and wrestling?"
"Not that I know of. We took his Playstation from him two weeks ago because he failed his math test. All he had to do was extra homework and a make-up exam and he would have it back. He didn't do either one. I told him the phone's going away if he doesn't bring the grade up. He pleaded with me not to; said he'd bring the grade up. We'll see."
"If he's gay, what if we find him a really hot tutor? He'd have a reason to study and he'd forget about me at the same time."
He laughs. "Pimping some kid to keep my son entertained? I don't think so, Brody. I don't think it'd work."
"Well not pimping some kid. Just find some hot kid who's smart and would tutor him. Well he'd have to be gay too. I guess that's kind of a tall order when you think about it."
He laughs again. "Ya think? It's not like we can interview the cute boys we see and ask them if they're smart and gay. I don't wanna do time with you as my roommate; you'd be all over my ass."
I smirk. "Arrogant much? But yeah, I guess that wouldn't be a good plan."
"No, not arrogant much. You're the one who checks out my ass. Face it; I think he's stuck on you. At least for now."
"And now I'm supposed to break his heart and tell him he's barking up the wrong tree. Sounds like fun."
"Well don't break his heart, please. Just be gentle with him and explain that it's not doable. You have A.J. and you're twice his age; it would never work."
"Yeah, and he threatens to kill himself and I'm screwed. This has disaster written all over it."
"You really think he'd threaten to kill himself?"
"I don't know, Alejandro. You read all the time about teens who take themselves outta the game because of a girlfriend or boyfriend or jealousy over someone. I would really hope he would never do that; even threaten it, but it seems kinda scary to me."
"You and me both. Just handle it the best way you can, Brody; that's all I'm asking. Do whatever you can to assure him it's not personal; that it just wouldn't work out. Hell, tell him it's illegal and you could end up in prison. I doubt he'd want to do anything to ever land you in jail."
"Let's hope not."
We finish our lunch and head back to the house, our conversation reverting to work and my new job. I had a knot in my stomach that would hold a ship the entire time but played it off as best I could. If Alejandro's seen the change in Javier then it wouldn't be long before he figured out what was going on. My life as I knew it would end as soon as he clues in. When we got back to the house I pulled A.J. off to the side. We went out back and were playing ball with Ringo.
"We have a huge problem, baby."
"What? What's going on?"
"Your dad's figured out that Javier has a crush on me. Well even said he thinks Javier is in love with me. He wants us to take him home with us and get him to come out of the closet. He says he knows, or at least is pretty sure that Javier is gay and thinks it's time for him to come clean with everyone. He wants me to find out if Javier has a crush on me and then let him down as gently as possible if he does. I think our sins have come back to haunt us, A.J."
He sighs. "Fuuuuuck. I knew that boy wouldn't be able to keep from showing something. What're we gonna do about it?"
"If you knew that then why are we doing this with him? You both assured me that nobody would ever notice."
"Don't blame me for this. I'm just saying I knew he would give something away in a look or something; not ever say anything."
"I'm sorry. I'm not blaming you. I wish you'd expressed your concerns last week though. This is all gonna come crashing down on us."
"Maybe not. We need to talk to Javier and get him to chill out about showing his emotions so much."
"Well we're supposed to take him home with us again to get him to come out if he's gay. More video games I guess."
"Okay, at least we'll get him alone and can tell him to watch out."
"Yeah, and hopefully he can pull it off. I'm starting to wonder though."
"Well don't panic yet, baby; we'll figure it out. Did Papa seem pissed off about it though?"
"No, not really. He seemed to think it was a little funny; told me I had a way with the Vasquez boys. He and your mom are very okay with Javier being gay though. They just want him to be honest with them about it. And they want us to convince him to come out."
"That's easy. I'll make that boy dive out of the closet if I have to. We just have to get him to stop wearing his heart on his sleeve."
I smirk. "Speaking of making him do stuff, how come you never told me you were a championship wrestler in high school?"
He grins. "You'd be intimidated and stop wrestling around with me."
I laugh. "Just as arrogant as your father."
"That's probably where I got it. I just hadn't got around to telling you about high school, baby; don't think I'm keeping things from you."
"I don't think that. I was just curious." I look around to make sure we're out of earshot. "So are you gonna pin my ass to the floor now and fuck me?"
He laughs. "I didn't think I had to pin you."
I smile. "You don't. So let's go invite that horny boy over for video games and take him home."
He grins. "You're gonna pin him now, huh?"
"Nope. Talk to him. Well maybe pin him later."
"Yeah, I bet. Your horny little power bottom doesn't have to be pinned either. It is easy to do though; just grab the inside of his thigh right below his balls and he loses his concentration." He laughs.
I smirk. "You do too, horny boy."
"Only with you, `cause I know where it's gonna lead."
He chucks the ball out into the yard and we watch Ringo dive for it, getting a snout-full of snow. We laugh and go inside. While Ringo's rooting for his tennis ball, A.J. walks over to Javier and tells him he gets to come over and play video games with us. The ear to ear smile on Javier's face kind of reminds me of a clown with a painted smile. I smirk and walk over to them. Javier grins at me and then turns to his parents.
"Can I go home with A.J. and Brody to play video games?"
Regina turns to him. "Are your chores done?"
