Edie's Lad.

(Part 2 of 2)

By George Gardner

 Rick and I lay happily together for half an hour or so. We were both still reeling from the force of our first love making and we held tight to each other. Rick stroked my hair as I rested my head on his chest. The shower could wait a while. Rick seemed to have no regrets or reservations at that moment but it was still early days. My instincts told me he was okay but they had been proved wrong, on occasion, before this. I lay quietly and just listened to his heart beating. The heady smell of man hung heavily in the air - that tangy blending of sweat, testosterone and other things which is anathema for woman and yet has such forceful attraction for man.

 'You awake?' He asked quietly.

 'I'm awake,' I affirmed.

 His grip on me tightened a little and I felt him kiss the top of my head. I snuggled tighter against him and he sighed deeply.

 'They might put me away,' he said sadly. 'For the drugs thing?'

 'I know', I said. 'I think this is where I say that I'll wait for you.'

 'Will you, Dan?'

 'Of course I will, Rick. I love you, mate - with all my heart.'

 'Mum'll go spare,' he said. 'God, I'm more scared of what she'll say than what the cops'll do.'

 'Edie loves you so very much, Rick,' I said, turning my head to look up at him. 'She'll be angry but she'll forgive you. I know she will.'

 Rick raised his head from the pillow and kissed me gently.

 'I know,' he said with a sleepy grin. 'But I'm still shitting myself, Dan.'

 'We'll get through this,' I said firmly. 'All three of us.'

 'I love you, Dan,' he said, so softly I almost couldn't hear.

 I kissed him warmly and he gazed deep into my eyes.

 'It still takes a hell of an effort for me to say that,' he said sadly. 'Will I ever be able to let go and, maybe, just shout it from the rooftops?'

 'Would you want to? Shout it from the rooftops, I mean.'

 'Sometimes I feel that's what I want to do,' he said. 'But then Fred and Thorne are there in my head and I just want to shrivel up and die.'

 'Rick, you don't have to say it, mate,' I said. 'I suppose as long as you're here with me, like this, then I know you love me.'

 'I want to fuckin' say it, Dan!' He said sharply. 'Fuck's sake, mate, I feel for you more than I've ever felt for anyone else on this Earth. I feel it and I want to say it - so loud and clear the whole, rotten planet knows it! I want to say it and not feel dirty.'

 I held his beautiful, sad, tormented face in my hands and let my eyes search into his soul.

 'If it matters to you, Rick, then we'll do it, both of us,' I said. 'I can shout just as loud as you, mate, but understand this - it doesn't matter a damn who else knows. You and I love each other and what anyone else does or doesn't know about that has no significance. It doesn't change how we feel.'

 'It matters to me,' he said quietly. 'I've never loved anyone, Dan - not since Stevie. I'm just so happy, mate, I want everybody to know.'

 My heart leapt in my breast. Rick was happy. He was lying in my spare bed, soaked in sweat and come, bruised from head to toe, on the brink of unemployment and with the possibility of prison looming on the horizon - and he was happy?

 Yep! He loved me allright.

 'You're as daft as a brush, Rick,' I said gently. 'Nobody's ever said anything like that to me before. I'm happy, too.'

 Okay, so there I was, lying in my spare bed, soaked in sweat and come, holding on for dear life to my new love who was probably about to be arrested and put away, about to lose his job, still with issues to be resolved about his sexuality  and probably about to wreck my  orderly life - and I was happy?

 Yep! I loved him allright.

 My orderly life needed wrecking anyway.

 'Tell me honestly, Dan,' he said. 'Does my mum know I'm ..... ?'

  His voice tailed off.

 'Know you're what?'

 'Like you.'

 'What? You mean an I.T. consultant?'

 'No! You know what I mean.'

 'And so do you, Rick,' I said firmly. 'I already know so you're not telling me anything new - or are you still a straight bloke who just likes shagging other guys?'

 He looked into my eyes and I could see there was still fear and doubt in his heart. It all had to come out and be beaten.

 His eyes blazed as he gathered himself and he held my hands so tightly it hurt.

 'Does my mum know I'm .. queer?' he said almost without faltering.

 'She's not sure, Rick,' I said. 'Not entirely but, yes, she knows.'

 'I'm queer,' he repeated, more firmly, and his face broke into a slightly bewildered smile. 'I'm queer, Dan.'

 'Gosh! I am surprised!' I chuckled.

 'Jesus, mate, why do I feel so good?' he said, tears coursing down his cheeks. 'I feel  ..... clean?'

