The Case of the Fallen Idol

by: Richard

This is a work of fiction and in no way draws on the lives of any specific person or persons. If there is any similarity to any real persons or events it is entirely coincidental. Some license has been taken with places as well.

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Chapter 15

Darryl led John out of his cell and positioned him nearby the one in which Ralph waited. Charles stood directly in front of John facing him.

Then Darryl opened the door to Ralph's cell and led him out and positioned him behind John.

"Place you right hand on the shoulder of the man in front of you," Darryl whispered. John and Ralph obeyed. "Now walk very slowly as we go in.

Charles picked up the large Oriental gong and mallet. He struck the gong softly, and its sound seemed to fill the room. Then slowly he began walking toward the now open door of the temple.

Darryl brought up the rear of the procession carrying the Book. As he passed the entrance to the temple, he turned off the lights in the anteroom.

The flickering light from the seven black candles lighted the Temple. It was not bright, but was light enough to see to read, and enough to see through the thin garments that the two hooded men wore.

Slowly the procession made its way to the front of the room. The two offerings were brought to the position where they were to be bound. The gong was struck a total of six times thus far, and now that everyone was in place, Charles struck it one last time. Then he placed it and the mallet on the stand off to the side of the altar.

Darryl stood in front of the altar, which was still shrouded in the scarlet curtain. He handed the Book to Charles, who then moved to the far right and waited.

Darryl raised his arms, palms up and intoned the opening, "Oh Ba, Show Thyself to us your servants that we may worship you in all your glory!" His voice was low and even. At the end of the invocation, Charles reached the cord behind him and pulled. The curtain at the front parted revealing the gigantic image of Ba, sculptured and then covered with gold leaf, it was a perfect replica of an erect male penis. It shimmered in tile candlelight, its veins standing out from the surface. The huge testicles at the base rested within the sculptured scrotum. A tear-shaped crystal rested atop the penis at the opening near the front, appearing as a drop of liquid just coming to the surface.

Darryl turned to the members, "Oh followers of Ba and believers, look upon thy God and worship Him! Fall on your knees and give homage to Him!" Those present, including Darryl and Charles prostrated themselves on the floor.

Darryl rose and faced them once more, "Now, rise up and give praise to Ba!" The members rose and faced the altar.

Darryl led them in prayer, "Almighty Ba," they began, "We give praise and honor to Thy Name, and to Thy Son, and to Thy Spirit! Grant us Thy favor! Protect us from our enemies! Provide us with Thy blessings!

Darryl turned to the altar once again. Charles returned to stand just off to Darryl's right holding the Book open.

"Oh, Ba," Darryl began reading, "Recalling the history of Your People, we acknowledge Your Wisdom. According to the tradition all were, in the beginning, male according to Your image and your plan. But some among them fell from Thy grace and desired that they be different, and separate. It was these who took upon themselves the image of woman, it was these who tempted Man, and brought him to disgrace. It is these who brought sin into the world and death to us all! But in Your wisdom you have given us Your Son, Who Will guide us to Your salvation and once again to everlasting life and glory!

"All Hail To Ba!" Darryl said.

"All Hail To Ba!" The members responded.

Charles closed the Book and set it on the stand next to the gong. Darryl knelt before the altar and Charles handed him the incense. Darryl spooned a small amount into the brazier that stood filled with glowing coals. A cloud of white smoke rose and filled the room with it scent.

Next Charles handed Darryl the vessels with the water and oil for cleansing. Darryl rose and turned to the members.

"Come forth and be cleansed!" he commanded. One by one the members came forward. As each presented himself before Darryl, holding his penis out, Darryl poured first water and then a drop of oil on them. Then the member massaged in the oil and went back to his place.

When all had returned, Darryl and Charles walked to the place where the two offerings stood bound with their hands above their heads and their feet just touching the floor.

"Cleanse Oh Ba, these Thy offering!" Darryl said out load. Charles lifted the robes and held the penis of first Ralph and then John in turn as Darryl purified them.

Darryl and Charles returned to the front and repeated the purification ritual on each other.

"Now, Oh Men of Ba, Show thy selves to your God! Make firm thy flesh and stand boldly before your God!" The members then lifted their robes throwing them over their shoulders and began massaging themselves until they were hard.