"Yes, Mama, I did them all this morning. Please?"
"You can go. Actually, if you want, you can spend tomorrow night with them too. Angelina's spending the weekend at abuela's and it'll give me a chance to wax the floors if everyone is gone. Take your backpack with clean clothes and toiletries. And don't be a nuisance while you're there."
"Thanks, Mama! I promise I'll be good." He turns to us. "I'll be right back!" He sprints up the stairs to his room.
Regina turns to us. "Please assure him that we're perfectly alright with it if he's gay. Tell him we love him and only want what's best for him. We want him to be happy."
"I will, Mama. I think if he is he might find it easier to come out to us; he knows he can tell me anything. I kinda thought he would've by now if he were."
"Well we're not a hundred percent sure but he shows some of the same signs you did. Just please tell him it doesn't matter to us and he needs to be honest with us."
"I will, Mama. You guys were great when I finally came out to you, and he saw that too. He'll be okay."
"We love our children unconditionally, hijo."
A.J. smiles. "I know, Mama. We love you and Papa with all our hearts."
She smiles and stands up, walking over to him. She pulls him in her arms and holds him tightly. He wraps his arms around her and sighs, a smile on his face. She pulls back from the hug, kisses his cheek and turns to me.
"Thank you for doing this, Brody. I expect you'll show him the same kindness you show the rest of us."
"You're very welcome, Regina. And of course I will. I love him and Angelina very much and I would never be hurtful or unkind to either of them."
"I know... The three of them are very trusting and give their hearts away easily. I'm starting to see why they love you so much though. My children and husband seem to think you're the second coming. I'll admit I've been swayed a little." She smiles at me.
I smile. "Wow, you're almost gushing. Thank you though. I happen to feel the same way about this family. You're all very special to me and I'm honored to have been allowed in."
She grins. "You're making progress. Please don't allow my youngest son to get power hungry while he's there. You're as easy as they are and he'll take advantage of it if he sees an opening. He thinks he's fooling someone but he's not the boy he presents to the world."
I chuckle. "He's seeking world domination, huh?"
She laughs. "Not quite, but he can be very manipulative when he wants something badly enough. He comes off as this sweet, innocent boy but that's the not the real Javier. Just don't let him take charge."
"I'll do my best. Between you and Alejandro I'm starting to get a very different picture of him."
She grins. "Well he can be very sweet and loving. He can also be a real ass if given the chance. Like the other two he's convinced I don't see and hear things. The boy's lucky he still has a tongue to speak with sometimes. He knows better than to use that language around me but I've still heard him when he's talking to his friends. And just as a hint; soap doesn't work on him."
I laugh. "I'll keep that in mind. Maybe stronger soap; something with lye in it."
She laughs. "Been there; done that."
About thirty seconds later Javier is bounding down the stairs, his backpack slung over his left shoulder and smiling from ear to ear. I'm really starting to wonder if I've been played, and if so, this could really turn out to be a huge disaster. He's got me by the balls. Well his brother too if he wanted. Talk about having your hands tied behind your back. We get our coats on and tell everyone goodbye and walk out to the car. I just walk over to the passenger side and wait for A.J. to unlock the door. He just looks at me. I grin.
"You have the keys; unlock the doors, please."
"Yeah, but why are you over there?"
"You have the keys; you're driving."
Javier jumps in. "That's how it works? So if I have your keys I get to drive?"
I turn and smile at him. "Sure. When you have your license."
He rolls his eyes and grins. "I knew there was a loophole."
"Then get your license." I turn to A.J. "Are you ever gonna unlock the doors?"
He smirks and clicks the button. "I'm not driving your car though."
"Why not? It's just a car; get in and drive us home."
I open the passenger door and get in, buckling up and looking at him through the driver's side window. He rolls his eyes and gets behind the wheel, looking at me. He shakes his head and starts the car.
"If I wreck you're gonna have to explain why I was driving."
I laugh. "Jeez, when's the last time you drove?"
"Almost a year. Are you really sure you want to ride with me?"
Javier leans forward. "I'll drive if he doesn't want to."
"Down, boy. At least he has a license." I turn to A.J. "You do have one, right?"
"Yes, I have my license."
"Then you need the practice. Drive around town for a while and then take us home. And from now on when we go somewhere, you're driving."
He rolls his eyes again and buckles up. After getting the seat and mirrors adjusted he very slowly backs out of the driveway, making me and Javier laugh. We spend about a half hour driving around town before heading home. And he definitely needs the practice. I didn't feel scared but I was getting tired of having my seatbelt lock up almost every time he'd come to a stop. Javier would laugh and I'd just slightly shake my head. Once we're in the garage he hands me the keys and shakes his head.
"That was pathetic."
Javier laughs again and I turn to him and smile. "That's why you need practice. Why didn't you tell me it's been a year since you've driven?"
"Didn't see the point. You drive us everywhere and I'm fine with that."
"Well not anymore; you're driving us everywhere now. Get used to it."
He rolls his eyes again and gets out of the car. When we get inside I have Javier drop his backpack in our room and wait for him to come back. When he's standing in front of me he leans forward and lands on my mouth, shoving his tongue in. I wrap my arms around his waist and pull him in, my tongue dueling with his. We make out for almost a full minute before he pulls back, breathless. I'm a little breathless myself; that was a hungry kiss. I smile at him.