 He leapt off the bed and threw his arms out wide. He raised his face heavenward and then he roared at the top of his voice;

 'I'm QUEER!! Hear me, God? I'm queer! Hear me Fred? - and you, Ken Thorne, you big-dicked bastard! I'm queer! I'm queer and I am NOT like you!'

 He sat down heavily on the floor and smiled up at me, I'd never seen him smile like that, so wide and bright and happy. He looked like a kid at Christmas.

 'I'm queer,' he said once more. 'It's not dirty. I love you, Dan. There's nothing wrong or dirty in that.'

 I got up and went and sat with him. He put his arm around my shoulders and kissed me and he grinned happily at me.

 'Did I tell you I was queer?' He giggled.

 Release was hitting him like a drug and he was getting quite high on it.

 'I think you told the whole street,' I said wryly.

 'Good!' he said defiantly.

 'Come on, you,' I said getting to my feet and helping him up, too. 'Let's get in that shower.'

 He looked at me for a moment and then he stood back a little and looked me up and down.

 'What?' I said.

 'Turn round.' he said.

 I turned slowly and he watched me with those soft, brown eyes of his.

 'God, Dan, you  make me feel so horny,' he said. 'I don't know the right words. You're beautiful, mate.'

 I felt myself going red from head to foot.

 'Your bum is fuckin' gorgeous,' he went on. 'The way your dick shows in those manky pants  - I never saw  a guy like this before. I guess I never looked.'

 I was blushing like a schoolgirl but I felt so relieved that Rick was vanquishing his demons. I went to him and took him in my arms. He held me for a moment and then he kissed me.

 'D'you like to look at me?' he asked.

 'Rick Telfer! If you only knew the trouble I had NOT looking at you before.... !'

 'I wouldn't have minded, Dan,' he said. 'Not one bit.'

 'You're a very handsome man, Rick, ' I said. 'The sight of you in those blue boxers drives me crazy!'

 He laughed and it was the first real laugh I'd heard from him. I nearly burst into tears as the sound permeated and resonated in the most intimate reaches of my heart. I had always known, from the first sight of him, that Rick was my fate and now my heart, too, acknowledged this sweet doom.

 We went to the bathroom, hand in hand. He the big, strong sailor and I the slightly smaller and lighter techbod. I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. Rick stood behind me and put his arms around my waist. His head came down and he kissed my shoulder. I let my head loll back against his chest. He stepped under the soothing spray with me still in his arms. The warm water tingled on my flesh as I turned to face the man I loved. Rick smiled at me and I allowed myself just to gaze in silent awe at the guy who had given me his heart. The fabulous blue boxers clung to him now like a second skin and I could plainly see that he was almost fully erect again. He reached out and gently cupped my crotch in his right hand. My cock began to stiffen at his touch and my soggy white briefs soon could scarce contain my erection. Rick knelt down before me and slowly drew my underpants down out of the way, I stepped out of them and he pulled me in close to himself, burying his face in my abdomen. He had placed his hands one on each buttock and I could feel him tremble. I felt his lips brush the head of my cock then he was licking and kissing all along its length and down around my scrotum. The sensations were searing through my flesh like lightning through the night. I twisted my fingers into his hair and held on to him. I felt him slowly take my whole length into his warm, caressing mouth. I let my head fall back and I immersed myself in his attentions.

 Slowly at first, then faster and faster his lips slid over my straining shaft. Great eddies of pleasure and desire ebbed and flowed through every fibre of my being. When I knew I was reaching release I tried to gently push his head away but he wouldn't allow me. With a muffled "uh-uh!" he carried on - and on until I emptied myself into that warm haven which engulfed me. Rick didn't flinch and he carried on, seemingly reluctant to release me, but I was done for the time being. He stood up slowly and our lips met and our souls rejoined.

 I slipped my hand between us and gripped his cock. Rick moaned softly as I prepared to reciprocate his action. I got down as he had done and I buried my face in the wet, blue cotton of his boxers. Even under the shower there was till that lingering, incredible aroma of man. I yanked them down and for the first time I actually saw his dick in the flesh. It wasn't huge but it was longer than mine and it was slender and uncut. I, very lightly, raked my teeth over the head and he shuddered at the near-painful sensation. Not all guys can tolerate this. Rick could and he seemed to enjoy it. I went to work on him and he held my head between his hands and caressed my ears with his thumbs.

 'I'm going to come, Dan,' he said at last, his voice low and husky.