"Oh Glorious Ba, See how Your servants now present themselves before You!"

Darryl and Charles then turned back to the offerings. They walked slowly to them. Charles lifted both their robes and positioned them across their shoulders so they would not be in the way.

Already both men were partially erect in anticipation. Ralph's stood pulsing slowly, its glowing glans without foreskin was an impressive organ. John's however, was magnificent! Larger by an inch then Ralph's in both length and width, covered with a foreskin which still covered it, even though it was now approaching full erection.

"Relax and enjoy," Darryl whispered to each of them.

"See, Oh Ba, how even the pagans worship you!" Darryl said in a low deep voice.

"Now," he whispered to John, "It's time for you to do the first offering."

Charles untied John's arms and feet, and completely removed his robe but leaving him blindfolded and hooded. Darryl positioned him before Ralph, and indicated that he should kneel before him.

John recalling the previous ceremony reached forward, though he could not see, until he barely touched the other man's legs. His hands and fingers rose slowly up the thighs just brushing them as they went.

Ralph's skin crawled as he felt the hands upon his legs. He shivered and felt the tingling throughout his body. Already he was feeling the rush toward climax beginning. He forced it back in his mind.

His hardened penis leapt as he felt the breath of warmth upon it. His balls pulled upward as the moist lips caressed his shaft. His mind whirled as the sensations increased. He felt as if a hundred hands and lips were on him, though it was only one.

How long could I hold back?, he wondered

The members stood watching as John ministered to Ralph. Each wishing they could have been him. They all now were stroking their own hard shafts raising their desire to the boiling point. The sound of their breathing the only sound in the room.

John's expert fingers and tongue played across the tortured body of Ralph, who hung powerless to restrain himself longer. A stream of fluid poured forth from his penis showering John's hooded face and his bare body with its anointing flow.

Gasps of passion filled the room as several of the members exploded at the sight of the eruption, their own hands now covered with the sticky liquid.

Darryl took the gold vial from the tray and held it at the tip of Ralph's still pulsing penis and collected a few drops of the pearly liquid. Charles then cleansed the still erect penis with a damp cloth and rubbed on some oil.

Then Darryl and Charles repositioned John next to Ralph. "It's your turn now," Darryl whispered as they re-tied him, "Hold back as long as you can, I'll let you know when it's time."

John now hung as did Ralph, helpless in the presence of these people, whomever they were. Exposed for all to view. The excitement in him grew and his hard organ pulsed up and down slowly.

Darryl indicated to Charles that he could begin. Charles knelt before the helpless body before him. His lips were already moist and his hands trembled with excitement. His own penis was rigid with desire as he came close enough to John that his tongue could reach the distended organ. He pushed it out and flicked it across the huge head still clad in its robe of flesh. The fragrant oil lingered on it and he move his hands up the trembling thighs of the man bound to the floor and ceiling.

He opened his mouth wide with desire and engulfed the massive organ, forcing back the foreskin from the hot glans. He felt the involuntary response of motion from the imprisoned shaft. Its bulk invaded his throat and he could feel the man's reaction to his touch. He reached up with a hand and cupped the hot sack while his other hand pulled the tight muscular buttocks toward him forcing more of the shaft into his throat.

Sensing that the man could not withstand much more, he released his grasp and pulled away.

John breathed a sigh of relief when he felt the hot lips release him. Another instant and he would have exploded.

Darryl knelt before him, this man among men, this vision of the Son of Ba, Ba made flesh, Ba made whole again. He stroked himself slowing and began to worship him. His whole body shook from the excitement. He strove to control his passion so as to make it last. He touched the immense organ with his tongue and brought it into his mouth.

John's whole body ached from desire to release, but he held back. Visions of the room whirled around him, he'd never seen it, but he knew that it was filled with people staring at him, stroking themselves, as he could hear their breathing mingled with his own. The fragrance of the powerful scent of sex filled his nostrils.

His balls screamed with pain as he struggled to hold back his climax. Fire filled every part of his body as he endeavored to hold back. He gasped deeply as the glorious sensations engulfed him. He couldn't hold back much longer!