"I like the way you say hi."
He grins. "I love the way you kiss."
"I love you."
He smiles. "I love you more."
I reach up and run my fingers down his cheek, smiling at him. He blushes a little and grins. When we have our hellos over with I pull back from him.
"We have a huge problem, baby boy. We need to talk about it."
"What's wrong, Daddy?"
"Your other daddy knows you're in love with me. He told me at lunch."
The smile falls from his face and he looks scared. "Oh fuck. What'd he say?"
"He says he thinks you're in love with me. He said you need to come out to them if you're gay, that they don't care if you are but you need to be honest with them. He also said I need to talk to you and let you down gently if you have a crush on me or in love with me."
"Brody, I give you my word of honor I've never said a word to anyone about us. How the fuck does he know?"
"He says because he's seen how you are around me. I guess Christmas night was the give-away; he saw how cuddly you were with me. Well that, and he says you talk about me all the time, like a boyfriend would talk about their boyfriend."
He shakes his head and looks like he's about to cry. "I'm so sorry. I swear I haven't done anything to let on about us. I don't think I've said anything different than I ever did about you."
"Well I think it's more a look in your eyes than anything you've actually said. He says you seem a lot like A.J. when you talk about me."
"Well I can't help that; I love you and it's hard not to have a look in my eyes when I think about you."
"I know, baby, but you have to try as hard as possible. This is going to turn in a giant shit-storm if they figure it out."
"Fuuuuck. What about Mama; does she think so too?"
"He says he doesn't think she's figured out that part. She does think you're gay though. That's why you were sent home with us; to convince you to come out to them. They both said they love you unconditionally and it doesn't matter to them if you're gay. They just want you to be honest with them."
He thinks for a second. "If I come out to them they're gonna start asking questions about my feelings for you."
"I thought of that too. The only thing we can do is tell them you did admit to having a crush on me but we talked it out and you realize it's not the right thing for you. You want to find a boyfriend your own age but you just have a slight crush on me."
"You think they'd believe that?"
"You have to sell it. You have to convince them that you're feelings for me are just temporary or you're just confusing loving me with being in love with me. Sell it that you really don't have an interest in someone twice your age but you really like me a lot and got kinda confused. Hell, make it sound like the worst idea in the world if you have to. Like, ewwwww."
He laughs. "You're so far from ewwww I can't even see it. I think you're one of the hottest guys I've ever seen."
I blush a little. "Thank you, baby boy. I think you're pretty damn hot too. But we have to sell this to them to get them off our backs or we're doomed."
"But what if I can't stop having whatever look in my eyes when I think about you? I don't even know what I'm doing; it's hard to stop doing it."
"I guess just try not to talk about me as much. You can think about me all you want, but don't talk about me so much in front of them or Angelina. I mean, I've seen the look from you and A.J.; I know what they're talking about. It's just a look in your eyes. A look of love. It melts my heart but you have to try to control it."
He smiles. "Well I do love you with everything in me. It's really hard not to show it in my eyes. I'll try though. I can't lose you; I just got you and I can't lose you."

"I can't lose you either. We have to get them off the scent before they figure out what's going on. Are you gonna come out to them?"
He nods. "Yeah, I'll come out to them. They were really cool with A.J. when he did. I just thought they wouldn't want to hear their other son likes dick too. You know, the whole having grandchildren thing."
"I kinda slid that in during my talk with your dad. He said he didn't care about that; he only cares about the three he has. Don't worry about coming out to them; they're really alright with it. Just try to downplay any feelings for me if they ask. Don't volunteer anything; just if they ask."
He smiles. "Okay, Daddy. It's not like it's the first time I've ever told them what they wanna hear."
I smirk. "So I've heard. You're not as sly as you think you are sometimes, baby. They say you can be manipulative and you have a mouth like a sailor."
A.J. laughs. "I keep tellin' ya, they're not a dumb as you think they are. They see and hear things all the time. They know your game, dude."
"No way. They may think they do but I have them outsmarted."
"You keep thinking that, dumbass. You'll find out the hard way when they call your bluff one of these days. They did it to me and they'll do it to you and Angelina."
"You're just not as good as I am; or as smart."
A.J. laughs. "This from the guy who's barely holding a C average in school. I'm tellin' ya, they know your game. Mama even told Brody you present this sweet, good boy to the world but you're an ass sometimes. She also knows about the cussing; she hears you talk to your friends."
"If she knew about the cussing she would've beat my ass by now."
"That's not how they work all the time. She's giving you enough rope to hang yourself. Think about it."
Javier scoffs and turns back to me. "Do you think I'm a manipulative ass sometimes?"
"I haven't known you long enough to find out. You're always sweet to me. Are you?"
He grins. "I can be."
"Are you being manipulative with me?"
He shakes his head. "No. Never. I would never play games with you."
"I hope not. I love you and trust you; don't play me."
"I would never hurt you. You gotta believe me."
"I believe you. He's right though; they're not as dumb as you might think. Just because they're older and parents don't think they haven't done all the same shit you have. Besides, is that really how you want to treat people? Play them for what you can get away with?"
He looks a little pissed off. "No, but sometimes you have to work around people because they're fuckin' stupid or trying to get in your way."
