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This is a true story, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Drunk Night

It was 1:30 in the morning and in another half hour I would be locking the doors to the bar.

It was a typical monday night. Not much business except for the regulars and a couple new guys.

One guy came in about 6 pm and was still there. He had a few beers and numerous shots and had slowed down drinking the past couple of hours but you could still tell that he had a very nice buzz still going on.

Finally 2 a.m. came and I started to lock up the doors. I asked the guy if he was okay and he said if possible he would like to sit a few more minutes.

I told him that was fine because I had to clean up before I headed home anyway.

I cleaned up behind the bar first and then went out and started to put the seats up on the tables. Being out where the guy was sitting we did some small chit chatting while I worked.

"Haven't seen you in here before," I told him.

"I just moved up this way. Was living in Florida."

"My name is Mike," I said.

"Jon," he said.

A little bit of silence while I continued to put up the chairs then he spoke out.

"Sure is hot in here tonight."

I replied "Yes it is. The air conditioner decided to go on the fritz this afternoon. Working in here like this doesn't help matters."

"Sitting in here doesn't help either," he said laughing. After saying that he started to unbutton his shirt and he took it off. He had a wifebeater underneath it. A thick dark matt of hair flowed out from the top and from the sides connecting to a thick patch under his arms.

"No wonder you are hot," I told him looking at his body hair.

He laughed and took a drink of water.

The more I thought about it the better the idea was. I lifted off my t-shirt and finished putting the last of the chairs up.

"Looks like you have the same problem," he told me as he looked at the thick hair on my body.

"I sure do."

I started to walk behind the bar and told Jon that I would be right back out.

I got some hot water ready to mop the floors and went back out with the push broom and made a pass over the floors quick and walked back for the water.

I came out behind the bar and since I was close to the restroom I decided I could wait any longer and walked inside and closed the door. I pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet and started to do my business when the door opened and Jon walked in.

"Sorry dude. I didn't see you come in here."

"That's alright. Who ever heard of a restroom without a closed in stall?"

I have, but wanted to let the guy know that I didn't care.

He came in and went to the urinal which is right beside the toilet and let loose a large stream that was splattering out and hitting me in my side, but I didn't say anything.

I started to wipe and everything and finished and left the restroom. I got the mop and bucket and headed to the other side of the room and started mopping. I finished mopping and noticed that Jon didn't come out of the restroom so I went in and found him praying to the porcelain god. Thankfully he hit the toilet.

"You alright Jon?"

"I'll be fine. You finish cleaning and I will stay right here."

"Alright, but if you need anything hollar for me."

I went and finished cleaning up which after the floor there wasn't much that needed done.

I turned the lights off in the place and headed to the back with Jon's shirt

He was still in the restroom, but passed out.

I was able to get him to wakeup long enough to tell him that he was coming home with me. I wasn't going to try to find out where he lived the way he was feeling.

We got to my house which is only a couple of blocks away from the bar. Thankfully though I decided to drink to work that previous night. Otherwise it would have been hell getting him there.

I got him inside the house and took him to the spare bedroom. I took his shirt off and then took his shoes, socks and shorts off and left his boxer shorts on him. The mushroom tip was showing proud out of the bottom of his boxers.

I started to lay him down when he began to mumble and I asked him if he needed to use the bathroom before he laid down.

He mumbled a yes so I helped him to the bathroom and asked him what he needed to do. He said he needed to take a crap so just as I started to take his boxers off he crapped in them. I have been around drunk people like this before. Never as handsome as this fellow, but in anycase I was not mad about the situation. I took his boxers off and sat him on the toilet just incase he wasn't finished. I cleaned out his boxers and put the with his other clothes and took them down and put them in the washer.

I went back up and noticed that he crapped some more so I wiped him up and cleaned him off from the mess he made and went to the spare room. I laid him down on the bed and went to get a blanket. I came back in and Jon was spread eagle across the bed with his arms spread above his head and he had a nice smile on his face as he lays there naked. It was a sight to see and made me extremely hard.

I covered him and and went to my room and undressed myself. I sleep in the nude. I've tried going back to sleeping with clothes on, but can't.

I feel asleep and woke up around 8 in the morning. I walked passed the spare bedroom to get to the bathroom and glanced in and Jon hadn't moved since the previous night. The only thing that changed was the size of his cock. He had a rather nice morning hard-on as I did at that point.

I went to the bathroom and let out my stream. I decided that I might as well get showered since I was naked anyway. I turned the water on and jumped in the shower and lathered up. I was rinsing off when Jon walked in the bathroom and looked inside the shower curtain.

"Thank you," he said.

"No problem. How do you feel this morning?"

"Not bad except for this hard-on."

"I am about finished with my shower. Come on in and you can take care of your problem and I will get your clothes for you."

He got into the shower and started to lather his cock up. I started to walk out when I grabbed me around me waist and pulled me to him. I felt his hard cock poking my ass.

"Can I?" was all he got out.

"Sure," was all I said.

With that he took his erect 8" cock and placed his mushroom head against my ass and slowly pushed it up inside me. he took his time and then began to fuck my ass slowly. He cock was touching my prostate was every thrust inside me he made causing pleasure to stir in my own cock. It didn't take long for him to release 4 hot streaming spurts up my ass. He exited his cock from my ass as his cum ran out and down my leg. I turned around and he began to piss uncontrolably all over the both of us.

Once he finished pissing, I lathered myself up again and lathered him up as well. We got out of the shower together and dried off and went to the spare bedroom. He laid down and placed his legs up. I pushed my 7 inch cock into his ass and began to slowly fuck him. Then I started to fuck the hell out of him. His crys of joy. He played with my nipples. Pinching them making them so erect. He played with my hairy chest and went for my underarms. I was sweating so bad again that my underarm hair was stuck to the skin. I bent down and sucked on his hair covered nipples. I licked his underarms and his hair from his bush up to his navel then up to his chest. I took my cock out of him and went down on his. I could taste some of his cum from before. I put a couple fingers up his ass and I sucked on his cock and he soon let lose for the second time. 3 spurts of hot man cum.

He pushed me down and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked me like no man has ever before. More passion than before, eager for the suprise he so wanted to receive. A few more minutes went by and I knew I could no longer hold on and I came like I never did before. 5 loads into his mouth. He couldn't swallow fast enough and some came out of the sides of his mouth. I laid there exhausted. As if I didn't even go to sleep that previous night.

At that moment I knew that I could not let this guy go. And he and I have been living together since.

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