"Bring forth thy gift to Ba!" came the command that echoed through the room.

He exploded.

Moans of passion could be heard as they witnessed the flood of release from his body. Spurt after foaming spurt of cum shot out of the quivering organ, suspended by its own muscles jumping up each time the electric pulse reached deep within him. Everyone now climaxed and allowed their passion to be released. Both Charles and Darryl filled their hands with their own fluids, as their bodies gave up their gift.

Darryl took the vial and went among the members and collected a drop or so from each. Then he returned to John whose tortured penis was now hanging still hard, but relaxed and dripping with the last of its offering. He held the vile below it and with a warm hand milked out the last of the fluid into it.

Then Darryl rose and turned to the altar. "Accept Oh Ba, these offerings given in Thy name, to Your Glory and Your Power!" He set the vile at the base of the image and prostrated himself on the floor. Everyone lay on the floor, save the two offerings who could not move. For a moment there was silence and no one moved.

When Darryl rose up everyone got up.

"Go in peace. Be mindful of your devotion to Ba, and faithful to His Teachings!" Darryl dismissed the service.

The members filed out and in silence cleaned themselves, and dressed. Charles escorted them out and up to the lobby.

Still no one spoke. There was no need to speak, everyone had seen it, and all were filled with a sense of awe that would remain at least for a few more moments, until they were once again in the world outside.

Darryl meanwhile had untied the two men and led them back to their cells where he allowed them to dress. He took them one at a time up to the lobby. No one was to know them, and they not each other. Only Darryl was known to them, and so it would be until they were members.

Then Darryl returned to the Temple for a final-prayer in silence.


Billy sat low in the seat as he saw the men start to file out of the building. He saw the six leave. And then a seventh. And finally Ralph came out. He saw the man who let him out of the building, he must be the leader. He waited until Ralph drove away before he started his own car and followed discreetly. When Ralph reached the right turn area, he followed as Ralph headed around the block and back in the direction of his place.

Billy pulled up along side of Ralph's car and motioned for him to follow him. They drove to The Castro and ended up parking several blocks from the bar where Ralph was going to have a drink. They sat in Billy's car to talk.

Ralph described to him all that he could remember of what he saw and what happened in the service. He watched as Billy's face reflected his thoughts. He gave every detail of what happened to him, and what he thought was happening around him. Since he couldn't see. he described the sounds and feelings that came to him.

"How," Billy asked out load, "Is this all connected to Tim's murder?"

Chapter 16

Charles had waited in the shadows up the block, in the direction which he knew that Darryl would come when he emerged from the building. He had wanted to complement him on the service, and also to see that both the guests departed under their own power.

He observed the crouched figure in the car parked down the street and wondered when it drove off a second or two after the first of the two men emerged. He was careful not to allow himself to be seen by either man, and was far enough away that he couldn't see them.

Fifteen minutes after the second men left, Darryl came up dressed in his usual sweats. Charles stepped out of the shadows long before Darryl got to him, so as not to frighten him.

"I must complement you," he said as Darryl came near to him.

"Thank you, Charles," Darryl beamed, "I thought you would like it, and it did go rather well, didn't it?"

"I should say. They were both marvelous, but especially the second one," Charles said excitedly, "Where ever did you find him?"

"He found us," Darryl said, "Just out of the blue. Saw the Ad the BAR and called. "He's going to join, of course, but until then, perhaps even after, he works well as an offering."

"He is superb, such intensity, and magnetism. I thought that I would just die looking at him," Charles said. He frowned and added. "Oh, by the way, the other man?"

"Yes, what about him?"

"Someone followed him when he left. At least that's what it looked like. I could have been mistaken, but I'd keep an eye on him."

"Really? I wonder why," Darryl was puzzled, but too excited by the results of the evening to bother with it just now. Darryl and Charles continued up the street and then over to Market Street.

"Well, Darryl," Charles said, "I'm going to get back, I've got an early flight in the morning. But I'll be back, for the initiation I hope."

"Oh do plan on it," Darryl said, "I've already got some exciting new things planned for that event." They shook hands and then Charles headed back toward his hotel.