"Yeah, but what do you hope to accomplish by getting around them? It may work for the immediate need or want but in the meantime you've disrespected them and made them question your motives."
"How is that disrespecting them?"
"Really? You don't know? How would you feel if one of your friends did that to you? What if he played you because he wanted something from you that you weren't ready to give? Let's say he wanted to use your Playstation and gave you some sob story about his being broken. You're his friend and believe him so you let him use it and the whole time his is at home, working just fine. You just got played."
"When I found out I'd kick his fuckin' ass for lying to me, and we wouldn't be friends anymore."
"Yup. And what if someone you're playing finds out and does the same to you? Make ya feel like crap, huh?"
"Whatever. What does this have to do with getting what I want from my parents? They do the same shit to me all the time. They make deals with me to get better grades and shit; that's playing games. They told me I could get my permit if I brought my grades up to a C average. What's different about that?"
"They're trying to use it as motivation; not to play you. They want your grades up and you want your license; they see it as motivation to make you the deal."
"Feels like being played to me. They just wanna manipulate me to get what they want; it's no different."
"Why are you getting pissed off?"
"Because you're taking their side! You think just because I'm sixteen you don't have to treat me how you treat A.J."
"I'm not taking anyone's side, Javier; I'm just pointing out the flaw in your plan. I would do the same with A.J. if I were having this discussion with him; your age has nothing to do with it. You said you wanted to learn from me; learn this. Playing and manipulating people will come back and bite you in the ass more often than it works out in the end."
"How do you know?"
"Because I've been there and done that. I was incredibly manipulative when I was a kid. I could get anything I wanted because I knew how to play the game. Come to find out; they knew the game too. When your friends start avoiding you because they're tired of the bullshit and your family thinks you can't be trusted anymore it's a big wake-up call. I'm trying to give you the benefit of my experience; not give you shit."
"I'm sorry. I still feel like you're being harder on me than you would him though. I understand what you're saying but don't talk to me like a little kid; I hate that shit. I'm smarter than people think I am."
"You're very smart; I know that. Why are your grades in the crapper?"
"School sucks. It's a bunch of losers who only think about the next grade or wanna fuck with someone because they're bored. I'm sick of it."
A.J. looks at him. "Who's fucking with you in school?"
"Nobody. Don't worry about it."
"Tell me what's going on, dude."
"Nothing's going on. Don't worry your pretty little head about it; it'll work out."
"Fuck that. Tell me what's going on. Who's fucking with you?"
"Maybe I'm the one doing the fucking; ever think of that?"
"Bullshit. Someone's fucking with you at school. Tell me who it is."
"I don't need my big brother to beat up the bullies; I can take care of myself."
"I just wanna know what's going on at school. If you're being fucked with then we need to take care of it."
"I told ya; I'm gonna take care of it. Stay out of it. I'm not some little kid who needs to have his hand held in school and have my big brother protect me."
"Stop being a fucking ass and tell me what's going on. I'm not beating up anyone but I wanna know what's going on."
"Fuck you. I'm not being an ass; I'm just tellin' you like it is. I can take care of myself. I don't need the big wrestler to come to my defense."
A.J. shocks both of us when he reaches across and smacks Javier across the face. "You ever tell me fuck you again and I'll kick your fucking ass! Now what the fuck is going on at school, you little asshole!?"
"Fuck you!"
He launches himself at A.J. and starts swinging, trying to hit him in the face. A.J. slugs him in the stomach, dropping him to his knees and then lands on him and pins him to the floor, slugging him in the side. They start rolling around on the floor, each trying to get on top the other to hit them. They've been going at each other for about two minutes when I decide enough is enough; they're knocking shit over. Javier's on top of A.J., slugging him in the side of the head. I reach down and yank Javier up by his shirt and throw him back into the chair.
"That's enough! What the fuck!?" I turn to A.J. "Really? That's how you handle things?"
"Hey, he came swinging at me first! I was defending myself!"
"You started it by smacking him across the face." I point to the couch. "Sit down over there!" I turn back to Javier while he's starting to stand. "Sit your ass down! I know brothers get on each other's nerves but this is total bullshit!" Javier starts to move again. "I said sit your ass down before I knock it down! Sit!"
"I can stand up anytime I want! Who the fuck are you to tell me to sit!?"
"You're fucking boyfriend; now sit your ass down so we can work this out like adults."
He gives me a dirty look and sits down, grumbling. I just shake my head at him. "What the fuck are you so pissed off about? I mean before you got smacked. What's going on at school?"
"Nothing. Stay out of it."
"Ain't happening. I'll tie your ass to that fucking chair if I have to, but you're gonna tell me what's going on at school before we leave this room. Start talkin'."
"You ain't tying shit to nothing. I'll talk if I wanna talk."
"Fine. Get out. Go home and act like a little boy if you want. I thought you were a man and we had mutual respect and love. I guess not; it's one sided."
He looks at me with tears starting to form in his eyes. "I'm sorry... Please don't be mad at me. I'm really sorry. I do love and respect you, Brody. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me."
"If you'll treat me like an adult and tell me what's going on I'll be happy to forgive you. No more snide comments. No more `fuck you's' to anyone. No more whaling on anyone. We treat each other with respect and talk shit out." I turn to A.J. "That goes for you too. No swinging on someone just because of a word."