 I grunted and went on with renewed vigour. I felt his cock swell even more in my mouth and Rick's grip on my head tightened as his flesh was wracked by the roiling force of orgasm. His warm semen spurted into my mouth and I swallowed it as he had swallowed mine. Every last drop. When he was done I got, a bit unsteadily, to my feet. His arms enfolded me and he clung to me and I, in my turn, embraced him as tightly as my strength would allow. We stood like that for some time - just us, together, in the warm cascade of the shower. I took the soap from its tray and I began to wash him. I soaped him from top to bottom, avoiding nowhere on his body. When I had done he washed me, too, and then we stepped out and dried each other in the warmth of the bathroom.

 'Nothing in my life has ever felt like this,' he said quietly. 'I feel like a little kid, Dan. I'm so scared and excited but I can't wait to see what happens next.'

 'It's all new to you, Rick,' I said. 'Some of it I've had before but I think this is going to be quite an adventure for both of us.'

 'Can we tell my mum? You know? About us?'

 'If I know Edie, Rick, she'll have already worked it out,' I chuckled. 'But, yes, we should tell her.'

 I didn't tell him about the conversation Edie and I had had. That could wait.

 'I want her to know,' he said with a little smile. 'I hope she'll be happy for me. I know she always wanted grand kids, Dan, but there's no way I could give her that. Something always stopped me. I never came any of the times I slept with Jo, or any other woman for that matter. I couldn't. I'd get close then I had to fake the rest.'

 'Edie wants you to be happy more than anything in the world, Rick,' I said. 'I think she'll be happy.'

 Rick took me by the hand and led me back towards the bedroom. I held back in the living room and I steered him towards my own room and bed.

 'I'm asking you now,' I said. 'Please come to my bed with me, Rick?'

 'I'd like that,' he said. 'It smells of you!'

 We lay down together, wrapped in each other's arms and we fell asleep. Soundly and peacefully asleep.

 It was nearly six in the evening when I woke up again. Rick was till there, still holding me in his arms like an oversized teddy bear. His slow, regular breathing told me he was still sound asleep. I drifted and let myself bask in his warmth and closeness. I felt humbled that it was his love for me that had made him take on his past and I prayed that I would be worthy of that love. I had loved before. I had been loved before - but it had never been like this. There was a depth and a strange serenity to our oneness which surfaced when we made love. I'd never felt anything like it before but I didn't fear it for I knew it was good and it was ours alone.

 'Hi,' came his whisper from behind me.

 'How're you doing?' I asked.

 He hugged me in tight to himself and let out a long, languorous sigh.

 'Im okay,' he said. Did that really happen? In the shower? You and I?'

 'Yes,' I said, 'Trust me, I was there.'

 'Wow!' he breathed. 'You can't half go, mate.'

 I wriggled round until I was facing him.

 'So can you,' I said.

 'Is it like that all the time?'

 'No, Rick. For me it's only ever been like that with you.'

 'Same here,' he agreed.

 'I daresay it won't always be like that for us, either.' I said regretfully. 'You get older, you get used to each other - maybe some of the passion goes away but the love remains, Rick. It changes but it remains.'

 'We'll see,' he chuckled. 'I reckon you'n'me have enough passion for a lifetime, mate.'

 I smiled at him. He had changed so much I just couldn't believe it.

 'So, are we going out or what?' he asked. 'I seem to remember somebody going on about a meal and some drinks?'

 'Yes, a couple, of drinks.' I said. 'I don't want you having to cart me home again.'

 'I won't get drunk,' he said taking my hand. 'I wouldn't want to miss a second of when we get home.'

 'D'you want to go and see Edie before we go?'

 'Yes, I'd like that,' he said firmly. 'I want her to know I love you, Dan.'

 'Okay, lets get ready and we'll go.'

 'Dan, d'you like my body?' he asked awkwardly.

 'What brought that on?' I asked.

 'I just want to know.'

 'Yes, of course I do. I told you that before anyway.'

 'Is my dick - you know? - okay?'

 I shook my head and smiled at him.

 'Rick, stop worrying,' I said. 'There's nothing at all wrong with any of you. You're gorgeous, okay?'

 He leant over and kissed me.

 'Thanks,' he said. 'I'll go and get dressed.'

 He got up off the bed and headed for the door. Just before he passed through into the living room he stopped and turned back to face me.

 'Sorry, Dan,' he said. 'I haven't got any more of those boxers you like.'

 As if it mattered. But he didn't know for sure. He was a little kid finding his way in a strange new place.

 'It doesn't matter, Rick,' I said gently. 'I don't care so long as it's you inside.'

 So, an hour or so later, we went across to Edie's place. Rick was so nervous he could hardly speak but a little glint in Edie's eye told me she'd already put two and two together and got somewhere in the region of thirty! Rick looked at her for an age then he just got up and went and took her in his arms and clung on to her.

 'I love him, mum,' he said, his voice shaking with emotion. 'I love Dan more'n anyone I ever knew or will know.'