Ralph said good night to Billy and watched as Billy drove off. He'd invited Billy in for a drink, but he'd declined saying that he was tired. Ralph walked up the street and into Sofia's. It was crowded with the usual Friday night group. A few new faces, but nothing outstanding, he thought as he looked around.

Then he spotted the tall man with dark blonde hair. Ralph didn't know what it was, but something about him caught his attention. The man was standing alone next to the wall with a drink in his hand, obviously alone, so he walked over to him.

"Hello," Ralph said greeting him with a smile.

John turned as he heard the greeting.

"Good evening," he returned. Nice looking, he thought, and good build too.

"I don't think I've seen you in here before," the man said.

"I don't come in all that often," John said, "I live out in Concord."

"Actually I don't come in all that often either, married and all that."

John thought, I'm not surprised. I wonder if it's a man or a woman he's married to, probably a woman.

"I sure know how that is," John said sympathetically.

"Yeah, it can be a real drag. My name's Ralph," Ralph said.

"I'm John," John returned. They shook hands and John felt an electricity surge through his body, a recognition of some sort.

"Are you ready for another?" Ralph asked looking at John's nearly empty glass.

John looked his glass, "I guess it could stand a little refreshing."

"Vodka or gin?" Ralph asked.

"Vodka," John answered. He watched as Ralph went to the bar. He studied his face and body as he waited for service.

When Ralph returned he thanked him for the drink and said, "You know, there's something familiar about you, but I can't place it. I know that I don't really know you, but..."

"Sometimes its like that when you meet someone for the first time," Ralph said, "Almost like you'd met in another life or something."

They laughed and chatted leisurely.


Billy lay next to Jimmy thinking about the conversation he'd had with Ralph and wondering what it all meant. Jimmy, as usual, was the first one to sleep. Billy often wished that he could fall asleep as easily.

From what Ralph had told him, there wasn't any indication of violence in the ritual that was used. Of course, that didn't mean that there never was. After all, this was the first time they'd had a murder which suspicious in the way that this one was. Or perhaps, he thought, they have different rituals, and the one that Ralph was in was different from the one in which Tim was killed.


Ralph watched as John went to the bar to get the next round of drinks. He is certainly a fine looking man, for an older guy, he thought. I wonder if he's as good in bed as he looks out of it?

They toasted and continued their conversation.

"I'm thinking of getting a bite to eat," John said.

Ralph realized that he hadn't eaten dinner, "I could stand something, I guess."

"Since I'm not all familiar with the city, what do you suggest?"

"Well, let's see," Ralph thought a moment, "There are several good places nearby. How about if we just walk over and see which one's not too busy."

John agreed and when they finished their drinks they walked on up the street and surveyed the restaurants that were still open until they found one which looked suitable.


Doug pulled on his clothes and freshened his hair in the bathroom of the plush suite of the client he'd just finished having sex with. He looked in the mirror and was surprised to see the lines in his face. He hadn't noticed them before, Perhaps it was just that he was tired, and they were just at the eyes.

He finished and went back to the living room. The man was sitting on the sofa watching television.

"All set?" the man asked.

"All set," Doug said smiling.

"There's a little extra for you," he said handing him an envelope.

Doug put it in his pocket, "Thank you," he said, "Do call me when you're in town again."

"I will," the man said, "I certainly will."

Doug leaned over and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. The man got up and walked to the door with him.

"Take care now, Doug," he said.

"You too, Mister Foster." Doug said. In the elevator he looked in the envelope, it was two one hundred dollars bills. They had agreed on one hundred and that had been for the whole evening. But the man had suggested that he could leave early, because the man was tired. Doug never argued with the client, it was part of his work ethic the client is always right.


After they finished eating, John suggested that they go to his place. Ralph looked at the clock on the wall. It was nearly midnight.

"Sure, why not," he smiled. Why not, indeed, he thought. I thought he'd never ask.

John wrote down the address and rough directions and the phone number for Ralph in case they got separated. And then they left the restaurant and went to Ralph's car that was the closest to where they were. Ralph drove to John's and then John climbed out and got into his own. They were soon on the freeway headed out of the city. It was a twenty minute drive out to where John lived and Ralph had no trouble keeping up with him.