"Yeah, take your little power bottom's side."
"Really? You wanna go there with me right now? I didn't sign up for referee duty; I fell in love with two brothers. My mistake."
I turn and leave the room, grabbing my coat and keys and walk to the garage, hitting the button to open the door. I get in my car and back out of the garage and driveway, tires squealing. And yes, it does occur to me that I'm leaving my own house, leaving them there. I'm hoping they'll work this shit out while I'm gone. I'll either come back to an empty house, one dead brother and one live one or two happy brother's freaking out that I left. Risky, but I didn't feel like playing the game by their rules just now.
As soon as I'm pulling away, A.J. turns on Javier, crying.
"Are you fucking happy now!? You got your wish; you broke us up, you piece of shit!"
Javier starts crying too. "That's not what I wanted!!" He pulls his knees up and hugs them, rocking and crying. "That's not what I wanted at all! I wanted all three of us to be together!"
"Well you fucked that up, didn't ya!? You had to act like a fucking spoiled little brat and get all pissy with everyone! Thanks a lot, asshole! If he doesn't come back and forgive me I'll never fuckin' forgive you!"
"I'm sorry! I'm really sorry, A.J.! This isn't what I wanted at all! I don't know what happened..."
"You were acting like a fuckin' little boy; that's what happened, dumbass! You have to have everything your way and fuck anyone who gets in your way! How's it feel now!? You got your fuckin' way!"
"I didn't! I didn't want this at all! You have to believe me; I didn't want to break you guys up; I just wanted to be part of you. I'm so, so sorry. Oh God... I've fucked everything up. I'm really sorry, A.J. Please forgive me. I fucked up and I'm sorry."
"No, not this time. You fuck things up and say you're sorry and then do something again in a few days. Now you're fucking with my life and happiness and I'm not forgiving you this time. You tell everyone you're a fucking man but you still act like a little brat."
"Oh God... Please! Please, A.J., I swear I'll never do it again. I'll act like a man; I promise! Please don't hate me..."
"I don't hate you; I could never hate you. I'm just really pissed at you right now and I don't know if I can ever forgive you for this one. You were playing us the whole time, weren't ya? You wanted Brody and you played him with that sob story about wishing you were dead and calling him Daddy and all that shit."
"No! God, no! I wasn't playing a game. You have to believe me; I'm serious; I love him and I want to be with you guys. I would never hurt either of you like that. Please forgive me, A.J. Please. I'll do anything. I'll leave you guys alone if you want me to; I'll just go home and never come back. Please forgive me."
"Well thanks to you I don't have any say in that; that's his decision. You wormed your way into his heart somehow and it's up to him who stays and who goes. Believe me, if he chooses you over me then we'll never be the same. We'll be like strangers; not brothers. If by some amazing twist of fate he chooses both of us, then you have to promise this shit will never happen again. If he asks you something; you fuckin' answer him. Act like a fucking man and deal with your problems like an adult."
Javier starts shaking his head back and forth, still crying. "No... No, I would never let him choose me over you. You come first to me; you're my brother and I love you. Please don't ever say we'll not be brothers. Please, A.J.; don't ever say that again. Oh God... God, I'm so sorry. Please believe me, I'm really, really sorry and I promise I'll always act like a man from now on."
"You say that now because you're scared. What about when you get all pissy and start acting like a fucking brat again? Huh? What then? Back to being a fucking ten year old?"
"No! I promise; I won't do it ever again. I give you my word of honor, A.J., I won't ever do this again. Please forgive me. Please, A.J., I need you to forgive me."
"You give me your word? No more tantrums; no more acting like a little brat; no more games?"
"Yes! I give you my word; I won't do any of that. I'll act like a man no matter what. No games. Ever again. I swear. Please, A.J., you have to believe me. Just please forgive me for this last time; please. Brother to brother. Please forgive me."
A.J. groans. "Last time, meathead. If you ever do anything like this again don't even ask for forgiveness; it won't happen."
"Never again! I swear on everything that's Holy I'll never do this again. I can't live through this another time. You really forgive me, A.J.?"
"Yeah, I really forgive you. You're my brother and I love you."
Javier cries harder and A.J. gets up and goes to him.
"Stand up, little brother; come here."
Javier stands and falls into A.J. arms, crying almost uncontrollably and holding so tightly A.J.'s about to suffocate. A.J. starts crying again too and they hold each other, each telling the other it'll be okay.
While they've been working on things I've been driving around town, asking myself what the hell I've gotten myself into. Was all of this really worth it? I love them both, and yes even in love with both of them, but I really don't know if the three of us are ready for this kind of relationship. Javier wasn't mature enough to handle problems at school; how the hell was he going to handle being in a 3-way relationship. Apparently A.J. wasn't too much more grown up, considering his last comment before I left and smacking his brother for just being told fuck you. Yeah, it's enough to piss someone off but hitting your own brother for it seems a little extreme. I didn't sign up for this. I just fell in love, and took the risk of ending up in prison for falling in love with his sixteen year old brother. I needed to talk to someone about this but there wasn't anyone to talk to that didn't have a vested interest in the whole thing. It was either them or their father; neither a good choice for various reasons.