 Edie put her arms around her son and kissed his cheek and stroked his back as if he were still just a small, frightened boy.

 'Then you'll be fine, Richard,' she said. 'He's a good lad, that Danny.'

 'I'm gay, mum,'

 Edie rolled her eyes at me and held Rick tighter still.

 'I sort of guessed that when you said you loved Danny,' she said. 'I had a good idea you were gay long before this, son. It doesn't matter.'

 'Honestly, mum?'

 'What difference could it make?' She asked. 'You're just the same Richard you were five minutes ago. Nothing's changed, laddie.'

 He kissed his mother and then he came back and sat beside me on her sofa.

 'There's something else I have to tell you,' Rick went on. 'I - I've done something wrong, mum. Drugs.'

 Edie's hand flew to her mouth and I saw the colour drain from her cheeks. How I wished I could have warned her but that would have been ratting on him.

 'Oh Richard no!' she said.

 'I wasn't taking them,' he went on hastily, as if that were some comfort. 'I carried them into the country for Jo and her brothers.'

 Edie didn't speak. Her hand remained clamped over her mouth and tears were coursing down her cheeks.

 'I pinched some of the last lot because I knew I wasn't going back, mum. I knew I loved Dan. I couldn't go on like that. I thought I'd maybe sell them and .... well, they caught me and that's why I got the kicking.'

 He paused and looked sadly at me.
 'I knew Dan wouldn't go for anything like that anyway so I went to the cops and turned myself in. Turned Jo and her brothers in, too.'

 Edie lowered her hand slowly and stared at her son.

 'I'm sorry, mum.'

 'So you should be,' Edie said severely. 'You were never brought up to do things like that, Richard.'

 'He really is sorry, Edie,' I said. 'He'll lose his job and he'll possibly go to prison, too.'

 'That's his own fault,' she said, but not unkindly. 'Nobody made him do it.'

 'I know,' I said. 'He's trying to put it right, Edie. Nobody made him turn himself in either.'

 'I want to start again, mum,' Rick continued. 'Without all the lying to myself and denying who I am. I want to have a life with Dan and I want it to be honest.'

 'What about you, Danny,' she asked.

 'I love him, Edie,' I said taking his hand in mine. 'I'll stick by him - you know I will. I don't like what he's done but it doesn't change how I feel. I love him.'

 'I don't doubt it, Danny,' she said. 'Richard, I'm shocked and I'm so disappointed in you, son. I can't believe you would do something like running drugs.'

 'It wasn't exactly drug running, mum,' he protested. 'I never brought big loads in.'

 'Don't you try to make light of it,' she snapped. 'You know very well what these things do to people.'

 Rick hung his head and his grip on my hand tightened.

 'If you go to prison it serves you right,' she went on. 'I'll come and visit you, if Dan will bring me, but you'll get no sympathy from me, my lad. You've brought this on yourself.'

 Edie was mad as hell.

 'I know, mum,' Rick said quietly. 'I'm sorry.'

 'Putting poor Danny through all this, too,' she went on, now just mildly scolding.

 'I got in willingly, Edie,' I said. 'I couldn't do otherwise, could I?'

 She smiled at me.

 'What would you do with him?' She asked.

 'I'd give him a good smacking - only he'd probably enjoy it,' I said without thinking.

 'Well, he's far too big to go across my knee now,' she chuckled. 'Oh, you're a bloody idiot, Richard Telfer!'

 'Yes, mum,' he said meekly.

 'You're not forgiven yet, mind?' She went on. 'I see you're all ready to go out so away the two of you go. You've a lot to sort out.'

 Rick went and kissed his mother again and we left her to her thoughts.

 'Shit! That was awful, Dan,' he said as we climbed down the stairs.

 'I thought she took it all rather well,' I said.

 'I shouldn't have done that to her,' he went on. 'What a fucking twat!'

 'She'll be okay, Rick,' I said putting my arm around his shoulders. 'She's had a shock but she'll get over it.'

 'Yeah, I guess,' he said sullenly.

 'So cheer up,' I went on. 'Think of later.'

 He looked at me and then the beginnings of a smile creased his face.

 I took him to my favourite Indian restaurant and we sat in a quiet, softly lit little alcove where we could risk little intimacies. Rick seemed to love to just hold my hand and I certainly had no objection. I think he felt safe like that - like I wouldn't go away if he kept hold of me. I just enjoyed the contact with him - tactile, that's me.

 'Any idea how long the cops're going to take?' I asked as we munched our way through the poppadums.

 'They just said I shouldn't leave town,' he said.

 I squeezed his hand tightly.