John pulled into a parking spot near the entrance to the complex where he lived, and Ralph pulled in behind him. Then Ralph got into John's car and he drove to his assigned parking space that was just outside his unit.

John gave Ralph the short tour of his townhouse, ending in the bedroom. Moments later they both had shed their clothes and were embracing on the bed in semi-darkness, only the light from the bathroom intruding.

All this time, Ralph thought, I've been chasing after the younger guys when there are men like this out there! John's body was a little fuller, a little softer, he was more a man where it mattered than anyone he'd met in ages.

John's lips flowed across Ralph's chest teasing the nipples to hardness, while his hands roamed along his sides. As Ralph lay back momentarily, John explored the up raised penis with his lips and tongue. As his mouth closed over the moist glans and he opened his throat to accept the long quivering shaft, a recognition crept into his mind as in a dream.

He was not mistaken! He had done this all before!

Ralph lay back and let John explore him. His eyes closed as he felt the sensations of the fiery tongue and lips on his body. He sighed in ecstasy as John's mouth engulfed his flaming manhood. His mind raced back to earlier in the evening as he hung in the darkness of a place he'd never seen, and he was being caressed by someone he hadn't seen either. He concentrated and in an instant realized that it was the same lips, the same mouth, and the same hands!

"John," he said sitting up.

John looked up at him, his eyes glistening in the half light, "Yes?" "Where were you earlier this evening, about eight?" he asked.

"In the city," John looked puzzled.

"I mean exactly, where?" Ralph insisted.

"I can't tell you that," John remembered Darryl's warning, "Why do you ask?"

"I don't know," Ralph paused, "I had an experience tonight, earlier that," he paused again. He too had promised that he wouldn't tell.

"That what?" John asked anxiously

Ralph laughed, "I must be crazy, but I feel as though I have been with you before, I mean earlier tonight."

So it was true, John thought, but how?

"Perhaps," John smiled to cover his knowledge, "It was a dream."

"No," Ralph said, "It was definitely not a dream. But I can't explain it exactly."

"Don't try," John said, "Just enjoy." He resumed his ministrations as Ralph lay back on the bed.

It has to be him! But who was he? He had to know! But even as his mind recalled the events of the early evening, his body was reacting to the current display of attention and he exploded in a torrent of electric spasms sending a flood of creamy liquid deep into the grasping throat before him. He moaned and grasped John's head with his hands holding it close to his body as he thrust deeper into the hot throat.

John relaxed letting Ralph's climax flow into him, and when Ralph grabbed his head, he opened his throat further to accept his gift of love, while his own body in anticipation oozed a small amount of clear fluid up the long hard shaft and onto the soft cotton sheet.

He felt Ralph's penis begin to soften has he lay still upon his body. He listened as Ralph's breathing regained its natural rhythm. Then slowly he lifted his head and washed the long shaft with his tongue and lips, tasting the salty fluid that had escaped around it.

He lay down beside him and looked at him, as he lay quietly his eyes closed, his hair slightly rumpled, his lips parted as in a kiss.

Ralph opened his eyes and turned to see John looking at him. Whoever or whatever he was, it didn't matter. He pulled him close to his own body and they kissed. He felt the dampness of their bodies mingle, the hardness and throbbing of John's sex against him.

"Now," Ralph said, "It's my turn to have some fun." He lay John back on the bed and began the ritual of adoration. His hand, lips and tongue explored every inch of the rich body before him.

John's eyes closed, and Ralph sought his soul with his lips, his being with his tongue. He strained to control his passion that rose to meet the probing fingers, the soft touch. When he could restrain himself now longer, he gave himself up to the rapture of the moment showering his gift of love upon the adoring face before him.

Ralph tried in vain to cover the exploding force and keep it all for himself. He held John's body with his hands, opening and closing his throat as wave after wave of the river flooded into it. He tasted the creamy fluid that escaped to his lips, and he pulled back as John's hips threatened to force more of the massive shaft into his throat. As his tongue played across the broad head John's body shook as in pain and Ralph restrained the urge to do more and force his throat open to accept as much of the long, hard, pulsing shaft into it as he could. It reached the limit as it struck the back of the top of his throat with its breadth, engaging the rejection reflex, and he pulled back.