I spend another hour driving out in the country before going home; still not having any answers and still not knowing what to do about any of it. The garage door is still open when I pull in the driveway. I pull in and shut off the car, looking at the kitchen door; wondering what's on the other side of it. I wait another minute before getting out and walking in the house. When I walk in they're both sitting at the kitchen table, playing cards and drinking a soda. At least they've worked it out. They turn around and look at me, both of them looking like they've been crying. I just sigh and look at them, not knowing what to do or say. A.J. stands up and turns to me.
"Please forgive me for what I said; for everything that happened here today. I'm truly sorry, Brody."
I sigh again. "You were angry and it just slipped out; don't worry about it. I forgive you."
Javier stands and looks at me. "I'm sorry too, Brody. Please forgive me for acting like a little brat. I had no excuse to ever talk to either of you like that and I'm very sorry."
I nod my head. "I accept your apology and I forgive you; don't worry about it."
A.J. looks in my eyes. "You're really questioning everything, aren't you? You look defeated and sad."
I sigh. "Right on all counts."
I turn and open the fridge, grabbing a soda and walking into the living room. I see they've cleaned up their mess. I sit in my recliner and lean back, popping the can open and taking a long gulp. I set the can on the table and stare at the windows across from me. They come in and sit next to each other on the couch across from me, looking at me and looking scared and sad. A.J.'s practically whispering.
"Please tell us what you're thinking. Please talk to us."
I sigh again and look at him. "Let me ask you what I've been asking myself for the last hour and a half. Do you guys think we're able to handle a relationship like we have? All three of us? I mean, look at us, our first serious confrontation turns into a knock-down, drag out fight. That's not very encouraging for the next time something happens. Are we all ready for this?"
Javier chokes back a sob and stands up. "I'm sorry. I'll just go home and leave you guys alone. I'm so sorry."
"Hey, that's not what I asked. I asked if you guys think we're ready for this. Do you really think we can handle this emotionally? You guys are already jealous of each other; is that gonna improve?"
A.J. snaps his head to me. "We're not jealous of each other. We just get physical sometimes when we fight; we always have."
I sigh again. "We'll come back to that. But you wouldn't have said what you said if you weren't jealous. And he wouldn't work so hard at keeping my attention if he weren't jealous. Accept it and move on. What I'm asking is, are we all emotionally ready for this?"
"So you're saying we're not mature enough to handle this. You think we're just boys."
I shake my head and sigh. "Why are you putting words in my mouth? I've asked one question; the same question I've been asking myself and apparently you guys don't know the answer any more than I do. Never mind... Maybe one day I'll figure it out. In the meantime we need to decide what we wanna do."
Javier looks at me. "Yes, we're emotionally ready for this. Maybe not all the time, but I don't think anyone is emotionally mature all the time. For the most part though I think we can make this work. If we always talk to each other like we are now and not get angry or hurt or jealous then I think we can make it work. I want to make it work and I'll do anything I can to help."
I look at Javier and grin a little. "Thank you. So no more days like today?"
"No, Brody, no more days like today. I promise."
I turn to A.J. "How about you? Do you think we're ready for this?"
He grunts. "Yeah, I think we're ready. I wouldn't be here if I didn't."
"Why are you being so defensive? I'm just looking for answers to the questions I've been asking myself. I don't have anyone but you guys to talk to about our relationship and I was really hoping you'd help me sort it out."
"I just thought you were looking for a way out; trying to blame it on someone and find a way out. I'm sorry."
"Well I'm not looking for a way out; I'm looking for a way to keep us together and un-injured. Please don't automatically assume something or want to strike back all the time. Sometimes people are just looking for answers or help with a problem."
He looks down at the floor. "I'm sorry."
"Hey, I'm scared too. If something like Javier having a problem at school can do this to us, it made me really question our ability to keep it together. We need to help each other through the tough times; not fight with each other. Can we make a promise to each other to work things out before calling each other names or taking a swing at someone? Please?"
He looks up at me. "Yes. I promise I'll try to stay calm and work things out without name calling or fighting. I'm really sorry I hit him, and I'm sorry I said those things. Do you really forgive me?"
I smile. "Yeah, I really forgive you; both of you. I really do love you both more than I can say. We just have to talk like this in the future and not panic."
Javier smiles at me, his face wet. "I promise too, Brody. I already promised A.J. I'd always act like a man and not a spoiled little brat. I'm really sorry I was such an asshole to both of you."
"Thanks. Apology accepted, baby boy. I owe you guys an apology too. I shouldn't have just left; that was the wrong thing to do. I'm sorry, and I won't do it again. I did it to stop myself from saying something I'd regret but it's still no excuse."
A.J. looks up again. "Do you still think we were a mistake?"
"No, I don't think loving you guys is a mistake. I don't know a lot about how we're going to make this work, but I know it's not a mistake to love you. I'm sorry I said that."
He smiles a little. "Apology accepted. I don't know about him, but I could use one of your hugs in the worst way right now. I need to feel you against me; know that you're here."
I stand up and walk over to them. They both stand up and A.J. falls into my arms from in front and Javier goes around and holds me from behind; both of them holding on for dear life.
A.J. whispers in my right ear. "I love you, Papi."
Javier whispers in my left ear. "I love you, Daddy."