 'God, I hope they don't put you away, Rick,' I said.

 'Why? I deserve it, Dan.'

 'Because I'd miss you, for a start,' I said. 'And because Edie will worry herself sick in spite of what she said.'

 'I'll make it up to you, Dan,' he said firmly. 'You 'n' me can have a future - a happy future - I know we can.'

 I sighed and I smiled at him. He looked so earnest and yet so terribly unsure of himself.

 'I know we can, too,' I said. 'I'm sticking by you, Rick, I promise. I love you.'

 Rick lifted my hand to his lips and very gently, almost reverently, kissed the back.

 'It's a funny thing, Dan,' he said with a wistful little smile, 'I know you do. I've always known that you love me.'

 'The same goes for me,' I said. 'Weird isn't it?'

 And so, as we ate, we talked of what might be and where the river of life might carry us. Each time Rick looked into my eyes the shining light of his love lit up my heart and my soul and I rejoiced for it. How much he had changed. From the fearful, doubt- ridden and self-loathing emotional cripple he had been, Rick had emerged as the most warm and caring human being I had ever met. He had also changed me. Rick had made me see what had been missing from my life. There had been no love. No Romance. No adventure and, probably, no hope. I'd become too wrapped up in my own little world of work and home. The heavenly bodies of SG-1 - Jack, Daniel and Jonas - and so many other TV heroes had filled in, in my imagination, for what I lacked in reality.

 After the meal we strolled the short distance to the pub. It was a warm night and the town was fairly quiet. As we walked, Rick slung his arm around my shoulders and gave me a squeeze. He smiled at me but he didn't say anything - he didn't have to. He was wearing a pair of snug-fitting dark grey trousers and a pale blue shirt with a white T-shirt underneath it. That had always done it for me - the open neck shirt with the patch of white showing through at the throat. It's just so attractive!

 We didn't stay long in the pub. The need to be together, to be one again in each other's arms - to know the power of the other's desire was growing rapidly. In Rick's eyes, alongside the love, great arcs of passion now blazed. I was actually trembling from this awesome force and my cock was already half hard. Rick drained the dregs of his second beer and grinned over at me.

 'Come on, mate,' he said. 'There's something we have to do.'

 He took my hand and led me outside amid some rather stunned looks form the other drinkers. I didn't give a shit, frankly. He broke into to a trot as we crossed the road and I was almost running to keep up. His legs are longer than mine. In through the gates of the park we ran and down the slight incline until we came to the bench where we had stopped once before. Rick stopped and pulled me in tight to himself. Our lips met and we clung to each other as the flames of our desire raged between us. Rick stood back and grinned at me.

 'Ready?' he asked.

 Ah yes, I remembered. This wasn't rooftops but what the hell? Yes, it was silly and probably foolish and dangerous but none of that mattered. I keep my promises. We stood up on the bench and we kissed one another again - for luck. Rick took a deep breath and waited for me. I smiled and inhaled to capacity. Then we both roared as loudly as we possibly could.


 Rick jumped down from the bench, pulling me down with him. He lifted me easily off my feet and spun me round and round and he was laughing so happily and smiling so brightly that I could have cried.

 'My Dan,' He whispered.

 'Body and soul, Rick,' I said. 'Oh God let this be right.'

 'It's right, Dan,' he said, his eyes blazing in the dim light. 'It's too weird to be anything else, mate.'

 'I love you so much,' I said and I felt the tears welling up in my eyes.

 'Don't cry, Dan,' he said taking me in his arms and holding me tight to his strong, deep chest. 'Please don't cry. I only want you to be happy.'

 'I am happy, you twonk!' I sniffed.

 'Come on, let's get home,' he said gently.

 As we walked towards the other side of the park, arms around each other and oblivious to the odd looks and giggles we were attracting from the dog-walkers and others who had probably heard our affirmation from the bench (Mavis Bradshaw 1907-1996) and were hanging around to see if anything else was going to happen.

 I heard Rick chuckling beside me.

 'What?' I asked.

 'D'you know that just being near you gives me a hard-on?'

 I glanced at him and our eyes met briefly.

 'You do the same to me,' I admitted. 'I've been at half-mast since the restaurant.'

 We walked the rest of the way just quietly enjoying the nearness of the other. When we got back to the flat I had just opened the front door when Rick seized me in his arms. He rained kisses on my lips and my neck and there was almost a frenzy in him. He kicked the front door shut with his heel and began undressing me as we stumbled into the living room. I was caught up in the raging inferno of desire and I was all but tearing his shirt off as he pulled me down with him on to the floor. I felt his hand grab my crotch and he began to knead and stroke my cock through my jeans. He was breathing hard and he was fired up to the point where his urgency was bordering on violence.