Ralph lift his mouth from the glorious image before him, and massaged the remaining fluid from it, taking it with his tongue and tasting its salty sweetness.

He lay back on the bed and looked at the man next to him. He still couldn't believe his good fortune in meeting him. A chance meeting, twice in the same evening, it had to mean something.

John fought the urge to sleep, and looked over at Ralph. He was looking at him, they both smiled. Ralph leaned closed to his face and then kissed him.

"You're marvelous," Ralph said. John pulled him closer to himself and kissed him passionately.

As Ralph eased himself away slightly he said, "I hate this part of it."

"What?" John asked.

"Having to leave."

"Oh." He remembered, "But there'll be another time."

"Yes," Ralph said, "Oh yes there'll be another time."

They kissed once again.

Chapter 17

Billy slept late Saturday-morning while Jimmy was out doing the weekly shopping. He woke with a start as the phone rang

He cleared his throat and answered, "Hello?"

"Sorry to wake you," it was Ralph.

"That's okay, it's time I get up and get going anyway.

"I've got another name for you," Ralph said. "At least I'm fairly certain he's a member of the group."

Billy sat up as Ralph explained what had happened after he had left him in The Castro. Billy listened intently as Ralph told him of the feeling he had.

"Well," Billy said finally, "I'm not sure whether that's what one would call real evidence, but it's worth looking into." He smiled as he imagined what it must have been like.

He wrote down the name and phone number and told Ralph he'd look into it. He'd have to be very discrete about it, but he thought there was a way. After he hung up the phone, he hurried off to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day.

By the time he was finished Jimmy returned laden with bags of food.


Darryl sat at the typewriter in his office, playing with ideas regarding an initiation ritual. He had several different ideas but he hadn't quite gotten it the way he wanted.>


It was hot outside when John emerged from his unit heading for the pool to lie in the sun before it got too high in the sky. He felt a glorious sensation being in the sun. His body tingled with the scented oil he had rubbed onto his skin. He tried not to remember the previous evening. In the swimming suit he was wearing he couldn't afford to dwell on it, at least if he didn't want every female in the complex trying to get it off. And there were a few of the guys mostly married who he knew would beat their wives to it.


Donna sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee. She had been in the bathroom when Ralph was on the phone. She hadn't heard what was said, but from the tone of Ralph's voice she'd knew he wasn't talking real estate.

When she'd asked him he'd said it was just a client. He didn't lie about such things. Something was going on, and she had no idea what it was. She had to talk to someone about it. None of the women she knew were close enough to her, which she would feel comfortable talking about personal stuff with.

Ralph had gone to his office, he said, so she could use the phone freely.

"Billy," she said when he answered the phone. "Can I talk with you?"

"Sure, Donna," he answered. "What is it?"

"It's Ralph," she hesitated, "I think he's involved in something." She didn't want to come right out with it. After all Billy was a friend of Ralph's too, even if it was just through her.

"How do you mean, involved?" Billy knew he'd have to cover for Ralph, but how?

"Well," Donna said. "He's been acting sort of strange lately. He's been going out at all hours. He stays out late. I just don't what to think." She began to cry.

"You're at home, aren't you, Donna?" he asked.

"Yes," she sobbed.

"Okay," he said, "I'll come over, and we'll see if we can figure this out."


Billy drove the short distance to Ralph and Donna's flat. When Donna let him in, he walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

He could see that she had tried to stop crying and made an attempt to use makeup to cover her distress. He held her a moment when she started to cry once again.

"I'm sure," he said, "that there's a perfectly logical explanation for this. One thing you can be sure of, you're the only woman in his life. He loves you Donna. Just believe that and give him the time and space to prove that to you."

Billy tried to sound convincing, even though he knew that Ralph was involved with someone else, not a woman, but just as involved, or rather had been. And that involvement would continue with someone else.

Just Billy's presence seemed to calm her, and she regained her composure. She was a strong person, and even though she might loose Ralph eventually, she could cope with it once she found out that it was necessary.

"You're sure you'll be all right?" he asked, as he was getting ready to leave.