"I love you both with all my heart."
About two minutes into our hug I pull back and take A.J.'s chin in my fingers and give him a gentle kiss. We both smile at each other through our tears. I turn and give Javier the same kiss. He smiles at me and then hiccups, making us all giggle. I take his shoulder and move him to stand next to his brother.
"I want to see both my beautiful men at the same time. I love you guys. I know we'll be okay because we do love each other. Our promise to each other right now; no other day like today. Deal?"
They both smile. "Deal."
"It's so good to see you both smile again. It's a much better look for you guys." I wink at them.
Javier smiles again. "It's a good look on you too, sexy Daddy."
"He's right; it's a great look on you, sexy Papi; even with the wet face."
I blush and grin. "I'm going for the wet look. Now, let's say we go out to dinner and get some food. I sure as hell don't feel like cooking, and I'm not eating anything you guys cook."
They both laugh, A.J. shaking his head at me. "Hey, I can cook a few things."
I grin at him. "Yeah, exploding mac and cheese. I'll pass, baby. How about the Outback instead?"
Javier shouts out. "Hell yeah! I love it there!"
I grin at him. "I bet. You do have a great appreciation for beef."
They both laugh. Javier blushes a little and grins. "Yup. Especially yours and his. I'll settle for a steak now though. And we're taking you out; we're paying."
"You don't have to take me out, baby; save your money."
"No. Please let us do this for you. A.J.'s driving and we're taking our man out for dinner. No arguments."
I smile and lean in for a kiss. "Thank you; I accept." I turn to A.J. and kiss him. "Thank you."
He grins. "Don't thank me; he's paying."
I grin back. "Then he's driving."
"Fuck yeah! Finally! Hell, I'll go get a job and take you out anytime you want."
A.J. smirks and turns to Javier. "Nice try, little brother. I doubt you could get a job before we all starve to death. And I'm not riding with you; you don't even have a license."
"Fine, then you're paying half, huh?" He grins at him.
"Yes, I'm paying half; don't get your balls in a knot."
We all laugh. I turn to Javier. "Yeah, please don't; it makes it hard to suck `em. Now let's get washed up and get out of here; I'm hungry."
A.J. smiles at me. "Date night?"
I smirk. "No, I don't have that kinda time; I'll starve. Guys night out."
They both laugh and head off to the bathroom in our bedroom. I watch them walk out of the room, and no, not staring at their asses; just watching my two boys; my men. I smile to myself, shake my head a little and walk after them.
We have drinks on the way and we've ordered. A.J. and I are sitting next to each other with Javier across from us. I look right at him.
"I know you don't want to talk about this, but please tell us what's going on at school."
He sighs and looks down. "It's just some dick at school who thinks he can talk shit and push me into lockers. Please don't make this more than it is."
"Well it's a lot to me." I look around to see if anyone's close. "There's some asshole laying his hands on my boyfriend and making his life hell. What kinds of things does he say to you?"
He shrugs. "He calls me a pussy or some version of it. He calls me fag all the time. He says I'll never win a wrestling match because I'm too little and have a clit. When he's sure nobody's watching he'll shove me into the nearest locker and laugh, telling me I don't belong on the wrestling team and I should go home and suck on mommy's tit. Don't worry about it, please; it's not that big a deal."
A.J. shakes his head. "It's a huge fuckin' deal, Javier. Why didn't you tell me this shit was going on? You don't have to always do things by yourself; I'm always here for you. What's this fucker's name? He's on your team, huh?"
"I can handle it, A.J.; don't sweat it. And I'm not telling you his name."
"Javier... " He turns to me. "You can't allow yourself to be bullied like that; you have to let someone know what's going on. Get the little fuckers ass kicked out of school."
"Yeah, right, rat him out and become known as the pussy boy snitch who had to run to the principal. No thanks, Brody; my life would really be hell then. I'll deal with it."
"How are you going to deal with it? What's your plan?"
He shakes his head. "You don't wanna know. Just know that I'll take care of it."
"Baby, please don't do anything like that. Please don't. You may take care of him but your life will be over as you know it. You could end up in prison or shot dead by the cops. Please don't do anything drastic. I'm begging you."
"I'm not gonna shoot him or nothin'. Jeez, I don't even know where I'd get a gun. No, I'm just gonna make his life as hard as he makes mine. Make him think twice about fucking with me, or anyone else. And most likely get kicked out of school at the same time."
"Okay, then how do you plan on doing that? What's you plan?"
He shakes his head again. "No, I'm not telling you guys; you'll try to talk me out of it."
"It depends on the plan. Maybe we could offer suggestions to make it better."
"Come on, dude; tell us your plan. If it's a good one we're behind you a hundred percent. Hell, we'll help ya make it happen if you want. The fucker needs to be put in his place. Nobody fucks with my family and gets away with it."
Javier looks at both of us, trying to decide if he wants to let us in on it. He turns to A.J. "You remember the hunting knife Papa got me for my birthday last year?"
"Dude, you can't stab him; that's assault with a deadly weapon."
"Noooo. I'm not gonna stab the dickhead. I've taken the blade off and I'm gonna shove it through the vent in his locker. Then I'm gonna send an anonymous note to the office saying I saw him with a knife. They'll break into his locker and find it, arrest him and haul his ass to jail. Hopefully he gets his own bubba to cell with who'll fuck him every ten minutes."