 I loved it! No-one had ever wanted me that badly before.

 He gripped my wrist and forced my hand down on to his cock. It was like steel in his trousers. I began to work on him as roughly as he was on me. Rick sealed his lips on mine and his tongue probed for my own. The fire of our passion was burning out of control.

 'Make me come, Dan,' Rick breathed in my ear as his red-hot lips caressed my ear-lobe. 'Make me come now!'

 I let go of his cock intending to unzip him and get it out of his pants. He pushed my hand back down and his fiery breath seared my neck as he nipped my flesh with his teeth.

 'No time,' he groaned in rising ecstasy. 'I'm coming, Dan.'

 His whole body went rigid as he crashed over the edge. I felt his cock pulsing in my hand and his trousers became slippery under my touch where his release soaked through. He had let go of me briefly but it made no difference. I felt my dick jerk a couple of times and then the rush of my own release surged through my body. I felt my own semen spurt into my underwear and I flopped back on the carpet. I couldn't help noticing how different the sensation was when there was no physical contact with my cock during orgasm.  Rick saw the wet mark on my jeans.

 'I'm sorry, Dan,' he said. 'I didn't think you'd be that close. I nearly blacked out when I came, there. Sorry.'

 'I've told you about saying sorry,' I panted. 'I've been that close for hours. What got into you?'

 He shrugged and grinned sheepishly at me.

 'Well I hope it hasn't run out yet,' I said. 'It's only half eleven!'

 Rick took my hand.

 'I've got plenty more, mate, don't you worry.'

 'That's really hot, that wet spot on your trousers,' I said.  

 'You little perv!' he laughed.

 'We all have our little foibles,' I said.

 'So, are you going to make us a drink or what?'

 'You nearly maul me to death and you want me to go and make coffee? I demanded.

 'Yeah,' he said with a grin. 'I just want to look at you arse in those jeans.'

 I smacked his head gently and got to my feet.

 'Okay, sailor boy,' I said. 'Have your fun. Calling me a perv, indeed!'

 I headed for the kitchen feeling ten feet tall. A bit shaky, but very tall.

 I made him a normal coffee and a Camp for me. It tastes like coffee but it doesn't give me a headache, being mostly chicory. The name's a bit unfortunate in the circumstances. It's the sort of camp with tents, I assure you.

 I returned to the living room to find him lying face down on the carpet with his head pillowed on his arms. He smiled sleepily up at me.

 'Thanks Danny,' he said.

 'Oh so we're back to "Danny" now are we?'

 'I could still call you "Shane" ....... .' he said with a wicked grin.

 'Danny, Dan, I don't care - Dickie!'

 'Ouch!' he said with a grimace. 'Shit, Danny, I might be a bit of a prick but I don't want to be named after one!'

 'I like "Rick", anyway,' I said. 'D'you want this coffee here or shall we take it to the bedroom?'

 'I just want to cuddle up with you,' he said. 'Man to man.'

  'Come on then,' I said.

 He got to his feet and followed me through to my bedroom. I hadn't made the bed, of course, from earlier but who cared? Rick pulled off his socks and trainers and flopped down heavily on the bed. The wet area on his trousers was fainter but it was still a great turn-on for me. I put the mugs down on the cabinet by the bed and sat down. I removed my own shoes and socks and then I stood up again and faced him squarely. Very slowly I loosened my belt and pulled it out of its loops on the waist of my jeans and dropped it on the floor. I undid the fastener and pulled down the zip. I never let my eyes leave his. The tangy scent of my earlier orgasm wafted on the warm air in the room. I let my jeans drop and stepped out of them. My briefs showed clearly where I had come for him. I saw the bulge in his trousers begin to grow.

 'You horny sod!' he chuckled. 'My God, Danny, you've got a great body, mate.'

 'I do my best.' I said smugly.

 'You're right, that come-stain is quite hot!' he added.

 I lay down beside him and I unfastened the clasp on his trousers. He lay quietly as I slid the zip down and his man-scent mingled with mine. I slid my hand inside and massaged his burgeoning cock. I could feel that he was wearing boxers and I was dying to see if they were as hot as the blue ones he'd worn before. He raised his backside off the bed to let me slip his trousers out from under him. These boxers were white and they were just as snug as the blue ones.

 'Very nice!' I purred.

 Rick ruffled my hair and grinned at me.

 'I feel so good when you're near me,' he said. 'Warm inside. Does that make sense?'

 I passed him his coffee.

 'Of course it does,' I said. 'D'you think I don't feel the same with you?'

 'I'm new to all this, mate. I don't know how it goes yet.'