"Yes, yes," she said, "I guess that I was just being a silly school girl."

"There's nothing silly about being concerned for someone you love," he chided her.

As he walked down the steps from the flat he thought about the other matter. What to do about the name and phone number he got from Ralph. He'd let it rest over the weekend, after finding out where he lived. A quick call to the phone company gave him the address he needed.


Doug lay in bed for a long while after he woke. He'd had a profitable evening, albeit a dull one. The three men he'd been with were listless and not attractive to him. He'd managed to perform up to his own standards by pretending that he was with Billy.

As much as he tried to deny it, he was falling in love with him. Can you imagine, he told himself, a hustler in love with a cop? You've really got to forget about him, he's already got a lover. You're just a kid, and he's over forty, he admonished himself.

He was getting aroused just thinking about him, so he got up and went to the bathroom to shower. He had things to do today, cleaning and shopping, all the normal weekend things. But he didn't really feel like it.


Darryl puzzled over the script he was working on for the initiation ritual for John. He still needed something really special for it. He went to the bookshelf and pulled down one of the many that dealt with rituals. He turned to the section on initiation rites.

There it was!

In many, if not all rites of passage, the use of blood or a substitute substance is an important part of the ceremony. Circumcision certainly uses it; the Confirmation rites use oil....

He thought about the incident with the boy, Tim. Perhaps that was what he was being told perhaps was the meaning of it. Maybe all the worship ceremonies needed blood to be of value. He decided that he needed to meditate on it, to study the possibilities.

He closed up his office and went down to the basement to the temple, once inside he prostate himself before the image of Ba.


John had gotten enough sun for one day. He stood up and stretched. He wasn't aware that there were other people out sunning themselves as well as him. He also wasn't aware that he was partially erect and was putting on quite a show for them. Although his swimsuit covered him, it didn't hide his condition.

The several women seated in the lounges nearby noticed and starred as he stretched and twisted. But it wasn't only the women who noticed.

Seated reading a textbook was a young man, a college student preparing for the fall session that would be getting underway in another month and a half. He'd seen John before and wondered about him. He'd seen him in a swimsuit before, but never like this! He laid the book across his lap to hide his own growing arousal.

He watched in awe as John posed unknowingly for him. John was an older man, he thought, but he was certainly a handsome, well preserved one. He knew where John lived, as he'd seen him coming and going. Today, he determined, he do something about what he'd been thinking about doing for a long time.

He waited until John had disappeared toward the exit from the pool area, then he got up and walked slowly out to the aisle way outside. He watched as John went into his unit.

John closed the door behind him. He laid down his towel and lotion bottle and stood in front of the full-length mirror on the wall just inside the door.

It was then that he saw his condition. No wonder, he thought, everyone was watching me. My god, what must they think, the way I was stretching and twisting and bending? He looked again at his reflection in the mirror. Well, it was a good-looking body; why not let them look, if they wanted to? He wasn't ashamed of it. Just looking at himself was making the bulge even greater and was even threatening to come out of hiding all together.

He was startled by the knock on the door. Who could that be, he wondered? He turned around and peered out through the peephole viewer in the door. It was that cute college guy who lives nearby. Wonder what he's up to?

John opened the door, not trying to conceal himself behind it as he might have if it had been someone else.

"Hello," the boy said, "My name is Jeff, and I'm afraid I've locked myself out."

"Come on in, Jeff," John said. He closed the door behind him. Jeff was dressed in the boxer style swimming trunks which were popular among young men as well as the older men who didn't like the way that the briefs exposed them to others, some for different reasons.

"What can I do for you?" John asked.

"Well," Jeff started. If you only knew how you look standing there with that hard-on, you wouldn't have to ask, he thought. "I'd like to use you phone to call my roommate and he could come and let me in, when he has a minute. He just works fifteen minutes away."

"Sure," John said, "It's right over there in the kitchen." He pointed.

Jeff went over and picked up the handset. Thank god, it's one of those with the button on the handset rather than the base. He held the button down and pretended to dial a number. After a moment, he talked to the handset as if he were talking to a person.

"Thanks," Jeff said, "I really appreciate it."