"I kinda like it. But dude, the only fingerprints on it will be yours. How do you convince them it's his knife blade when he doesn't have any prints on it?"
Javier rolls his eyes. "They're not gonna check it for prints if they find it in his locker. They'll have the evidence right there."
"They will if he starts screaming bloody murder that he's being set up. If he or his parents or lawyer tell them to take prints then they'll find just yours. You'll be fucked."
"It's not like I have my fingerprints on file at the cop station. I've never been arrested for anything. Besides, I can clean the knife with some of Mama's smelly ass cleaner and then wear gloves when I touch it and when I put it in his locker. It's cold; wearing gloves won't get noticed."
"You guys still have lockers with vents in `em? I thought they got rid of those."
He turns back to me. "The ones in the locker-room are the old ones; they have vents. I don't know his normal locker but I know his gym locker by heart."
"I don't know, baby; it sounds risky. What if someone sees you shove the blade in? What if they do check for prints? None at all will still give them pause and he'll probably tell `em it's you who set him up. We need to work out the details."
He grins. "You guys will really help me get him back?"
"Hell yeah. We need a really good plan though. We can't just go kick his ass; we'd end up in jail for assaulting a minor, even though I wouldn't care right now. Still, we have to think of a way so it never, ever comes back to you."
He smiles. "Thanks, guys! That's so cool that you'll help me with this."
I smirk and smile at him. "You still haven't figured out that we'll do most anything for you? Jeez, dude, get a clue; we love you."
He giggles and smiles. "I know. I love you guys too. So what should we do?"
I think for second and grin at him. "How big are the vents in the lockers? Like what's the widest thing you could slide in there?"
"Wide or thick?"
"Thick I guess. Wide doesn't really matter with what I'm thinking."
He smiles. "I'd guess like a spiral notebook without the spirals attached. The 50 page kind; not the big ones."
"Good enough. You'd be taking as big a risk as he will though if you get busted with anything on ya. You have to be absolutely sure nobody sees you with it."
"Sure. What're you talking about?"
"I know a guy I can get weed from. We get three joints from him and you shove `em in his locker and then do your note thing, telling them you saw him smoking weed behind the school before classes started."
"Fuck yeah! I love it! School starts again next Monday. We could do it like Tuesday or Wednesday of next week if you can get the stuff."
A.J. turns to me, grinning. "You smoke weed?"
"Nooooo. I just know a guy who does. Jeez, guilt by association now, huh?" I smile at him.
"No, I was just curious. That was kind of a surprise coming from you. Uh, I know guys who smoke weed too. We have a problem. They'd test positive for THC in a heartbeat. If this fuckhead doesn't smoke weed they won't find it in his system and they'll know he was set up."
"Shit, I hadn't thought of a drug test. They'd probably do one, huh?"
"Yup. It's automatic if they find drugs in your locker."
I see the waitress approaching with our food. "Play nice, guys; food's here."
When the waitress leaves, Javier laughs and looks at us. "We could kidnap him, take him to some empty warehouse, strip him and sit him in a bottomless chair and whale on his balls until they fall off. That'd be fuckin' awesome."
A.J. laughs. "You've been watching that fuckin' Bond movie again. We can't kidnap the little prick."
"Hey I love that scene. Besides, he's smokin' hot sitting in that chair, naked."
"I'll give you that one, but we still can't kidnap the little twat. Besides, I don't wanna hear him scream that loud. Eat your beef and think of something else." He grins at him.
Javier giggles and starts cutting his steak. He smirks and looks at A.J. "And I'm always thinking about beef."
We laugh and start eating. About halfway through dinner I look over at A.J.
"Hey, when we get home, give Hunter a call and have him come over. I don't know why, but I just get a feeling he'll have some devious ideas to add to this. He just seems like the kinda guy who knows how to set someone up and make it look good."
They both laugh. "Yeah, you kinda have him figured out. He's a twisted fucker when he sets his mind to it." He pulls his phone out and calls Hunter. "Hey, pinche straight boy, what's up? Sound like fun. Tell your dog to lick your nuts and not his own; it's more fun. Yeah, whatever, I never let Ringo lick my nuts. Hey, can you stop by the house in a while? We need your help with something devious. Neh, not right now; we're at the Outback having dinner. Hey, you weren't there when we left the house. Tell ya what, we'll get a take-out order for ya; whadda ya want? You got it, man. Hey I'll shoot ya a text when we're on the way to the house. Later." He turns back to me and grins. "He says he's intrigued and will be there."
I smile at him and look around for our waitress. I finally get her attention and when she's standing there A.J. gives her the take-out order for Hunter. When he's done I look up at her.
"That's a separate ticket, please, and make sure I get it."
"Yes Sir." She walks away.
My two men just look at me, shaking their heads. "Hey, it's the least I can do for him. Besides, you two are taking me out; not him. Eat your beef."
Javier laughs. "Beat our meat? That's kinda rude in a restaurant, don't ya think?"
I smirk and shake my head. "That's not what I said, smart-ass. Be nice, or you'll get a spankin'."
"Shut up and eat, boy." I wink and smile at him.
He smiles and whispers across to me. "Yes, Daddy."