 'You're getting there,' I said. 'I can't believe how much you've changed in just over a week, Rick.'

 'You did that.'

 'I only stood by,' I said firmly. 'You did the rest yourself.'

 'Well, I don't suppose it matters now,' he said. 'I so love you Danny.'

 'I know, mate,' I said softly. 'You're all that matters to me now, Rick.'

 We finished our drinks and Rick  gathered me into his arms once more. My soul melted into his and we were one flesh. Now he was so gentle and loving that I wanted to cry again. He sat up and then he knelt across my thighs. He smiled warmly down on me and he slowly pulled my briefs down, away from my loins. My cock was almost fully erect as he slid my pants down off my legs and then tossed them on the floor. I was naked and at his mercy. I reached out and released his cock from the white boxers. Rick lay back between my legs and let me pull them completely off then he sat up again and straddled me, sitting right on my cock so that it was pinned between us.

 'Will you fuck me, Danny?' he asked quietly. 'Please?'

 'God, Rick, are you sure you want that?' I said nervously. 'It's not my thing. I'm probably no good at it.'

 'I'm sure,' he said. 'I just want to feel you inside me - I don't know why.'

 'I might hurt you.' I protested.

 'Thorne hurt me, Danny,' he said firmly. 'Because I didn't want him in me. You won't hurt me, mate.'

 He reached down and picked up his trousers off the floor. He rummaged in the pocket and produced a packet of condoms.

 So he'd planned for this. Oh well.

 He took one out of the packet and ripped the foil open with his teeth. For some reason that sent a little shiver of excitement up my spine. He unrolled the thing on to my cock and then he lay down beside me, face down on the bed. I leant over and opened the drawer of the cabinet where there was a tube of KY that had been left, once upon a time, by a not very memorable guy who had taken far too much for granted. I'd always meant to throw it away. I took a deep breath and gingerly applied some of the stuff to his anus. As gently as I could I worked first one, then two of my fingers up inside Rick. I fervently hoped that the little moans and sighs were pleasure-driven.

 'Are you okay, Rick?' I asked nervously.

 'Get on with it,' he said . 'I'm great, Danny.'

 I rolled on top of him and I began to kiss all round his neck and ears. Rick turned his head and I could kiss his lips without too much difficulty. I knew this could be done venus observa but Rick had given me what was, I suppose, the easier option. I positioned myself and gently and slowly pushed just the head of my cock into him.

 'Oh wow!' he breathed. 'Don't stop, Danny. You're doing fine.'

 He was supporting me now.

 I slid my full length inside Rick and he let out an enormous sigh. I thought for a second that I'd hurt him but he seemed to be okay. I drew back and thrust in gently again. Rick pushed up against the stroke and I knew then that he was, indeed, okay. I began to thrust a bit more strongly and he reciprocated by meeting my inward strokes with a backward thrust of his own. As the  pace built we both began to sweat heavily and the acrid scent of our mutual passion burned in my nostrils, urging me on to greater and greater effort. We were both breathing hard form our exertions and I  soon felt the rush begin. I buried my head in Rick's neck as I neared climax. He twisted his head again and I sealed my lips with his for a moment or two. On the verge of orgasm, my strokes were now deep and powerful into the warmth of Rick's inside. As I exploded into him I heard him whispering my name over and over - Danny, Danny, Danny.

 Expended, I withdrew from him and flopped down on his sweat-soaked back.

 'You allright up there?' he asked.

 'Yeah, just give me a sec,' I panted. 'I'm getting too old for this!'

 I, on account of all the sweat, slid, more than anything else, down beside him. Rick rolled on to this side and grinned at me as I inexpertly fumbled to remove the condom.

 'That was fucking awesome!' he said. 'Thanks, Danny.'

 'Will you stop thanking me all the time?!' I complained 'If you're not saying "sorry" you're thanking me for something or other. It isn't necessary, Rick. I'm the guy who loves you, remember? It all comes as part of the deal, mate.'

 He leant over and nuzzled me gently.

 'I love it when you get shirty with me,' he chuckled.

 'Right then,' I said reaching for the condom packet. 'I think it's your turn now.'

  Rick just stared at me.

 'You needn't think you're getting off .... I mean, away with it, mate. I can take as good as I give!'

 Mentally I added "I hope" to the above.

 'You want me to ..... ?'

 'Fuck me rigid, yes, ' I said with my wickedest grin.

 'I've never done it, Danny,' he admitted quietly. 'Not from the giving end. I-I'll try - if you really want me to.'

 'I really want you to,' I said firmly.

 'I thought you weren't keen on .... that.'