"You're most welcome," John answered, and asked, "Can I get you a beer?"

"That'd be great," Jeff smiled, "Being in the sun makes you thirsty." That isn't all I'm thirsty for, he thought. Jeff watched as John went to the kitchen and got two beers from the refrigerator.

"Would you like a glass?" John asked handing him a can.

"Naw, this is fine. Why dirty a glass?" Jeff smiled.

"Shall we sit inside? I think I've had enough sun for awhile," John said.

"I think I have too," Jeff answered.

John quickly went to the hall closet and got two towels. The one thing he didn't need was suntan and baby oil stains on the furniture. As Jeff watched, he spread them on the sofa, one on the seat, and the other across the back.

"I never thought of doing that," Jeff said sounding amazed.

"Have a seat," John said. "I learned that from an old aunt of mine," John smiled. Old aunt, no, an old aunty he was. He also showed me this next one, he thought. "I hope you don't mind, I'm getting rid of this swim suit." While his erection as gone, he was still far from his normal size, and when he stepped Out of his swimsuit his penis hung long and heavy between his legs. He stood up and stretched again, "That feels so much better."

"You've got a beautiful tan," Jeff said starring up at John from the sofa.

"Thanks, I try to get some sun almost everyday, but it's only on the weekends that I can get out this time of day," John smiled and sat down next to him.

Jeff put his beer on the end table and asked, "Do you mind if I join you?"

"No, be my guest," John said and took a sip of his beer as Jeff stood up. He untied the string in his shorts and slipped them down. Now that's a cute ass, John thought as the creamy colored buttocks were revealed. And when Jeff turned around to sit, it was then that the rest of him was exposed to John's view. And that's not too bad either!

I'll have to remember this routine, Jeff thought as he laid his hands discreetly in his lap covering his partial erection.

There was a moment of awkward silence as they each drank a little of their beer.

John slid down a little and leaned his head against the high back of the sofa, stretching his long legs out in front of him

"I'm glad you were up this morning," Jeff said, "I mean, 'cause I locked myself out, and all." He blushed slightly. My god, my foot gets bigger each time I put it in my mouth, he thought.

"I'm glad too," John smiled. He's real cute when he's embarrassed. Well here goes, he thought and asked, "Are you and you roommate lovers?"

There was a deathly silence for a moment, "No, not exactly." Jeff answered finally.

"Good," John said. He pulled himself up in his place on the sofa and leaned over and took Jeff into his arms. Jeff's mouth opened slightly as John covered it with his own and his tongue explored the moist warm cavern. Jeff lay passively for a moment, and then as he recovered from the shock of the move, he responded with his own exploration.

John relaxed his hold on Jeff and leaned back against the sofa once again.

"Now that's what you came here for, isn't it?" he asked.

Jeff smiled sheepishly. "Yeah," he said softly. "That and more."


Billy dialed Ralph's office.

Ralph picked up the phone on the first ring.

"I'm glad I caught yon in," Billy said.

"Why, what's up?" Ralph asked as he lay down the pencil he'd been using.

"I just had a call from Donna,"


"Yes, and she was upset," Billy guessed that he'd have to be quite direct with him. "I mean about you're being out late, and so often." He hoped that Ralph wouldn't be too defensive.

"I guess it was kind of late last night," Ralph answered.

"You're going to have be more careful," Billy suggested, "More attentive as they say, or she's going to think you're just out carousing."

"I suppose you're right," Ralph said.

Ralph knew that Billy was right.

"It could screw up the whole thing," Billy said, "I might even have to tell her why I've got you working on this thing for me."

"No, Billy, don't do that." Ralph panicked. He wasn't ready to deal with that just yet.

"You know I won't," Billy said, "Not unless I really have to. Donna's my friend, Ralph, besides I have to work with her. I can't have her going through a crisis at the office."

"I didn't think she even noticed," Ralph said.

"Hell, Ralph, she's a detective. Besides she not stupid!"

"Okay, I get the point," Ralph was hurt by the accusations. "I'll be more careful."

"I don't mean to sound hard, or anything," Billy cooled his tone, "But this is serious."

"Thanks Billy, I appreciate what you're trying to do."

To be continued ---

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