 'I'm not, but I told you once before, Rick, it depends on the other guy.'

 I leant over and kissed him warmly. I couldn't believe that the fire in my soul hadn't quite gone out. Even as I was attending to Rick my own cock was beginning to rise again. I kissed and caressed my way down to his abdomen where I lay, quietly, for a moment or two as I fondled his cock to full erection. I wasn't about to try his trick with the teeth for opening the condom foil so I just tore it open in the conventional way. Rick propped himself up on his elbows and watched as I unrolled the rubber on to his cock.

 'Nobody ever put it on for me before,' he chuckled. 'Even that feels horny.'

 I winked at him and passed over the tube of KY.

 'Carry on, Number One,' I said.

 'Ha ha,' he said sarcastically. 'You'd have made a right hot-arsed little bo'sun's mate.'

 'Would've had to depend on the bo'sun.'

 I rolled on to my front and waited for Rick to collect himself. I knew he was nervous and I knew  he was just as scared, as I had been, that we might hurt each other. His cock was a bit bigger than mine but I wasn't concerned. I felt his hand run gently across my shoulders. He laid himself half on top of me and began to work on me. He gently raked my earlobes with his teeth and little icy rivers of pleasure tickled up and down my spine. He pulled me on to my left side and pressed himself tightly against me. I felt his rampant manhood in it's latex sheath, hard, between my buttocks. His fingers brushed, light as down, against my sphincter and the coolness of the jelly sent another surge of pleasure through my yielding flesh. A finger slipped, oh so gently, inside me and I was a little surprised to find the sensation not at all unpleasant. The finger withdrew and I felt, now, the head of Rick's cock pressed against  my anus.

 'You okay, Danny?' he asked.

 I nodded my affirmation. Rick tightened his embrace and I felt the pressure on my sphincter increase slowly. I relaxed myself and, with an incredible rush of near-painful pleasure which made my head spin, he entered me. I had never felt anything like it. I had allowed a couple of guys, in the past, to have their penetrative way but I can only assume that they had been doing it wrong.

 'Okay?' Rick asked again.

 I just nodded my head. He kissed my neck again and then he rested his head on mine so that we were cheek to cheek. He drew back and drove into me again. The sensation was like fire in my insides but it was a fire which did not consume but, rather, rekindled the flames of my own desire. My cock was stiffening yet again as he continued his strokes. His grip on me tightened yet more and his strokes became faster and more urgent. His breath burned on my face and he moaned softly as he neared the moment of ultimate passion.

 'I'm coming, Danny!' He breathed. 'Oh God, I'm coming!'

 He nearly crushed the breath out of me as he made the final long, deep stroke. He cried out, quite loudly, as his hot seed erupted from him. Even with the condom I felt him come - the great convulsions as his cock expended itself into me. I pushed back against him as he came and the raging passion of his release sent me racing to the edge once more. Rick must have sensed this as I felt his hand grip my jerking cock and begin to stroke it hard and fast.

 'Go, Danny,' he whispered. 'Come for me again, mate.'

 Although he had come, his cock stayed hard inside me. I twisted my head round and our lips met. My cock swelled to fullness and then the roaring torrent of climax raged through my body and spirit. My cock leapt in his grip and I emptied myself, in great languorous contractions, into the bed sheet.

 When it was done, Rick withdrew gently and rolled on to his back. He removed the condom and flipped it on to the floor where everything else seemed to have landed. He smiled warmly at me and gathered me into his arms again. we were exhausted and both we and the bed were soaked in sweat. I put my arm across his chest and snuggled up to him.

 'That was unbelievable, Rick,' I said.

 'Good or bad?' he asked.

 'Good, you idiot! That was your first time?'

 'Straight up, Danny,' He said. 'I just thought it would be nice like that ... like I did.'

 'It was, mate,' I said. 'I've never felt like that before.'

 'I love you so much, Danny,' he said. 'I'd do anything for you.'

 'Same here, Rick,' I said. 'Anything at all, mate.'

 'There is something,' he said - and I really should have caught the odd inflection in his voice.

 'What's that?'

 'Make's another drink, mate?'

 I did that thing. We moved through to the spare room as my bed was in no fit state for sleeping in. We lay together long into the night just being together and talking of things to come. When we finally fell asleep we were wrapped in each other's arms and hearts.

 Rick had won out over his demons but would he win over the law? Old Edie, bless her, had gotten her wish insofar as Rick and I had become lovers. She would get over the shock that her lad had stepped beyond the law and would possibly have to pay the price. That matter is still to be resolved.

 There's no more to tell just now but who knows what the future might bring? We'll have to wait and see, won't we?


© 2003 George Gardner

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